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2011 Summer ‘Leisure & Lifestyles’ Evaluation Summary

Activity participation: Surveys Sent to Registered Participants 0* 24 16 45 44 0 129

Activity Tai Chi Pilates Sailing Triathlon Yoga N/A TOTAL

Number of Responses 8 12 8 18 11 1 58

% of Returned Responses 50% 50% 40% 25% 45%

*No surveys were sent tai chi as participants did not need to register to attend those programs. Surveys were available to be completed on our website through survey monkey for the tai chi participants.

2010/ 2011 S umme r Le is ure & Life s ty le s P ro g ra m 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Yoga


Beginner Triathlon Training


Tai Chi

Feedback on all activities: All Activities (Totals)

Aspect Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

Exlent. 49 36 32 33 34

Good 6 15 20 18 17

OK 2 4 4 3 6

Poor 1 2 0 3 0

N/A 0 1 2 1 1

All Activities (%)

Aspect Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

Exlent. 84% 61% 54% 56% 58%

Good 11% 26% 35% 32% 30%

OK 4% 7% 7% 5% 10%

Poor 2% 4% 5% -

N/A 2% 4% 2% 2%

In comparison to last summer’s responses: All Activities (%) ÇÈ

Aspect Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

Exlent. Ç23% - 0% Ç5% Ç11% Ç6%

Good È23% È7% Ç1% È7% È10%

OK È.5% Ç3% È7% È5% Ç6%

Poor Ç2% Ç3% - 0% Ç4% - 0%

Feedback on individual activities: Activity Tai Chi

Aspect Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

Exlent. 9 5 3 5 6

Good 0 3 3 2 1

OK 0 0 1 0 1

Poor 0 0 0 1 0



Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

11 3 4 4 4

1 5 7 7 8

0 4 1 1 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0


Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

7 8 5 5 4

1 0 2 2 1

0 0 1 1 3

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0


Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times


15 15 15 16

1 3 3 3 2

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 0

Instructor Location Day/Times Program Length Session Times

5 5 5 4 4

3 4 5 4 5

2 0 1 1 2

1 2 0 2 0

0 0 0 0 0


1 2 1 1

Additional comments

Tai Chi •

A wonderfully relaxing and accepting atmosphere established. Very encouraging

A Terrific Introductory Opportunity supported by Council that deserves more publicity. To think it had been offered for years and I didn't know about it! I met nice people, went for coffee, tried a more advanced alfresco group, and now am regularly attending a Council-sponsored Tai Chi class at the Park St. Community Centre.

I only attended one of the sites, once a week.

Location in different parks was a great idea (on a rotating basis). One didn't work for me, but this was because I had another appointment some distance away

Could run for another couple of weeks - maybe starting a week or so earlier?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to try something new. It was great!!

Pilates •

The concrete floor of the rotunda was rather hard, although acceptable

Location is good if weather is fine but what if weather was no good. Mosquitoes were bad though.

Tanya is a fantastic teacher.

The instructor was fantastic, she was highly experienced and a lovely person (she is one of the reasons that I got up at 6am to go to Pilates).

Would like it to go for more weeks

Tanya is a fantastic engaging instructor.

The instructor, Tracy, is a wonderful teacher who explains the moves so you understand why you are doing a certain move. Doing it out in the fresh air at St Vincents Garden was a perfect way to start the day but we got lots of mosquito bites.

Sailing •

Due to sunset, it would be better to extend the course and reduce it to 2hours. Or start it 30mins earlier.

Found that 3hour sessions x 7 weeks was a little long for a try program. Maybe have different groups per week so more people have a go??

Program could have started earlier because by 8.30 pm it was too dark to sail.

The whole course was amazing and the instructors are so good at their jobs. They very ably coped with a large team of beginners and we all had a lot of fun.


wonderful experience! Thank you. •

A thoroughly enjoyable course, thank you very much CoPP for making it available to the community. The instructors were encouraging and enthusiastic and supported varying levels of ability. You couldn't ask for a better location to learn to sail and I plan to continue gaining sailing experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, but I felt that three hours was too long. I also feel that more people would be able to participate if the sessions were say for four weeks only at two hours per session, that way two groups of people could go through; also if a person doesn't enjoy it or doesn't turn up, the rest of the sessions aren't wasted, as I noticed some participants unfortunately ‘wasted’ their sessions, which is a shame as some one else could have had the opportunity to have participated. All credit to the instructors whom I found to be very professional, responsible, helpful, encouraging and friendly.

Great time with this activity. Excellent equipment and facilities, with professional instructors. The activity presented a number of challenges so I wouldn’t say it was

real easy ...... but certainly a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Congratulations to you and the Council for making such an exciting program available.

Best wishes - Graham Chappell

Triathlon •

Fantastic!! Matt, Rosa et Co' were friendly and professional - a perfect combo / balance for the given demographic & style. Thanx a bunch for getting me moving in such a gentle & encouraging way ...

the instructors were fantastic, they were really friendly and I think they made people of all levels feel like they achieved

I thought the instructors were very professional. Made everyone feel comfortable, which isn't that easy considering the different standards of the participants

Could not fault the instructors, locations or session times.

I thought the programme was fantastic, the trainers were exceptional and very motivational!

Best instructors and great variety on the course.

I really loved the beginner triathlon sessions! I've been wanting to get the confidence to do a tri for awhile now and these session made me think it's possible.

Fantastic, absolutely loved it-great program, the instructors were really positive and encouraging and pushed people of all levels to their maximum ability. The tips were really useful. Great job

Yoga •

The long grass at St Vincent Gardens was uncomfortable for yoga

I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the yoga sessions. Might I suggest if it is a rainy day, there is an alternative venue when the yoga can be done indoors.

Length of program should be 6 months or all year round. At least 3 times a week. Duration of session 2 hours would be better

I really enjoyed the program, I would like the instructor to give a better explanation, thank you very much.

Love to have more yoga lessons.

Enjoyed the yoga sessions during the sunny evenings in the park - however due to our "crappy" weather this year, we missed out on the last session. Elizabeth was great

Could not hear Instructor, to much background noise needed amplification, insects

Survey respondents’ age in all activities: Age Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+

Number 0 1 4 20 7 27

Ag e o f Pa rtic ip a nts W ho R e s p o nd e d

Under 12 13-18 19-25 2% 0% 7%

46+ 44%

26-35 35%

36-45 12%

Percentage Increase/Decrease in Comparison to Last Summer: Age Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+

Number Ç 3% Ç 3% È 24% Ç 13%

Survey respondents’ age in individual activities: Activity Tai Chi

Age Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+



1 8

Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+

Activity Yoga

Age Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+

Activity Pilates


3 2 3

Age Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+ Under 12 13-18 19-25 26-35 36-45 46+


6 6

1 4 7 3 3


3 2 6

Gender of registered participants in overall program (does not included waiting list): 2010/2011 Figures Activity Tai Chi* Pilates Sailing Triathlon Yoga Total

Male 0 3 8 16 9

Female 0 21 8 29 35

Total 0 24 16 45 44




Last Years (2009/2010) Figures Activity Tai Chi* Pilates Sailing Tennis Sea Kayak Yoga Fishing Lawn Bowls Total

Male 0 3 5 6 15 12 8 5 54

Female 0 21 7 14 25 43 8 16 134

Total 0 24 12 20 40 55 16 21 188

Participation was down 31% from last year but is contributed by having 4 activities that required registrations as opposed to the 7 from last year.

Gender of Registered Attendees

Male 28%

Female 72%

Gender of survey respondents in activities: Activity Tai Chi Pilates Sailing Triathlon Yoga N/A Total

Male 3 3 6 1 13

Female 8 8 5 11 10 1 43



1 1



2010/ 2011 S umme r Le is ure & Life s ty le s P ro g ra m S urv e y R e s p o nd e nts

Male 24%

Female 76%

Marketing and Publicity; how participants heard about the program: Publication Local Newspaper Website Mail out/Email Flyers Word of Mouth Other No Answer

Number 22 2 25 3 11 4 2

“Other” includes: •

Port Focus, Cr. J. Bolitho's great local blog

Port Melbourne Library

Called up City of Port Phillip


Number of participants who have participated in Leisure & Lifestyles previously: Yes No No Answer • •

31 26 1

55% of respondents had participated in the Leisure & Lifestyles Program previously It was the first time for 45% of the respondents participating in the Leisure & Lifestyles Program

Participants who did participate previously participated in the following activities: •

canoeing, squash

canoeing, squash

fantastic I would like next year

Tai Chi for 11 years

the same please, thank you

Tai chi last year

very much.

Tai Chi

Pilates, tennis, sailing

Aikido, Yoga, Sea kayaking




Tai Chi


Tai Chi


Croquet Sailing

Pilate with the same instructor

Yoga 2010 summer series

Learning to Sail

Yoga & tai chi


Yoga & Tai Chi


dancing, zumba, It was

Sea Kayaking - this was a

Sea Kayaking, Aikido, Yoga

similar exacting exercise as

Zumba, Yoga

the sailing that required fitness

Yoga, Pilates

and skill. It was also most

kayaking 2009

enjoyable, and very well

sea kayaking

managed at Sandgate.




Suggestions/activities for future summer and winter programs: •

The number of places is so restricted that it is just a token programme. It should be opened up greatly. I would like to see more water-based activities, tennis, walking groups etc

Sailing in Summer Zumba in Winter

Maybe something along the lines of Safe Simple Sailing for Seniors, and It's Not Too Late to Roller Blade.

Might go on the PM Night Photo Walk if good weather

holds. •

I already do hydrotherapy, but I think it could be beneficial as an introduction course

Bike Riding

a 'fitness group' on the foreshore. So, an instructor, and you can do running, yoga etc. To improve peoples fitness and allow them to meet other people. Or a cycling group would also be good, to teach people how to ride correctly on the roads and show them the available routes in the the area to travel.

Tai Chi Meditation

Summer or winter programs should be ongoing for the whole year at least 3 days a week

I would like dancing, zumba, pilates. For the future may be added some other sport e.g. badminton or table tennis, that would be nice, thank you.

sailing sounds good

Learn to: - sail - kite surf - bikram yoga


Yoga, pilates, Tai chi.

Cut the grass more often! with lots of rain it grew fast and this made it a little annoying.

sea kayaking

Running training Stand up paddle boarding


yoga, dance

Furniture restoration

parenting skills

protective behaviours(for carers)

programs of some sort

basic self defence

Indigenous awareness

tai kwon do

Whatever Alex can get - he does a fantastic job at organising these events

Perhaps beach volleyball.

Stand Up Paddling In Line Skating


More triathlon/fitness programs


Any fitness related programs. Running groups - running skills would be good seeing there's so many fun runs around.

NIA - dance of life; * Cardio Aerobics exercising to music; * Bollywood; * Hip Hop; * Salsa.

Yoga again! drawing classes/creative classes bread making classes

Skating, marathon running, yoga,

kayaking, summer, tennis summer and winter. More program places. email alert that programs are coming up Tell how participants are selected

sea kayaking running group rollerblading swimming

I would like to see the beginner tri course on again next summer and perhaps start it earlier so that we can fit in more amateur tri's before the close of the season for winter.


Number of participants who indicated that they intended to participate in the activity on an ongoing basis: Yes No No Answer

• •

44 13 1

79% of respondents intend to continue to participate in their activity they did as part of the summer program. 21% of respondents have no intention in continuing with the activity the participated in over the summer.

From your experience in this summer's program, will you look to participate in future Leisure & Lifestyle Programs? Yes No No Answer

• •

56 0 2

96% of respondents look forward to future programs The remaining 4% skipped the question

Additional Comments Regarding the Program:

Tai chi sessions in summer are now a tradition that many of us look forward to please continue them & with Master Liu

Thank you, CoPP, keep up the good work! I really appreciated such an enlarging, engaging, low-stress, easy-start initiative.

Thank you!

I would like to see the program commence earlier - say early/mid January

Thanks to Port Phillip - a well run program that introduced me to a new activity

I think it is very well run

Its a fantastic program. The sailing instructors were all terrific and made me comfortable and helped me get over my fears. It was a wonderful program and l highly recommend it to everyone.

Master Liu is a living treasure & the tai chi program could perhaps be supported by better advertising for community benefit

The tai chi instructor's the best!

Just Wonderful Thanx so much - such lovely expertise in handling a diverse group Cheers, Jen xxx

The program is very good for health and make feel something to look forward to get out of my house

The program was good, if can put a few more program that would be perfect, thank you.

loved it all and think it's a fantastic initiative by local council. I wish other councils would learn from you, Well Done!!

Thank you to the City of Port Philip for arranging such great, free programs!

The Instructor was absolutely great! i hope there is some sort of winter program like this too. exercise in winter is really important and cardio work can help increase lung function and reduce chest infections.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Great program

The program is wonderful and should continue. None of us could believe our luck being on the course & it really opens up your experience of your own local community & what's on offer!

Thank you!

Many thanks Alex and CoPP, this gave me an opportunity to try something new, get involved in a team activity and learn a very enjoyable skill.

I loved the yoga class. I was relaxed and refreshed after each session. Thank you for this opportunity.

I would definitely participate if it was another yoga instructor.

In relation to Q9, I am likely to hire a small boat on the lake every now and again, but the word 'ongoing' seems to imply on a regular basis, whereas I would be doing it irregularly. I would certainly take any interstate visitors to Albert Park Lake and hire a boat. I am very grateful to have participated in the programme and it is a great thing that the Council offers such programmes, as it has introduced me to activities that I would never have thought of trying. The" Leisure & Lifestyle Programs" have made me aware of activities which are available to do in the local area, not only for myself but for any visitors that I may have. Thank you very much for the opportunity to have been able to participate in such a programme and for offering such a great service!

This is an excellent program that opens out many new experiences, improves fitness and motivation, and also gives a great social boost. It is a catalyst to continue in the activity, and opens up other opportunities for improved fitness, skills, improved confidence and socialising.

Thank you - both my husband and I loved yoga in the park

Thoroughly enjoyed the program. Well organised, professional, supportive enthusiastic instructors. Really appreciate the opportunity to meet the team and the program being supplied by Port Phillip

Please let Council know that these programs are well received and used by residents/voters

I think this is a great initiative by the Council and definitely promotes a healthy lifestyle and builds the community. I.e. meeting other people in the area with the same interests.

Thanks for running another good quality program.

An excellent, professional, friendly and supportive program. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thankyou for being able to provide, fun & free programs such as the Beginner triathlon training to the community

Really well run and enjoyable

looking forward to them

Thanks to the City of Port Phillip for using my council rates on such a worthy program. I think it's important to create a friendly community with a healthy lifestyle.

I love it!!!

2011 Summer ‘Leisure & Lifestyles’ Evaluation Summary  

Survey or participants in the Summer Leisure & Lifestyle program, 2010-2011.