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March 2014

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Wimmers toast King of the Mountain Drinks all round as new sponsor comes on board It’s drinks all round as an additional sponsor has agreed to fund the King of the Mountain Festival for 2014. Cooroybased Noosa Beverages, which produces Wimmers Soft Drinks and Cooroy Mountain Spring Water, has agreed to support and assist the festival organisers, Cooroy Pomona Lions Club, to make the event internationally recognised. Bendigo Bank continues to be a sponsor of the main race, which continues to be known as the Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge.

Peter has been a member of various boards and supports numerous community events on the Sunshine Coast. His rejuvenation of the Wimmers and the Cooroy Mountain Spring Water brands will result in a $4 million conversion of the former Cooroy brickworks into a modern beverage bottling facility generating jobs locally.

opportunities for the Noosa Hinterland community to get together. Who would have thought that a simple bet at the local pub in 1958 would see us celebrate again in 2014, with the support of a drink company so closely linked to the economy of the Sunshine Coast. Wimmers King of the Mountain festival has a nice ring to it,” Heather said.

Wimmers’ sponsorship deal is worth $10,000, initially for 2014.

“The Cooroy Pomona Lions Club KOM team is very excited with its new festival sponsor. With Wimmers joining Bendigo Bank as the top major sponsors, we now have the backing and resources to make the festival bigger and better,” she said.

Wimmers office manager, Tash Brown, said the company was excited at the prospect of supporting and growing the King of the Mountain Festival. “This is a fantastic community event which culminates in the Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge. It’s great to be on board and we recognise the great commitment and time volunteers put into this event and also the existing sponsors contributions”.

Peter Lavin, who owns Noosa Beverages, has confirmed the naming rights to the festival and is excited to support and grow the event over the next few years. “There is a strategy to revitalise the King King of the Mountain chairperson, of the Mountain and we are right behind Heather Manders said; “King of the Mountain remains one of the best it,” Peter said.

The new name for this year’s festival, to be held on the 27 July 2014, will be ‘Wimmers King Of The Mountain Festival’ The main race up the mountain continues to be known as the ‘Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge.’ Project of the Cooroy-Pomona Lions Club

Toasting the success of the 2014 Wimmers King Of The Mountain Festival are (left to right) Lions member Jim Austin , Tash Brown and Peter Lavin from Wimmers, Heather Manders, Chair of the KOM committee and Barry Stewart.

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Our town to be a classroom for QUT students to study

Architectural makeover, Pomona style Last year they helped the people of Pomona design a new fire station on which preliminary work will start later this month.

redesigning them, making additions that complement the existing Queensland University of Technology lectures Yasu Santo (left) and Mirko built form and re-shaping Guaralda visited Pomona last month to plan the activities to be undertaken by QUT School of Design students. public spaces with landscaping elements. Now students of the Queensland University of From bus stops to town halls, lecturers from the School of suggested list of things they Design walked the streets of might want to tackle, but it is Technology (QUT) School of it will be up to the students Pomona, taking notes and up to students to pick what Design are set to give the to use their imagination to plenty of photos as they set they want to do, based on town a complete makeover. redesign the town, but they about scoping the their interests and skills.” In 2014, Pomona will become will have to explain to QUT assignment. His colleague, Mirko an outdoor design laboratory design school faculty why The lecturers, Mirko they chose a particular Gauralda, said students for 150 architecture students Guaralda and Yasu Santo. setting, shape and design for would map the town, study studying to become the “Pomona is perfect for this designers of the 21st century. the structure of their choice. exercise because of its mix of aerial views and use In a separate exercise, a small computerised street buildings and the way they Their task is to examine group of the students will photography to explore are scattered across the Pomona’s setting, consider design options for Pomona on desktop streetscapes and buildings the Pomona Memorial Hall. town,” Yashu said. computers. and explore options for “We have given them a Continued page 3 Last month, two architecture

Pomona Anglican Church Located @ Old Masonic Lodge 9 Station Street, Pomona

0412 909 156 

CHURCH IS FOR EVERYONE Sunday 7:30am Communion Service

 


Pomona Anglican Church Cnr Memorial Ave & Rectory St, Pomona Parish office: 5485 1218

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Rev Gillian Moses 2

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Meditation & Sound Healing Tuesday’s 10 am & 6.30 pm Yoga Wednesday 6pm - 7.30 pm Sound & Crystal Healing Intuitive Massage (23 years experience) Energy Work (Reiki, Holistic Pulsing etc.) Spiritual Counselling Inner Child Healing Sound Baths for full moon 17 March (Monthly)

A Path of Light & Path of Love Starting on 24 March (7 month Courses with the Ascended Masters)

the future From page 2 He said students need not necessarily visit Pomona in order to complete their assignment, but he expected up to 100 students would make the journey from Brisbane. In previous years, QUT School of Design students were asked to makeover a suburb of Brisbane.

Designing buildings that fitted the streetscape and country town vernacular is thought to be a more challenging task with greater scope. Yasu said QUT masters students might be given the task of assembling all the individual building and space designs into a presentation that could be made to the people of Pomona later this year. So, if you see students wandering the town with cameras and computers in hand, wish them well in their studies.

Petition calls for better site for Cooran communications tower A petition is being circulated, objecting to plans by the NBN Co. contractor Aurecon to erect a fix-wireless fast broadband communications tower in a rural residential area off Coles Creek Road at Cooran.

“Aurecon’s only rebuttal after ignoring this and many other pertinent questions was that they followed due process and, without request, held a community meeting for ‘good relations’,” she said. “Few people from the surrounding area were aware this meeting Objectors say they are not against fast broadband services coming to Cooran but are took place.” concerned at what they believe is a lack of Melissa said objectors wanted an alternative consultation about the project. They fear site found. about 20 properties in sight of the proposed “Alternatives include placing the tower within 35-metre tower will have their re-sale values forestry land, or co-locating infrastructure on affected. top of existing communications towers, as “This will have a domino effect on all Cooran properties, as well as those in surrounding locations,” said Melissa Town, a spokesperson for objectors.

has occurred at Gympie. “Hopefully, the council will reject the tower development application and request Aurecon representatives to source an alternative site rather than push for the location most expedient for them and inconvenient for us.”

Melissa said Aurecon was being secretive about a site share agreement, whereby other communications providers could place their equipment on the tower. “Soon our lovely hill Petitions are available at Cooran and Pomona will be blighted like Black Mountain is,” she shops. More information: said. Aurecon has sought Noosa Council development approval for the tall tower D J W Property Maintenance structure.  Home & garden The petitioners are hoping their objections maintenance will cause the company to consider  Rubbish Removal alternative locations.  Mowing & Trimming Melissa said many residents were angry that  All Jobs big or small only the land owner, whose property will be Honest & Reliable financially contracted, was consulted directly.

Eumundi wants in to Noosa Shire

PH: 0450 133 326

The community group representing Eumundi, Doonan and Verrierdale has changed its constitution to include among its objectives a desire for members to ‘become part of Noosa Shire’. The decision to change the articles was passed unanimously at an extraordinary meeting held at the Doonan Cafe on 1 February. The EDV Residents Group Inc. will now start the processing of petitioning the state government to have the Noosa boundary extended south, to a point between Eumundi and Yandina. Peregian is not part of the proposal at this stage. In 2006, a survey of residents and businesses in the affected area, reached 85 and 90 per cent of each respective audience audience. Of those surveyed, 82 per cent of residents and 85 per cent of businesses thought the grass would be greener on the Noosa side of the border. In the group’s latest newsletter, secretary Bob Mirams said a new round of consultation would be held to discover the views of new residents who have moved to the area since 2006.

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Councillors get familiar!


A plan for the future The new Noosa Council has made a commendable and sincere gesture to the hinterland communities, reminding them that the new council will govern for ALL. The swearing-in ceremony for councillors, held at the Cooroy Memorial Hall as the first act of the new council, was powerful in its symbolism and was received with heartfelt emotion. We all felt that we had our council back. Moreover, we elected councillors we thought would understand the aspirations of the people and their relationship with place and space in the natural environment of the Noosa Biosphere. In earlier discussion, leading to de-amalgamation and formation of the new council, the people of the Noosa Hinterland espoused a vision for the future. It was to plot a path towards growing an innovative, strong and dynamic rural economy that offers accessible and diverse employment opportunities within a sustainable landscape. It is now time to implement that vision through a strategic action plan, and we look to the council to take a strong lead. A Noosa Country Action Plan would become a compact between council and community to define a new direction in line with residents’ values and expectations. The strategy should set out the activities that will help strengthen and enhance the existing role of the hinterland as a location: for agriculture production, as a tourism destination, for a range of new century economic opportunities, as a lifestyle area and as a place that fosters community cohesion. Plotting these against a timeline would make the strategy a working document, not just something written and placed on a shelf, to be forgotten. The people of the Noosa Hinterland will not let this council forget them. They, in turn, must engage with the council constructively, in a meaningful dialogue, about what matters most to them so we can settle the new direction for the hinterland.

Deadline for next issue: Wednesday 26 March Read Cooroora Connect online at

Noosa councillors have wasted no time getting to know all corners of the shire they administer, especially the hinterland communities. MidFebruary saw the councillors on a familiarisation tour of Pomona Community House, with newly-elected representatives showing a special interest in what PCH does. They visited other facilities and towns also. PCH manager Brian Lawson (second from left hosted councillors Frank Wilkie (left), Sandy Bolton and Joe Jurisevic..

Better planning for Noosa Hinterland Noosa Council has instigated two, separate initiatives that will enhance how we live and work in the hinterland. The first is a review of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve management model. That review will examine how we can more effectively manage obligations under the UNESCO charter for Man and the Biosphere. A draft proposal will be released on Tuesday 15 April. The Noosa Plan – the town plan – is not up for review at this stage, although a round of public consultation on its provisions will start in August. The Noosa Plan manages land use planning throughout the region and governs the placement and scale of development by location and site. What’s proposed now is an action plan that relates to the Biosphere and the Noosa Plan. It will state a vision for how we want the Noosa Hinterland to look like and function 20 years hence. The aim is to generate new thinking and broad agreement on the strategies necessary to stimulate the rural economy, not just the agricultural sector. The council aspires to see a Noosa Hinterland that is outward-looking and dynamic with a diverse economy and active communities. Prosperity will increase in ways that make best use of resources, including people, their skills and the expertise within existing enterprises. Services of the highest possible quality and with the greatest possible choice will be accessible to the whole community. But how do we achieve it – that is the challenge. The development strategy will stipulate what people want in the way of services, industry and jobs. With a clearer understanding of what people want, and don’t want, the Noosa Plan will be examined for its suitability to allow desired outcomes to proceed on the ground. 4

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Council plan to revitalise the Hinterland Noosa Council has opened a dialogue with representatives of hinterland community groups in a plan to devise a development strategy, for the 80 per cent of the shire declared ‘rural’, that will detail ways the local economy can be strengthened and more jobs created. The council will use the Rural Futures Strategy of the Sunshine Coast Council, as it relates to Noosa, and input from the Noosa Hinterland Alliance, to produce a draft strategy within about six months. It will differ from the Noosa Plan, which remains in force, in that it will tap the community sentiment for what people want to see in the hinterland and then examine ways to make those things happen. The concept was explained at a sometimes lively meeting at Pomona last month where Crs Sandy Bolton and Frank Wilkie addressed about 30 people. Cr Bolton is managing the development of the strategy. She told those present that the council was committed to a community-driven process, with only some input from a cash-strapped Noosa Council. “What is the council’s role? We see ourselves as a facilitator and a ‘link-up’

body that brings people and businesses together, and other levels of government, to make things happen. We want to know what those things are, but people must be prepared to help themselves,” she urged. “The community must drive this, with the council as a willing facilitator.” Cr Bolton said the council wanted to liaise with ‘Noosa Country’ residents about the future they wanted to see for themselves. “People believe that the Sunshine Coast council wasn’t delivering much for the Noosa Hinterland. We want to change that and look to things such as economic development, health and housing options – everything about our communities,” Cr Bolton said. “The strategy will be outcomes-focussed, we don’t want to have continuous talk for two years. Out of this (process) must come action plans that are tangible, real and achieveable.”

Attendees reminded the council representatives that similar strategies had been discussed in the past, with little results. They raised red tape impediments to ventures such as ecolodges in the hinterland and food production enterprises that would benefit from a ‘Naturally Noosa’ label. A small group was formed, to be coordinated by Allan Bonsall of the Noosa Hinterland Alliance, to work with the council to develop the new strategy. Further information – Cr Sandy Bolton, 5329 6104.

Councillor Sandy Bolton listens intently to points made by Rocky Neilsen at the planning meeting.

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Countdown to Community Crop ‘N’ Colour Day

Come look us over, says Neilsen Group The Neilsen Group is throwing open the doors to its Kin Kin quarry so that residents can view first-hand the methods it will be using to extract, process and transport rock from the site, located off Sheppersons Lane.

The sponsorship is rolling in for the community connect morning tea to be held at Pomona Lawson Shed on Wednesday, 12 March. Heads will be shaved and hair will be dyed in support of Leukaemia Foundation. Phone Community House on 5485 2427 to book or sponsor. Back row: Heather Manders, Kathryn Shewring, Debbie Schouten, and Jan Wise. Front row: Aleta Bon, Brian Lawson and Geoff Wise.

International Womens Day activities aid Cooroy Family Support Centre A successful celebration of International Womens Day held at the Pomona Memorial Hall this month raised funds to assist the work of Cooroy Family Support Centre. The centre is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1992, and was formerly known as the Noosa District Family and Youth Support Centre until January 2005.

“By doing this, we hope to answer any questions and open up a line of communication for the future,” Mario said.

service through the provision of an affordable, confidential, professional counselling and support service to meet the needs of families and individuals experiencing a variety of difficulties,” Kathryn said. The service is funded primarily by the Department of Communities to offer counselling and support for those families affected by domestic and family violence.

Members of the Zonta Club of Noosa were instrumental in setting up the centre.

The centre strives to make a positive contribution to the safety and well-being of all clients and the broader community.

Pomona Community House community engagement coordinator, Kathryn Shewring said the family centre provided important services that deserved to be supported with fund-raising.

The centre is located at 8, Oak St, Cooroy and is open on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 3pm. Phone 5447 7747 to make a confidential appointment. No referral is necessary.

“The centre offers a major community

Signs indicate start on major improvements to range road The Department of Transport and Main Roads has erected electronic signs on the Pomona-Kin Kin Road advising motorists of major works in the period March to mid-2014. It is believed the signs refer to reconstruction of the section over the range road controlled by traffic signal. Kin Kin residents, in particular, will look forward to removal of the signals and force restrictions that limit traffic

In extending the invitation, Neilsen’s CEO, Mario Panuccio, said he was aware that some Kin Kin residents living near the quarry had concerns about the extraction operations. “We are inviting people to visit the quarry, meet the management team and see for themselves how the quarry operates.

“The Kin Kin community has a commitment to sustaining the natural beauty and resources with which the area has been blessed. Neilsens intends to ensure the quarry operates not only in accordance with these values, but enhances them by delivering direct benefits back to Kin Kin and surrounding communities,” he said. “These include employment for up to a dozen workers on site.” Those interested in taking up Neilsen’s offer should phone Kim on 07 3205 5599 to make an appointment.

Hairolicious 25 Factory Street, Pomona Phone 5485 0120

MORE THAN A HAIR SALON – LET US PROVE IT OPENING HOURS Monday 10am - 5pm Tuesday 9am - 5pm Wednesday 9am - 5pm Thursday 9am - 5pm Friday 9am - 5pm

Late night appointments also available - Tues, Wed, Thurs

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Community inspired to clean up the Hinterland Hundreds of people turned out to remove rubbish and tidy our region as part of Clean Up Australia Day activities earlier this month. Perhaps inspired by the fact that Noosa residents now have a greater say in how their area is managed, people scoured a record 29 sites locally, collecting and piling rubbish and generally caring for the environment. The effort inspired long-time Clean Up Australia Day coordinator and new councillor, Joe Jurisevic. “As Noosa locals treasure the environment, everyone was aware the area would benefit from a concerted community effort,” Cr Jurisevic said. Sites that received attention across the hinterland included Kin Kin, Cooran, Pomona, Cooroy, Eumundi and Boreen Point, with a new site in Doonan being tackled for the first time. Across Australia in 2013, an estimated 550,300 volunteers at over 7341 registered sites came together to remove an estimated 16150 tonnes of rubbish. In Noosa, around 400 volunteers collected more than nine tonnes of rubbish from our parks, rivers and bushland following the floods last year. While not all the rubbish collected in 2014 has been tallied, it is expected to weigh more than last year. Thanks to all who took part.

Above: The Clean-up Australia Day at Pomona was a family affair, involving dozens of children aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Roadworks plan takes care of rare species With heavy earth-moving machinery ripping into the landscape to carve the new route for the Bruce Highway through Black Mountain, special provisions have been put into place to minimise impacts on the environment of two endangered species – the Giant Barred Frog and the Mary River Cod.

limit water run-off from the construction site, which eventually will stretch over 13.5km from Cooroy to Federal. Priority is being given to the Black Mountain section.

The cod habitat includes Skyring, Six Mile and Cooroy creeks. The giant frog has been observed in Six Mile and Cooroy creeks, the latter a known breeding spot, and is thought to be present in Skyring Creek also.

Dams to hold water run-off to settle out the mud before clear water decants into nearby creeks, straw filters and shade cloth retaining walls are among other measures being taken to sift water of soil contaminants.

The dry weather has been welcomed by workers and has allowed a fast pace of clearing in the preparatory stages of the $790 million project.

Special measures have been taken to 8

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Above: Su Below and the Pomona Emergency Services Cadets pitched in on the day. Below: Volunteer work crews paid special attention to cleaning up illegal dump sites in state forests.

Pomona karate tournament attracts big crowd One hundred and thirty karate exponents gathered at the Pomona State School hall earlier this month for what was the biggest and most successful annual tournament hosted by Japan Karate Association (JKA), Pomona. Members representing clubs from all over South-East Queensland attended.

The recently de-amalgamated Sunshine Coast and Noosa councils have adopted a coordinated approach to disaster management for 2014, pending the preparation of separate local disaster management plans for 2015 and beyond. “Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide each other with disaster assistance should the need arise and to combine their local disaster management plans for 2014 into a single document,” Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jamieson, said.

The turnout delighted local instructor Kim Vines for more than one reason – her son, Jesse, aged 16, won four gold medals in his disciplines of Kata and Kumite and, in one case, against competitors a couple of years older. Kim said the Pomona tournament has been held for the past 20 years and was well-supported. “Karate is good for fitness, selfconfidence and even self-defence,” Kim said.

Councils co-operate on disaster planning

Two of the competitors at the JKA Pomona tournament were Jacinta Waretini and Maddison Debono. JKA Pomona members train twice a week at the Pomona Memorial Hall.

FRIENDS TO HOLD AGM Members of the Friends of Noosa will meet at the Noosa Heads Surf Lifesaving Club, Noosa Heads, at 10am on Friday 14 March to hold their annual general meeting. A new management committee will be voted in.

“The plan’s primary focus is to ensure the safety of our communities. It aims to preserve lives and prevent injuries, to mitigate property damage and to protect our environment. This combined plan has been brought about by de-amalgamation and both councils intend to have separate plans in by next year,” he said. The 2014 plan has been endorsed by the Sunshine Coast Local Disaster Management Group.

POMONA MEDICAL CENTRE 5 Factory St, Pomona PHONE (07) 5485 1177 FAX (07) 5485 2047 Allied Health Services include:   

Opening hours are: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 8am to 12pm Early Blood Collection available from 7.30am to 8am on Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri

Current After Hours is provided through 0408 713 395

Dietitian Exercise Physiologist Podiatry

Nursing services include:  Diabetic care,  Retinography,  Medical health checks

Doctors are:

Dr Maura Harvey Dr Belinda Hanley Dr Richard Hayter Dr Leonie Mitchell Dr Claire Lawrence

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House Sitting Are you planning a long term sojourn overseas or interstate? Are you having major concerns about leaving your home and garden for a long period? Are you wondering who you can trust to love and care for you home as you do.    

Honest & reliable Professional couple Keen gardeners Home loving bodies ** References Available ** Please ring Rob 042 884 7499 Life is like a camera….. Focus on what’s important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives, And if things don’t work out, Take another shot.

Celebrating at the Raine & Horne Queensland State Awards were Sandy Chaplin (left), Brendan Buckenham and Kristin & Michael Robinson from the Pomona office.

Raine and Horne office takes out state awards Raine and Horne Noosa Hinterland, based at Pomona, has received top accolades in the company’s annual state awards, held at the Sofitel, Brisbane on 1 March. R&H Noosa Hinterland principal, Michael Robinson, was inducted into the ‘Chairman’s Club’ for meeting professional standards and goals of the highest order. The Noosa Hinterland sales team of six agents was also recognised on the night. The local office was competing against more than 50 agencies

statewide. “It has been a lot of hard work that is starting to pay off,” Michael said of the awards. “We are working well, the market is improving and sales look good for 2014,” he said. Michael came 10th in the number of sales completed by an individual salesperson. The Pomona office was also placed 10th in the number of sales made and took out 8th place in the revenue raised from successful sales.

Partners In Recovery Partners in Recovery (PIR) aims to support people with severe and persistent mental illness and their carers/families to:   

 

Make informed choices about the services and supports they need on their recovery journey Access the services and supports they need Support the services/organisations involved to cut through the red tape and barriers that prevent people having their needs met Identify any barriers to accessing services and work with the community to address these Work with the community to identify practical solutions where a need cannot be met

Contact us on 1300 747 724 Check out our website for more information: Partners In Recovery is an Australian Government initiative 10

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Vehicle thieves on the prowl: Police PLOD’S PAGE Well it’s been a while between articles, but with about 8000 of you to look after in the Queensland Police Service Pomona Division, we haven’t been idle! The year has started well, with almost no traffic crashes and crime generally trending downward.

Lock it or lose it There have been a small number of thefts of and from vehicles within Pomona and Cooran over the past few months. Almost without exception, the crooks have taken advantage of unlocked cars, with windows down, some with keys in the ignition.

It s

by Sgt Dan McMamara

Phone: 54852586

It surprises me that landlords of privately-owned premises, in particular, accept the word and references provided by applicants without conducting further background checks. There are a number of government-approved tenancy Pomona is a great town with a relaxed country vibe, which checking systems, such as TICA, which can identify serial may give rise to some locals displaying complacency in securing vehicles. We are also near a highway and on a train offenders. This can prevent months of heartache for landlords, neighbours and often the wider community. Local line, which brings hundreds of visitors per week, some of real estate agencies and the Rental Tenancies Authority can them opportunistic and career criminals. assist. Prior checking of prospective tenants also assists us in We’ve solved a number of these through timely public reducing the incidence of disturbances and related criminal information, forensics and security video. However, with offences. most post 1990’s cars fitted with secure central locking, simply locking it and securing any valuables out of sight will Use of high-technology equipment prevent almost all of these offences. About half of the stolen In an endeavour to reduce the rate of injury and fatal vehicles end up involved in further criminal offences and crashes and detect offences, the QPS has been supplied with then destroyed by arson. One of the first questions your some pretty hi-tech kit, which we have been using in insurance company will ask you is: “Was it locked and where Pomona Division. Most police cars now have mobile radar are your keys”. fitted. This will detect and record your speed travelling in

Landlord versus tenant An increasing trend in calls for the police service, unfortunately, involves attending ordered-ordered tenant evictions. Landlords, or their agents, will give tenants notice of eviction, typically after a number of breaches has occurred, such as major rental debt, damage to premises, continuing disturbances or more serious criminal offences, such as assaults or drug possession-production. Often, the reasons involve a combination of these offences. Some of these tenants create a major impact in the area where they live. We can attend an address several times per week dealing with reported offences and disturbances prior to the eventual termination of tenancy. This may involve a protracted process through the courts. It can also be avoided.

the opposite or same direction, often before you’ve even had the chance to flash your headlights! We also have vehicles with infra red number plate recognition technology, which constantly scans registration plates and detects unregistered vehicles; or links drivers who are unlicensed or otherwise wanted. The majority of you do the right thing. The incidence of drink-driving, in particular, is reduced greatly compared with even two years ago, which is very pleasing. Fatal crashes have reduced from four per year in 2009 to an average of one per year 2010-2014. We attribute this to a shift in driver attitude, increased high visibility traffic enforcement and the Bruce Highway upgrade at Federal. Thanks for your assistance in reducing the heartbreak. To the few that run the gauntlet and play up, catch you soon! Stay safe until next time.

ARTS GROUP CHANGES NAME The Hinterland Arts Group, based at the Pomona Railway Station Art Gallery, has a new name and changed structure that better reflects its role in the community. The group is now known as Pomona Gallery Artists and Friends. It is no longer a formally constituted group, subject to requirements for elected office bearers and the holding of an annual general meeting. Former president, Alan Falls, has handed duties to a small management team. The new arrangements suit the group and the way it functions, according to Wendy Lewis, the secretary of the Pomona Gallery Artists and Friends.

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Youth Week fun starts next month National Youth Week, the largest celebration of young people in Australia, is coming again to Pomona in 2014.

and tie-dyeing of T-shirts. Participants should bring their own plain coloured T-shirt. Barbecue food will be cooking on the day.

The recently-extended Pomona skate park will be the main focus Our youth are our future, so for activities on Thursday 10 April. support this day organised by Pomona and District Community Among the free activities will be House. live music with an open microphone, jewellery-making

Right: Tie-dyeing fun at last year’s event.

Final phase of library switch later this month The final phase of the separation of the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Council library services will occur later this month when members’ data details are transferred across. Noosa Council advises that Noosa residents will receive a new library access card as they visit the Noosaville, Cooroy or mobile libraries, for use solely at these outlets. All membership benefits will remain the same as before. Members can still borrow up to 30 items for three weeks, and they will be able to pick-up and drop off items from the Noosa Libraries’ collection at Cooroy, Noosaville or the mobile library. Please check that contact details are current. For more information about changes to your libraries visit or phone 5329 6555. LEARN PERMACULTURE For those wishing to improve their rural plots through permaculture, the Kin Kin Permaculture Group meets every second Sunday, 3pm to 5pm, at the property of Tom and Zaia Kendall, 93 Golden Gully Road. The couple is inspirational and their property amazing. Phone 5485 4664 for more information. 12

Cooroora Connect

50th milestone for Back to Cooran celebrations The bonds of friendship run deep at Cooran where past residents will gather later this month to celebrate a community milestone. Sunday 20 March marks the 50th anniversary of the Back to Cooran annual commemoration. It hasn’t always been held at Cooran, but the event is much anticipated by the 100 or so people who attend. This year, the Back to Cooran reunion will be staged at the Cooran Memorial School of Arts, starting at 9.30am. Tea and coffee will be available, but participants are asked to bring a picnic lunch. There’s not much organising to do, according to Paul Tierney, who will prepare the hall for the annual influx. “We don’t organise much entertainment, because people just want to mingle and talk,” Paul said. In the past, participants have come from as far as Western Australia to attend. Paul said it wasn’t unusual for people in their 80s and 90s to turn up. “A few years ago, we had the company of a woman aged 100. Even five generations of the one family have arrived

The timber yard and sawmill that was once a major employer at Cooran. together.” Cooran’s size and population is deceiving, as many present-day residents live on rural blocks around the town. In the 1950s, it was a bustling community based around timber and associated industries, as well as dairying.

by an influx of new people wanting a better lifestyle. They have reversed Cooran’s fortunes. Paul says the reunion is not just for former residents, but allows an opportunity for current residents to discover Cooran’s history from those who have lived it.

Both industries collapsed in the 1960s, For More information, phone Paul forcing many residents to move on in Tierney on 5482 4762, or Vivien order to find alternative employment. Some took their houses with them. In Staggard on 5485 1091. recent times, the town has been revived

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They bred them tough out Cooran way, as this 1929 picture of the Cooran Rugby League team shows. Today, Cooran is home of rugby league in the Noosa Hinterland.

NEXT COORAN ACOUSTIC NIGHT If you enjoy live music, do yourself a favour and attend the next Cooran Acoustic Night, to be held at the Cooran Hall, King Street, on Saturday 15 March. Entry is only $4.00! Come early if you want to be part of the show for a 7pm start.

Opening Hours:Sun to Wed10am-4pm Thurs to Sat 9am-4pm Closed Tuesday Shop 2/14 Reserve St, Pomona

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Phoenix Plumbing Ph: 041 760 1530 Email:     

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News in brief NBN TO INVESTIGATE TOWER SITES The NBN Co. will investigate two alternative sites for a fixed wireless satellite tower to bring fast broadband to the area west of Pomona after about 60 Ridgewood people protested the preferred location at a public meeting held on 20 February. Close proximity to houses, resulting in visual intrusion and the possible effects of electromagnetic radiation are among concerns expressed at the meeting. Ridgewood Community Hall Association president, Don Johnson, said one of the proposed alternative sites is about one kilometre east of the preferred site on KenilworthSkyring Creek Road. The alternative is close by the intersection with Gilliland Road. The other alternative, which residents prefer, is to build the tower on private land, about 500m south of the current preferred site.


Two Gympie Regional Council representatives attended the meeting. NBN staff present said the company would examine the alternatives and report back to the Ridgewood community.

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KIN KIN TENNIS CLUB FEES DUE Membership of the Kin Kin Tennis Club is up for renewal and members are asked to pay the annual fee of $75 per family, $40 for adults and $15 for juniors. All financial members will be given a key to the courts so they can play at any time. Non-financial members must pay $5 per session.

for The Community Op Shop Free pickup available 1 Memorial Ave Pomona

Ph: 5485 0206

A Touch of the Past Antiques

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The club is keen to foster the sport among children through professional coaching on Monday evenings. On Friday afternoons and evenings, its the turn of adults to play social games. Drinks and snacks are available. Phone 5485 4325 for more details.

CHANGING OF THE GUARD The Kin Kin Community Group held its annual general meeting on Wednesday 19 February at the Community Hall within the showground. Allan Bonsall accepted the nomination for president.

5 Reserve Street, Pomona

Ph: 5485 1883 *Antiques* *Gifts* *Flowers* *Jewellery* *Teddy Heaven* *Homemade Cakes* *Lunches*

Jo-Anne Bourke was nominated as treasurer and duly accepted the role she has performed for many years. The vice-presidential role for 2014 has been accepted by Tim Collett, the president last year, while Elizabeth Palmer will be secretary for the coming year. -Contributed

Open 7 Days - 7am to 5pm Group Bookings Welcome 14

Morning Melodies Luncheon Tewantin Noosa RSL Bus for Hinterland Residents

11am - 1pm 26 March Easter Show 23 April Anzac

PH: 5447 1766 Cooroora Connect

Carvers prepare for woodworking show Preparations are underway for the Cooroora Woodworkers Club signature event of the year – the annual Wood and Craft Show– which will be held at the Cooroy Memorial Hall on Friday and Saturday, 9 and 10 May as part of the Cooroy Fusion Festival. The show will feature outstanding examples of wood-turning, carving, scroll-saw work, pyrography and toy making, as well as general woodwork such as cabinets, boxes and furniture. For the fourth year running, an interclub competition will bring together one

of the best displays of woodcraft in Queensland. Local high schools will participate. In an expanded program, the clubs wood-milling team will be in action in the Lowermill Precinct (adjacent to the Cooroy Log Maze). Teams will mill logs

into slabs, using a Lucas mill. These slabs, fresh off the saw will be available for purchase. Seasoned and dressed slabs will also be on sale. Also in the Lower Mill Precinct, the clubhouse and workshops will be open for inspection. Some interesting demonstrations of woodworking techniques will take place. Visitors will be able to view a display of finely crafted items made by our members, many of which are for sale. For further information, visit

Social gadflies float into town for a good time Pomona and district continues to be a favourite among visiting groups, with members of the Gold Coast ‘Gadabouts’ caravaner club due to drop by in July. Club members travel to a different part of South-East Queensland every six weeks, but this is the first time the club’s 60-strong membership has been to Pomona. Don and Lyn Schafer, of Sunrise Beach, were in town recently to plan activities for the gadabouts, including a quiz based on the Pomona Historic Walk. The visitors will stay about a week. “Club members always try and support local businesses wherever they go,” Don said.

CORRECTION Last month’s issue of Cooroora Connect correctly quoted Keith Haining concerning the increasing visitations to the Pomona Caravan Park, but referred to him incorrectly as the park manager. That title belongs to Les Andreassen. Keith is the former caravan park caretaker.

Pomona Demons AFL Seeking girl players aged 13, 14 and 15 to play competitively. Training on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Beginning at 4.30pm. Contact Sue Hobbs on 041 0065 004.

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Council urges more responsible dog ownership Noosa Council is urging pet owners to take more responsibility for their pets after an increase in dog attacks in recent months.

 ensure your dog is always under effective control, even in leash-free areas. Don’t let your dog run away so he cannot hear and see you

Incidents of dog attacks, dogs found off-leash in on-leash areas, dog owners allowing dogs to run out of control on beaches, and dogs not being properly contained in their property have been on the rise in recent weeks.

 make sure your dog does not approach and annoy other people or dogs.

Since the new Noosa Council started on January 2, Community Order and Public Safety officers have dealt with 10 reports of aggressive dogs and 16 dog attacks, 14 of which occurred in a two-week period. “This is very concerning especially because the majority of attacks have

occurred because of a lack of supervision of the dogs involved, poor maintenance of the property or inattentive owners allowing dogs to run off wildly,” a spokesperson said. The council is reminding dog owners to:  ensure proper maintenance of the containment on the property where your dog is kept  walk your dog on leash in public areas at all times - unless in a leash free area

RUSH OF BIOSPHERE IDEAS More than 50 submissions have been received in response to Noosa Council’s invitation for the community to provide ideas on the future vision and management model for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve. Cr Bob Abbot is delighted with the response and said the next step is for the council working group of the Mayor, Cr Pardon, Cr Wellington and himself, to review the submissions and select those with the best new ideas.

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The council has increased monitoring of problem areas with officers patrolling at various times of the day, including early morning and late evening. Dogs found off-leash in an on-leash area may attract a maximum penalty of $2200, while if your dog attacks another animal or person, the offending dogs’ owner may face prosecution through the Court and a maximum fine of $33000.

Applications open for regional arts grants Applications from Noosa artists seeking funding from the state government’s Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) may be lodged with Noosa Council until noon on 28 March.

RADF program focuses on developing quality art and arts practice for, and with, regional communities.

successful state and local government partnership that supports professional and emerging artists and arts practitioners living in regional Queensland. The

Applicants will be advised on or after the 2 June 2014.

Phone: 5485 1922 This fund is a highly

The Noosa Regional Arts Development Fund, round opened on Monday 17 February.

Applications are invited for activities beginning after 1 July this year.

NEXT COUNCIL MEETING 4 Memorial Avenue, Pomona

The April meeting of the full Noosa Council will be on Thursday 3 April, starting at 6pm. The public is welcome.

SoulVerse Spiritual Centre Meets 1st & 3rd Sunday of Month Pomona Memorial Hall Reserve Street, Pomona 2 - 4 pm Meet & Connect, Free Hugs, Laughter, Meditation Guest Speakers & Guest Singers Fridays @ 10am at Cooran Reverend Ishjana 16


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POMONA CREATIVE WRITING TUESDAY 9.30AM - 11.30 AM Lawson Shed $3 donation Contact Noel 0403 173 851

MAHJONG WEDNESDAY 1PM - 3.30PM $3 donation

ROOM HIRE Pomona Community House & Lawson Shed Contact Heather 5485 2427 Computer Tutor Wanted Ph: 5485 2427


Pomona Astronomy Club (4th Wed Month)

Donation $2 per visit Bookings Essential PH: 5485 2427

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7.30pm to 8.30pm Cost $3 Venue: Lawson Shed Join local enthusiasts. Contact Cliff - PH 5485 1767 after 7pm

Pomona Pixel People @ Lawson Shed 1st/2nd/4th Monday at 7pm-9pm Cost $4 per person


PH: 54437827

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Community Connect Morning Tea ** Seniors Take Note ** Lawson Shed, Pomona Wednesday 9th April 9.30am – 11.00am The first is local entrepreneur and inventor Barry Sheridan who will be talking about his new invention ‘Fall Buddy’. Barry moved to Black Mountain area almost 10 years ago and in 2010 he set up Seniors Wellbeing with the express intention of developing Fall Buddy and bringing it to market. Fall Buddy is a small desk top device that can learn the normal activities and routines of its user and if it detects a prolonged period of inactivity, it will ask the user if they are OK. If they are not able to respond, it will assume they have had a fall or collapse and telephone up to 5 different people and ask for assistance. The second speaker is Kerry Martin from Queensland Support Services & Solutions (QSSS). Kerry will be introducing the new QSSS ‘Homestay Pomona’ facility. Homestay Pomona provides quality respite accommodation for People with a Physical Disability including the Aged. Kerry will be taking you on a virtual tour of the facility and grounds. She will be letting you know all about the services you can expect to find and how you can access funding which will support you in utilising QSSS services.

Light morning tea available for a gold coin donation. Please RSVP on 5485 2427

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Permaculture Noosa spreads the word about living in the Biosphere

Enrol your child in a playgroup The Cooroora towns of the Noosa Hinterland have four playgroups that can assist with a child’s early development. Playgroups are a starting point for children, from birth to five years, and their families to experience connection and learning through play. They offer a fun, safe and stimulating environment where participants can achieve optimal well-being and development, regardless of socio-economic and cultural factors. Pomona’s Uniting Church hall is the venue for the Pomona playgroup, which meets every Tuesday during school term, from 9am to 11am. Contact Sue (5442 5290) for more information. The same times apply for the Cooran playgroup, but the meeting day is a Friday during school term. The group meets at the Cooran State School. The Kin Kin playgroup meets Thursdays, 9am to 11am, at the Kin Kin State School. Linda may be contacted on 5485 4435. For the people of Federal, their playgroup meets every Thursday, from 9.30am to 11.30am. The contacts there are Fiona (0434 011 012) and Tracy (0401 024 337).

Playgroup - 1800 171 882

For those seeking to develop gardens and farm lots that are sustainable and selfsufficient, Permaculture Noosa offers the means to develop the essential skills. The group meets monthly at the Cooroy Memorial Hall, but also conducts an informal seed savers session at Pomona, which helps teach members how to collect and propagate seeds and plants.

Gary Hands

Kerry Nagle

has given up buying bales of straw and now grows all the mulch she needs on her plot. Mel Hobbins was another inspirational speaker. Mel came to Australia from the UK in late 2004 and has Gary Hands, an organic farmed a property at farmer for more than 12 Traveston for the past years, spoke at the nine years. Although February meeting of primarily a horse Permaculture Noosa. He property, he has made regularly shares his an impact on the knowledge at workshop landscape with an events and is a presenter extensive orchard, at the Queensland traditional raised Garden Expo. Inspired vegetable beds, a 900by previous tree hardwood Permaculture Noosa, plantation, rain forest Kerry Nagle and revegetation demonstrated how she plantings. Since 2010,

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Mel has been experimenting with and expanding plantings of tropical vegetables and support species. Permaculture Noosa meetings are free and open to the public. They start at 7pm with a marketplace (where members share their surplus home grown produce by giving, exchanging or selling it). They start at 7.30pm, before supper (gold coin donation) is served at 9pm. For further information info@permacultureno

Hinterland Christian Centre Assemblies of God Church 113 Marara Street Cooroy 4563 CHRISTIAN CENTRE

9.30am Sunday Family Service Contemporary worship & teaching Incredible Children's Program toddlers to primary school age

Bringing God & People Together

Matt Fulton PH: 040 4808 449 E:

Refreshments after the service People of all ages welcome -


Great Rates & Prompt Service

Ph: 07 5447 7797


1 Memorial Ave, Pomona 4568

PHONE: 5485 2427 | FAX: 5485 1702 | ABN: 86 583 189 320 President - Dawn Gwynne

Vice President - Joy Cross

Manager - Brian Lawson

Treasurer - Jan Wise

Secretary - Gail Chapple

Coordinator - Heather Manders

Cooroora Connect is published by Pomona & District Community House Inc. The material published in Cooroora Connect may be reproduced only with appropriate authorisation & acknowledgment. The views expressed in Cooroora Connect are not necessarily the views of the editor, publisher or Pomona & District Community House.




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