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Editor’s Letter I have done a lot of growing this year. Losing my mother really put what was important to me in perspective. I dialed myself back and am following what I am truly passionate about. I feel very focused and that is awesome!

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Independent Artist SHOP: http://www.southhilldesigns.com/suzyqlockets FOLLOW: http://www.facebook.com/suzyqlockets BLOG: http://www.suzyqlockets.com

Independent Artist SHOP: http://www.southhilldesigns.com/suzyqlockets FOLLOW: http://www.facebook.com/suzyqlockets BLOG: http://www.suzyqlockets.com

Independent Artist SHOP: http://www.southhilldesigns.com/suzyqlockets FOLLOW: http://www.facebook.com/suzyqlockets BLOG: http://www.suzyqlockets.com


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Interview with one of my Favorite Queens Delta Work from RuPaul’s Drag Race By Wanda Julian How long have you been performing in drag? I have been doing drag for 17 years but as a full-time profession for about 15. I got my start in lip-sync competitions and made my way up doing tip-spots in local drag shows to paid spots then began hosting my own show in a club which no longer exists in Pasadena, Ca. I was later taken under the wing of mentors like Viva Sex, Raja and Chad Michaels.

What was it like to be on Ru Paul’s Drag Race? RuPaul’s Drag Race was an opportunity of a lifetime. I met so many great people and learned so many things about myself. I learned how I respond in a high stakes position. It is tough seeing yourself from the outside. Even this many years later I think ‘What if I had done this…what if I had let THIS slide…what if I had not made alliances.’ Sometimes I am too analytical for my own good. I tend to see many sides of a situation and can validate different resolutions. In other aspects of life, though, I am very pragmatic.

How did things change after you were off the show? Drag as a sub-culture has changed, in general, since RuPaul’s Drag Race, in good and bad ways. The greatest thing is the visibility of the art form. The fashion, the lingo can be seen in magazines, in other reality shows, in murals on the streets of NYC!!! As alumni, we have the potential to make money on our own and influence big businesses to get on board with the changing wave. American Apparel, The Gap, a million cosmetic lines that initially only catered to one ‘gender’ now utilize both trans and CIS gender male ‘female impersonators’ to direct what is now considered desirable and sexy. It has almost become a blue-print, if you will for RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni to leave the show and hit the ground running with personal brand merchandise like tee shirts, bags, photos and music like my ‘Walkin’ Blues,’ single available on iTunes and my single, a cover of ‘Lady Marmalade’ with my fellow Heathers from season three of Drag Race.

Would you do Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 if you had the chance? Yes I would do All Stars if I was asked. I would do things differently, however. I keep in the forefront of my mind that the game has changed. The goal is inclusive brand building and a broader representation of the self. Where do you normally perform at? In addition to producing two weekly shows in southern California called The Dreamgirls Revue at Hamburger Mary’s on Fridays in Long Beach and Rage nightclub in the heart of West Hollywood, I am currently celebrating 13 years as an entertainer Sunday nights in Palm Springs at Toucan’s Tiki Lounge with Tommi Rose and The Playgirls. I also work at Hamburger Mary’s in Long Beach on Wednesday nights at Jewels’ Starlette Revue, Thursday nights at The Executive Suite with Morgan McMichaels’ in her Lipstick Divas show and sprinkle in appearances in Hillcrest at Urban Mo’s and VIP nightclub in Riverside, CA. I am also grateful to keep a national tour schedule on my own and through my representation Moniker Management.

How do fans get you to come to their city? I want to see all of my supporters. I love entertaining and I love meeting new people. The best way for fans to get me to come to their city is to message their local bars, especially the ones known to book Drag Race talent and let them know they are interested in seeing me. Sometimes out of sight is truly out of mind. Tagging me and the venues and promoters on social media is a great way to start the dialogue. I can be found of Facebook at Delta Work. on Twitter @TheeeDeltaWork, @deltawork on Instagram. For booking inquiries I can be reached at my email address is workdelta@gmail.com

I love your YouTube videos like Dear Delta. Do you have a blast doing them? I looove the opportunity to do Dear Delta videos. World of Wonder/WOWPresents offers me a great forum to interact with Drag Race enthusiasts with a further reach and a greater polish than I could do alone. They provide the studio space and the professional editing. We have such a great time narrowing down the questions that are sent via Twitter. Our aim is to reach not just drag fans but have fun discussions about topics that everyone deals with, whether they are in drag or not!

What is your favorite song to perform to? I looove making my own comedy mixes based on pop culture characters, ladies from television history and Disney princesses. I love telling stories about the characters by using dialogue and popular songs and well as placing seemingly innocent characters in situations that are totally fabricated and fictitious like a twerking Snow White or an out of control teen from reality TV. I also love classic drag with big coifs and petticoats. I am inspired by many decades of ladies.

What is your favorite costume that you wear? I love wearing anything made by my partner David Allen Thatcher who is a self-taught designer. He designs out of our home in suburban Los Angeles and knows me implicitly. He dresses me in caftans with cinched waists, body-con dresses in animal prints and a style we call The CupCake which is long sleeved, fitted and the bust and waist with a full circle skirt and petticoats! Decorative belts, great chunky bangles. I love accessories and I looove a mule shoe as well as a lady-like ankle-strapped heel.

What are some goals and dreams you would like to fulfill? I would love to travel the world with my partner. I would love to see places of which I have only dreamed. I would love to lay on a shaded beach and hear a steel drum while drinking a coconut cocktail. I would love to be happy and safe in a house we own with friends over for a back yard barbecue that continues late into the evening, on a patio, regaling each other with silly stories. I would love to have the same friends forever.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Happy. Doing what I love for a living. I will have more destination magnets on the fridge and will have made more of a difference with my celebrity than a detriment.

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Intereview with Ana Capelerio By Gordon Flynn

Gordon - ''Anna tell us more about you and how you ended up in fashion’’ Ana - "Hi Gordon, first of all I would like to thank you for this interview. I have this passion since childhood. My grandmother was working for Dior, creating the wardrobe for the Elite in Lisbon(Portuga)l and I was always amazed with her sense of class, sophistication and love for the industry. From a very early age i knew this was going to be my career path." Gordon - ''Ana, As an International designer what would be the 1 piece of advice you would give to a new up and coming designer? Ana -"I would advise them to follow their dreams, work with passion, stay focused and believe in themselves. We all have something unique to give and share with this world, make your stamp and don't be afraid of all challenges along the way. I highly recommend new designers to protect their trademark and intellectual property to avoid any bad copy or representation of their designs. Is a must do if you value all the work and time you put into creating your own collections" Gordon - “So you started out in Portugal - what made you decide to come to London? - Do you think London is a good place in Europe for designers to come to Launch/Show their collections? Ana - It all depends on what type of Fashion you want to produce in Portugal i never felt like there was the right market for my clothing brand. In Italy and Paris is way too classy for me, i like to feel that there is no barriers in terms of creativity and London offers opportunity for New Designers to celebrate individuality, this is the place where we celebrate it...and for that reason i am eternally grateful to be able to truly express myself "

Gordon - "So it seems like you have a lot going on at the moment - Have you got anything planned for London Fashion Week this Year? Ana - “I am very happy to announce that i will be showing my collections at the Royal Fashion Day during London Fashion Week, which i always wanted to do, the fact that i have found Gordon Flynn has open up so many doors in this industry and i am very grateful for that. I have something else up my sleeve and i am very excited about that #watch this space” Gordon - “Showing for the Royal Fashion Day is one amazing achievement you must feel so proud - Is this your first major fashion show? Ana - "Yes it is and i look forward to many more to come" Gordon - “If you could change anything in the industry what would it be and why? Ana - '' I would create platforms for younger designers to be able to expose their creativity in side shows off London Fashion week. This is very important because it will give them the confidence to move up the leather until they are fully prepared for the responsibility that is organizing and showcasing in a big Fashion Show." Gordon - “It has been a pleasure talking to you Ana and we look forward to seeing what you do for LFW . We will be following you.


Interview with Morgan Naomi Clarke By Gordon Flynn

Gordon Flynn - So Morgan we will cut to the chase. You are our first Transgender model to cover grace the front cover of our Magazine how do you feel about it? Morgan - Wow, am I really? One word, PROUD! I think this year has publicized and shown many transgender inspirational figures in the media. Now I guess I’m being given a shot and I am truly honoured. Thank you.

Gordon Flynn - How long have you been modeling for? If you were to give any other Trans model’s any advice, what would it be? Morgan - I’ve always wanted to be a model since I was a child, now I’ve been modelling for about 6 months. It’s been a whirlwind and the only advice I could give would be to not let the pressure get to themselves. There can be a lot of pressure in the spotlight especially trans so just own it and disregard the whole trans issue from their mind.

Gordon Flynn - We have seen a lot of Transgender models over the years in the industry , do you feel it is easier now or more of a competition in the Trans community to become a model? Morgan - I don’t feel I should be compared to other transgender models but obviously I will be. I think models should be judged on their ability in front of the camera and on catwalks!

Gordon Flynn - Been Trans - Can you tell us your ‘‘Opinion on Caitlyn Jenner and all that is going on in the press/Media? Morgan - Personally I love Cait. I can relate to the things she says and have similar feelings/thoughts. I think it’s one of the bravest things to do to transition in the public eye on her level. I actually don’t know if I could have transitioned in front of the whole world.

Gordon Flynn - What attracted to get into the modeling industry? What were your fears and how did you overcome them? Morgan - I would look at models such as Kate Moss and Gisele Bunchen and love their feminity and confidence. As I hadn’t transitioned I would see them as the girl I always wanted to be. The fears would be modelling alongside female models and hoping I wouldn’t look too manly next to them, LOL!

Gordon Flynn - We see you have done many amazing photo shoots - what was your favourite shoot you have done so Far? Morgan - I have to say my favourite photo shoot was the one which is gracing the front cover. It’s so natural and simple yet grabs your attention. I always love working with Jacob Jones, the photographer, because our images turn out amazing!

Gordon Flynn - So what have you got going on at present.. London fashion week is just around the corner. Are you involved? Morgan -I’m so proud to say that I’m booked to model at The Royal Fashion Day at London Fashion Week for designers who’ve created pieces for the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga. Also one of my favourite designers, Ana Capeleiro, has created an individual piece especially for me. I can’t wait to get on that runway and work it!

Gordon Flynn - Morgan , you obviously are about to make it big . You seem to have a lot of fans - What would you like to say to all the people who are reading about you. Morgan -I feel honoured that I’m receiving recognition as a high fashion model; it really does make me feel blessed. All the support I receive from the public is truly priceless. It warms my heart that I can make people feel inspired with what I’m achieving. I’d love to say thank you for embracing me for the person I am and for recognizing me as the model I’ve always strived to be. I love you!

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The Royal Fashion Day Our European Fashion Editor gives us some insight to The Royal Fashion day . http://www.Gordonflynnpr.com The Royal Fashion Day (abbr. “RFD”) is a fashion event taking place twice a year for the London Fashion Week. It is an event officially registered among the LFW events and it appears on the LFW website (“event section”).

The Royal Fashion Day has it’s home at the very luxurious and prestigious Middle Temple Hall. Please have a look at http://www.middletemplehall.org.uk/ for a tour of this historical place.

The RFD concept and leading purpose is to gather some of the top luxury brands and upcoming designers from different parts of the world under the same roof, with the final aim to expose and launch them to the UK media and market.

Designers have the benefit of being exposed to important press and buyers from some of the most prestigious magazines, shops- and blogs in the UK. This is their first step to be launched on the UK and worldwide market.

We create a fabulous environment where the audience, mainly presses and buyers, is in touch with the designers during the event. The atmosphere is absolutely unique, in fact alongside the whole event, music bands, drinks, canapĂŠs and live entertainments are also offered.

Designers participating at The Royal Fashion day have the faculty to choose to present their products in different ways. Some brands/designers, for example bags or jewellery designers, choose to be exhibitors and present their goods on stands. Other designers, mainly men and womenswear or lingerie, prefer to have a catwalk.

The main audience of the Royal Fashion Day are all media and press (TV, bloggers, photographers, writers, etc.), relevant people from aristocracy, politics and celebrities. The event is also open to the public with interest in fashion and luxury.


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MARY MARTIN INTERVIEW BY GORDON FLYNN Gordon - ‘’Mary I have been following you now and am also proud to say have also modelled for you in the past. Can you tell us a little about yourself ‘’? Mary - I am self-taught fashion designer. My inspirations include Mary Qunt and Alexandra McQueen. I am from a family of 13, the middle child and was always the proud owner pf the hand me down clothes from my siblings. My mother was a machinist, making clothes for the family as money was so tight. I was forced to sit in front of her sewing machine when naughty as punishment. This experience gave me the early drive to create my own clothes remembering the shapes my mother cut vividly. Gordon - ‘’ How Long have you been designing for and what got you started in the business? Mary - I have designing all of my life, as I used to make my daughters clothes but have seriously been designing for the last seven years. Five years of which; training myself and then two years on the catwalk. I was encouraged by friends and family and started a course at LCCA. Gordon - ‘’ How do you find the fashion Industry in London compared to other countries ‘’ ? Mary – I find the UK Fashion Industry a place where my designs have the potential to flourish. I love the fact that the London Fashion industry is so welcoming to new designers and is a fantastic platform for anybody starting out in the industry providing unlimited opportunities. I am truly grateful for the Fashion Industry in London. Gordon - ‘’ what would you say was your favourite Fashion shoot you have done and Fashion show ? Mary – My favourite fashion shoot took place in Ghana, Africa with Vernondo Boshoff, a top African fashion photographer. I enjoyed this shoot due to the natural beauty of the countries scenery and landmarks coupled with Vernondo’s exceptional creative flare for capturing high quality fashion images. My favourite fashion show in my own show, held annually in 41 Mayfair. This year it is on the 19th of September 2015 for my 2015 collection called Flint 60. Gordon - You have been in the press a lot recently about a amazing dress you have designed. tell us more about it ? Mary – Recently I have been featured in the press due to a dress I designed as a tribute to Cecil the lion. The death on the lion gave me the inspiration for this creation. I choose the colour black to represent the mourning of the slaughtered lion. You can clearly see Lion features on the dress as I recreated prominent features of the animal, also using different textures of tulle to create the lions mane to bring my design to life. The bottom of the dress I used silky fine tulle for the lions body. I took a pain staking two weeks of hand stitching (day and night) to complete the dress for the fashion show held a Kensington Olympia.

Gordon - You have been in the Industry for several years now - Tell us about some of the highlights that have happened for you recently? Mary – In October 2014 I won an International Achievers award for Best International Designer. Then in November of that same year I won a BEFFTA and was honoured for best inspirational designing. In may 2015 I was honoured as the best designer 2015 Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival held in Accrra, Ghana. I am currently preparing for the RBK South African Fashion Festival. I also have another Fashion Festival in Portugal in October called Porto Africa Fashion Week. Gordon - If you could give any advice to young designers coming out - what would it be? Mary – It’s a long hard road with up’s and downs. But if you have the passion; don’t give up on your dream; as it’s possible if you are prepared for hard work. Gordon - So what can you tell us about all you have coming up over the next year for Mary Martin Mary – I am very busy, with a ram packed diary. I have an international distribution plan and many big Fashion steps of me ahead, placing my designs in high street shops near you. Gordon- Mary Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today, You know I am a fan of your work and i will be following you throughout LFW . Mary – I thank you Gordon for this interview, and as soon as I have my menswear collection together you will be the first one wearing Mary Martin Menswear.



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My Favorite YouTube Channel of the Month Lane and Krista - The Funnyrats By Wanda Julian

What made you start doing YouTube videos? I guess you could say that I am a natural born entertainer. In 1992, when I was about 9 years old, I was in my first theater show called “Once Upon a Clothesline”. I played the role of Mr. Cricket and I was the comic relief of the show. Almost every night when we would take our bow at the end of the show, I would get the loudest applause from the audience. I loved it. In 1995, my parents got me a Hi8 camcorder for Christmas (I had to beg them for it). I went around the house filming everything. I wish I still had some of those tapes. When I was in high school, my friends and I would goof off making tons of videos, mostly about nothing. When it was time for me to go to college, I ended up getting a degree in Performing Arts - Theater from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Halfway through my studies, I realized how much I loved working with video when a friend gave me some video editing software to play around with. I started creating all kind of short films with him. This was all before YouTube even existed. After graduating from college, I had a short film that I had written as my Senior Project. I was determined to turn that into a short film, which I did. The problem was “what do I do with this film now that it’s finished?” I wanted to send it to film festivals, but I didn’t have the money for the festival entry fees nor the money for postage to even send out copies. In 2006, I found YouTube and created my first account to upload the short films that I created in college to. I also was looking for ways to monetize my videos, so I was uploading all of my videos to every site that I could find. Also in 2006, my wife and I got married and we decided that we wanted to move to Tulsa, OK, which is where her family lives. While in Tulsa, I discovered the community that was being created with online video on YouTube when in August of 2007 I found iJustine’s YouTube channel. I saw what she was doing and I thought “I can do that”. I also started following all of the other YouTubers that I could find on the site. In 2008 I really started taking YouTube more seriously because I saw the potential in the platform.

How long have you been doing YouTube videos? I have been on YouTube for almost a decade now, which is crazy to think about. I started uploading those college shorts back in 2006. Since then I have had to create new channels and rebrand myself because L4anyrat is not a good user name. On our family vlogging channel, TheFunnyrats, I have been creating daily videos since April 2009. We were one of the first daily vloggers on the platform after ShayCarl and Charles Trippy. Tell us about your channels. I have 2 main channels that I’m active on now. The one that I am more passionate about is TheFunnyrats, which is our daily family vlogging channel. It first started out with just me, because my wife didn’t understand the shift that was happening with digital media on YouTube yet, and we didn’t have any kids yet. After consistently uploading every day, I decided to take a little break. This was actually something that I needed because it let me realize that I needed to rebrand my channel, and in 2010 I created TheFunnyrats. Which was also the time that my wife and I found out that we were pregnant with our first child, Amelia. A year and a half later, our son was born too. Due to the birth of our children, our channel has been very family/parenting centered. Also, while our kids were at such a young age, my wife and I decided that we needed to pay off all of our debts, which we documented in our daily videos. We had $70,000 in debt, and the company that I was working for at the time didn’t need my services any more. I was an independent contractor for an oil company doing landman work. Of course this happened just a few days before Amelia was born. Luckily we had some savings to get us through this hard time, and I started to find more independent video work, which is what I was more passionate about anyway. Our kids are now 3 and 4 years old, and we don’t have any more debt. We became debt free in late 2014, and it has been able to let us travel more. I have wanderlust, which is the need and desire to travel. With our kids at an age where we are able to take trips, our vlogs are starting to become more about family and travel, which we will talk more about later in this interview. My other channel, LaneVids, was created in 2008. I used it as just a created outlet for other videos that were not daily vlogs of our family. In 2012 I created a video called “HOW TO MAKE A HOMEMADE LAVA LAMP”; one day in 2013, I noticed that the video all of a sudden was getting a TON of views. It currently has over 6,000,000 views. Due to the nature of this video, this channel has been more geared towards Science Experiments and DIY projects, which is not my forte, but it does help with people discovering my true passion of daily vlogging.

How long have you and Krista been together? Krista and I met in October 2002 when the manager at Zales: The Diamond Store hired us to be cashiers for the Christmas season. Because we were both cashiers, we usually worked opposite shifts, so we never got to really talk for about 2 months. It wasn’t until the Zales Christmas party on December 15, 2002 that we were able to really get to talk to each other and get to know each other. At the party, someone broke out a game of Twister, and Krista and I were the last two “standing” on the mat. We have been together since then. We got married in April of 2006. How old are your children? Amelia our oldest is 4, and Jacques just turned 3 in August. Your videos look like so much fun! Do the kids like watching the videos? Our kids love to watch our videos. They actually ask to watch our videos specifically. Jacques says “I want to watch one of our videos!” I love having all of these memories to look back on. I always tell Krista that when we are 80, it’s going to be so much fun to go back a watch all of these memories together laying in bed! I love all the cool places you take the family to. Where do you plan on going to next? We’re not too sure where we are going next. I’ve been trying to take the kids to small towns around Louisiana so that they can get a better picture of the culture of where they grew up, and it’s an easy way to fill our wanderlust by taking these day trips. We might be able to make a trip to New Orleans soon, which will be fun because Amelia hasn’t been since she was 9 months old. Hopefully we can visit some more state parks in the area before the weather gets to cold and the holidays kick into gear.

What would be your dream vacation for your family? Our dream vacation, would actually be a way of life for us. Our family has a goal that we want to sell our house and everything we own so that we can buy an Airstream Travel Trailer and travel the country, and hopefully the world, full-time, while creating videos of all of our travels on YouTube. We would also roadschool (which is homeschooling, but on the road) our children, which would be easy for us since my wife is a high school teacher. We do have a few destinations that we want to travel to that we could take our Airstream to. There is a state park in CA with a waterfall on the beach. We also want to do the national parks like Arches, The Grand Canyon, Tetons, Red Rocks Canyon, etc. We would also love to visit and meet up with other YouTubers and social media influencers along the way to get to know them better. I also have a dream of visiting and riding every roller coaster in the USA, and hopefully will branch out to the rest of the world. I love riding roller coasters. The problem with this is that Krista doesn’t ride them and the kids, right now, don’t meet the height requirements. Where do you see your family in 5 years? In five years, I hope that we have a viewer base large enough on TheFunnyrats so that YouTube can be our main source of income so that we can live our dream of traveling full-time in an Airstream. http://instagram.com/LaneVids http://youtube.com/TheFunnyrats http://twitter.com/Lanevids http://facebook.com/LaneVids http://LaneVids.com Snapchat: theFunnyrats

What’s Haute?

By Cheryl M. Smith

Lots of trends coming down the runway for fall and one of the really fun ones incorporates a Boho Chic flavor. Only they have taken this trend and applied it absolutely EVERYWHERE!!! If you have always adored that suede fringed jacket or leather fringed purse you are going to be one happier than happy fashionista because fringe, yes fringe, is showing up all over clothing. And in entirely different applications than the usual fringe we are used to. This is the fringing of yesteryear, not the fringe of the 60’s and 70’s, and some of it is uber reminiscent of the Roaring ‘20’s decade. Where we saw it cascading in multiple layers down the entire flapper dresses or it was simply the adornment of the hem of the skirt it was wispy and oh so pretty. Feather like fringing graces the hems of this fall 2015 trends big time. And it is feminine, feathery and all things elegant and deliciously beautiful. Only now it is seen running asymmetrically down sleeves, or on the bias of an asymmetrical hemline. And skirts, oh they are so creative here; it is seen as wide panels gracing the entire skirt overlay, it is wispy ostrich feathering as the skirt itself, it is fringe at the hem of the skirt. Oh, and our favorites for fall--the layering pieces, our sweaters and ponchos well it adorns them beautifully. Can you say sooo chic, I know I can. With so many applications to choose from, which one will be your choice for this upcoming layering season?? Will it be a favorite new poncho Boho Chic style, or will it be the long solid panels gracing a skirt?!? I don’t know your style but I say to you” get adventurous have fun with it”, I know I will!!! Time for you to weigh in, what can I answer for you as far as fashion and style?? Is it about this trend or an item, look, body challenge you are struggling with?? Go ahead send me any and all your fashion dilemmas I will try my best to “make it work” as one of my fav Mentors says, Tim Gunn of Project Runway infamy. Thank you, I look forward to your questions and comments.

http://lovemydressusa.com/miracleboutique http://www.lovemydressusa.com/miracleboutique


http://www.lovemydressusa.com/miracleboutique http://lovemydressusa.com/miracleboutique

Interview with William Maltese Author of Everyday Gourmet By Wanda Julian

How long have you been writing? I’ve been writing for a very long time, mostly for my own amusement. My senior year in university, I wrote my first article for pay, a non-fiction piece about searching for Inca treasure in the jungles of South America; that ended up published in the men’s magazine Argosy while I was attending U.S. Army Basic Training at Ford Ord, California. Even at the time, though, I had no real intentions of writing articles or books for a living. My university degree was in advertising/marketing, and my plan, after my military service, was to sign on with some advertising agency in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or London. Before doing that, however, I decided to take a summer sabbatical, during which I picked up a book, read it, and said the stereotypical, “Damn, but I can do as good as that!” I started out, writing a chapter at a time which I usually read to friends, for a few laughs, while we all had a few drinks. After finishing the book, however, I figured I’d put way too much time, energy, and effort into those 60,000 words to not at least try to get a return on my investment. I sent the manuscript to the publisher of the I-can-write-as-good-as-that-book that had started me writing mine. If I hadn’t received a prompt acceptance, with a request to see more of the same, I’d likely have spent my life writing ad copy for sex enhancers and toilet paper. How many books have you written? I’ve written and had published so many books that I’m embarrassed to say I’ve lost count, and for not the first time. I was helped along when Wildside/Borgo Press came out with a 304-page reference book, DRAQUALIAN SILK: A COLLECTOR’S AND BIBLIOGRAPHICAL GUIDE TO THE BOOKS OF WILLIAM MALTESE, 1969-2010, which put the count at 179; since then, though, I suspect the number has surpassed 200.

How many genres do you write in? I doubt very much that there’s any genre in which I don’t write. I’ve long believed that variety is the spice of life, and, being a Gemini, I can get bored very easily if I stick to any one genre for a very long time. Therefore, if you’re looking for sci-fi, historic, biographic, gothic, graphic, self-help, western, horror (I’m credited with the very first gay werewolf novel), Harlequin SuperRomance (I wrote three under my Willa Lambert pseudonym), maleadventure, cozy mystery, mainstream mystery, young adult, food, wine, even straight and gay erotica, there’s a book, likely more than one, by me, to fit the bill. More than once, I’ve had readers ask me, please, to pinpoint for them those books that are mine among the many “William Maltese” books on amazon.com, when, in point of fact, I’m the only William Maltese author on amazon.com, and all the books listed are mine, except for one William A. Maltese book on breast cancer. What is your favorite Genre to write in? Back to my getting easily bored and a Gemini, I usually look upon the genre of the book I’m presenty writing as my favorite. Lately, that’s been my series of so-far seven cookbooks which I was asked to write by the publisher because of my extensive world-wide travels ... and because of the books that resulted from those travels having garnered, from the get-go, critical acclaim for their right-on-the mark “sense of place”, that, more often than not, included details of the indigenous foods and drinks. What is your favorite Genre to read? My reading taste is admittedly eclectic, extending from the Greek classics (OEDIPUS REX comes immediately to mind), to adventure/espionage (I just finished reading THE TOMB by Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore). I’ve a decided penchant for just about anything Roman Empire; W.G. Hardy’s CITY OF LIBERTINES is a real favorite, as is Edward Gibbon’s RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. What is your favorite recipe from Everyday Gourmet? While all the recipes in EVERYDAY GOURMET are favorites, which was the purpose of the book, in the first place, I admit to a fondness for the “Pear-Orchard Salad”. Although it’s not something I first tasted in some exotic locale, unless one can consider a pear orchard exotic, it brings back pleasant childhood memories ... is something that I often find myself eating in the summertime ... and, importantly, it can alway be accompanied by chilled champagne.

Tell us a little about Everyday Gourmet. Everyone has his or her favorite foods, as do I. EVERYDAY GOURMET is the result of the latter and of so many of my readers so often asking me what those favorite foods of mine are. Luckily for me, whenever I’ve managed to eat a real favorite, whether in a home or restaurant setting, I’ve done my best not to leave the dining venue until I have had the recipe in hand or have had enough clues to duplicate it in my own kitchen. Because of that, and because I’ve included a short anecdote with each recipe, as to the when and where a favorite food of mine became a favorite, EVERYDAY GOURMET has the uniqueness of being particularly personal. What is your favorite food or foods? Aside from the recipes found in EVERYDAY GOURMET, I’m a real fan of escargots and could make a meal of them -- and have. That said ... my mother’s recipe for beef stroganoff is something I’ve always been willing to go a long way out of my way to get my hands on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pigged out on hot home-made bread slathered with melting butter. Early on, I discovered another favorite pairing, caviar and champagne, gave me diarrhea; thus I usually enjoy that particular combo only when I’m home alone.

What is your favorite drink? Champagne is my favorite drink. I’d drink vintage Dom Pérignon every day if I could. As it is, you’ll likely find more vintage Veuve Clicquot‬ in my cooler than anything else. I do keep some bottles of my favorite French bordeaux, 1966 Chateau LaFite Rothschild, in my wine cellar, for special occasions. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully, in five years, I’m still cooking, still eating, still drinking, still writing, still being published, still in good health, and still mobile. I’d like to get back to doing more traveling. My usual vagabond ways were interrupted when I returned home to act as chief caregiver for my parents when their health started to decline. They’re both gone, now, and I’ve always felt travel afforded me more of an education than my university degree ever did. Certainly, it provides excellent fodder for writing, for which my prolific literary output can provide prime example.




Charlie Allen Charlie Allen is the quintessential Modern-British tailor. The third generation of his family to work in the trade, he learned tailoring at his grandfather’s knee and was cutting his own clothes before he left school. Fascinated by men’s clothing, he then trained at the Royal College of Art, before going into business on his own at 24. With a client list that reads like a Who’s Who of London’s best dressed, he’s dressed everyone from royalty to rock stars. Warm, approachable, and not a little playful, you’ll find having a suit made by Charlie is a pleasure from start to finish. A signature style of sharp-suits with a soft edge, have made him the place to come to for a suit that has all the Savile Row hallmarks of quality, attention to detail and discretion, but also a softness and elegance that puts you immediately at your ease. With Charlie, you’ll find the process of making your suit is an unstuffy, and surprisingly pleasurable process, one where you, as the client, are as important as the suit you are having. http://www.charlieallen.co.uk


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Angel Candy Bo

Kisses ouquets


1 c h e r m a e @ g m a i l . c o m | w w w. p o s i t i v e p r e s . c o m

Personal stylist | image consultant Focus on personal shopping, wardrobe enhancements and makeovers, clothing pairing and re-purposing , personal stylizing and closet audits/reorganizations. Professional experience • W.hat T.he F.ashion June 2013-August 2013 as Contributor • Prime Magazine: Looking Great at your Age August 2013 • Featured in the Spokesman Review, “The Thrill of Thrift,” • • • •

Jan. 2014 Featured in Spokesman Review in the article “Fashionably Frugal,”April 2014 Stylist at the Goodwill Industries of Inland NW Fashion show April 2014 Spokane CDA Woman, “Be Present in Your Own Presence,” 2014 and “A Journey out of Darkness, “2015. Contessa’s Court a High Fashion ezine online, “Hollywood’s Fashion Icons,” 2014.

ROSEWOOD BUILDING 1028 W Rosewood Suite 180 | Lower level

Who’s Winning the Battle of your Closet?? By Cheryl M. Smith As a professional wardrobe stylist I am responsible for assisting many awesome women like yourself with their look(s). Where is the biggest amount of frustration coming from for almost all of you??? Your CLOSET… No matter the size of this host of our clothes, we still simply put, “have nothing to wear,” as you stand and stare with that “deer trapped in headlights look” at those intruders hanging there; your clothes. You were sure you knew what you wanted to wear to work this morning. But now after trying on a minimum of six different pieces, you are starting to get frustrated, nothing feels quite right. The sad thing is it is usually going to get worse before it gets better. FINALLY you find a bottom you really like on you, but now what to pair on the top? It has to work together, that’s imperative, but you need to be able to move in it easily. The job you currently have has you sitting doing input and it cannot constrict. Okay it’s getting late and now you’re concerned with actually being late, but you cannot find the top that works with the bottoms. What in the world did you ever wear with this piece??? Frustrated --you have relented to take a different course, as while trying to find a top to match your bottom you find a top you love and haven’t worn in awhile, it looks, feels great on you. Awesome, you now go to work on finding a new bottom to match this most amazing top. All the while thinking “why have I not worn this top in forever?” The answer to that will be all too readily apparent shortly. This uber cute top has been hanging untouched and unworn, because it looks good with nothing in your closet. Wait just a minute, really??? So not happy you peer into this closet of yours, now feeling the stress ball knotting up in your upper shoulders. Seriously, what are you going to do and what will you wear? It seems the clothes in your closet are winning this battle, which soon is about to turn into an all out war!!! And you do not want to be the one to surrender in defeat-- so what is a girl to do??? Take your life back, get into that closet and show it who is BOSS, you. How do you do that??? Well it really is soooo simple, the very first thing you do is go thru and honestly appraise what is in your closet. Here are some tricks to discern what stays and what goes, I will list them in an order that is easy to facilitate to affect positive changes. Does this item, have pills, (those little balls), is it stained, possibly has snags or the hem is hanging, are there tears??? If the answer is yes then get rid of it, time to let it go like the song in the animated movie Frozen. Is it from this decade, if not look at its viability in repurposing it to look current and fit in your today wardrobe. If it is not a treasure, something special, and it’s simply old, toss it!!! Is it stretched out, has elastic or banding and it no longer does it’s job, tell it bye- bye. Worn out looks worn out and makes you look the same, worn out, tired. Be honest—is it too old/

young for you, be real here, you should not be wearing Junior’s clothing over a certain age. On the other side of the coin, it may be dating you and making you appear frumpy, older than you are. Get rid of these pieces, give them away to someone they will work for, it’s not you. Last items you need to give the discriminating eye to prior to the next step are the items that are possibly just too over the top, meaning they were a trend piece you thought you might actually try to embrace sport one day but never did. It may be a good thing you did not, as I believe Coco Chanel said, “trendy is only a step away from tacky.” Trends can be fun, but don’t go all out to outrageous, stick with one piece that adds interest to an outfit rather than detract from the beauty of it. Now—you are ready for the all important part of taking back ownership of that closet, you are ready to try on what is left after pulling all the extraneous pieces I mentioned above-- out. Get ready, set, and go…take everything out put it into groupings of what it is, i.e. slacks, skirts, tops (casual and dress) jacket/blazers and dresses. Be cognizant of how every piece fits and feels on you, does it fit correctly, is it comfortable, does it work on your body, skin tone etc. If the answer is “yes” great, now put it back in the closet and continue to try on the pieces individually by category. Continue to group them together in the closet as you honestly ascertain, “yes this piece looks and feels great.” It will take a while but the value in doing this is you now really know what is in your closet. And now you are ready for the final step, and the one that makes you the Master level of your closet. Once you have tried on everything and it is all hung up according to what it is in your closet, now you can start pairing up pieces. What do I mean??? Well pull out that bottom you loved you started with in the beginning, now go to the tops and look for something that might match and try them on together. Repeat this until you have some outfits put together. You can even go so far as to group 2 or 3 blouses with that pair of slacks or skirt. This way you have some fun options and you know you can create three different using the same pair of slacks. A huge perk to winning the battle of your closet, next time you go on that trip packing is a whole lot easier and way more fun. And now your mornings are way less stress. You no longer dash out the door last minute stress ball between your shoulders muttering to yourself about how late you are with a bad start to what could have been an otherwise wonderful start to your day. Now go take on that closet and win the war, don’t let your closet make getting dressed in the mornings a constant series of daily battles.

Cheryl M. Smith is a personal Stylist/Wardrobe consultant who currently resides in Spokane and owns Positive Presentations.



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n Candles


www.JHallcandles.com www.JHallcandles.com









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Credits Cheryl’s Article Orange outfit is J. Crew Fall 2015 The B&W outfit is Banana Republic Fall 2015 White outfit is Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Delta Work Pink dress-photo credit Kristofer Reynolds Delta with the bear-photo credit Mathu Anderson Nude and black bra-photo credited to Monique Antoinette Ryleigh Photographer-Justin Haller Model-Ryleigh Brown Photographer- Nichole Cherin Preston Model-Ryleigh Brown Jennifer Models: Jennifer Dobson and Matthew Bowers HMUA: Jennifer Dobson Photographer: Ray Ward Mermaid and Fairies Photographer: Janet Newton Company: A Dream Is A Wish Princess Parties Little Mermaid: Lauren Block Pink Fairy: Julia Fox Green fairy: Madisen Welliver Orange fairy: Alyssa Miller Blue mermaid: Alyssa Robins Pink mermaid: Leisha Harkey Royal Fox Collective Erin Elizabeth Darling photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective Sophie Sassafrass photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective Mal Function photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective, Lighting Matthew Hambone Hamblin, HMU Erin Elizabeth Darling Jessika Beyer photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective Shalee Rocha photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective, Lighting Erin Elizabeth Darling Kayliegh McIntire photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective Stephanie Forsman photographer: Matthew Hambone Hamblin of Royal Fox Collective Erin Elizabeth Darling photographer: Gilbert M Looney of Royal Fox Collective Mikayla Daniels photographer: Erin Elizabeth Darling of Royal Fox Collective, Lighting Gilbert M Looney Stephanie Forsman photographer: Matthew Hambone Hamblin of Royal Fox Collective

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Contessa's Court September 2015 Issue  

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