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May 1, 1917.

Hon. Edwin H. Woodruff, Dean, Cornell University College of Law, Ithaca, N. Y. Sir:

I have the honor to submit for your consideration the annual revert of the Cornell University I«aw .Library for the year ending April 30, 1917.

Continuations arc Accessions. Since ny last renort of May 1, 1S16. there have been added 1325 volumes as accessions.

This makes a total of

50,100 volumes in the library.

-Incraane in Coat. On account of the increase in the cost of material there is a corresponding increase in the cost of the booku supplied to the library.

In many instances the books are

raade up under contract, of inferior paper and binding, and the prices have been advanced five to twenty per cent.

-Sifts. On )$ay 10, 1916, Mr. Prank Irvine presented his complete set of the Cyclopedia of -^aw and Procedure the supplements to date.


This gift was received in time for

the library to secure the advantage of the publishers


to all owners of this set, of allowing a liberal discount on a subscription to their new publication--Corpus Juris,

■ ‘■he

above^together with gifts from other sources ysiaJce a total of 225 volumes received and acknowledged as gifts.

J. Bennett Collection of Statute ^aw. During the year 186 volumee have been added to this collection.

On account of the European war, many scarce itemB

°f the laws of the different Canadian provinces have found their way on the market, and a considerable number have been secured at a price much below former quotations*

Among the important additions in this department are McKinney’s Consolidated Statutes of *»ew York.and the Hew Compilation of Chitty’s English Statutes.

The card index for the alphabetical list of trials is a^out complete.

Shis has been done at odd times and gives

a very workable method of ascertaining what is in the col­ lection, and where a particular trial, if but of a few pages, be located.

These cards are now placed in a new cabinet

the librarian’s room. The first fifteen volumes of the Standard Encyclo­ paedia of Procedure, a complete set of the 1’ederal Reporter digest and the final volumes of the **ew International Bncyelo Paedia smy be mentioned as the most important new sets which kave been added during the past year.

Since my last re -ort 476 volumes have been bound and repaired.


I wish again to thalik you and the members of the iaw Faculty for your moat cordial support and co-operation. Respectfully submitted,

Law librarian*

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1917  
Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1917