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the mighty flexible safety controller Control Logic presents the PSC1 safety controller by Schmersal. It’s a powerful, flexible and scalable solution for all machines making intelligent design a reality.

drive monitoring for up to 12 axes

I/O expansion modules profinet & ethercat communications simple and easy to operate

With an easy programmable platform, modular expandable options and support for up to 272 I/O points, the PSC1 is incredibly compact and equipped to handle multiple communication possibilities. Thanks to its large onboard memory, be able to process up to 3000 instructions, utilising intuitive easy-to-use function block diagrams. The PSC1 safety controller is smart by design and flexible by nature.


for more information call 1800 557 705 or email

industrial. electrical. automation.

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18






IIoT security


ata is considered one of our most valuable resources. With every technology release, there are greater benefits, efficiency and improvements in security. But is it enough? The threat of cyber attacks and disruptions is continually on the rise, so considering what steps we can all take to protect our assets should be a priority.


In this issue we take a closer look at GE’s CPE 100 controller, as well as the latest in drones, VSDs and radio controls. We also investigate the very best in gadgets, plus some handy travel tips, latest sport & gaming calendar and more. Happy reading!

Gavin Grech



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CPE 100 Controller

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You simply can’t get better surge protection

New DC/DC converter by PULS The CD10.241 is a DIN-rail mountable 24V/24V, 10A DC/DC converter of the DIMENSION Series which provides a floating, stabilised and galvanically separated SELV/PELV output voltage. With high efficiency, a small size and a wide operational temperature range, it includes up to 20% power reserves that can be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C. High immunity to transients and power surges plus low electromagnetic emissions and a large international approval package for a variety of applications makes it perfect for nearly all situations.

parts, products and news you need to know about.

in the


Translate foreign language while talking

New and improved from Novaris, the SD MULTIMOV Surge Diverter is designed for lightning intense environments incorporating the latest in metal oxide varistor technology for enhanced handling capability, redundancy and longer life. With a new smaller compact enclosure, percentage active display and active alarm technology that provides fail safe indication of segment failure, thermal overload or overcurrent, the Novaris SD Series MULTIMOV features class-beating capabilities. Now available.

Smart relays for simple automation solutions Now stocked by Control Logic are Relpol’s new programmable relays. A combination of value for money and ease of use for simple applications that require some logic, but not the functionality provided by a PLC. Optional with LCD display and up to 16 inputs, the ‘NEED’ series is surprisingly well priced with free software and is suitable for light, gate and pump control applications.

A new device just went on sale that delivers translations to your ears almost instantly, as you speak. The device Lingmo Translate One2One is like a real world Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Well, this is no leach-like fish, it is an ordinary looking earpiece powered by IBM’s supercomputer Watson, that translates anything in a matter of three to five seconds and plays it back to you. Both the people in the conversation need to be wearing the earpiece, and the device currently works with English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Chinese. The best part about the device is that it does not need to connect to your phone so you can use it in remote locations without draining your phone battery, and even when your phone is inaccessible or has died. The founder of Lingmo, Danny May said, “As the first device on the market for language translation using AI that does not rely on connectivity to operate, it offers significant potential for its unique application across airlines, foreign government relations and even not-for-profits working in remote areas.”

Charge your phone in seconds Can you imagine fully charging your mobile in just a few seconds? Researchers can, and they took a big step toward making it a reality with their recent work unveiling of a new battery electrode design. Drexel University researchers have developed two new electrode designs, using MXene material, that will allow batteries to charge much faster. The key is a microporous design that allows ions to quickly make their way to redox active sites. Eventually, car, laptop and mobile-phone batteries will be capable of charging in seconds or minutes - not hours.


CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18


Your personal x-ray using Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor Fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming superman! Using Walabot DIY’s 3D imaging sensor, peek through walls to locate wires, studs, pipes and even people! The sensor magnetically attaches to your smartphone and works in tandem with the Walabot app to help you see what an unaided human eye can never perceive. Walabot DIY was first developed for the medical industry for Small but powerful NMI approved energy meter breast cancer screenings but now has been The CETA PMC-220 NMI approved single-phase multifunction energy marketed as a multi-purpose device. View meter is DIN rail mountable, has a unique compact construction, 63A structures in your wall and provide a general direct current input and high accuracy measurements. Self-powered picture before switching to Images Mode, NM appr I and no tools required for installation, the PMC-220 complies with the to identify the objects behind the wall. Lastly, oved IEC 62053-21 Class 1 kWh Accuracy Standard. With the standard Raw Mode helps you track the exact location of pipes or wires, or even rodents. See through RS485 port and Modbus RTU protocol, the PMC-220 becomes a vital component of any intelligent Energy Management System. cement, drywall & wood up to 4 inches thick.

Enclosure air conditioners The Pfannenberg DTS-8000E is a completely new generation of enclosure cooling that represents a quantum leap in terms of costeffectiveness and energy efficiency that provides longer component life, flexibility and ease of use. It features an independent temperature display system and optional pre-filter to protect against dusty or oily environments. Now stocked.

Fitness watch? Fitness ring!

Modular Ex e local control boxes R. STAHL Series 8040 local control boxes modular design provides flexibility to ensure it perfectly suits your requirements. Simply choose 1, 2 or 3 gang versions with any combination of indicator lamps, control switches, emergency stop and many more. The enclosures are available in glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin and are available in different sizes. Customisation is also available.

Economical wiring duct Klemsan’s proven high quality cable duct range is available in all popular profile widths of 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and 150mm. Key features include ergonomically designed duct covers that are easily mounted and dismounted; upper score line allowing easy removal of the ribs as a result of 90-degree bending; lower score line allowing for easy splitting of wiring duct base and wall; dovetail style rail within the duct providing easy mounting of wiring duct accessories such as cable clips and cable tie mounts inside the duct; and a special rib pattern design and narrow finger spacing enabling better wire entry management.

There are two main problems with modern fitness trackers: they constantly need to be charged, and they look obvious and ugly. Introducing the Motiv ring... It’s designed to be worn 24 hours a day, and lasts 5 days on a single charge. The Motiv ring is a heart rate sensor, fitness tracker, and sleep tracker, and it’s about the size of a wedding band. Motiv has been working on the ring for the past five years to make it as small and slim as possible while still counting your steps, tracking your runs, and helping you get a sound sleep. Potential game changer!

Next craze: mind-controlled toys The next generation of toys could be controlled by the power of the mind, thanks to new research. Led by Professor Christopher James, Director of Warwick Engineering in Biomedicine at the School of Engineering, the development of electronic devices are activated using electrical impulses from brain waves. Remotecontrolled cars and helicopters, toy robots and racing sets could all be controlled via a headset, using ‘the power of thought’. Sensors in the headset measure the electrical impulses from the brain at different frequencies. Each frequency can be somewhat controlled, under special circumstances. This activity is then processed by a computer, amplified and fed into the electrical circuit of the electronic toy.

Evapolar 2: Your personal air conditioner This toaster-sized portable air conditioner Evapolar 2 is the result of a successful launch of ‘Evapolar’ that was 12 times more energy efficient than any split-system. This time around, it’s even more efficient, using less than 10W of power, a large1.5L spill-proof water tank, aerodynamic fan blades that maximise airflow and reduce noise, and the option of app control. It’s also fully supported by smarthome devices such as Google Home. It can be easily powered by USB to have it sit on your desk at work.

ABB launches their most advanced Vacuum Cast Coil (VCC) dry-type transformers yet Claimed as their most technologically advanced vacuum cast coil (VCC) transformers available, ABB says its design is enough to support extreme conditions present in chemical processing, extra heavy traction and heavy industrial applications. Almost maintenance free, the VCC dry-type transformers require less space and civil work, with special safety features such as fire detection not required. Being completely moisture proof, it operates perfectly in humid (95%+) or heavily polluted environments and can be installed closer to the point of consumption to reduce cable load losses due to low thermal and dielectric aging. Additionally these transformers are capable of withstanding the most severe of rolling and vibrating conditions.


IIonTd t h e

y t i r u sec GS a

Figure 1a

o f THIN

GE Field Agents enables users to connect to and utilise GE’s Predix Platform to easily collect and analyse industrial data to uncover insights that improve operations and asset performance. A range of communication protocols, tag capacity and connectivity options makes GE’s Field Agent a great choice for almost any application, even across disparate systems.


s many organisations are discovering, the Industrial Internet has become a huge opportunity for growth and efficiency. To realise this value, operational technology environments need to be connected. With production systems becoming more interconnected, the exposure to cyber incidents increases. Attacks and disruptions on critical infrastructure put reputation, production, people and profits at risk. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has some great attributes with emerging technologies, however the rapid adoption by users and vendors is potentially opening up installations to cyber attack. Whilst a lot of IIoT devices being spruiked are “Vapour Ware” there are some devices already available that have functions and features which have some wonderful attributes and are enabling smarts and information to send/receive data to cloud based platforms - see figure 1a & 1b.

“The rapid adoption by users and vendors is potentially opening up installations to cyber attack.”


CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18


With the rapid adoption of these technologies and the media/ connection methods they use, many fundamental security risks are being overlooked or fundamental protection not employed. Users need to ensure the IIoT does not become the entry point for an intrusion attempt or potentially a desired outcome that ends up being the downfall of greater function. Ethernet and Cellular technologies along with many IT based standards have been adapted, refined and updated to keep up with threat, however deployment is largely different to that of an IT roll out. Instead of mitigating potential risk we must consider a complete lock down and only omit securely proven and robust methodologies, protocols and media to achieve the task without allowing for intrusion.

Figure 1b Red Lion RAM products lead the market in the greatest number of platform integrations, providing greater flexibility to quickly connect to your choice of leading IIoT cloud platforms. The combination of industrial protocol support such as DNP3 and Modbus TCP/IP, reliable cellular communication and easy-to-connect cloud support provides users with a seamless IIoT solution.

Some of the greatest risks we have are usually easiest to eliminate. Getting into a routine, by establishing a change management process on a regular basis can potentially stop most of these risks before they happen. For example, most devices have a default password that should be changed, as well as individual user passwords that should be updated with every employee change and periodically. Additionally the methods or means on how employees enter a system such as VPN, should be regularly maintained and updated. With commercial communication methods adopted, ‘Attack Vector’ (hacker gaining access to a computer/network server to deliver a payload or malicious outcome) or an ‘Attack Surface’ (software environment is the sum of different points where an unauthorised user can try to enter/extract data from an environment) is growing exponentially where risks are numerous and growing. By understanding your devices, systems, employees and methods will assist in preventing any potential cyber attack. The following checklist over the next page may help you prepare!




Simple methods of locking down

Is the device you have FIRMWARE based? If so how do you update it (and why) and what is in play from that vendor to ensure it is not corrupted.


The following are just a few examples:


Is the IT network connected to the Process system?

Staff need to be factored into the Security Risk Assessment process along with policies and procedures that are part of the ICS (Industrial Control System) communications system Change Management process.

If so you will need to consider locking it down so only the essential connections can be made (Historian Servers / Engineering work stations) and all others are broken. Think of BASS statement time or IT doing a SNMP network scan slowing down a process system.



Is there a Virtual Private Network in place?

Is there a Process Wireless Network in place? If so what has been done to lock it down? What processes are in place to keep or review security.


Are you using standard IT Protocols to connect out of the Industrial? If so you should ask yourself why. Will it provide the security you need? Consider if another one way protocol may be suitable instead.


Know your vulnerabilities Most ICS vendors publish known vulnerabilities. These need to be examined and routinely factored into the entire system design and usage.

If so the certificates must be unique, updated, managed and changed out upon employee change.


Staff are the first and last line of defence


Employing what is known as a “Honey Pot� is not a bad thing to do Use a monitored unsecured device with naming conventions in addition to large or vast files of no value. If data is moving from this location, then you have a problem - refer figure 2.

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18



Wireless systems

It needs to be private and heavily encrypted with limited to no transmission beyond the needed workable area. By hiding your network, using the most up-to-date encryption along with smart antenna deployment will require only having to keep up with necessary encryption changes. Don’t forget to update when there are staff changes, especially with direct access to the network - refer figure 3.

5. Figure 4

GE OpShield is an OT cyber security solution that delivers visibility across complex networks, enforcing policy at the protocol command level on the OPTILINX switch

External Network


Figure 2 “Honey Pot method” Anomalous Traffic

Normal Traffic


Shadow Honeypot


Employ a smart switch system

A smart switch system that has protocol monitoring on board looks at the configured transactions, its installed devices, as well as into the protocol itself. These secured protocol switches are few and far between and a level on process security stemming to the IIoT which will be the notification and stopping point for any intrusion, such as a man-in-themiddle (MIM) attack right through to a device/ data substitution attack. Refer figure 4. The good old AIR GAP method

Do you really need to connect your control system to it? What would be best to put into the system. For example a device that has hard firewall and produces data as a slave for collection with intrusion detection may be ideal. It would have no detrimental impact if it was to be removed from the running system.

“Some of the greatest risks we have are usually the easiest to eliminate.”




Figure 5 “Salting method”


Figure 3

ORing IAP-420 + Wifi Access Point


Lock the cabinet/door

An exposed USB port or network connection may seem harmless enough but this openness can be a major entry or corruption point.


Patching and Firmware

With the adoption of modern platforms and methods of communication the firmware and the patching (just like in Windows/ Android/Apple) will need to be kept up-to-date. Not doing so will leave an older device exposed over time. Consider a routine maintenance schedule to ensure the firmware is current as well as how the update of a particular device may require adjustment of another. Consider how this firmware is gathered, and ensure your firmware is secured from source such as a secured log-in site. Double check it’s also embedded within the OEM’s software itself.

Protocols and Encryption

With Ethernet being a standard networking protocol, hard coded protocols such as ProfiNet allow for IPV6 locking and encryption. This will give a base level of security. Beyond that, a simple encryption method can be adopted to ensure data integrity such as “SALTING” the data with itself - refer figure 5.




To find out more or if you need assistance with this topic, contact Control Logic on 1800 557 705 or email



GE CPE 100

controller G

First impressions The CPE100 is aiming to open up new markets for existing and future GE customers by providing all the power and functionality of a mid-range controller at a low-end controller price. The first thing you will notice about the CPE100 is its size. It’s incredibly compact and lightweight only requiring 38mm of DIN-rail space. We were slightly doubtful that something this small was capable of delivering what it promises based on specifications. However looks are deceiving, because it does indeed pack a lot of punch with support of up to 2000 I/O points as well as featuring a 3 port builtin Ethernet switch. In addition this standalone CPU unit has a powerful 1.2GHz processor and 1MB user memory.

at a g



• 38mm width • 3 port b u ilt-in E • therne Builtin t swit R S • -232 s ch Suppo erial p rt for ort a r a protoc nge o f com ols, in • munic cludin Wide ations g PRO tempe FINET rature & DNP * range 3 of -40 º to + 70ºC


“The first thing you will notice about the CPE 100 is its size.”

es Featur

E Automation & Controls have designed a small form factor controller to satisfy the demand for improved asset performance and productivity as well as provide a variety of connectivity options to real-time applications. Enter the CPE100 – a high performance controller that GE boast will enable OEMs to improve performance and flexibility of their machines as well as help reduce size, complexity and costs. Have they succeeded?

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18

Setting up Set up of the controller is easily done through GE’s Lite version of Proficy Machine Edition software. Open vendor protocols such as Modbus/TCP and PROFINET are available which all help to make connecting to third party I/O devices super easy. It uses the same runtime as existing RX3i controllers, which means it can leverage off existing application libraries and templates.


i’d like you to meet... Market & B usiness Developm ent Melbourne office

My specia lty: Technical de velopment Finding solu tions & Adventure

GE customers would already be familiar with its intuitive software and easy-to-follow documentation, but the best part is because it doesn’t require the full Proficy Machine Edition package, you also save a bit of coin.

Call me: 0437 901 36 7

Sarav Martin

If required, an external mini ‘field agent’ device by GE is available allowing data from the CPE100 to be pushed to a cloud so users can remotely view the unit and check status with a controller health check app. When you consider the costs involved in physically visiting remote stations, it’s a nifty cost-saver add-on.

Because there’s an inbuilt three-port Ethernet switch, you will be able to create a redundant I/O ring via Media Redundancy Protocol without the need for an external switch by simply using two of the on board ports to provide worry free operation in case of a cable break or worse. The third port could be connected to either a HMI or SCADA system.

l fineardict v

For the price tag, we think it’s ideal for the cost-sensitive OEM market where companies are always looking to reduce size, but not functionality. The CPE100 provides outstanding flexibility in terms of the type of applications and industries where it can be used. With a DNP3* version on the way which should provide further opportunity in industries such as water, wastewater and power, it satisfies a multitude of industries from small to mid sized application demands. The CPE100 has few competitors when you consider benefits vs price, which is a very impressive thing.

Interviewed by Gray Williams, Marketing Guru, Control Logic headquarters.

With a wide temperature range from -40º to 70ºC, the CPE100 is a robust unit, and more than capable of being used in remote locations where high ambient temperatures are experienced in summer time. GE have thought about security as well, with incorporated technologies such as Trusted Platform Modules and secure, trusted and measured boot. Centralised configuration allows encrypted firmware updates to be executed from a secure central location. There is also built-in security protocols to help protect against ‘man-in-the-middle’ and denial of cyber attacks.



Car lover, mum, and technical whisperer Sarav Martin explains why pushy never gets you anywhere. You meet quite a number of businesses in various industries, is there a reoccurring need/want you think? Undoubtedly relationships, technical aptitude, response times, service, support and operational efficiency solutions tend to be part of every conversation. We are working with highly educated and assertive clients who are well versed in their environments. In turn, they expect professionals with a high degree of understanding without the fluff. Why do you think that is? People are tired of feeling pressured to purchase. Pushy people are definitely annoying. We work in a very technical environment, do you think as an industry we are slow to uptake new technology? There is a greater degree of marketplace awareness, but the level of investment required for the uptake can be high. Consequently those who are well resourced tend to focus on adaption and at a faster pace. A sink or swim reality for sure. So Sarav, what do you find the most exciting aspect of your job? Definitely connecting with people. Being part of a team that delivers solutions with positive outcomes is always a buzz. Speaking of positive, you are well known to be always smiling which is incredibly infectious around the office what gives you energy (& strength) - Tell us your secret! You are too kind. There’s no secret. Stress is only an issue if my mind allows it to be. Life is precious, so it’s better to live life without judgement and have fun. Guilty pleasure? Vino and chilli chocolate! Actually just food in general! I heard you have a backyard venture. Do tell! We are currently restoring an early 80’s ‘Bmer’ 635 coupe, which is in pieces at my hubby’s mate’s panel shop. The finished product will have a naturally aspirated 4-litre V8 Quad cam M60b40 engine. Looking forward for the club run. Very nice! Thanks Sarav.



: s e n d r oood the

the good Drones have the potential to transform the world for the better. Emergency services have started to use them to help people in danger such as coordinating search and rescue missions in remote areas, while the defence and policing industry is exploring how drones can improve security.



d a b & lazy the

Around the world, wildlife conservationists are embracing the technology to monitor animals and any potential threats against them by using drones. Marine biologists are using drones to monitor sea animals such as turtles, in a bid to uncover secrets about their behaviour in the open ocean. It allows scientists to follow them over long distances without disturbing them.


s it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s dynamic remotely operated navigation equipment, more commonly known as a drone. Drones have exploded in popularity this year, with global drone unit sales growing an estimated 60 percent last year to 2.2 million, and revenue grew 36 percent to $4.5 billion. By 2020, it’s predicted the drone market will almost double again to surpass $11 billion.

In South Africa, unmanned drones have been deployed to track suspected poachers to help tackle the number of endangered rhino deaths.

These unmanned devices are everywhere and they can do everything - from saving lives to delivering pizza. But as they have taken off in popularity, the number of problems associated with drones is also on the rise.

the bad

Today drones are no longer only operated by the military, with smaller versions utilised by companies and individuals for a wide range of reasons. We explore the positives and the negatives of today’s drone, and what it means for the future.

Drones also have the power to transform the world for the worse. While they have been used to protect against security threats, they have the capacity to be used as a deadly weapon.

For example a ‘suicide drone’ is believed to have taken place during the recent fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Azerbaijani forces deployed a drone tipped with explosives and crashed it into its target rather than firing a missile. Additionally the number of reported near-misses between drones and planes is on the rise. In the first four months of 2016, there were 15 reported near-misses, according to a Freedom of Information request.

did you know

Then there’s the issue of privacy... While there are current drone laws in place in Australia (there must be at least 30 metres distance from buildings or people), it still doesn’t prevent someone from invading your backyard with his or her 4k cameras.

The world’s smallest live streaming HD Video Drone is the Aerix VIDIUS HD measuring 4.3cmx4.3cmx2.5cm

>> timeline: the history of drones


The US military used kites that had cameras to spy and gather info while taking pictures for the first time.

‘Lightning bug’ and ‘Ryan Firebee’ used as remote combat aircraft - jet propelled drones.




Telsa demonstrates a boat on a pond in New York operated by radio waves.




The Montgolfier brothers in France use unmanned balloons.





Israel and American military start using the ‘Pioneer’ drone for surveillance.

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18


#fact... the lazy Along with the positives and negatives, drones are also used to make all of our lives a lot more efficient - or to make us all a lot lazier.

The voice of Yoda in Star Wars and Miss Piggy in the Muppets were done by the same person.

passenger flights

Delivery is a major one, with Amazon showcasing a prototype drone aimed at Soon in the future we may getting packages to its customers within rely on drones as our main 30 minutes. The drone is part of Amazon’s transportation. The Ehang 184 is future delivery system known as Prime a new electric quadcopter drone Air, where several different drones will be that is large enough to carry a deployed for package deliveries. In 2013, passenger, plus luggage, short Domino’s released footage purporting to distances. The craft takes off and show tests of a remote-controlled pizza lands vertically, can fly up to 450 delivery and in 2014, a Russian pizza chain metres and has a range of 23 delivered by drone. Will we need to leave minutes flight time at a certainly the house at all? not blistering, but not too shabby cruising speed of 100km/h. The Then there’s the real estate market. Drone 184 AAV is currently in testing, technology will provide more ways to view but Ehang says this is definitely properties before we buy them. By 2025, coming to market. If it does, it we will be able to explore the outside of a will mark a whole new level of house that is unreachable, or to check its autonomous travel and make the environment at any time of the day using car look positively pedestrian. remote control.

Ants never sleep - they also don’t have lungs or run out of breath.

When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

French poodles originate from Germany.

the verdict

Do the positives of drones outweigh the negatives? And do we even need them in our lives at all? Depends who you are talking to. Although the technology has been around a very long time, it is only in recent years that their potential to change the world has been explored.

Jellyfish evaporate in the sun. They are 98% water.

The industry with the most to gain is infrastructure, where drones could be employed to collect data in remote areas, such as carrying out inspections on wind turbines, tunnels or bridges. In agriculture, drones could analyse the soil to determine when fields need to be sprayed and whether they are lacking in certain nutrients. From improving safety to cutting costs, there are many benefits to be gained from using drones. Man versus machine? The choice is yours.

Popularity explosion and general use of drones as tech toys. US military drone budget set at $24 billion.

Consumer drone popularity at an all-time high. Drones in near misses with commercial aircraft.





‘The Reaper’ (advanced) drone is used in combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Drones are used for monitoring of climate and the environment.





Nowhere in the Humpty Dumpty Nursery Rhyme does it say that Humpty Dumpty is an egg.

Legalities and ethics in the foreground increases.


now available from Control Logic

1800 557 705 or email

LEVEL SENSOR LMK 808 The LMK 808 plastic submersible probe from BD SENSORS is perfectly suited to measuring levels in water and waste water thanks to its extremely robust capacitive ceramic sensor that requires almost no maintenance. The cable is protected in two ways, with the first housing its surge protection in a detachable probe head and secondly through a rodent resistant cable that has been designed with a steel mesh sheath to prevent damage.


DMP 321

The new DMP 321 Series of industrial pressure transmitters has been developed for pressure ranges from 100 mbar to 600 bar for vacuum, gauge and absolute pressure applications. It incorporates media-isolated stainless steel/silicon sensors and high accuracy through the use of sophisticated digital temperature compensation algorithms. Options include IEC Ex certification for applications in explosion hazardous areas as well as flush-front welded stainless steel diaphragms for hygienic applications.


DCT Series

LEVEL SENSOR LMK 307T Designed for continuous level measurement in water or waste water applications, the LMK307T features a flush mounted ceramic sensor with the ability for simultaneous measurement of level and temperature with separate independent 4 to 20mA outputs. This is sure to reduce maintenance and wiring costs.

The new DCT series of pressure transmitters feature IO Link /I²C and Modbus RTU interfaces. Each interface has its own characteristics. IO Link is a point-to-point protocol based on the standard threewire system with automatic parameter configuration. I²C is a serial data bus technology that supports synchronous master-slave interface for up to 127 slaves. Last but not least the RS485 interface utilises the Modbus RTU communication protocol, for easy integration into many control systems.

shut-up & take my


money! 1 Workhorse Surefly

The Surefly is a two-seater craft which runs on a petrol engine that powers eight independent electric motors. There’s on board batteries as a backup power source as well as an emergency parachute shall things go seriously awry. Range is just over 100km with a flight time of one hour.

2 Apple Homepod A wireless home speaker which promises exceptional sound quality paired with cutting edge A.I, aka, old mate Siri, Apple’s device features spacial awareness which allows it to sense its location in a room before adjusting the audio accordingly. It’s Apple - it will sell!

3 Gramovox Floating Record Player Gramovox has created a great, mid-tier record player and figured out how to make it play vertically and look fantastic while doing it. It’s not cheap at $550US, however it does come with built-in speakers and it’s bound to be a conversation starter.


4 Deus Ex Machina D-Side Motorcycle Tag along in style thanks to Deus Ex Machina’s latest take on the sidecar motorcycle. The custom motorcycle company teamed up with Yamaha to convert their XV960 into a cool retro beach cruiser complete with sidecar and a surfboard partition.

5 Elbow Cassette Tape Player

Featuring a single motorised pulley used to drive the tape whilst a reader and optical sensor sits over the contact area to track speed, the ‘Elbow’ is equipped with a mini-USB port. Be able to transfer the cassette’s audio onto a computer whilst charging the device.

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18

presssuernes& s r o level q u i cikd e gu


ressure and level measurement is a vital component in all production and processing control. However, selecting a sensor for any given application can be extremely difficult when you consider the many variables available to get the result you want.

Before you purchase your next pressure or level transmitter, try and get to know some of them.


Gauge, absolute or differential pressure? Atmospheric pressure, sometimes called barometric pressure, is the pressure within the Earth’s atmosphere. At sea level, the standard atmospheric pressure is 1.01325 Bar in reference to Absolute or true 0 Bar. Measuring pressure ranges would typically require Gauge type transmitters as it is in reference to our atmosphere.

Media Known as Media, this is the liquid or gas of any real world substance that is being measured and probably the hardest aspect of the sensor to ensure compatibility. Time to put on your chemist hat and ensure the Media when in contact with the sensor surfaces and seals will not degrade the sensors structurally or performance, due to a chemical reaction.

Mechanical Mechanical connections come in many forms, for example hydrostatic sensors are made with screwed or flanged process connection for food grade fitting. In other applications they can be submersed in the media and


placed on the bottom of the tank. This type has a cable feeding out the back of the probe to the controls system. There are typically options for this to be a PVC, PUR or FEP cable type, with or without mechanical protection such as a corrugated pipe. To ensure complete compatibility think ahead whether chemicals if any will be involved. Electrical

The Electrical aspect is straight forward as this is normally dictated by the control system. Most commonly used is the 4-20mA, as it has the best resilience to long cable lengths where voltage drop can be an issue.

The HART Communication Protocol (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) is a hybrid analog+digital protocol. It’s most notable advantage is that it can communicate over legacy 4-20 mA analog instrumentation current loops, sharing the pair of wires used by the analog only host systems. This trend is gradually changing to see high-level interfaces such as RS485 Modbus built into the sensors providing even greater cabling distance in excess of 1km. All this can be achieved without any degradation to the measurement signals with multiple other properties read from the sensor as well.


“..think ahead whether chemicals if any will be involved.” Approvals 4

Finally, special environments need careful consideration to ensure the new sensor is not a hazard in highly flammable areas, or whether it will contaminate the media and degrade the safety integrity level to the whole system. Keep in mind that each sensor range has industry specific approvals and certification. For example is it intrinsically safe for gases and dusts for flammable areas? Drinking water certified approved? Shipping approvals for marine applications? The list literally goes on and on.


If in doubt, ask a Control Logic industry professional – get the right fit for your specific application first go.


5 A

dvancements in technology have considerably improved the way we work, and interact with equipment. An example is the remote control, which has seen leaps and bounds of improvement. We have prepared some considerations for you, keeping in mind that safety and ‘wireless’ are not always mutually exclusive to each other. environment

the safety system Safety remote controls are designed for the control of industrial equipment deemed to be a machine safety risk to the operator or other personnel in the direct vicinity. This could be a fixed plant, mobile equipment, or any situation where the operator is required to work closely with the equipment. They may find they are at risk of injury or death if the system fails or operates in an unexpected manner.

WIRELESS E-STOP RadioSAFE Series The RadioSafe Series is a radio wireless E-Stop device that ensures personnel are protected at all times when performing maintenance and or adjustments to automated machines or production lines. It provides the peace of mind that an operator or maintenance person can shut down the machine in an emergency no matter what the situation from where ever they are at that time.

Safety remote controls are designed to reduce the risk of unexpected operations and failures. It may include circuitry and radio systems that self-monitor and fail-to-safe. These mechanisms allow the control system to meet the requirements of the Australian machinery safety standard AS 4024.1

REMOTE CONTROL Moka Series With the option of having 2 or 3 joysticks or 6 levers and 4 to 16 function buttons, the modular multifunction operator module is customisable to suit. There are an additional 2 navigation buttons including start/validation and stop with up to 6 different button types available. The series is IP65 rated, and features a plug-in rechargeable battery and a screen to assist in setting up parameters, selections, validations and look-up.

now available from Control Logic

1800 557 705 or email 16

As a radio Safety System needs to maintain a continuous radio connection to ensure its integrity, it is very important to consider the physical environment as the highest priority when planning deployment. Objects such as trees, masonry, buildings, and other physical structures, particularly steel ones, are some of the most common sources of interference resulting in a lost signal and system shutdown.


Transmission System

Featuring 10 logic inputs and an emergency stop input, the wireless transmission system is capable of 64 radio frequencies on 433MHz standard range or 25 with extended range. There’s also an additional 6 static outputs and 3 safety outputs with the option of infrared startup validation.

REMOTE CONTROL Gama Series Depending on your application, choose from 6 or 10 function buttons that includes 2 navigation buttons and start and stop as standard. These robust ergonomic operator modules by Jay Electronique are customisable for safety radio remote control. With the option of up to 3 different buttons, the Gama series features a screen for parameters settings and selections, IP65 transmitter and a plug-in rechargeable battery. Be able to charge the whole transmitter or battery alone.

product brief

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18

the application

The density of the materials used in a building’s construction determines the number of walls the RF signal can pass through and still maintain connection. Concrete and steel walls are particularly difficult for a signal to pass through, and often will weaken or at times completely prevent radio signals. Other sources of interference to consider include Electrical interference from devices such as Variable Speed Drives, High Voltage Cables or large Electro-mechanical devices. The impact that electrical interference has on the signal depends on the proximity of the electrical device such as a radio signal path. Advances in technology and in electrical devices have reduced the impact on wireless transmissions but smart planning still remains the best solution.


In most cases, there is little understanding behind the technicalities of a wireless interface, it’s just a desire to have a ‘wireless’ solution. However if you look at the bigger picture, there is more to it than just going ‘wireless’. Think about the following points and how it relates to your application. It may save you time, money and a future headache. •

What distance to transmit over. Note: Keep in mind you will need to see the entire working area when resetting the safety circuit

What do you want to control and will controlling more create more value, or deliver more information back to the operator?

Battery life, how long does it need to run for?

Is it a Hazardous environment? Will you require IECEx certification for the controller, transceiver or both?

What type of equipment needs to interface? Are relay outputs, transistor outputs, analog outputs, a communications bus or combinations of these required?

Power supply voltages & the available space for the installation

Think about the Antenna location to give the best coverage of the area the operator will move in

“Advances in technology have reduced the impact on wireless transmissions.”

ergonomics When selecting a radio remote control for a machine, there are a number of ergonomic factors to consider, and relate to both the operator’s perspective and the physical system itself. •

What form-factor is appropriate? A handheld controller, a “belly-box” (a controller worn around the waist) or a fixed control panel?

What actuators suit the commands that must be given and provide the best, most intuitive feel to an operator? What are your choices? It could include single and 2-speed pushbuttons, levers, switched and fully proportional joysticks, toggle latch switches, potentiometers and key switches.

system integration The interfacing of the remote control to existing equipment may be utilised through a number of methods. The safety system would need to be hard wired, however everything else could be any or all of the following; Communications Bus such as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/ IP, Ethernet IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, CANopen, EtherCAT or Powerlink. Relay or analog control such as joysticks of levers and pulse output such as a transistor. The automation control system can also feed information back to the remote operator interface via the screen and allow the operator to see parameters such as analog values, counts, loads, alarms, status and warnings. The consideration of these factors could take your next remote control application from a simple stop/start remote to a truly integrated control system that offers real value to your end user.


are you getting value for money ?

Apparent power (kVA)

Reactive power (kVAR)

Real power (kW)

cut power bills with power factor correction Control Logic partner with ABB to offer a turn-key no upfront payment solution to eliminate poor power factor penalties.

avoid penalty charges improve energy efficiency increase service life and load capacity no upfront

payment solution

With network tariff changes affecting many businesses, you could be paying a substantial increase in your electricity costs. Under new network tariffs, charges are now calculated in kilovolt amperes kVA (real power kW + reactive power kVAR) with those deemed to have a poor power factor being charged for the reactive power they draw from the network. Ask us how to improve your power factor utilising a cost-effective solution that delivers long term savings for your business.

WASTE NOT. SAVE A LOT. for more information call 1800 557 705 or email

industrial. electrical. automation.

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18



veyor requirenm ents

machine safety afety

Aram Dehghani


Conveyors that are installed above or underground and their necessary controls against the hazards to the operators and others within the plant are covered by this standard. General safety required for large and small conveyors and conveyor systems is also covered.

SAFETY CONTROLLER PSC1 Series The new PROTECT PSC1 is a programmable compact safety controller that can support up to 272 I/O points, monitor 12 axis systems and features enough memory for up to 3000 instructions. It’s suitable for small basic functionality machines right through to large complex machines. The compact controllers support communication protocols like ProfiNet, EtherCAT and EtherNet IP. The PSC1 boasts an intuitive easy to use function block diagram programming environment which automatically generates a wiring diagram for all the devices connected to it to dramatically reduce engineering time.


ining s

he general requirement applicable to all conveyor systems is the AS/NZS 4024.3610 standard. It should be used in conjunction with other standards in the series depending on the type of conveyor used. For example, a bulk material handling conveyor will need to comply with both the AS4024.3610 and AS4024.3611 standards for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the conveyor system.

When accessing safety critical functions such as the emergency stop, interlocking, bearing temperature probes or protective stop controls, it’s important that risk management practices are applied to determine the required risk reduction level. This includes determination of safety categories or performance levels for all conveyor systems.

So what are the differences between the superseded AS4024.1755 and the current AS4024.3610? We have listed 6.

The principles and requirements of the AS 4024.1 series of standards is utilised to protect operators and other people from harm relating to health and safety by eliminating or minimising the lifecycle risks associated with conveyor systems.

1. Risk Management concepts are included 2. Specific hazards relating to conveyors are discussed

The AS4024.1501 standard will apply for the safety category (CAT) while performance levels (PL) falls under AS 4024.1503 for functional safety. Control operated systems, which remotely isolate conveyor drives shall also be designed in accordance with either the required category or performance level according to these standards.

3. 4. The standard is harmonized with the AS Guarding requirements are updated

5. 6.


ra e n e g c


4024 series of Standards

Lifecycle management of conveyors is included, and;

Electrical requirements and conveyor risk controls are updated

Aram Dehghani




Designed for safety circuit monitoring, the RSS260 series is a non-contact RFID safety sensor for hinged, sliding or removable guards. It uses specifically coded, passive RFID tags in the actuator for enhanced tamper resistance, and longer life. The sensor tolerates misalignments up to 10mm, and accepts two approach directions when mounting. In addition to LED error indication and serial diagnostics for use in various networks, you’ll be able to connect up to 31 safety devices in series without loss of signal or safety level with a Schmersal safety controller.

Featuring a motorized bolt lock and integrated RFID electronic safety sensor, the AZM400 is designed for machines and work cells in hazardous areas. The bolt lock secures the machine guard until dangerous conditions, which may exist immediately after removal of power has abated. The RFID sensor and motor drive locking bolt is contained within the main switch body, which fits into a hole in the actuator block with the matching RFID target. Once locked, the solenoid bolt provides a holding force of 10,000N making it suitable for heavy doors.

product brief

With over 20 years of safety experience, Aram Dehghani is a Safety Consultant at Control Logic’s Safety Services division. A Control Systems engineer, he holds a TUV certification for functional safety of machinery specialising in the design, installation, commissioning and validation of safety control systems including risk assessment and hazard analysis. Book an appointment with Aram by calling Control Logic on 1800 557 705.

DuplineSafe Safety over long distances DuplineSafe is a safetyorientated field bus system for the transfer of messages and commands designed especially for reliable signal transfer over long distances. Schmersal now offers Pull-wire emergency stop switches, Belt Alignment switches and a light compact emergency stop pushbutton and enclosure that all support Dupline, making it ideal for heavy industry environments.

now available from Control Logic

1800 557 705 or email 19

a j n i n -s ty leg trainin

is a



hannel 9’s recent success of Australian Ninja Warrior is not only convincing more Australian’s to return to the gym, but ninja style training seems to be gaining popular momentum. Because pumping weights is so 2010s. When the program originally aired, it drew 1.68 million viewers in the five major metro markets and 2.3 million across Australia. That makes the program, which evokes memories of simpler challenges of yesteryear such as the 1980s It’s a Knockout and Gladiators from the 1990s, the highest-rating non-sports program of the year.

athletes, regardless of gender or body type compete on exactly the same course that is set up in such a way that you can make a fairly safe bet that a shorter athlete won’t make it to the end.

ninja tr




In the Australian heat episodes, 50 competitors attempted the course with 18 people who got the ‘farthest and fastest’, either by completing the course Entertaining or making it through the most obstacles in the least time. The grand final proved The commentary so difficult that no-one managed to helps. It mirrors the finish. Only 8 competitors made it past style of calling we usually the first stage. We’ve discovered that associate with the football most fail at some point, as they attempt codes, balancing explanation with to move up through increasingly difficult talk of tactics as though we’ve courses to eventually face against Mount been watching for years. Within 20 Midoriyama – a super difficult vertical minutes of watching the first episode, obstacle course that’s rarely been we were all screaming at competitors beaten. In fact only 7 people in the world to use the rope as leverage to get the have been able to complete it – all men. tyre to swing: Don’t let go too early! The learning curve is short and gentle, and after the first six episodes we are all Is it really fair? experts. There are huge variations between Based on the Japanese show Sasuke, bodies even within genders, and there a group of incredible fit amateur are exceptions to all broad trends, but and professional athletes attempt an on average, male athletes have greater increasingly difficult obstacle course, average height and upper body strength most of which is held over pools of than female athletes. They also have a water. If any part of that contestant higher centre of gravity. Grip strength touches the water, they are out. All – which measures the strength of the


CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18


sports calendar OCT to JAN ‘18.


NRL Grand Final | ANZ Stadium | 1 Oct English Super League GF | Old Trafford | 7 Oct World Cup Final | Suncorp Stadium | 2 Dec

Union wallabies

New Zealand | Suncorp Stadium | 21 Oct Japan | Tokyo | 4 Nov England | Twickenham | 18 Nov


hand and forearm muscles – is a crucial attribute for many of the Ninja Warrior obstacles, and is also much stronger on average in men. In fact, a study showed that 90% of female participants had a weaker grip strength than 95% of the men studied.

World Cup draw | Moscow | 1 Dec FIFA Club World Cup | UAE | 6-16 Dec


By contrast, female athletes on average have greater flexibility, considered by exercise physiologists to be a key measure of physical fitness. Yet Ninja Warrior has no obstacles in which lack of flexibility is likely to cause the end of an attempt. Only one obstacle, the Bridge of Blades, rewards smallness and a lower centre of gravity that gives women an advantage. Meanwhile, several obstacles are much easier for taller bodies (the quintuple steps and the warped wall) and for those with more upper body strength (the sliders, the tilting frames, the cargo with lache, the ball and chain), disproportionately weighing the courses in favour of the male body.

Of the 91 Australian contestants to make the semi-finals, only seven were female, and none of them completed the warped wall, where height is a significant advantage. In the US, which has a different structure, it wasn’t until the sixth season that a female competitor completed the qualifying course – and only one female US competitor has ever made it past the first stage of the finals, compared with men successfully completing it 134 times. Even though it seems a little unfair, it hasn’t stopped people of all ages and gender signing up to their local Ninja training course – and yes they exist! Infact they are popping up everywhere. To help you on your journey we have a small list of growing ninja training locations in your state. Get to it Ninja! Queensland

New South Wales


Planet Commando Yatala

Movement Republic Pyrmont

PORC (Peninsula Obstacle Racing Course) Moorooduc

Terrain Training Nerang Gold Coast

Skyzone Miranda

BounceInc Glen Iris

Western Australia

Obstacle Course Racing School Tuggerah

South Australia

Ninja Academy Osborne Park

Ninja Parc Cooks Hill


Australian Open | Melbourne | 15-28 Jan


Buthurst 1000 | 5-8 Oct Gold Coast 600 | 20-22 Oct Auckland SuperSprint | 3-5 Nov Newcastle 500 | 24-26 Nov

Has anyone completed the course?

Raising the Bar Calisthenics Training Northgate Brisbane

The Ashes 1st Test | GABBA | 23-27 Nov The Ashes 2nd Test | Adelaide Oval | 2-6 Dec The Ashes 3rd Test | WACA | 14-18 Dec The Ashes 4th Test | MCG | 26-30 Dec The Ashes 5th Test | SCG | 4-8 Jan BBL | 07 Final | TBA | 4 Feb

The Compound Tuerong

SA Base Camp Royal Park


Moto GP Australian Grand Prix | 20-22 Oct


Sydney to Hobart | 26 Dec


Quiksilver Pro | France | 7-18 Oct MEO Rip Curl | Portugal | 20-31 Oct Billabong Pipe Masters | Hawaii | 8-20 Dec


Winter X Games | Aspen Colorado | 25-28 Jan

Horse racing

Epsom Handicap | Randwick | 30 Sep Caulfield Cup | Caulfield | 21 Oct Cox Plate | Moonee Valley | 28 Oct Victoria Derby | Flemington | 4 Nov Melbourne Cup | Flemington | 7 Nov Crown Oaks | Flemington | 9 Nov Emirates Stakes | Flemington | 11 Nov



life-cryocalceh appvariable

d ur variable spee e life-cycle of yo th g in um nd im ta ax rs m t de Un and ge u manage them drives will help yo . ts se as le valuab productivity from

speed drives


ith their ability to vary the speed of a driven motor to match the demands of a process, variable-speed drives are well known for their role in saving energy. They can also play a key role in maintaining productivity, achieving quality targets and assuring safety. Yet, none of these abilities matter if the drive is not working because it has suffered some failure. Although drives are very reliable, one of the major reasons for failure is poor or even non-existent maintenance. It is estimated that 80 percent of drive failures occur due to a poor maintenance regime.

A whole life approach Good maintenance is not the whole story. To really understand how to get the most out of drives, we need to understand the whole life cycle of a drive. Control Logic is a founding member of ABB’s exclusive Authorised Value Provider programme for variable-speed drives. As part of this network of elite providers, Control Logic offers a comprehensive drives service, from the initial contact, right through to product replacement and recycling. So what exactly are the main elements of life-cycle support you should look for?



These services help you find the ideal products for your application and include: • • • •

Selection and dimensioning Energy appraisals Harmonic survey EMC assessment


Order and delivery

If you place an order through Control Logic, you’ll enjoy the benefits of ABB’s global sales and service network. Direct next-day delivery from large stock holdings comes as standard via 24-hour express courier services. Get it when you need it!


Installation and commissioning

ABB drives are designed with hassle-free installation and commissioning in mind. Before and during the installation, Control Logic offer expert advice and support, or if preferred, their engineers can undertake the entire drive installation.

Working with an ABB Authorised Value provider means you benefit from continuous support providing peace of mind... 22

product brief WATER DRIVE ACQ 580 Series The new ACQ580 drives for water and wastewater simplify your pumping processes and motor control while ensuring effortless energy efficiency. This robust and compact wall-mounted and cabinetbuilt drive has built-in pump application functionalities such as sensorless flow calculation, multipump control, level control, soft pipe fill, dry run protection, and has quick ramps and a solution for keeping the impeller of the pump clean. There’s also an intuitive hand-offauto control panel and built-in energy calculator.

GENERAL PURPOSE ACS 580 Series A new generation, allcompatible, wall-mounted drive simplifies your processes and motor control with effortless efficiency. Allowing you to control a wide range of applications in different industries, with straightforward set up or commissioning. The ACS580 is plug-in ready to control your pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and many other variable and constant torque applications.

now available from Control Logic

1800 557 705 or email



The ACH580 drive is a key component in HVAC systems to help you deliver significant energy savings. Built-in features reduce on-site commissioning time, add value to existing control systems and provide easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. The control panel’s straightforward settings menu allows you to program the drive based on your applications, not based on technical jargon. Sleep and timed functions are embedded to ensure that the drive doesn’t run when you don’t need it to. The drive comes with control override, multi-pump control and motor preheat functionality.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into automation systems the ACS380 machinery drive offers flexibility and functionality for all your network needs in one universally compact package. It’s easy to connect the ACS380 to all major industrial automation networks with pre-configured fieldbus communications, which automatically sets relevant drive parameters based on the protocol to enable programming directly from a PLC. The drive usability is enhanced with the built-in icon based user interface and is typically used with mixers, conveyors, cranes and other constanttorque applications.


Replacement and recycling

Once a drive reaches the end of its life-cycle, you should receive advice on the most suitable replacement whilst your existing drive is disposed in an environmentally-friendly way.


Operation and maintenance

Wherever you are, remote monitoring can provide fast assistance to analyse the operation of your variable-speed drive and guide you through a quick and efficient fault-finding process. Meanwhile, engineers perform site surveys, preventative maintenance and drive reconditioning to help optimise your processes.


7. Upgrade and retrofit

Increasingly stringent energy efficiency legislation means some of your equipment may need to be enhanced to comply. Consider upgrading your ABB drives to the latest hardware or software to improve performance. Increase energy-efficiency and save money. Existing equipment can be retrofitted to remove the need for mechanical control.

Entire value chain services

Control Logic services include: • • •

Product application training for confident operation Technical support from experts with real experience when you need it Bespoke contracts to match your needs

The main benefit of life cycle management is that it enhances the condition and reliability of drives and extends their operating life by using the correct resources and parts. Taking a whole life approach to drive servicing and replacement is the only sure way to get cost-effective, extended use from these valuable plant assets and in turn ensure that quality, safety, compliance, production time and revenue is maximised. Find out more. Contact Control Logic on 1800 557 705 or email


n a p a j ots

hot sp

JAPAN TRAVEL TIPS Japan is a largely cash-based society. Credit cards are not as widely used and only some ATMs will accept them. Spring is one the best times to travel to Japan, when the magnificent cherry blossoms more than make up for the frequent showers. Cherry blossom season generally begins in March in the south and by May in the north. Autumn is also a great time to visit when the temperature is mild and the crowds have eased. No visa is required to visit up to 90 days.


y. It’s and Hello Kitt ry blossoms er yond ch s be It’ ut e. B rs o. ibly dive d Nintend an , on ik N apan is incred y, fin on you will d a shi, and it’s S pan exports, Ja ch hi neon signs, su w es to explore. d stereo-typ untry of sites co g the brands an in at in sc surprisingly fa culturally rich,


CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18




The capital and its most vibrant city, Tokyo is made up of numerous distinct neighbourhoods. Shibuya is Tokyo’s unofficial heart and with its neon splendor it’s hard to ignore. Nearby Shinjuki is famous for its ‘Golden Gai’ bar district and incredible world-class restaurants. Wander down the streets of Asakusa and you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stepped back in time. Like so much of Japan, this bustling neighbourhood plays host to ancient temples and ageing shopfronts, on plots surrounded by modern skyscrapers and the stunning neon backdrop of Tokyo.

If you want to stay in the thick of the action, we recommend finding a hotel room in Shibuya or Shinjuku.

Be sure to allow yourself at least 3-5 days in this city as there is much to see and do – including tourist hot spots like the Mieji Shrine; Sensōji temple; Ueno Park for remarkable cherry blossom viewing in Spring; Harajuku for young fashion, nearby Omotesando for grown-up fashion, Tokyo Tower for impressive views at sunset, and if you have more time, day trips to Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea, or nearby Mt. Fuji.


From Tokyo you can reach Hakone on a day trip: it’s a little over an hour’s drive away. Historically this was the site of an important Shinto shrine, the Hakone Gongen, which lies on the shore of Lake Ashi. It offers serene onsens, world-class art museums, traditional inns and spectacular mountain scenery crowned by Mt Fuji. If you have the time, go out on a boat trip on one of the lakes, visit the islands and hot springs, and hike to the Shiraito Falls, part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The mountainous region of Nagano — accessible from Tokyo on a bullet train. If you are interested in learning about the area’s history, walking pilgrims trails and staying in heritage pilgrims’ hostels, ‘Walk Japan’ is the best way to explore this wintery wonderland. Visit for its regal mountains, rich cultural history, fine architecture and cuisine. If you are feeling less energetic, take a trip instead to the Jigokudani Yaenkoen Park, famed for its naturally occurring hot springs. You won’t be the only one in the pool however, as the local Japanese macaque (also known colloquially as snow monkey) roll in the snow and then hop into the steaming hot springs to warm up!


Kyoto is Japan’s touristic heartland, and understandably so. It was Japan’s Imperial capital for more than 1,000 years, and 20 per cent of the country’s national treasures are located here. Of course it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and during hanami (cherry blossom season) from late March to May, the city is packed with visitors. This is the cultural centre of Japan, its history, arts, and people. There are an extraordinary 2,000 temples and shrines, and Kyoto is also the ideal location to learn about the art of the Japanese tea ceremony, the highly stylised Noh theatre, and ink and wash painting. Lovers of architecture and aesthetics will be in their element.


Osaka, on Osaka Bay on the island of Honshu is the country’s second largest city. Always a city of merchants, it’s a great place to shop, and it’s arguably the food capital of the world. Feast on udon (noodles), takoyaki (fried octopus), and oshizushi (pressed sushi), and expect to develop a taste for sake, the local rice wine. Several large festivals are held in Osaka throughout the year, including Tenjin Matsuri in July, where you’ll see river boat processions and fireworks, drummers, lion dancers, and ornate floats with plenty of people in costumes. The city has a vibrant night life especially around Dotonbori where a maze of tightly connected streets hums with bars, restaurants with extravagant facias. Year on year, Japan is rated as one of the safest travel destinations in the world. It’s not a cheap place to visit, but what you can guarantee is that Japan will challenge and exceed your expectations, from the first petal of cherry blossom, to the very last sip of sake. It’s one of Asia’s most enthralling countries, and once you’ve had a bite of Japan, you’ll be desperate to return.


tech: smart remote

tech: iband+

Meet iBand+, a headband that helps you sleep & dream! Using wireless Bluetooth, it senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy, with tracking sensors to measure body movement, heart rate and body temperature. iBand+ tracks and analyses this information with an advanced auto-learning software algorithm to play and intelligently adjust audio-visual signals to induce lucid dreams. Weird! Based on information gathered from previous sleep cycles,


iBand+ app recommends the audio-visual techniques to work best for you or your own music. Once iBand+ senses this dream phase, it plays audio-visual cues. These subtle external stimuli of light patterns via the LEDs on the headband and sound from the pillow speakers appear as anomalies in your dream making you aware that you are dreaming without waking you up. Dream away!

cinema: justice league

Based on the comic books published by DC Comics, and taking place months after the events of Batman VS Superman, Justice League hopes to build on the success of the recent Wonder Woman. Now that Bruce Wayne has a restored faith in humanity (thanks to Superman), he enlists the help of Diana Prince to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans that includes Superman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash to stand against this newly awakened threat. Looks like a winner!

travel: the best hotels in the world The world’s largest travel site, TripAdvisor has named the world’s best hotel in its 15th annual ‘Travellers’ Choice Awards’ for 2017. Based on millions of reviews and opinions from travellers across the globe, see what makes up the top 5 hotels to spend a night or two in. Better yet, we tell you what month to go, to save even more money.

One remote to control them all! The Smart Remote works with more than 25,000 devices and apps like Apple TV, SONOS, Nest and others. Its 3.53 inch screen adapts to whatever device it’s pointing at. Aim it at your Samsung Smart TV for example, and it will let you scroll through your subscribed channel list, or point at your Philips Hue lamp and change its colour or switch it off. Sevenhugs launched its product on Kickstarter in November last year, and has since earned over $1million in funding. It uses WiFi, Bluetooth and Infrared to connect to your devices and has a ‘Lost & Found’ button on its app. You’ll never lose it! The remote comes with three room sensors and charging base. Pre-orders are selling fast.

escape Be nice to yo choose yo ur kids. They’ll ur nursing home. My wife and I were My favourite mythical creature? happy for 20 years. The honest politician. Then we met. The light at the end of Keep the dream the tunnel has been alive: Hit the turned off due to snooze button. budget cuts. Turning vegan is a big missed steak.


recent movie releases Matt Brody (Zac Efron) wants to join an elite team of lifeguards led by Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson). However when drugs and a shady resort owner pose a threat to the bay, it’s up to Mitch and Matt to save the day.

Before she was Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. A pilot (Chris Pine) speaks of conflict and Diana sets out to end the war whilst discovering her full power and true destiny.

apple “watch” | due early 2015



$557 a night (avg.) $666 a night (avg.) BoHo Hotel | Prague Aria Hotel | Budapest Turin Palace Hotel | Italy $327 (Jan) $595 (May) A 4-minute walk from In the historic Lipótváros A 3-minute walk from Torino Náměstí Republiky metro neighbourhood of Budapest, Porto Nuova train station, station, this trendy, upscale this swanky, music-themed this upscale hotel in an hotel is also 8 minutes’ walk boutique hotel is a 3-minute elegant building is 2km from from Gothic buildings around walk from St. Stephen’s the Parco del Valentino Old Town Square and 2 km Basilica and a 7-minute botanical gardens and from the landmark Charles walk from the Magyar Állami 2.3km from the city centre. Bridge. Sleek, contemporary Operaház. A breakfast buffet Refined rooms with chic rooms come with free Wi-Fi is complimentary, as are Hotel The Serras | Barcelona decor feature free Wi-Fi, flat- Mandapa | Ubud and flat-screen TVs. afternoon wine and snacks. Set in a building dating from The exotic, upmarket resort screen TVs and minibars. 1846, this refined hotel is overlooking the Ayung River a 9-minute walk from the is 2km from the Neka Art Picasso Museum, 1.5km from Museum. Featuring floorthe beach, and a 10-minute to-ceiling windows, marble walk from Les Ramblas. bathrooms and elegant The modern, wood-floored artwork, ultrachic suites rooms and suites feature free provide complimentary Wi$382 a night (avg.) $277 a night (avg.) $238 a night (avg.) Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and Fi, smart TVs, minibars and $334 (Mar) $184 (Feb) $197 (Aug) Nespresso coffeemakers. living rooms.







CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18

tech: biki drone


car: honda civic type r

Gopro and DJI have conquered Honda are finally about to release their the skies so that only leaves the forthcoming Civic Type R, which looks likely seas to be claimed. Built around to be the first in a series of variants for the hot the silhouette of a fish, the Biki hatch. The new 10th-generation Type R is even Underwater Drone moves like a more fiery, with more power and advanced response, transmission rev-matching and real fish and packs a camera with suspension. It will be offered exclusively with a the stability control system, not to mention 4K video and 16MP still photo six-speed manual transmission and will make those standard-fit adaptive dampers. capability. A GPS unit ensures it use of a limited-slip front differential to improve doesn’t get lost with pre-set routes mid-corner traction. An auto version had been The comprehensively equipped Type R is by the user. The Biki Underwater removed completely to avoid adding weight highly specified with big ticket items such Drone can submerge to a depth to the front and to keep and keeping overall as adaptive dampers, 20 inch wheels, of 60 metres whilst a infrared balance of the car in optimum shape. Recaro bucket seats, Brembo brakes and positioning sensor prevents it from the Honda Sensing safety suite of active hitting obstacles. All this exploration Honda was determined to make the Civic Type intervention tech such as autonomous can be had for just a two hour R the fastest front-drive vehicle around the emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, charge. Even during high-speed Nurburgring course, and they have succeeded lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist motion or in darkness, BIKI with a record lap time of 7.43. It comes with and parking sensors all standard. Other features is capable of stabilising the a 235kW/400Nm 2.0 litre turbocharged include keyless entry and push-button start, and camera for four-cylinder engine, a 0-100km/h time of 5.7 a four-seat arrangement rather than five. smooth videos seconds and a top speed of 272km/h making and sharp it the quickest accelerating and fastest frontPriced from a surprisingly low $50,990, the photos by wheel drive hot hatch available. model has a cult-like following in Australia, and using a HD has been the biggest showroom movement The Civic Type R has three drive hit on Honda’s website, with anti-shake modes to choose from: dealers already swamped camera Comfort, Sport and with holding/pre orders. platform. R+, with changes The Honda Civic Type R will Cool! to steering go up against the likes of and throttle the Volkswagen Gold GTI/ Golf R, Renault Megane RS, Ford Focus ST, Focus RS and even Hyundai’s imminent i30 N performance hatch.

spread tech: dji spark

No larger or heavier than a can of drink, the DJI Spark is the portable drone you’ve been waiting for. Its automatic flight capabilities

and ability to recognise hand gestures outshine its few problems. With a starting price of $859 the DJI Spark is the company’s most affordable drone and offered in a variety of colours. While its limbs don’t fold into the drone like the Mavic Pro, you can fold the propellers to make it a smaller package. The best features include the ability to have the drone take off from your palm after it scans your face. From there you can wave your hands at it to take control of flying it like a Jedi moving objects with the force. It has object detection, and it can be charged through its micro USB port. I’d get a spare battery as it only lasts around 10 minutes. It can also struggle in heavy breezes, and without the remote controller, range is quite limited. However we still want one.

game release schedule

Sonic Forces

Sonic leads a resistance force against Doctor Eggman, who has taken over the world with the help of his robot army. There are two variations of gameplay with players controlling ‘classic’ (2D side-scrolling) and ‘modern’ (3D) versions of Sonic. Hope it’s as good as the original.

Need for Speed Payback

This is the 23rd installment of the series! Payback will have three payable characters, with different skill-sets. It will be focused on “action driving” to play like an action movie. Sounds rad!


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january 2018

Ni No Kuni 2 | PC, PS4

tech: mate - eBike

The MATE eBike is a foldable electric bike that is packed with smart features such as front and rear suspension for smooth ride, a set of 2 disc brakes, LCD computer display, and easy-access USB charger… What the?! Because it can be folded, you can take it with you on public transport or in the boot of your car. Decide to ride as a normal bike (7 speed), or travel up to 35km/h up to 88km on its 350ks electric hub motor. Its battery is tucked into the frame and kept safe with a lock mechanism. You can easily remove and charge it, or plug the bike directly into an outlet. The best part, is that it only takes 2 hours before you’re ready to roll. Designed in Denmark, the MATE is seriously cool!


a r r y aalley v ter wa Background

Yarra Valley Water is the largest of the three Melbourne metropolitan water corporations. Providing over 1.8 million people and 50,000 businesses with both water and sewage services, asset availability and reliability is critical. Each of these key assets is dependent on a reliable automation platform.

The GE 90-30 series controllers have been used extensively across the Yarra Valley Water region for several decades and have provided a very high reliability rate.

Fast facts

ter ey Wa l l a V a Yarr

Facilities using the 90-30 include Sewer Treatment Plants, Water Pump Stations & Sewer Flow Control Stations.

With the GE 90-30 product family close to obsolescence after 30 years of supply, Yarra Valley Water needed a migration plan to reduce electricity costs.


Yarra Valley Water


Project S c op e

Yarra Valley Water region, Victoria • Covers 4000 square kilometres from as far as Wallan and extends to Warburton in the East

Cha llenges

• • •

Need to upgrade old

systems Any upgrade will ne ed to be timely to avo id facility disruptions

The controller must be able to seamles sely integrate into existi ng SCADA commun ication networks



3i PAC controller

Resu lts

• • • • •


Saved costs by us

ing existing modules Easily adaption thr ough software Increased time and efficiency Reduced facility do wntime

Little loss of time for

“We have now upgraded close to a dozen 90-30 PLCs to RX3i PAC controllers. The upgrades have been very smooth with no problems. The process takes around 5 to 30 minutes including the hardware change-over. The migration process from 90-30 to RX3i is very good and stress free.” ~ Network Intelligence Technician



Yarra Valley Water req uired an upgrade pa th for the existing GE 90-30 controllers with minim al disruption to each fac ility. The controller mu st be able to seamlessly int egrate into existing SC ADA communication netw orks, distributed IO Ra cks and devices where ap plicable and minimise change over time as the facilities are in ac tive use.

GE PACSystem RX3i PAC controller was specifically designed around the needs of today’s PLC/PAC demands and scalability for future enhancements. GE gave thought to the investment made by users worldwide with over half a million 90-30 systems previously sold. The RX3i introduces a PAC controller with enhanced features along with connectivity on the backplane to make use of the new modules along with

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18


the 90-30 existing modules. This results in a large reduction of install cost as only a CPU, Power supply and Backplane are required. Support for legacy communications is maintained and new communication protocols such as OPC-UA become native on-board the new CPU.

From a software perspective, GE’s Proficy Machine Edition offers a one click conversion from 90-30 to RX3i which migrates logic and hardware configuration with ease. The software reports the migration changes and reports on items that may require attention.

0 GE 90 3 to R X3i conversion

Change over time including hardware installation is typically five to thirty minutes depending on the complexity of the facility. This is achieved as existing IO and communication modules are installed onto the new backplane. As the existing modules are utilised, no wiring is required which prevents the need to retest IO saving many hours of work and hence expense. All communications can be tested before change over, and the current operating variables are easily mapped from the existing controller to the new so the controller operates where the old left off.


Benefits Before

The GE PACSystem s RX3i offers a seam less modernisation legacy 90-30 contr path for ollers. Key features include: 1. Re-use of exist ing IO and commun ication modules res hardware savings ulting in 2. Software easil y adapts 90-30 log ic and hardware co to RX3i thus reduc nfiguration ing engineering tim e 3. Reduced chan ge over time ensu res the facility downtime is kept at an absolut e minimum


E PACSystems ation on the G For more inform ntact Control tudy please co -s se ca oduct is th or RX3i emailing our pr 557 705 or by 00 18 u. .a on c om gi .c Lo ogic les@control-l specialists at sa



how to


earth shields on circuits



ave you ever had issues with variable speed drives (VSDs) creating interference to other equipment?

If you have ever had electronic equipment that is in close proximity to VSD’s malfunctioning, then one of the potential causes could be radio frequency interference (RFI). VSD’s generate RFI due to the high frequency switching of the IGBT’s in the inverter section of the VSD and it’s therefore very important to use the correct type of motor cable and to earth the motor cable shield at both the VSD and motor end. You may be surprised that the motor cable shield on VSD circuits should be earthed at both the VSD and the motor end. The reason for this is that on control circuits or on communication networks you only earth the shield at one end to prevent circulating earth currents which can cause the control signal to become corrupted. However, on VSD motor cable circuits you want to provide electrical noise with a

low impedance path to earth to prevent RFI emissions and the fact that you get circulating earth currents does not matter because we are dealing with power and not control signals. The next point to consider to avoid RFI is to use the correct type of motor cable, and ABB recommend a symmetrical shielded cable: three phase conductors and a concentric or otherwise symmetrically constructed PE conductor, and a shield In terms of earthing the motor cable shield ABB recommend shield wires must be twisted together into a bundle (the

...Understand the importance of using the correct type of motor cable and correctly earth your VSD circuits... bundle length must be less than five times its width) and connected to the terminal marked earth on the VSD next to where the motor cables are connected. At the motor end, the motor cable shield must be earthed 360 degrees with an EMC cable gland, or the shield wires must be twisted together into a bundle not longer than five times its width and connected to the PE terminal of the motor.

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Good Luck!

CLN | ISSUE 09 | OCT-JAN ‘18

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integrating communication & control Red Lion’s Graphite® Edge Controller is a compact, scalable and rugged all-in-one industrial solution that reduces cost and complexity by combining IEC 61131 control capabilities with networking and data visualisation.

free software & upgrades

supports over 300 protocols visualisation &

control via webserver

operating temp. -40ºC to 70ºC

Completely scalable, it’s capable of using up to 25 I/O modules and supports over 300 industrial protocols to ease communication with other devices via Ethernet and serial, while still enabling logic control for industrial applications. Unlike other solutions on the market, there are no additional software costs, per-protocol fees or annual maintenance agreements required – it pays for itself.

POWERFUL, VERSATILE, RUGGED. for more information call 1800 557 705 or email

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CLN Magazine | Oct-Jan 2018  

Control Logic presents 'CLN'. Created for the industrial, electrical and automation industries, this issue is about 'security'. Discover the...

CLN Magazine | Oct-Jan 2018  

Control Logic presents 'CLN'. Created for the industrial, electrical and automation industries, this issue is about 'security'. Discover the...