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Photography Alan Carville Brian Grech Kurt Paris

13 Taking Her Own Direction Movie director Rebecca Cremona talks to Jo Caruana about her passions, her internship with Spielberg and her up-coming movie, Simshar.


Style In-Depth

COVER Rebecca wears: Bohemme sterling silver and 18ct gold chain and pendant, €550; Zoccai 925 sterling silver chain with treated crystals, €490; Pesavento DNA Collection, silver bracelet, €970; Zoccai 925 sterling silver, bead bracelets with charms, €120; Bohemme black spinel, sterling silver bracelet with orange and red cubic zirconia ladybug, €175. All available at HEBE in Valletta, St Julian's and Paola. Photography: Briangrech, Styling: Caroline Paris, Make-up: Jackie Grima, Hair: Gordon and Penny at Toni & Guy artistic team, Clothing: Monsoon, Jewellery: HEBE

19 Minding Their Own Business Five young entrepreneurs let us in on their secrets to early success.

Style Living 43 A Taste of Home

Style Stop Press!

Pockets of Maltese hospitality found across Europe.

We were so thrilled to see the recent opening of the new C&R boutique. We can't get enough of their designer, real-leather bags including this ‘Romina clutch’, which is available in three colours. Find out more on page 37.

Contributors Chris Attard, Iggy Fenech, Jackie Grima, Gordon Mayo, Penelope Mayo, Sarah Micallef, Caroline Paris, Christian Pisani

51 Winner Across the Board

38 Pretty Pastels

Style test-drives the new Nissan Qashqai.

From baby pink to mocha beige, this is the season to go ‘light’!

59 For the Love of Beautiful Things From designer

Style Beauty

handbags to hats from the Soviet era, these three collectors take accessorising to the next level.

55 Gorgeous & Glowing

75 Spring Awakening

56 Editor’s Pick

Dishing out freshness and gorgeous food just in time for the new season.

Beauty items to covet.

81 Papped! in Style

65 The Style Interiors Update

Style sees and is seen!

How to achieve the latest must-have make-up look.

Style Home

Style Fashion

Stunning items for your home.

30 The Style Report The

Pieces to welcome the new season.

items we covet from the international world of fashion.

31 Piano Forte Spring is used as the inspiration behind this season’s most stylish looks.

66 Spring Home Edit

69 Bold Impressions Style takes minimalism to the next level using key pieces and bursts of colour.

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“You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realisation.” - Denis Waitley, American motivational speaker and writer Innovation is a wonderful thing. It’s the circuit that ensures hot water boils for your morning coffee. It’s the nut-and-bolt that keeps your car on the road. And it’s the day-to-day ideas that transform simple thoughts into world-changing creations. There is a pleasing thread of innovation running through Style this issue. Without realising it, the team and I chose to work with a whole variety of people who all create, challenge and innovate on a daily basis, and their input has been pretty inspirational. For starters, there’s our beautiful cover interviewee Rebecca Cremona, the director of up-and-coming movie Simshar and one of the women leading the way for Malta’s film industry. You can read this Style exclusive on page 13. Next up are the young entrepreneurs we meet on page 19. From crafting healthy alternatives to fast food, to pioneering online games that have turned heads internationally, they are some of the people choosing to think outside the box when it comes to doing business. It’s exciting to wonder what they’ll be up to in 10 years’ time, and beyond. And what about fashion innovation? Well, the three people we meet on page 59 have all managed to come up with ways of making themselves stand out through fashion – whether it’s by incorporating eclectic accessories or changing their ‘statement’ item several times a day! Of course, Style is packed with all your other favourites this issue, including our Piano Forte fashion shoot on page 33, our Style Report for spring on page 30 and our see-and-be-seen Papped! pages. As always I wish you ‘happy reading’ as well as plenty of inspiration for your own chosen forms of innovation! We’re looking forward to hearing about what you think of Style on Sunday. Please send your Letters to the Editor, comments and queries to


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Taking Her Own

Direction Turning a national tragedy into a heartfelt feature film is a complicated process, but for Rebecca Cremona that process proved to be worth fighting for. Here Jo Caruana interviews the award-winning filmmaker and director, as she reveals exclusive details in the run-up to Simshar’s long-awaited release.

Ph otograph y: Br i an grec h st y l i ng: caro l i ne par i s make - u p: jack i e gr i ma h a i r : gordon and penelope mayo, ton i & G UY art i st i c team c lot h es: monsoon, s l i ema and va l l etta jewel l er y: h eb e - va l l etta , st j u l i an ' s and pao l a

“As I cycled over, Spielberg called out to me saying: come on Maltese Falcon!” I don’t think I’m alone in believing Rebecca Cremona to be fantastic – but I may be a little more biased than most. You see, Rebecca (or Becca as I have always known her) was one of my very close friends at secondary school. In the years leading up to our O Levels, we, along with the rest of our close-knit group, would pour over our exam notes, sit up late watching movies, talk about boys and host rowdy sleepovers. That in itself is hardly astonishing – it’s just what teenage girls do. But, years later, it makes me immensely proud of Becca. It’s incredible to see what she has achieved already – and to know, without a doubt, that she will go on to achieve so much more. Currently, she is on the cusp of something

pretty extraordinary: the upcoming release of her feature film Simshar; the largest local film ever to be made. As we chat over tea (and prinjolata, incidentally), she is unabashedly passionate about her work and explains how she has literally stopped at nothing to get the project to where it is now. “It’s a miracle,” she giggles into her Earl Grey. “I can’t believe we finally made it happen.” So, from where I’m sitting, I am as proud as punch to watch how my teenage pal has grown into such a successful woman and pioneering filmmaker, flying the flag for Malta’s stories, talent and culture. Having watched her go from pyjama parties to premieres, she is certainly one to watch!

This, in her words, is her story. “Believe it or not, it was probably at a girls’ sleepover that I first realised I saw film in a different light. Everyone else was busy swooning over the leading man, whereas I was obsessed with the special effects and what the themes signified. My underlying interest in film became pretty obvious after that! “I was actually on the path towards a law degree when a dear teacher and friend passed away. It was then I realised life was too short and decided to follow my heart into a future I could feel really passionate about. I found a fantastic course at Warwick University, in England, that combined film with comparative literature. It gave me a great base for my second degree, this time a Masters in


“As I listened to Simon Bugeja following the Simshar tragedy I realised there were so many themes that would make a good film – tradition, change, family ties and survival.”

Film Directing at the Arts Centre College of Design in LA – which was recently voted the number one design school in the world. That second phase immersed me in the world of design – sculpture, fabric and fine art – and I learnt so much. By the time I graduated I had both the theoretical understanding of film, and the practical knowledge of how to actually bring a project to life. “It was right at the end of my course that I received the news I had garnered an internship with Stephen Spielberg; so I rushed back to Malta to start work on Munich. I ended up missing my graduation ceremony but I’ll admit it was worth it to work with actors such as Daniel Craig, Eric Bana and Geoffrey Rush, as well as Spielberg himself. Watching him was priceless – everything from his make-up and costume decisions to the logistics of his shoots was extraordinary. “He was very nice to be around. On one, very difficult, shoot we were working on a six-camera shot in an abandoned airfield in Budapest. It was high-stakes as we were

shooting a helicopter exploding; not even Spielberg has an unlimited number of helicopters to blow up, so everyone was on tenterhooks. As he needed the shots in real time, I found an abandoned bike and started cycling the footage over to him with the clamshell monitor on my lap. As I got closer he shouted ‘go on Maltese Falcon’ which was both hilarious and nerve-wracking at the same time. Thankfully I managed to get the footage to him without dropping it, and he was happy with the shot – so it was a great moment. “Since then, Simshar has really become my main focus. I can still remember the moment, in late 2008, that it was suggested the incident might be worth persuing. I went to meet Simon (Bugeja, who survived the tragedy at sea that killed four people, including Simon’s young son Theo) while he was still recovering, and started to understand the situation as best I could, thinking it might make a good documentary at some point. But, as I listened to him, I realised there were so many themes that

would make a good film – tradition, change, family ties and survival. I then worked on a script that wove them together in an interesting way and still made use of the local setting. It’s important that audiences know that this is not a documentary. Just like the recent film Captain Phillips, for instance, Simshar is inspired by a true story and then constructed into a fictional representation. “Throughout the process there were so many highlights. I particularly loved the rehearsals with the actors, as that was when I could see everything come together (without the stress of the actual shoot!). Looking back, it’s still a miracle to me that we all made it happen – and I am so grateful to my team for pushing through. This film really brought together some incredible people who I now consider to be lifelong friends, including Jackie Grima who worked tirelessly on the make-up for the film and even did my make-up for this shoot today. Everyone put their hearts and souls into Simshar as if it were their own, and their support drove me to finish it. “Now that it is complete, this is where a whole new set of work starts. We won’t really know our next step until the film is out there and we can appreciate how it is being received. From then, there is so much more we want to do – international festivals, international distribution, global broadcasters and its transformation into other formats, like DVD. It’s a long road ahead; in fact I joke that it should have been called the ‘never-ending story’! “That said, I am already thinking about future projects. I do have another one in mind, again with a strong Maltese flavour. In some way I think our island will always colour my work – its influences are in our fibre and there are so many wonderful stories to tell. As for Simshar? Well, this week marks another very exciting stage for us, and all will be revealed very soon. We’ll actually be making a big announcement – so do look out for that on our social media. It’s now the final stretch until Simshar makes it to the box office and there’s so much to look forward to.”

Rebecca wears: Thomas Sabo sterling silver bracelet with freshwater pearls, €89; Thomas Sabo freshwater pearl bracelet with sterling silver clasp, €98; Thomas Sabo sterling silver horse shoe pendant (attached to bracelet) €59; Thomas Sabo sterling silver ring with white cubic zirconia, €169; APM sterling silver ring, €140. All available at HEBE in Valletta, St Julian's and Paola.





Séf Farrugia is one of my favourite designers; I love her amazing patterns. I also like Issey Miyake for his use of geometric lines and Vera Wang for the way she incorporates corsets in a very stylish way – especially when it comes to wedding dresses. Paris is my favourite shopping destination, mostly because of its antique markets. Los Angeles is also great for vintage. When I lived there I would visit the Melrose shops all the time. London’s also good but it’s becoming very gentrified. My style is romantic and dramatic but not too romantic and dramatic. I’m really into my jewellery, especially antique filigree because it’s idiosyncratic and Maltese at the same time. I hate wearing PVC, bows and stars. What social life? I work a lot but sometimes I do get to have a glass of wine with my editor! I really like the theatre and exhibitions, and I’m really glad the scene and talent in Malta are flourishing. I also like travelling and I would do more of it if I could; and I would definitely host more dinner parties. I’m passionate about lots of things. I’ll always look for the beauty in the design of an environment; its architecture, the way it was planned. I’m also passionate about film, obviously, but also about culture at large. I think it brings beauty to life; it’s the balm of the soul. Cities like Budapest and Istanbul feel so different that I would have to list those as my favourite travel destinations, particularly because of their culture and art.

“I was actually on the path towards a law degree when a dear teacher and friend passed away. It was then I realised life was too short and decided to follow my heart into a future I could feel really passionate about.”

Rebecca wears: Pesavento Polvere di Sogni sterling silver ring, €360; Bohemme black spinel, sterling silver bracelet with orange and red cubic zirconia ladybug, €175. All available at HEBE in Valletta, St Julians and Paola.

My character? I’m very driven and I like being around people. I feel that I am creative in the sense that I find a lot of comfort in creating something. And that’s not just in terms of art – even just cooking or re-potting a plant – it’s very soothing for me to know that I have done something. People probably wouldn’t assume me to be chronically nostalgic. Even though I wear vintage clothes and I surround myself with antiques, many don’t see just how much I love the good old days. I’m a terrible insomniac as well, although I also solve problems in my sleep! ¥


Minding Their Own






Their thriving businesses all started out as a leap in the dark but their success since has been inspiring. Here, STYLE ON SUNDAY interviews some of Malta’s top up-and-coming entrepreneurs to uncover the dreams, the hard work and the determination that drives them. ph o t o g r aph y b y k u r t pa r is I N T E R V I E W S B Y I GGY F E N E C H sh o t o n l o cati o n at f o r m an d nat u z z i ita l ia


With a love for eco-friendly, natural and authentic products, YASMIN De GIORGIO has unleashed something new onto the scene – a foodie pitstop that promises fresh, healthy and vegetarian food. Already one of Malta’s most talked-about spots, it’s hard to believe that the Grassy Hopper has only been open for seven months.


“In a way, I feel that this business happened to me, rather than I happened to it!” Yasmin

“Opening the Grassy Hopper has influenced many aspects of my life and I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve also come to realise that the old cliché is true: you do end up learning from your own mistakes. “So far there have been many highlights, but the most important for me is the way it’s affected those who form part of the business. The Grassy Hopper has become a very people-oriented organisation and that involves both the people I work with, as well as the customers who spread the word about my business – both good and bad. “I believe that you can still make money without sacrificing on what you believe in, and that by decreasing the percentage of profits by a few digits – by providing eco-friendly packaging, for example – you can make a difference to the world. And that’s something the Grassy Hopper strives to do. “Some aspects of owning my own business have been difficult… it’s definitely a challenge! For instance, I have a lot responsibilities now and I can’t just go off to Bali for a month like I did a couple of years ago! But I’ve never regretted doing it, and I feel like I’m achieving something meaningful and fulfilling. “In a way, I feel that this business happened to me, rather than I happened to it; I was given an opportunity and I duly took it. As for those looking to start their own business, I’d advise that honesty has to come first in everything you’re doing. To me, that is the key to long-term success.”

As one of Malta’s most avantgarde places to stay, TREVOR DIACONO and KEITH MONTANARO’s Hostel Jones has been turning heads since it opened its doors at the end of last year. A runaway success in every way, its eclectic design ethos has seen it rank among the 10 best design hostels in Europe.



“Being an entrepreneur means being on the road to progress and innovation.” TREVOR & KEITH

“Entrepreneurship is about taking advantage of the opportunities you’re given while using all the power and resources you have. We believe that doing something that’s alternative to the norm, something that emerges from your own blood, sweat and tears, is great. You shouldn’t feel confined; bear in mind that you can redefine business to suit your needs. “You also have to go into this sort of thing for the long run and whole-heartedly. That’s the difference between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t. But there’s more to business than just making a profit. “In the two years it took us to get our permit, we renovated and upgraded Hostel Jones in the best way we could, with about 90 per cent of the furniture at the hostel having been recycled or reused. Although we got Maltese and foreign artists to make the place prettier, we did most of it ourselves and took our time. Now we love the fact that so much of our furniture and art is reused or recycled, it just makes it all the more unique and valuable. “One of the best parts of starting the hostel has been the interesting people we’ve got to meet. We’ve even had some pretty well-known international DJs stay here; they told us that they find the atmosphere and ambiance to be much more friendly and fun than that of a hotel. “Of course it’s important to remember that being an entrepreneur means being on the road to progress and modernisation – it makes a change from the mundane and it helps change the perception of the world. It’s thanks to that that we, as a species, evolve and we’re eager to innovate in any way we can.”

Having studied beauty therapy and herbalism, it took CHARLENE MERCIECA years to concoct her own, natural soap recipes and find a market for them. But, now in its fifth year of business, the success of Soap Café proves that she’s found the winning combination.


“When I was younger I suffered from eczema and alopecia, and, as I wasn’t particularly pleased about the condition of my skin and


“Soap Café isn’t reinventing the wheel but just pushing it in a different direction.” CHARLENE

wanted to hide it, I chose to study make-up artistry. Every morning my tutor would eat half a banana and put the other half on her face. That inspired me. As a result, Soap Café isn’t reinventing the wheel but just pushing it in a different direction. “Most people would assume that entrepreneurship means business and that business means money; but in my case and in my world it’s different. Entrepreneurship can turn something basic into something sellable. It’s also about giving people something they don’t have time to create themselves. “When I started the Soap Café, I had no clue on how to run a business and I was scared. It’s important to get your info right and know the law – I almost got shut down for creating soap that looked like food once! You should also make sure you have the right qualifications because people will ask questions. “In order to get to the point where I could craft the products myself, I spent years training in beauty therapy and herbalism, and even worked as a masseuse. It is important to remember that, when dealing with herbs and essences, you need to be very careful, particularly because you can’t just abuse of something or use it freely simply because it’s natural. “Starting small is definitely the best way to manage things, especially with certain products and because it keeps expenses low. It’s also vital to get your numbers right and to have a back-up plan… or 10! My top tip? Do something you love and not something for the love of the money.”

By turning his hobby into a full-fledged business, MARK FLORES MARTIN has become one of Malta’s leading figures in the game-development industry. His as-of-yet unreleased brainchild, a mobile gaming app by the name of Tangled Tut™, has even landed him the role of Chief of Technical Operations at global gaming company 3D Pioneer Systems Inc.


“I was always an avid gamer and, for a very long time, I wanted to open a business in game-development. Then, as I was coming to a close at my old job, I just decided to go for it. I invested everything I had and took a risk to work on a game I called Tangled Tut™. “It wasn’t a bump-free ride towards success. My team and I sought funding through Kickstarter – a crowdfunding platform where people can donate funds to help grow your business – but we only managed to make

$11,000 of our $35,000 goal. “It’s incredible The campaign had obviously to know my failed but I had invested too game is well much in this to let it go to waste. on the road to “That hurdle taught me production and that, in life, whatever your an international fears and whatever you believe audience of the risks are, you should gamers.” just let go of everything MARK and risk everything, and go for it. Hopefully you will succeed. I was lucky and the game’s recently been bought by an American company called 3D Pioneer, and I was made their Chief of Technical Operations. It’s now well on the road to production and an international audience of gamers. “For me, the best part of being an entrepreneur is meeting people who believe in your products and vision, and investors who are willing to put money towards your team’s goal. Travelling around for business has also been a big adventure for me, and the transition from a small company locally to something worldwide is thrilling. “To be a good entrepreneur I believe you need to have the passion and drive to challenge large corporations by showing them that, even though you’re the small guy, you can still do it. The money is good but it’s the rush you get from having your own business that makes it really worth it.” ¥


THE STYLE REPORT The new season items we covet for a life of style… Shorts With Shimmer

Love them or hate them, shorts are another big trend for spring. Thankfully, the ‘itsy-bitsies’ aren’t must-wear this year. Instead, chunkier pieces are the way to go, which is great as they will slim down your legs too. These shorts, by UK brand Qulit, are the perfect example – beautifully-cut and with studs to give them shape, they will look great with a printed t-shirt or light blouse.

The Eel Deal

Looking for a statement bag in a statement fabric? Eel skin is one of the must-haves of the moment. The added bonus is that Makki, the makers and designers of this stunning purple clutch, also source their skin sustainably so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Pretty Prints

Light colours are another key trend for spring, especially when combined with prints. This highly-original dress, by emerging designer Jara Wine, combines silk chiffon in pastel cream, pink and yellow – with a cycle print that’s bang on trend.

Put Your Pink Foot Forward

Picking a hue to update your spring shoe wardrobe? Make it pink. From bold and bright to pretty and pastel, countless top designers chose to make their footwear all rosy this season.

Spring is so often associated with floaty fabrics that seem to be as light as air, but this season some designers have gone against that. Take Australian team Cameo, for instance, who are well-known for their inspirational creations. Their new collection is all about harder materials and sharper lines, and already their pieces are proving popular – including this stunning white dress nicknamed the ‘Rampart’.

Star Quality

With hot-property Cara Delevingne as its star, Mulberry’s SS14 collection was one of the most talked about shows anywhere. And for good reason – what’s not to love about the cheerful style and 60s silhouettes that wafted down its runway? This look is certainly worth emulating over the next few months.

Beachy Chic

It may only be March but the time has come to start thinking about beachwear for this year. To ease yourself into it, why not consider a great pool-side cover up in a style you can wear in the evenings too? We’re head over heels for this flattering black and white number by American swimwear brand Tyler Rose.

What A Structure!

Shape Up

There is no doubt that shape wear (clothing that helps to smooth your figure and camouflage lumps and bumps) has been one of the strongest fashion movements to emerge recently. Loads of brands have jumped on the bandwagon, including Proskins (which also does an anti-ageing range) and Spanx. Figgahugga is leading the way for young women with a range of brightly-coloured tops and dresses that effortlessly complement your wardrobe.



This spring’s key looks, combine highlighterhues with statement accessories for a fierce, fun, exotic and glamorous head-to-toe feel. P h otograp h y b y Br i an G rec h S t y l in g b y C a r o l ine P a r is AT ca r o l ine ’ s fashi o n st y l in g mode l l ed b y cr i st i na @ mode l s . com . mt Ha i r b y G ordon , P ene l ope and C h r i st i an , T on i & G u y art i st i c team M a k e - u p b y C h r is Atta r d u sin g g u e r l ain f o r F r an k s S h ot on l ocat i on at Ta l b ot & Bons , S k y parks


The brightness of yellow, combined with the warmth of gold and depth of purple, create an outfit that oozes class while still preserving an air of mystery. Top, trousers – Warehouse at Debenhams Jewellery – Vascas Bag – Furla Sunglasses – Carrera at Solaris Belts – Coccinelle


Leather jewellery and fiery red give this outfit a strong and individual feel that promises any wallflower a boost of confidence. Dress – Guess Sarong/shawl – Furla Jewellery – Vascas Bag – Coccinelle Skull – camilleriparismode


Green is the colour of growth and spring, and this bright, lime shade speaks volumes of fun; while a bared midriff makes it even more daring! Top – Warehouse at Debenhams Trousers – Armani Jeans Fur – Stylist’s own Jewellery – Vascas Bag – Coccinelle


A bright floral pantsuit is an instant spring update. Give this look a twist by mixing it up with an edgy t-shirt and a cute-as-a-button jelly bag. Trousers, jacket – Armani Jeans Top – Diesel Jewellery – Vascas Bag – Furla

For every casual invitation, an elegant one crops up. This season, ditch the head-to-toe black and combine sultry black mesh and lace with super bright colours. Dress – Mimi Boutique Shirt – Diesel Jewellery – Vascas Shoes – Bruno Magli at Stivaletti Bag – Coccinelle


Sneakers are this year’s hottest comeback. Team them with coloured jeans and an interesting mix of patterns and colours to keep your outfit looking fresh and on-trend. Jeans – Armani Jeans Top, jacket – Guess Jewellery – Vascas Shoes – Stivaletti Bag – Furla Sunglasses – Ray Ban at Solaris


Chic Charles&Ron Boutique Now Open Designers’ collections will be permanently available at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, Attard


ll great ideas start off as an experiment. And that’s exactly how Charles&Ron – Malta’s leading couture designers – came to open their stylish new boutique within a central five-star hotel. It all began just before last Christmas, when the award-winning pair set up a ‘pop-up’ shop at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard. It was an overnight triumph. Suddenly shoppers were streaming through the doors to purchase items from the striking C&R Christmas collection. Now, following on from that success, C&R have launched something a little more permanent – a yearround shop retailing their latest collection of fashion and accessories. And you can’t miss it: located within the Corinthia Palace lobby, this chic outlet has brought an extra touch of cutting-edge fashion to this already-elegant space. In fact, this season’s hottest hues and Charles&Ron’s own-design fabrics really add a new dimension of style here. The shop is an oasis of bright white, punctuated with this high-fashion duo’s key pieces – gorgeous gowns, daring accessories and must-have bags. Of course, each and every single item has been designed by Charles and Ron themselves, and crafted by hand using the highest quality materials. So why not stop by to discover this new fashion hotspot for yourself?

Looking for a fashion fix or that perfect present for a style-conscious loved one? You can’t beat the new collection of stunning items from the Charles&Ron boutique at the Corinthia Palace. Here you’ll find a range of spectacular, high-fashion pieces from the duo’s latest collection including: • Designer fashion • Handmade jewellery • Leather bags • Small leather goods including covers for phones and tablets.

The Charles&Ron boutique is open Monday – Saturday from 10am to 7pm at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard. For more information visit






PrettyPastels This spring is tinged with sugary-sweet hues and pastel shades in creamy mochas, powder blues and baby pinks. 13

8 10 12

14 9 11








CLÉMENT JLO by Jennifer Lopez leather handbag €89.90

CLÉMENT Jessica Jewels bracelet with semi-precious stones €175

DIESEL T-Gatien t-shirt €46

MIMI boutique Apanage dress with gold metallic inserts €235

SWAROVSKI Tempo pendant €79

SWAROVSKI Tody ring in purple €99

BRUNOMAGLI Shoe available in black and nude €375







WAREHOUSE AT DEBENHAMS Premium tee dress in graphic floral print €62

OASIS Lightweight shirt with frill detailing €58

FURLA Candy bag €360

MAX MARA Calf skin JBag; various colours available €749

DIESEL T-kalanit €69

MIMI boutique Apanage white fitted dress with eyelets €170

10 FURLA Olimpia bag €295



Fashion First:



nce in a while, design takes an unexpected turn. It shocks and delights and alters the fashion landscape for good. Fersani Fashion has achieved this status in just a couple of years, relying on its innovative atelier to deliver magical oeuvres time and time again. Majestic detailing and a bold use of colour celebrate the feminine form in an indulgent collection that employs spectacular craftsmanship to ensure

that every piece is as unique as our client is. The time has come to experience a new side of Fersani Fashion. Our brand new Atelier on Labour Avenue, Naxxar, is now open, bringing you the exquisite work of bridal and haute couture designers to create attire for any occasion. Whether you are after a piece that is made-to-measure or a ready-made outfit that is tailored to perfection, a visit to our new outlet is certainly an experience in itself.

Fersani Fashion is also excited to announce our upcoming event: A spectacular fashion show entitled Faith, Love and Forgiveness featuring our latest collection in aid of The Rise Foundation. The event will raise awareness and donate funds to help the Foundation continue to succeed in building a better society through its work with the released residents of the Corradino Correctional Facility.

You too can make a difference - simply dial the numbers below to place a donation and be in with the chance to win a €250 voucher from Fersani Fashion. To find out more about the event and our collaboration with The Rise Foundation, visit or • 5150 2080 - €5 or 5160 2070 - €10



A Taste of

Despite our small size, pockets of Maltese heritage exist in various spots beyond our shores. Sarah Micallef meets the teams behind three popular establishments in Europe, all of which proudly possess a tangible Maltese link.

Chris Muscat Azzopardi

Chris Muscat Azzopardi left Malta eight years ago. He threw open the doors to the Cien Hotel ( a charming boutique hotel in the heart of Barcelona, a little over a year ago. “While Malta’s size has many advantages, at times it felt a bit stifling professionally. Barcelona is a magical city. Wandering the streets you realise it’s actually really small despite its rich urban fabric – the freedom of being able to go anywhere you need to go on foot is great. “We celebrated Cien’s first birthday last February and it’s been an amazing year. This was my first foray into the industry. I am an architect by profession

and currently work as a freelance industrial designer for perfume brands like Prada, Comme des Garçons and Carolina Herrera. “The establishment is a renovated first floor apartment with eight rooms. I wanted to create a homely ambience and

somewhere I would love to stay myself. Our clients are generally young couples visiting Barcelona for leisure, although we do have many Spanish businesspeople that stay with us when working in the Catalan capital. The typical Maltese welcoming hospitality

definitely inspires our attitude. A pending task of mine is to learn how to make pastizzi so I can offer them within the meal plan! “My fondest memory is of a Japanese couple who stayed with us for their honeymoon and thanked us for giving them such a magical time. On the other hand, a funny moment occurred when a famous Spanish actor stayed with us and none of us knew who he was till he had gone and we spotted him on TV! “Now, we’re currently waiting for the licence on our second establishment on Paseo de Gràcia, the most important street in Barcelona. It’s going to be pretty much the same concept – a warm homely feel in a beautifully restored building, with a touch of Maltese warmth, of course!”


Guy Sammut

Guy Sammut, whose grandfather was Maltese, runs the Auberge la Fenière ( in Provence, housing stylish accommodation options and a Michelin-starred restaurant, with his highly-acclaimed chef wife, Reine. “My grandfather was from Mosta. My wife and I have friends in Malta and they’ve come to stay at the Auberge a few times. “My mother was a chef de cuisine and my parents decided to open their first restaurant in Lourmarin (Provence, France) in 1975. I met Reine the following year and she learnt a lot from my mother. In 1997, we decided to make a change and get a place in the countryside with a vegetable garden, rooms and two restaurants on site. “I was born in Provence and I love the region, which is one of the more visited in France. Lourmarin is currently the place to be, so it’s why we opened here. We live

in an unbelievable place; a bit like a French version of Tuscany, in a welcoming little village. It began gaining popularity with tourists in 1975 but, at the time, there were no restaurants here and very few hotels. “I am a real Mediterranean man and my culture is palpable. I am very proud to have Maltese origins, and I was born with a love of serving and receiving people. At Auberge la Fenière we always want to give the best of ourselves. I love to share my culture and my passion with the people I work with. “As for my day-to-day role I am a wine steward, and it’s fun for me to supply and recommend wine in harmony with the food – it can be spectacular. Our clients come from all over the world and they know that, at Auberge la Fenière, they’ll find a true and simple way of life.”


Anna Vella Bardon Anna Vella Bardon left Malta in 2003 and, after a few years of travelling, opened Villa Bardon restaurant in Belgium ( with her husband Maarten. “I had always wanted to travel and experience living beyond our tiny island. I left as soon as I graduated, and lived in Surrey for two-anda-half years, working as an assistant marketing manager by day and in catering in the evening. I went backpacking and met my husband while in Australia. It was there that we started dreaming about Villa Bardon – sitting in hostels, planning our future together. This spring we’ll be celebrating the restaurant’s third anniversary. “Belgium was not on the cards at first. After being away for so long, I was looking forward to

starting up our business in Malta. Once back, we looked at a few possibilities but couldn’t find the right place. While visiting Maarten’s family in Belgium, we fell in love with the beautiful town of Gent and came across the perfect spot to start Villa Bardon.

“Malta and family were our inspiration when setting up the restaurant. It’s a place people feel at home. We have tried to evoke this feeling through colour, old-style tiles and warm lighting. One of the walls is covered with old family photos. I also promote Malta – we always have stacks of brochures available for our customers thanks to the Malta Tourism Authority here in Belgium. “One of my fondest memories is the opening. We were really surprised to see how many friends

we had met while travelling and were thrilled that they came along to support us. Plus my dad made it over and serenaded us with his good old accordion! “Being on the border between the city centre and residential area, we are lucky to be able to boast of having many locals who are regular clients. At the moment, we are busy promoting our newly renovated wine cellar. We are hoping to organise wine tastings and intend to promote Maltese wines, among others, all as part of our journey through Maltese hospitality.” ¥


Style on Sunday test-drives the newly launched Qashqai and is truly impressed.

WINNER ACROSS THE BOARD P h otograp h y b y A l an C arv i l l e

Whilst driving the newly launched Qashqai, which incidentally has just made it to our shores, I could hear an unusual beep and then a warning sign on the dashboard illustrating the lane in the middle of the road. Yes, I had just departed very slightly from my lane and moved on to the other – and the new Qashqai wouldn’t let me get away with it! This is just one of the many revolutionary features that make the new Qashqai outstanding. The Qashqai used in our test drive is a 1.5dci equipped with the Tekna Package, the version which one can safely say is endowed with all the extras imaginable in the world (and which will cost you the earth on other premium brands). After taking a good look at the outside and interior of the new Qashqai, as well as driving it, one may instantly conclude that Nissan has opted not to give a mere facelift to its already revolutionary and highly successful Qashqai, but the Japanese giant manufacturer has clearly moved with the times and chosen

to make a bold statement by giving birth to a new generation of Qashqai – this clearly marks a new chapter in the brand’s history. What was already a best seller for many years and arguably the model that created the crossover segment as we know it today, has now taken a significant leap forward through the launch of a model which has received nothing but acclaim across different continents. There are clear characteristics that distinguish the two generations: the level of sophistication and comfort of the new generation is certainly superior,

and feels more premium and exclusive; the conceptual body design has also been given a significant boost, with the new model looking much sleeker than its predecessor. The road holding of the new Qashqai is also remarkable and it feels like you’re behind the steering wheel of a sleek and sophisticated premium car. The new Qashqai is also firmly grounded and handles extremely well on corners and rough surfaced road, even when going at a certain speed. The new generation, moreover, is longer and slightly wider, making it more spacious in all areas than the previous model.


The Qashqai comes in The Acenta model is equipped Verdict three distinct packages – with loads of other extras Clearly Nissan has upped Visia is the entry level and normally associated with the game and raised the notwithstanding the fact premium brands and executive stakes with the launch of the new generation of Qashqai. that it carries the ‘basic models, such as rain sensors, This truly marks the launch entry model’ badge, is still dual zone climate control, of the second generation very much equipped with electrical foldable mirrors, auto of crossovers as the new Qashqai will certainly have many extras including airheadlamps and 17” alloy wheels. great impact on the evolution conditioning, Bluetooth The jewel in the crown – of this market segment. At hands free phone, 5” colour the Tekna model – comes a starting price of €22,500 HD screen, audio system, with high-tech revolutionary for an already well-equipped model, there is no hesitation remote control locking, cruise features including traffic sign in the claim that the new control with steering wheel recognition, automatic braking Qashqai is a bargain and a controls, six airbags, front to lower the probability of winner across the board. and rear electric windows collisions, lane departure and much, much more. The warning, front and rear parking good news is that the Visia model, for the 1.2 sensors with around view camera, Bi LED Turbo version, costs a mere €22,500 – which headlamps, heated front seats, large glass roof, makes it a very strong contender in the market full leather seats, intelligent key, 19” machineand certainly a winner across the board. finished alloy wheels, and a 7” touch screen. ¥ You may view the new Nissan Qashqai at Nissan Motors in Antonio Bosio Street, Msida. For more information call 2133 4196 or send an email to or visit

Middlesea’s Motor insurance policy provides a Free 24/7 roadside assistanCe & breakdown serviCe in malta and all over europe with all comprehensive motor insurance policies. Policyholders on a third party only or third party fire & theft cover, can upgrade to a full roadside assistance cover for a charge of €9.50. For details on terms and conditions, please visit our website.

if it matters to you, it matters to us. Contact us on 21246262, visit or contact any of our authorised intermediaries. Find us on

Middlesea Insurance p.l.c. (C-5553) is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to carry on both Long Term and General Business under the Insurance Business Act, 1998. COM 020812 111 JOB 39713 03/14



Ensure that your skin is in tip-top condition by applying a light shade of concealer to your undereye area and over any blemishes. Next, apply foundation all over your face, being careful to blend it in properly. This will give you a great base to work from. Then, illuminate your skin. To do this, we used Guerlain’s Meteorite Pearls – a legendary blend of enhancing and illuminating colours that adapts to every skin tone to add stunning radiance.



This step adds colour and texture to your eyelids. Our chosen metallic aquatic green (Guerlain Captivating Colours Limited Edition no. 503) puts eyes in the spotlight. Top this with iridescent ivory, accompanied with a satiny nude and a matt violet plum, which makes it absolutely ideal for spring – and it’s very easy to apply.


Next, move onto your eyes and, specifically, your eyebrows. To achieve this look you will want to strengthen them, which will help your eyes pop.

Get the Look!

The key to this season’s must-have make-up look? Perfectly-groomed eyebrows and kissable lips! As seen on the catwalks of Jean Paul Gaultier, Proenza Schouler and Chloe, this look starts with ‘au naturel’ skin and is highlighted by a pop of pink. P h otograp h y : Br i an G rec h M a k e - u p : C h r is at F r an k s , u sin g G u e r l ain Ha i r : C h r i st i an at T on i & G u y M ode l : A nastas i ya @ mode l s . com . mt

Style Tip:

Get gorgeous lips every time! Start with a lip liner, then, to apply the lipstick itself, the best method is to use a specially designed lip brush and load with colour from your lipstick. This gives you a more precise method of application. Relax your mouth and fill in your lips, being careful not to go outside the liner.

Of course, this look wouldn’t be complete without dazzling eyelashes – and that’s where Guerlain’s Volume Creating, Curl Sculpting Mascara comes in. This season we’ve chosen to use this product in ‘mocha’, for a softer finish. It is a lightyet-deep brown that makes your eyes naturally irresistible! STEP

Gorgeous & Glowing

Finally, your choice of lip colour really completes this look. We used Guerlain’s hydrating long-lasting lip colour Rouge Automatique in shade 144. It is a spicy and cheerful pink that will add so much fun to your top-to-toe spring attire… and it makes your lips super kissable too, of course!



To do this, we worked with Guerlain’s fabulous Eyebrow Kit, which structures and stylises all eyebrows for a tailored-yet-natural finish. This product combines three powders – in light, medium and dark, a highlighter and a double applicator that creates your own shade. It will groom and shape your eyes to perfection.





3 4 6

9 10




The new Deborah 8-in-1 CC Cream primes, conceals and evens out skin tone to create a flawless look. Its parabenfree and hypoallergenic formula also smoothens, hydrates, protects, nourishes and lifts skin. Exclusively distributed by AM Mangion Ltd. T: 2397 6000.


Ultrasun is an absolute necessity for anyone with extremely sensitive skin. Easy to apply, the Very High 50+SPF Ultra Sensitive Extreme Formula is water, sweat and friction resistant. It also contains no oil, perfume, emulsifiers or preservatives. Exclusively distributed by AM Mangion Ltd. T: 2397 6000.


Two art forms that are worlds apart come together in this limited edition fragrance by Nina Ricci. La Tentation de Nina is a fresh, floral and fruity fragrance with a surprising macaron accord added by Vincent Lemains, head pastry chef at the iconic Maison de Macarons, Ladurée. Exclusively distributed by Ta’ Xbiex Perfumery Ltd. T: 2133 1553.


The 12 functions of Coverderm CC cream for face and eyes include anti-ageing, anti-redness and pore tightening agents that miraculously leave this cream lightweight, oil-free and hypoallergenic. Available in light beige and soft brown for all skin types, this cream also has natural tone correctors. Exclusively distributed by Beauty Cosmos, 173, Merhba Street, Fgura. T: 2182 0120/9947 7261, E: info@, F: Coverderm Malta, W:


Dercos Neogenic is the first hair-rebirth treatment by VICHY Laboratories. It’s easy to use, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. Consumer tests in Italy have shown that it can increase hair density by 1,700 individual hairs over a three-month period. Exclusive to pharmacies. For further information contact Prohealth. T: 7980 6836, E:, F: Vichy.


The Amika Hair Iron delivers the smoothest styling imaginable thanks to its titanium glide. This digital styler will create silky smooth strands, tousled waves or retro curls with ease and confidence. Imported by Cortex Ltd. T: 9947 2152.


The energetic new scent of Burberry Brit Rhythm has top notes of basil, verbena, cardamom and juniper berries; middle notes of leather, patchouli and styrax; and base notes of cedar, incense and tonka bean, which combine to give this fragrance an unhindered aura of masculinity. Burberry fragrances are exclusively distributed by Chemimart. T: 2149 2212.


Gucci’s connection to the world of rock music dates back to the days the fashion house first started dressing the international jet set crowd. Alluding to glamour, power and style, the new limited edition Gucci Guilty Stud fragrances combine warm and oriental notes for a touch of unapologetic hedonism. Trade enquiries – VJ Salomone. T: 8007 2387, W:


When, in 2003, Kelis released her song Milkshake, few realised it would turn into a cult-classic. The same can be said for Milk_Shake Incredible Milk, a leave-in treatment for all hair types whose 12 functions will give your hair a new lease of life. Available from professional hair salons. Imported by Cortex Ltd. T: 9947 2152.


Created with a traditional pyramidal concept with a top, heart and base, Valentino Uomo is a timeless fragrance encased in an architecturallyprecise glass sculpture. With notes of bergamot and myrtle combined with roasted coffee, gianduja cream, cedar and leather, this fragrance is the ultimate symbol of masculine style. Exclusively distributed by Ta’ Xbiex Perfumery Ltd. T: 2133 1553.







Slimming Club


Zabbar Road

2137 0208

2262 3421

2189 6545/2167 5659


FOR THE Love Of Beautiful Things From dazzling designer pieces to eclectic Dandy-style one-offs, accessories really do complete an outfit. And, as these three chic accessory collectors demonstrate, they certainly set you apart in the fashion stakes. W o r d s b y J o C a r u ana an d I g g y F enech

P h o t o g r aph y b y A l an C a r vi l l e

Andrei Vella Laurenti’s style is inspired by everything from the Bloomsbury Movement to the literature he reads, and he lives and breathes his eclectic fashion ethos. His vast collection of accessories includes over 100 hats, as well as canes, coats and shoes. I got into hats when I was very young – probably around the age of seven when I was old enough to join the scouts. I loved the green berets they wore and still have mine somewhere. By 2001, though, I was collecting hats in earnest and it became one of my trademarks. I now have 67 fedoras, 17 straw hats and summer hats, 10 caps, 10 Russian-style winter hats, eight berets, three beanies and a Jewish skull cap. I love collecting, but I have cut back a little in recent years, not least because

I’m running out of room in the home I share with my partner-incrime Cher and our two young children, Scarlett and Abraham. I love vintage and period pieces. Yes, I am influenced by the Dandy Movement, but I wouldn’t call myself a Dandy as their look is too polished for me. Sometimes, without planning to, I find myself dressing in tribute to the author whose book I’m reading, or the period a film is set in. I am not a painter or a musician, so the way I dress honours the people I admire.

I try to pick up a hat whenever I travel. The bottom hat in this picture is Amish from Pennsylvania in the States, the one in the middle is a Russian papaha Cossack hat, while the top one dates from the old Soviet period in Ukraine.

“I am not a painter or a musician, so the way I dress honours the people I admire.”

This hat came from Prague, but it dates back to the era before Czechoslovakia split. I love the challenge of styling my hats, and enjoy adding bursts of colour to pieces by pairing them with bright accessories, such as ties.

Above: This bowler hat came from a vintage market in Brighton, back when I was a student at the University of Sussex. I enjoy trawling through vintage markets and have actually found a few treasures at the Sunday market in Birgu.

Right: I wore these tails on the first New Year’s Eve that I was with Cher and it’s a replica of the one worn by Johnny Depp in his film Dead Man. The outfit may have got a few looks but it was worth it! Obviously, you can’t wear tails without having a top hat to match.

I also picked up this hat in 2002 in Prague. I found a little thrift shop beneath Charles Bridge and was enthralled by it; I absolutely had to have something and this hat was it.


Gayle Cutajar is a wellknown fashion stylist and image consultant with a passion for bags and shoes. Her enviable collection includes a mix of designer and high-street items that acutely showcase her recognisable style.

Red and orange are two of my favourite colours, particularly because they remind me of summer.

I purchased this pair of Jimmy Choos from Spain and the only time I wore them my feet swelled like crazy. They’re a killer but I love them.

Fashion is very much a part of my everyday life and I’ve done a lot of work in the industry, both as a stylist and a fashion writer. Designer shoes and handbags are more than just designer shoes and handbags. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that they’re an investment but they do add a touch of class to an outfit. I love the thrill of saving up for something I really like, and I much prefer doing that than just buying something there and then (although sometimes I still do!). I’ve always liked my things to be different, and from the first designer bag I got – which was a perforated Louis Vuitton about 10 years ago – I never looked back. One thing people might not expect is that I love my Converse trainers to bits. Nothing beats a pair of Converse and jeans – ever!

The colour of this bag is gorgeous and I needed – or rather wanted – a big bag at the time. The colour goes well with almost anything and the suede feels great.

This is definitely a classic bag. It’s from the fashion house of Proenza and the hardware detailing sets it apart.

Apart from the fact that I like gold, I fell in love with the detailing of the clasp on this bag. I remember when I first saw it in the shop in America and it was one of those on-the-spot purchases that I have never regretted.

“I love the thrill of saving up for something I really like.” I’m a big fan of Kenzo’s collections because they’re different, fun, edgy and young. This particular pair always gets me noticed because everyone thinks they’re for men!

I’m obsessed with anything that’s Alexander McQueen. I use this bag on a daily basis, particularly because it goes with everything.

I’m a big fan of gold and metallics – I’m like a crow, I gravitate towards shiny things! I also like designer items that go well with a lot of things and these shoes definitely do that. The clogs also remind me of summer – I always turn a bit bohemian when the sun comes out.

This limited edition bag is the bag that started it all. I really liked the fact that it was perforated and different to the normal Louis Vuittons. I’m also a big fan of the term ‘limited edition’, so that also sold it!


Charles Camenzuli, on top of being one of Malta’s most celebrated sports journalists, is also one of the best-dressed men on Maltese television. His tie collection, which consists of over 600 pieces, has become legendary among his peers. He is even known for changing ties multiple times a day.

“I consider ties to be the men’s version of jewellery.” The ties I wear every day are set apart from the others; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find them! I usually decide which ones I’m going to wear in the morning depending on the mood I’m in and the day I have ahead.

I consider ties to be the men’s version of jewellery. They’re something men can associate with their mood and the weather – because, obviously, winter and summer ties are completely different. I’m really happy that men are once again getting into ties and realising how much they can add to an outfit. I carry at least three ties with me in my briefcase, and sometimes I wear up to four different ties in a day. In fact, if I go to Valletta for coffee and then I have to go straight to the newsroom, I’ll change ties in between. A college tie is perfect for the morning; dotted ones are ideal for the evening. I also believe that you should never go to a meeting with a coloured tie on, that you should never wear a tie with a checked or striped shirt, and that the tie should never be lighter than the jacket – it’s meant to stand out! ¥

I like striped ties because they’re appropriate for any occasion – both formal and informal. A striped tie is a staple in my briefcase, in fact.

This tie is a commemoration of the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona, Spain. The torch is an original from the London 2012 Olympics, and it’s one of the many items in my Olympics memorabilia collection (yes, a whole other collection!).

I love how the knot on this tie comes in one colour and the rest in a different one. It’s a modern classic and it goes perfectly with a summer blazer.

These are a true collector’s item. They were given to me by Arrigo Beltrami, the editor of the Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio. They were released by Panini, the company better known for its calciatori sticker collection.

I have over 600 ties in total and it’s very hard to decide which ones are my favourite. I normally say that my latest one is my favourite, I’m very much like that!

There are various international associations that give out ties as presents. Three of these are from such associations, the fourth one – the one with no logo – is just one of my favourites.


LUX-IT This award-winning chair can be easily transformed into a space-saving envelope. It comes in eight contemporary colours and can also be used outdoors. Available exclusively from LUX-IT, 105, Luqa Road, Paola. T: 2166 5544, E:

INSPIRATION art deco This aluminium and leather hybrid aviator seat is a replica of the pilot’s seat on the Spitfire warplane. Made from old leather similar to the material used for the original, it is an incredibly comfortable and attractive armchair. INSPIRATION art deco, Park Towers Mall, Level 1, Gorg Borg Olivier Street, St Julian’s. T: 2138 3712, E:; F: Inspirationartdeco

THE STYLE INTERIORS UPDATE MEDITERRANEAN CERAMICS Turn your home into a temple of beauty with durable and customisable volcanic tabletops and kitchen counters. Mediterranean Ceramics. T: 2010 5552, M: 9920 1055, E:

MDINA GLASS The Lifestyle Range from Mdina Glass offers a great selection of items for outdoor living. Mdina Glass, Ta’ Qali. T: 2141 5786, W:

SPOT ON SUPPLIES Flexible and complete with a built-in on/off switch and LED driver, this bedside reading light is available in either black or white. Spot On Supplies, Paola. T: 2166 8880, E:, W:

SPOT ON SUPPLIES The brushed finish of this rounded wall light makes it a modern classic. Spot On Supplies, Paola. T: 2166 8880, E:, W: JB STORES JB Stores have just received a limited stock of leather-effect sofa beds in black, brown and cream. Stylish and modern, the sofas measure 74x106x180cm. They are great for sleepovers and are easy to clean. Price: €120. JB Stores, Iklin Road, Iklin. T: 2331 4303/1.

JB STORES A high-quality 12-piece set of stainless steel pots and pans ideal for first homeowners or those looking to kit up their summer residences. All pans come with a glass lid and comfortable handles. Price: €39.95. JB Stores, Iklin Road, Iklin. T: 2331 4303/1.

IL CAMINO Bring the soothing warmth of a real fire into your home with a wood or gas fireplace inspired by a different selection of mantels. Il Camino, Birkirkara. T: 2144 1689/2149 5726, M: 7988 8999, E: FLOREAL Invite spring into your home with the spring/ summer 2014 collection by SIA and add a touch of gorgeousness with the Mix&Match vase. Floreal, 75/77, Labour Avenue, Naxxar. T: 2747 0745/4, F: Floreal, Floreal Home.

FLOREAL The warm hues of deep reds and purples mixed with the soft lilacs and bright yellows of the Délise collection are sure to get you ready for the season ahead. Floreal, 75/77, Labour Avenue, Naxxar. T: 2747 0745/4, F: Floreal, Floreal Home.


INSPIRATION art deco This foldable Memphis stool is made of new teak and black leather, and is as practical as it is beautiful. INSPIRATION art deco, Park Towers Mall, Level 1, Gorg Borg Olivier Street, St Julian’s or Caraffa Vaults, Cottonera Waterfront, Birgu. T: 2138 3712/2166 4168, E:, F: Inspirationartdeco

CANE-LINE The new outdoor furniture display by Cane-Line is now at Ideacasa. Ideacasa, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara. W: IDEACASA Check out the new My Home Collection by Calligaris only at Ideacasa. Ideacasa, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara. W:

IDEACASA The new The One is unique and works around the true personality of your home to create a seamless and harmonious look. Available exclusively at Ideacasa, Msida Valley Road, Birkirkara. W:


MDINA GLASS Handmade chandeliers from Mdina Glass come in four different models, as well as various sizes and colours. Mdina Glass, Ta’ Qali. T: 2141 5786, W:

FARRUGIA LIGHTING AND INTERIORS The award-winning design of the Duna lighting series was inspired by the voussoir, which is the keystone module of a stone arch. Made from ecological materials, it is flexible, transparent and comes in chrome or lacquer. Price: €190. Sold exclusively at Farrugia Lighting and Interiors. T: 2141 9111, W:

CLÉMENT Ottaviani’s ice crystal lamps add a touch of luxury to any home. They come in two different sizes and sell for €148–€268. Clément Luxury Home Jewellery, Birkirkara Bypass, Birkirkara. T: 2149 4654.

CLÉMENT This statement, lead crystal decanter from Rogaska is sure to be the central focus of any dinner party. Price: €179. Clément Luxury Home Jewellery, Birkirkara Bypass, Birkirkara. T: 2149 4654.

HOMETRENDS Make the most of Malta’s enviable weather with a state-of-the-art barbecue. The Outback Drifter has a cooking area of 710x434mm with porcelain-enamelled, cast iron cooking grills that are rust-proof. Price: €455. HomeTrends, Ta’ Zwejt Street, Industrial Estate, San Gwann or Mdina Road, Haz-Zebbug. T: 2144 5654, E:, F: HomeTrendsComplex.

HOMETRENDS Get the best of both worlds with this gas stove from HomeTrends. Emitting a real flame and shaped in a traditional way, this gas stove requires no chimney or coal to work, and even comes complete with a storage compartment for a normal-sized gas cylinder. Price: €699. HomeTrends, Ta’ Zwejt Street, Industrial Estate, San Gwann or Mdina Road, Haz-Zebbug. T: 2144 5654, E:, F: HomeTrendsComplex.


S t y l i ng & p h otograp h y b y Br i an G rec h – b r i angrec h . com

Bold Impressions Lamp, stool, glass dome – Loft; white vases, paints – camilleriparismode; picture frame – Grey & Adler; magnifying glass, white sheet – Hometrends; hare statue, bell, bathmat – Next; stool – stylist’s own.

As we while away the last days of winter and get our homes ready for the renewal that springs brings with it, Style on Sunday has chosen simplicity as a powerful aesthetic to highlight how bold objects can create a truly unique space.


Lamp – camilleriparismode; hare statue – Next; dog statue, ceramic heart with quote – Grey & Adler; vase, white stool – Hometrends; white jug – Loft.


Blue-and-white striped fabric, leopard-print fabric, tulip table, paints – camilleriparismode; cream throw, car – Grey & Adler; lamp – Hometrends; powder blue throw – Loft; tiebacks with wooden hearts – Next; stool – stylist’s own.


Spring Awakening Whatever the weather, we are sure that these original recipes will bring a stylish touch of spring to your table. F o o d by s o u s chef M atthew Pa r nis at B asi l ic o Restau r ant

Ingredients: 2 Gressingham duck legs; olive oil; salt and pepper. For the ragout sauce: 1/2 an onion, finely sliced; 3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced; 1/4 celery, chopped; 2 tbsp tomato purée; 250ml red wine; dried oregano; thyme, leaves only; 400g chopped tomatoes; 120g fresh pasta; 40g flat-leaf parsley, roughly chopped; 50g grated Parmesan. Season the duck legs and lightly rub with olive oil. Place on a baking tray and cook at 180˚C for 40 minutes. Return to the oven for a further 10 minutes if not cooked. Remove the legs from the oven and leave to rest for a few minutes. Pick the meat from the bone using two forks. Season lightly and set aside. Reserve the fat and skin. Place a wide pan over a low heat. Add some of the reserved duck fat and then sweat the onion, garlic and celery. Add the tomato purée and cook for two minutes. Add the oregano, thyme and wine, and increase the heat. Reduce the sauce by half, then add the tomatoes and duck meat. Turn down the heat and leave to simmer for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, in a large pot, cook the pasta in salted, boiling water until al dente. Toss the hot pasta with the ragout. To serve, divide the duck ragout into two serving bowls and top with grated Parmesan, chopped parsley and the reserved duck skin. Serve immediately.

P r o ps b y Lo ft

S t y l in g an d ph oto g r aph y by B r ian G r ech


– serves 2



Ingredients: 4 sea bass fillets; 1/2 a lemon, juiced; knob of butter. For the sweet shallots and runner beans: 4 runner beans, trimmed and sliced lengthways; 2 shallots, thinly sliced into rings (keeping the trimmings); 1 tbsp sugar; 100g smoked pancetta, diced; 40g butter; 2 chicories, broken into leaves. For the celeriac purée: 1 small head of celeriac, diced; 85ml double cream. For the red wine sauce: 185ml chicken stock; 1/2 a leek, finely sliced; 1 shallot, chopped; rosemary; 2 star anise; 1/2 a bulb of garlic; 50g fish trimmings; 185ml red wine. In a saucepan, cover the celeriac with water and season with salt. Bring to the boil and cook until tender. Drain thoroughly and place in a food processor. While blending, add cream to form a smooth, thin purée. Keep warm. To make the sweet shallots and runner beans, blanch the beans in boiling water and then refresh in iced water before draining and setting aside. Place the shallot rings in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Add sugar and a pinch of salt. Simmer until tender. Remove from heat and, when cool, drain. To make the red wine sauce, sweat the shallot trimmings and leek with the garlic, rosemary and star anise until dry. Add the fish trimmings and cook for 10 minutes. Add the red wine and boil dry. Add the chicken stock and cook for one hour until thickened and well flavoured. Pass through sieve and set aside. Sauté the pancetta in a hot pan with some butter until crisp and golden. Add the chicory, the drained sweet shallots and runner beans. Cook until the chicory starts to wilt and everything else is warm. Pan-fry the fish in a dash of olive oil, season and add a squeeze of lemon juice. On a warm serving plate place a spoon of the purée, a pile of the runner bean mixture and top with the fish. Pour some of the sauce around and serve.


MEDIUM COOKED BEEF FILLET, WITH CARAMELISED BEETROOT – serves 4 Ingredients: 4 200g beef fillet steaks; sea salt; olive oil. For the caramelised balsamic beetroot: 2 ready-cooked beetroots, diced; 1 tbsp olive oil; 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar; 1 tsp cumin seeds. For the beetroot purée: 600g raw beetroot, peeled, cut into chunks; 1 onion, roughly chopped; 1/2 a garlic clove, roughly chopped; 2 fresh thyme sprigs, leaves only; salt and fresh pepper. Other: Micro salad. For the beetroot purée, place all of the beetroot purée ingredients into a food processor and blend. Transfer the purée into a frying pan over a low heat. Cook for 30-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. For the caramelised beetroot, heat the olive oil in a pan over a medium heat and cook the beetroot for 2-3 minutes. Add the balsamic vinegar and cumin seeds, turn up the heat and cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the vinegar has reduced by half and the beetroot is caramelised and sticky. Set aside and keep warm. Preheat the grill to its highest setting before starting on the beef. Brush the fillet steaks with oil and season with sea salt. Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed frying pan, then brown the fillets on all sides. Place under the hot grill and cook to your taste: five minutes for medium-rare, six minutes for medium. Remove from the heat and allow to rest for five minutes. Place the caramelised balsamic beetroot in a ring on warm plates and top with the fillet. Pour a pool of beetroot purée onto the plate and pull on one side with a spoon to create a ‘swoosh’ effect. Garnish with salad.


PAPPED IN STYLE The book launch of ‘Notary Francesco Catania and his collections’ at the Wignacourt Museum, Rabat

Wedding event by Ivory & Co at the House Shop in Ta' Xbiex

Top left: Frederica Agius, Mgr John Azzopardi and Iggy Fenech Top right: Jacques Lamas and Stephanie Ceccato Bottom left: Maria Azzopardi, Charles Azzopardi and Joseph Amodio Bottom right: Marie Cabourdin, Nathaniel Cutajar and Sabine Agius Cabourdin

Top left: Joanna and Paula Agius Top right: Nicholette Darmanin and Rebecca and Sarah Gilson Bottom left: Sarah and Rita Hili and Babette Chapelle Bottom right: Anastasiya at Models M, wearing Ivory & Co

The launch of the new Nissan Qashqai

Launch of REGNVM – An exhibition and photography book by Kris Micallef

Top left: Managing director Ian Mizzi with Malta’s first new Nissan Qashqai owner Charmaine Roberts Top right: Faye Zammit, Maxine Camilleri, Petra Vella, Chev Maurice Mizzi, Cristina Zammit Cutajar and Liane Gauci Bottom left: Philip and Corinne Apap Bologna, Julian Zammit Tabona, Fiona Cachia, David Cremona and Veronica Zammit Tabona Bottom right: Maxine Camilleri, Sarah Mizzi, Taryn Mizzi, Jessica Diacono, Rachael Grech, Liane Gauci, Sandrina Degabriele, Caroline Ciantar Barbara, Tara Schembri and Lisa Camilleri

Top left: Alexandra Pace, Kris Micallef, Isaac Azzopardi and Kane Calì Top right: Anthony Galea, Dorian Mallia, Godwin Azzopardi and Mario Gauci Jr Bottom left: Caroline Paris, Marisa Grima, Christian Pisani and Vince Tabone Bottom right: Michele Tufigno and Adrian Mamo

The Island Hotel Group's annual Pear Awards

All of the Pearl awardees

Winston J Zahra, Rebecca Sare, Daniela Ebejer, Mirela Zhivkova Zecheva, Daniela Baldacchino and Winston V Zahra

Winston J Zahra, Jesmond Micallef, Tyrone Muscat, Redianne Busuttil, Dieter Achtelstetter and Winston V Zahra


A celebration of women in business for Women's Day, at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, Attard Left: Philo Meli, Turkish Ambassador Ayse Sezgin, Mariana Mifsud and Ezgi Harmanci Middle: Pat Vella and Marthese Abela Right: Judith Debono, Lorraine Dunnet, Jo Caruana, Marthese Abela and Vivien Cassar

launch of Nadine Axisa's album Velvet at Talbot&Bons

Winter Wonderland – A foodie extravaganza by Julesy's Kitchen

Left: Joe Bibi Camilleri and Lawrie Simpson Right: Mario Borg and Nadine Axisa

GasanMamo’s Red Carpet photobooth at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest at the MFCC Left: Natasha Pace, Matt Muxu Mercieca and Davinia Pace Right: Kristina Bianco, Christabelle Borg, Nicole Schembri and Izzy O’Cock

Top left: Jim Edwards, Herberto De Lemos, Keith Manara Top right: Claus Folden, Berta Fernandez, Anika Psaila Savona and Pierre Ellul Bottom left: Julie Culley (aka Julesy), Glen Jones and Rojina McDonald (guest chef from Le Cordon Bleu) Bottom right: Jo Caruana, Cindy Edwards, Sallie Redman, Sonette Aboud and Cathy Farlam Ashton

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