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April 25, 1912

ion. Frank Irvine, Dean, Cornell University College of Law, Ithaca, L. v. Cir : „ 1 have the honor to submit for your considera­ tion the annual report of the Cornell University Law Library for the collegiate year 1911-191". ■inoe laptember 1st, 1911, the Library haa been open during the prescribed hours, with a designated person in atte.'da ee.

cclti;iuati(;L;- and acclusiopd. The continuations of the different nets of re­ ports and session laws iiave been added. the

In none of

tates, the current reports had not been supplied.

:'or instance, it was necessary to purchase 50 volumes of

issouri and 18 volumes of Iowa Reports to complete

the sets to date.

These volumes added to the records

hand show 930 accessions for the year ending April 23, 1912, and a total of 42,430 volumes in this library, The most important compilations added during tee year are as follows : 2tatuten.

Annotated Laws of New v ork Annotated Code of Virginia Revised Statutes of Caskntohewan.


Table of Cases, American 'igest Gystem, 1658-1906 New York -yclopedic Digest, vols. 15-18 JJewa Digest of .^gliah Case Lav.', 1898-1911 Canadian Case Law Digest, 1900-1911

During the year 45 coluraes of text books have been added, and 95 volumes were received and acknowledged as gifts. *LAUL J. 13:LOhITT CCLLTCYlOi: ON CTAVmi^ LAD." 128 volumes of Statutes and Session Laws were added to tnis collection during the past year.

On ac­

count £of the increased demand for this material, the prices have advanced, and it has been suggested that in some states the old and scarce laws are being held for still Ligher prices. .gincUh/Y I00 LIBRARY. On February 1, 1912, the "Circuit ting Library" or "Loan faction* was opened for the home use of stu­ dents,

About 150 volumes were selected from the i ibrnry

nJAd placed in the press in the upper hull opposite the Librarian's room.

The books cover mri y divisions of

the law and are intended for collateral reading.


scheme was « success from the start, and nearly every day sor.e books are loaned. CATALOG!:,? There i3 a grdat amount of work to be done in




While all the current hooks are catalogued am

faflt as they are received, there is till a vent num­ ber of books that are not entered. IMPROV-Ihrim, Repairs. j:Jince 2eptember 1, 1911, Binding2 -V' i 149 voltiBies havp*i been/ I bcmnd, I ^ and 243 drepai^ed

t i I



Ihe black figures on all the wooden and steel stacks are a great help to the students in locating A .■







the books in the. Library*,

The re-dis tributingd Of "the electilc lights in




the-upper hall 16 giving, ab^pt three tixaes as much / * /A ^ X / light, and is consuming one-half the power formerly » h used. •/ At thin time, 1 wish to thank you and the members of the Law Faculty for the most cordial support and co-operation. Respectfully submitted,

Lav? Librarian.





Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1912  
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