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May 1, 1919.

To Edwin H. Woodruff, Dean Cornell University College of Law, Ithaca, N. Y.

Sir : I have the honor to submit for your consideration the annual report of the Cornell University Law Library for the year eriding April 30, 1919 : Accesai r»yin There were 1005 volumes received and accessioned during the year.

These added to the total shown in my last fe-

port of May 1, 1918, make a total of 52,120 volumes in the li­ brary.

girts. During the year, 172 volumes were received as £ifts.

lention should be made of the gift from Mr. Edwin

itarshall, Toledo, Ohio, of a copy of the "Decisions hotae komana" by Wilhelm Horback , 'ms, 1376-1381.

xhis rare folio

is hound in oaken boards, backed with stamped pigskin.


Allowing appears on the fly leaf "The lxota. was the Papal Court which appeal was made from all foreign countries. i i*

It was

established 1326 , and was soocalled beaause the pavement


raoBaic, in form of a w wheel.

Its decisions were reported


for judicial purposes."

Another gift has been received in the

form of a foreign postal order from a member of the 1914 law cla,» i who is now in foreign service.

He requests that his

name be withheld at this time, but suggests that some memorial be secured for his late class-mate, Coe Charles Lemnitser,who died in foreign service on November 16, 1917.


are now in progress to purchase some rare volumes or set for this purpose. —afl ,T- Bennett Collection of Statute haw. During the year 120 volumes have been added to this collection. .Increase °f priceB.

The increase in the cost of books as mentioned in my l&*t report has continued through the past year.

Some of the

one-volume works now appear in a new edition or compilation in two or three volumes, and many of the continuations have advan­ ced 25 to 100 %.

This condition reduces in proportion the

ourchasing power of the annual appropriation.. &iMin^ and Since my last report 114 volumes have been bound and


The scarcity of both labor and material are offered

1 % IS

an excuse for the delay in getting our work out. I wish again to thank you and the members of the uaw faculty for your most cordial support and co-operation. Respectfully submitted

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1919  
Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1919