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My baby's starting kindergarten! In honor of the occasion, I want to share some of Usborne's BEST resources for kindergarten (and preK) skills and prep!

Important Things to Note

No matter the reason, Usborne has you covered with our half-price replacement policy! Shipping is only $6 on orders up to $75, and 8% on orders over that. Click any bold purple text for more info or any book cover image to see it on the shopping page or to buy.

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Learning to Read Many people aren't aware that Usborne has their own AWESOME learning-to-read system, designed especially to help children gain confidence and read independently. The best thing about these is they use shared reading (simple text for the kiddo, more advanced text for the adult or other confident reader), which allows the stories to be a little more engaging than “cat sat� type of books. Here's a comparison of my two favorite choices.

Additional Reading Support A great next step for learning to read is our PHONICS READERS. Each of these silly, rhyming stories provides lots of opportunities to practice the targeted phonemic sound. Available individually...

or check out the box set or combined volumes for an incredible value!

Click                       here                     to see inside the learning to read sets, phonics readers, and some other great early reading choices!

Our DUAL READERS keep with the shared reading concept introduced in our reading sets. They include a simplified line of text at the top of the page, and a longer, more complex block of text at the bottom of the page. Bonus: if you only read the top line of text on each page, the stories still make sense. And remember that “First Experiences” customer special I’m so excited about? All 8 books in that set are dual readers!!

See them in action here!

Additional Reading Support Once your child is reading, keep up their confidence with our READ WITH USBORNEÂ leveled readers! Not only are they a bargain at $3.99, but they will keep your child engaged with their charming stories and illustrations. Level 1 is for new readers, Level 2 for developing readers, Level 3 for confident readers, and Level 4 is a bridge to chapter books.

Flap Books for Basics Did you know that kids are more likely to remember information given in flap-book form? The action of looking under the flap engages their brain more fully, helping them  to retain the information. Pretty cool, huh? Help your child master the basics with lift-the-flap books! Whether your child need to work on colors, numbers, or shapes, or is ready for more complex subjects like math, opposites, or words, flap books are the WAY TO GO with learning!  See them in action here!

Click here to browse our entire selection of flap books

Fine Motor Skills Your kiddo is going to do a lot of writing in kindergarten. Writing, drawing, cutting, coloring, and even stickers all provide great practice. WIPE-CLEAN books are one of my favorites, and we have a HUGE variety! These are awesome to use on car trips, plane rides, doctor office visits, and restaurants, too. 

We also have awesome DRAWING and COLORING books. It’s important to focus on both coloring within the lines to develop fine motor control and free drawing to feed their creativity! And, as the name implies, our CUT & COLOR PLAY BOOKS provide cutting and coloring practice in one neat package.

Click here to see one of our Cut and Color Play Books in action!

Learning Palette The goal is to make learning fun, right? Well, the LEARNING PALETTE helps to turn math and reading practice into a game that’s hands-on, non-electronic, and self-correcting. The best part? It’s made to grow with your child all the way up through 4th grade math. Begin with the kindergarten math center, kindergarten reading center, or kindergarten starter kit (which covers numbers and sequencing), and add on expansion packs as needed!

See it in action here!

Spanish Books For those of your whose child is going into Spanish Immersion, Usborne has several wonderful first Spanish word books to choose from! Plus, there was recently a BIG announcement regarding our Spanish language offerings. Beginning with the January 2019 catalog, Usborne Books & More will begin to offer an extensive selection of our amazing books in Spanish!! Perfect timing for all the SI families!

Social Skills Sometimes we focus so much on the reading and writing and arithmetic that we forget that our kids need to be prepped socially and emotionally, too. One of the best ways to help children process their feelings and work through new situation is through stories and play. From making friends, to understanding the perspective of others, to conquering fears, to being inclusive, the titles below are sure to become family favorites while also expanding your kiddos social/emotional skill set.

Peek inside some favorites here!

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Usborne Books & More for Kindergarten  
Usborne Books & More for Kindergarten