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Founded in 1944, the Lawson Academy of the Arts at Converse College offers quality instruction in music and dance with an excellent faculty, in a professional yet nurturing environment. We serve over 1,000 families each year and encourage students of all ages from preschoolers to adults to join us. The Lawson Academy also functions as a “lab school,” introducing Converse music students to the experience of teaching. This experience crosses over to the full arts spectrum during the summer when college students staff our Fine Arts Day Camp. They teach classes in visual arts, creative writing, music, dance, and theatre. In addition, our Lawson Band and smaller chamber ensembles provide wonderful collaborative opportunities for students. The Lawson Academy affords the opportunity for Converse College and the Spartanburg community to share in a wonderful learning experience. Join us! Staff: Paula Morgan, Director Sharalynn Hicks, Assistant Director Janae O’Shields, Director, Fine Arts Day Camp Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30 am–4:00 pm 864.596.9022 or Fine Arts Day Camp: 864.596.9607 or

Member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education since 1984 National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) accredited

2013-2014 Schedule Fall Registration

Fall Semester

August 19–30, 2013; 8:30 am–5:00 pm

September 3, 2013 – January 17, 2014

Spring Registration

Spring Semester

January 6–17, 2014; 8:30 am–4:00 pm

January 20–May 16, 2014

Summer Registration

Scholarship Auditions

May 5–16, 2014; 8:30 am–4:00 pm

March 20–22, 2014

Annual Registration Fee: $25 Late Registration Fee: An additional $35 (Fall Semester: after August 30, 2013; Spring Semester: after January 17, 2014) The $25 registration fee and tuition are payable at the time of registration. A plan of two equal tuition payments is optional. There will be a finance charge on all outstanding balances.

Scholarships Audition Dates: March 20 – 22, 2014 Scholarship auditions are held each spring for the following school year. Approximately 60 scholarships are available. This unique program is made possible through the generosity and support of the following individuals and organizations. Alia Lawson Endowment Dorothy Chapman Smith Endowment Henry Janiec Endowment Harrison/Romney Endowment Frankie Humphries Endowment Lloyd and Pauline Sigler Endowment Byrd Austell Thompson Cassibry Endowment James Hilton Junior Endowment Peggy Gignilliat Scholarship of The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg

Music Foundation of Spartanburg Case Brothers of Spartanburg Music Club of Spartanburg Spartanburg Philharmonic Music Club Past President’s Assembly Dorothy Horner Colvin Piano Scholarships Moss and Rosa Lee Miller Guitar Scholarships Mary Wiles Smithey Piano Scholarship Tenzell Barberry Piano Scholarship Spartan Felt Company

The Lawson Academy has established a Student Assistance Fund. Our goal is to build a $25,000 endowment providing annual revenues for students with financial needs. To pledge your support for the Lawson Academy Scholarship Program, please contact Paula Morgan at 864.596.9159 or Please save the date for our Lawson Academy Student Assistance Endowment Fundraiser this year. Join us on Saturday, October 19, 2013 for our Comedy Idol Concert including a Silent Auction and Wine and Cheese Reception.

Dance Program The Lawson Academy of the Arts offers a unique dance experience for both students and parents. We aim to inspire a true love for dance, while maintaining a disciplined approach to proper technique and classroom behavior. Parents will find that our teachers take a personal interest in their children and work to help every student reach their full potential. Opportunities • Classes are offered for students age 3–adults • Typical areas of study include Pre-Dance, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Lyrical Instructors: Sagen Blackwell Class Fees: $100.00 for 16, 30–minute classes $140.00 for 16, 45–minute classes $170.00 for 16, 60–minute classes $260.00 for 16, 90–minute classes 2nd class is half price. Student Teacher: Emily Patterson Fees: $75.00 for 16, 30–minute classes $110.00 for 16, 45–minute classes $140.00 for 16, 60–minute classes Visit our website at to find a complete listing of dance classes for our upcoming semester.

Kindermusik® Classes Kindermusik® is an age-appropriate, developmentally-based program for children combining music and movement to foster development of the whole child. Based on the latest research in child development, musical experiences are provided to stimulate the senses, excite the imagination, and nurture selfawareness. The curriculum fosters spatial awareness and communication skills, and increases social interaction and confidence. All levels incorporate hands-on exploration of age-appropriate instruments. Parents continue to be their children’s most important teachers as they extend the joyful experiences outside the classroom with the CD’s, colorful review cards, and safe, durable instruments included in the At Home materials. Instructor: Sharalynn Hicks Fees: $200 for 14 classes Class: Our Time®

Ages: 18 months–3 years Day & Time: TBA

Young Children’s Piano Class This piano class provides a fun-filled introduction to group piano for beginning students ages 5 – 8 years. Students will explore concepts of rhythm, melody, and harmony in a collaborative setting that incorporates songs, games, basic theory and keyboard experiences. Instructor: Sharalynn Hicks Fees: $285 for 14 classes (Fees include tuition and class/home materials.) Day & Time: TBA

Childbloom® The Childbloom® Guitar Program is a comprehensive musical education program for children between the ages of 5 and 12. It was developed in 1980 by Kevin Taylor, of Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX. The Childbloom® method of music instruction through the guitar is currently the largest program of its kind in the nation. The curriculum used in the Childbloom® Program is comprised of music arranged in parts; the student not only learns solo playing skills, but ensemble skills as well. This enables learning to proceed successfully in groups, thus integrating the young child’s attention span and the adolescent’s expanding social horizon. Taking a lesson from the Suzuki method, parents are encouraged to attend the lesson with their child. Instructor: Michael Miller Fees: $325 for 16 classes Childbloom® Satellite Program: Montessori Academy of Spartanburg For further information, contact Michael Miller at 864.585.5774 or –

Suzuki Classes The Suzuki philosophy is based on natural learning, just as the child learns his or her native language. Since parental involvement is key to the learning process, one parent accompanies the child to each lesson and in turn becomes the home teacher. The studio teacher guides the parent through this process. From the very first lessons, as the student listens to recordings of the music on CD, he or she develops acute listening skills to play by “ear” even before notational reading is mastered. A weekly private lesson and group class combine to make the Suzuki program a complete learning experience. Parents are advised to wait to obtain instruments until after a teacher consultation. Class Ages Instructor Fee Suzuki Piano 4 and up Erin Galloway $273 for 13 lessons Suzuki Piano 4 and up Sharalynn Hicks $360 for 15 lessons Suzuki Piano 4 and up Suzy Smith $384 for 16 lessons Suzuki Violin 4 and up Lyn Acosta $540 for 15 private and 15 group classes Suzuki Violin 4 and up Lyn Acosta $180 for 15 group classes (must be taking private lessons also) Suzuki Violin 4 and up Sharalynn Hicks $360 for 15 lessons Suzuki Violin 4 and up Meredith Pendley $304 for 16 lessons

Don’t miss our Instrumental Petting Zoo! Great for toddlers through elementary age! Saturday, October 26, 2013

Music Therapy Program Individual Music Therapy sessions are offered to children with special needs. A variety of musical experiences is used to improve cognitive, communicative, social and emotional development. Initially, parents schedule an assessment and interview with the Director of Music Therapy to determine a child’s suitability for music therapy. After acceptance into the program, goals are individualized and developed based on the needs, preferences and abilities of each child. Sessions can be designed to improve receptive and expressive language, fine and gross motor skills, attending behavior, basic academic concepts, creativity and musicality. Music Therapy sessions are conducted by Board Certified Music Therapists (MT-BC) or by music therapy students under the supervision of an MT-BC.  Director of Music Therapy: Elizabeth York, PhD, MT-BC Fees: $80 for an Assessment Session $360 for 12, 30–minute individual sessions $480 for 12, 45–minute individual sessions For further information contact Elizabeth York at 864.596.9166 or

Nurturing Preschool Opportunities (Beginning ages will vary with individual programs/studios.) Classes/Lessons Instructor Pre-Dance Classes Sagen Blackwell Emily Patterson ® Kindermusik Sharalynn Hicks Young Children’s Piano Class Sharalynn Hicks Childbloom® Guitar Michael Miller Suzuki Piano Erin Galloway Sharalynn Hicks Suzy Smith Classes/Lessons Instructor Suzuki Violin Lyn Acosta Sharalynn Hicks Meredith Pendley Traditional Piano Holly Barnes Julia Eldred Traditional Violin Jennifer Peters

Instrumental Study BEGINNER PIANO SKILLS Ideal for vocalists and instrumentalists alike! Instructor: Sharalynn Hicks Fee: $225 for 14, 45–minute classes Grades: 10th– adult Day & Time: TBA

POPULAR PIANO CLASS Learn basic piano jazz skills through ear-training, popular harmony and improvisation. Instructor: Annalisa Monticelli Fee: $240 for 16, 45–minute classes Grades: 7th–12th Day & Time: TBA

PRIVATE INSTRUMENTAL LESSONS Fees: s tart at $304 for 16, 30–minute lessons Instrument Violin Viola Cello Double Bass Harp Guitar Banjo/Dulcimer Recorder Flute

Private Instructors Lyn Acosta Erin Byrnes Chastain Mari Hashimoto Sarah Johnson Megan Kemp Meredith Brittingham Pendley Jennifer Peters Linda Sickles Megan Kemp Jennifer Peters Linda Sickles Mindy Burgin Kathy Foster Brenda Leonard Brenda Leonard Anna Grace Bennett Michael Miller Buddy Woodward Buddy Woodward Sureka Amerasinghe Sureka Amerasinghe Miranda Burdette Perry Chris Vaneman

Instrument Private Instructors Clarinet/Saxophone Karen Hill Oboe Jane Patterson Kelly Vaneman Bassoon Frank Watson High Brass George Wenger Low Brass George Wenger Piano Sureka Amerasinghe Holly Barnes Julia Eldred Joy Finch Erin Galloway Karen Hampton Sharalynn Hicks Penny Holt Annalisa Monticelli Paula Morgan Erica Pauly Suzy Smith Carol Starnes Carolyn Turner Organ Brennan Szafron Percussion Matthew McDaniel

Homeschool Scheduling Opportunities 10:00 am–12:00 pm and 1:00–3:00 pm • Individual teacher schedules will be available at registration.

Vocal Study Young Beginner’s Voice Class Instructor: Suzanne Brown Fee: $200 for 16 classes Grades: Kindergarten–3rd Day: Tuesday Time: 3:00–3:45 pm

Intermediate Voice Class

Instructor: Suzanne Brown Fee: $200 for 16 classes Grades: 4th–6th Day: Wednesday Time: 3:30–4:15 pm

SINGERS WITH SKILLS Beginning Theory and Musicianship Discover what the music you sing is made of at its most fundamental level and achieve the skills you need to become a smarter, more confident singer. This class is geared for young singers interested in pursuing a career in music. It will cover basic elements of music theory in a fun, interactive and supportive atmosphere. Instructor: Laura Denney Thomason Fee: $160 for 16 classes Grades: 9th–12th Day & Time: TBA

Private Vocal Lessons Private Instructors: Wendi Arms Luke Browder Suzanne Brown Maurice Burgess Anne Denbow Eranga Goonetilleke Maurice Hendricks Wayne Hobbs Valerie MacPhail Anna McTiernan Leigha Pace Cathy Siarris Laura Denney Thomason Fees start at $304 for 16, 30–minute lessons

Satellite Programs The Lawson Academy offers satellite programs in many area schools, sending our faculty to give private instruction to choral and orchestra students on-site during their ensemble classes. Satellite students are entitled to all privileges of those studying in the Lawson Academy. Registration: All Satellite Programs will register on site. Fees: $300 for 14, 30–minute lessons (exceptions listed below)*

SATELLITE PROGRAM IN DISTRICT 3 Broome High School Vocal Satellite Program Vocal Director: Maurice Burgess Vocal Instructors: Luke Browder Eranga Goonetilleke

SATELLITE PROGRAMS IN DISTRICT 6 Dorman High School and 9th Grade Campus Vocal Satellite Programs Vocal Director: Suzanne Brown Vocal Instructors: Luke Browder Suzanne Brown Laura Denney Thomason Dawkins, Fairforest & Gable Middle School String Satellite Programs String Director: Brenda Leonard String Instructors: Megan Kemp, violin/viola Jennifer Peters, violin/viola Mindy Burgin, cello Brenda Leonard, cello/bass Gable Middle School Vocal Satellite Program Director/Class Instructor: Suzanne Brown *Fee: $120 for 12 classes (Length based on school class schedule)

Satellite PROGRAMS IN DISTRICT 7 Spartanburg High School Vocal Satellite Program Vocal Director: Suzanne Brown Vocal Instructors: Suzanne Brown Laura Denney Thomason *Fee: $250 for 14, 25-minute lessons McCracken Middle School String and Vocal Satellite Programs String Director: Brenda Leonard String Instructors: Jennifer Peters, violin/viola Brenda Leonard, cello/bass Vocal Director: Suzanne Brown Vocal Instructors: Luke Browder Suzanne Brown Laura Denney Thomason *Fee: $250 for 14, 25-minute lessons

Special Satellite Program in District 2 at the Upstate Family Resource Center (UFRC) Join us for the Lawson Academy experience at the UFRC conveniently located for those of you in the Boiling Springs area. Here are the opportunities available to you on site. Registration: August 19–23, 2013 from 9:00 am–5:00 pm. Fees: start at $304 for 16, 30 minute lessons String Instructor: Erin Byrnes Chastain, violin Brenda Leonard, cello Guitar/Banjo Instructor: Buddy Woodward Piano Instructor: Mindy Burgin Erin Galloway, Suzuki/Traditional Vocal Instructor: Laura Denney Thomason Wind Instructor: Miranda Burdette For further information contact Kelley Ezell, Executive Director of the UFRC at 864.578.6013.

Student Teaching Program In 1944, eight Converse students began teaching 38 community students, and the Pre-College was officially born. The student teaching program has grown over the years and continues to be a thriving feature of the Lawson Academy experience today. Each student teacher is required to take a “Private Applied Teaching” (PAT) course under the direction of Converse faculty. This program provides a wonderful opportunity for our young Converse musicians to gain invaluable teaching experience while affording the Spartanburg community quality private study at a very reasonable price. Class/Instrument Converse Faculty Student Flute Student Teacher Julie Tran Clarinet/Sax Student Teachers Emma Ostapeck Chloe Spitzer Saxophone (PAT) Karen Hill Brandon Graves Oboe (PAT) Kelly Vaneman Kelsey Leahy Piano Student Teacher Lechetze Lewis Violin Student Teachers Grace Egan Alexandra Mayes Margaret Walser Voice (PAT) Valerie MacPhail Aimée Dumuchel Ages: 7th – 12th grades Katie Phillips Schedule: Thursdays, Pamela Williamson 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm Voice Student Teacher Rebekah Wertz

Fee $196 for 14, 30 minute lessons $196 for 14, 30 minute lessons $75 – 12, 30 min. lessons $75 – 12, 30 min. lessons $196 – 14, 30 min. lessons $196 – 14, 30 min. lessons

$75 – 12, 30 min. lessons

$196 – 14, 30 minute lessons

Theory, Composition and Music Appreciation Classes/Lessons Beginning or Advanced Theory Composition Song Writing Music Appreciation

Instructor Sharalynn Hicks Carol Starnes Buddy Woodward Brenda Leonard

Day Time Fee TBA TBA $360 for 15, 30–minute lessons TBA TBA $448 for 16, 30–minute lessons TBA TBA $384 for 16, 30-minute lessons TBA TBA TBA

Performance Opportunities Performance opportunities abound at the Lawson Academy. Studio and Department Recitals fill the calendars each semester along with the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC) Festival and Lawson Scholarship auditions. The annual Lawson Series, founded in 2000, presents a wide array of performances and masterclasses which include our annual Lawson Band and Dance Concerts. Our “Shining Stars” concert

featuring top scholarship students is an outstanding favorite. Our Lawson Faculty members present outstanding solo and chamber recitals which inspire their students and engage the Spartanburg community. With 80-90 performances a year, there’s certainly something for everyone!

Lawson Band Program The Lawson Band Program provides a concert band experience to homeschool, public and private school students who do not otherwise have the opportunity to gain invaluable ensemble skills. The band meets for two hours per week with one hour devoted to sectionals and one to full band rehearsal. The annual fee includes twenty-four band rehearsals and two concerts. The Essential Elements 2000 book forms the instructional foundation. Our students are directed by award-winning brass, wind and percussion instructors with many years of teaching experience. The Lawson Academy provides excellent rehearsal space and Daniel Recital Hall in the Petrie School of Music is home to our concerts. Lawson Band Students also have the opportunity to participate in the following activities: • South Carolina Band Directors Association All-State and Region Band, Solo and Ensemble Master Recital Competition • Carowinds Festival of Music • Dickens of a Christmas • Limestone Honor Band Beginning Band: little or no previous instrumental experience required Level II Band: minimum of one year instrumental instruction and/or one year of band experience Level III Band: minimum of three years of instrumental instruction or three years of band experience Level IV Band: minimum of four years of instrumental instruction or by audition Band Director: George Wenger Executive Director: Gena Hammett Sectional Instructors: Scott Keever Frank Watson Converse Liaison: Karen Hill Tuition: $225 per student Materials Fee: $25 per family Schedule: Thursdays, 2:45-4:45 pm — Level IV Band Thursdays, 3:45-5:45 pm — Beginner, Level II, and Level III Bands Registration: August 19–30, 2013 — 8:30 am–5:00 pm, Lawson Academy Lobby New Parent’s Meeting: August 29, 2013 — 7:00 pm, Lawson Academy Recital Hall First Rehearsal: September 12, 2013 For further information, contact Gena Hammett at 864.599.9951 or

Lawson Chamber Program Each year, our faculty members nominate their most talented and dedicated students to participate in our Chamber Program. On receiving these acceptances, trios, quartets, and quintets are formed, coaches are assigned, and rehearsals begin. We also encourage student ensembles from the community to join our program for excellent ensemble coaching.

Chamber Coaching

Fee: $160 for 8 sessions, length varies Faculty: Kathy Foster Jennifer Peters Michael Miller Linda Sickles

Frank Watson

Spartanburg Bella Corda Spartanburg Bella Corda is an ensemble opportunity for young guitarists in the ChildbloomÂŽ Guitar Program. Director: Michael Miller For further information, contact Michael Miller at 864.585.5774 or

Spartanburg Philharmonic Music Club Chamber Scholarship Audition Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exciting Adult Opportunities We invite adult students to join us! We offer private instruction in all areas of musical study. Each semester we hold our “Musical Gatherings,� special evenings for our adult students to get to know each other and perform. In the spring, we schedule Adult Scholarship Auditions for study in the following year. Special dance opportunities are also available. Check our Dance Schedule for further details.

Fine Arts Day Camp The Lawson Academy provides an exciting summer arts program for rising kindergarten through sixth grade students. There are four, two-week sessions running from early June through the first week of August when these campers come together to enjoy daily classes in visual arts, creative writing, dance, music and theatre. As the camp is staffed by fine arts and education majors from Converse College, the cost is “daycare comparable” with early dropoff and extended-stay supervision. This is a wonderful opportunity for young students to enjoy and get to know all of the arts in a nurturing atmosphere. For further information, contact Janae O’Shields at 864.596.9607 or janae.oshields@

Plan Ahead! Session I — A Blockbuster Summer June 2–13, 2014

Session II — The Wild, Wild West June 16–27, 2014

Session III — I Y the 80’s July 7–18, 2014

Session IV — Dream On July 21–August 1, 2014

Don’t miss the special Family Day performances held on the final Friday afternoon of each camp session!

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Lawson Academy 2013-14 Opportunities  

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