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Mysterious craftwork appears overnight in Pomona streets LOCALS and visitors to Pomona have been taken by surprise at the appearance of these unique tree decorations which appeared overnight in the main street. The woven, knitted and crocheted pieces, which include flowers, animals and baubles have been fitted around trees and signposts on the Cnr of Memorial Avenue and Reserve Street. They have certainly caused a stir as noone seems to know where they’re coming from or who’s responsible, but anyone who owns a pair of knitting needles is under suspicion. While some residents aren’t too enamoured with the mysterious craftwork, saying it looks a bit messy and they wouldn’t like Pomona to be known as a hippy hub, overall its been well received. The general consensus is that if the publicity it’s generated means attracting more visitors to their lovely township it can only be a plus.

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February 9, 2011

Not My Fave!

WHAT’S not my fave this time? Well, it’s got to be the weather doesn’t it? Record flooding, cyclones the size never seen before, bushfires, heatwaves - at this rate there won’t be anything left for the poor old locusts to eat when they’re predicted to swarm in plague proportions later this month. Sounds suspiciously like a bible story to me . . . but who has time to read how that story ends when I’m busy learning the language of the ancients so I can read my other book – the Myan calendar. Or could not my fave be Valentine’s Day? Everyone out there showing off with their roses and chocolates. It’s the biggest competition of the year, and I don’t like to lose . . . so if my husband has to go out and find a unicorn this year, then so be it. I love a good competition. I particularly like to watch them, which is why I’m happy to have The Biggest Loser back on tele. I always feel so thin when its on, thin enough that I can eat my way through the whole programme, relaxed in the knowledge that I am at least 100kgs lighter than any of the contestants. What’s not my fave is that by the end of the series, after months of my binge eating, and the contestants madly dieting and exercising, the kids casually say…”Gee they look good mum, you should go on that show”. So there you have it . . . locusts, lovers and biggest losers . . . Sharing my TV snacks with a unicorn, not my fave!

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news The Cooroy township stormwater education project

COOROY RAG RECENT Queensland floodwaters are making their way to the sea and a turbid cloud of suspended sediment, flotsam and jetsam will be visible for some time. Stormwater pollution is the most significant source of potential degradation to local waterways. What’s not always visible however, are the chemicals we use in everyday life and minute weed seed that has also been transported by the mass of water. Regular monitoring of stormwater outfalls and educational activities within catchments are practical ways of ensuring that stormwater is not polluted. Noosa Integrated Catchment Association (NICA) is calling for volunteers to assist in its Stormwater Monitor-

ing and Education Project. Free training will be provided to undertake tasks such as learning the positions of stormwater outlets in the Noosa-Cooroy area; talking to local people about the stormwater system; drain stenciling at key sites; and assistance in using specialised testing equipment to take monthly water samples. The Cooroy Township Stormwater Education project is geographically divided into three key areas for consideration. The proposed areas include: The central business district, Maple St/ Emerald St; The industrial area in the Northwest, off Mary River Road; Businesses on the eastern side of the railway line. Objectives of the project are: Making con-

tact with businesses and gauging potential pollution impacts on the catchment of Cooroy Creek, and raising awareness on mitigating measures; Advising businesses of their legal responsibilities in relation to stormwater quality; Producing printed education brochure and distribution; Producing a voluntary (and anonymous) contact list for future correspondence; Building valuable rapport with local business people and facilitating open lines for future correspondence; Stenciling drain inlet structure to raise public awareness. Outcomes of the project include: Assessment of industrial stormwater awareness regarding location of inlets and end point of stormwater lines, gross pollutant trap locations

Cooroy Probus Club

and maintenance, chemical storage and spill cleanup, pollution prevention, responsibilities regarding the legislation EPP (Water) 2009; Enabling businesses to comment on how to improve management or monitoring of industrial stormwater; Comprehensive list of businesses including contact details, gross pollutant traps, comments/ suggestions; Email list enabling future communication and co-operation between the businesses, NICA and Council; Increased awareness of businesses that industrial stormwater runoff is being monitored and is a priority to Council and the community. Media coverage of the program, implementation and outcomes; Inlet structure to stormwater drains

stenciled with “To the River” or similar advisory message. Project information kit will include a Brochure specific to Cooroy township stormwater catchment , including images showing Stormwater Outfall, Receiving Environment, Events that have occurred and been detected during monitoring and Map of Stormwater Outfall sites in Cooroy township provided by SCRC. If you would like to assist NICA in this valuable community work, please register at the NICA office 33 Thomas St, Noosaville on Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays, phone on (07) 5449 9650 for more information or Email a d m i n @ n o o s a r i v e r.

What have we here?


superb coffee, great food emerald street, cooroy

L to R: Glenis Stevenson, Michael Fayne, Irene and Ron Scott, John and Lyn Pluck with owner Du and Liz Agerbeek.

Fine coffee Quality food Affordable prices Monday Monday to to Friday Friday -- 7am 7am to to 4.45pm 4.45pm Saturday Saturday -- 7am 7am to to 2pm 2pm Sunday Sunday -- 88 am am to to 2pm 2pm

OUR Cooroy Probus Club celebrated Chinese New Year locally this year, welcoming in the year of the Rabbit. Both the restaurant and the patrons were decked out in red - a Chinese tradition to ward off danger in the coming year. Red is one of the luckiest colours in

the Chinese culture, standing for loyalty, success and happiness. Du and her team at the Cooroy Chinese Restaurant coped extremely well with the large crowd ensuring all patrons were well fed and in great spirits. Thank you, Du.

WINNER of last issue’s “What Have We Here” was Bev Tunley of Cooroy who correctly guessed that last issue’s ‘What have we here’ was the the bottle tree and park bench outside Eden Rehabilitation Centre in Maplet Street, Cooroy. To win “What have we here”, you must tell us where the above structure is located in Cooroy? Send your entry to: What Have We Here?, Cooroy Rag, PO Box 898, Cooroy 4563 or email to be in the running for a Dinner for 2 at the Cooroy RSL Club. Entries will be drawn on February 25th.


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news Uniform code start students off on the wrong foot


coloured markings on the shoes. The Policy states that make up and nail polish are not to be worn to school, except for students who have specific skin conditions. Students wearing make-up are required to remove it. The Policy states that the wearing of jewellery is discouraged, though students may wear a watch. They may also wear a chain around their neck as long as the chain is safety pinned to the inside of the shirt to avoid danger or damage to the student and/or school equipment. Students may have no more than two pierced holes per earlobe, with either simple stud earrings or sleeper earrings. All other jewellery is considered a danger to the students’ safety and should not be worn. Medical bracelets are exempt. With regards to hair, hairstyles should be neat, clean, tidy and of natural tone. Hair sculpting and patterning falls outside the acceptable appearance dress code. Long hair (shoulder length or longer) may be required to be tied back in the interests

of Workplace Health and Safety, for certain activities. All hair ornamentations should be kept to a minimum to include scrunchies, ribbons, and hair bands. Visible tattoos and visible body piercing are not permitted. If any student refuses to adhere to the Uniform Policy as outlined at the time of enrolment, they may be dealt with under the school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students. If a family has difficulty meeting uniform requirements as stated in the Uniform Policy, they are encouraged to contact the Principal to discus the matter. The Cooroy Rag has tried to contact the principal of NDSHS, Mr Barry Dittman, to clarify the Responsible Behaviour Plan, to attempt to find out how many P&C members and/or students were involved in the consultation process; to ascertain if the same health and safety standards applied to teachers, and to address rumours of student suspension, but as yet have not received a response.

EXCELLENCE through Diversity is the school’s motto. What a joke. We either conform or suffer consequences. Hyprocrital.

I DIDN’T think it was compulsory for us to wear uniforms. How does what we wear affect our education. Free thinking and individuality should be lorded, not punished.

DURING the past week, the Cooroy Rag office has received several phone calls from both parents and students of Noosa District State High School expressing their confusion with the current school uniform code. The following is information obtained from Mr Greg Peach, Education Queensland, Regional Director, North Coast Region: School communities, through their P&Cs, determine dress codes for students following Education Queensland policy. Acceptable uniform and dress standards are expected to be maintained by students, and the support of parents is sought in this regard. With regards to school shoes, Noosa District State High School’s Uniform Policy clearly states that due to Workplace Health and Safety considerations students’ footwear must provide adequate protection and cover the entire foot. All students must wear totally black leather or vinyl shoes. Suede, canvas and slip-ons are not acceptable, and shoe laces must be black with no

The following is a selection of responses from students we interviewed at random about the NDSHS uniform policy. We are not trying to exagerate the negative, but out of the many students questioned there was only one positive response. All students wished to remain anonymous. I THINK they’ve gone way too far with it. We’re here to learn and teachers should put more effort into teaching us instead of focussing on what we wear and trying to humiliate us in front of our peers. I’d agree with closed in shoes for health and safety reasons, but why do they have to be a certain colour? And why is a necklace classed as a safety hazard which could get caught in things when a tie, which is part of the uniform, is ‘safe’? I DON’T do any science subjects or manual arts, but my necklace and bracelet are apparently too dangerous to wear in the classroom. Is this ‘danger’ only out to get the students because it doesn’t seem that the teachers who wear strappy shoes and jewellery are too worried about it.

MY shoes are closed in. My mother chose and bought them for me. They have a few air holes in the front. They’re sold in shops as school shoes, yet they aren’t good enough for our school. Mum is now angry with me because she now has to buy another pair, the teachers are angry with me and giving me consequences, and I’m angry because it’s not my fault. I didn’t choose them and I have no money to buy myself new ones. A lot of anger for something so ridiculous. Strange, as they were okay to wear last year.

I’VE been colouring my hair forever. In this day and age that’s totally acceptable. What is natural hair colour anyway and does anybody have it once they’re over 12? WHY is it safe to wear studs in our ears but not in our nose? And if we can wear a watch why not a bracelet? It just doesn’t make sense.

WHY are they causing a big stir at the beginning of the year when we’re all enthusiastic about going back to school. It has immediately caused a feeling of negativity between students and teachers.

I DON’T wear jewellery or make-up and I’ve never been bullied for it. It doesn’t make any difference to me. I DON’T believe the uniform rules are to make us safe. I think they’re just trying to get us to all look the same, think the same and act the same so their jobs are easier.

APPARENTLY my make up is a distraction. I hope when I leave school and get a job I won’t be so distracted by people’s makeup that I can’t work. I’m pretty sure if I fronted up at a job interview for many positions wearing no make-up I wouldn’t be given a chance. Come on people, we’re not that easily distracted. Stop treating us like idiots.

I THINK it’s a good idea. We should stop worrying about how we look and concentrate on our education.

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A GROUP of Cooroy businesses have come together with a unique and creative way of encouraging people to support local businesses. Thirty-five retailers have all contributed to a prize pool of $1,500 in local shopping vouchers that will be the reward for 3 lucky people for shopping in Cooroy. To be in the running to win one of the ‘shopping sprees’ up for grabs, people simply need to shop at any 12 of the 35 retailers involved, attach their dockets to an entry form available at the participating stores and pop it into the entry box at Cooroy Saddlery Warehouse before 11am on March 5th 2011. The three winners will be drawn at 12:00 midday on Saturday the 5 th of March as the climax of the Saddlery’s Second Birthday 2 day sale where all stock will be reduced by 20% throughout the two days. First prize in the Cooroy promotion is $1,000 worth of shopping vouchers from participating local retailers. 2nd Prize is $300 in vouchers and 3rd Prize is $200 in vouchers and as a bonus an extra $100 in cash will be included in the 1st prize if the winner is present and holding a Cooroy Saddlery Warehouse sales docket dated 5/3/11 when their entry is drawn. Prizes include $100 vouchers from Cooroy Saddlery Warehouse, Luke’s IGA, Lanham’s Mitre 10, Mower and ATV Solutions and Sauers Produce and Garden Centre as well as other substan-


OPEN 7 DAYS Monday - Friday 4.30am-4.15pm Saturday 5.00am-2.00pm Sunday 6.00am-2.00pm • Friendly Staff • Great Service • Any Size Function Catered for! Cooroy Shopping Village, 1 Diamond Street Cooroy - 5447 7100

Page 4 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

tial vouchers from the other 30 participating retailers. The retailers involved are AutoMate Spares, Bearing Service Centre, Cooroy Amcal Pharmacy, Cooroy Business Clothing Solutions, Cooroy Butchery, Cooroy Computers, Cooroy Drapery, Cooroy Fruit Bowl, Cooroy Hair Design, Cooroy Hotel, Cooroy Newsagency, Cooroy Pharmacy, Cooroy Produce, Cooroy RACQ, Cooroy Saddlery Warehouse, Cooroy Shoes, Cooroy TyrePower, It’s a Fashion Thing, Lanhams Mitre 10, Let’s Talk Hair, Lilly Pilly Boutique & Gifts, Luke’s IGA, Maison de Provence, Master Hire, Movierama Cooroy, Mower & ATV Solutions, Peter’s Café, Pet’s Fur Ever, Possums Books & Coffee, PS Café, Richies Bakery, Salon Unique, Sauers Produce & Garden Centre, Temptations on Maple and Velocity Surf Wear. David Wright from Cooroy Saddlery said that the idea came to him as he was planning

the annual birthday sale for the Saddlery and it grew into something much bigger than he first imagined. Local businesses embraced the concept and he was overwhelmed with the support. With the Global Financial Crisis having a negative impact on retail sales everywhere and with interest rates on the rise many retailers have been finding it tough. Both Cooroy shoppers and retailers alike stood to benefit from this promotion. The substantial combined prize pool will make three Cooroy shoppers very happy indeed as they ‘Shop Till they Drop’. Interest in the promotion should also stimulate the local economy which in turn benefits everyone in the community! As a first time trial of the concept David said that if it was a success it is likely to be something the local businesses would repeat in the future with perhaps even more retailers getting involved with an even bigger prize pool.

Cooroy Community Kindergarten now affiliated with Lady Gowrie THERE is change afoot at Cooroy Community Kindergarten, however the only change you are likely to notice is the signage around the property. With the introduction of the new Queensland Government Kindergarten Funding Scheme Initiative, Kindergartens across Queensland now have more choice available when selecting who their Central Governing Body will be. There are now 5 registered Central Governing Bodies in Queensland and over the period 2010 to 2012 approximately 240 new Kindergartens are due to open around the state. At the completion of the 2010 year the committee and staff made a very difficult decision in ceasing our affiliation with C&K Qld. The decision was not made lightly but we felt due to the direction and growth within C&K Qld, as an affiliated centre, it was in our best interest to affiliate with The Gowrie (Qld) Incorporated as they feel like the right fit for our Kindergarten at this time. The Cooroy Community Kindergarten has always had strong support and presence in our Community and Gowrie is a more community minded body who supports our individuality and community spirit, whilst

still adhering to the same Queensland Government Early Learning Framework program. Over 30 Kindergartens (predominately on the Sunshine Coast) have also made the move to affiliate with Lady Gowrie Community Kindergartens. This within itself will help strengthen the level of support we receive on the Sunshine Coast. The commitment Gowrie have made to support us in the training and delivery of our program to staff and to the management of our business is very reassuring. Gowrie has provided education and care for children and families for over 70 years throughout Australia. The delivery of our training program will not be affected and you can rest assured your child’s educational future is in safe hands as we will still be providing the same high standard of education and care by our qualified, hard working and dedicated staff members. If you have any concerns please feel free to speak with our current President Soraya McLean on 5447 7076, Director Diana Markovits on 5447 6037 or the CEO of Gowrie Queensland, Jane Bourne would be happy to speak with you and can be contacted on 0433 392 310.

news Quest College re-opens

COOROY RAG BOUQUETS & B R I C K B AT S BOUQUET to Cooroy Golf Club for raising $2023 at their flood relief function last month. BOUQUET to Cooroy Library for their special service to Kabara Aged Care residents, re-stocking their library books every three weeks. BRICKBATS to the person/s who stole the picnic bench at Cudgerie Park last week. Tyre marks go right up to where it once was. Someone must have heard or saw something? BOUQUET to the lovely couple from Tulip Lane, Cooroy , who pushed me out when I got bogged. Thank you so much! BRICKBAT to whoever stole ‘Itchy the Crab’ from behind the bar at the Cooroy Hotel on Australia Day. BOUQUET to all the NDSHS students who contributed their opinion to the Cooroy Rag regarding the school uniform policy. You were all very mature and articulate with your answers. BOUQUETS a young man named Greg who owns a blue car and a lovely black dog. My electric scooter broke down by the Noosa High School so he stopped and pushed it out of the way before giving me a ride home. I was so very thankful to him. BRICKBATS (again) to people who refuse to stop for drivers who are trying to reverse park in Maple Street. Email your bouquet and brickbats to

THE founder of the Quest College, Helyna Burton, was well known on the Sunshine Coast for delivering quality training, starting training in Gympie, before building a campus in Cooroy and later expanding to Training Rooms in the Global Village, 27 Evans Rd, Maroochydore. Sadly, Helyna pasted away last year after losing her courageous battle with breast cancer and Helyna’s family have taken over the operation of the College. Over the past 8 years Helyna has delivered training in a diverse range of subjects, specialising in Community Services and the Di-

ploma of Counselling, which was Helyna’s own field of expertise. Helyna had a large following of trainees in the Cooroy and surrounding area, but following Helyna’s illness the Quest College campus on Musa Vale Road, Cooroy ceased operation. The campus will be reopening early in the year 2011, offering training in the Diploma of Counselling, also free courses for the unemployed in the areas of Aged Care, Disabilities and Community Services. Please contact Quest College Training Coordinator, Hazel Fox 54436345 for further details.

Coor oy Cooroy

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Playgroup at Cooroy State School FOR all children, age: 0-5 years old. Playgroup provides a fantastic early year’s program that encourages families to interact with their children and other families in a fun and supportive environment. Together they can enjoy early literacy and numeracy activities, as well as fine motor and gross motor activities. Playgroup offers a fun 2 hour per week program that is set within the school grounds. Wednesday 9:00am -11:00am In the Activity Hall. Contact: Tanya Morcom 5472 2100. Playgroup is supported by the Indigenous Education Unit.

IT seems Lyn McCrea’s art is all over town in February starting with a large painting in the Noosa Regional Gallery’s Show us Your Art - Volunteer Showcase exhibition, which is open now and runs until 13 March, plus her solo exhibition entitled Emerging Goddess featuring collage, cutouts and drawings at Madissons Bar and Restaurant on Gympie Terrace from 22/2/11 to 22/3/11, opening night Thursday 24th February from 5.30 to 7.30. Lyn is pictured with her painting ‘Bottleshop Goddess after Manet’

Cooroy’s only Lingerie Shop Now in Maple Lane opposite Possum’s Book Shop Bring this advert in to receive 10% Discount until Valentine’s Day February 14th Gift Sale continues with up to 30% off marked price EST. 1988


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Valentine’s Day at Rykenbergs

Radio Broadcast Training ALWAYS wanted to be on the Radio? Here is your chance! The next ‘Broadcast Presenter’ Course commences on the 28th February. Only 4 places left. Training involves 2 hours perweek for 9 weeks. Noosa Community Radio 101.3FM, The J in Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction. Phone Jacqui, Monday to Friday 5447 2233

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COOROY Aglow will be holding a morning tea meeting on Friday, February 18. Meeting will commence at 9.30am at the Anglica Hall, Cnr of Tewantin Rd and Miva St, Cooroy. Admission $6. All welcome. For further information phone Narelle 5447 6482 or Pat 5447 6167.

Business Risk Protection Fiona Hutchings, Branch Manager, Bendigo Community Bank, Cooroy THOSE who own a business think about ways of improving and strengthening their business every day. You probably don’t think about how it might cope without you, or indeed how you might cope without it. But just like every other sort of insurance, business risk protection is something you need to think about and plan for in case of future need. Perhaps because they hope never to need it, few businesses understand how to assess the value of business risk protection. Try considering the 3Ds – determine value, decide strategy, document agreement. • Determine the value of your business - How much is the business worth? - Is the value based on an agreed formula, dollar value or an independent assessment? • Decide who should be left with what after the departure of a business party - Who takes ownership of the business? - What are the family’s needs and expectations? - What are the business’s needs and expectations? - What is the family’s ongoing role in the management of the business? - What is involved in the day-to-day management of the business? • Document the agreement - A solicitor can help business owners set up a Buy/Sell Agreement to document how an outgoing proprietor’s business interest will be transferred to the continuing proprietor(s) upon a trigger event. Insurance is one of many solutions, so speak to a specialist to help you determine whether it’s the most appropriate and cost-effective option for your business protection needs. When is a good time to shop for business risk insurance? If you are sitting on the fence or think you’ll get around to it some day, take a minute and ask your-

self the following questions? • What would happen to your business if you were sick or injured? • Will your current insurances, including those within super funds, be enough to pay-off your debts (eg. loan repayments) and keep your family comfortable for the rest of their lives? • Will you be able to meet your lifestyle expenses (eg. rent, food, education) without a regular income? • Will you be able to pay your ongoing business expenses (eg. loan or rent repayments, leasing costs, utility bills) if you were unable to work for 12 months? • Do you have a contingency plans for the business? • What are the alternatives to not having a plan in place? • What is the cost to your business if you talked to a specialist about putting in place the required strategy and funding to protect you, your family and the business? If you would like to discuss this type of insurance, please do not hesitate to contact me and I can arrange an obligation free consultation with one of Bendigo Bank’s specialists. At the Bendigo we believe you should have every opportunity to make an informed decision about not only your finance needs but also the options available to protect you and your business. Just call into the branch or call me on 5447 7131. You can also email me at fiona.hutchings

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Our experienced team have been in the local area and working together for many years. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we develop with our clients

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Wellington’s Way With Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington QUEENSLAND Flood Disaster: My family and staff extend our deepest sympathy to the families who have lost loved ones and suffered significant loss as a result of the flooding we have seen in Queensland in recent weeks. Flooding in our area has certainly caused significant damage to our local roads. I urge people to be patient with the repairs to the roads and while waiting for both State Government and Council services to be returned to normal. Take care returning to School: I would like to wish all of our students well in their return to school, and especially those starting school for the first time or launching into a higher level of education at high school or university. Parents please take care when you take the children to school, and be aware that the police will be doing radar work in the school zones and 40km/h zones in areas around schools. Please be aware that slow-down times in school zones vary from school to school. First Sittings of Parliament: The first sittings of Parliament for 2011 will be on February 15, 16 and 17. Anyone with any State Government issues that they would like me to take up with the Government should contact me before these dates to discuss their issues. Meet me in Cooroy: I will be holding my next Cooroy meeting in the Cooroy RSL boardroom on Thursday, February 3, from 10am. Anyone who would like to meet with me can organise an appointment by contacting my Nambour office on 5441 6933.

Cooroy-Noosa Genealogical & Historical Research Group FIND Your Ancestors! with a beginners class held by Cooroy-Noosa Family and Local History Group on Saturday, 12th February. The talks are open to all and focus on “How to Start” your research, they will be from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at 41 Miva Street, Cooroy. Cost $10.00. To book phone 5442 5570. Coming up, “Identity Fraud and Scams” will be the topic of a talk by Detective Senior Constable Rod Shelton on Saturday, 19th March from 9.30 to 11.00am. This is important information for all internet uses.

Cooroy-Eumundi Garden Club THE next meeting of the Cooroy-Eumundi Garden Club will be the AGM to be held on Monday 14 February 2011 in the Anglican Church Hall, Miva Street, Cooroy commencing 9.30 am. The speakers will be Carol and Ray Long who will give an update on their project in Vanuatu. New members are always welcome. For further information please contact the Secretary John Fenton on 5470 2683 or mobile 0410 485 285.

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DG Posi-Track Mulching 100Hp

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Darrel: 0412 020 789 - 5447 9799

Veterans Affairs guide now available FEDERAL Member for Wide Bay, Warren Truss has released a guide that explains the range of benefits that are available to Australia’s ex-service men and women. “The A to Z of Veteran Affairs guide explains as simply as possible the pensions and benefits that are available to veterans,” Mr Truss said. “It is vital that ex-service personnel are able to access the latest information on the level of support they are entitled to receive. “The guide summarises the range of services that are available to veterans, outlines the general eligibility criteria for the benefits, and provides a reference point as to where more detailed

information can be obtained,” Mr Truss said. “Australia’s veterans have served their country with pride and distinction, securing peace and freedom for our nation. “Many veterans continue to make contributions to help others and strengthen their communities. All Australians have an obligation to respect their service to our country and ensure they have the support they need in their retirement years.” The guide is available from Mr Truss by telephoning 1300 301 968 or can be requested via the website

YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament nominations open NOMINATIONS for the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament (QYP) are now open! Nominations will close on the 25th of February 2011. For over a decade QYP has been providing young people aged 15 to 25 with an opportunity to influence Government decision-making and to improve their confidence and experience through interacting with other likeminded young people of various backgrounds and views. QYP is an Queensland Studies Authority accredited education program, where students can receive one point towards their Queensland Certificate of Education upon completion. The only prerequisites to this program are interest and enthusiasm, as

QYP will teach you everything you need to know for the program. Applicants are chosen to represent the 89 electorates of Queensland and past debates have focused on everything from teacher quality to the use of natural resources to health issues such as obesity. Last year the Youth Parliament passed a historical bill guaranteeing three seats in Parliament for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders. If youre passionate about seeking change in Queensland, you could be the voice of your local electorate, advising Queensland politicians. For more information or to apply, please visit

Clean up Australia Day FOLLOWING the recent deluge of rains Queensland has experienced, a vast amount of debris, and along with it tonnes of waste material will have flowed into our countless creeks, rivers, bays and beaches. This year Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday March 6th, and following the clean up of properties after the floods, our creeks, rivers. bushland and road side culverts will be still be inundated with bottles, cans, wrappers and all matter of rubbish that have been the swept along by the raging waters. This means that this year’s Clean Up Australia Day is critical to the well being of our environment. The spirit shown in helping out those affected by the floods, and the willingness of volunteers to lend a hand will need to continue for at least a few hours on that Sunday to ensure that as much of the remaining waste can be collected, so our environment can begin the process of recovery as well. It is the beauty of our waterways and bushland that draws us to live where we live, so please give a few hours of your time on Clean Up Australia Day to help.

Free* Hearing Check Up If you think your hearing has worsened, you are probably right. You may be one of 3.28 million Australians currently affected by hearing loss. 5HVHDUFKVKRZVEHQHÀWZLWK early hearing assistance. The longer you live without sounds, the harder it is for your brain to get used to comprehending these sounds again.

Noosa Hinterland 8 Reserve Street, Pomona

5485 1788 Cooran

• Beautiful Queenslander set on elevated half acre • 3 bedrooms plus study • Stylish modern bathroom • Polished timber floors & Large entertainment deck • Open plan living area with fire place • Relaxed living & Superb street appeal $395,000 Michael Robinson 0431 865 616

Kin Kin

• Character filled 3 bdrm home on 5 private acres • Plunge Pool & Picturesque Stream • Workshop, pergolas & therapy room • Inspiring bamboo stands & organic gardens • Beautifully landscaped gardens • A Heavenly Hideaway $495,000 Melanie Fink 0488 107 205


If you’re over 50 or hard of hearing, book in now for your free* hearing check up. See ZKHWKHU \RX FRXOG EHQHÀW from hearing assistance.

5443 6633

Eden Private Health Care Centre, 50 Maple Street, Cooroy *Conditions apply. Limited time only.

Maroochydore | Cooroy | Noosa | Gympie | Caloundra | Nambour Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 7

Going Away? Send your cat to play at


Celebrating 50 years


This year, the Cooroy Rag celebrates its 50th birthday and in recognition of this milestone we though it appropriate to feature some snippets of the past. We’ll be setting aside space in each edition for the rest of the year so if you have any old Cooroy Rags stashed away we’d love to have a look at them. Please call in to the office or phone us on 5442 6699.



Private apartments • Toys • Play • Cuddles Eve & Don Ledson

Traveston PH: (07) 5485 2936 • 0423 102 657



Muri Beach Club Hotel Valentines Special

• EX Brisbane from $1,595* per person Hot Deal Package Includes: • 6 nights accommodation for the price of 4 in a Pool View Room • Return economy airfares flying Air New Zealand including taxes • Return airport transfers • Tropical breakfast daily

• VALENTINES BONUS 1 Couples Massage during stay Book and travel between 01 - 28 February 2011 Offers are subject to availability & can change without notification due to fluctuations in charges and currency. Valid for Sale and travel 01 - 28 Feb 2011

4, 2 Emerald Street Cooroy QLD 4563 Tel: 5447 7088 Fax: 5447 6911

Dr Kirman and wife Jan made the front page page of the Cooroy Rag August 31, 1983 edition with the birth of their daughter Bonnie Don’t you wish you had invested in some real estate in 1983? Boxells ad from April 20th edition

Featured in the May 16, 1990 edition was Greg Christensen who was chosen to represent Queensland in the U19 Rugby League side to tour New Zealand. The article says: “Greg has played League with the Noosa Dirstrict Junior Rugby League team from an early age. Both Del and Col Christensen are very proud of their son Greg ... as are many people of the Cooroy District who have come to know him.”


Do you need a really good Pest Technician?

Specialising in all types of Pests, Termite Inspections & Treatments

Doonan Based

All Work Guaranteed Page 8 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

SPV Accounting

Celebrating 50 years


Providing Total Business Care Principal: Seb Vecchio

services include ✓ Tax Preparation ✓ Accounting Services ✓ Bookeeping ✓ Business Planning ✓ BAS Preparation ✓ General Business Advice CONTACT

5442 6884 ADDRESS - 2 Ponderosa Drive, Cooroy 4563 POSTAL - PO Box 947, Cooroy QLD 4563

From the gossip column, June 1986

Leadlight Classes Letter to the edition, September 14, 1983

Rental prices in May 1983

September 14, 1983: Under 12R Premiers - Back Row: Stuart Strong, Greg Christensen, Peter Rule, Jason Haack, Ross Dance, Geordie Lascelles, Anthony Boyle. Front Row: Richie Connor, Tim Guy, Troy French, Michael Sharry, Peter Monkman, Glen Monkman

• 2 x ½ Day Beginners Classes • Introductive Special $99 • All Materials & Tools provided • Normal Price $149 • Classes held at Cooroy Butter Factory

Phone Kelly 0433 566 850 or email

✓ Family Law ✓ Leases and Commercial Conveyancing ✓ Cottage Conveyancing ✓ Estates ✓ Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney ✓ Land Compensation Claims ✓ Most areas of Law 16A Maple Street, Cooroy • Ph: 5447 7666 •

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you! Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 9



Raymond Clive Robinson ‘Sugar’ (14-7-46 to 9-12-10) BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED THEORY & PRACTICAL

10 Fantail Cresent Cooroy


5447 7461

Calf Sales at Eumundi Saleyards Mondays at 1pm Cattle Sales Fortnightly at Eumundi Saleyards Tuesdays at 1pm

FOR TOP AUCTION PRICES consign your cattle to

EUMUNDI SALEYARDS Market Advice & Inspection

Mike Wheeler 5496 1203 or mobile 0417 320 590 Clint Murtagh 0428 711 102

Page 10 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

SUGAR was born in Eumundi on Bastille Day 1946, the second child for Lorna and Clive Robinson. His early years were spent on Anderson’s farm before attending school at Eerwah Vale. In 1952 Sugar moved to Elm Street, Cooroy becoming a ‘wild Garnet Street boy’. Most people thought he was nicknamed Sugar after the great boxer Sugar Ray, but the real story was that as a kid, Lorna sent him to buy flour from Rows and he came back with sugar instead. As a young lad Sugar got up to many wild stunts. He worked and played hard with his motto being ‘You only live once’. His jobs were many and varied, but for the past 20 years, Sugar worked for the old Noosa Shire Council and was involved in the local Rugby League Club. His mates and family will remember him as a loveable character, a bit cheeky, someone who loved a good risqué joke and a laugh and someone who would do anything for you. He will be sadly missed.

Harold Fredrick Walter (01/06/27 - 26/11/10 (83 Years) THE family of Harold would sincerely like to thank Relatives, Friends & Neighbours for their kind expressions, cards, flowers and prayers received during their recent sad loss. Grateful thanks to the attending Paramedics, Police Officers and Doctors, especially Anne and Staff of Drysdale’s for their caring and professional assistance, also to all who gave their support by attending the funeral.




* F F O % 0 5 O T UP

Bowl of loving kindness

*Selected shoes, handbags & accessories

Principal Miss Jemma Pass Registered Teacher BBO - Registered Teacher IDTA Blue Card Holder

PETER Smith (right) of the Cooroy Rotary was presented with an outstanding turned Bowl by Cooroora Woodworkers Club president Dennis Donnelly. This unique Bloodwood Burl Bowl turned and donated

by member and professional wood turner Ivar Lindon, will be used by Rotary to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Relief. In addition, the Woodworkers donated a further $200 for the flood relief.

Cooroy VIEW Club MEMBERS from Cooroy VIEW at their first Social for 2011 held at Alfresco Cafe at Doonan where a lovely morning tea and chat was enjoyed. The Cooroy VIEW Club are working in conjunction with the SMITH Family assisting disadvantaged Australian Families with particular emphasis on Learning for Life Programs. For more about our Friendship Club and essential Bookings please ring Grace Taylor on 54711364 or Lal Vider 54491902 or

1st Floor - 13 Kauri St, Cooroy

Large Air conditioned Studio, Fully Mirrored with Sprung Floor CLASSES • • • • • •

Classical Ballet Jazz Modern Expressive Hip Hop Tap Contemporary

• Introductory to Dance (5 under) • Stretch & Strength • Performance Troupes • Musical Theatre


Junior, Intermediate & Senior

2011 ENROLMENTS NOW At Dance Form we ensure every lesson is fun & enjoyable & strive for each student to reach their full potential!

0414 686 161

Check this Out!!

Have you Seen a Garage World Shed? • Friendly customer service with expert advice and quality workmanship • A world class design featuring the famous ‘Morinda Bracketry System’, meaning a non welded frame with rust and corrosion free joints. • Heavy anchor brackets caste into the concrete • All Australian products sourced from Bluescope guarantees a premium product

Come & see what you’re missing out on!

Injury compensation Commercial & building disputes Debt recovery Civil legal proceedings Personal & Professional service

Damien G. Cogill LLB Damien G. Cogill LLB

Lindsay Woods

2386 LLB PO Acc.Box Spec (Fam) Noosa Heads Ground Qld 4567 Floor

OPEN: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm Sat 9.00am-12pm

Cnr Pine Street & Bruce Hwy, Gympie

5482 8990

Thomas Street Phone 31 07 5448 0395 Noosaville QLD 4566 Fax 07 5455 6679 Email Phone 07 5470 2700

Fax 07 5455 6679 Email

Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 11

BELVEDERE NEWS 4 Diamond Street, Cooroy

The Shop on the other side of Town


rds Gifts & Ca ow Available N

February 14th

Phone 5447 6018 OPEN TI LL 5P M S AT TILL 5PM SA


50% OFF!


Expect some serious magic at Australian Body Art Carnivale ORGANISERS of The Australian Body Art Carnivale are advising artists and spectators alike to put Friday 13 May through to Sunday 15 May 2011 in their diaries for an event not to be missed. Australia’s premier body art event, the Carnivale is held annually in Eumundi. Event Manager Danielle Taylor says this year will see a magical festival experience for all ages. “While we attract great crowds keen to watch artists at work using human bodies as their canvas, it’s worth noting that the event is more than just body art,” says Danielle. “There will be feast of other entertainment including a gala launch on the Friday night with the Masked Gallery Art Walk, as well as competitions and exhibitions in pavement art, wearable art, vehicle art, indigenous art and photography, as well as world-class street performers, workshops, and a Saturday evening sunset Street Party,” she says. “Music will again form a major part of this year’s Carnivale, as we partner MASC (Music Association Sunshine Coast Inc) to host the EUMUNDI LIVE music festival,” Danielle says. “This

will see a great line-up of free live bands on Saturday and Sunday.” Danielle notes that the theme for this year’s competitions is MAGIC. “It’s open to artistic interpretation, but a theme like MAGIC certainly provides a wealth of inspiration for artists,” she says. “For artists, the Carnivale presents an opportunity to showcase their creativity, experience the amazing atmosphere of the Carnivale and compete for over $13,000 in cash and prizes. Visit for more info, competition registration, and to sign up to receive eNewsletters in the lead up to the event. The Australian Body Art Carnivale is a free non-for profit event funded thanks to the generosity of its sponsors - Eumundi Chamber of Commerce; Eumundi Combined Community Organisation; Eumundi and District Community Association; the Eumundi and District Historical Association; Eumundi Square; APN; Snazaroo Face Paints, MASC, Firefly Solutions, Avantcard, Festivals Australia; and Sunshine Coast Regional Council (assisted through the grants program).

Street 2 Stage dance store


You wear it well!

12C MAPLE ST, COOROY PHONE 07 5442 6116

Aysha is wearing an Energetiks halter Dance top available instore in a range of colours

STREET 2 Stage, Cooroy’s own Dance Shop has opened its doors. Opening 6 days a week Monday - Friday 10am -6pm and Saturdays 9.30 - 12 and is conveniently located at 13 Kauri Street, Cooroy. With new stock arriving its been a busy and exciting time for all involved. Street 2 Stage has Back to Ballet uniforms on Special this week and is also offering 10 per cent off all bags in store. Owner Lisa Siddall has been over whelmed with the response from local dance parents. Lisa is offering a convenient, reliable and friendly service to all. In the future Street 2 Stage is planning on holding regular events to help local dancers and give back to the community. So to check out Cooroy’s very own Dance store or call 5447 8008. All your favourite brands at fabulous prices.

news Noosa Shooters

IN 1992, Noosa Shooters Supplies began trading on the Sunshine Coast servicing shooters requirements both locally and Australia wide. Nearly six years ago, David and Judy took over the business, and focus strongly on providing the best service on the Sunshine Coast. “We stock and supply all major firearm and ammunition brands and offer helpful advice when it comes to accessorizing and reloading equipment,” said David. Noosa Shooters also offers a range of storage options as in safes for licensed shooters to safely store their firearms. Short term storage is also available at competitive rates. Noosa Shooters Supplies caters for all shooting disciplines and stocks a large selection of ammunition. “We are sure to have your needs covered. If you prefer to reload your own ammunition, we also have all the powders, cases, projectiles and wads you will need, plus some friendly advice on how to go about it. “Maybe your interest lies in sporting clays, rifle or handgun shooting. If so, we have what you need. For some time now we have specialized in the fast growing and exciting sport of Western Action Shooting which relives the costumes and characters of the old west. You can view this and more when you click on our web site We also work closely with many shooting clubs on the Sunshine Coast and provide new shooters or those wanting to get started with the information they need for licensing requirements. “The sport of shooting certainly encompasses a large range of skills that help improve your confidence. It helps to master your concentration, hand and eye co-ordination and provides the opportunity for great camaraderie.” You will find Noosa Shooters Supplies at 597 Cooroy-Noosa Road, Tinbeerwah from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and 9am till 12pm Saturday. Call in and have a look around.



8 Lower Mill Road, Cooroy

• Timber Slabs for sale • Handmade wooden artifacts for sale • Carving & Turning • Classes for Members • Memberships Now Available • Club rooms open Thursday & Saturday mornings • Donations of Timber gratefully accepted • Sawdust & Shavings available Contact Jim Pounds 5470 2415 for Purchases & Donations of Timber Page 12 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011


time for a tree change? Nestled in the beautiful township of Cooroy, surrounded by bushland and bordering Cooroy Creek, Greenwood Grove offers all the beauty and tranquillity of a coastal-country lifestyle, with views of Mount Cooroy and within easy reach of all the modern amenities.

Call us on (07) 5442 5833, register your interest today at or visit our Land Sales Office on Dunbar Court, Cooroy.

engine PLT0199

Greenwood Grove offers a relaxed lifestyle just minutes from the centre of Cooroy, where you can enjoy boutique shopping, galleries, cafes and restaurants, an 18-hole golf course and state of the art Cooroy Library. Or you can explore the many walking trails throughout the estate and the surrounding hinterland.

*Price correct at time of printing.

PEET.COM.AU Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 13

Johanna Wallace Acting & Personal Development CREATIVITY COMMUNICATION CONFIDENCE ‘One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is confidence & effective communication skills’ • Weekly after school classes • Prepare for stage performance • Working with creative peers & an internationally experienced drama teacher • Increase creativity, Improve communication, Build confidence • Be encouraged to be your best!

NEW HINTERLAND CLASS AT COOROY LIBRARY! Wednesday Kids aged 7-12, 4-5pm Teens 13-18, 5-6.30pm

To enquire or enrol phone Johanna 0407 873 232

Award for local photographer LOCAL portrait and fine art photographer Sandra Faye has been awarded two Silver Awards and two Bronze Awards at the 2011 Canon Creative Asia Photography Awards held recently. The Canon Creative Photography Awards is open to entries World Wide. “It is an honour to be recognized by your peers in the industry which you love being creative in and passionate about” Sandra Faye said. Sandra Faye entered four images for the awards, all of them winners. Sandra Faye has her own purpose built photographic studio, known as Studio 417 located just out of Pomona where she creates and draws her inspi-

The stars of tomorrow, watch them shine Toddlers to Adults




• Dancing Babies 2-4yrs • Hip-hop • Jazz • Contemporary •Ballet • Tap • Stretch/Technique • Performance • Adult fitness classes • Adult Jazz Classes

NEW ENROLMENTS receive 30% DISCOUNT for 1st term

Come and join the Adrenalin family PHONE 5442 5085 UNIT 2/6 JARRAH ST, COOROY

ration. Classically trained in the art of photography, the old way (darkroom techniques, hand colouring, retouching etc) as well as the digital way, Sandra Faye obtained her Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging in 2006. Specializing in Family, Pregnancy, New Born, Fashion, Model Portfolios, Corporate, Fantasy and Glam Boudoir Fine Art Portraiture. All captured in her contemporary air conditioned Studio 417, where Sandra Faye has total control over the environment, to give you the best possible image from a professional photographer. Being a Full Accredited Member of AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) professional membership ensures you a quality product. Sandra Faye has obtained an AIPP Silver Award 2009 and an AIPP Merit Award 2010 Sandra Faye loves the art of photography and pursues every angle with immense enthusiasm and passion. Cameras are getting smarter, but cameras do not take pictures. People do. In photography as in any other field professionals do it better.

Sandra faye won a Silver award, for this individual portrait

Social dances SOCIAL Dances are held every Monday night at Cooroy Memorial Hall and every Friday night at Tinbeerwah Community Hall. Both start at 8pm and run till everyone’s feet are too sore. Dance Music includes first quality Old-time, Rock n Roll, Swing, Standard Ballroom, New Vogue, Sequence and Latin. Singles and Couples are Welcome - and Ladies without partners, yes - there are single men who can dance! The only fee we ask is a coin donation toward costs. This is a service we offer to the community because we love dancing. Contact: 5442 7013 or 0402 052558 Email: There is also a beginner class 1 hour prior to the dance,

what’s on at Mill place at the Butter Factory Arts Centre

TEMPORARY CLOSURE 14 February to late April The Butter Factory Arts Centre and Pottery will be closed from 14 February 2011 for foundation and restoration works. The Centre will reopen in late April with a new exhibition and workshop program.During this time Arts Centre staff will be located at the Library and can be contacted on 5472 0222.

WORKSHOP AND EXHIBITION PROPOSALS The Butter Factory Arts Centre provides a vibrant and diverse program of arts and cultural heritage exhibitions, workshops and activities for all ages and interests. Proposals are welcome from artists interested in presenting workshops, classes, residencies or community projects during July to December 2011. Proposals are due by 4 March 2011.Exhibition proposals are sought for the 2011/2012 program. Proposals are due by June 2011.For further information call 5472 022 or visit

The Butter Factory Arts Centre is an arts initiative of Creative Communities - growing our creative region Page 14 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

at the Cooroy Library February/March Wednesdays starting 2nd of Feb 4-5pm and 5-6.30 pm Acting lessons Acting and personal development classes for kids and teens are starting again at Cooroy Library on the 2nd of February. Johanna Wallace, director of Cinderella and Cuddle Kingdom’s Christmas Magic (shown at Noosa Arts Theatre), is running classes for children and teenagers. For bookings call Johanna on 0407873232 Friday 11th and every Friday for term 1 9-1 and 3-4pm Kindermusik with Verna Hewitt Classes for kids ( newborn to seven years ) run by a qualified Kindermusik teacher. Book directly with Verna Hewitt (BA, Grad Dip Ed., MA) Professionally Certified Kindermusik Educator Music2Grow M: 0415 482 264 Tuesday15th 7pm Moonwalk with the Millers Walking Group Moon Walking is a FREE Sunshine Coast Council “Health & Wellbeing” program for all residents and visitors to the Sunshine Coast. Meet the Millers walking group at the Library at 7pm. No bookings required . Gold coin donation for supper afterwards. Thursday 17th 6-7 pm “Making friends with maths” Talk by Geoff Roach “Making Friends with Maths” talk by Geoff Roach at Cooroy Library. 6-7pm FREE. Join Geoff as he explores maths, demystifying the world many of us find daunting and daring us to have fun with it. Bookings essential 5454 9000 Saturday 19th 12-4pm Creative Mandala art workshop A mandala is a symbolic diagram, an ancient art form used in many cultures as an aid to reach our inner selves. Anyone can create a mandala – you do not need any art experience. $60 per class, all materials included. Book directly. Contact Jan 5473 5988 Tuesday 22nd 6-7.30pm The Reluctant Psychic book launch Hear author Debbie Bozicevic-Mewes talk about her journey as a reluctant Psychic Bookings essential 5454 9000 Friday 25th Feb 7pm Movie night on the Roof “Eclipse” Come and see “Eclipse” ( Rated M ) on the big screen on the Library Rooftop. Recommended for 15+ viewing only Gold coin donation on the night . Bookings essential 5454 9000. Saturday 26th Feb 1.30-4.30 Living with colour workshop “Living with Colour” workshop at Cooroy Library 1.30-4.30 $25. Margaret Brew has been a qualified Colour Therapist for many years and is hosting this workshop. Book directly 5448 0331 or 0437021937 Wednesday 2nd of March 9am – 1pm ‘Be the Canvas’ Body painting workshop This is your chance to explore your creative side and be introduced into the world of non- permanent Bodyart Guided by successful Sister Duo Rene & Nina Co-creators of ‘Be the Canvas”, Cost - $80 Bookings and for further information phone Nina 0403 8511 89. Email –


COOROY RAG Helping Queenslanders for 30 years by Carol Watkins, Group Leader, Cooroy S.E.S. AS I write this article, things have been fairly quiet for about a week. Two teams were deployed to help out in the clean up of Brisbane, one team for five days; and the other went up and back on a Saturday. While they were away, we had another load of sand delivered in Cooroy, so another working bee was organised to fill sandbags. With so many people out of town, we asked the Black Mountain Rural Fire Brigade if they could help out, and to my relief, quite a number turned up to assist. Five pallets of filled sandbags later, all the sand was bagged. Thank you Black Mountain RFS. On Australia Day we were up at dawn to go to Noosaville Lions Park where we helped out with parking in two areas. It was a beautiful day thankfully, and everyone was so happy to see the sun shining after so much rain. However, for those of us in our Personal Protective Equipment (orange overalls and suits), it was devilishly hot and uncomfortable. Unfortunately there was the usual small percentage of people who seemed quite put out that they were unable to park right in front of the stage, where we had carparks reserved. These were kept for those integral to the ceremony, but mainly, for our disabled residents. Two cyclones are threatening the Queensland coast at the moment, and we are all hoping they don’t amount to too much for us, or for others in the State. We’ve had enough of wind and rain thank you. However, we need to always be prepared, particularly at this time of the year. In case you’re wondering about cyclone categories: Category 1 has maximum gusts of up to 125 kph and will cause negligible house damage, but damage to some crops, trees and caravans. Craft may drag moorings. Category 2 has wind gusts of 125-170 kph and can cause minor house damage with significant damage to signs, trees and caravans, and heavy damage to some crops. There is risk of power failure and small craft may break moorings. Category 3 and upwards

Maison de Provence

are classified as Severe with Category 3 having wind gusts of 170-225 kph. There could be some roof and structural damage. Power failure is likely. Category 4 has very destructive winds at 225-280 kph and can cause significant roofing loss and structural damage. Many caravans can be destroyed and blown away. There could be dangerous airborne debris and widespread power failures. Category 5, the highest rating, has very destructive winds of more than 280 kph which are extremely dangerous and can cause widespread destruction. Information on how to prepare for cyclones is available in brochure form from the Council. Our next intake for new members is fast approaching. Induction will be conducted on Saturday 12 February. For information please call for Cooroy, Carol Watkins, 0427 349218; Pomona, Steve Muir, 0428 571213; Tewantin, Murray Caddie, 0410 512535; and for Boreen Point, Ron Williams, 0488 795102.

Cooroy Genealogical & Historical Society “Identity Fraud and Scams”, a seminar by Detective Senior Constable Rod Shelton will be hosted by Cooroy-Noosa Family and Local History Group on Saturday, 19th March from 9.30am to 11am. The talk will be based on internet fraud and how to prevent becoming a victim. All welcome. Venue is U3A House, 64 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin. Cost $10.00. Bookings essential phone 5442 5570.

Fine Coffee & Fabulous Food Bacon, Eggs & Toast $9* *Valid at Jamaica Blue Cooroy until 1st March 2011 on mention of this advert

Sit back and relax and indulge in a fine coffee experience. Choose from a delectable range of light meals, sandwiches and treats. Make use of the licensed bar in our cafe. Seniors card are welcome.

Jamaica Blue 2A Emerald Street, Cooroy 5472 0065

All couples r eceive a R ose Rose while dining with us on Valentines Day xx Fine French Food

Handmade Chocolate e for the lov s that deser v e the best


Chocolate Open Mon-Sat from 8am 9/13 Garnet St, Cooroy - 5472 0077 Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 15


dining & entertainment Keep our local heroes afloat

JOANIE Boyce is following on from her successful birthday fundraiser which raised $550 to host a Variety Bash on Saturday March 5th 12.30 until 4pm at the Cooroy RSL Club. The afternoon will be filled with singers, dancers, instrumentals, poets and a couple of surprises that will be enjoyable for all the family. There will be raffles including a gorgeous quilt. In true Joanie fashion, there will never be a dull moment and you can be assured that your dona-

tion of $10 is amazing value for an afternoon of great entertainment! Children under 12 are free, and 12-18 is just $5. Funds raised will go to the local SES and Red Cross to assist in their efforts to keep our community safe, and lunch is available from just $5 at Anzacs. If there are any further budding stars that would love to perform on the day, please contact Joanie 54476418. To book your table contact the Club on 5447 6131.

Tanya Stewart and Joanie Boyce will be both be out and about selling raffle tickets

Flood fundraiser - win a trip to Sydney COOROY has another fabulous fundraiser for all ages coming up on February 13 3pm to aid the victims of QLD’S floods. An Aussie Day BBQ & Flood Fundraiser will be hosted at the Opal street venue run in conjunction with Ritek and the Rotary Club of Cooroy. The adopted town that this day will be helping is Theodore to assist them in their long term recovery from the flood disaster. As this area has been in drought for the past 10 years, it has been devastated by the effects of these floods which has wiped out crops and put even more financial pressure on a lot of the farmers in this area. Funds raised on the day will be sent direct to the Rotary Club of Theodore who are then better able to direct funds to those individuals and community groups most in need. This afternoon is suitable for the whole family, and there is a band of merry helpers on hand for those that


Get you team or just yourself nominated for either High Rollers Tues Nights or Business Bowls Wed Nights. Commences Feb 1st.

$2 cappuccinos Monday-Friday 10-12 & 3-5


have never played bowls to show you how. Aussie Trivia will be held indoors for those that prefer to rattle the brain instead of the jack. Raffles of donated goods and other treasures to go with Riteks “the best sausage sizzle ever!” will finish the event off at around 5pm. The team from Ritek will be manning the sizzle, which has as a prize an amazing trip to Sydney for 2 people to see Lionel Ritchie in concert including accommodation and hire car! Many thanks to Ritek for getting this incredible prize and promising to cook ‘til they drop! Cost is for the afternoon is just a $10 per person donation which goes to the Theodore Flood Fund. Bookings are essential and can be done by calling the club on either 54476131 or the bowls on 54476051. Should you have anything you would like to be raffled on the day you can drop these in to the RSL in Maple Street or contact Sandy Bolton on 54476131.

NIGHT BOWLS Have fun and get fit!

Mon-Fri 12-2



DINNER MEAL DEAL pool comp nomination 6.30pm


Sat 12th February for Noosa Cadets Sat 26th February for Noosa Basketball

Flood Fundraiser Aussie Day BBQ & Bowls Sunday 13th Feb WIN a trip to Sydney to see Lionel Ritchie in Concert! $10pp Bookings essential Proudly sponsored by RITEK Page 16 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

$12.50 peta’s wine $10 a bottle

Eclipse @ Cooroy!

DINERS DRAW Dine any week night to be in the running to WIN a Dinner or Lunch Party for you and your friends!



bingo 9am $1000 Jackpot chook run & members draw 6.00pm

monster raffles

after dark in FEBRUARY • 11th - Raspberry Fields • 18th - Brian Spiers • 25th - Tanya Stevens

ARE you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Come sit in the moon light and watch the Twilight saga continue as Victoria hunts Bella, new vampires are unleashed on Seattle and Edward and Jacob fight dirty for Bella’s heart. Eclipse starring Robert Patterson and Taylor Lautner will be screened on Cooroy Library’s rooftop The Sunshine Coast Youth Partnership are teaming up again with Cooroy Library to hold a movie screening of Eclipse to give young people some more low cost, safe, and fun options after dark in Cooroy. Eclipse will be kicking off at 7:00pm on Friday February 25th and will begin with a brief screening of Hello Sunday Morning videos to incorporate healthy messages and to promote a great initiative developed on the Sunshine Coast. http:// Admission on the night is a gold coin donation and soft drinks and snacks will be available. Bring something comfortable to sit on, bean bag, deck chair or even your couch, tell your friends and family and come and enjoy Eclipse under the stars! This is strictly an Alcohol and Drug free event.

6.00pm everyone welcome



carvery lunch goose club & dinner from $9.90 12.00pm under 12’s eat free FREE poker from 7.00pm members draw & raffles

Art, Love & Chocolates Friday Feb 11 @ Bowls Tickets $5 Proceeds to Eden Rehabilitation Centre

Scroungers - Fridays 5pm @ Bowls - All Welcome

COOROY RSL & BOWLS RSL Maple Street 54476131 Bowls Opal Street 54476051 WEB Email –

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dining & entertainment Impress your loved one this Valentine’s Day


told to make a birthday cake saying “Happy 21st Brooke” on the top. Back then Eric had limited use of the English language and he wrote the words in French. The owner of the restaurant was at first furious, but when one of “Brookes” presents turned out to be a trip to Paris and she loved that the cake was in theme

with that, he was overjoyed. Eric later found out the birthday girl was none other then movie star Brooke Shields. Eric lives by the creed “Au Coeur Des Saveurs” which translates “To the Heart of the Flavours” and this he believes is the secret to his success. He only uses the best ingredients and makes every-

thing from scratch and refuses to compromise on quality. So if you want to impress or be impressed this Valentine’s Day, head to Maison de Provence for a touch of France and be charmed by this fabulous gem in our town. Also Eric’s wife Francoise will give a rose to every couple who dines with them.

Love is in the air Eric Pernoud putting the final touches on his hand-made chcolate delicacies IF you needed an excuse gearing up for his first to try Maison de Pro- Valentine’s in Cooroy. Eric has been working vence’s handmade chocolates then Valen- in pastry kitchens since tine’s Day is the perfect he was a child, starting excuse. A huge range of in his father’s Patisserie mouth watering in France. He has worked delectables await you in all over the world and is the French eatery in full of fabulous stories of catering for the rich Wattle Street. Eric Pernoud, French and famous. One example is that pasty chef extraordinaire, is toiling while working in Le away in his temperature Cirque restaurant in New controlled chocolaterie York in the 80’s, he was

2011 is a big year for the Tinbeerwah Art Group with a series of exciting, quirky and community minded exhibitions at the Cooroy RSL Bowls Club. TAG is one of the longest running art groups on the Coast, founded 18 years ago by retired Art Teacher Gwen Blair, and is well known for its diversity of artistic talent. Members are encouraged to develop their own individual ideas and techniques in contemporary and traditional styles in oils, watercolours, acrylics, pastels and mixed media. The first exhibition for the year is on Friday Feb 11 and is aptly titled “Love is in the Air” in time for that day of all romantic days, Valentines. To accompany an array of heartfelt works, there is a delightful sampling of chocolates and chocolate making by Eric Pernoud from Maison de Pro-

vence. Tickets are just a donation of $5 (or more if you like!) with proceeds from the evening going to Eden Rehabilitation Centre. Bookings are essential by phoning 54476131. If you cannot get along that evening, you can always drop in to the Bowls venue and check out the current display in Opal St, Cooroy. 10% of all art sales go to non profit organisations in the Cooroy region. For budding artists, classes are held at Tinbeerwah Hall (corner Cooroy and Sunrise Roads) on Thursday and Friday mornings 9am-12noon. In 2011 we will have a variety of guest tutors and a number of bus trips are planned to Brisbane, regional and local galleries. New members welcome. For more information please contact Jan Cooke (07)5473 0235 , or Avril Hare (07)5448 1448.

FRESH SEAFOOD & Tasty Takeaway Menu •TUESDAY - SATURDAY 9.30AM-7.15PM SUNDAY 10.30AM-7.00PM

Friday & Saturday Nights Try Our Thai Seafood Red Curry

Order for Christmas Now! 5/12 Maple Street Cooroy

PH: 5447 7022

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COOROY RAG Local Girl Nominated for Australia Day Award

is back on

Starts Tuesday 8th February @ 6.00pm at The Sporting Fields, Mary River Road.

Nominate a team or just come along and join a team Interested Call Curtis 0427 637 751

home stay

cuddles all day play time exercise great food great company safe homely fun this is NOT a kennel . . .!!

Please call Faith - 5447 7769

Want a Well Behaved Dog?

CONGRATULATIONS to Heather Manders on being nominated for a Community Award for the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s Australia Day Awards. Even though she missed out on winning, Heather says it was an honour to have her name put forward. Heather was nominated for her long standing commitment to the local community. She has been on the committee of Pomona State School P& C for 5 years where she is currently president; she is secretary of the Pomona Hall; she regularly volunteers at her local soccer club and when her children were smaller she coordinated the local Playgroup. Heather’s attitude to ‘helping out’ can be summed up by recalling that she refused to abandon her post as marshal at the top of Mount Cooroora two years ago during the

King of the Mountain race – a matter of days before she was due to have a major operation. As Coordinator of Services at the Pomona & District Community House, Heather is well-known for her outgoing, welcoming attitude and her local knowledge. She attended the presentations with her husband Stewart and her children and with Debbie Schouten and Kathryn Shewring, colleagues from the Pomona & District Community House. The evening was hosted by ex-Olympian Steven Bradbury who leant a touch of humour to the event. Heather was awarded a framed certificate by Mayor Bob Abbot but says, “With or without nomination, I love my community and I’ll continue to help out wherever needed.”

Happy 50th Birthday and best wishes to Lyndal Brown (Feb 2)

Young Citizen of the Year Award

We make it Easy!

Written Lifetime Guarantee

1800 067 710

TIMO DE VISSER became an Australian Citizen on Australia Day, celebrating the ceremony with friends L-R Dean Tsilfidis, Danielle Nunn, Timo de Visser, Imogen and Amber Macpherson.)

NATHANAEL, a Petty Officer with the Noosa Navy Cadets received the ‘Young Citizen of the Year Award” at this year’s Australia Day ceremonies. Nathanael has devoted time helping other cadets learn to sail and has also volunteered for many charity events including the Red Shield Appeal with the Cooroy Rotary Club and McHappy Day in Nambour. Nathanael likes to encourage other young people to reach out and follow their dreams and enjoys seeing them succeed in becoming model citizens in their local community.

QUEENSLANDS FAMOUS CHARCUTERIE & Smokehouse Open: Wednesday to Friday 10.30am-5.30pm Saturday 7.30am-2.30pm Page 18 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

Authentic Handcrafted Continental Wood-Fired Sausages, Hams & Bacons plus Our Extensive Range of GLUTEN FREE & PRESERVATIVE FREE Fresh Sausages

Lot 1 Nandroya Road, Cooroy “just past the Golf Course” Phone: 5472 0331



Australia Day at the Cooroy Hotel WHAT a great day was had by everyone at the Cooroy Hotel on Australia Day. The crab racing was a feisty affair and everyone got down and dirty for the toad racing. A big crowd of kids and adults had heaps of fun watching the races and a lot of money was raised for the flood relief. The aussie barbecue was a hit and everyone involved with the racing did not walk away empty handed. There were heaps of prizes, drink promotions, and lollies to keep the kids busy. This is becoming a must on the calendar each year for the locals and also visitors to our lovely town. Not to forget the beautiful and very patriotic singing by everyone of the National Anthem before the start of the crab racing. See you all next year!!!

The Cricket Umpire You can have all your batsmen, your fieldsmen, your bowlers, Your pitches, your boundaries, your sight screens, your rollers, There is one element in cricket most important of all, The Umpire – without him you cannot bowl a ball. There I stand in my solitary state, I am the master of every player’s fate, I decide whether he is in or he is out, I know all the laws, and what the game’s all about. I stand at the wicket for the whole of the match, Watching intently for the no ball or the catch, Judging leg before, and listening for snicks, Ignoring suggestions of seeing eye dogs and white sticks. When a batsman’s given out, and won’t leave the wicket, Loudly declaring “Umpy, I didn’t snick it,” I just raise my fickle forefinger of fate, Saying “Look at the scoreboard son, on your way out through the gate”. When the keeper screams “Howzat” and leaps to the sky, I decide it’s not out and then tell him why, “It was pretty close, son, I have to admit it, But I can’t give him out, because he didn’t hit it!” I decide when it’s too wet for play, And whether the light is clear and okay, I keep an eye for tampering with the ball, On overdone sledging, and dissent with my call. The commentators in the stand, usually players of old, Who critically analyse every ball that is bowled, Some think that umpiring’s easy, just a piece of cake, And give me a blast if I make a rare mistake. Those commentators too, in their box up on high, Have their TV, their snickometer, their replay, their hawkeye, With that help, their decisions sound experienced and wise, But I only need seconds, and a good pair of eyes! But I do love my job, and I do love the game, Even though these days, it’s not quite the same, I can ignore all the criticism, and not get distressed, I will be honest, and fair, and always give of my best. I am the umpire. Jim Dunstan

Cooroy-Pomona RSL Sub-Branch L-R: Col Cox, Cadet Parker, Subbranch reps Ken Morgan and Dick Meager



•Trestles • Planks • Trailer Hire • Gardening & Lawn Appliances and many more items available



OUR Sub-Branch was recented invited to present the sub-branch sponsored shield to the “most improved recruit” at the annual 120 ACO March Out Parade in Yandina. The cadets do a fine job and are always ready to assist at our Memorial Service Days, particularly on ANZAC Day. Unlike past years the weather was great for the parade with a record number of 46 cadets on parade. The Reviewing Officer was Col. Brian Cox from HQ 1 Div Enoggera. The Cadets as usual put on a fine show which reflected on all their training staff.

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURAL • Brass Fittings • Brake Pipes • Bearings • Seals • Oils • Belts • Workshop Supplies • Mower Belts

Distributors for

Professional Personalised Local Service Shop 2 / 1 Jarrah Street COOROY

Phone Terry & Tezza ‘The Indispensables’ 5442 6890 Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 19

Classifieds Church Notices

Cooroy Community Baptist Church

God’s LLove ove is Amazing! Memorial Hall Maple Street Cooroy Worship Service 10am Sundays

Ever ybody Welcome Everybody Pastor: Bill VanZutphen Enquiries: 5485 0265 - 5447 9355

In Memory

For Sale

Clive Robinson

York Treadmill As New Cost Over $1000 SELL $500 NDHS Spray Jacket New, never worn $50

(June 8, 1914 - February 2, 2010)

Phone Anne 0400 621 492 Some people make a difference Just by being who they are. Their inner light shines bright And touches lives both near & far. And even when they’re gone, They still forever play a part In the smiles, the priceless moments That are treasured in the heart

With us every day in our hearts Dad Del, Graham, Clare & Families

To Rent

Uniting Church in Australia Cooroy/Pomona

HOUSE FOR RENT Private Elevated Position _Ridgewood. Extensive views of Mary River Valley _3 bed, 2 bath (inc ensuite), breezeway deck _Elevated seat in the Crows Ash Tree canopy _On school bus route _Lawn maintenance included _$400/wk View online

8.00am - Cooroy - 51 Maple St 9.30am - Pomona - 27 Factory St

For more information or to arrange an inspection, call Peter 0408 066 880

Whats On

The Church of United Spiritualism of Australia Australia’s only proclaimed spiritual denomination Services every Wednesday evening 7pm QCWA Hall, Maple St Cooroy Modern music, meditation / healing, guest speakers, clairvoyance Tea / coffee afterwards

All Welcome Rev Kathy McVann 0414 972632

Eden Private Hospital 5472 6416.

To Rent 2 HALLS for Rent Cooroy Uniting Church - Ph: 5447 6071. Pomona Uniting Church Ph: 5447 7278. Very reasonable rates.

What’s On Cooroy Business Womens Breakfast

CWA cent sale

Held 2nd Wednesday every month @ Maison de Provence, Wattle St Complex Bookings Essential Phone Maragret

5447 6145

Saturday 19th February - 1.30pm

Great Prizes to be WON All Welcome Free Admisssion Afternoon Tea will be served Tickets phone Wendy 5447 6140 For Sale 1990 E Mercedes

• Good condition • 18” chrome wheels • Tinted electric windows • Twin dumpers • Great sound system • Road worthy cert.

BARGAIN @ $7,400 PH: 0421 448 199

Church Notices

St John Lutheran Church Lambert-Hyne Drive, Imbil 1st & 3rd Sunday HC, 10.30am 4th Sunday, 9am Enquiries Pastor Frank Rasenberger 5482 1435 Page 20 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

Wanted reliable person for home duties in Cooroy, with references. Please call 0427 477 535

Coffee Shop




Anglican Parish of Cooroora Sunday Services Pomona - Rectory St - Sunday 7.30am Cooroy - Tewantin Road - Sunday 9.30am Kin Kin - Main St - 5.30pm (except 4th Sunday) Boreen Point - Roberts House - 4th Sunday 5.30pm For more info call the Revd Julie Woolner on 5485 1218


COOROY RAG Community Newspaper

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Next edition: March 2, 2011 Deadline February 17

POMONA BOWLS CLUB Come along to Pomona

pomona Growing their education


enjoy a game of bowls & make some new friends



Friday Nights 7.00pm

7.30pm Membership Draw - You must be present to WIN

Register from 1pm Great Cash Prizes

Courtesy Bus Friday 5pm till close

Crack-a-Jack Restaurant ALL MEALS UNDER $20 Children under 12 - $6 includes mains & Ice cream with topping

FEBRUARY BOWLS 10th 12.30pm Skirts & Shorts Pairs 11th 4.00pm

Twilight Mixed Bowls

12th 1.00pm

S/challenge Pomona -v- Ferny Grove

13th 9.00am

Championship Mixed Triples

15th 10.00am Mens Mufti Jackpot Pairs 16th 9.30 am

Ladies Day - all welcome

18th 4.00pm

Twilight Mixed Bowls

19th 1.00pm

S/Challenge at Scarborough

20th 9.00am

Championship Mixed triples

FRIDAY LIVE MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT STUDENTS at Pomona State Primary School proudly show their new gardening equipment received from the McCain School Veggie Patches Program. Garden Club coordinator, Shaylene, is excited to receive the new resources and looks forward to gardening with the students this year!

11th Feb Lex K 25th Feb Muso’s Night

Many thanks to all the school families and members of the community who kept the barcodes from the McCain frozen veggie packets and donated them to the school, its wonderful to have such great support! Thank you and we look forward to taking part in the program in 2011.


Pomona Specials from 9th-13th February

Fresh Flowers from




Nestle Drumsticks

per bunch



ay D s e n i t n e l a V Beef T-Bone Steak



Gift baskets from $10 or make your own using one of our great baskets in store priced from $2.49

24 Pack

Yellow flesh Peaches



Middle Bacon Rashes

Cadbury Milk Tray 420g

Cadbury Favourites 300g





IGA Assorted Mudcake 600g



3 Reserve Street, Pomona 5485 1297



Cadbury Roses Silver 450g $


OPEN 7am-7.30pm 7 DAYS Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 21


fruit & vegie

pomona Pomona Hire - new owner, new service



S u p p o r t in g Local G ro w e rrss

OPEN Mon-Fri 7am-5.30pm Sat 7am-12.30pm 4 memorial ave pomona ph: 5485 1922

Pomona School & Community


Aqua Fitness EVERY WEDNESDAY 5.15pm

Enquiries Phone Linda 0414 476 938

ment to choose from including a new range of Honda brush cutters and Stihl chainsaws and hedgers. All existing hire equipment is currently undergoing a thorough service regime which will be ongoing to ensure the hire equipment is maintained to a high standard. Delivery and pickup of all hire equipment is now available and as an added bonus most equipment hired for the day on Saturday includes Sunday for free! Pick up the item on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning and return it Monday morning all for the one day hire price! You’ll find Tim and Pomona Hire at 11 Factory Street, Pomona from 7:00 to 4:30 weekdays and 7:00 to 12:00 every Saturday or phone 5485 2222.

Pomona & District Horse and Pony Club Inc

Term 1 Lessons & Squads Spaces still available

General & Lap Swimming EVERY DAY

A FEW weeks ago Tim walked into Pomona Builders and Handyman Hire and saw an opportunity to improve and expand the business. Following discussions with the previous owner, who established the business and was keen to sell due to health reasons, the business was sold and the transformation began. Tim, a fully qualified Diesel Mechanic has over 10 years experience working in the Hire Industry and believes in strong customer satisfaction. “I want everyone that hires equipment from me to get value for money and have an enjoyable hire experience.” Along with a new attitude to hiring equipment, a clean up and fresh coat of paint Pomona Hire now has an ever increasing range of hire equip-

We Love School

SIGN on will be Sunday February 6 from 10am to 1pm at the Clubhouse, Pomona Showgrounds, Exhibition Street, Pomona. All ages, all levels, great local instructors, lots of fun. Our aim is to encourage people to ride and to learn to enjoy all kinds of sport connected with horses and riding also to provide instruction in riding and horsemanship and to instil in members the proper love and care of their animals. For more information contact Beau 0400 127 571 or email

Supported by SCRS

Prep students with David Gibson MP and Warren Truss THIS was the chant ringing across the Pomona State School’s junior playground at the end of the first week of the 2011 school year. Pomona State School is very pleased to welcome our 40 brand new preppies into our school community. The Prep teachers, Ms Leslie Saunders and Mrs Jacque Wright are enjoying getting to know the students, who have come to school full of enthusiasm and ready to take on the world.

The first day was a little unsettling, but after the initial few moments, both classes were abuzz with the sound of chatter as new friendships were being created and the children were commencing their foray into primary education. The Honourable Mr Warrant Truss and Mr David Gibson, could not resist the opportunity to have their photo taken with the prep students after attending the school parade on Friday.








PHONE: 5485 1106

Page 22 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011


Hanging Baskets

New Stock Bromelaids $8-$12

Liberty Pomona LOCAL SERVICE



Native Trees & Shrubs from $5

Indoor Plants Shade Lovers


• Wall Hangings • Pots • Garden Ornaments

• Convenient Location • Competitive Prices Hours: Tues - Friday 9.00-4.30 Saturday 8.30-4.00 Sunday 9.00-1.00 (Closed Monday)

13 Reserve St, Pomona 5485 0011

pomona The new Federal State School is now up and running!




OPENING this year with 98 students, the architecturally designed Federal State School is ready to make its mark in the local area. Many new students have started and all families have been most impressed by the modern, well laid out features of the school. New teacher to Federal, Tim McDermott, has been just as excited as the students to start at the new site that everyone has been watching develop over the past 6 months. Construction company, Evans Harch, are still working on the oval and surrounds which will be operational in the next couple of weeks. Principal, Natalie Pilkington, said that she really appreciated the commitment of staff and parents who had worked over the holidays to relocate resources to the new school site and thanked everyone sincerely. If you are interested in enrolling at Federal, their new phone number is 5480 8600.

Discover the Matrix at Railway Station Gallery TWO local artists, Beatrice Prost and Lane Sladovich would like to invite you to enter into “MATRIX”. Beatrice and Lane have arranged their ceramic artworks in layers of connected elements. Be appeased by Beatrice’s glazed wall works inspired by her mind soothing horizontal representation of nature. Be amazed by Lane’s whimsical and magical stacking of decorated totems and towers, some of them mounted with astonishing colourful lights. The opening is on Saturday 19th February at the Pomona Railway Station Art Gallery. The exhibition continues until 24th March. Open hours: Mon 9:30 – 3:30m, Tues to Fri 10-4pm, Sat 10-2pm. Tel 5485 4313. Left: Lane Light Right: Tibrogargan

Cooroora Screens & Blinds Established 1996 EE FR TES O QU

SMASH REPAIRS • Repairers for ALL Insurance Co.’s • Respray & Rust Repairs • Welding Jobs


✓ Contractors & Handyman Supplies ✓ Building Materials ✓ Gardening Needs ✓ Rural Supplies ✓ LP Gas Supplies ✓ Key Cutting ✓ Paint & Plumbing Supplies

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Trading Hours 7.00am - 5.00pm 7.30am - 2.30pm

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel • Security Screens & Doors

BUY DIRECT Come in & see our Display Showroom at our local factory

23 Factory St, Pomona - 5485 1287


PH: 07-5485 1044

5485 1351

10 Reserve St Pomona Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 23

Noosa Hinterland Denture Services New dentures Repairs Relines Personalised Natural look All Health Funds & Veteran Affairs Phone Tony for appointment

Shop 7 Railway Square Diamond Street, Cooroy






0438 861 107

7 BOWT E C H u The Bowen Techniq

7 Garnet St, Cooroy


Maria Zauner Teash Douglas Rose Govender


5442 6833 CALL NOW



Water: How 8 glassed a day keeps the fat away WATER suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolise stored fat. Here is why. The kidneys cannot function properly without enough pure water. When they don’t work to capacity filtering our blood some of their load is dumped onto the liver. One of the liver’s primary functions is to metabolise stored fat into usable energy for the body to use. But if the liver has to do some of the kidney’s work it cannot operate at its optimal level. As a result it metabolises less fat and hence more fat remains in the body to become weight gain. Drinking enough water is the best treatment for proper body functions to occur. When the body doesn’t get enough water it perceives this as a threat to survival and begins to hold onto every drop. Water is stored in extracellular spaces (outside the cells). This shows up as swollen feet, legs and hands. Diuretics offer a temporary solution at best. They force out stored water and some essential nutrients. Again, the body perceives a threat and will replace the water at the first available opportunity, thus the condition quickly returns. The best way to solve the problem is to give the body what it needs – more pure water daily. Only then can the stored water be released. If you have a constant problem with water retention you may be consuming too much poor quality salt. The body requires a certain amount of sodium and if we consume too much then the body will retain water to dilute it. Remember to consult your health care practitioner if this is ongoing as health of kidneys may be affected. The overweight person needs more water than the thin person. Larger people have larger metabolic loads, hence they need more water for their body to function efficiently. Kidneys filter our blood and deter-

mine the amount of water that is in it for best functioning. If the body’s blood is holding less water than is required it places strain on the heart and vascular system and can lead to high blood pressure. For every kilo overweight a person is means 300 kilometers of extra blood capillaries to be pumped – definitely more strain. Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract. Water also helps to prevent the sagging skin that usually follows weight loss – shrinking cells are buoyed by water which plumps the skin and leaves it clear, healthy and resilient. Water can help relieve constipation. When the body gets too little water it siphons what it needs from other internal sources and the large bowel ( or colon ) is one primary source, thus leading to constipation. More daily water, better daily poos, better health and weight loss. How much water is enough? On average about 2 litres daily or more depending on body constitution, age, strenuous work and exercise. In the sub-tropics this can double so know your own body and cater for the activity at hand. Water ideally needs to be drunk at room temperature for best absorption – not cold, not hot. If a person is heavier than they need to be, an extra glass of water is required for every 10.5 kilos of extra weight carried. Remember ‘water is water’ and the body recognises it as that and uses it accordingly. Tea, coffee, soft drinks etc are recognised as foods, not water and are absorbed entirely differently. Our body’s are about 70% water and so is Mother Earth – it is essential for life and vital health – drink up. This article was compiled by Phillip McManus (acupuncturist) Phone 5472 00999 to encourage our Cooroy community to be in great health.

World Day of Prayer 2011 THE Cooroy Catholic Community will be hosting the World Day of Prayer service on Friday, 4th March at 10am. It will be followed by morning tea at the Uniting Church hall 4 doors from the Catholic Church on Maple St Cooroy. Parking is available in the Church Grounds. Join this worldwide movement of prayer on Friday 4th March. Everyone is encouraged to come and pray in solidarity with Chile on this special day. Come prepared also for an offering. Money collected will be for Bible Society projects in Australia and in Chile. Money collected will be for Bible Society projects in Australia and in Chile.

Eye allergies on increase LOCAL optometrists Jenny Currie and Heather McLeod from optometry@cooroy have noticed a sharp increase recently in the number of their patients complaining of itchy and watery eyes. Heather says that “40% of the Australian population suffers from allergies and many of those are also prone to developing eye allergies. We have however been seeing more than our usual share of patients suffering allergic conjunctivitis. Symptoms to watch for include: itchiness, redness and watery eyes.� “We are sure that the most likely cause for this increase in allergy sufferers will be the mould that we have all noticed in our houses this wet season� adds Jenny. “Your eyes are an easy target for allergic reactions. When you open your eyes they are directly exposed to the environment as there is no filtering system in place, like the hairs that are commonly found in the nose�. Heather says that “To manage allergic conjunctivitis, it is important to determine the source of the allergen to enable you to avoid it, and to therefore reduce the frequency and severity of the symptoms. Keeping your house free of mould and as dry as possible can help prevent problems and antihistamine eye drops may assist in relieving the acute symptoms.� So, if you experience a new or unusual allergic reaction, it’s important to have your eyes checked as soon as any signs of an allergy present themselves. optometry@cooroy is at 62 Maple Street, Cooroy. For more information phone 5442 5555.

Unconscious Connections THE world is becoming an increasingly stressful place to live. Many of us are facing meltdown. The cost of living, the growing pressure of other financial commitments, increasingly complex levels of technology, decreasing employment opportunity and the simple frustration of not being able to speak to a human being on the phone to sort out our problems is driving many of us to the edge. Depression, habit disorders and unemployment is creating internalized and externalised anger which is tearing many families apart. But‌ there is light at the end of the tunnel! Back in the sixties two gentleman by the name of Richard Bandler and John Grinder co-developed a collection of concepts and techniques intended to understand and change human behavior-patterns called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP explores the relationship between what you think and feel‌ (that’s the neuro part), how you communicate or verbalise the things you think and feel (that’s the linguistic part) and the patterns of behaviour and emotions created by what you think, feel and consequently verbalise. These patterns are called your programs. By adjusting some programs and substituting new ones you begin to take control of your future. Make an obligation free meeting with Peter Thompson of Unconscious Connections. By “working together to find solutionsâ€? you will get back onto the path of happiness.

Cooroy Doctors Surgery, 8 Emerald St, Cooroy


Gentle Car Caree


LIZ TURNBULL, Oral Hygienist Bach of Oral Hygiene, Gillies Plains SA 1988

• Medicare Teen Dental • Accepting EPC Medicare Dental Plans • Appointments Available

5442 6722 9 Garnet St.

Page 24 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

health BOWEN THERAPY Pain Relief, Relaxation, Sport Injuries This Valentine’s Day - get comfy between the sheets! BEAUTY THERAPY COOROY RAG

HAVING a good night’s sleep is essential to health and wellness. One of the most common complaints we see in a physio clinic is people who wake feeling stiff and sore or fail to get a good night’s sleep due to pain. There are a number of factors which contribute to a good nights sleep – the mattress, the pillow and the sleeping position. Mattresses and pillows are available in so many different types that it is difficult to choose which one to purchase. Ultimately, personal preference and comfort should determine the type of mattress, however a mattress that is too soft, does not provide adequate spinal support. Some studies suggest a medium-firm mattress is ideal for back pain sufferers as it provides support to the spine but is soft enough to allow the shoulders and hips to sink in a little. Check what the mattress is made of eg. Coils, springs, as this is what provides the support. The more coils/springs, the more support. Most mattresses come with a padded layer over the top which provides more comfort than

those without. If your mattress is starting to sag, or no longer provides adequate support, it is time to get a new one. Many types of pillows are available but if you are a side-sleeper, it is important to have a posture-type pillow which has a hollow for the head and a supportive roll for the neck. This stops the neck from “kinking” down towards the mattress. Try not to use 2 pillows, especially large pillows as these force the head into a flexed position and place extra strain on the neck and upper back. We try where possible to let people take a pillow home for a night and place a pillowcase over the plastic to allow a trial before purchase. This ensures that money is not wasted on an uncomfortable pillow. When it comes to sleeping positions, the most common are back sleepers, side sleepers and tummy sleepers (and of course those Valentine’s day romantic spooners!) To support your spine when sleeping on your back, place a pillow under your knees. This takes some strain off the lower back, allowing for

Rest and play is the message to parents

_ WITH the return to school, Queensland Health has issued a reminder to parents of the recommended sleep and physical activity levels for children. Sleep deprivation can lead to fatigue, learning and concentration difficulties. Children who do not get enough sleep may display symptoms including moodiness and temper tantrums. Adults tend to slow down when they are tired. Children on the other hand, tend to speed up with increased irritability, over ac-

tivity and hyperactive behaviour. How much sleep is enough? · Primary school children – 10 hours · Teenagers – nine to10 hours · Adults – eight hours Just as important for children is being physically active everyday. Regular sleep and physical activity established at a young age leads to extensive health benefits in the future and establishes positive behaviour patterns for adolescence and adulthood.”

a more comfortable sleep. People who sleep on their side should bend their hips slightly and place a pillow between the legs. This allows the spine to maintain a more neutral alignment and reduces the strain on hips and pelvises. Stomach sleeping is quite hard on the neck especially and should only be used if no other positions are comfortable. If you need to sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your hips and only use a pillow for your head if needed. If you are suffering with back/neck pain or would like advice on a pillow, please contact Rebecca or Craig at Hinteractive Physio on 5442 5556.

Facials, Pedicures, Waxing

SPA BODY TREATMENTS Massage, Exfoliation, Hotstone Lakeridge Health & Beauty

Lisa & Mel 5442 6239 33 Miva St, Cooroy

Gift Vouchers Available

DO YOU WANT • Physiotherapists who deliver results • More ‘hands on’ treatment • Caring and professional therapists • A place where your optimum outcome is our main concern

Experience the Hinteractive Difference Physio 5442 5556

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Acting and personal development classes at Cooroy Library

Jo with Indra from Hinako Island where the kids klubs are found

JOHANNA Wallace brings her wealth of acting and personal experience to Cooroy as she launches her acting and personal development classes at the Cooroy Library in February. Johanna moved to the coast in 1991 and joined the Noosa Arts Youth Theatre, where she cemented her love of acting. Johanna continues to be an active member of the theatre conducting acting classes there for the last two years. In 2001 she studied acting at SCA in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs, before developing her teaching craft in Hong Kong. “There is nothing like seeing a shy, inhibited child develop in confidence through drama games and role play, relationship is key, especially to see many shy Chinese kids grow in creativity, was a life changing experience!” After working two years in Hong Kong teaching for Dramatic English, Johanna moved to Nias Island Indonesia to do what she could with her skills to helps kids affected by the tsunami. Caught is a subsequent 8.7 quake in the following months, Johanna lived on a boat and in villages in the remote Hinako islands, using drama to assist kids in their education and give them a break from the disaster zone they were traumatised by. The kids clubs she helped establish are still running. In 2006 Johanna returned to the Coast and now lives in Cooroibah. She has turned her range of creative skills to the local youth arts scene: during 2010 alone Johanna directed and cast both ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Cuddle Kingdom’ at Noosa Arts Theatre, with many of her

Phillip McManus Acupuncture Remedial Massage • Low Back Pain • Headaches • Period Pains • Musculoskeletal Injuries • Insomnia • Digestion Problems • Post Surgery Recovery • Lack of Energy & Spark

We keep it natural – you take control 1 Crab Apple Court, COOROY QLD 4563

Ph: 5472 0099 • Mob: 0428 547 499 Page 26 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

students taking leading roles. Johanna also directed “Grace” for the Noosaville Outreach Centre and performed in the Noosa One Act Play Festival. Now her attention is moving to the Hinterland with classes held at the new library. Johanna explains, “ Its just such a great space and such a perfect place for kids to come and ‘play.’ I had a few classes at the library late last year, and its lovely to meet a whole new group of students, to discover their personalities to aid in their skill development, their personal development, and to be honest, what I do is fun, highly effective but very enjoyable.” Classes cater for students between 7-12 years (the kids class) and 12-18 for the teens,

and are held at Noosa Arts Theatre on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and at Cooroy Library on Wednesdays from 4pm. Johanna also runs classes for adults Monday evening and Thursday morning. Another initiative, brought on by demand from parents of her students is a mum’s only class to be held at Ivory Palms Resort, Hilton Terrace Noosaville, Thursday mornings between 9.30 and 11am. A mother of two years herself, Johanna is well aware of the stresses and delights of motherhood. This class allows mums to escape the routine, to express themselves and no doubt have a laugh in the process. For bookings and information please contact Johanna 0407873232.

A fresh approach to better health THE vast majority of people consider back pain as something to treat when it happens, usually through prescription and over the counter drugs. However, while drugs may relieve pain temporarily, they are a quick fix solution which ignore the “bigger picture”, including underlying structural problems and lifestyle habits. Back pain can be a sign of something greater, and should not be viewed as an inevitable part of life that should be “put up” with. Back pain can be an indicator of how an individual’s poor lifestyle choices are affecting their health. While back pain can affect us in all stages of life, thankfully there is plenty that can be done to get to the cause of the problem, learn ways to prevent it, and maintain the health of the spine and the body as a whole on an ongoing basis. Discover chripractic: Chiropractic is a safe, proven and effective drug free choice in spinal healthcare. Not only can chiropractic assist with pain relief, it corrects dysfunction in the muscu-

loskeletal system and nerve system, enabling individuals to unlock their full potential to be healthy, poor spinal health can lead to so many other complications (physically, mentally and socially), so a focus on maintaining spinal health is important. Unfortunately, most of us do not think to care for our spines until there is a problem, such as a “thrown out” back or a “cricked” neck. However, just like our teeth, the spine requires regular attention. The concept of spinal hygiene exists just like dental hygiene. The spine can be thought of as the canal to everything in our bodies – the moving bones of the spine protect the vulnerable communication, pathways of the spinal cord and nerve roots, if the nervous system is impaired through dysfunction in the spine, it can cause malfunction of the systems and organs throughout the body. For further information please contact Dr. Adam Roache (chiropractor) at Life Enhancing Chiroparctic on 5472 0808 or come in and see us at 7 Garnet St Cooroy.

Wet weather prolongs allergy season PEOPLE with asthma and allergies are being warned that recent wet weather may trigger unseasonable hay fever like symptoms. Pollen and mould are both common triggers of allergy that can lead to hay fever symptoms including itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing and breathing problems. For these people, relief often comes in the form of a nasal inhaler spray to alleviate allergy symptoms – but, the National Asthma Council Australia believes many people are not receiving maximum relief from their inhaler due to poor user technique. To help combat the problem, the Council has produced a series of short ‘how to’; nasal inhaler videos, which demonstrate the correct technique for the three most common spray inhalers on the market: Nasonex,

Rhinocort and Avamys. Many sufferers are not receiving the full benefits of the medicines with many people receiving incorrect dosages or even nosebleeds as the result of poor usage. Because many of the treatments for these symptoms are nasal sprays, and sold over the counter, it’s important for people to ask their pharmacist to demonstrate their use if they have not been shown previously. Watching the videos online is also a first good step towards correct dosage and use of nasal sprays. The National Asthma Council Australia advises anyone suffering from prolonged allergy symptoms this year or uncontrolled asthma to seek professional help and advice from their GP or pharmacist.

COOROY RAG Falls Prevention needs Multidisciplinary Approach HOSPITALISATIONS and severe injuries resulting from falls account for a great portion of social, personal and economic costs in our community. In 2007, falls were the most common cause of fatal injuries in Queensland. Persons of older age (65+) are at greater risk of having and sustaining an injury from a fall, accounting for 95% of all falls. So are falls preventable within our ageing population? The short answer is yes. However there is not one simple solution for everyone. Numerous risk factors interact to contribute to a person’s risk of falling – including: Physical – balance, gait, strength, conditioning, vision, sleep; Pharmacological – medication interactions; Psychological – fear of falling, depression / anxiety; Environmental – footwear, home and community hazards, equipment. The more risk factors a person has, the greater their likelihood of falling. Given the fact that falls are multi-factorial, falls prevention programs must be multidisciplinary in their approach. Eden Rehabilitation Centre offers a Reconditioning Program for people who suffer from falls or who are at risk of falling and involves input from: Physiotherapist – balance, mobility, walking aids; occupational Therapist – self care, household tasks, community access, equipment, home modifications; Exercise Physiologist – strength, balance, conditioning; Nursing – continence; Pharmacist – medication management; Optometrist - visual impairment, safety, management strategies; Dietitian – hydration and nutrition. Education sessions are also held on relevant topics such as footwear, sleep and overcoming fear of falling. The six week program comprises two four-hour sessions each week and is overseen by Eden’s Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine. Patients who may benefit include those with diagnoses that impact on balance, mobility, exercise endurance and / or safe access to home or community.

health Times are a-changing! ZOE Dodds from Equinimity would like to personally thank the local community and her loyal clients who have used the services of Equinimity over the 6 years that she has been on the Sunshine Coast. “I have enjoyed immensely this special time with you all and it has been a complete delight seeing all the physical and emotional transformations that have occurred during this time!” With only a few weeks to go before Zoe closes her doors on the Cooroy clinic, Zoe reflects on

My next life By Woody Allen IN my next life I want to live backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then, Voila! You finish off as an orgasm! I rest my case.



the wonderful people and connections she has made in clinic. “Noosa Hinterland has a diverse range of amazing people who care deeply for their health and wellbeing. Working with them has been a real priviledge.” Now in her 8th month of pregnancy, Zoe will be taking a break for a while as she nurtures her knew baby girl. “Working one-on-one with people will no longer be possible, but Equinimity will continue with running rejuvenating retreats and get-aways for people wishing to enjoy the creative spirit and revive themselves as the seasons change.” If anyone is interested in speaking with Zoe about retreats and workshops, please contact her on (07) 5442 6971.

Unconscious Connections Mind and Body

Working together to find solutions! Hypnosis, NLP and Time-Line Techniques

Peter Thompson Cnr Pearl & Elm St COOROY Phone: M 0408 790 969, H 5485 1854 for an obligation free appointment

IS YOUR CHILD’S SPINE IN LINE? KIDS SCOLIOSIS CHECK & INITIAL CONSULTATION Did you know scoliosis in kids does not always present with symptoms, however it may be related to other health problems as your child grows into adulthood including: spinal misalignment, headaches & neck concerns, hip problems & pelvic imbalance to name a few. These concerns may lead to degeneration, arthritis and pain. Have your child’s spine professionally checked! Discover how this method of health care will work for your child. Our approach deals with spinal correction, nutritional support and exercise programs. Best of all our method does not include any drugs or medication, it’s natural, low force & very safe.

Call us today for an appointment 7 Garnet St, Cooroy

5472 0808

OPEN: Monday to Friday 7.00am - 6.30pm

NOTICE classes - gym - sauna spa massage - health & aroma




We also have highly qualified professional physiotherapists, pilates instructor and our Sensational Vibragym For appointments ph 5442 5666

78 Lawnville Rd, Black Mountain - PH: 5442 6338

7 Myall Street, Cooroy 6/18 Farrell Street, Yandina Cnr Nambour Connection Rd & Blackall St, Woombye

WARNING: Participation in our programs will be seriously beneficial to your health


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Trades & Services AIR CONDITIONING



5440 5431 0419 555 366

• Free Design & Quote • Split & Ducted System Installs • Breakdown & Service Specialists • 18 Years’ Experience • All Work Guaranteed • All Rubbish Removed

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LAGUNA CARPET CARE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Flea Control Competitive Prices

• 150mm Chain Trencher • 150, 300 & 450mm Augers • New Holland 65hp 4x4 Tractor Hire • Slashing and Ripping

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• 4, 5 & 12 tonne excavator hire • posi track & truck hire • dams & waterways construction • house pads & construction earthworks • driveways & general earthworks • environmental works

10 Maple St Cooroy

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Cooroy Eumundi Electrical Services Richard Oxborough

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J&R Home Renovations NO WORK TOO SMALL Specialising in • Bathroom Renovations • Decks • Pergolas • Extensions • Pensioner Discounts • Free Quotes • All Work Guaranteed

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All aspects of landscaping & gardening with a CREATIVE, ORGANIC approach

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Sean Morrow

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SPECIALISING IN EXTENSIONS & ALTERATIONS PH: 5447 7594 - MOB: 0415 158 648 Page 28 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

CUSTOM BUILT PC’S FOR HOME, OFFICE AND GAMING Maintenance – Virus Removal Printers - Parts - Upgrades – Networks – Installations

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• Light to Medium Slopes • Mows up-to speeds of 15km/hour • Kubota Zero Turn 5ft (60in) Cut • Brush Cutting • Mulching • Acreages, House Yards • Industrial, Commercial • Free Quote

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- PLUS y Cooro

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• Filtration PolyPipe • •Polypipe • Fitting • Fitting • Sales • Sales Service • •Service Repairs • •Repairs

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Manufacturers of Stainless Steel Security Screens & Doors


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OF ANY UNWANTED CARS BRING IT TO US, WE PAY Trade Towing Available Phone Ivan

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For all your

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Tenzing Tree Climbing Services • Felling • Detailing/Trimming • Removals • Crown Reductions• Firewood • Qualified Advice • Full Insurance • Free Quotes • Mulching

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Bonnell Bros. ★ Water Deliveries ★ Sand & Gravel, etc ★ Tip Truck, Grader & Low Loader Hire

Ph: 5447 6229 WATER TREATMENT We Supply Water Filters & Clean Water Tanks • Tank Cleaning, minimal loss of water • Complete range of filters • Iron & Tanin removal • Bore & spear water correction • Water softeners • Home & Commercial

Call Neil Howie 0401 025 072

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real estate At last! Exciting, brand new affordable accommodation for the Over 50s


TRISHA Wythes of Wythes Real Estate has welcomed the opportunity to market an exciting, housing proposition for the over 50s. The government has at long last recognized the fact that there is a need for not only stylish and modern accommodation for the over 50s but also homes that are affordable. Trisha congratulates the government for recognizing that there is a need for affordable yet desirable accommodation for our healthy yet ageing community. Cooroy Country Village offers over 50s a housing alternative that is hard to resist. Over 50s can buy one of these spacious, brand new, modern 3 bedroom plus ensuite homes and still have enough money left over to live life to the full. The government has made this opportunity incredibly desirable by not charging any stamp duty on purchase. There are none of the usual additional costs such as entry fees and you can sell your home to anyone you choose in any manner you desire and you are free to retain 100% of all capital gains. These sparkling, brand new 3 bedroom plus

ensuite homes featuring air-conditioning, stainless cooking appliances and spacious living areas have been priced to sell at only $327,500. The developers of this independent over 50s village have recognized that life is indeed not over at 50. The motto for these unique homes is fun, friends and freedom for over 50s. Small dogs or cats are permitted and there is a bus stop at the front entrance of this fabulous village and a golf club across the road. Bike ride or walk into the beautiful country township of Cooroy. Whether your passion is dancing, arts and crafts, reading in the magnificent new 8 million dollar library or enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee with friends in one of the many exquisite coffee shops or restaurants, a happy, fun filled, full life is assured. Trisha has been involved in the real estate industry for over 20 years and supports wholeheartedly this new, independent housing plan. Trisha commented that life at 50 plus for many is a time when life can be lived to the full. How wonderful that you can have it all – a modern, stylish home and enough money left over to live life to the full. Phone Wythes Real Estate on 5472 0033.

Sustainable, affordable, now selling – 15 sold ABC radio advised the HIA figures that demonstrate Sunshine Coast now has the highest average land price in Australia – higher than Sydney at $280,000. Thanks to the GFC you can now buy elevated, North facing, fully serviced residential land in Eumundi for $200,000 - at least 8 examples exist. A sustainable 3 bedroom home can be built for about $240,000. The residents can walk to town - they do not have to drive with interconnected bus and rail available in the town. To create turnover the developer of this land has reduced the prices by about 15%. Eumundi Town Estate, (adjacent to Eumundi 110) residential blocks are offering elevated North aspects with stunning views to Mt Cooroy, just 500m stroll from world famous Eumundi village. There are a limited number of duplex blocks available (subject to MCU) and all lots are fully serviced with sizes ranging from 700m2 right through to

1204m2 with underground power and phone nearby. This is the best value fully serviced residential land available anywhere in the Noosa hinterland… Build your dream home within walking distance of Eumundi’s famous markets, cafes and galleries. Smart home plans are available for intelligent living, tailored to suit the various lots, your own budget, energy rating and lifestyle choice. Subject to site evaluation, some of these homes can achieve up to a 10 star energy rating. Talk to our team about investor packages available at Eumundi Town as some blocks may qualify for the federal government’s NRAS investor incentive. For more information, inspection and detailed inclusions for these quality Ausmar build homes, please call us today. from $195,000 Kess Prior 0404 344 399 & Murray Brown 0419 491 395 5447 7000

cooroy country village Brand new homes

fabulous over 50s living Stylish 3 bed, 2 bath $0 entry fees $0 stamp duty $0 exit fees $0 rates to pay

friends, fun, freedom Open Sunday 6th Feb 2 - 3pm Ph. 5472 0033 Alisa Wythes 0415 111 370 Trisha Wythes 0414 977 019 Page 30 - Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011

real estate


A breath of fresh air

ENJOY the relaxed country feel of this lovely 2 acre block of gently sloping lawns which is a canvas awaiting the keen gardener. All the hard work has been done, you just need to move on into this lovely 4 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, lowset rendered home, with a 6 x 6 colour bond shed, and a green house, all this placed on a perfect 2 Acres of useable land on the outskirts of Cooroy Township in Noosa Hinterland on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. The home offers an open plan living area that flows out to the large undercover deck,

great for the Aussie Bbq, with views of Cooroy Hinterland. The well located new modern kitchen has a dishwasher and a breakfast bench. The main bedroom has a built-in and a walk-in robe/study which can be changed into an ensuite. The other 3 bedrooms are all a good size, all close to the modern bathroom and laundry. Under the house there are large water tanks, plus a large tank with irrigation for all the plants and life stock, great for a hobby farm. Plenty of mature trees and plants. Also a green house off the large court yard. All this only minutes away from Cooroy Township and amenities, or a 15 minute drive to Noosaville River and restaurants. For your own private viewing please call Warren Berry at E-Noosa Realty on 0407 730 987 or email Price: $538,500.

What a cracker!

WHAT a little Gem ! 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Queenslander with 7x10m colourbond shed placed on a gently sloping, 1 acres of land, includes a dam and backs onto State Forest yet is still just 7mins to Cooroy Township. If you want a weekender or are just starting out, this home is perfect. Hardwood pol-

ished timber floors, fireplace, ‘L’ shaped verandahs overlooking the land, kitchen with timber servery and 2 bedrooms close to the bathroom and laundry. Under the home there is plenty of storage space and car accommodation plus don’t forget about the large shed with room to accommodate a boat, caravan and more. The land is fully fenced and some landscaping has been done. Just a perfect, quiet location to sit back, listen to the beautiful birdlife and enjoy what life has to offer. All of this is only 7mins to Cooroy Schools, shops, clubs and sports grounds or a 20min drive to the Noosa Lifestyle. For your private viewing contact Warren Berry at E-Noosa Realty on 0407 730 987 Price: $419,000.


UNFORTUNATELY family illness has forced the sale of this lovely home well below market value. The presentation of this home is immaculate and well located in a sought after area of the Noosa Hinterland! The established gardens surround a beautiful outdoor entertaining area conveniently located with access to the large well equipped, gourmet kitchen. Loaded with charm, this Federation Style home features 3 large bedrooms plus study, 2 bathrooms, laundry and loads of

well designed living space. Large separate living areas may be isolated from other activities in the home allowing peace and quiet in the midst of family activities. A beautiful well positioned family home awaits you, virtually nothing to do but move in! The 2 bay attached garage with remote is complimented with a single bay shed ideal for the gardener or collector! Add the value with the beautiful post and rail fencing, bitumen driveway and manicured gardens, additional shed and large family oriented lifestyle choice this home offers. Located minutes from the famous Noosa Trail Network allowing access to kilometers of manicured trails across the Hinterland allowing the kids to run free and enjoy nature at its finest. Please call or email us for further information on this property. $547,000 Cooroy Jim Ennis at Hinternoosa Real Estate on 0402 587 298.

A SLICE OF HEAVEN Charming 1925’s Queenslander with 4 bedrooms plus office 2 bathrooms and inground pool. Set high on over 11 acres of land to capture the beautiful views of the Hinterland. Includes a 6x15m livable shed, 6x6m carport, dam and a creek, set on a quiet no-through road only 5 minutes to Cooroy. The home features VJ walls, high ceilings, polished timber floors, modern kitchen, formal & informal living areas that flow out to the large verandah & deck. Fully fenced land is great for livestock or a tree change. ID:2856

$985,000 Warren Berry 0407 730 987

TOP POSITION – TWO TOWN BLOCKS What a property! Large 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom low set home with guest accom, triple car garage with 3 phase power, 20m inground pool with gazebo, set on a huge 2197m2 town block that can be cut into 2 and backs onto state forest. Formal and informal living areas with air-con, new stone kitchen, screened patio, good sized bedrooms and beautifully landscaped gardens with your own water supply. Close to Tewantin, golf course, shopping centre and school. ID:2866

$695,000 Warren Berry 0407 730 987

WHAT A STATEMENT 2 homes in 1, set on 701m2 allotment of land. Main level home features open plan living area that flows to the outdoor undercover entertainment area. Beautifully located kitchen, double lockup garage and up stairs master bedroom with ensuite and robe plus a study. There is also a 2 bedroom, 2way bathroom home with kitchen, open plan living area, outdoor entertainment area and single lock-up garage. Both are fully fenced with landscaped gardens and within walking distance to Cooroy town. ID:2818

$579,000 Warren Berry 0407 730 987

STYLE, TASTE & THE FINISHING TOUCH Well built modern 3 bedroom, plus study, 2 bathroom low set brick home with 6x9m shed all set on a beautiful ¾ acre block of land backing onto parkland and rainforest. The home features large living areas, formal lounge room with air-con, kitchen with dishwasher, master bedroom with ensuite and walk-in robe. Outdoor entertainment area, landscaped gardens, fully fenced with electric gate for privacy. 5 mins to Cooroy ID:2870

$510,000 Warren Berry 0407 730 987

E-Noosa Realty Welcomes… Brad McDonald We welcome Brad to the team here at E-Noosa. Brad is fully Licensed Real Estate Agent with over 10yrs experience in the industry. For a free Appraisal on your property call…

Brad McDonald 0438 194 628

5447 6666 42 Maple Street, Cooroy QLD 4563 Cooroy Rag, February 9, 2011 - Page 31




Youth Theatre

• New Work • Repaints • Texture Finishes • Small or Large Jobs

Specialising in Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, New work & Repairs


Roofs, Roller Doors & Hi Pressure Cleaning! For a Quality Finish Call Mark

PH/FAX: 5447 9657 MOBILE: 0410 507 447

mob: 0403 264 048

Email: QBSA 1058314 - ABN 70105513013



ACREAGE & FARM Management

• 4WD Slashing • Broad Acre Weed Control • Pasture Improvement - Seeding - Aeratoring • Tree Planting • Fertilising

25 Years Experience

BILL FRANCIS 0432 295 154

Curley Carpentry Carpentry Maintenance Handyman Services NO JOB TOO SMALL Phone Will for a FREE Quote

0409 937 878 William Curley

Fully Insured BSA: 1136528

fax: 5442 6093 THE Young Players Performance Theatre classes at The Indee are resuming and there are limited placings for 1012 year olds and 13-18s. Members of the Indee Young Players take part in two major productions each year, the annual January pantomime season and the Classic Children’s Play season in September/October. Some also appear in the Mother’s Day Super Concert in May. Over the past eight years, outstanding pupils, from the Young Players,

have also been cast in adult plays, requiring actors as young family members. The youth theatre is headed up by noted Coast actor and Noosa High drama teacher, Luke Lanham. Classes include impro, movement, dance routines, dialogue coaching and for the younger group, creating a play. Classes are Mondays and Thursdays running concurrently with the school term. Costs are $125 (Primary) and $150 (Secondary). For further information contact Carol on 5472 8200.

Cooroy Golf Club COOROY Golf Club is inviting women to join their 9 hole competition on Tuesday mornings. The Tuesday Club is designed for beginners but we also have more experienced players who are willing to help so if you have never played golf but have been unsure where to begin this is a perfect opportunity to come along and see if this is for you. An Australian handicap is not essential and you can play for 3 weeks

before needing to become a member of the club. Cooroy Golf Club has a zero joining fee and membership is $550 so this is an ideal time to join a very friendly, small club. We would also welcome experienced golfers who would like to play 9 holes in our Tuesday competition and/or 18 holes on Thursdays. Enquiries to Cooroy Golf Club 5447 6258 or Wendy Morse 0415 878 910.

Phone Bill

5472 0186 - 0427 324 976 A.B.N. 16143 000 828

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WEED CONTROL SPECIALISTS • All weeds controlled • Groundsel • Lantana • Giant Rats Tail Grass • Singapore Daisy • Bindi-eye & Clover • Servicing All Areas Council Notices, Sports Fields, Nurserys, Fence-Lines, Gardens, Environmentally Sensative Areas

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New green shopping bag DISABILITY supporter workers at Doonan’s House With No Steps recently unveiled eco-friendly carry bags they have made for the Original Eumundi Markets. Market Manager Peter Homan says Eumundi Markets are proud to have teamed up with House With No Steps to make a difference by acting locally. “As one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Coast and the biggest craft market in Australia, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to creating a sustainable shopping experience. “Our market became plastic bag free last year and our stallholders made the transition to using only compostable packaging materials,” he says. “The creation of locally made carry bags is the next step for us in ensuring the elimination of plastic bags,”

Peter said. “The first run of 500 bags have been made using a biodegradable polyester and will sell for $10 each,” Peter said. As part of Eumundi Markets’ commitment to things clean and green, they have also set up an extensive waste management system throughout the markets with recycling, and compost bins as well as landfill bins – and signage to really encourage our visitors to think before they bin it. The markets are particularly proud of a worm farm (vermiculture system) run in conjunction with Eumundi State School. All compostable waste generated by the market is processed by the worm farm (8 commercial size bins and many thousands of worms). The byproducts (organic fertiliser and castings) are then sold by the school and at the markets.

Theosophical Society

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NOOSA-Tewantin Programme for February 2011, Fridays at 7.00pm CWA Hall 123 Poinciana Ave, Tewantin Fri 11 Feb - The Seven Rays: Marion Neighbour. This talk on the Seven Rays is to give information on what they are, where they come from, what relevance they have in our lives, how we can use them in our lives, i.e. what practical use are they to us in our everyday lives? Fri 18 Feb - Adyar Day 17 Feb – Krishnamurti Teachings. Theosophists World Wide celebrate Adyar day on 17 Feb. The great Indian sage Jiddu Krishnamurti passed away on 17 Feb 1986. We look at a DVD on a dialogue with Krishnaji and Professor Allan W. Anderson where they debate the prospects of a Wholly Different Way of Living. Fri 25 Feb - Edgar Cayce and the As-

sociation of Research & Enlightenment: Ron Yates. This talk looks at the life and the legacy of the American prophet Edgar Cayce and the relevance today of these teachings 65 years after his death. The Theosophical Society is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of fellowship united in study, meditation and service. Theosophy encourages open-minded enquiry into world religions, philosophy, science and the arts in order to understand ourselves and our place in the universe. Theosophy holds that knowing our purpose we can succeed in bringing about a change to our own consciousness and take our world forward to benefit the whole. Contact Aliza on 5470-2656, 0422-770867 or visit w w w. t h e o s o p h y q l d . s u n s h i n e for more info.

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Ri-con Contractors are Proud Winners of the 2009 Master Builders Western Australia Excellence in Construction Award QLD BSA 1030479 - WA BSA 12241

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news Cooroy Community Bank branch lands talented Lucie


THE Cooroy Community Bank branch of Bendigo Bank is delighted to announce the arrival of a talented new member to its team. Lucie Loginow couldn’t be more familiar

with Cooroy and her workplace as it was only last year that Lucie finished Year 12 at Noosa District State High School where she served as school captain. She’s also pretty familiar with the Community Banking concept as Lucie also served as a volunteer Junior Observer Director with the Bendigo Bank board in 2010. Lucie’s long list of achievements read like something you’d expect from someone twice her age and include community service, public speaking and senior leadership awards as well as youth ambassadorial roles with Rotary Australian Student and Youth Exchange Programs. The enthusiastic local says she’s excited about her new start as a Customer Service

Officer at Cooroy branch. “I’m really lucky to have a good head start, already knowing so many locals and being aware the Bendigo difference and the important part the Community Bank branch plays in Cooroy’s future,” Lucie said. “I look forward to expanding my involvement in the Cooroy community and working with the other Bendigo Bank branches on the coast. “We’re up to 12 now and we’re growing from strength. There’s a great team in Cooroy and I hope to work closely with our manager Fiona Hutchings and the girls,” she added.


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Cooroy Community Gardens project ON Thursday 27th January the enthusiastic committee met to continue to refine its structure and set an Opening Date for the gardens which will be at 2pm on Sunday 17th April 2011 at the rear of the new library. More details will be released about this fun and informative occasion in the following weeks. There is a dedicated Design Team working on creative ideas for the site so that it is educational, aesthetic, practical and fully accessable in every way by our Community. Council also has requirements that must be met for the long term use of common land. The word Gardens was used as a network of beautiful gardens is envisioned around Cooroy where individual plots, demonstra-

tion plots and creative growing activities can be conducted for the benefit of the whole community. This will also help to ensure our food security for the future. To announce this first stage we need a big sign for the Library/Butter Factory site to inform visitors and friends where to go to look at the gardens. It is planned the sign would be about 3meters x 500mm, made of carved timber and read ‘Cooroy Community Gardens’ with the possums tail being incorporated into the C in Cooroy. Can anyone help? Thank you to the Butter Factory Staff and the Library Staff for their efforts in coordinating this community adventure. All inquiries may be made through Celia Donnellan at the Cooroy Library.

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sport Jess ‘Da Bomb’ on Olympic campaign


which means she may have to have a few fights over the three days. “We are confident that she will do well. She has been training hard and has had plenty of good quality sparing with some of the coast top Professional and amateur fighters. This has been Jess’s best preparation for a fight, with her partner and professional boxer Andrew Gosden and myself pushing her through her pad work, skill work, fitness, strength and stamina work, we are quietly confident that she has done everything needed to get through,” trainer Mark Evans said.


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IMPACT Boxing Academy star prodigy Jess ”Da Bomb” Retallack is set to launch her Olympic selection campaign when she competes at the Queensland State titles to be held at the Caloundra RSL. Jess is a former 4 x Australian Global Amateur Boxing champion and is the current 60kg State title holder with the Queensland amateur boxing association. This weekend’s State Titles are the first part of her Olympic selection process. This tournament is a knock out tournament where all boxers competing will have to fight their way through to the finals. If a boxer loses, he or she is out. “This will be a big test for Jess. At last year’s titles she won her semi finals, then went on to win her final bout. This year’s titles are step one for Olympic selection, so there will be a lot more girls weighing in,

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FELLOW Impact Boxer, “Slamin Sam” Cameron Hands will also be competing on the same card. Unfortunately for the 11yr old, there will be no Olympic selection at this stage but a Queensland title will be up for grabs for the young gun. “Slamin Sam” has also had a great preparation for this fight. He has been sparing all the adults in the gym (and just quietly has hurt a few of them). When “Slamin Sam hits you, you have been hit. “At just 34kgs he is a force to be reckoned with,” trainer Mark Evans said.

Cooroy tennis club SATURDAY the 18th February turned on the hottest day of the year for Cooroy Tennis Clubs Junior Teams Tournament against Noosa Christian College in what was a close affair spread over 3 divisions 16 Players put in a committed effort. Over a Total of 20 matches there was only ten points separating the teams on the day with Noosa Christian College being able to put their name on the winners trophy. Photo of Cyle Magick and Rob Schmitt enjoying the day. Join us for mixed social tennis on Sunday 6 March at 5pm. Free sausage sizzle from 5.30pm. Balls provided and cost is $2 for members and $5 for non members. The Club encourages anyone interested in playing tennis to come along to social tennis held every Thursday 8am and the first Sunday of each month at 5pm. Casual court hire is also available almost any time. For further information contact our committee members, Fraser 5485 1942, Dorelle

5447 6674, Carol 5447 6018, Rhonda 0400 415 370, or Helene 5447 6945. Rob Schmitt, our professional coach, is available to help you to develop your game or to arrange lessons. Phone Rob on 0431 386 333 or 5449 8417.


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Pomona AFL kick off with a new coach POMONA AFL have a new player/coach for the 2011 season. Sam Krushka has been playing at Pomona for the last 2 years and this year has taken on the role of player coach. Sam has plenty of experience and played in a number of states and leagues. Began his senior football 10 years ago down in Hobart. Since then he’s won 2 flags playing for Whitsunday’s and a flag in Brisbane with Kedron as well as a year playing out on the Mornington peninsula. He will be supported on the bench by Queensland Hall of

Famer and local footy identity Bill Magin (will not bore you with Bill and his families achievements in football as they would go on for pages). The Demons are seeking players for the 2011 season. Pre Season training

has commenced at Pomona Football Club (corner Pioneer Rd & Pomona Connection Rd, Pomona every Tuesday & Thursday night at the club from 5:30pm. For more information contact Sam Krushka on 0408 050 840.

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Juniors sign on day Juniors sign on day: under 8’s, 10’s, 12’s, 14’s and 16’s is from 10am till 2pm on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th February. All kids of whatever standard welcome to come and sign on to be part of the club. Venue: Pomona AFL ground (corner of Pomona Connection Road and Pioneer Road, Pomona). Contact: Jessica Hooyer for more information tel: 5485 1203 or email

You only pay for his golf balls & drinks! Myall St, Cooroy • 5447 6258

Seniors Coach, Sam Krushka

Cooroora United Football Club LAST year Cooroora United made the move to join the Sunshine Coast Soccer League. The decision was made so the club could offer their up and coming soccer players the opportunity to play high grade football through all grades and age groups. Cooroora United Football Club is the only sports organisation to ever field a senior first grade team in the Hinterland and the club’s mission is now to provide facilities and coaching in a progressive manner to ensure they continue to be a force to be reckoned within the Sunshine Coast Football competition. With the motto – “Our team, Our town”, CUFC are moving to encourage more families to join and become part of a dynamic club that will be based on excellent coaching, an enthusiastic, approachable committee and dedicated members at their sign

on days- Saturday and Sunday the 6th of February. A unique opportunity exists for local sponsors to get behind the club to help CUFC succeed in their goal to give the community teams to be proud of both on and off the field. Various sponsorships exist ranging from exclusive sponsorship of our Premier Men’s team to other gold, silver and team packages. The club is also currently running a 7 a side competition from October to February each year. Sponsored by Kinetic Builder, the current round of summer soccer is heading towards the finals on the 14th and 21st of February. Both Nights will commence at 7pm. Please come along and support your favourite coloured team as they play to take home the Kinetic Cup. All information can be accessed through the club’s new website –

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Cooroy Rag February 9 2011  
Cooroy Rag February 9 2011  

Cooroy Rag February 9 2011