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Kay 1 , 1916.

Hon. Edwin H. Woodruff, Bean, C ornell U n ive rs ity C ollege o f Law, Ith a ca , K. Y. S ir : I have the honor to submit fo r your con sid eration the annual rep o rt o f the C orn ell U n iv e rs ity Law Library fo r the year ending A p r il 30, 1916. Pontinuations and Accessions. Since my la s t rep ort o f A p r il 30, 1915, there have teen added 1760 volumes as accessions.

This makes a t o t a l

cf 48,775 volumes in the lib r a r y . G ifts . For our reco rd , mention is here made o f the fo llo w in g . On November 27, 1915, Mise L i l l i a n Kuffcut presented 13C volumes from the l i b r a r y o f her bro th er, the la te Dean Ernest w* Huffcut.

Cf th ese, 145 volumes were accessioned f o r th is

lib r a r y (B5776-5370, 6326-6376), 29 volumes tc the Duplicate Exchange Department, and 6 volumes and 15 pamphlets were trans­ ferred to the General Lib rary. Lawyers C o-operative Publishing Co., 11 volumes of RuUng Case Law. (Only 11 o f the 25 volume set now published).

Blacketone I n s t i t u t e , 15 volumes o f Modern American Law. ^he above together with gi f t s from other eourcee makes a t o t a l 627 volumes. Bennett C o lle c t io n o f Statute Law. The fund donated in 1908 by Mr. Earl J. Bennett,


th is department hac been exhausted during the past year, U a d e ta ile d r e t o r t was sent to Mr. Bennett showing the lumos o f the variou s j u r i s d i c t i o n s contained in th is c o l c tiun.

The C a lifo r n ia and Oklahoma Session Laws are now

^^P-.ete to date, and se ve ra l scarce items o f New Hampshire, Ph0(jQ 0 Is la n d , B r it is h Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, New^Kdland and prince Edward Island have been secured—making tot a-,


205 volumes added since my la s t r e p o rt.

— p lic a t e E^chan^e Department: Cn November 14, 1915, the General L ib ra ry , through Mr, Will n r . aiu «u sten , tra n s fe rre d tc th is lib r a r y 45 volumes of ceHaneouB state session laws. X Qf


As our c o l l e c t i o n contained

these items they were placed in th is department. Also 29 volumes from the g i f t of Miss L i l l i a n Huffcut.

^ S giements. Cn account o f the recent a c t i v i t y o f the various la^ures in e s ta b lis h in g Public Service Commissions, i t was advisable to secure as many of these reports and deC1 ° nB aR p o s s ib le .

During the year 546 items have been adde^,

at a small expense, from 50 s ta te s and f o r e ig n cou n tries. The value o f these rep o rts and d ecisio n s is shown by the f a c t that two competing companies have s ta rte d t o publish sets con­ ta in in g nearly the same m a te ria l. A set o f the New In te rn a tio n a l Encyclopaedia, 2d e d it io n and the Encyclopaedia o f Evidence are among the important ad d ition s. Movable metal signs have been added t o the upper lib r a r y


__ j rep o rt 590 volumes have been bound and

p aired.

I wish again to thank you and the members o f the Law Faculty f o r your most c o r d ia l support and c o -o p era tio n .


R e s p e c tfu lly submitted,

Law L ib ra ria n .

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1916  
Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1916