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Editor’s Letter Wow! It has been three amazing years! Time has really flown by! I am so proud of all of the accomplishments the magazine has made. I am so proud of my amazing team. Thank you so much Gordon, Austin, and Robert. I also want to say a special thank you to William Maltese and Brenda Burgett for regularly contributing to our magazine. I look forward to see what happens in our next year!

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IT’S THAT (DIET) TIME, AGAIN! By William Maltese

Even Gourmands Have to Diet

Let’s face it … if you’re good at watching what you eat for all the rest of the year, it’s genuinely difficult for most of us to keep a restricted eating regimen when any Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s holiday season checks in. How many of us can resist turning momentarily gluttonous on turkey or ham or duck or goose, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, chestnut stuffing, cranberry sauce, figgy pudding, and eggnog? All of which contribute to an expanded waistline; which contributes, in turn, to a whole lot of clothing in one’s closet that no longer fits properly. All of which usually results, at this particular time in the eating cycle, with most of us making dieting one of the first resolutions of our New Year. For those of us who are chefs and cookbook authors (color me with six of the latter) who, likewise, find ourselves indulging in the necessary sampling of all the food conjured by us at obliging stoves, our watching our weight becomes of even more concern at the first of every year. Granted, some of us are blessed with a higher metabolism that doesn’t see us fattening up quite as quickly as those less lucky, but that doesn’t mean that we can pig out on a regular marathon basis without suffering weightgain consequences. My solution was to adopt the diet plan arrived at by my fellow co-author, Bonnie Clark, of BACK OF THE BOAT GOURMET COOKING; Bonnie suffered her whole lifetime as someone who can put on pounds faster than a duck can shed water, before coming upon a plan that not only worked for her but for her husband, Bruce (they lost a combined weight of over one-hundred pounds). That more of you should benefit, as we three have, our next logical step was to put the plan in book form — thus, EVEN GOURMANDS HAVE TO DIET. Try it! It works! It even allows you chocolate, albeit of the “healthy” variety. However your dieting goes … though … here’s wishing you and yours a Happy and Thinner 2017!

William Maltese, author of over 200 internationally best-selling books can be contacted at: williammaltese@

Haute Men’s Fashion WILLIAM MALTESE

Fur Your Winter Wear?!

It’s that time of the year — at least in the Northern Hemisphere — snow, wind, ice, hail sleet — when those of us who own fur coats haul them out of storage. There’s nothing quite like wrapping oneself in the luxuriousness of fur and stepping out to confront whatever the icy-freeze temperatures a winter has to offer. Unlike so many people, these days, I’m not someone who criticizes anyone opting for real, as opposed to faux-fur, especially since the latter is often made of non-biodegradable material that’ll end up forever in your local landfill if not a “keeper” of classical design. Real fur has been around for years, pre-dating People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA); Stone-Age people used furs to keep warm, and the dwellers of Middle Ages used them to ward off all the drafts resulting from a castle’s lack of central heating. Whenever confronted by anyone querying me as to whether or not I’m wearing real or faux-fur (it’s surprising how many people really don’t know the difference), my immediate response is to ask if that person is a card-carrying member of PETA. If he or she is, whatever I’m wearing, whether real or not, suddenly becomes faux, rather than me risking it getting doused by blood tossed by an offended lover of all creatures, great and small. Whether your preference is real or faux, there’s hardly a year goes by that you can’t find a wide selection of each, in the men’s wear designs that walk the Fall-Winter runways; 2016-2017 no exception. I know that I covetously spotted them in the collections of 87MM, Brioni (always a favorite!), Burberry, Coach 1941, Fendi, Giorgio Armani (who seems to have sworn off real fur), and, of course, Dolce & Gabbana … just to name a few. So if you’re a man who doesn’t have a fur presently in your wardrobe, and you’d like to keep warmer when the days and nights get cold, you might seriously consider fur or faux-fur. Either of which works for me.

William Maltese, author of over 200 internationally best-selling books can be contacted at: williammaltese@

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Top Designers of 2016

Marianna Harutunian Lady Gaga February Cover 2016

Toggle Artist Jewelry May 2016

Mary Martin May 2016

Patricia Michaels

from Project Runway November 2016

Radikal VIP May 2016

Draqual Clothing Created By William Maltese February 2016

Charlie Buckle July 2016

Made By Lizzy July 2016

Bongo Republic October 2016

Citywatch on the air.. the show that takes you thru’ the in’s & out’s of business. We are very pleased to have Contessa’s Court Corner every quarter with Mrs. Wanda Julian.. Editor & Chief of Contessa’s Court Magazine. Mrs. Julian is exactly the type of guest we look for.. Smart & savvy with real style.

We are doing a new segment called Contessa’s Court Corner starting in October. Where Wanda Julian will fill us in on what is hot in fashion.

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My Favorite Twitch Streamer Kay Pike Kay Pike does body painting live on stream. She is so talented and very friendly! I have the best time in her stream! Some of my favorite paints are Supergirl, Star Sapphire, Sheik, Poison Ivy, and Harely Quinn.

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So, Tell Me Dahlink By Brenda Burgett

So, tell me dahlink, how were your holidays? Did it leave you feeling good-ok-or that something that everyone else had seemed to have eluded you? Just asking and perhaps it’s too soon to have processed it? I am a combination of all of the above. Is it time to do the list of changes you want to see for next year? I can save a lot of time and energy if I search for the last year’s list and simply erase 2016 and change to 2017. The body weight is the same or, heaven forbid, more. I donated the weight scales to someone who really gave a darn, or at least thought it mattered what they weighed. The statement making the rounds now is, I don’t want to be skinny I just want to be healthy? Hummmm, whatever you say works for me. I will make an attempt to be kinder to those around me. Yes, I think maybe that can be checked off. I didn’t run over my ex-husband when he was careless enough to walk behind my running vehicle. Just kidding of course. I only adopted two more dogs. It would have been three, but one found a wonderful home with a friend. The current husband has put out an animal hoarding alert at our local humane society on me. Just kidding again. I have cleaned the closets of my home and purged the clutter, it is now in plastic totes in the garage awaiting time to make decisions on its final resting places. The rule of not buying or acquiring anything anymore has mostly been respected, of course I made the rule and it is up to me to make the final call. The sad thing is lots of my stuff makes me happy even if it looks like clutter to others. I did join another gym to tone my body and get healthy. The problem being joining isn’t enough - you really need to suit up and work at it. I do walk the malls in a brisk manner swinging my packages like barbells. Just to give myself credit for something, I have learned how to take a nap in the recliner chair. I give the appearance to the casual observer(?) that I am awake or in deep meditation. The scramble of five dogs to see how many can fit in the chair with me is a smile moment and comic relief. There seems to be a bit more acceptance of a nap if the napper is in a mostly upright position. So dahlink my news year suggestions are: be kind to yourself, and watch for pedestrians walking behind your running vehicle, who may have offended you. Keep what is important to you close at hand. Buy comfortable clothing with a stretch factor and sold by a designer who has the good sense to change the size on the label to make it owner friendly. Join a good gym and head for the mall. Most important spend quality time with yourself and pets. Chair napping is easily learned and highly recommended. Yes, and finally I’m still looking for that small island I can live on and become reigning Queen of, keep me in mind. Happy New Year and peace to all!

Interview with Zoey Kinsman by Wanda Julian

Can you tell me a little bit about your book? The published book blurb says it best: Would that center point where all supernatural worlds collide be their salvation?         He was the Immortal, who had chased down time for his one last chance to reunite with his kindred spirit, with his forever love, Eve Campbell.         Max Macgregor, a child of the mist, fought hard and battled his way to the twenty-first century to reconnect with Eve. But he would have to complete what would be his last mission. Tasked this time to finally rid the world of one created only to do evil, Max had made this deal to fight a very long time ago—one more fight, for one more year with his true love.         Devastated by the loss of her husband three years prior, Eve desperately wanted to love and believe again. But their time together came with a heavy price. With Max having made the only deal he could, time and an old world obligation became their enemy.         Beckoned by the Mist is a journey through love, filled with rekindled romance, sensual connection, and a supernatural tension, as our two heroes work to complete and meet their ultimate destiny. How did you come up with the title? Allow me to provide an excerpt from the novel as told by our hero Maxwell MacGregor: He looked up at the sky, as if for direction, and then slowly began his story. “A very long time ago, in the 1600’s, there was a great home called Kilchurn Castle that rightfully belonged to the MacGregor clan. Yet, the Campbell clan took it for centuries as their own. She was a majestic grand old lady on the northeastern end of Loch Awe, surrounded by waters that were peculiar and magical. As she was rightfully ours, a great feud ensued between the two clans. Some said the MacGregor clan was bad, but it wasn’t true. We just wanted what duly belonged to us. We were of royal lineage, but unrecognized. During history, many a clan tried to banish us, but we would have none of it. Throughout time we would become known as ‘The Children of the Mist.’ No matter how many times we were beaten down, like the mist, we always returned, elusive. But there we were, the mighty MacGregors!”

Max is a ‘child of the mist’ and in this story, Eve, his one great love is forever called or beckoned to return to him. It seemed appropriate and also spoke of their magical connection. Where can our readers get your book from? The easiest place to purchase the book is through Amazon. The link is: How long have you been a writer for? Throughout my career I’ve written extensively for various executive projects in the field of social work. I transitioned into full-time writing in 2012. Loving every minute! Can we expect any books in the future? Most definitely I will continue to write in the romance genre. I’m a passionate romantic at heart with a vivid imagination who enjoys telling stories of hardship, coping, resilience, hope, victory, vision and happiness. The stories are meant to entertain and hopefully enlighten. A Certain Connection (my first novel) and Beckoned by the Mist are both written with a strong comedic element. The novel I am currently working on is actually even funnier but at the same time uses the comedy to send a message that women at any age are sexy, beautiful, smart and talented. Beauty is ageless! Please look for it in 2017 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Writing, writing and writing some more. Treasured reader, I love all or any feedback so please feel free to visit my web-site at or drop me a note at Happy and Healthy Reading, ZK

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Contessa's Court March 2017  

Contessa's Court is an international fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, food, and hom...

Contessa's Court March 2017  

Contessa's Court is an international fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine focusing on fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, food, and hom...