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Editor’s letter I am so excited about this month’s issue! We have so much amazingness in store for you! We are pleased to have Jenis Adams as our cover. You will be able to read our interview and see Jenis’s new movie poster! We have an interview with Carlotta Actis Barone a fabulous European Fashion Designer. Starting this month moving forward we will have a Fine Artist of the Month and Model of the Month. We are pleased to announce Christopher Roberts as our Fine Artist. I am blown away by his talent and love his work. Our Model of the Month is the breathtaking Bruja Estrella Howe. She is so beautiful. Hope you all enjoy! Wanda Julian

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Interview with Jenis Adams P. 28

Fine Artist of the Month Christopher Roberts P. 112

Model of the Month Bruja Estrella Howe P. 48

Interview with European Fashion Designer Carlotta Actis Barone P. 78!


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Sandy Bay London is a stunning UK collection of Luxury Home Fragrance products

The Company was launched in Jan 2011 and in its short life is loved by celebrities and dignatries across the Uk and is stocked in some of the most prestigious Hotels, Spa’s and Boutiques.

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Jenis Adams interview By Gordon Flynn What brought you to London? Well I was already travelling from Birmingham where I was living at the time to London anyway for work and as I really wanted to get stuck into my acting it seemed the obvious move. Plus the fact that falling asleep whilst driving up and down the motorway wasn’t really working for me. (Her big booming infectious laughter echoes of the walls which gets us both giggling). What is your main ambition you want to achieve while in London? Well I was fortunate almost instantly and got a break when I was snapped up by an acting agent who scouted me from Spotlight after seeing work I’d already undertaken and was unrepresented. They sent me for my first audition for a TV commercial which I booked. It all happened so fast really so didn’t have time to think about it. Before I knew it I had four different commercials on TV all at the same time and people were stopping me in the supermarkets asking me “excuse me, but are you the girl off... (she takes a pause as if she is reliving that time)... yet it was all rather fast and surreal really. But so began my career in commercials. So you’ve been modelling for a number of years. Have you enjoyed your time as a model? Well as I said before my main aim was to come and get my acting off the ground seriously, but after a few years of highs came a lot more years of lows which severely knocked my confidence. So I kinda put it on the back burner and pursued my modelling which is what I was already doing anyway. If I’m honest my heart was never really in it and I was just a jobbing model going through the motions, you know I still had to pay the bills. I never really took it seriously or if I’m totally honest never believed in myself as a model. I always knew I wanted to act. But the great thing about modelling is that is does prepare you for the acting world as weather it’s a shoot or just strutting down the catwalk you do have to get into a character and that in itself helps to build confidence. If you could wear any designer on your next red carpet...who would it be? Well at present I model for Escada and their eventing wear in the mainline collection is absolutely exquisite. So naturally who else am I going to say but Escada. They’ve had several big names wear their dresses on the red carpet before. Heidi Klum to name but a few. What are your ambitions for your acting future? OH. Ideally, I would love to be doing movies. Drama, Action as in the kick ass martial arts kind (she laughs out loud and jumps up suddenly doing some punches and round house kicks - very impressively I might add considering she is wearing the tightest of leather pants), but even more so it would be comedy all the way for me. This is something I have been asked many times, if I’ve ever thought about doing stand-up comedy. To which I always reply a resounding Hellllll nooooo! To be naturally funny as I am constantly told is one thing. To be heckled all the way off a stage... I think not. I’ll leave that to the professionals. Where do you most comfortable on stage or in front of the cameras? Definitely not on stage. Actually, my very first acting gig was on stage whilst I was still at drama school. It was

a small but fundamental part as the stage manager in a play called ‘The Four Alice Bakers’ with some already established actors as the leads. In one scene one of the leads had to throw a chair across the stage in anger and I was supposed to catch it. Instead it went spinning and banged into my knees causing my eyes to water in pain and I can only imagine what the expression on my face looked like as the audience burst out laughing and thought that was meant to happen. It really wasn’t. And that’s why I will always prefer the least that way they can edit out the tears. Lol. So you just finished Ortega and his enemies and had the London Premier. How was it for you? Wow. Does that sum it up? Still can’t believe my dreams have somewhat come to pass. The night before I was sat with a friend surreally calm. He was more excited than me and was trying to scare me I think into reality. Lol. (She does a lot of laughing which really is infectious). He said to me “Jenis can you even remember this time last year we were sat here and you were saying how you were bored with the modelling and really wanted to crack on with the acting and was totally fed up? Tomorrow night you’re going to your own red carpet premier of your own movie.” Now that was crazy. Still pinching myself now how quick life can turn around for the better. Tell us a bit about the film and the roll you played. The film is about a guy called John Ortega who starts his day as a regular easy going guy and by the end of it he’s almost a serial killer. Lol. For real. I play the character of DC Martha who is relentless in her quest to hunt him down. The funny thing is when people watched the trailer and the movie they kept asking if it was supposed to be comedy. It wasn’t but it got a lot of laughs. And I have to admit even I laughed out loud at some parts when I read the script and watched others filming their scenes. If you could play any character from the past what would your dream roll be. There’s a few actually. I love the character Jackie Brown and would love a role like that. But also as a kid I used to love watching all the Jackie Chan films. That’s where my love for the martial arts began. When I watched the remake of Charlie’s Angels I was thinking “yeah I’d love to do that. I really like Cameron Diaz and the roles she plays. In fact it has been said a few times I remind people of a black version of Cameron Diaz. Purely for the comedy value I’m sure. But hey I’ll take that quite happily, thank you. (Chuckles to herself). Who inspires you? Well I would have to say Cameron Diaz wouldn’t I. But my all-time idol would be Samuel Jackson. That guy is really inspirational. Apart from being an amazing actor he also comes across very humble too. I mean as big as he is he doesn’t’ mind taking a role even if his character is killed off way before the end. You remember Deep Blue Sea? We all saw him get eaten up by the shark right? I mean no one is coming back from that and still I was like “nope, he can’t be dead. It’s Samuel Jackson. Film isn’t even half way through. He’ll be in the next few scenes, you’ll see. Lol.. Nope. As sure as the thing hits the fan. He was toast. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Five years from now. Hopefully all of the above would have paid off and I’ll already have a few blockbuster action and comedy films under my belt. Isn’t that confirmation enough that you’re doing a good job? As my drama school teacher would say acting is about being believable to the audience. And wouldn’t it be great to be in a sitcom. Even better one I’d written myself. I do it as a hobby now but I have been toying with the idea of writing a sitcom script for a while now...let’s do this interview again in five years from now and see if I pulled it out the bag.



Model of the Month Bruja Estrella Howe By Gordon Flynn

How did you start Modeling? I was a head chef at a cafe in my hometown working with a waiter who was a part time model and he and many others said I should try out modelling at first I was like “No I’m not pretty enough I’m too fat and short I don’t want to do it I want to be an actress” A couple of weeks later I thought fuck it I’ve done this head chef thing now so i packed my job in and moved to London just for fun I guess I never really planned to be a model then the cameras started snapping they liked me I liked them it was a mutual thing. It’s funny to see what you look like. How do you feel about the modeling Industry in UK and what is expected of Models? The modeling Industry in the UK is just like anywhere else I cannot describe it in words as they do not do it justice it is an experience to be experienced. What is the one thing you love about the industry and one thing you hate about it? The one thing I love is the drugs and the women haha joking it used to be that! All of it it’s crazy and confusing and it never settles down I do not wish to see anything negative in it. I believe in life to see the good and focus on that because negativity never gets you anywhere no person is perfect therefore no industry we work in will be just go with the flow in life. Do you feel pressured about your weight like it seems so so many models are? Nope I’m from a family of savages we fight for our food and when we get it we eat. I think people who feel pressured should not change who they naturally are instead fight for it and do not give up until you feel your battle has been won. What would be your dream designer to model for.? I will not say or my childhood wish may not come true but I will say I do not want to model for them as a model. You are also an actress. Which do you prefer Modeling or Acting? Acting is who I am it is not something I have a choice in it is my love, my passion, I cannot control its flame that burns Inside me I have tried because deep down I am shy and have no confidence in myself isn’t it ironic don’t you think? Modeling for me is a form of acting weather I’m in front of a camera or at a casting I am continuously in change of character it’s like an improvisation game I walk in a room I assess my audience and characters I have to play with then I perform. It’s something I do even when I’m not modeling that is who I am I am who I want to be. I don’t think we should be limited open yourselves up feel the vibes and jump into the wave headfirst and ride it baby!

You are a very creative person as we all know here in The UK ...From Writing and your Art to an Actress. If you were to pick one road to go down, what would it be? Acting hands down no competition. Every other form of creative expression can be lived out and inspired by the path of acting it is a challenge for me that never ends because my love for it is infinite. You are a known to be a Lesbian - Do you think this has any relevance to others in the industry or felt like it has been a problem to others...? No half the industry is as bent as a snake. Why should my sexuality be a question? If someone wants me to be sexy with a guy or ten men I’m game. You have graced the pages and covers of many magazines. Do you have a favorite shoot? All of them I have enjoyed each and every one! Even when I’m barely dressed at dawn laying in water in the rain in the middle of a British winter with nipples like bullets it’s just fun it’s a laugh haha who does that? If you could play any role in a film who would you play and why? I don’t know until I’ve read the script. I need a challenge it takes a lot for me to be challenged and that’s why I crave it so much I want someone to produce me with a script that will tear down my walls a character that will push me in the art of method acting to breaking point and once I’m broken I want to build myself up with their bricks to make people see the world from their eyes and not only do I want to feel this character I want the world to feel them. As a society we are very suppressed I want to bring that out of people and give them an experience they will not forget. Who inspires you? The world and the human race people are amazing so complex they don’t even know how complex they are. I travel a lot in fact I’m going back to India for 6months soon then to the Philippines, America and south America after that. I was born in France and have travelled ever since it’s so important to me not only to travel but to help people all kinds of people need help not just the sick and poor but the lost souls. The kind of people I really love are the ones who fight against all the odds with a true smile to their face there is nothing more beautiful and inspiring. Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? I could be living out my dream in Hollywood or living on the streets I could have a husband with fifteen kids and counting or be locked up in a mental asylum. Who knows? Not me and I don’t want to my ride is already on its course it’s been decided.

OPI I’m Never Amberrassed I love this sheer amber. It is so fun!

Product Be Magental With Me This sheer pink is everything! I want to try it on my next french mani!

Don’t Violet Me Down

I Can Teal You Like Me

This sheer violet is gorgeous! I love it!

This sheer teal is beautiful! It just screams summer!


Nicole by OPI Sandin My Shore

I’m Stucco On You

This rough yellow color is super fun for the beach!

I am living for this rough purple! It is very on-trend!

On What Grounds

Rock The Look

This rough teal is breathtaking on. So fun to wear!

I am in love with this rough pink! A summer must have!

Jeunvie Jeunvie Moisturising Candles This is the most amaging beauty product I have ever tried! You melt the candle for a little bit and then place on your skin. It makes your skin silky soft.

Jeunvie Honey Lip Balm This is the best lip balm I have ever tried! It is a must have!

Jeunvie Moisturiser with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil I love this clear skin moisturizer. It makes my skin feel amazing.

De La Mer Collagen Moisturiser - with Rosehip & Helichrysum This moisturiser is amazing. It feels so good and has a great scent.



Designer: Kwame Korteng Bespoke Photographer: Kayode Fashola

Designer: Kwame Korteng Bespoke Photographer: Kayode Fashola

Designer: Kwame Korteng Bespoke Photographer: Kayode Fashola

Designer: Kwame Korteng Bespoke Photographer: Kayode Fashola

Designer: Kwame Korteng Bespoke Photographer: Kayode Fashola

Designer: Kwame Korteng Bespoke Photographer: Kayode Fashola

Interview with Carlotta Actis Barone By Wanda Julian

How long have you been a designer? I graduated in 2009 and I have been a designer ever since, Actually I sort of found my self ‘trapped’ in having a label. Basically when I graduated I didn’t want to set up my label straight away, of course it was in my wish list, but as a long-term project. So I started working for other brands and I thought to keep building up my career that way. Nevertheless shortly after my graduation I was scouted by a fashion agency that told me they saw my work on line, and they would have been happy to sponsor entirely my collections and to put me in London Fashion week. What could I argue with that??? The contract with the fashion agency expired after 3 seasons, but of course by that point I was all set up to stand on my own legs and carry on my brand so, here I am! What made you want to be a designer? Influenced by an inspiring family environment I have always been stimulated and pushed to cultivate my creativity since a young age. I started growing an interest in Fashion when I was very little and I designed my first collection at only 7 years old. Certainly it was more of a game for me at the time. At 18 years old, rather than a car, I asked my parents for a sewing machine and ever since I have been studying fashion and participating to all fashion related events and programs. What inspires you to design? Inspiration and beauty is all around us, but I like to dig dip in our surrounding and find ‘meaning’ in everything. I mean I don’t want to play Socrates; I just like to investigate in our society and bring to life through my clothes my thought about different issues. So my first collection was based on feminism, then slavery, then the fight against fur trade and so on. What do you design? I like to think that I design “dreams”, I interpret concepts and ideas, so I don’t only design aesthetically pleasing garments, but I also like to give meaning to them. Don’t worry I’m not a sad, depressing chick. I just want to get my voice heard through my creations, and I merge elegance, beauty and joy, with my research on imageries and matters possibly a bit more serious.

What colours are you most exited about for spring? For spring Summer this year I’d say take a different route, enough of the neon colours, let’s go back to nature, let’s use muds and greens and browns and cipria. What trends are must haves for spring? Recycling everyday objects and turning them in fashionable accessories is the key. The waist of today’s industrial world give us so much to play with, instead of piling up the bin, we could decorate our body with metal scraps. And don’t throw away your ripped -shirt and jumper, just embellish the holes and wear them proudly... I find ripped fabric so fascinating How exciting was it to show at Paris Fashion Week? It was a great experience, the team was absolutely amazing, and we all collaborated on a very small budget but with great enthusiasm. Everyone was very professional and hard working and it all came out perfectly, we grabbed so much press attention and we rocked the street of Paris  very happy chick. What are some goals you would like to achieve? Expand my online sales and reach a bigger audience, I would love to collaborate with vast scale retailers such as Top Shop or River Island, and I would also like to explore the marketing fields of fashion as well as designing. What can we expect to see in the future from you? I’m always evolving, constantly seeking changes, endlessly exploring… I am a very restless character so I never even know even my self where to find me tomorrow, definitely expect the unexpected and if you find me before hand just let me know .

Photographer: Cassandra Mayers

Photographer: Cassandra Mayers

Photographer: Cassandra Mayers

Photographer: Cassandra Mayers

Photographer: Cassandra Mayers

Grace of London It can be said that Robert’s interpretation within his field of ceramic wall and floor tile fixing has always been more artistic and creative than purely just a trade setting him apart from his peers. Having studied art and sociology at School, Robert being encouraged by his tradesman father undertook an apprenticeship in ceramic wall and floor tiling and excelled having achieved city and guilds qualification, advanced craft which culminated in him winning the national master tile fixers association award. On completion of his training he immediately set up and started his own business, working with some of the most prestigious tile companies in the market including Paris ceramics, fired earth and criterion tiles amongst others. Robert built an amazing portfolio of high profile clients and worked with an array of talented architects and designers A successful contracting company has enabled him to travel all over the world showcasing his abilities. His tiling company was bolstered with the addition of a tile boutique and an art gallery dedicated to showing mosaic art from all over the world “It became important to show mosaic in detail as it was intended as art and not just as contemporary wall and floor coverings” Over the 30 years as an award winning craftsman, the desire to create art while combining the years of experience became his goal. So with 3 years of product development, he was finally able to launch Grace of London in mid 2013 exactly 30 years to the month he signed his indentures as an apprentice Grace of London and “The Art of Bathing “has received a fantastic response The fine detail and concentrated effort in creating each bespoke piece speaks for itself in every design Finally there is a product that can be labelled bespoke as every piece is made up of up to 15, 000 hand painted hand cut pieces of glass using 12,18 and 24 carat white and yellow gold, platinum and silver , encrusted in sparkling Swarovski crystals, each piece then being coated in a protective resin ensuring a flawless finish “ each piece can be created in any colour and any design giving the designer or architect the ability to work with clients and truly leave their thumbprint on a project, it is a signature piece” This bespoke service has the ability to transform a beautiful bathroom into an spectacular space In less than 6 months of launch , Grace of London was a shortlisted finalist from 400 entries from over 30 different countries for An international design award and is a proud member of The society of British and international design. Robert James Grace

London Fashion Week

Fine Artist of the Month Christopher Roberts Artist Biography Christopher Roberts Was Born In El Paso, Texas, In 1976 And Currently Resides And Works In Portland, Oregon. From An Early Age He Was Fascinated With Expressing His Creativity In Various Forms Including Writing And His True Passion, Painting. Influenced And Inspired To Explore This World Of Visual Expression By His Grandmother, He Started At Just 6 Years Old. Having No Official Training In The Practice He Still Pursued It Wholeheartedly. Their Seemed To Develop A Pattern Within These Works, Expressing A Life From Within Him, Played Out Onto The Canvas. Sharing His Story And Allowing The Public To Interpret And Experience Their Selves Within The Work Is His Overall Objective. His Work Is Now Being Represented By Agora Gallery Located In The Art District In Chelsea New York City. Recently, He Has Gained Representation With Gallery 114 In Portland, Oregon. He Has Been A Part Of Several Exhibitions Within The Portland Metropolitan Area; Including Splendorporium, Mark Wooley Gallery, And Peoples Art. And He Is Presently In A Couple Private Collections In Portland, OR And Tucson, AZ. He Is A Multifaceted Artist, With Various Styles Including Surrealism, Expressionism, And Figurative. There Is A Transition From Each Style Depending On How He Wants The Emotion To Be Depicted. Never Being Confined To One Particular Style Allows For A Constantly Evolving Experience Throughout His Life. He Uses An Acrylic Base Paint, Which Allows For Easy Manipulation Of The Medium, Then Applied On Canvas Or To Wood Panels. He Is Working On Inspiring Others To Tap Into That Raw Innate Emotion Within Them, Therefore Creating Complete Freedom For Self-Expression. Artist Statement I Don’t Intend For My Work To Portray A Specific Subject, But To Strive To Bring Out Those Personal Challenges, Struggles, And Triumphs One Faces Throughout Life’s Journey. While Attached To My Exterior Interpersonal Relationships, I Had Remained Detached From My Inner Feelings, So I Needed To Find A Way To Express Them. It Is Imperative For Me To Share The Innate, Raw Emotion Of Life’s Experience With Others So That I Can Help Become A Benefactor To The Changing World. When I Start Working I Need To First ‘Tap In’ To That Feeling And Become Engulfed Within It Before I Can Release It. Music Is The Portal Through Which I Lose Touch With That Exterior Self, And Allow For Those Inner Emotions To Take Over And Become The Piece. I Use Different Forms Of Media To Convey Those Emotions: Interpreting Them Within The Different Textures, Lines, Colors Or Patterns. My Work Now Is Aligned In Mostly Abstractionism And Loose Abstract Figurative, Which Are Conducive To Expressing My Inner Stories In A Way That Is Not Confined To A Societal Expectation Or Limitation. I Also Have Done Many Other Styles Covering Expressionism, Pointillism, Lyrical Abstractionism, And Surrealism. Although I May Not Always Be Working In The Same Style, There Still Is That Passionate Desire To Express Myself Through Creativity.








Our philosophy. Handcrafted. Liberty minded. Unashamedly leather. We recognize the individual. The unique mix of style, tone, signs of age and marks of life that are reflected within each of our made to order handcrafted leather neckties. Our range of colours give the freedom to bring a touch of the unexpected, the unusual to any outfit. A bold purple with a formal three piece or black on a white shirt, artfully disheveled because it’s just that kind of night. Our process. The flip side of individuality is responsibility and we take ours very seriously. We refuse to simply source pre-coloured and treated commercial leather off the rolls. From the raw hide of English sheepskin we cut our patterns, ever mindful of its quality and character. Using our own mix of dyes we apply colour by hand, layer by layer building a deep and varied dynamic of tones that is truly unique to each piece. Over the course of days the tie will be oiled, rested and hand worked to eventually reach the desired buttery soft texture and luxurious finish. The future. It is still very early days for Mortuus Bestia, based on the Isle of Wight just off the south coast of England. Our workshop, found within the grounds of Queen Victoria’s royal estate, is gradually expanding to facilitate new products and processes such as our soon to launch bespoke pattern leather ties and accessories.

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Wanda Julian Publisher/Editor in Chief

Gordon Flynn International PR/ European Fashion Director

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Contessa's Court June 2014 Issue 2  

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Contessa's Court June 2014 Issue 2  

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