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August/September 2012

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Cooroora Connect

Seminars to save bus route & increase patronage The Route 632 bus connecting Cooran and Noosa Junction via Pomona and Cooroy remains a ‘temporary’ service partly funded by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s transport levy, but needs more community support to become a permanent link in the Noosa public transport network. Its performance came under renewed scrutiny last month when the Queensland Transport Minister, Scott Emerson, announced that under-utilised bus routes across South-East Queensland would be targeted in a six-month review. Translink, the state government’s public transport coordination and funding body, subsidises 16 regional bus companies, including Sunbus on the Coast, to provide a network of buses to get people about. The government wants to redirect its money to buses going to where people want to travel. Pomona and District Community House has secured a Sunshine Coast Regional Council TravelSmart grant to conduct two free seminars in August and September to inform people of the convenience of public transport, including the 632, 631 and 630 services and the passenger trains between Gympie and Brisbane. The first will be held at the Lawson Shed, Pomona, at 10am on Thursday, 30 August 2012, with another meeting at the Cooroy Library at 10am on Thursday 6 September. Those attending will be handed a cash-charged go-card for travel on buses and trains across South-East Queensland. We want our Noosa Hinterland towns to be connected socially, practicality and physically, so that means we need effective public transport for people to get about in their community other than by car.

Broadband Update Recently Telstra posted pamphlets to residents advising that ADSL2+ was now available in Pomona. ADSL2+ delivers speeds of up to 20megabits per second compared to 1.5megabits per second on ADSL1. A number of people have now been connected in areas where ADSL2 was previously unavailable. If you would like to take advantage of this upgrade get in touch with Telstra or Bigpond and apply.

Saturday - 15 September @ 9.30am Plus Yummy Morning Tea….. Brought to you by….Pomona Community House, Red Cross, Lifeline, Options 4 U

To book a seat at one of the seminars, phone Pomona & Community House on 5485 2427

Please Help!!! Seeking Justice of the Peace & / or Commissioner of Declarations to Volunteer for 2 hours each fortnight to fill the Vacancy at the Pomona Community House. Training or mentoring available. We invite you to join our friendly, helpful team."

Please contact Dawn Gwynne on 5485 1385 Tuesday, Wed & Thurs Or 0414 890 361 after hours. Locals Supporting Locals - Pomona Community House Funded by Department of Communities



Cooroora Connect

St Patrick’s Church gets a makeover

Pomona & District Community House Inc

Annual General Meeting Friday - 21 September 2012 4pm START Followed by Pizza & Drinks

Please RSVP for catering purposes PH: 5485 2427

Pomona’s Catholic community is celebrating the 90 th birthday of the historic St Patrick’s church with a complete restoration of the building. And the race is on to finish the makeover by 21 October 2012, when it will be rededicated by the Most Reverend Mark Coleridge, the new Archbishop of Brisbane.

Membership subscriptions are Due Only current financial members Are able to vote at the agm

Men’s Shed Pomona News

Three weddings have been scheduled for late October, so Noosa Parish Priest, Fr Mark Franklin, is praying that the rain that has disrupted the building work slightly won’t affect the deadline.

The Group has been busy over the past month having visited Buderim Men’s Shed to see how they are set up and were very impressed with their operation.

Heritage and ecclesiastical consultants were used to redesign the church while keeping its exterior shape and appearance essentially the same. Whereas the entrance to the church faced Church Street, this has been enclosed and incorporated into a new sanctuary and altar. Eventually, stained glass windows will be fitted at the altar end. The small entrance sometimes made it difficult to fit coffins through the door and accommodate large bridal parties, Fr Franklin explained.

The Men have also just completed their first Community project building a patio roof.

The old vestry has been remodelled into three rooms – a vestry, a room for hearing confessions and a storeroom. Toilets have been added at the rear. A new foyer is accessed by two new entrances, one from the church car park, where disabled access is provided, and the other off Mountain Street. The galvanised iron roof has been replaced and the building restumped. Pages furniture factory at Pomona has been given the task of shortening the pews. At the same time, they are being sanded and varnished a honey colour. Fr Franklin said the church would be painted in heritage colours of dark red for the roof, a yellow exterior and emerald green trim. “We have tried to redesign and restore St Patrick’s in a way that respects its heritage value and allows for it to service the congregation for another 90 years,” Fr Franklin said. “It is good for the Pomona community generally to see one of the town’s significant buildings restored.”

The next project will be building a wood fired Pizza Oven next to the new patio so look forward to seeing and smelling the beautiful Pizzas we will be cooking. Negotiations are still under way with Council to secure the use of half an acre of their 165 acre block on Yurol Forest Road to build our 18x15x5m shed. The photo also shows the new solar panels which will supply power to the Lawson Shed and the Community House in turn cutting power bills significantly with the savings being used for Community Programs. Please contact Pomona Community House if you are interested in becoming a member of the Pomona Men’s Shed. Contact John or Brian on 5485 2427.

The St Patrick’s catholic parish has about 130 active members and is growing, according to Fr Franklin. “The old church accommodated about 145 people, making for a tight squeeze whenever large funerals or weddings were held. The redesigned St Patrick’s will allow for 160 people to be seated, with extra seating capacity available in the foyer. Construction work is being supervised by Mr Tony Harmer of Sunrise Builders. Wherever possible, local tradespersons are being used.

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Pomona Pacers

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment! It makes a lovely change from the rain we have had for most of the year. Although we start off our walks at 7.00 am feeling the cold, we soon warm up. We meet every week day in front of the Pomona Community House. The most popular day is Wednesday, as we go for coffee after our walk. Things are starting to dry out and we have walked the path to the base of Mt Cooroora which is now in good condition. It is hard to imagine that athletes can run to the top of the mountain and back in a little over 20 minutes. We take at least that long to walk to the base. We have had two Moon Walks in July, both with reduced numbers but both of which were excellent with clear skies and beautiful moons to look at. The next Moon Walk is on Tuesday 28 August. We do not have any in September as the one after that is on 2 October. Our Moon Walk at Noosaville begins with a meal at Tewantin Noosa Golf Club (optional) followed by a walk along the Noosa River in the moonlight. Partners, family and friends are most welcome. We wish our sick and injured members a speedy recovery. For more information, phone Assunta on 5485 2935.

Kin Kin Creations Market in the Noosa Hinterland 1st Sunday of each month 10am to 2pm If you would like a stall please email or phone 5485 4248 or 5485 4402 Only $10 or $15 for shared or food stall Find us on Facebook Over 40 stalls - homemade, home grown produce and second hand treasures. Food, entertainment and workshops for adults and children. Great Outdoor market - this happens rain or shine! 6

Using the FAST test involves asking three simple questions:

Face - Check their face. Has their mouth drooped? Arms - Can they lift both arms? Speech - Is their speech slurred? Do they understand you? Time - Is critical. If you see any of these signs call 000 straight away.

Cooroora Connect

Our next gardening group dates:


Friday 17 August & 31 August

@ Pomona & District Community House


1 Memorial Ave, Pomona Come along, make new friends, learn about food. Improve your health, grow and eat the rewards.

Tuesday evenings Monthly 4 September 2012 – 7.30pm (please arrive early for your appointment)

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Ph: 5443 7827 Enquires PH: 5485 2427

Suncoast Community Legal Service provides Family & General Law ADVICE & REFERRAL SERVICES ** A $5 donation is appreciated to help this service continue **


* Horse Events * Dog Show * Showjumping * Sheep Sheering * Wood Chopping * Rider on Mower Racing Display * Veteran Car Display * Craft Display * Art Displays * Honky Tonk Rodeo * KC Fireworks * Phil Butterworth * Adrenaline Dance * Australian Institute of Country Music including Aiming High & Disbanded

Are you eligible for Tax Help? You are eligible for Tax Help if your income is around $50,000 or less for the income year and none of the following situations applied to you in the income year 2010-11:  you were employed as a contractor - for example, a contract cleaner or taxi driver  have an ABN Number  were in business, including being a sole trader  sold shares  sold an investment property  owned a rental property  received royalties  received distributions from a trust other than a managed fund  received foreign income other than a foreign pension or annuity.

With Tax Volunteer Brenda White At Pomona Community House On Thursdays

Locals Supporting Locals - Pomona Community House Funded by Department of Communities


Tom and Zaia Kendall head the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast Life is simple when you live simply My husband Tom and I live with my 11 year old son in a small Queenlander on the Sunshine Coast. Our property is 34 acres, which we have converted to a Permaculture Demonstration site. We now run Permaculture and Self Reliance courses on the property. Tom comes from a farming background. When he grew up there was no money or time (or a phone) to call someone when something broke down. So he learned from a very early age to fix things himself with whatever was available. He also learned that everything can become a resource, and knows what to look out for. A lot of people we know call us and ask us whether we would like something they are about to throw away. We hardly ever say no. Everything may have a use sometime. I have a passion for cooking and food processing. I love living simply because it makes my life simple. This lifestyle wasn't something I consciously set out to live, but it has become very satisfying. The first thing was not having a television. Television, the drug of a nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation (to quote some wise words from a song from the eighties...) We watch a movie on occasion, but we do not watch commercial television at all. This frees up all this time to follow your passions, read, spend time together or learn something. We hardly buy any food. I may buy some organic tomato sauce if we do not have enough tomatoes and some coconut cream, but our meat, most of our fruit and vegetables are all home grown. At the moment we cook on natural gas, but there are plans to make a biodigester for the manure created on the property, so that we can cook with methane gas in the future. In winter we mainly cook on the wood stove, which heats the house as well. Our water is heated by a solar hot water service which we were able to buy cheap second hand because it had a crack in it. Tom fixed the crack and it works beautifully. If we do not have any sun for a few days, we light the booster, which is a wood fired system made up by Tom. We live a fair way out of town, so unfortunately still need the car to get us places. We try and only use the car when we have a number of things we need to do, lists are made over time and taken when we need to go into town. We try and re-use / recycle everything on the property. We make our own compost, fertiliser and mulch and try to have as minimal outside input as possible at this stage. We are aiming for less all the time, it is a process that may take a little time though. We catch most of our own waste and compost it or keep it for later use. We have found that life becomes simple when you live simply. There is so much joy to be found in life, and that only becomes evident when all the other outside stuff is not there. Hands in the soil, making and eating your own food is so rewarding, both mentally and physically. We cannot be self sufficient without a community, so we would never claim to be self sufficient. Fossil fuels are still used, so we are a fair way off yet. But we try to be as self reliant as possible. Tom services the cars himself, and if anything breaks he fixes it. We grow our own food and deal with most of our own waste. We are responsible for our own water (water tanks), including drainage and retaining of water. If money runs out tomorrow we will still be able to feed ourselves. That is a comforting thought. We are so passionate about our lifestyle and how it empowers us, we now run courses on the property, including a Permaculture Design Certificate, Self Reliance Skills, Earthworks and Sustainable Building. We also run a 10 week Permaculture Lifeskills Internship for people who are keen to live it. We aim to provide education for truly sustainable living to affect world change. It is wonderful to see people empowered after doing a course with us, realising that they can do things themselves. I am a firm believer in being the change I want to see in the world. Life needs to become simpler if we want to be able to live on this planet for a few more generations. We can only start with ourselves. Tom and Zaia Kendall head the Permaculture Research Institute Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia and run regular permaculture and self reliance courses and internships. Visit their website to find out more about them, what they do and the courses they run at


Cooroora Connect

Bookings Ph: 54471766 26 August & 26 September

Time: 11am - 1pm Bus available for Hinterland Residents **conditions apply**

Cooran Acoustic Night Entry is only $4.00!

Come early if you want to be part of the show for a 7pm start. Cooran Acoustic Night Dates: 1st Sept For further information please contact: Malcolm on 5485 1003 Email: All proceeds go to Cooran Memorial School of Arts

Pomona Pixel People Pomona Community House - Lawson Shed.

Monday **Fortnightly** 13 & 27 August 2012 at 7pm Cost $2 per person **Helpful hints on how to use your camera**

Cooroora Woodworkers Club We are a group of woodworking devotees ranging from beginners to master craftsmen and craftswomen. Our members number over 100 and have varied interests including carving, turning, pyrography, scrollsaw work, the making of boxes, cabinets and musical instruments – to name a few.

Interested in Woodworking? Members of Cooroora Woodworkers Club enjoy many benefits:- Full access to the club's facilities including workshop & machinery - after safety & competence induction. Demonstrations of techniques such as turning. Classes in furniture making and turning. Access to over thirty varieties of Australian timbers. A congenial atmosphere where help and advice is only an ask away.

Visit Our Club Our club welcomes visitors and anyone interested in timber whether it is the woodworking techniques or to see fine items made from different species of Australian timber. There are many items for sale. Opening hours are 8.30am to 12noon every day except Sundays and public holidays .

Club Facilities Our clubhouse, a heritage building is located in the Cooroy Lower Mill complex. Our workshops are sited just next door in what used to be the drying kilns of the old timber mill. A wide range of machinery including lathes, drop saws, table saws, planers, jointers and routers plus a myriad of hand-tools are available to our members. In addition our milling team collects suitable logs from around the district and cuts these into slabs, turning blanks and lumber for use by our members. We welcome new members - please contact PH: 5442 6995

Locals Supporting Locals - Pomona Community House Funded by Department of Communities


NEWS FLASH........

Printing/Copying Prices

Pomona Community House has a NEW

Black/White 20cents per page

Colour Copier......

Colour $2.00 per A3

Colour $1.00 per page A4 Pricing available for bulk copies.

Colour printing & scanning

Newsletters, booklets

available through reception....

price on application.

On Wednesday

ADVERTISE IN COLOUR in Cooroora Connect

1pm to 3.30pm

Colour Business Card 5.5cm x 9cm $25.00 x 4 editions = $100

We play Mah-jong

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Colour 1/2 Page $100 x 4 editions = $400

Community House Cost $2.00 donation


Advertising with Pomona Community House - Cooroora Connect helps fund our community newspaper......


Find us on Facebook



Copy Deadline the last day of the month..... 31 August 2012 Cooroora Connect is also published on Facebook..... check out Pomona & District Community House Facebook Page.

Computer Lessons One on one tuition Cost $2 donation Monday & Wednesday


Pomona Community House

Mon/Wed Donation $2 per visit

Contact 5485 2427

Lawson Shed Hire Contact Heather 5485 2427

Cooroora Connect

Pomona Astronomy Club

A Touch of the Past Antiques

Date: Wednesday 29 August

*Antiques* *Gifts* *Flowers* *Jewellery* *Teddy Heaven* Homemade Cakes Lunches

Coffee Shop

Time 6.30pm to 8.30pm Cost $2 donation Goes to Pomona Community House

5 Reserve Street, Pomona

Ph: 5485 1883

Venue: Lawson Shed Come along & join local enthusiasts

Open 7 Days 7am to 5pm Group Bookings

Contact Cliff PH 5485 1767 after 7pm


BABY HEALTH CLINIC Child Health Nurse Deb Daley This is a free Qld Health Service provided by highly trained health professionals offering contemporary information and relevant support to families. Our Child, Youth and Family Health Team consists of child health nurses, early intervention specialists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and dieticians.

Monday Mornings 9.30 - 12.30pm @ Pomona Community House Ring Noosa Community Health Phone 5449 5944 for appointments POMONA & DISTRICT COMMUNITY HOUSE INC

1 Memorial Ave, Pomona 4568

PHONE: 5485 2427 | FAX: 5485 1702 | ABN: 86 583 189 320 President - Dawn Gwynne

Vice President - Joy Cross

Manager - Brian Lawson

Treasurer - Ben Stoffl

Coordinator - Heather Manders

Secretary - Debbie Schouten

Coordinator - Kathryn Shewring

Cooroora Connect is published by Pomona & District Community House Inc. The material published in Cooroora Connect may be reproduced only with appropriate authorisation & acknowledgment. The views expressed in Cooroora Connect are not necessarily the views of the editor, publisher or Pomona & District Community House.



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PH: 5485 1333

The Boutique Room 18 Reserve Street, Pomona Ph: 0409 948 630 Size 8 to plus sizes Desiger Labels Fashion & Accessories Giftware


PH: 07 5485 2211

Your Local Florist Now Located @ 23 Factory St, Pomona Bigger Than Ever!!


Deliveries Local & Worldwide

Helium Balloons & Gifts

Weddings & Events - Accessories For Hire

Floral Bouquets For All Occasions

Floral Workshops

Cooroora Connect

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