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Lisbon’s Hostels There is an old joke about a traveller who arrives in Lisbon and, inspired by the cosmopolitan air of this old rejuvenated city, only gets to know one part of it: the hostel where he is staying. And it is this hostel that makes him return again to discover the rest of the city. ferent ambiances. Characters from films inhabit the common areas and accompany the tourists as they relax. Internet, magazines in various languages, films and games are available, as well as a kitchen, inviting people to share. Besides the friendliness and hospitality of the staff, the aim was to create a family atmosphere of the “feel at home” variety. At Goodnight Backpacker’s Hostel and Traveller’s House, right in the centre of Baixa, the atmosphere is young and carefree, ideal for making friends and exchanging experiences about the city. They are also equipped with large, well decorated lounges

Traveller House


that provide all the services you could need. If what you are looking for is more of an inspiring experience, then don’t miss the lively Lisbon Poets Hostel,

his story could only take place in that parallel

housed in a restored building parts of which date back

world inhabited by tourists and travellers. But

to the 17 th century. The wonderful location in Rua Nova

little by little it is getting truer!

da Trindade will free your inner poet.

The simple B&B is a thing of the past. Since 2005, Lisbon

But if the idea was to write that bestselling life story,

has become home to some of the world’s finest hostels.

with romantic and mysterious Lisbon as your backdrop,

And they offer much more than just bed and breakfast.

then you can’t miss the “O Escritor” bedroom at the

Staying at a hostel means enjoying a rich and exciting

Lisbon Story Guesthouse (very much in the style of Wim

experience for somewhere between 18 and 35 euros.

Wenders), a fuchsia-painted luxury room with four wide

There is a new generation of travellers which wants

windows overlooking Rossio and a typewriter, of course.

more than just a place to sleep. These new places afford

This guesthouse also has other themed bedrooms that

comfort, quality and irreverence using ‘common areas’

will open a door into the spirit of Lisbon without you

to create a happy and festive atmosphere where differ-

ever having to leave your room: the lacy darkness of

ent languages and cultures can mix.

the “Fado” room, the clear blue of the “Tejo” room, the

Old buildings hide luxury interiors right in the centre of

colour of the “Festas Populares” room, the hardships

the city. Two jewels of the hostel world, both belonging

and joys of the “Bairros Populares” room and, it goes

to Mário Alexandre, stand out. Lisbon Lounge Hostel and

without saying, the incomparable whiteness of the “Luz”

Living Lounge (the latter deemed Europe’s best by the


New York Times) are the utmost exponents of the “bou-

After staying at one of these hostels, after meeting the

tique hostel” genre. More than the modernity and the de-

people who pass through and are enthralled by the

sign, it is their unique artistic creativity that surprises.

hospitality and interaction that define these places, you

Themed dormitories and bedrooms evoke figures from

start to understand how difficult it really is to put on your

Portuguese history (Amália and Pessoa) and create dif-

shoes and go out. •

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