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April 25, 1911

Hon. Prank Irvine, Director, Cornell University College of Law. Sir

: I have the honor to submit herewith the annual

report on the Cornell University Law Library for the collegiate year ending June 30th, 1911. During the period under review the Law Library has been kept open during the usual assigned hours, the assistants have been punctual in attendance and students have had the usual assistance.

1he par­

tial illness of the Librarian has much impaired his work and has left unperformed much work that would otherwise have been acco iplished.

The Library has

had proportional development in all its spheres.


tinuations of most reports heretofore taken have been promptly received and duly placed. nate purchases,

Prequent fortu­

slightly atove tne cost of binding,

At auction prices have enabled the library to acquire editions of reports it heretofore did not have,


give additional references, permitting more students to use a given set of reports at tne sane tine and lessen the "wear and tear" on previous sets. DTGUDTC.

The final volumes of the Decennial

•let of the American Digest will likely reach tne Library before the close of the collegiate year,



it3 Triannual supplement current issues are kept up, tut aside from the annual New York Digest, no state or foreign digests are taken as their cost greatly outruns their value, Judged by other Library needs, TNCVCLOP .PIAw.

The Cyclopedia of Law and Pro­

cedure is nearing completion and gives good value. The Library has not taken the 'neric-tn and encyclopedia of Law and Procedure,


3rd ed., and the

reluctance of a long-suffering profession to buy this hew edition has caused suspension with the publication of Vol. 3.

English Legal 'ncyolopedias are not t: ken

because they do not appear to give value proportionate to their cost. LITCAL P P R T C D I c q s .

The Library has an excel­

lent file of periodicals and their continuations are promptly received,

used and bound.

not now in the Law Library hrve be m

No important sets offered so no

additions have been made. ChCHlCN L/C"0 . building

Good progress has been made in

up the "Narl ,T. Bennett" collection although

m ny rare volumes have yet

to be obtained,

’ hen the

fand is "reduced int; possession" the writer hopes to be able to send the Trustees of the Fund a report that will amply justify expenditures.

Current laws

n.nd codes are kept up to date and laws ar ual use.

in contin­

-3XXI BOOK.'..

Little money is spent on current

texts, but at auction sales .many volumes are secured so that the Library’s file compares favorably with other Law Libraries. BAH ASSOCIATION RLPCRTB


FA T " 2 /:" :r\

l.any volumes have been added but lack of time and energy has prevented more additions. 3/1CAL H.L I'd-IY. LX A3. dIOOUAPT’Y AN7> IJTXRATURB ii_i

■ .=■-LV.

The Library now has an excellent collec­

tion of books on these end kindred topics.

They much

enlarge the usefulness of the Library, have high edu­ cative value, and are a source of inspiration to stu­ dents and investigators. "TLIA.

The Law Library has received its usual

number of snail gifts, but no one gift demands special notice.

They are promptly acknowledged to (Conors and

the list of gifts and givers will appear in the Libra­ rian’s appendix BIXS3 A f .

to the University report. The increased price of materials and

labor has much enhanced the cost of binding and re­ pairing and the longer a library is used,

the greater

the number of books it, must hove replaced and repaired. AI -,;3L 3TACX3.

The ins t a l l t i o n of, the new steel

stacks has given the utmost satisfaction.


ly they are the best investment in equipment the L i ­ brary has had in its history, for they economize space,


adjust shelves to books, provide expansion room for some years to come, and render books more easily ac­ cessible/ ACCESSIONS.

The number of accessions may prove

smaller than that of some previous years.

If so,

that Twill be because of a scarcity of desired books and

their consequent enhanced value, and due likewise

to admitted advance in most commodities. Grateful to all who .have put forth noble efforts to upbuild and maintain a useful and growing law li­ brary,

this report is respectfully submitted. Very respectfully yours,

law librarian.

Cornell Law Library Annual Report 1911  
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