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Milwaukee Fashion Week



“Milwaukee has a fashion week?” was the question asked multiple times by our followers after we revealed that CopyWrite Magazine would be covering the upcoming 3-day event, (not a week but a weekend) being held at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Milwaukee, September 22nd-24th 2016. With one of our focuses being on local fashion, we hoped to get a grip on what “Milwaukee” fashion is suggested to look like. We heard a few snarky remarks from local fashionistas, designers, and boutique owners, about not knowing the “week” even existed. Sympathizing with their lack of knowledge, we considered that Milwaukee Fashion Weeks (MFW) promotion might have been slightly one sided. (Take that however you see fit.) Even with the “Urban” feeling slightly disadvantaged we still made it a priority to attend the series of events; observing from new perspectives, and discovering some hidden gems. The 3-day event consisted of 3 fashion shows, live music, dj, networking, and of course lots of flashing lights. The view from the top of the Hyatt in the VUE Ballroom, was breathtaking and served as the backdrop for the runway, with city lights twinkling in the night’s sky through the panoramic windows. While the proceeds for this fashionable event went to Pathfinders, a Milwaukee-based organization that provides youth with much-needed resources.

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” - Ralph Lauren

Every designer that showed their collection at MFW, had a distinct story about why they design or their influences. The stories all seemed so nostalgic like their creation of fashion was simply a need, not a want, and they created a vast amount of personal aesthetic as their designs ripped the runway. MFW showed a range of skills, and trends, that reaffirmed Milwaukee’s need/want for more fashion related events. Each day had its highs and lows. The organization, and communication was slightly unsettling and the facade of “prestige” left us underwhelmed and highly irritated. Though we were not impressed by the “politics” of MFW, we were definitely intrigued by the passion that permeated the room by the designers and their models.

Christine James, attention to detail made her a top pick to our honorable mentions. From her embroidered collars to her custom beaded motorized dress, not one strand of thread was left out of place. With her added elements of “geech” like fur overlays, she optimized on the functional and ornamented definitions of fashion. However, there were some designers that did not meet our expectations for Fashion Week (or a fashion show in general), with unfinished seams and unoriginal designs. We hope that this MFW served as a learning experience and their next collections come back with a little more fire. Do better! (We will be watching.)

Designers like the B.A.Q duo, thrilled us with their whimsical and earthy mashup, and model selection, featuring a few dashing models with special needs and handicaps. Noting a positive destructure Observing the crowd, the staff, designers and their models, we of fashion norms. concluded that maybe Milwaukee Fashion Week was missing something. em.ris by Emily Ristow, caught We commend all the hard work and CopWrite’s attention with her cohesive dedication that went into throwing the collection of urban threads with well event and hope to see an expansion executed statement pieces and edgy on its execution in the years to come. use of skin void vs. tread pallet. One of our favorite pieces, the netted hood poncho, had us in total lust. For strong style concepting, we have to mention Moda Muñeca. This line showcased very diverse model line up with cohesive makeup and hair selection. It reminded us of the controversial trending topic of plastic surgery and also the stitching patterns on fabric dolls.

Speaking for the creative movement we want to be respectful, yet very frank… Milwaukee Fashion lives and breaths. It is not branded, nor biased. It is not structured, nor prim. It is not dominated by the powers that be and it does not meet the status quo. It is individual and yet still collective. Expose that. Reality speaks volumes and sure knows how to strut its stuff. /CW



Snapshot: Milwaukee Fashion Week  

CopyWrite's look on Milwaukee's Fashion Week 2016.

Snapshot: Milwaukee Fashion Week  

CopyWrite's look on Milwaukee's Fashion Week 2016.