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May 1, 1920.

To Sdwin H. Woodruff, Dsan Cornell College of Law, Ithaca, N. Y.

Sir :

I have the honor tc submit for your consideration ths annual report of ths Cornell University Law Library for the year ending April 30, 1920. Accessions : There sere 1077 volumes received and ac­ cessioned during the yesr.

These added to the total

shown in my last report of May 1, 1919, make a total of -o,i97 volumes in the library. GUte : The gift of Mrs. Andrew D. White of 125 volumes of miscellaneous legal works, together with gifts from other sources make a total of 330 volumes received during the year. Earl J. Barinett Collection of Statute Law: Since my laet rsoort 156 volumes have been aided to this department.

A number of ths early Kew

Saaland Annual Laws vere secured

t a very reasonable




pries, which completes this set to ’ate,

An illustration

t ,e neec* of funis for this department was recently

S'U #n *'len a tentative quotation was received offering °f the Wisconsin Session Laws needed to complete our This is the first time in several year* that these * have been on the market, and vhile the quotation not, very large, the amount could not be spared from tila general fund at thia x i m . .L in o i- - >3 ■ > R s ' ^ i r e :

During tue past year only 210 volumes have been n,i and repaired.

^hile this number is for below

average there are now several hundred volumes attention as soon as the present binding con*°nB ASiP?ove and our appropriation will allbw. in prices :

n9 et-*tsd in the eotiair te of expenditures for the y$ur

ending June 30, 1921, the cost of law books is still




This condition is not oonfined to the dom­

estic output but applies to most of the foreign books a® well. Shelving : When the double steal stacks vara installed in the North rooiB it was calculated that they would hold the accesalons for ten years growth.

The 'war, smaller

appropriations, and the increase In coat have all helped to r®duce the growth luring the past few yearn.


*ithin the next two years more shelving fill be nee led to accommodate the natural growth. ngela.c If lu .ticn

Shelf Li-~ts ;

The Law Library has now reached a point th«t consid­ erable work fchculd be dons in re-clasoifying and recataloging the text-books, and to make complete shelf • ‘ista of all the books in the other departments, while this hr.s never been done, it la necessary for a library this sixe.

As soon as the finances will allow I


*ould ask that aorr.e ona ba eaiploysd to help do this Rsapactfully aubmittad,

Law Librarian.


Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1920  
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