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This month has been super exciting! I am elated to have Oprah in the Tieks spread this issue! I love Gordon on the cover! It is so futuristic!

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Haute Men’s Fashion WILLIAM MALTESE

In-Vest … or Not?

Let’s take a moment to talk about vests … which the dictionary defines as “those sleeveless, collarless, closefitting waist-length garments that usually buttons down their fronts,” that were arguably, initially, introduced as men’s fashion items, according to diarist Pepys, by Great Britain’s Charles II. For our purposes, let’s not include cut-offs, those sleeveless denim jackets so often preferred by bikers; A-shirts, singlets, or tank-tops, preferred by athletes and body-builders; hunting/fishing vests, used to store spare ammunition and other small bits of sporting paraphernalia; as well as the oh-so-familiar, these days, bullet-proof vests, used by the police; and, finally, suicide vests, popularized by martyrs. Let’s do include that piece of clothing that’s part of a man’s three-piece suit ensemble and referred to in England and some parts of the Commonwealth as a waistcoat, and in the U.S. and Canada as a vest. This, once integral part of any fashionable man’s wardrobe, has recently been by-passed and replaced, pretty much, in this more informal age, by just a sports-coat and slacks, with the occasional two-piece suit brought out of storage for more formal occasions. Why don’t that many men wear vests any longer? Is it merely because vests, to today’s modern man, seem all too constrictive and corset-like, or that men are now less likely to need extra pockets for cigars, monogrammed cigarette cases, lighters, or watches? Actually, I don’t have a clue. All I do know is that I’d like to see more men wearing them. Not just because I’ve never removed them from my personal wearing regimen, but, because, they add a certain degree of sophistication that’s often lacking, but often welcome, within today’s sometimes toorelaxed dress codes. If I can’t persuade you to head on out and buy a vest — they DO come in leather — how about my providing you a prod, at least, to try the never-old academic sweater-vest look, consisting of a simple no-button sleeveless V-neck sweater worn over a shirt and under a sports- or suit-jacket, which can make us all come off seemingly far more university-professor intellectual than we probably are? If nothing else, the addition of any vest will make you stand out more in today’s often fashion-blah crowds, which is never bad unless you’re trying to escape attention and/or avoid the long arm of the law.

William Maltese, author of over 200 international best-selling books, can be contacted at: williammaltese@

Citywatch on the air.. the show that takes you thru’ the in’s & out’s of business. We are very pleased to have Contessa’s Court Corner every quarter with Mrs. Wanda Julian.. Editor & Chief of Contessa’s Court Magazine. Mrs. Julian is exactly the type of guest we look for.. Smart & savvy with real style.

We are doing a new segment called Contessa’s Court Corner starting in October. Where Wanda Julian will fill us in on what is hot in fashion.

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There was a time, my life pretty much filled with my doing commissioned art pieces, when I made the decision to cut back on my lucrative artistic endeavors and devote more hours to my writing. I’d managed a good international reputation in the art world, primarily based upon my “Poisonous Plant Series” … as well as on my series of “Truncated Male Torsos” in tribute to those remnants of Classical Greco-Roman sculptures found in so many museums. That the latter included mainly self-portraits had less to do with Narcissism than it did with expediency. A popular artists’ model, myself, I was well aware of the difficulties artists can have in finding people to pose for life-drawings (especially nude ones), wherein I was always available, willing, and able, for whatever the artistic project I had in mind. My tipping the balance of scales in favor of book-writing wasn’t a case of my losing interest in art, or any lack of my continued enjoyment in doing it. It was the result of my having been on the verge of embarking upon an extended period of world travel, and it was far easier for me to pack just a pen and a notebook than it was to include canvases, paints, palettes, brushes, and easels. Recently, I was pleased to confirm that my early artistic reputation, supplemented by the selective commissioned art pieces I’ve done over these last few years, have kept my name and work at the attention of movers and shakers on the international art scene; in that, I received an invitation from Italian curators Amedeo Fuse and Rosario Sprovieri, asking me to provide a piece of art work for their European Culture Association’s International Contemporary Art “Tribute to Frida Kahlo” Exhibition scheduled for Vatican City, this last 8-9 April. Needless to say, it was impossible for me to pass up the opportunity to have my self-portrait hung on a wall of the prestigious Palazzo della Cancelleria; so, I opted not to take a literal interpretation of “Tribute to” that might have had me provide an actual portrait of Frida. Rather — (1) Frida was well-known for her self-portraits; my work, too, is a self-portrait. (2) Frida was known for her vivid color palette; my contribution may seem mainly yellow, but a closer examination reveals the yellow as a collage that includes vibrant reds, greens, and blacks. (3) Frida was known for including symbolism that hints to aspects of her life; my “Peeping Tom” window “surround” provides a similar voyeuristic peek into my life; i.e. surreptitious reference to the fact that, at the young age in which I’m depicted, I’d already written, under various pseudonyms, at least twenty erotic books. (4) Finally, my artwork’s title —Mi Chequeta y Yo (“My Jacket and Me”) — is a play on Frida’s Yo y Mis Pericos (“Me and My Parrots”). (NOTE: After the Vatican City exhibit, my self-portrait was borrowed for another exhibition, in May, in Ragusa, Sicily, having done more traveling, lately, than I have).

William Maltese, artist, author of over two-hundred books, and “Contessa’s Court” contributor, can be reached at williammaltese@yahoo.

Editor in Chief’s

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My Favorite Twitch Streamer Kay Pike Kay Pike does body painting live on stream. She is so talented and very friendly! I have the best time in her stream! Some of my favorite paints are Supergirl, Star Sapphire, Sheik, Poison Ivy, and Harely Quinn.

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So how did you discover Twitch? Since I knew what live streaming was I always wanted to do it. Gaming and meeting people and making people happy has always been a passion for me. When I told my husband about what I always wanted to do he told me about Twitch. How long have you been streaming on Twitch? My one year is coming up June 13 of this year! What kind of content do you stream? I am a variety streamer. I really enjoy gaming and being creative. Scary games and super cute games are my favorite. I'm also trying to teach myself how to paint and draw and other creative things to bring new content to my stream.

Interview with Twitch Streamer SaphireNiight By Wanda Julian

What is your favorite game you are playing right now? Oh gosh, picking my favorite game is so hard for me. I love gaming so much and so many games bring different things for me. To the Moon was one of my favorites, Life is Strange and Resident Evil 7. My taste for games changes depending on my mood. But certain games really tend to stick in my memory. Some really make me feel so I cry, some scare me half to death. Resident Evil 7 caused me so much stress, I would think about it when I wasn't playing and go..."omg what is coming next? Can I handle it" but then I couldnt wait to play more and progress through the story. I really enjoy tea time when you are streaming creative. What are you working on right now? This is definitely one of my most enjoyable moments to. It gives me time to connect and chat more and just chilll out with people. I'm currently teaching myself to draw so I might be sketching and trying to learn on stream. Sometimes I will color just to chill out with people. Maybe put together some puzzle, crochet, cross stitch or paint. I love to change it up and have people join in and share their creations with me. The Twitch community is so great. Have you made a lot of new friends? I am absolutely amazed every day and left speechless over the people I have met. They have really all become a family to me and I can't wait to start a new day and see them come into the stream. I have made some very good friends from Twitch and become apart of some really great teams. The love and support has just been unreal and I am so thankful and blessed. What are some goals you would like to achieve with Twitch? My main goal is to bring amazing content and meet some great people. I feel so passionately about creating an amazing community and helping people and making them happy. I also would love to become partnered within the next year or two. I want to wish you a happy 1 year Anniversary on Twitch. I am so glad I found your channel. What can we look forward to in the future? Thank you so much! I am so grateful to be given this opportunity! You are so amazing and I am so happy to be apart of this with you! I really hope to keep creating great content for the channel. New games, new creative projects and just creating the most positive experience for everyone I meet. I am hoping to get some swag too in the future and I am working on a website!

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So, Tell Me Dahlink

By Brenda J. Robinson Burgett

So, tell me dahlink, how is your world today? Have you experienced the good things you deserve? Are you experiencing the fruits of harvests you planted and focused your attention on? What did you plant? Love, sunshine and good wine? If not love, sunshine and good wine what has your focus been on? Just asking, not intended to criticize, but rather spark an ah-ha thought? Life is kicking you in the designer pants and you are bored with it all? Would it be reasonable to believe that we have created all of the things in our lives? Ok, then how about, we have created part of what is showing up, or you could just believe me because I say so? Humor a wanna to be Queen of my own small Island! This might actually make your life easier- or not. A lovely lady that I met recently, had a brilliant career as a teacher at a University everyone knows by name. The degrees she had behind her name looked like a medical prescription from Lithuania. Her story was fascinating. After a brief retirement, health became debilitating, or to most it would have been time for a hospital bed and caring help asking what funeral home she preferred. There would be no funeral plans for her. She had a conservative surgery, bought a motor home and sold her books and jewelry at craft fairs. Her companion sold his custom walking sticks. A street fair in our town has a festival every spring and that’s where I met her. I loved her smile and approached her booth. We had a lovely conversation and true to what usually happens, we discovered that we were both enjoyed psychic gifts and had recently published a book. One year later we connect again. I had just said good bye to my cousin and friend and a best friend who had passed. I my, heart was breaking. When she asked me how I was, I said that I was fine and didn’t tell her I was grieving. She intuitively knew I had a heavy heart because she asked me if I was happy. Without waiting for an answer, she said, “You know that happiness is a choice, don’t you?” So, simple and spot on correct, it is was not a new thought, but timely. It didn’t change the grief, or make the pain of their leaving go away. I knew I could choose to be happy and it was up to me. It was happiness that would help heal my aching soul. I was not powerless in the grief. I could be happy and not disrespect their memories, by finding a reason to be happy. So how are you today? Happiness is a choice! Just as the enjoyment of all that serve you and makes you smile. Happiness is a gift to you all. Yours for the claiming! Have a beautiful day dahlinks! Contact information available

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Cre The theme name is - 'The Qeen and the Pawn '

Credits : 1-Creative Director & Garnmens Designer - Lacry Couture 2-Male Moldel Stylist - Tim Foster

3-Male Model - Lee Jay Hoy Instagram @leejahoy FB@Lee J Hoy

4-Female model -Gabriella Leonardi Instagram @gabriellaleonardi FB@Gabriella Leonardi

5-Photographer -Robin Jade Instagram @ambientjade FB@Robin Jade

edits 6-Accessories and header - Lisa Jayne Instagram@ lisajaynemillinery FB @Lisa Jayne Millinery

7-Hair Stylist -Kelly Summerfield Instagram @kelly.summerfield FB@Kelly Summerfield

Location - Royal Halloway University Of London-Helen Earwaker Conference Sales Executive

Cover: CREDITS "Man In The Machine" Model: Gordon Flynn Creative Director: Aleah Leigh of Dragon Lady Productions. Photographer :Shelley Rodgers

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