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Mad March Fashion Link Up


D I A M O N D S P E N C E R & V AT O V E R G A R A

I happened to be doing my normal routine of searching social media for events, when I came across the Mad March Fashion Link Up. I just knew that this was something worth attending. I reached out to Diamond Spencer (the boss lady in charge of the event) to not only find out she’s not only into fashion but she is a phenomenal event planner. CopyWrite Mag arrived at the Hot Water & Wherehouse Night Club, all wearing mostly black – like the mafia family, we definitely got too make an entrance, immediately walking to our seats we ran right into Diamond where she greets me with the most polite and humble ‘Hi Vato,” we hugged and she went off to maintain the event.

CopyWrite was able to ask Diamond a few questions that we thought were important for people to know: What inspired or motivated you to start such an event? “To have such an event has ALWAYS been a dream of mines since I was eight years old. Being in the fashion industry has also been a dream of mine alone and [has] stuck with me ever since. However, the dedication, the commitment, the passion of not only myself, but of these artists and designers motivated me the most. Their drive kept me going. To know that they took this as serious as I did made me gain trust and belief in them that this could all come alive.”

The night was great. The runway featured Talk about the process? local brands such as HoodHippy Apparel, “The start of the process had grown Savage Life Original Apparel and APEX Etc. The host and hostess, PBG the Prince from me sitting in my room, jotting & Jackie Oraedu made sure the audience down a list of my long-term goals and achievements and having a fashion was kept well informed about the fashion show come across my mind. That’s when lines and even the credentials of the I called Brandon well known as PBG performers. In between catwalks, we The Prince and I asked him, “Do you saw performances by Dreadsxott, JV Dat want to host my fashion show in March?” Outcast, $SKILLZ and First Class Nation, The first thing he told me was, “He’ll backed by Dj Boobah on the 1’s & 2’s. do it, but the process of putting this together will smooth up until the night This youth-led event brought together of the show.” I had originally planned to a wide range of models from ages release my own clothing line including varying from 11 years old to 25 years others but then I thought about the old and featured different vendors emerging designers and artists around that showcased there talents to the Milwaukee who go unnoticed. So I went fashion shows audience. This provided on Instagram and Facebook and began a great environment to network with searching. I had found a few people other fashion obsessed clientele and and lost a couple. But the ones that media sources, like ourselves.

stayed, rode with me despite of it all will forever be considered my family.” Why did you choose the vendors and designers? “I chose these designers, artists and vendors due to how anxious they were about succeeding. How anxious they were to build their brand and get it out there. The amount of pride they have instilled in their craft and the hard work they put towards in making it all happen.” What is your goal behind this? “The goal behind putting this together is to… 1. Keep going from here. 2. To continue to give people opportunity, to give them a foundation while also paving the way for myself to unselfishly assist and guide. However, the true goal is to give them power over their own means of succeeding and intuition.” What else should we expect from you? “What everyone should expect from me… just stay tuned there’s more to it than this.” Well we heard Diamond, so stay tuned, she’s already cooking for the spring. LET’S GO! /CW VATO VERGARA



PressBite - Mad March Fashion Link Up  
PressBite - Mad March Fashion Link Up  

by CW's Fashion Editor Vato Vergara.