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April 30, 1914

Hon. Prank Irvine, Dean, Cornell University College of Law, Ithaca, New York Sir : I have the honor to submit for your consideration the annual report of the Cornell University Haw Library for the year ending April 30, 1914. Continuations and Accessions. Since my last report of April 30, 1913, there has been added 1127 volumes as accessions, and of these 168 volumes wex*e received and acknowledged as gifts.


makes a total of 45,674 volumes in this library. Sari J . Bennett Collection of Statute Law. All of the scarce Washington Territorial and State Session Laws needed to completethis set have been secured at a very reasonable price. complete, and

The Philippine Laws ane now

the generosity

of Mr. R. S. Pacheco

in presenting some scarce and out of print Porto Rico Laws made this set complete.

Also fifty items of the Rhode

Island Acts have recently been secured - making a total of 258 volumes added to this collection during the past year. Improvements . Bindlng and .Repairs. During the past year 223 volumes have been bound, and 171 volumes repaired.



Catalogue and Check Lists. L rinted guide

cards with

celluloided tops showing such divisions as Session Laws, Statutes, Reports and Digests for the various states and countries have heen secured for the card index.

Also, work

ing check lists of the collection of Trials, and of the Session Laws and Statutes are now complete. I wish again tc thank you and the members of the Law Faculty foryour cordial support and co-operation. Resfectfully submitted,

Law Librarian.



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Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1914  
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