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May 1 , 1918.

H°n* Edwin H. Woodruff, Bean Cornell U niversity College o f Law, Ith aca, E. f . Sir: I have the honor to submit for your consideration the

*nntal report o f the Cornell U niversity Law Library fo r the ending April 30, 1918:

^ S g esion s. During the year 1©18 volumes have been added as °ceeE ion 8.

These added to the to ta l shown in ay la s t report

day l , 1 9 X7 , and deducting the three items mentioned below

n**r ‘ duplicates Exchanged" make a to ta l o f 51,115 volumes in lib r a r y , that the

the number o f a c c e s s io n s i s somewhat smaller than

° f previous years, which is due to the severe decrease in

^hual appropriation and the constant increase in the cost ^ooki:s and m a te r ia l.

S itts . There were 167 volumes re ce iv e d as g i f t s

during the

These have been a c cessio n ed and duly acknowledged.


JLennett Colle c t io n o f Statute T»aw. During the year 179 volumes have been added to t is

co ll

e°tio n .

Several items o f the early Lower Canada Laws, a



new Georgia Code, the second e d itio n o f B irdseye, Cumraing ilb e r t s Sew York S tatu tes, the la s t com pilation and subsession laws o f Sew Zealand, and a new ed ition o f the ited

Statutes are the most important items which have

keen added in th is department.

^ailoat^R duplicate volumes 9 and 15 New York State Bar A ssociatX^ U€? orts (accession numbers L .A .14837 and 14838) were ex-

S®d for the 1901, 1902 and 1903 Minnesota State Bar A ssociaio n R ep o rts.

Also the 1897 Newfoundland Law (B3189) was r e -

tu*ne<3 a8 im p e r fe c t.

^Xiring the past year two double book stacks were 6d in the upper or east room to accommodate the current state r p o rts, and a l l the books in th is department were re to'ibuted during the summer vacation. early volumes o f the second decennial edition o f erican d ig e s t, the completion o f Halsbuzy's Laws o f ’ and the American Journal o f International Law may be mention


d as the most important new seta which have been added 4urlng the year.

-•ince my la s t re >ort 287 volumes have been bound and

r«P«Ured. father,

On account o f the hi&h p rice and sca rcity o f sheep the H olliston buckram has been substituted fo r the


"binding on some o f the current s e t s . I wish again to thank you and the members o f the Law F acu lty fo r your most c o rd ia l support and c o -o p e r a tio n . R e s p e c tfu lly su bm itted ,

Law Librarian.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1918  
Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1918