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April 30, 1915 Hon. Edwin Si. Woodruff, Acting ’eon, Cornell University College of Low, 11hac a , vew Yo r k . Si r: I have the honor to subeit for your consideration the annual report of the Cornell University Law library for the y e r ending April 30, 1915. Continuations and t.ccesslons. Since my last report of April 30, 1914, there have ^een added 1341 volumes as accessions, and of these 200 vol­ umes were received and acknowledged ae gifts.

This makeB


"total of 47,015 volumes in this library. l igan to Ge n er al L i b r - r y •

fn Jan. 2B, 1915, by an arrangement between librarian G * 1. Kerri a and Acting Lean . . H. *'oodruff, °f the T*.


duplicate set

Supreme Court Reports, lawyers edition, Vole.

1~194 inclusive bound in books 1-46 inclusive, was loaned to the General Library.

These books are subject to be recalled

Permanently to the Law Library, whenever the work cf the Law 'chool shall in the judgment of the Lean of the Law School require their return to the Law Library. £drl J , hennett Collection of Statute Law. On account of the numerous demands from the Law and Arts



etudents for the early 'nglish Laws, there has recently been &dded a complete set of 105 volumes of the

nglish Statutes at

3arge from iagna Oharta fl225) to the commencement of the Lew Reports (1865).

This set is in the best of condition, of uni­

form size, and newly rebound in one-half calf, and the set secured at a >rice little over the cost of such rebinding in * V 1 cr

us country.

These volumes combined with the complete run

°f the Annual Law Reports Statutes (1865 to date), and the *914 edition of the Chronological Index make all of the :.ngLaws easily accessible. Also, the set of Kansas Session Laws is now complete to d9te--mnking a total of 291 volumes added to the collection Statute Law since my last report.

Cn account of the crowd-

condition new shelves were put up along the south wall of t M s room, and the Statutes .and Cession Laws of the different 8t-tes were alphabetically arranged. IJBarovempn+o

She 1yjn^r.

To accommodate the natural growth of the

Current state reports a new double stack was erected in the Ppoer library, and all the reports in this department were tedistributed during the summer vacation.

Also, some of the

halves which were replaced by the steel stacks have been set ^n the attic to hold the advance parts of the ICational -^porter system. — of

if ic a tion ^ i

>x a

s . j-ainted metal signs for the divisions

iext>fooks heve been secured to take the place of the

Printed paper signs in the lower library.

These signs are so


constructed thet they may be readily moved tc suit any classifi­ cation without marring the wood work. finding and Repairs. Since my last reoort 446 volumes have been bound and reoaj red. I wish again to thank you and the members of the Law or your most cordial support and co-operation. Respectfully submitted, £




Law Librarian. /

✓r C


_5? / o / A

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1915  
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