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Editor’s Letter This issue is dedicated to my mother who passed away last month. My mother was a big influence on my creativity. She loved to make up stories and I have loved writing since I was a teen. She made Barbie clothing for me with her friends. So I would have cool and unique clothing for my dolls. She also let me dress how I wanted to. I would pair an outgrown dress with jeans and I loved it as a little girl. She was very encouraging when I started to design accessories. She also was very happy when I started this magazine. I am thankful to have had my mom in my life. I love and miss her so much. Thank you for your creativity.

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Brooklyn Fashion Week Page 134

Doing Her Own Dance: A Mom’s Journey in Support of her Daughter’s Dreams By: Fay Cadwallader Page 53

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Wanda’s Monthly Must Haves Page 68

Runway Renegades Page 202

Birds On The Water Page 74

Fashion Favorites From Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour By Maisie Hayden page 223

Hot For The Holidays Page 102

Tuscan Beach Resort By Lady D. Page 239

Interview with Gordon Flynn By Wanda Julian Page 128

Beyond Pink Page 284





London Fashion Week



Doing Her Own Dance: A Mom’s Journey in Support of her Daughter’s Dreams By: Fay Cadwallader

Honey Boo Boo? Seriously, my child wants to be like Honey Boo Boo? Ever since my daughter was 8 and found Toddlers and Tiara’s on Netflix, she was fascinated with pageants. The sparkling dresses, unusual costumes, larger than life hairstyles, full make-up and being in the spotlight did not thrill me. As a mom, I wanted a well-rounded child who connected with peers in normal activities. Basically, this meant that I wanted her to play sports, wear shorts and a t-shirt and have her hair in a ponytail. She didn’t need to be great at sports, but to be able to play and have fun…well, that would be enough. Yet, at the age of 5, in the same week, I was asked not to bring her back to dance or gymnastics because she wanted to do her own dance, not the dance others were learning. Her experience in softball and volleyball also showed a need to do her own dance. I had to accept that my daughter was meant to dance differently from others. After 2 years of begging to be in a pageant, we received an invitation to participate in a natural pageant. Natural pageants mean no make-up, more realistic hair and cheaper gowns with less bling rather than $1,000 gowns that are heavy with crystals. As a mom, THIS was a pageant I was willing to try. It’s not as if I really had an issue with her wearing make-up, as I have allowed her to explore her artistic creativity with her favorite mode of expression…her face…for several years. She loved watching make-up tutorials and practicing different looks. However, I had no desire for her to be objectified or think that all of her worth was wrapped up in her looks. I wanted her to know that she has value for who she is no matter how she looks. Now, by no means was I thrilled to join the ranks of pageant moms. Though I was not quite a tomboy, I did accept challenges and was never a girly girl. How could I help my daughter prepare for a pageant when I would be hugely uncomfortable in a gown myself? I also didn’t want the judgmental looks about how I am undermining all women by supporting that women continue to be beautiful eye candy and not be treated with respect. But as I explored pageants, I realized that there are a lot of skills that can be learned. By participating, my daughter would learn interviewing skills, presentation, poise, performance, leadership and good sportsmanship. Aren’t those skills that we teach by encouraging our children to participate in speech and debate, sports, drama and music? They are valuable skills no matter where they are learned. In her first pageant with 50 girls in her age group and absolutely no training, my daughter won 4th place in the Top Model Competition and very high scores for her interviewing and presentation. On the other hand, her casual wear modeling needed a lot of help. Though she won titles in the next 2 pageants, one of which was Petite Miss Washington Pre-Teen 2013, we knew that she still needed to work on her modeling skills for future competition. This led to my finding The 5th Element and enrolling my daughter. From the first day, Tori showed poise, confidence and joy. She learned to walk the runway quickly, had her model face on from the first walk and seemed to pose naturally with style. Being in a runway show and getting to do a real fashion shoot solidified her love of modeling. When the dog she was walking with wouldn’t move, she rose to the occasion and picked up the dog, rather heavy for a pre-teen her size, and continued her runway walk. When a model was missing for a group walk, she stepped in and looked as if she practiced with this group. Watching her step up like a pro, I realized that this was the dance she was created to do. It is not a dance that all can do. It is a dance that may bring judging looks from others, but this mom does not care. How can I not support her desires to model when for the first time I see my daughter shining while she is doing her own dance? She is just starting to explore modeling and how far she takes it is up to her. For now, I will just sit back and enjoy watching her dance and see how her dance changes as she grows.

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Birds On The Water




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he Holidays

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Interview with Gordon Flynn By Wanda Julian

In the beginning what got you into modeling? I was scouted on the streets of London at 15 when I first moved to UK , Never thought of modeling before and fell in love with the creative part of the business . How long have you been modeling? I have been modeling now 26 years. Do you have any one particular moment that made you realize that you have “made it?” I don’t as such feel like I have made it in the industry as there are always new goals. I have had many amazing experience while modeling shooting all over the world. I love the runway and loved walking for NY fashion week while I was living in NY. So I suppose traveling to lots of amazing countries over the years was and still is a joy and such fun. What would you say was your largest challenge? How did you overcome that challenge? There are so many challenges in the fashion industry you face every day. One of my biggest challenges I suppose was putting together a show for NY fashion week a few years back. Trying to arrange all the models hair and make-up photographers and media. I just had to not sleep for a few nights. There are so many challenges in the industry you just have to "DO IT" If you could relay a message to those who are starting out what would it be? You need to have very thick skin in this business. You just need to believe in yourself and get the job done. Never complain and know when on a job to be professional at all times. How do balance your time between all the things that you are involved in? I try to balance my modeling and Promoting of models and designers by doing it one day at a time. I normally know in advance when I am shooting so on days I am not shooting I meet with new models and designers and chat about how to help them achieve all their goals. Sometimes people already know what they want to do in this industry and they just need someone to have a belief in them. How do you maintain your rockin’ body? I try to maintain good health and fitness by simply eating good food and exercise. Also by drinking lots of water and raw vegetables. It’s simple once you get into the habit Where do you see yourself in five years? In five years I see myself hopefully doing just what I am doing now. Loving and living life to the fullest. Life is too short not to enjoy every moment.

Brooklyn Fashion Week

Ashley Lloyd is London based Fashion House creating Eco and animal Friendly Handmade garments. Using the most luxurious and exclusive materials our items portray our “diamond in the rough” ideology of making everyday women stand out amongst the rest bringing the runway to life; shining bright like diamonds amongst all that glitters which isn’t actually gold. “We want every day women to feel they are being experimental with our pieces, we want it to be a luxury dare for the one who buys it and to be admired by the ones who want to buy but feel they aren’t brave enough to succeed it. She who stares on in admiration wishes she was so daring and appreciates the one who is able to do so” I always had an interest in fashion and studied at school and college to develop this interest. After college i went on to study high end garment making and costume design, i like to uses my wide range of cultural knowledge and urban experiences as inspiration for his designs; this is so everyone worldwide will be able to relate to and take away a piece of me, through wearing or admiring his range. I gain alot of my ideas from my surroundings which helps when going throuh the design element of each of my collections. My Spring/Summer range was based on space where as Fall/Winter was very Androgynous; changing the fabrics to suit each collection known as fabric manipulation and our extensive use of panelling is what Ashley Lloyd is know for, this i feel helps my brand stand out amoungst other emerging talent as daring, bold and inovative trend setters.

Ashley Lloyd Website: Instagram: @AshleyLloyd_Int Twitter: @AshleyLloyd_Int

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Runway Renegades

Fashion Favorites From Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour By Maisie Hayden

After their intense, celebrity-clad short film promoting their On The Run Tour, the Carters have enjoyed endless success throughout their summer-long tour. This energetic, highly anticipated show features the couple’s hit music in combination with racy dance routines and incredible fashion that cannot be ignored. With an impressive amount of costume changes, Beyoncé has once again proved that she runs the world. Featuring items from Versace, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang among others, our beloved Mrs. Carter demonstrates incredible taste through her endless flow of flawless outfits. Throughout their many performances, both Jay-Z and Beyoncé have both sported a number of incredible outfits. From sleek black bodysuits to wearing almost nothing at all, Beyoncé’s command of fashion has never been more revolutionary and provocative. Versace emerged as one of the tour’s most influential designers, serving as an important contributor to a number of Beyoncé’s seductive looks. To increase the effect of their opening number, Bey sported a black leather Atelier bodysuit for their performance of “03 Bonnie and Clyde.” Continuing the parade of gorgeous outfits, Bey also sported a colorful Versace bodysuit, expressing her “energy and coolness,” according to Donatella Versace. As for more dramatic outfits, Queen Bey wore a full bridal veil at one point. Another notable look, which appeared as a part of the show’s closing act, was a breathtaking dress that encompassed a black leotard with a black and white American flag train that flowed behind her as she made her way around the stage. Courtesy of Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy, this dress was no doubt the most magnificent creation ever to grace the stage. This dress, which took over 500 hours to make with its careful embroidery and sleek couture finish, is definitely the most notable look of this tour as well as every other tour ever. The 16.4 foot long train floated weightlessly in Beyoncé’s trail, rendering her angelic and enchanting. In addition to this unforgettable look, Bey also sported outfits with designs by Diesel and details from Swarovski. One look that particularly enhanced the show’s message was a denim jacket accented with diamonds that evoked the sense of both a police officer and jailbait. Mrs. Carter also sported jean shorts and a leather jacket with the glittering word “Texas” on the back to remind her of home. This personalized jacket called out to biker gangs who would do the same to represent their homes. The most controversial and admirable piece that Beyoncé wore, however, was a black thong leotard that effectively flaunted her perfect derrière. This outfit would have been an outrage had anyone beside Queen Bey been sporting it, but she managed to be provocative and empowering at the same time. Through this look and her many others, she solidified her place as one of the leading powerful women in music who is both beautiful and inspiring. Her incredible collection of tour outfits expands way beyond what is mentioned here, demonstrating that Beyoncé is at the top of her game and that no one can compete with her in any aspect of life.

Born and raised in the small town of Tifton, Ga, Djcarmie was one of 6 kids born to Pauline Mccray. Growing up she always loved music, even Djing at the age of 5 years old when she was able to learn how to put a record on the turn-table and spin for her mom's friends on the weekend. Playing and listening to music was her hobby as a child. Dj Carmie has always played music online since an outlet to share music online first started. Playing music in voice chats became the norm for her in the 90s. DJ Carmie always looked for a way to share her music to the masses. Throughout the years she would listen to alot of local independent talent on and offline and this encouraged her to start her own internet radio station in 2009. The station was a platform to give these artists an ear. She realized there was so much talent off air, so she started her radio station KPTR Party Train Radio to let these artists shine. Today this station has grown beyond what she dreamed. KPTR has 1000s of fans. DJ Carmie has interviewed celebrities and legends such as Greg Jackson (Zapp), Karyn White (Super Woman, L A Sno Bass Legend(That's Just My Baby Daddy), Thrill Da Playa Bass Legend (69 Boyz), Calvin Richardson (Soul Prince), Sheila Raye Charles(Daughter of the late great Ray Charles) Grand Master Jay and plenty of Succesfull Independent Artists. DJ Carmie is now continuing to help Independent artists reach that next level by networkingwith Labels, Producers, Studio Owners, TV Show Producers and more. Like us Cellphone users get tunein ap search for KPTR Party Train Radio @djcarmie on twitter

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Tuscan Beach Resort By Lady D.

Every year I have travelled to a luxury hotel in a faraway destination with my family. From Bali to Johannesburg in South Africa to Los Angeles in USA. This year we travelled to Kusadasi in Turkey and stayed at the 5 star Tusan Beach Resort. If you want elegance, peace, crystal clear waters, and a fabulous all inclusive option....then look no further. The most important thing about this part of the world is that it is only 20 minutes away by car from The Virgin Mary’s last resting place near Ephasus. An amazing and very fantastic insight in to ancient Greece and how Mary spent her last few years. This is an experience I would strongly recommend as the awesome feeling you get whilst walking along in the footsteps of ancient Ephasians is phenomenal. On marble streets with public toilets and hospital and public baths. Architecture that is matched by no other and water pipes and a sewage system serving a population of 250000. A city that was destroyed by earth quakes two or three times but rebuilt completely on a different sight with greater splendor each time. This is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Nestled against the crystal clear warm waters of the Agean sea. And of all the hotels in that area....This hotel had the best location and a beach that was awe inspiring every time I stepped on to it. The hotel staff was very Knowledgeable and friendly and so are the people of kusadasi. A modern Turkish town with a huge marina, an anchor for international cruise ships. So there is the latest high fashion stores alongside the more traditional Turkish shops selling fake and real designer goods of highest quality. I am mesmerised by the beauty and sophistication of Ephasus and I am hoping to revisit this ancient wonder of the world again next year.

The Man Show


Beyond Pink

This issue is dedicated to my mother: Katie L. Theodorson 1946 - 2014 Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you. I love you and miss you.

Team Page

Wanda Julian Editor in Chief

Gordon Flynn International PR/ European Fashion Director

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