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Official Conference & Exhibition Directory Darling Harbour Sydney July 23-26 2013

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01 Organiser’s Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 02 02 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S WELCOME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 04 03 Board Members. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06 04 Conference program. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 08 05 Exhibition Listing. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 06 Exhibition Floorplan. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 07 Brand/Distributor Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 08 Products/Service Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 09 Darling Harbour Map. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Visit SMPTE in Hall 3, next to the Conference Entrance Download this Directory in pdf from

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


Chairman’s + Organiser’s Welcome

Ian Fellows Chair, Australia Section

Delivering the Personalised Content Experience Welcome to SMPTE13, the premier event for media and entertainment technology. Again this year we are proud to have our fellow associations join us in our mission to give you the best education and conference experience: ‚‚Look out for the Australian Cinematographer Society’s compelling panel sessions and workshops. Get inside the heads of the creators and the creatives ‚‚Be sure not to miss the sessions, produced by our colleagues from the Audio Engineering Society making cinema sound live ‚‚Visit Career Corner for newcomers, as well as experienced professionals, where you can explore job opportunities. Career Corner is for the whole industry and is an initiative of Women in Film and Television. ‚‚See where it all began at the Retro Tech booth ‚‚Push the envelope from OTT to the Edge of Space The SMPTE 13 program includes more than 90 participants covering more than 60 topics and workshop sessions, providing delegates with a broad spectrum of the latest techniques and technologies from the experts. A strategic relationship and cross promotion agreement has recently been struck between SMPTE Conference & Exhibition and

the NABShow. This will make the SMPTE Australia Conference & Exhibition an even greater regional forum for technology exchange to stimulate the local industry. SMPTE Members will also benefit, being able to take advantage of special packages and discounts when attending the next year’s NAB conference. We are extremely fortunate to have Landry Fevre, General Manager, Media at Sydney’s NBN Co, to deliver the keynote on day one. This is an open session, which is not to be missed. The per-session package options are returning again this year, offering extraordinary value for money and affords real flexibility in choice of sessions and experiences. Check out the website and follow the links to register simply and quickly and to update on the latest special offers. and don’t forget to register for the Gala dinner. Places are going fast. Conference Sessions will again be on the Exhibition Floor allowing you access to the latest technology displays without missing any of the exciting Presentations, Boot Camps and Master Classes. The job we do as technologists, practitioners and creatives is changing. This conference is an essential event for anyone who needs to keep abreast of the technological revolution that is driving our industry. That is you! Ian Fellows Chair, Australia Section

welcome from the SMPTE 2013 organiser G'day and welcome to SMPTE2013. This year’s event is one of the biggest we have had in our history here at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre and a fitting finale as it is the last time we are in the centre before the site is re-developed and reopened in 2017. For me, today is all about adopting and adapting to the environment we now do business in and that’s why SMPTE is so important, it’s a complete showcase of the who's who with solutions on making your business no matter how big or small more efficient, better output and better profit management. The floor is made up of so many new releases with a number international experts on hand as well as our talented local experts all here to share how and what you can achieve. Of course we have the amazing conference program which has the flexibility to book into single sessions on the spot during the event, its still the most cost effective conference of its kind in Australia. We have again collocated with Entech to provide a comprehensive

02 welcome

showcase covering a broad offering of products, services and solutions under the umbrella theme of The Australasian Media and Technology Week. If you’re a SMPTE member or you’re thinking of joining, the new SMPTE lounge is the perfect location to network, catch up on emails or chill whilst having a complimentary coffee. I would like to also acknowledge the SMPTE board who balance employment whilst contributing back to the industry by developing the conference program and work behind the scenes all year round. They don’t get a lot of recognition, so if you see a board member, a pat on the back wouldn’t go astray! To our friends our at Content + Technology who have again officially supported this year’s event and produced this world class directory, thank you. I would also like to acknowledge my team who are committed in ensuring you have a great visit and benefit from the whole experience of what’s on offer. This year is special so please enjoy, see you on the floor. Gary Fitz-Roy Managing Director, Expertise Events


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SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


Taking Stock of SMPTE: Mature Society Embraces Change and Growth

By Barbara Lange, Executive Director, SMPTE

SMPTE approaches SMPTE13 in Sydney having just concluded my 11th board meeting in the post of Executive Director, where it was clear that work we’ve done to build the Society — and the benefits it offers members — is quickly coming to fruition. A variety of recent initiatives have made a significant impact across all three pillars of the Society: promoting member networking and interaction; developing industry standards; and enhancing education through seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. The membership pillar has been a particularly exciting area for SMPTE. With the international expansion of SMPTE Sections, the Society is realizing greater global recognition of its relevance and value. All of these factors are fuelling a rise in SMPTE membership around the world. In the past couple of years, we have started new Sections in the U.K. and India. SMPTE Australia has been particularly active, and the Section’s work in putting on its biennial conference and exhibition has really been tremendous. While events such as SMPTE13 in Australia draw a wide array of presenters and attendees, SMPTE also continues to foster international interest by bringing key events to many regions of the world. For the first of our 2013 quarterly standards meetings, more than 50 SMPTE members travelled to Hong Kong, while others participated by phone, for a weeklong series of standards committee meetings hosted at the award-winning Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI). Following the meetings, I visited the dynamic new SMPTE India section, which is quickly becoming established within a robust media culture that today boasts rich cinema, television, and digital technology industries. SMPTE membership is also being bolstered by growing interest from new media organizations that believe in our work. Right now, more than 160 SMPTE technical committees and working groups are creating standards to advance the motion imaging field. By pushing the envelope, SMPTE standards work is grabbing the attention of a broader array of industry members. Companies involved in overthe-top (OTT) content delivery, Internet protocol television (IPTV), and gaming are responding to our forward-looking focus on emerging entertainment technologies and coming on board. In this modern world of media convergence, SMPTE brings organizations together to debate the processes and formats that will serve the greater good of the industry. Among the new efforts in this vein is the launch of the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JTNM), a collaboration of SMPTE, the European Broadcast Union, and the Video Services Forum. The JT-NM will define an agile, on-demand, packet-based network infrastructure, designed to support a variety of distributed, automated professional media (file- and stream-based) workflows for local, regional, and global production. By supporting any standards-based format, the infrastructure will assure the interoperability necessary to facilitate new workflows, reduce total cost of ownership, and speed content time-to-market. For nearly 100 years, SMPTE has been the leader in developing industry standards that facilitate interoperability within the media ecosystem. The recent “Entertainment Technology in the Internet Age” (ETIA) conference, produced with the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering (SCIEN), represents another milestone. The ETIA served as a first-of-a-kind “summit” that brought nearly 300

04 welcome

executives, academics, and creative professionals from both Silicon Valley and the entertainment industry together to explore the technical, creative, and business requirements for delivering high-quality, monetizable entertainment experiences over the Web. Ultimately, such dialog informs future standards development and shapes how, in the rapidly evolving informational technology (IT) environment, moving images will be delivered. While SMPTE builds the standards that facilitate forward progress, it also provides education that draws in a new generation of Society members and helps existing members to transition to new business and technology models. In this respect, SMPTE’s groundbreaking partnership with Stanford University and the many technical sessions offered at the ETIA conference represented an exciting new element in SMPTE’s educational offerings. We believe that as the industry migrates from one dominant technology to the next, SMPTE plays an important role in bridging that gap. It does so by educating the professionals who are in the workforce today and need to learn more about IT-based methodologies. It does so by partnering with academic institutions to help people learn about and find jobs. Finally, through its standards, SMPTE provides a thorough framework for adopting and applying new technologies. In terms of the standards work currently under way, some of this year’s hotter topics include audio for cinema and ultra high definition television. The industry is buzzing about the new SMPTE Technology Committee, TC-25CSS, dedicated to Cinema Sound Systems (CSS). The committee is working to update SMPTE standards and recommended practices to address opportunities created by the many technical advances since standards were last created, as well as to improve the quality and consistency of cinema sound. Another SMPTE working group is tackling the many challenges presented by the rise of ultra high definition television (UHDTV), and a report slated for release by the IBC2013 show will provide the foundation for determining the standards work required. Other critical work has included the completion of a digital library that not only allows us to give members access to the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal going back to 1916, but also opens up new revenuegeneration opportunities through library subscriptions. Toward the end of the year, all eyes are pointed toward the SMPTE 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition, in October. This year’s event will honour 14 members elevated to the status of SMPTE Fellow along with many other award honourees. With the Society’s 100-year anniversary approaching in 2016, we’ve also begun work on various efforts to celebrate that milestone. Among these efforts is the Centennial Predict-the-Future Contest, now open at Those who correctly predict the state of television and cinema technology in 2016 will be recognized during the SMPTE Centennial Event in 2016. While we’re proud that SMPTE’s rich history goes back to the early 1900s, the Society is now completing initiatives designed to ensure that its procedures and policies reflect current practices and realities. The updated bylaws approved in 2010 spurred improvements that reflect a renewed commitment to our threefold focus — membership, standards, and education — in the modern age. SMPTE’s many achievements in the past year very ably demonstrate this commitment. Visit









P2HD’s new AVC-ULTRA codec family is compatible with past and will take you into the future. It delivers Ultra-image quality, Ultra-efficiency, Ultra-reliability and Ultra-flexibility.

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


SMPTE board members Michael Day

John Maizels

Secretary/Treasurer 2013-2014

Governor at Large 2013

Stuart Monksfield 2011-2013

Michael joined the TV industry in 1986, focusing on design and implementation of technical facilities for TV production and broadcast. He has held technology positions at at the Seven Network and Premer Media Group (Fox Sports). Now at Network Ten, he manages the Network Projects Group and has contributed to the rollout of a centralised file-based MAM and workflow system. In 2012 Michael received the SMPTE Outstanding Service Award.

John entered the Industry in 1970 and has been a member of SMPTE since 1988. He has sat on the Australia Section Board of Managers since 1990. He was Australia Section Chair from 2001-2008 and has sat on the Board of Governors from 2008-2013.  A member of the SMPTE Revisions Committee he has helped reframe the Society’s ByLaws and governance. In 2006 he was promoted to the grade of Fellow of SMPTE.  

With an Engineering degree in TV Broadcast & Communications, Stuart has worked for Sony Europe and Thomson/Grass Valley in Germany. In Australia, he spent over six years with Cutting Edge Post where he worked on international projects such as Stealth, Superman Returns, Wolverine and Australia, and project managed the DI on Australia’s first feature length live action stereoscopic 3D film Cane Toads: The Conquest.




Ward Hansford

John Walsh

Peter Stavrianos

Immediate Past Chair



Ward has been associated with the communications and television industry for over 26 years and currently holds the position of Vice President  Sales Australasia for Ericsson  Television in Asia Pacific.   Ward joined the SMPTE Board of Managers as Secretary/Treasurer in 1995. In 2012 Ward was recipient of a SMPTE Outstanding Service Award for his service to the Australia Section and the Society.

A Qualified BOCP Broadcast Engineer, John Walsh has 45 years experience within the Australian and International Broadcasting industries, including the design and installation of Studio, Post Production and Transmission systems. He is currently with Gencom Technology in the role of Sales Engineer. As a SMPTE Board member and Manager, John is responsible for Section Meetings and advancing the society membership.

Peter has been in the industry for 15 years after starting in the post production sector. In November 2006, Peter joined the SBS Corporation in the role of Manager Broadcast Engineering. Peter is now part of the team rebuilding and modernising the SBS production and presentation technology and core infrastructure and focuses on integrating new technologies into the traditional broadcasting model. He is co-Chair of the SMPTE13 Conference.




David Wheeler 2013-2015 David has been a member of SMPTE since 1984 and has been associated with the broadcast industry since 1976. He was appointed to the Australia Section Board in 2012. Currently, he is developing business for Cisco in ANZ with broadcasters and service providers. David has a solid background in television engineering, satellite, cable and IP networks both in ANZ and abroad, having spent four years each in Singapore and Atlanta working with major international operators. He is coChair of the SMPTE13 Conference. Email:

06 SMPTE board of MEMBERS

Paul Broderick 2013-2015

Paul joined the Broadcasting industry in 1981as a Broadcast Engineering Trainee with the ABC.   He has also worked at Molinair in London, TCN Nine, VTS/ Edit Point and Seven Network. In 2004 Paul  joined SBS Sydney as Chief Engineer TV and was subsequently promoted to Director Technology and Distribution. Since 2012 he has operated as an independent consultant, working with a range of media and entertainment industry clients. Email:

Richard Visser 2012-2014 Richard has over 29 years experience in the Broadcast industry mainly in the capacity as an equipment supplier. Richard has held senior positions as General Manager Fujinon Australia, General Manager Klotz Digital Australia, National Sales Manager Broadcast Networks Sony Australia and National Sales Manager Broadcast Film & Post Systems for Quantel Australia. Richard is the Director of Sales Oceania for Thomson Video Networks Australia. Email:

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

Patrick Sproule 2012-2014

John Beckhaus

Peter Collis

Patrick is a keen technologist, having codesigned and built studio and outside broadcast facilities. He assisted in the creation of the SMPTE student chapter at Charles Sturt University and has provided technical assistance to multiple SMPTE conferences.

John Beckhaus joined the industry in 1964 at the Australian Broadcasting Commission. He started as a Technician in Training and became a Broadcast Engineering Officer. He worked at the ABC’s Gore Hill Studios in Sydney as well as in Darwin and Brisbane. He became a member of SMPTE in 1986. He also worked in the Training and Development Section, the IT Section, the Capital Works Area and six years as Technical Manager covering the Master Control and Maintenance areas. John retired from the ABC in 2001 and joined the SMPTE Australian Section Board in 2002.

Peter Collis worked in educational TV and as a studio TD, before starting his own business, which for the past 27 years has provided technical services to a wide range of TV clients, with facilities including a digital OB van. Peter has ensured that the Section’s work is documented, he has taken a key role in ensuring that the Board is correctly minuted, and has managed a variety of portfolios associated with the biennial SMPTE conference and exhibition, and Section Meeting arrangements. Peter is focused on extending the Society’s membership outreach to include the operational and technical personnel in television, radio and film.




Patrick Sproule, Lecturer in Television Production and Head of School at Charles Sturt University, Wagga, has a media career spanning 25 years. This includes creative, engineering and management roles in live entertainment, radio and broadcast TV, including 10 years with Prime Television.

CT_FutureReality_CTMayJune2013OUTLINE.indd 1

16/05/13 12:14 PM



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


the conference program





Tuesday, July 23 09:30

a-1-1: UHDTV, 4K and Beyond

a-2-1: Audio Delivery Systems


a-1-2: Conference Opening and Keynote


a-1-3: Understanding the Business of OTT

a-2-3: Techniques for Managing Loudness


a-1-4: Successful OTT Delivery

a-2-4: Improve the Audio Experience

Wednesday, July 24 09:30

b-1-1: Pushing the Envelope

b-2-1: What Rules: Creativity or Technology?


b-1-2: The Personalised Content Experience

b-2-2: Screening Q&A: "Show me the Magic"

Note: Stream 3 Workshops are held on the mezzanine level of Hall 3.


b-1-3: Latest Techniques in Transmission

b-2-3: The Future Vision

b-3-3: Designing an Online Video Service


b-1-4: Delivering Media to the Consumer

b-2-4: Quality Assurance Strategies

b-3-4: Internet Video and Adaptive Streaming

Thursday, July 25 09:30

c-1-1: Evolving Standards for Audio/Video Networking

c-2-1: Workshop: Shooting DSLR & more. Be brave and push the boundaries


c-1-2: Applying IT Architectures in the Content Factory

c-2-2: You Can't Fix it in Post: The Importance of Image Capture


c-1-3: Evolving Media Workflows

c-2-3: Discussion from the Ladies Lounge


c-1-4: Big Data in Media

c-2-4: Fury Road - The Dust Clears

Day 1 Tuesday 23 July DAY 1





a-1-1: The Resolution Revolution: UHDTV, 4K & Beyond

a-2-1: Audio Delivery Systems

What will be the impact of ever growing picture resolutions?

This session looks at the evolving technologies in radio broadcasting.

The Creative Impact of HD, 4K and Beyond

Tomorrow’s Radio Studio

Digital video and cinema professional are working with larger and larger resolution images. Beyond just the technical aspects, there are creative benefits to these increased image sizes as well.

In the last 20 years we have seen a rapid change in the tools available to audio engineers, commencing with basic AES digital audio, then ever larger TDM digital audio routers, and now Audio-over-IP technology. This presentation explores what broadcast engineers should consider to ensure they stay “ahead of the pack”

Delivering Quality Ultra High Definition

An Intelligent Media Framework to Deliver Compliant and Personalized Audio Content

Tony Cacciarelli (AJA Video Systems, USA)

Ian Trow (Harmonic, Australia)

The introduction of 4K allowed a complete digital workflow to replace film processing for cinema production. For the same transition to happen in TV requires broadcasters to re-evaluate the fundamental parameters key to realtime and file-based delivery of content. So far Ultra HD has been marketed on improved spatial resolution, with little consideration given to frame rate, viable transmission bandwidths, bit depth, dynamic-range and interfacing.


Matt Steadman (Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)

Scott Norcross, Jeffrey Riedmiller (Dolby Laboratories, USA) Loudness compliance regulations have led to an increase in the use of real-time loudness and dynamic range processing in the broadcast chain. There is no means to communicate or signal along the broadcast chain whether processing has already occurred upstream, and this can result in the cascading of such processing leading to degraded audio quality. What is introduced here is an intelligent media framework that will securely signal whether processing has been carried out in the broadcast chain.

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

DAY 1 10.20



4k, the next step in TV experience?

DAB+ On Channel Repeater Trials in Australia

During the last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 4k displays were almost everywhere among the big players. The author will describe the challenges the industry have to overcome to bring the consumer experience to the next level: live content production and distribution aspects will be addressed describing possible scenarios over distribution networks thanks to the upcoming HEVC compression format.

This paper will go through each step of the process of the problems encountered, the experimentation conducted and the solutions finally implemented, which ultimately led to an industry funded, full scale rollout of 14 On Channel DAB+ Repeater sites across Australia.

Claude Perron (Thomson Video Networks, France)

Steve Adler (Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)



a-1-2: Conference Opening and Keynote Presentation 11:10

The Future Landscape of Media & Entertainment

Landry Fevre, General Manager Media, Commercial Strategy, NBN Co The National Broadband Network is bringing superfast broadband to every Australian home, this is providing opportunities for content owners, aggregators and broadcasters to rethink their engagement with their fans. What will be the emerging trends and business models emerging in a post-NBN world?





a-1-3: Understanding the Business of OTT

a-2-3: Is this too Loud? Techniques for Managing Loudness

This session explores the opportunities and challenges presented by OTT.

Solutions and strategies for managing loudness in the broadcast delivery chain.

Monetisation through Personalisation

DTV Monitoring: Strategies for Resolving Audio Loudness Issues

Monetisation of content through the paid-for model has typically been the domain of pay-TV operators, but for free-to-air broadcasters the means are emerging to approach their viewers more individually. To fully use the potential of OTT, the better you know the viewer the better you can serve them, and the more likely they are to return.

This paper will address the specific challenges that broadcasters face in monitoring and analysing the audio loudness of their DTV streams. The paper will provide proven, successful strategies for eliminating audio loudness issues.

The key to second-screen success: Transforming unused content into premium second-screen content

Next Generation Automated Loudness Management

Cees van Egmond (SeaChange International, New Zealand)

Ralph Bachofen (Triveni Digital, USA)

Will Munkara-Kerr (EVS, Hong Kong)

This paper will explore how broadcasters can use their existing production infrastructure to transform unused content - such as unseen camera angles and highlights - into premium content for second screens.


Managing Broadcast Loudness in a Digital Infrastructure

This paper first will examine the current environment, the host of new challenges that accompany the emergence of TV anytime, anywhere, and how the industry can successfully prepare to meet those challenges.

Loudness discrepancies have been a major source of headaches for the broadcast professional. A systemic approach is necessary to achieve the best results and reduce viewer complaints while still providing the premium experience consumers expect with digital television delivery.

Gary Learner (Volicon, USA)

Michael Babbitt (Dolby Laboratories, USA)


a-1-4: Successful OTT Delivery

a-2-4: New Developments to Improve the Audio Experience

You like OTT, but how do you get there?

Audio is sometimes the forgotten cousin in the Motion Imaging industry, but it is a critical part of the viewer experience.

Digital Online Publishing - Protecting and Analyzing Content on Mobile Devices

The Challenges of Developing a Digital Wireless Microphone System

How can content creators publish their material securely online? This presentation will cover issues such as: Ensuring content goes only to those entitled to view it; That content is secure and accessible once beyond network connectivity; That content can transparently be sent to multiple mobile platforms; and that usage access of that content can be analyzed

Digital Wireless Microphones: Delivering the best audio quality and RF reliability within the constraints of EN 300-422, against the challenges of tiny size, power budgets, ruggedness and latency. The presentation will show how developers found compromises without sacrificing audio quality.

It’s not easy being green - closed captioning for the web

Electro-acoustic measurements on cinema B chains

Michael Borthwick, former Technical Director at RealTime Health, recounts the journey to incorporate captioning of 400 online video clips on the RealTime Health website.

This paper is presented as a background to the AES-SMPTE international project to improve the sound quality in cinemas, in particular the equalisation and alignment process.

HbbTV - A Broadcasters Perspective

Are broadcast audio systems and the demand for ‘normalisation’ in sound quality adversely affecting the consumer experience?

David Neall (SCSI Integration, Australia)



International bodies, such as ATSC, ITU, and EBU, have successfully formalized objective measures of loudness. This has led to a shift in loudness control paradigm from peak normalization to loudness normalization.

Successful ‘TV Anywhere, Anytime’ Service Delivery



Muneesh Verma (Interra Systems ltd., India)

Michael Borthwick (Michael Borthwick Consulting Pty Ltd

Trevor Bird (Seven West Media, Australia) HbbTV provides the ability for the FTA broadcaster to expand the offering to the viewer, providing a lean back experience while making use of fast broadband networks for the delivery of extended services. The standard opens the way for new and exciting ways to enhance the product offering.

Norbert Hilbich (Sennheiser, Germany)

David J Murphy (Krix Loudspeakers, Australia)

Martin J Dyster (SMPTE Sustaining Member & TSL Products Ltd, UK) Focusing on ‘live’ production, this paper will examine the challenges faced by broadcasters, system builders and manufacturers alike in the face of an ever changing audio landscape.



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


the conference program

Day 2 wednesday 24 July DAY 2



b-1-1: Pushing the Envelope

b-2-1: What Rules: Creativity or Technology?

New technologies have enabled content makers to set new boundaries.



Emerging applications for high speed broadband

What Rules - Creativity or Technology?

What is the NBN architecture and what does it mean for service delivery to all Australians?

Why doesn’t the Cinematographer have ultimate control over what tools they use? Panelists include Cinematographers Calvin Gardiner ACS, Ben Allen ACS, Alexis Castagna; Editor Scott Gray ASE; Colourist Adrian Hauser; Post Supervisor Henry Karjalainen; and Visual Effects Director Chris Godfrey. Moderator: Renee Brack

Geof W Heydon (CSIRO, Australia)

Ron Johanson, ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society)

Riedel & Red Bull Stratos - Remote Production at the Edge of Space

Cameron ONeill (Riedel, Australia); Thomas Riedel (Riedel, Germany) This paper explores the production technology behind Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking sky dive from the edge of space.


Will IPTV Replace Traditional Broadcast? Ali C. Begen (Cisco, Canada)

In this introductory paper, we provide an overview of IPTV and its building blocks, explain the architectures and protocols used to carry video over IP in core, aggregation, access and home networks.



b-1-2: The Personalised Content Experience

b-2-2: Screening Q&A: “Show me the Magic”

This session explores how the User Experience has dethroned Content as King.


Reverse EPG: Large-Scale VOD with Simulcast OTT Linear Streaming

Screening Q&A: “Show me the Magic”

Case study on how 2000+ downloadable VOD assets per day are created for a Foxtel “Reverse EPG” Set Top Box product whist simultaneously streaming the linear channels to OTT products such as “FOXTEL Go”.

The life and career of legendary Australian cinematographer, Don McAlpine. Presented by the Director, Cathy Henkel, and moderated by Renee Brack.

Ron Johanson, ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society, Australia)

Scott Favelle (Foxtel Management Pty. Ltd., Australia)


Standard Smart TV for Multiple Delivery Services

Hiroyuki Niwa (NTT Electronics, Japan); Masahito Kawamori (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp, Japan); Hideki Yamamoto (Oki, Japan); Wei-Yun Yau (Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore) This paper describes multimedia applications and content delivery for Smart TV based on ITU-T H.762 (LIME), standard recommended by ITU-T, the standardizing multimedia platform for IP-based content delivery such as Smart TV.


Personalised Television and the ABC Companion

David Schweinsberg (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) This paper examines the development of the ABC Companion iPad app, along with the various back-end services that were designed, built, and integrated with existing scheduling and transmission systems.


Panel Discussion

Scott Favelle (Foxtel Management Pty. Ltd., Australia); Hiroyuki Niwa (NTT Electronics, Japan); David Schweinsberg (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia) The session will conclude with a panel discussion through which the attendees can engage with the presenters to further explore the topic.



STREAM 1 – ROOM 1 b-1-3: Latest Techniques in Transmission Looking at techniques for improving the efficiency of modern transmission systems.


STREAM 2 – ROOM 2 b-2-3: The Future Vision

STREAM 3 – ROOM 3 b-3-3: Workshop: Designing an Online Video Service This workshop will focus on video delivery technologies used in “Over-the-Top” environments and step you through the best practice design process when building a streaming video service.

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

day 2 14:00

STREAM 1 – ROOM 1 Green the Transmitter Site/Reduce the Carbon Footprint

The Future Vision

The paper discusses methods of improving efficiency and reducing energy consumption at radio station transmitter facilities and thus reducing your carbon footprint.

What’s next for Cinematographers today and for tomorrow, what changes are happening for students, entry level and established cinematographers when creating imagery for future generations? Is there enough “on set” training? Moderated by Erika Addis, and featuring cinematographers Danny Ruhlmann ACS, Dan Freene ACS, David Peers, Rob Morton, Vivyan Madigan, and Kim Batterham ACS.

John Abdnour (Nautel Ltd, Canada)


Efficiency in Broadcasting

Nils Ahrens (Rohde & Schwarz Australia) New Technologies such as “Doherty” can help to improve the efficiency in Energy consumption, DVB-T2 for Spectrum usage and Compression Technologies such as MPEG-4 or even HEVC for Bandwidth efficiency. Implementation of new technologies to improve the Efficiency do have a big impact of the Total Cost of Ownership in the Broadcast world.


STREAM 2 – ROOM 2 Ron Johanson, ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society, Australia)

STREAM 3 – ROOM 3 Workshop: Designing an Online Video Service

Andrew Nicolson (Cisco Systems, Australia) Streaming Video has been around for many years but with the advent of tablets & high speed broadband it has come into its own. This workshop will focus on the new wave of video delivery technologies used in “Over-the-Top” environments & explore the best practice designs used when building such a streaming video service.

Evolution of DTV in Australia Helge Stephansen (Nevion, Norway) Australia was a pioneer when it started digital broadcasting but since then technology has moved on. This session will review the latest technologies for digital terrestrial broadcasting and outline the advantages of DVB-T2 over DVB-T.



b-1-4: Delivering Media to the Consumer This session examines the key methods of reliably delivering compelling content to the home.


Remote Area TV Broadcasting - A Hybrid DTH and Terrestrial Model David Walton, Raoul Prideaux (Southern Cross Austereo, Australia)

This paper discusses in depth the design and operation of a cost effective system that uses the MPEG-4 DTH platform to feed program to some 28 MPEG-2 DTTB transmission site in remote areas.


In the age of diverse delivery platforms, how can we maintain compliance and quality all the way from the creator to the consumer?

This workshop takes a look at Adaptive Streaming service models and technologies, and looks at future evolution with MPEG DASH and HEVC.

Internet Video and Adaptive Streaming

What would happen to your station if there were a catastrophic disaster? Could you stay on the air switching from network to live reports and news and information needed by the viewing public?

In this workshop, we describe existing and emerging video service models reliant upon Internet video. We begin a deeper dive by addressing challenges of Internet video delivery, and move to a detailed technical discussion of key technologies and architectures in adaptive streaming.

John Pichitino (Ensemble Designs, USA)

Keeping up with OTT: QoE/QoS Metrics for Over-the-Top Television

This presentation will provide an insightful look into the technologies that will enable the acquisition, exchange and distribution of 4K UHDTV content today and tomorrow. The use of MPEG-4 AVC 4:2:2 10-bit to cover events and build interest and demand for the technology, as well as a library of contribution quality 4K content, will be explored. Topics also will include end-to-end ecosystem readiness and technologies such as the newly ratified High Efficiency Video Coding standard (HEVC/H.265), which will be required for the efficient delivery of 4K UHDTV to the home.

Danny Wilson will explain the difficulties inherent in reliably delivering OTT content to the next generation of devices (iPhones, iPads, etc), and explain why a new toolset is needed to meet the quality challenge.

Taking Channel Launches Seriously

Test & Measurement Display Technology

This paper illustrates the benefits of solutions that not only allow straightforward, fast and low-risk channel launch architectures, but also offer avenues for growth with cost and risk control not offered by many integrated playout solutions.

Products dedicated solely to producing waveform and vector displays have been replaced by multidisplay devices offering graphical-based, as well as text-based, analysis information. This paper also will include an insightful discussion of the generation of graphical displays as derived from digital signals.

Stan Moote (Harris Broadcast, Canada); Peter Martin (Harris Corporation, Hong Kong)

b-3-4: Internet Video & Adaptive Streaming

Keeping On The Air After A Disaster

Enabling the acquisition, exchange and distribution of 4K UHD live content Matthew S. Goldman (Ericsson, USA)


b-2-4: Quality Assurance Strategies

Ali C. Begen (Cisco, Canada)

Danny Wilson (Pixelmetrix Corporation)

Dave Guerrero, Peter Martin (Harris Broadcast)



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


the conference program

Day 3 Thursday 25 July DAY 3



c-1-1: Evolving Standards for Audio/Video Networking

c-2-1: Workshop: Shooting DSLR & more.

We look at the convergence of broadcast, IT and professional AV standards



AVB Ethernet infrastructure for live production

Shooting DSLR & more Be brave and push the boundaries

Signals, which today are handled by dedicated routing systems, will in future become packet-switched and handled by generic IP routing/switching devices. Some of these technologies are with us today and we call it: Audio Video Bridging (AVB). Based on IEEE802.1 AVB can make a standard layer 2 network suitable for a life production backbone. This presentation will show you how this can be achieved in a basic understandable way.

The DSLR revolution is challenging the way we shoot and operate. Form factor, camera weight and camera shape, camera cost have become a complex area. Which camera for which job, forget about the budget, how do I have the most flexible kit with out owning 4 camera’s and 5 rigs. In a hands-on workshop, Kim Batterham ACS will explore this maze and come up with some answers.

Harry Kanters (Axon Digital Design, The Netherlands)

Ron Johanson, ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society)

The Evolution of AV networking standards

Aidan Williams (Audinate Pty Ltd, Australia) AV networking standards have been evolving rapidly over the last few years. This presentation will describe the major families of standards from the IEEE, IETF and AES. The interactions between important networking functions like sync, QoS and transport will be highlighted. The strengths and weaknesses of the various standards will be discussed.


The HDcctv Standard: HD-SDI Adapted to Surveillance

Todd Rockoff (HDcctv Alliance Limited & Rockoff Security) This paper introduces the HDcctv interface standard, which is based on SMPTE 292M (HD-SDI). It analyses the major differences between HDcctv 1.0 and HD-SDI, summarizes advances embodied in the second-generation HDcctv standard, and foreshadows anticipated future developments.



c-1-2: Applying IT Architectures in the Content Factory In this session we explore how content creators can benefit from the application of developments in Enterprise IT.


Is There Any Such Thing As ‘Future Proof’ Broadcast Systems? Stan Moote, Peter Martin (Harris Corporation)

This paper explores new types of tools that are becoming available to improve and maintain profitability through the use of business intelligence (BI). BI is often thought of as merely the tools on the accounting side of the business, and that the use of such tools within broadcast is typically a waste of time and not relevant to operations. Newer BI tools have become broadcast-specific, and can uncover data such as inefficient workflows and supporting systems, generating actionable responses that directly result in operational cost savings along with minimizing CAPEX on future spends.


Introducing MERP

Fabio Gattari (Etere, Italy) Broadcast engineers will see the ERP evolution to MERP (Media Enterprise Resources Planning) as something than cannot be applied to their old and inefficient broadcast workflow. By improving data transport, an MERP system provides the framework for a business to achieve future growth, but it may take a breakthrough of insight for executives from IT and broadcast to see it that way. In this speech listeners will find out how to make an airtight argument for this important new venture.



c-2-2: You Can’t Fix it in Post: The Importance of Image Capture The quality of the finished product depends on many factors that are best managed at the source. This session looks at how image capture is evolving.

New Lighting Technology: Plasma -V- LED and HMI

David Adermann (MACS Camera, Television and Film Supplies, Australia) Plasma Lighting is claimed to be superior to both LED and HMI in consistent colour temperature, claims a full spectrum Solar Simulator that enables for better spectral response by camera sensors, and no flicker when used with high frame rates with claims of minimal heat projection and greater energy efficiencies. What is the reality? This paper will give head to head technical and production comparisons and at SMPTE will demonstrate on-stage the three types of lights side by side.

Demographics of Viewer Preferences for the Luminance Limits of Displayed Dynamic Range Imagery Scott Daly, Patrick D. Griffis ,Timo Kunkel, Suzanne Farrell (Dolby Laboratories, USA)

An observer study assessing viewer preferences for the luminance limits as relating to display dynamic range will be discussed. The experiment was carefully designed to prevent the signal distortions, display limits, and perceptual side-effects that have occurred in prior work on this topic. The differences in preferences across demographic categorization, such as expert vs. non-expert, age, gender will be discussed.

Media services management: the key to contribution over IP

ACES and IIF - An Overview and Practical Demonstration

The biggest challenge to deploying IP for contribution delivery is managing the complexity of IP/Ethernet networks. Static provisioning of bandwidth, protection and security profiles is no longer feasible. A media services management system needs to control and monitor all aspects, including the media to be transported, and all the services and components that are affected through the network. This paper will examine how modern distributed IT technologies can simplify the management of IP-based media networks.

ACES and IIF - Academy Colour Encoding Specification and Image Interchange Framework has been developed by SMPTE and the ASC to enable the interchange of material between post production facilities regardless of source. It is also designed to ensure that all high dynamic range, wide colour gamut and high bit depth workflows are able to be produced, is the common colour encoding for the Academy Image Interchange Framework. ACES is designed to allow the creative intent of the cinematographer to be captured. An example of working with ACES in DaVinci Resolve will be shown.

Bonded Multi-Bearer Technology that works in a real time direct to air and Non-Real Time Media Content Delivery

Capture of 3D environments and face and body movements

Andrew Osmond, Helge Stephansen, Jan Helgesen (Nevion, Norway)

Stuart Harvey (Integrated Microwave Technology, United Kingdom); Tom Pavicic (Quinto Communications, Australia)

Many broadcasters have experimented, or even rolled out a variety of live streaming technology using commercial telecom networks. This paper describes the cutting edge of this technology and details the new and integrated approach to this, combining the benefits of private microwave delivery, with using any connectivity available to the Outside Broadcast team.


Stuart Pointon (Lemac Film and Digital, Australia); Warren Eagles (ACS, ICA, Australia)

Jonathan M Roberts (CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia); Simon Lucey (CSIRO, Australia)

In the case of 3D mapping, We have developed a handheld device, known as Zebedee, that can be used to document the 3D structure of a place in the time it takes to walk around it. This data can be used for rapid construction of virtual 3D environments (based on the real environment). We have also developed real-time face gesture and body tracking software that does not rely on artificial targets placed on the subject.

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory





c-1-3: Evolving Media Workflows

c-2-3: Discussion from the Ladies’ Lounge

The session reviews the latest advancements in file-based workflows.



File-Based Automation Enables Evolution of Media Workflow

14:00 c-2-3: Discussion from the Ladies’ Lounge

Changes in media consumption behaviors are pressuring broadcasters to deliver more content to more outlets and platforms without sacrificing speed or quality. Evolving media workflows are helping broadcasters to overcome technical and operational obstacles to meeting this challenge, and file-based automation solutions are among the critical technologies underpinning these new workflows.

Open discussion amongst the leading Australian female cinematographers about the role of women in today’s film & television industry, now and into the future. Moderated by Erika Addis, and featuring Anna Howard ACS, Katie Milwright, JoAnne Bouzianis-Sellick, and Carolyn Constantine.

Jhonny Maroun (Wohler Technologies, USA)

Ron Johanson, ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society, Australia)

Enabling “Video Follows Text” Drag and Drop Workflows Michael L Palmer (Masstech, USA)

Though Search in Media Asset Management and Production Systems often receives a great amount of emphasis during discussion of digital workflows, we should remember the process of sharing media files between equipment and locations can be particularly expensive in terms of time and other resources, often involving a significant number of manual steps to export, transfer, transcode, import and re-link media with its associated metadata and context. This process can and should be automated to the point of being invisible to the user.


Evolution in Design of Production Switchers / Mixers Eric Dufossé (Grass Valley, USA)

For the last 50 years the design of production switchers has followed a predictable and evolutionary progression. Only in products emerging in the last 12 months have we seen radical departures from these traditional architectures being brought to the market. These products herald a new flexibility and ease of use that are expected to enable users to create high quality, feature-rich programming with ease not seen before. We will examine the impact of technology, computing power and how these new concepts were developed.



c-1-4: Big Data in Media

c-2-4: Fury Road - The Dust Clears

How to plan and implement technology infrastructure that will support the ever-expanding requirements for storage and manipulation of media and related data.



Digital Storage - the “oxygen” powering media infrastructure

Fury Road - The Dust Clears

Charles Sevior (Isilon EMC Australia, Australia)

Ron Johanson, ACS (Australian Cinematographers Society)

The M&E industry has rapidly adopted a fully digital workflow - where all content assets and essence are held, managed and manipulated in the form of digital files. If digital storage is the “oxygen” powering all media activities, the “lungs” are the ever expanding clusters of network-attached storage at the heart of all media infrastructure today.

Cinematographers John Seale ACS ASC, David Burr ACS and Camera Department co-ordinator Michelle Pizanis talk about their collaboration on the new MAD MAX: FURY ROAD film.

Content Archives - Looking Ahead

Hossien ZiaShakeri, Matt Starr (Spectra Logic, USA) The traditional definition of an archive no longer fits the needs and requirements of today’s media and entertainment environments. It is now a central dynamic resource to organizations and it has to deliver on access requirements, long term viability, and considering the shear scope of it, any proposed solution must scale and scale cost effectively.


Bridging on-premise & the cloud for digital media workflows Michelle Munson (Aspera, USA)

Until now, fundamental technology gaps in large file access and transfer performance, security, and workflow automation limited the ability to harness cloud and on premise infrastructure in combination. This session will explore how new infrastructure-agnostic high speed transport and workflow automation technologies fill the technology gap, and are enabling these new workflows by allowing digital content to be securely and practically ingested, accessed, transcoded, distributed and archived regardless of storage type (object or file), network distance, and bandwidth conditions.

SMPTE takes education to the max! For SMPTE13 brings a whole new level to SMPTE’s commitment to training, upskilling, and engagement with the next generation of media practitioners. The SMPTE13 Student Video Project will engage student chapter members and enrollees from three affiliated institutions:  Charles Sturt University, JMC Academy, and Sydney Institute film academy at Randwick TAFE (SIfa).   Around 120 team members will be working at the CSU OB Truck, the SVP Hosting Studio, and around the halls gathering news and stories for our daily packages and live webcasts. Visit the SVP campus at the southern end of Hall 3, just near the SMPTE lounge.

Come and talk with potential trainers and employers at Careers Corner, stand A23 in Hall 3. See how we all got started with our back-to-the-future Retro Tec Historical Display at stand A21. Look for the Student Video Production teams as they move around the exhibition (spot the special black SMPTE13 crew shirt), and give a warm welcome to an up-and-comer!



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

A ACZ Group Pty Ltd D36 Unit 10, 306 Albert Street Brunswick VIC 3056 AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9044 7808 Fax: +61 2 9044 7808 Email: Company Representative:

Zen Li We are the broadcasting software solution provider located in Melbourne. Our product includes VRcast (Virtual Studio System), EZcast (3D signal input/output compatible virtual studio system ), EZcinema(dual-projector blending 3D cinema system)

Adept Turnkey Extreme Slow Motion E05 Suite 7, 240 Sydney Rd, Coburg VIC Unit 2, 8 Prosperity Pde, Warriewood NSW Tel: +61 8 92425411 Fax: +61 8 92019991 Email: Company Representative:

Marc Fimeri Adept Turnkey will introduce the new Phantom Flex4K Digital High Speed camera for Film and TV from Vision Research. This remarkable innovation offers levels of flexibility never before available on a high-Speed camera. The Phantom Flex4K offers exceptional image quality at 4K resolution at more than 1000fps, new workflow options, a user-friendly camera control interface and improved performance at standard frame rates. The new iMOvix X10+ will also feature at SMPTE. Fully integrated and designed for broadcast the X10+ offers both HD ultra slow motion with continuous recording at 300fps and extreme slow motion in HD resolution at 2600fps for simultaneous capture and playback. Adept Turnkey will have slow motion imaging engineers on hand to discuss your needs and technical queries.

14 directory of exhibitors

Adimex G43

Agile Broadcast A17

5-7 Cleg Street, Artarmon NSW 2064 AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9431 6060 Email:

Unit 7 / 137-145 Rooks Road Vermont VIC 3133 Tel: +61 3 9001 0823 Fax: +61 3 9005 2819 Email:

Company Representative:

Mark Richards Adimex distributes the world's leading brands for digital media production, storage and distribution. The Adimex booth at SMPTE will feature expert demonstrations of the new CINEMA 4D / Adobe CC pipeline, shared storage solutions from Small Tree and others, Infortrend/SANman advanced storage solutions, ATTO adapters, production lighting and monitors from Ikan, video assist solutions from QTakeHD plus software for encoding, transcoding and special effects. Adimex is also the Australia/NZ distributor for NewTek (H46) and AJA (J29) both of which have their own stands at SMPTE. Representatives from AJA, NewTek and Small Tree will be present for appointments and/or demonstrations. Visit Adimex at SMPTE and enter the draw to win CINEMA 4D Broadcast or Visualize!

Aerial Films Australia J50 PO Box 706 Lindfield NSW 2070 Tel: 02 9880 9040 Email:

Company Representative:

Ian Thomson Agile Broadcast is a leading supplier of Broadcast Hardware and Technical Services to the Australian Broadcast and New Media Industries. At SMPTE 2013 Agile will be showcasing leading solutions for Radio, Television, ENG, Remote Telemetry and Control, FM Transmission, Audio Processing and Transmission Processing. Representatives and Technical Experts will be on hand from our major suppliers to discuss any needs you may have.

AJA Video Systems - Adimex J29 5-7 Cleg Street, Artarmon, NSW, 2064, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9431 6060 Fax: +61 2 9906 2713 Email: Company Representative:

Gavin Gilbert AJA Video Systems is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-effective digital video interface, conversion and desktop solutions for professional broadcast and post-production. The company is headquartered in Grass Valley, California.

Company Representative:

Greg Read Aerial Film Australia provides the region's most comprehensive range of specialist aerial camera systems and crew for television and 35mm film and digital production. Many of our systems can also be used for camera stabilisation on ground and water-based rigs and vehicles. We were established by filmmakers and cinematographers in order to be able to understand and provide the best service for film-makers and cinematographers. Most importantly because Aerial Film Australia supplies such a wide range of tools, we are able to offer what amounts to a one-stop shop for all mounting solutions. This allows for efficient and impartial comparison between the widest variety of mounts in Australia (and around the world).

Amber Technology G11 Unit 1, 2 Daydream St. Warriewood NSW 2102, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9998 7600 Fax: +61 2 9999 0770 Email: Company Representative:

Ross Caston Amber Technology is one of Australia's largest and most respected distributors of high technology equipment solutions to the professional broadcast, film, recording, live production & home entertainment markets. Today's broadcast market is increasingly competitive, diverse and demanding so the right choice of equipment is critical to success. At

Broadcast. Products. Solutions. Imagen2


• Publish and monetise your

• Native stereoscopic 3D

available on a 2-channel HyperX3.1

digital content

• Create your own online archive

• Touch GraphX touch screen support

• Powerful asset management

• Inherit State Technology • Adobe® XMP® Metadata


• Themeable web interface

Validation for Image and Text Updates

• One archive for all your media


VB120 Probe

• Unmatched image quality

• Optional COFDM, QAM/VSB and QPSK DVB-S/S2 inputs

• Highly resilient

• Supports optical or electrical inputs

• Advanced Metadata

extraction, probing and alarming

• Supports all modern

encapsulation standards

• Layout flexibility

• Innovative Return Data Path

• Multi-room oriented

• 10Gb/s model available


HD2line PRO


• Advanced FT1-CMOS sensor • Super-slow motion in 4K at 900 fps

• Completeness, Quality and

Reliability – HD2line makes the difference

• Flexible Input and Output

• 11-stop dynamic range


• Fast recording, generous SSD

• Additional Graphic Elements

memory capacity

• Simultaneous 4K recording

• DCS Control Software and

TVU Grid


• Instantly share live video

• DIVArchive world leading

External Remote Control


transmission over IP between multiple locations

Content Storage Management

• LYNX cloud DR and archiving • SAMMAsolo legacy content

• Ultra-simple operation • Scalable solution ideal for

migration and preservation

network affiliates and station groups

• SAMMArobot automated mass migration

• Works with TVUPack portable

• DIVAdirector MAM

cellular uplink products

Visit Magna Systems & Engineering at SMPTE 2013 on booths C37 and C44 Contact your local Magna Systems & Engineering office today and see how we can provide you with the best products and solutions available.

Auckland +64 9520 1582

Hong Kong +852 2563 4453

Jakarta +62 8181 43923

Singapore +65 6282 3613

Sydney +61 2 9417 1111


SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Amber, our range of broadcast solutions has been carefully selected to deliver 24/7 performance & reliability with maximum flexibility & efficiency - all supported by an engineering team with the experience and expertise to match.

Aspera G31 57 Mohd Sultan Road, Sultan-Link #03-05 Singapore 238997 Tel: +65 6933 9535 Fax: +65 6933 9544 Email: Company Representative:

Audrey Low Aspera is the creator of next-generation transport technologies that move the world's data at maximum speed regardless of file size, transfer distance and network conditions. Based on its patented fasp™ protocol, Aspera software fully utilizes existing infrastructure to deliver the fastest, most predictable file-transfer experience. Aspera's core technology delivers unrivaled control over bandwidth utilization, complete security and uncompromising reliability. More than 2000 organizations across a variety of industries on six continents rely on Aspera software for the business-critical transport of their digital assets. Please visit and follow us on Twitter @asperasoft for more information.

Atomos E17 Level 1, 36 Park Street South Melbourne VIC 3205 Tel: +61 3 9999 5908 Email: Company representative

William Thompson Atomos designs and manufactures smart production tools: affordable, easy-to-use field recorders and converters that save video professionals time and money. At SMPTE 2013 we are showcasing the Ninja-2 and Samurai Blade camera-mounted field recorders, the Ronin rack-mountable HD-SDI deck and the Connect line of HDMI/HD-SDI converters and test measurement tools.

Audio Products Group J43 PO Box 150 Mascot NSW 1460 Tel: 1300 134 400 Fax: (02) 9578 0140 Email: Company representative

16 directory of exhibitors

Tim Hinwood Audio Products Group is the proud distributor of AKG. In the world of pro audio, AKG microphones and headsets have been synonymous with excellence for several decades. Around the world recording studios, radio and TV stations, opera houses and famous stages count on AKG products. Internationally known musicians and show-stars have frequently been seen using our high-quality microphones and headphones for many decades. Today AKG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality microphones, headphones and wireless-equipment.

areas within the screen arts and broadcast sector work together under the one roof with industry standard facilities and gear.

Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd


PO Box 200 Hornsby NSW 2077 Tel: 02 94824533 Fax: 02 94824533 Email: Company representative

Graeme Archer

Australian Cinematographers Society AH01 Level 2, 26 Ridge Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Tel: 02 8920 8535 Email: Company representative

Ron Johanson ACS Australian Cinematographers Society - ACS - provides industry camaraderie, networking, mentorship, workshops & events. Branches in all States & Territories. National Headquarters, Level 2, 26 Ridge St, North Sydney, 2060. www.

AFTRS G46 The Entertainment Quarter, Building 130, Bent Street Moore Park NSW 2021 Tel: 02 9805 6611 Fax: 02 9887 1030 Email: Company representative

Australian Film Television & Radio School AFTRS is Australia's national screen arts and broadcast school and was recently voted the top 20 Film School in the world by the Hollywood Reporter - and the only Australian institution to make the cut. AFTRS is Australia's national screen arts and broadcast school and was recently voted the top 20 Film School in the world by the Hollywood Reporter - and the only Australian institution to make the cut. Committed to producing dynamic, flexible, daring and creative practitioners and famous for its hands-on practical courses and stellar alumni AFTRS is the only institution of its kind in Australia - where students spanning all of the specialist

Supplier of broadcast connectivity products, copper & fibre test sets.

AVC Group G36 Level 2 813 Pacific Highway Chatswood NSW 2067 Tel: 1800-631-728 Email: Company representative

Andrew McTeigue The AVC Group presents a range of best of breed products from independent manufacturers that integrate together to provide a digital ecosystem for modern broadcasters. One common denominators for these manufacturers is their use of Livewire, a powerful standards based protocol for sharing audio and routing information over Ethernet. But Livewire aside these manufacturers also consistently develop award winning technologies that break new ground in answering the challenges faced by broadcasters today. On the stand AVC will be providing a series of rolling presentations focused on these unique technologies. Join us for a coffee and take ten minutes to hear what these industry leaders have to share regarding the challenges faced by the modern broadcaster in a digital world.

Avid Technology H27

Level 40, 100 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Tel: +61 419 666 056 Email:

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Company Representative:

Ren Middleton Whatever you imagine, Avid helps you achieve. Everywhere. Avid recognises that flexible deployment options, including remote and cloud-based collaboration technology, have become critical to content creators and distributors as they face relentless pressure for operational excellence. Intense cost pressures and content creation complexity are key challenges for media and content professionals in this ever more mobile and social world. Avid helps it's customers meet these challenges by empowering distributed work teams, multiplatform delivery, and the ability to work in any production environment.

b Barbizon Lighting Company F35 1/8 Lilian Fowler Place, Marrickville NSW 2204, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9550 4299 Email: Company Representative:

Marshall Harrington Barbizon Australia has been in operation since 2009 and is an Australian Distributor for many leading manufacturers. We have more than 20,000 products in stocking locations across the world and we represent hundreds of manufacturers . We have a vast inventory of virtually anything you could need for your lighting and rigging. No one carries more products, or can get them to you faster. There isn't anyone else that has the same breadth

18 directory of exhibitors

or depth of experience in integrating lighting and rigging systems, or managing projects from the simple to the complex.

Blackmagic Design G27 11 Gateway Court Port Melbourne VIC 3207 Tel: +613 9682 4770 Fax: +613 9682 4790 Email: Company Representative:

Kimberly Jayne Blackmagic Design creates the world's highest quality video editing products, digital film cameras, color correctors, converters, routers, waveform monitors, switchers and film restoration software for the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries. Founded by world leading post production editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has offices in the USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. For more information,

Blonde Robot H36 1/8 Theobald St Thornbury VIC, 3071 Tel: (03) 9023 9777 Email: Company Representative: Blonde Robot – suppliers some of the most exciting products available today for production and post production. We pride ourselves on having a fresh approach to todays production challenges. Featured on booth H36 will be an end-to-end demonstration of live sports ingest and analysis servers from Autocue, Atomos field recorders and CatDV's asset management. Facilis Terrablock shared storage - highlighting its unmatched

performance and compatibility at a 2013-friendly price. Completing our workflow is StorageDNA's LTFS archiving solution - the most complete enterprise class archive solution that any facility can afford. Other products on display will be Teradek's Cellular Bonding products, BOLT wireless TX, DJI Phantom, Cineroid, Genustech, Promise Thunderbolt storage and more!

Bluefish444 G62 17b Market St, Sydney 2000, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9682 9477 Email: Company Representative:

Craige Mott Bluefish444 has developed an enviable reputation as being the Professionals™ Choice in uncompressed video. With innovation and quality at the heart of every product we create, Bluefish444 has become the largest widely developed video I/O hardware on the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms through the availability of our Software Development Kit. Between Epoch 4K Supernova, Epoch 2K and Create 3D product lines Bluefish444 hardware caters for uncompressed 4K, 2K, HD, SD, and 3D Digital Content Creators. Each solution comes bundled with free plug-ins to the industry's leading DCC tools such as Apple Final Cut Studio, Adobe Creative Suite, AVID Media Composer, Assimilate Scratch, Autodesk Combustion, Eyeon Digital Fusion, and Drastic Media N XS.

Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. A13 Room A203, Jingjiang Office Building, No.35 Bagou South Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China Tel: 6847 2481

An elite class of partners - service beyond your expectations

Whatever you imagine, Avid helps you achieve. Everywhere. Avid recognises that flexible deployment options, including remote and cloud-based collaboration technology, have become critical to content creators and distributors as they face relentless pressure for operational excellence. Intense cost pressures and content creation complexity are key challenges for media and content professionals in this ever more mobile and social world. Avid helps it’s customers meet these challenges by empowering distributed work teams, multi-platform delivery, and the ability to work in any production environment. Avid’s professional creative tools and media management solutions set the industry standard for the highest quality content creation and production solutions to power the complete professional content creation environment. Avid Media Composer® 7 — Featuring accelerated and simplified file-based workflows including optimized HD delivery from high-res source material and automated media operations. Also offers Interplay® Sphere for Mac support,

extending real-time production everywhere. Avid Pro Tools® 11 — The industry-leading DAW features high-powered audio and video engines, 64-bit architecture, expanded metering, and direct HD video workflows. Avid S3L System—The modular system comprises of a compact control surface with high-performance HDX-powered processing engine running AAX plug-ins and a scalable remote I/O that can live on stage or in a rack. Avid Motion Graphics™ 2.5 — On-air graphics production that includes a new dual-channel configuration option and stand-alone playout engine to increase deployment flexibility and speed graphic workflows, to create stunning imagery and get work quicker to air. Avid Interplay Production 3.0 — Check-out the latest version of the industry-standard production asset management solution that simplifies and speeds file-based workflows for post production and broadcast customers, and offers Interplay Sphere with full Mac support. Avid Interplay Pulse — Avid’s enhanced multi-platform content distribution solution delivers content to online, mobile, and social platforms everywhere, in the right form and format for each, while featuring integration with Avid’s connected newsroom solution set and unified web client. Avid AirSpeed® 5000 2.5 — This latestversion video server delivers slow motion playback for SD and HD, fast media replay, and continuous record.

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News Production Tools

Video Infrastructure Solutions

Media Transport Networks

Broadcast LCD Monitors

Media Asset Management

Visit Techtel at SMPTE 2013 Stand G35 23-26 July 2013, Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour


+61 2 9906 1488


+61 3 9899 3032


0800 832 485


+65 6334 0848

the Techtel Group TEC023

Avid Technology

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Fax: 5162 8225 Email: Company Representative:

Tony Liao Broadrealm/Proseen provides integration solution and products of Multi-Screen Cloud OTT/ IPTV System and Android STB, Digital Cable and Terrestrial System and STB, Optic and Microwave Transmission System, etc. The main products are: ‚‚ Cloud OTT/IPTV Live Streaming and Server ‚‚ Conditional Access System CAS

c Content + Technology – ANZ + Asia F02

‚‚ DVB TS Re-Multiplexer and CSA Simulcrypt Scrambler

PO Box 259 Darlinghurst NSW 1300 Tel: +61 2 9211 8205 Fax: +61 2 9211 8208 Email:

‚‚ DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C Modulator Processor

Company Representative:

‚‚ DVB-S/S2/C/T/T2 STB embedded CAS

Phil Sandberg

‚‚ Android Cloud OTT/IPTV STB

In 2013, Content+Technology magazine celebrates ten years of independent industry coverage with two editions covering the Asia-Pacific.

‚‚ Professional HD&SD CI IRD Processor IP Gateway ‚‚ H.264/MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD Encoder and Transcoder ‚‚ MPEG-2 HD/SD Encoder and Transcoder

‚‚ 5~800W Digital VHF/UHF/MMDS Terrestrial Transmitter ‚‚ SDI and ASI Optical Transceiver ‚‚ 3G/Wifi Video/Audio Transceiver ‚‚ 1310/1550nm Optical Transmitter and Receiv ‚‚ High Power YEDFA Amplifier ‚‚ HDMI Output

Brightcove Inc. F24 Level 12, 95 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: +61 2 8310 4376 Email: Company Representative:

Mark Blair Brightcove Inc. (NASDAQ: BCOV), a leading global provider of cloud content services, offers a family of products used to publish and distribute the world's professional digital media. The company's products include Video Cloud, the market-leading online video platform and Zencoder, a leading cloud-based media processing service and HTML5 video player technology provider. Brightcove has more than 6,300 customers in over 60 countries that rely on Brightcove cloud content services to build and operate media experiences across PCs, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs.

C+T ANZ is produced and distributed from Sydney, while C+T Asia is produced and distributed out of Singapore. Both are bi-monthly (published in alternating months), both distributed free of charge to qualified content production and delivery professionals and both interpret the issues confronting today's media companies throughout the region. Both editions are also backed up by our C+Tmail weekly email Newsletter going out to around 10,000 industry professionals.

C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd F26 300 Lorimer Street Port Melbourne VIC 3207, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 98231555 Fax: +61 3 98277216 Email: Company Representative:

Damon Rulach C.R Kennedy & Company Pty. Ltd. is Australia's largest distributor of photographic, video, surveying, surveillance, and medical equipment. With famous brands such as Carl Zeiss, Bowens, Pentax, Hasselblad, Sigma, Bowens, Metz, and Sandisk, and offices in all major Australian capital cities and Auckland, New Zealand, C.R. Kennedy is able to provide a quality of service to match the calibre of its brands.

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Cable Labels F04 P.O. Box 267, Ringwood VIC 3134, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9870 3051 Fax: +61 3 9870 2765 Email: Company Representative:

Jean Leach Labels and Cable Management Software. Schematic on the Fly® is evolving with more features to simplify installation, maintenance and running a broadcast facility. Fault Find Assistant rejects irrelevant data from Schematic on the Fly. Configurable options include Signal Type, Equipment Lists, Source and Destination Equipment making tracing Signal flow and faults much faster. Signals enable Fault Find Assistant to further refine a Schematic on the Fly. Signals use a hierarchy which enables highly specific analysis (eg. only discrete AES audio) or very broad analysis (eg. any Audio). Advanced and totally customised Reports are included. NoteIts can be attached to more than one item. ie may refer to multiple: Cables, items of Equipment, Signals and Layouts. See us about Android

Canon Australia F11

1 Thomas Holt Drive Macquarie Park Tel: 438631815 Email: paul.stewart@

Company Representative:

Paul Stewart Canon Australia was established in Australia in 1978 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US$32 billion Canon Inc. group. Headquartered in North Ryde, Sydney, Canon Australia currently employs 870 people and has offices in all mainland capital cities. An industry leader in professional and consumer imaging solutions, Canon's comprehensive product line includes: digital video cameras, digital compact and SLR cameras, printers, scanners, fax machines and networked multifunction devices. Canon Australia also operates its own lease finance service, Canon Finance Australia, which facilitates one stop shopping for customers wanting to lease or finance their equipment solutions.

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CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Products E25 30-38 Export Drive, Brooklyn VIC 3012, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9315 2244 Email:

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Company Representative:

Wayne Gebus Australian Distributor of Pro Audio equipemnt


Uint 12, 347 Bay Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 8676 5300 Fax: +61 3 8676 5309 Email:

News Production Tools

PhoneBOX Call Handling and Social Media Tools

Media Asset Management

Company Representative:

Mark Papo

Unit 5, 79 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, AUSTRALIA PO Box 7082, Alexandria NSW 2015, AUSTRALIA Tel: + 61 2 9330 1750 Fax: + 61 2 8338 9001 Email: Company Representative:

Peter Orehov CDA Pro Audio are exclusive distributers for specialist British manufacturers of high-end recording and mastering products. Here at CDA Pro Audio, we have established long-term partnerships with some of the worldleading developers in the industry. Companies such as Prism Sound, MASELEC, SADiE, CEDAR Audio and ATC Loudspeakers with a reputation of sound quality and innovation set us apart. Find out why our well respected ranges of products are used by some of the most discerning artists and studios around the world. Come and see our latest even more affordable range on offer at A16. We look forward to meeting you and learning more on how we can support you and your company.

Convergent Design C35 4465 Northpark Dr, Ste 400 Colorado Springs, CO 80907 Tel: ++1.720.221.3861 Email:

Multiviewers and Signal Processing

Visit Techtel at SMPTE 2013 Stand G35 23-26 July 2013, Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Company Representative:

Amber Cowles Convergent Design is a premier manufacturer of professional recorders. Convergent Design's new Odyssey series combines professional recording and playback with robust monitoring on a 7.7 OLED monitor. Odyssey7 is a flexible solution for monitoring and compressed recording on any camera. Odyssey7Q offers additional functionality with options ranging from ARRIRAW, Canon Raw, and Sony Raw support, to quad-stream HD recording. Every film maker will have an Odyssey!


+61 2 9906 1488


+61 3 9899 3032


0800 832 485


+65 6334 0848

the Techtel Group TEC023

CDA Professional Audio A16

CombiTel is a specialist IPTV systems integrator and equipment supplier providing complete solutions for content discovery, delivery and management. CombiTel offers unmatched value to its clients based on its unique mix of skills and many years of experience in both Telecommunications and Broadcasting. We have a proven track record and happy customers in both Australia and APAC.

Subtitling, Captioning, Interactive & Connected TV

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Cooke Optics Ltd A42 Cooke Close Thurmaston Leicester, ENGLAND Tel: +441162640700 Email: Company Representative:

Geoffrey Chappell World renowned, and Oscar winning, manufacturer of PL mount film and digital lenses. Our lenses are used throughout the world to create the highest quality images featuring the famous Cooke Look. For 100 years, Cooke has been at the centre of the filmmaking business. We've been listening to the community of which we are a part. We lead by introducing new products such as /i Technology, and we remember our success is built on a simple idea - do what the filmmaker needs.


Sachtler Camera Support, just to name a few products that will be on display.

DELEC Audio und Videotechnik GmbH A29

dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd A41 8 Guest Street, Hawthorn 3122 Victoria Tel: 03 9819-3630 Fax: 03 9819-3636 Email:

STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia Pty. Ltd. Unit 9 / 34-36 Ralph Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015 Tel: +61-2-8011 0500 Fax: +61-2-8072 1858 Email: Company Representative:

Company Representative:

Wil Stam

Ewen Coldrey

DELEC is a German manufacturer with the modular oratis intercom and commentary systems as key products. A modular concept based on plug-in boards and many different individual components make oratis a universal platform for a wide variety of applications. The systems are used

With over 30 years experience in providing professional production products to major broadcasts, and rental houses on display at this year's SMPTE will be Schoeps Microphones and Vocas accessories for the Sony F55 camera,

COMBITEL CombiTel is a specialist IPTV systems integrator and equipment supplier providing complete solutions for content discovery, delivery and management. CombiTel offers unmatched value to its clients based on its unique mix of skills and many years of experience in both Telecommunications and Broadcasting. We have a proven track record and happy customers in both Australia and APAC. CombiTel is back at SMPTE in 2013 showcasing new products, services and vendor partners. Our show line-up will reflect the latest technology and regulatory trends impacting content houses, broadcasters and service operators alike. TV Everywhere (TVE) is now considered a must-have for any pay-TV operator and even for traditional broadcasters. Espial's patent-pending HTML5-based technology will be on display together with complete IPTV/OTT ecosystem. Our international guest this year is Mark D'Addio, VITEC's Vice President of Business Development and Emerging Markets. He will personally present their latest technology for broadcast and defence applications including the new generation of Optibase MGW video encoding and decoding devices. We will be also presenting one of our newer partners - Actus Digital, a company which delivers industry leading technology solutions for video content compliance logging, tagging, monitoring, analysis and repurposing. Their easy-to-use web-based solutions are answering the broadcast media management needs of broadcasters, government agencies, payTV providers, advertising agencies and content producers. Please contact us at (or 0411 472 222 during the show) to make an appointment if you need a quality time to discuss your requirements. We look forward to welcoming you at our stand (J31, look for our famous balloon above).

22 directory of exhibitors

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With the new product family named NAM™ (Network Amplifier Module), DELEC is targeting a new market with the AoIP application based upon Dante™ technology. DELEC has been part of the STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP since 2002.

Digistor Pty Ltd G30 5-7 Cleg Street Artarmon NSW 2064 Tel: 1800 643 789 Fax: +61 2 9906 2713 Email: Company Representative:

Mark Richards Digistor supplies professionally supported systems for creation, management, storage and delivery of digital media. Much of the content we see today at the movies, on our TV screens, on mobile devices, on web sites, digital signs and more is produced, managed, distributed and delivered by Digistor customers. If you are considering options or exploring products for editing, finishing, encoding, streaming, 3D, event production, file-based workflows, asset management, shared storage, cloud strategies or other then come and talk to us and our specialist guests at SMPTE. Digistor's booth incorporates continuous theatre presentations of breakthrough products and techniques plus provides a great environment to discuss your needs. We're Digistor... Talk to us about your needs.

Dragon Image P/L B23 22 Herbert Street Artarmon NSW 2064 Tel: 02 9906 5488 Fax: 02 9906 5477 Email: Company Representative:

Dominic Yin We specialise in Continuous Lighting Heads such as Fluorescent, Tungsten, LED, and HMI; Flash Lighting Heads for Location and Studio; Continuous Lighting Kits; Flash Lighting Kits for Location and Studio; On Camera Lighting; from a wide variety of quality brands including LightPro, FlashPro, Elinchrom, and RimeLite. We also have a great range of Lighting

Accessories including Twistfold Reflectors, Umbrellas, and Softboxes; as well as a large range of Studio Accessories including Lighting/ Shooting Tents & Cocoons, and Shooting Tables; Seamless Paper Rolls, Seamless Non-Woven Background Material, and Seamless Velvet Background Material.We also offer Studios & Equipment Hire in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane locations,


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News Production Tools

Automation for Radio

EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD J41 284 Wingrove Street, Fairfield VIC 3078, AUSTRALIA Tel: 03 9489 0010 Fax: 03 9289 0030 Email:

Transmission Equipment For Broadcast

Broadcast QoS Monitoring

Company Representative:

Clive O Brien, David O Brien EAV Technology have serviced and supported the Australian Broadcast industry for the past 35 years. We will be exhibiting some of our exclusive products including, Sonifex UK, Glensound UK, Prodys Spain, JK Audio USA, and Alcorn McBride.

EditShare Asia Pacific H47 7/6 Vanessa Blvd Springwood QLD 4127 Tel: +61 7 3171 2950 Email:

Quality Broadcast Terminal Equipment

Visit Techtel at SMPTE 2013 Stand G35 23-26 July 2013, Sydney Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Company representative

Hayley Cumming EditShare is the technology pioneer in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the post-production, TV and film industries. EditShare's ground-breaking products are designed to improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, highperformance central shared storage, archiving and backup software, media asset management, and Lightworks – the world's first three-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application (NLE).


+61 2 9906 1488


+61 3 9899 3032


0800 832 485


+65 6334 0848

the Techtel Group TEC023

in broadcasting, TV-production, and theatres and are equally convincing for small-scale applications as for large installations for more than 4 000 users.

24 exhibition FLOOR plan


Women in Film & Television NSW A20B Northern Institute A20A






ACZ Group



Emergency Exit


SMPTE Members Lounge



Interface Technologies


Broadrealm Flanders Proseen





Quantum Corporation





C1 9

Virtual Spectator




Retrotech History Display


Converge Design








SAE Institute






Production Audio Video Olympus Technology Australia


Cooke Optics

Gearhouse J49

CDA Professional Audio


TJH Systems


Afson Cables


Secced Australia


ICP Global


DB Audio Visual










Professional The Battery Audio Technology Man





Rhode & Schwarz





Optel Technologies

Workshop W2


Underwater Imaging Solutions


Mojo Media





Cabel Labels

Adept Turnkey E05




Klotz Soundequip Diginomics


CMI Music


Eureka Pacific


Murray Tregonning



Video Stream Networks E39 Mick’s Gripping


IRT Electronics












AVC Group







CR Kennedy


Barbizon Lighting Company


Prompt-It G.Kay AFTRS Teleprompters MediavisualF40 G46 G48 Australia IF Australian F41 Magazine Tel-Tec























Storm FX


The Platform For Media








Grass Valley




Editshare Asia Pacific


Sun Studios Australia


Media Links




Inter BEE




Yamaha Music Australia


AJA Video Systems




Riedel Communications


EAV Technology


Audio Products Group


Aerial Films Australia


Aerial Films Australia

Blonde Robot


GoPro J46


MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

06 exhibition FLOOR plan

C35 IRT Electronics

Convergent Design

Olympus Australia


F28 IF Magazine

F04 Inmarsat

F11 Innes Corporation

A16 InterBEE

Interface Technologies E25 Australia

C.R.Kennedy & Company P/L

Cabel Labels P/L

Canon Australia

CDA Professional Audio

CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product

J13 Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd A11 Prompt-it Teleprompters

D23 Production Audio Video D17 Technology

F39 Powermedia

A36 Panasonic Australia

ICP Global Pty Ltd


Broadcastpapers Pty Ltd Content & Technology

F23 Optical Cable Corporation

G35 OnAir Solutions


J46 Murray Tregonning & H18 Associates

J49 Miller Camera Support Equipment H09 Mojo Media Solutions

F40 Mick’s Gripping P/L

G12 Mediavision Australia

C23 Media Links

J14 Magna Systems and A12 Engineering

G13 MACS Camera Film & E29 Television Supplies

J41 Lumina Broadcast Systems H47 Australia Pty Ltd


G30 Klotz Digonomics

Harris Broadcast

F24 Harmonic

Brightcove Inc.


Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc.

H36 Hangzhou Lin’an Afson Cable G62 & Wire Co. Ltd

G42 Future Reality

Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd

Blonde Robot

J43 Fujifilm Australia

Audio Products Group

G27 Grass Valley

E17 Flanders Scientific, Inc.


Blackmagic Design

G31 FilmInk


F35 Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE A13 GoPro

G11 Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd

Amber Technology

Barbizon Lighting Company

J29 Ericsson

AJA Video Systems

G36 Suzy Cue Australia

A17 EditShare Asia Pacific

Agile Broadcast

H27 Gearhouse Broadcast

G46 EAV Technology Pty Ltd



J50 Dragon Image P/L

Aerial Film Australia

AVC Group

G43 Digistor Pty Ltd

A29 Kayell Australia Pty Ltd



A41 John Barry Sales


dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd

A42 Jands Pty Ltd

J31 Intraware Australia



D36 Cooke Optics Ltd



Adept Turnkey Extreme Slow Motion

ACZ Group Pty Ltd

Australian Cinematographers Society


Stagetec Mediagroup Australia

Soundequip Pty Ltd

Sony Australia

SMPTE Australia

Secced Australia Pty Ltd

SCSI Integration Pty Ltd


The Battery Man

Women In Film and Television NSW

Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

Virtual Spectator

G48 Yamaha Music Australia



G14 Videocraft Australia


H13 Underwater Imaging Solutions E43 - Scubapix

B34 thePlatform

H46 The Northern Sydney Institute










H17 E31

The AV Group

G35 F13

Techtel Pty Ltd














F27 TekMark Australia


Syntec International Pty Ltd

F36 Syncrotech Systems Pty Ltd

F41 Sunstudios

J11 Storm FX

C37 + C44



G61 SAE Institute/Qantm College

E23 Ross Video Australia Pty

C29 Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) C17 Pty Ltd



E41 Quinto Communications P/L H35 Riedel Australia



B11 Quantum


SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

exhibition FLOOR plan


SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Ericsson G13 12/F Devon House, Taikoo Place 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 852 5596 6830 Email: Company representative

Treesa Leung Ericsson is the world's leading provider of communications technology and services, enabling the networked society with efficient real-time solutions. Our offering comprises services, software and infrastructure within information, entertainment and communications technology for all content owners, broadcasters and service providers. More than 40 per cent of the world's mobile traffic goes through Ericsson networks and we support customers' networks, servicing more than 2.5 billion subscribers. Our television solutions have pioneered the developments within the media industry for over 20 years. Ericsson is the world's greatest change agent for digital entertainment, communications and information in a society of global connectivity.

Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd E29 11 Albany Street St Leonards NSW 2065 Tel: 02 9439 7553 Fax: 02 9475 0955 Email: Company representative

Alexei Mazin Eureka Pacific is a Value Added Importer and Distributor of high performance SAN, NAS and DAS solutions, featuring Infiniband, 8 and 16Gb Fibre Channel, 10Gb Ethernet, ePCIe and Thunderbolt connectivity, and associated products

f FilmInk - Australia's Best Movie Magazine J14 P.O. Box 2043 Clovelly NSW 2031 AUSTRALIA Tel: 02 9389 7855 Fax: 02 9389 7211 Email: Company representative

Dov Kornits

26 directory of exhibitors

FilmInk is Australia's Best Movie Magazine. If it's coming up in film, we know about it. If they're starring in it, we're talking to them. If they're filming it, we have the lowdown on what went down on set. If it's coming to a cinema near you, we've seen it. With all the latest interviews, reviews and news about everything and everyone in the film world, FilmInk is your one stop shop for film. But it's not just the fans that love FilmInk. Read by the industry here and around the world. We don't mean to brag, but everyone loves FilmInk.

Future Reality G12

Head to to learn how you can get your hands on a copy today!

Future Reality is a supplier of creative technology: systems, software and services to the Australian and New Zealand film, broadcast television and post production industries. Future Reality supplies production systems for editing, content creation and digital intermediate workflow, film resolution shared storage solutions as well as professional local, and international high speed network connectivity.

Flanders Scientific, Inc. A12 470 Satellite Blvd NE Suwanee, GA, 30024, USA Tel: +1.678.835.4934 Fax: +1.678.804.1882 Email: Company representative

Bram Desmet FSI provides high quality professional video monitors for broadcast, production, and postproduction applications. Our display solutions feature advanced format support (12 bit, 4:4:4, XYZ, etc.), 12 different scope modes, and many other signal analysis tools like exposure check, pixel level measurement, and audio level/phase metering. New features being showcased this year include the ability to view any 2 live inputs side by side as well as custom 3D LUT import.

Fujifilm Australia C23 114 Old Pittwater Road PO Box 57 Brookvale NSW 2100 AUSTRALIA Tel: 0419770881 Email: Company representative

Philip Cannon FUJIFILM offers a large variety of FUJINON lenses to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our Cine lens range is designed for digital cinema motion picture and 35mm format cameras and includes the increasingly popular Cabrio series of light weight zoom lenses. Fujinon TV lenses are designed for high-definition broadcasting, including sports broadcasting and studio production. Fujifilm latest storage media offering is the LTO Ultrium 6 cartridge. Fujifilm achieved the super high compressed capacity of 6.25TB with a transfer rate up to 400MB/sec by applying Fujifilm's original Barium Ferrite magnetic particles to the current NANOCUBIC technology.

Level 2, Building 2, 706 Mowbray Road Lane Cove NSW2065 Tel: 02 9925 4355 Fax: 02 9420 0890 Email: Company representative

David Edgar

Services include system design, supply of all hardware, software and peripheral equipment, installation and systems integrations, on-site training and full operational and technical support. For more information, please check

g Gearhouse Broadcast J49 Unit 1/154 O'Riordan st Mascot Tel: 02 9313 3100 Fax: 02 9313 3111 Email: Company representative

Ray Martin Outside Broadcast

Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE H09 7 Airborne Road Albany Auckland NZ Tel: +64 9 913 7500 Fax: +64 9 913 7507 Email: Company representative

NIcola Brierton Gencom Technology and BroadcastONE will exhibit together for the first time since the recent acquisition of Gencom by BroadcastONE. Gencom is a supplier of products and service to the Broadcast industry and can supply anything from

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

a simple format convertor to a complete television station, including services such as consultancy, Design, training and support. BroadcastONE handles the transmission part of the spectrum with products and services in the area of transmitters, towers, antennas and linking equipment. Between the two companies there is a great deal of experience in all aspects of Broadcasting and Media services and a number of manufacturers will be present at Gencom's booth.

GoPro J46 Tel: +1 650 332 7600 Email: Company representative

Jamie Oliver GoPro makes the world's most versatile camera, enabling people to capture immersive and engaging footage of themselves during their favorite activities. What started in 2004 as waterproof film camera worn on the wrist has evolved into the world's most innovative and versatile life moment-capturing device. In 2010, GoPro launched its first highdefinition HERO camera, and just three years later, the HERO3 is the essential camera for enthusiasts and professionals alike. In fact, the GoPro HERO line of wearable and gear-mountable cameras are used collectively by more consumers, professional athletes, and video production professionals than any other camera in the world. Based in San Mateo, California, GoPro's products are available in over 100 countries worldwide and direct via

Grass Valley H18

Unit 1, 145 Arthur Street Homebush West NSW 2140 Tel: 612 8765 4670 Email: marketing.apac@

h Hangzhou Lin'an Afson Cable & WireCo.LTD A30

Company representative

The 21St Floor Jin'an Building, No. 31 South Tiaoxi Road, Lin'an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CHINA Tel: 6381 9235 Fax: 6381 9235 Email:

Matt Christie

Company Representative:

Grass Valley® is changing the way live television is made and delivered. Recognized with 18 Emmy® awards for technology innovation, Grass Valley's product portfolio–from image acquisition to playout–offers a complete end-to-end workflow of flexible, future-proofed solutions which enable broadcasters and content owners to build multiscreen, multiplatform futures. By simplifying and enhancing the way content is produced and distributed, Grass Valley gives customers the freedom they need to be creative in the studio, the field, and the newsroom. Customers include world-leading broadcasters, teleproduction facilities, service providers, government, religious, educational, corporate, and independent video professionals.

Winton Xu Hangzhou Lin'an Afson Cable And Wire Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Hangzhou Afson Electronics Co., Ltd. It has been a professional manufacturer of coaxial cable and lan cable since 1998. The company can provide a variety of cable for TV, satellite and data application for broadband communications networks. All products are exported our reputation rests upon stable quality and reasonable price. Those products are approved by ISO9001:2000, EN50117-2-5, EN50173, REACH, SGS, CE, RoHS and ETL.

Harmonic in Australia Stand G35 Suite 95, 377 Kent Street Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: 0424 175 900 Fax: 02 8088 6372 Email:


Company representative

Andrew Hogg, Director Business Development

Visit Grass Valley at SMPTE2013, booth H18 to view our latest product showcase on: Switcher: GV Director — the ultimate multipurpose tool for live production. Replay: K2 Dyno-S® — an intuitive and affordable replay system for file based live production. Control Room Automation: Ignite® Automated Production System - cost-effective automated production system. Media Workflow & Tools: GV STRATUS — the premier application environment for nonlinear

28 directory of exhibitors

production, integrated with the industry leading EDIUS editing software, for high and low resolution workflows. Cameras: The latest high-definition video cameras from Grass Valley—the LDX Series, are a unique line of software-upgradable cameras built around Xensium-FT imagers developed by an experienced engineering team. They are a new generation of camera imagers which combine all the advantages from CMOS imaging technology such as high sensitivity in all video modes, high dynamic range, and low power consumption. For more information visit or email marketing.

In 2012, Harmonic Inc strengthened its presence in Australia and New Zealand by partnering with leading Asia Pacific solutions provider Techtel to launch ‘Harmonic in Australia’. Harmonic in Australia’s dedicated team are supported by both Harmonic Inc and Techtel personnel. Harmonic is the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure for emerging television and video services. The company’s productionready innovation enables content and service providers to efficiently create, prepare, and deliver differentiated services for television and new media video platforms. At SMPTE 2013, Harmonic’s showcase of products will include the: ‚‚ Ellipse® 3000 Contribution Encoder ‚‚ ProView™ 7100 Integrated Receiver-Decoder, Transcoder and Stream Processor ‚‚ MediaGrid™ Shared Storage for Media Workflows

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

‚‚ Spectrum™ MediaDeck™ Integrated Media Server ‚‚ MXFserver™ Media Platform ‚‚ Media Application Server (MAS) Media Asset Management Platform ‚‚ ProMedia™ Multiscreen and Production Video Workflows Visit

Harris Broadcast F23

1015-1020, 10/F., Tower 1, Grand Century Place Kowloon, HONG KONG Tel: +852 2174 2515 Fax: +852 2776 0227 Email: peter.martin@ Company Representative:

Peter Martin

Harris Broadcast develops uniquely integrated digital media solutions, streamlining the entire content workflow from live production to transmission. Our tools and technologies fit seamlessly into media operations, enabling customers to create compelling content for distribution over multiple platforms. SMPTE 2013 highlights include the industry's first triple-path router, the Platinum IP3, designed to expand beyond 2Kx2K, a compact, powerful video server – the Volt - that maximizes reliability and reduces operating costs and a game-changing integrated playout platform – Versio - slashing time-to-air for new channels.

Tel: 02 9314 2092 Fax: 02 9344 9537 Email: Company representative

Patrick Chong ICP GLOBAL designs, manufactures and supplies customized industrial computer systems. We provide solutions for various industries, such as and including Broadcast, Mining, Railways, Government, Marine and Military using state of the art computer parts and equipment for critical computing applications.

IF Magazine F39

i ICP Global Pty Ltd A36 Eastgardens Office Towers Suite 603, Level 5, 152 Bunnerong Road Pagewood NSW 2035

41 Bridge Rd, Glebe NSW 2037, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 8586 6171 Fax: +61 2 9660 0885 Email: Company Representative:

Joanne Bradley IF is the authoritative, independent publication for screen content professionals in Australia

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SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

and New Zealand. Widely read and respected since inception in 1997, IF's content is driven by original news stories and research, not just press releases or aggregated content. Every issue covers Australian film and television, digital media, marketing, finance, distribution, exhibition, and technology, as well as the most comprehensive report on domestic production. IF prides itself on providing in-depth analysis with a fresh but considered appraisal of industry developments. IF is Australia's highest circulating trade publication for the film and television industry. The Production Book is arguably the largest and most comprehensive resource for film and television production in Australia.

Inmarsat D23 Unit A3 Cameron Centre, 255 Rawson Street Auburn NSW 2144 Australia Tel: 02 9714 5100 Fax: 02 9648 0946 Email: ; Company representative

Darren Lewis SMPTE 2013 will see Inmarsat introducing its BGAN High Data Rate (BGAN HDR) service at, which will be launching later this year. BGAN HDR will offer four streaming rates and its full channel option is expected to deliver streaming speeds

of 650kbps, which will revolutionise satellite newsgathering. Cobham SATCOM's small and lightweight, plug-and-play new BGAN terminal, the EXPLORER 710, will be the first terminal to access BGAN HDR and comes with enhanced functionality, including a built-in bonding capability, enabling connection speeds over 1 Mbps, which was previously only possible on a VSAT uplink. Discover more about this powerful revolutionary satellite newsgathering solution at stand D23.

InterBEE J13 Ote Center Bldg.,1-1-3 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004, JAPAN Tel: 11365 Fax: 11359 Email: Company Representative:

Tomoko Nakamura Inter BEE is highly favored by professionals from broadcasting, video, audio, lighting and media businesses as a Professional Exhibition for Audio, Video and Communications, where top-level broadcasting, video, audio and lighting equipment, IPTV, Mobile TV, cross-media, periphery applications and solutions from Japan and abroad are all assembled under one roof. It will be held at Makuhari Messe for a three day period from 13th to 15 November. We hope that you will make the most of this opportunity to

harris broadcast

Harris Broadcast is an industry leader in delivering the most advanced, content-rich media experiences available for a wide spectrum of radio, television and private media networks around the globe. With more than 25 leading brands including Versio™, Selenio™ and Maxiva™, the company enables media organizations to tap into one of the broadest, integrated product and solution portfolios in the industry. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the company is widely recognized for its product quality and reliability, engineering excellence and customer service, and has earned nearly 100 technological firsts and more than 50 awards for technical innovation. Through continual investments in R&D and a series of strategic acquisitions,

30 directory of exhibitors

Harris Broadcast has built the industry’s broadest portfolio of hardware and software technology, which now supports every aspect of the media workflow from traffic to transmission. More important for today’s complex broadcast operations, our singular focus on interoperability has produced highly integrated platforms and systems that enable customers to ready content for distribution over multiple platforms more efficiently, cost effectively and profitably. Harris Broadcast is a company that can serve any need — from a single component to the design and deployment of an entire facility. Customers who partner with Harris Broadcast not only gain access to the industry’s broadest technology portfolio, they also gain access to a team of industry insiders who will collaborate to specify a broadcast operation’s technology requirements by business outcomes — enabling broadcast operations to work smarter, faster and more profitably.

participate in this exhibition and use it towards the development of new business.

Interface Technologies Australia A11 Unit 3, 20 Barcoo Street, Roseville NSW 2069, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9029 7144 Fax: +61 2 9417 6970 Email: Company Representative:

Garry Mahoney ASI and IP stream analysis and logging, H.264 encoders and IRD, Multiviewers.

Intraware Australia B11 Lvl2, 621 PAcific Highway St Leonards NSW Tel: 02 9439 0244 Fax: 02 9439 0255 Email: Company representative

Wayne Morphew Intraware Australia will be showcasing a diverse and range of tools and infrastructure solutions focused on the Broadcast, Film, Media. This will include artistic tools from THE FOUNDRY such as NUKEX (Compositing), MARI (Texture Painting), MODO (3D Modelling) and HEIRO (Shot Management).Our industry experts, on the infrastructure side, from ARISTA NETWORKS (High Speed 10Gbe Switching), FUSIONIO (High Speed Flash Memory), SGI (High Performance Servers, Storage and Archive), SPECTRALOGIC (Tape Libraries),CACHE-A (Archive Appliances) and PANASAS (High Speed NAS storage) will provide attendees with a wealth of knowledge and product expertise that can assist studios and artists to dramatically reduce and, in some cases, remove bottlenecks that stifle creativity and impact delivery timeframes

IRT Electronics E41 26 Hotham Parade, Artarmon NSW 2064, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9439 3744 Fax: +61 2 9439 7439 Email: Company Representative:

Andrew Larkin IRT Electronics have been designing and manufacturing electronic cards for the Broadcast and Telecommunications companies for over 40 years. IRT produce a diverse range of distribution amplifiers,

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

fibre links, network adapters, switchers, etc. At this year's SMPTE show IRT will be showcasing its new range of products, including its new openGear range of cards to compliment its existing Eurocard range.

j Jands Pty Ltd H35 40 Kent Road Mascot NSW 2020, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9582 0909 Fax: +61 2 9582 0999 Email: info@ Jands is an Australian owned privately held and proudly independent company founded in 1970. The company manufactures and distributes the world's most recognised brands of Audio, Lighting and Staging products. With headquarters and

manufacturing facilities in Mascot, Sydney, New South Wales, a factory in Melbourne and offices in Brisbane and Perth, Jands employs over 120 people across Australia.

John Barry Sales C29 245 Normanby Road, South Melbourne VIC 3205, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 8532 8888 Fax: +61 3 8532 8822 Email: sales@ Company Representative:

Andrew Neilson For over 45 years John Barry Sales has been the premier supplier of production film and television equipment in Australia. We supply everything for location production including Video Cameras, Lighting, Sound, Production and Expendables; as well as an extensive (and ever growing) range of post-production equipment and non-linear editing solutions.

k Kayell Australia Pty Ltd C17 1/19 Hotham Parade, Artarmon, NSW, 2064, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 8423 7700 Fax: +61 2 8423 7799 Email: info@ Company Representative:

Josh Harvey Kayell Australia is your one stop shop for online and person to person professional imaging solutions. We cover all aspects of Videography, Digital Imaging and Graphic Arts with our own imported brands and carefully selected Australian sourced products. Our staff in all three states ( NSW, VIC and QLD ) are highly experienced in their respective fields and are an invaluable source of advice for our customers. Kayell has been the professional's

Infinite possibilities The infinite array of devices and distribution channels opens a great opportunity to spread your content to a wider audience. Vizrt provides the tools for managing your content from a single point. With a streamlined toolset, your content is available for delivery on new platforms with new revenue streams. Vizrt’s media asset management solution takes care of the complete chain of ingesting, transcoding and publishing content to a variety of formats adapted to almost every consumer device available.

Check out Vizrt’s end to end video and graphics solution at Visit us at SMPTE booth #G17



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

choice for over 40 years and we constantly add to and update our range to bring the latest and best technologies to our markets which include: Photographers, Film makers, Educators, Designers, Prepress operators, Brand custodians, Advertising agencies, Print buyers, Publishers and Printers.

Klotz Digonomics E23 Hansjakobstr. 127A 81825 Munich Germany Tel: +498945108630 Fax: +4989451086323 Email: Company representative

Thomas Klotz Manufacturer of digital broadcast consoles for the Radio and TV markets Manufacturer of digital audio routers

l LEMAC G61 MELBOURNE 2 Griffiths Street, Richmond VIC 3121, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9429 8588 Fax: +61 3 9428 3336 Email: SYDNEY 14-16 Punch Street, Artarmon NSW 2064, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9438 4488 Fax: +61 2 9438 3399 Email: BRISBANE Rentals: 5 Exhibition Street, Bowen Hills QLD 4006, AUSTRALIA Sales: 37 Brookes Street, Bowen Hills QLD 4006, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 7 3252 9777 Fax: +6 17 3252 9877 Email: Company Representative:

Sue Greenshields Lemac are leaders in providing end-to-end solutions in sound, lighting, grip and image capture technology for cinema, television and all areas of motion imaging for the Australian content creation industry.

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Always at the forefront of acquisition technology Lemac's SMPTE experience this year includes the latest range of 4K and beyond, wide colour gamut image capture, display, lighting, grip and sound gear. More than just a sales and rental company, the Lemac team are passionate about creating moving images and meeting our customers' imaging requirements,also offering production and post liaison support. An Australian owned and operated company, Lemac has serviced the industry for over 35 years, an extraordinary record in an industry of constant change.

Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia B29 P.O Box 1693 Lane Cove NSW 1595 Tel: +61 2 8668 4432 Fax: +61 2 8572 5285 Email: Company Representative:

Peter Warren Lumina Broadcast Systems offer quality broadcast equipment products and services for television broadcasters, radio broadcasters, satellite operators, defence organisations, emergency services and systems integrators. With industry partners we are able to handle large and small projects, offering delivery of leading edge technology, design, commissioning, maintenance and service contracts. Our team are industry professionals from the radio, television, communications and satellite industries. We are focused, knowledgeable in new technology and capable of handling your projects from design to completion. Our mission is to provide our clients with the services and broadcast equipment products that best meet their expectations and requirements.


MACS has celebrated 22 years supplying and supporting professional camera technology.MACS is a specialist sales, technical support and consulting company staffed by qualified technical camera specialists. MACS sells, rents, services and supports high-speed (slow-motion) camera equipment, high frame rate digital film & TV production cameras, measurement and analysis software for data and images, and high-speed data capture for all users of high-speed camera technology.

Magna Systems and Engineering C37 & C44 Unit 2, 28 Smith Street, Chatswood NSW 2067, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9417 1111 Fax: +61 2 9417 2394 Email: BPegg@ Company Representative:

Barry Pegg Sharing our stands C37 and C44 with us will be products and demos from Baton, Bluebell, Blueshape, Brick House Video, BridgeTech, ChyronHego, Data Miner, Dalet, Enensys, FOR-A, Front Porch Digital, Miranda, Nevion, Pebble Beach Systems, Penta, Switch Media, T Cube, RTS Telex, Thomson, Tight Rope Media, TVU Networks and XOR Media. Started in 1968, Magna Systems & Engineering is a seasoned SI company, originating from the early days of television in Australia bringing together high-level expertise from senior engineering professionals. We also supply individual products to plug into existing systems from a prestige range of over 60 quality brands and operate with a common philosophy for all entities of a company big on experience but with the attention to detail of a specialist operation.

Media Links J11 2-12 Rokeby Street, Collingwood VIC 3066, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9416 1513 Email: info@ Company Representative:

MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies G62 Level 1/ 16-18 Carlotta St Artarmon NSW 2064 , AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9438 5836 Email: david.adermann@ Company Representative:

David Adermann

Jim Maniatis Media Links is a leading developer and manufacturer of broadcast network infrastructure solutions. It is dedicated to developing advanced video, audio and data transport technology and concepts. Our mission is to offer broadcasters and network service providers, superior, leading edge technology, enabling them to economically convert and move the complete suite of broadcast signals - whether video, audio or data - onto their multi-service networks.

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Mediavision Australia F41 SYDNEY 4 Monash Road, Gladesville NSW 2111, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9816 4055 Fax: +61 2 9816 1661 MELBOURNE 22 Yertchuk Ave, Ashwood VIC 3147, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9807 5133 Fax: +61 3 9807 7814 Email:

& calibrated LED's for professional television applications and all units have individually custom-designed circuitry and heatshrinks to provide stability of colour and eliminate the dreaded LED colour variation shift.The other new products on the stand are the 500 & 600 Lee Filters Lighting Colours.

Mick's Gripping P/L F36

Company Representative:

667 Ashmore Rd, Molendinar QLD 4214, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 7 413145457 Email: mick@

Trevor Chirchiglia

Company Representative:

Mediavision Australia has earned a reputation over 37 years for supplying high quality Lighting & Photographic Products to the Television,Theatre,Film, Photography and Architectural Industries.

Michael Smith

On display at SMPTE,we will be releasing from Ianiro the new range of LED high performance fixtures including the Solaris Fresnel LED,Redhead LED, Gulliver LED and Aladino LED.These units feature the Ianiro exclusive low consumption,high efficiency LED arrays which are made up of carefully selected

5.6km from darling harbour free ferry service drops off at the exhibition Centre free bus service on event open days more parking than SCeC! An array of restaurants and pop up cafes

30 Hotham Parade, Artarmon NSW 2064, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9439 6377 Fax: + 61 2 9438 2819 Email: sales@ Company Representative:

Greg Thomson

Mick's Gripping P/L a Small Queensland business run by Industry Professionals, selling Film/TV equipment. Holding a large range of Lighting, Gripping and Camera equipment with such Brands as Dynacore, Kupo, Teradek, Power-grip, Eimage and Bon

A new home for 2015 – Sydney exhibition Centre At Glebe iSlAnd

Miller Camera Support Equipment E18

Miller Camera Support has been designing and manufacturing professional fluid pan/tilt heads and tripods since 1954. As the holder of the world's first patent (1946) for fluid pan/tilt heads Miller continues to be a leader and innovator in professional camera support. Its products have been used continually by the world's leading networks, cinematographers, camera operators and event videographers in over 65 countries. From the analogue ENG revolution to digital technology, Miller has always led by designing products based on innovation, strength and reliability producing the strongest, lightest and weather resistant systems built to withstand the toughest conditions.



Ve S SA dAte e th


21–24 Ju

ly 2 015

Sydney At Glebeexhibition Cent re iSlAnd, h AllS 3 & 4




SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Mojo Media Solutions F27 9 Foley Place, Castle Hill NSW 2154, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 468 874 464 / +61 2 8850 3791 Email: stuart@ Company Representative:

Stuart Monksfield Founded by post production and DI specialist Stuart Monksfield, Mojo Media Solutions supply a range of mainstream and specialist product lines from many of the most reputable manufacturers in the world. Mojo offers best in class products and technologies from SGO, Dolby, LightIllusion and Civolution, plus countless other more familiar brands. With a strong engineering and post production background, Mojo is uniquely placed to offer valuable advice plus product, design, installation, calibration, consultancy and other services. We even design and manufacture custom Edit/Grading Suite furniture, and have been known to pick up a paintbrush on occasions too. Mojo is about building relationships with customers that go way beyond any commercial transaction. So please come by booth F27 to see us.

Murray Tregonning & Associates E31 112 Abercrombie St., Chippendale NSW 2008, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9310 2799 Fax: +61 2 9310 2990 Email: Company Representative:

Tony Hambling Rental and Sales of Professional,quality production equipment for Television, Corporate, Film, Audio Visual and associated industries.

n NewTek H46 5131 Beckwith Blvd San Antonio, TX 78249 Tel: +1 (210) 370-8000 Fax: +1 (210) 370 8002 Email:

NewTek has a long history of giving people the tools to create their own shows. People who are looking for new ways to entertain, inform, and engage with audiences – and make money doing it. Today, you can build a webcast network in your garage, start your own television channel, produce a live event, and stream it to all your Facebook fans. Discover ways to make money through online ads, sponsorships, or subscriptions. Bring home an industry award for your work. NewTek customers are doing all this, and more. At SMPTE we'll be showcasing new TriCaster 8000 capabilities for multi-camera live production plus the new 3PLAY 4800 multi-camera live sports replay system. Come and experience breathtaking demonstrations at our live theatre.

o Olympus Australia B34 31 Gilby road Mt. Waverley VIC 3149 Tel: 1300 132 992 Email: Company representative

Brendan Slaven Olympus is the producer of high quality optical, electronic and precision engineering products. One of Olympus™ many product ranges includes i-SPEED series of high speed video (HSV) cameras which are build on the Olympus reputation for image quality, utilizing years of unparalleled experience in digital image processing. Each camera in the range can be completely operated by the unique Controller Display Unit (CDU), independent of a PC. The cameras are solidly constructed from aluminum housing - making them extremely portable and ideal for a wide range of applications. Video images are digitally captured onto its onboard memory, where they can be written to compact flash card or downloaded via Ethernet connection to a laptop or PC.

OnAir Solutions H13 Unit 2, 7 Inglewood PL Baulkham Hills NSW 2153 Tel: +61 2 8882 7766 Fax: +61 2 8882 7762 Email: Company representative

Distribution of Audio and Video content (Broadcast and Online), Portable Television Production, Digital On-air Radio mixing systems, Time & Frequency Synchronization and a suite of Logging and Monitoring Tools. In addition, OnAir Solution has a niche system design, integration, rack build, and installation capability within the group.

Optical Cable Corporation E43 5290 Concourse Drive, Roanoke VA 24019 Tel: 540-265-0690 Fax: 540-265-0724 Email: Company Representative:

Heather Johnson Optical Cable Corporation is a leading manufacturer of data communication cable and connectivity solutions sold worldwide for a multitude of applications including enterprise markets and customized solutions for specialty uses and harsh environments. OCC pioneered the design and production of fiber optic cables suited for both indoor and outdoor use and fitted for the most demanding military field applications. Today, OCC offers a full line of cable and connectivity options, including innovative and patented products and technologies which provide a high degree of reliability and outstanding performance characteristics for both enterprise and harsh environment applications. OCC's manufacturing facilities in Roanoke, Virginia, Plano, Texas and Asheville, North Carolina, are ISO 9001:2000

p Panasonic Australia F43 1 Innovation Road Macquarie Park NSW 2113 Tel: +612-9471-7400 Fax: +612-9471-7515 Email: Company representative

Mathew Alexander Panasonic Corporation is one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, comprised of over 634 companies.

Company representative

Chris Dredge

It manufactures and markets a wide range of products which includes industry leading

Mark Richards

OnAir Solutions specialities lie in Contribution and

professional and broadcast video products.

34 directory of exhibitors



Media Production + Management + Delivery

1 Industry, 2 Printed editions

Proudly supporting:

4 eBulletins every month Tel: +61 2 9211 8205 Email:

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Production Audio Video Technology A35 4/621 Whitehorse Road Mitcham VIC 3132 Tel: 03 9264 8000 Fax: 03 9874 1599 Email: Company representative

Matt Davies PAVT, formally Production Audio Services, have been serving the broadcast industry in Australia for almost 30 years. We're committed of offering our customers the best service and solutions with our range of innovative products. Come over to stand A35 to see what we can do for you.

Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd D10 Unit 5, 8 Leighton Place Hornsby NSW 2077, Australia Tel: 02-9476 1272 Email: Company Representative:

Patrick Salloch Professional Audio Technology prides itself on bringing quality brands from world class


Get efficient, end-to-end management of your content. Quantum StorNext

manufacturers to the Australian and New Zealand market. Backed by a pre and post sales support network that is second to none, PAT is known for outstanding customer service on its exclusive European and American brands. From large-scale turnkey installations including comprehensive on-site training and extended system warranties, to small-scale supply of task specific units, Professional Audio Technology are able to tailor a solution that is practical, affordable and most importantly, technically sound. We provide the radio and television market with a very impressive range of audio consoles, routers, converters, monitors, automation solutions, workflow control systems, microphones and much more.

Prompt-it Teleprompters G48 10/192A Kingsgrove Road Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Tel: +612 8959 3024 Email: Company representative

Recky Lumanauw

q Quantum B17

Level 17, 122 Arthur St North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia Tel: +61 4 0869 7942 Email: michael.shing@

increase productivity throughout your

Company Representative:

content lifecycle; from ingest and

Michael Shing

edit, to play-out, to distribution, to content, faster data sharing across applications, and leverages cost-effective tape and object storage technologies to provide long-term storage and digital archiving. Visit us at SMPTE booth #B17 or online at

36 directory of exhibitors

Alan McIlwaine Quinto Communications is a leading supplier of high technology products and services designed for the broadcast industry. From baseband video, whether it be SD, HDTV, 2K or 4K, to the latest in file-based IPTV and transmission technology, our comprehensive range of products enables users to seamlessly integrate the building blocks of video production and transmission in the most costeffective and resilient manner. At SMPTE 2013 Quinto's focus will be on digital integrated workflows and will feature a range of new products covering the latest technology in video production and transmission. From digital acquisition to integrated playout facilities, our comprehensive range of advanced products will show users how we can offer all the building blocks for a modern television facility.


Portable teleprompter/autocue manufacturer.

solutions work behind the scenes to

archive. Â StorNext provides centralised

Company Representative:

Riedel Australia J35 2/38 Morley Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9669 1199 Email: Company Representative:

Cameron O'Neill Riedel Australia will be showing their Artist Matrix intercom system and Mediornet Signal distribution system at stand J35.

Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd D25 Unit 2, 75 Epping Road, North Ryde NSW 2113, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 8874 5112 Fax: +61 2 8874 5199 Email: nils.Ahrens@ Company Representative:

Quinto Communications Pty Ltd D31 Unit 10, 40 Ricketts Road, Mt Waverley VIC 3149 Tel: +61 3 9558 9377 Fax: +61 3 9558 9298 Email:

Nils Ahrens Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 1981. The company is 100% owned subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz GmbH whose headquarters are based in Munich, Germany. R&S Australia has its headquarters in North Ryde, Sydney. R&S provide solutions to our customers in the following fields:Test & Measurement; Radiocommunications; Broadcasting; Radiomonitoring & Radiolocation;Professional Mobile Radio; Communi-

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

cations Security; Service (Repair & Calibration). The company is committed to provide 100% in country support for most of the products sold into the Australian market.There is continuous investment in equipment for repair & calibration capability, logistics, customer demonstrations and evaluation. Also, R&S Australia ensures there is continuous training for all employees.

Ross Video Australia Pty Ltd J19 24/49 Corporate Blvd Bayswater VIC 3153 Australia Tel: 61397213200 Fax: 61397207662 Email: spreece@ Company Representative:

Mr Spencer Preece Ross Video designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in video production applications. Ross' award winning product line includes Vision, Vision Octane, Vision Tritium, CrossOver and Carbonite Video Production Switchers; openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment; BlackStorm Video Servers; OverDrive Automated Production Control Systems and Inception Social Media Management System; XPression Character and 3D Graphics Generator; NK Series Routing Systems and Ross Robotics. Ross products are installed in over 100 countries around the world, where they are used daily by top broadcasters, production companies, sports stadiums, government agencies and houses of worship. For additional news and information on Ross Video products visit


SAE Institute and Qantm College are also one of the world's leading media technology training Institutes, with 53 campuses in 27 countries.

SCSI Integration Pty Ltd J12 Suite 63, 330 Wattle Street Ultimo NSW 2007 Tel: 02 9281 6588 Fax: 02 9281 4774 Email: Company representative

Stephen Gamble SCSI Integration are an Australian company with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. Our emphasis at SMPTE13 will be our Digital Publishing solutions, namely: ‚‚ Digital Media Publishing, with automated output to DVD/BD/CD media with built-in disc label printing with the stunning Rimage Everest thermal printers

55-57 Wentworth Ave, Sydney, Tel: 61282415215 Email: v.vanderbuilt@ Company Representative:

Vanessa Vanderbuilt SAE Institute and Qantm College Australia offers Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities to more than 2,500 students, including certificate, diploma, degree and masters courses across the following major fields of study: audio production, film production, games design, games programming, animation, web and graphic design, and interactive digital media.

SMPTE was founded in 1916 to advance theory and development in the motion imaging field. Today, SMPTE publishes ANSI-approved Standards, Recommended Practices, and Engineering Guidelines, along with the highly regarded SMPTE Journal and its peer-reviewed technical papers. SMPTE holds conferences and local Section meetings to bring people and ideas together, allowing for useful interaction and information exchange. SMPTE strives toward its goal through: ‚‚ Membership: Promoting networking and interaction ‚‚ Standards: Developing industry standards ‚‚ Education: Enhancing education through seminars, exhibitions, and conferences

‚‚ Digital Online Publishing with the Rimage product Signal online Publishing. This is for the distribution of high-value content (pushed) to nominated subcribers mobile devices, such as the ipad. Content is transcribed and encrypted for security; for viewing by the user even when offline. Rules can be defined determining number of views permitted, limiting period available for viewing; with analytics to report back on uptake.

Sony Australia D35


Company Representative:

95 Highcrest Circuit Molendinar 4214 QLD Tel: 0430169601 Email: Company representative


SAE Institute/Qantm College B41

SMPTE members are spread throughout 64 countries worldwide. Over 200 Sustaining (institutional) Members belong to SMPTE, allowing networking and contacts to occur on a larger scale. Touching on every discipline, our members include engineers, technical directors, cameramen, editors, technicians, manufacturers, designers, educators, consultants and field users in networking, compression, encryption and more.

Design, Produce, Marketing,include fluid head and tripod system, all kinds of camera crane system,professional batteries and charger system, and remote control head system.

Society for Motion Picture & Television Engineers AH02 POX Box 6057 North Ryde NSW 2113 Tel: 0419 986 801 Company Representative:

Michael Day The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), is the leading technical society for the motion imaging industry.

33-39 Talavera Rd, North Ryde NSW 2113 Tel: +61 2 9887 6666 Fax: +61 2 9805 1175 Email: Nick Buchner 4K digital cinematography, live production and display products will be the highlights of Sony's stand. See the latest developments for television, motion picture and video production at all levels. A wide range of high definition cameras for all types of acquisition, from handheld professional models to XDCAM file-based workflow solutions, affordable multi-camera systems for live production and large sensor digital cinematography cameras will be on show, in conjunction with our dealer partners Lemac and Videocraft.

Soundequip Pty Ltd F26 506 Kooyong Road Caulfield South VIC 3162, AUSTRALIA 1A Broughton Road Artarmon NSW 2064, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9596 7272 / +61 2 8556 4444 Fax: +61 3 8080 0778 Email: info@ Company Representative:

John Rowley



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

Sales and rental of production audio and allied equipment for television, outside broadcast, reality TV, motion picture, education, government, defence, other industries. RF solutions for the Digital Dividend, production audio rentals, service facility, after-sale support.

STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia A29 STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia Pty. Ltd. Unit 9 / 34-36 Ralph Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61-2-8011 0500 Fax: +61-2-8072 1858 Email: w.stam@ Company Representative:

Wil Stam The STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia represents a consortium of German professional audio enterprises in Australia. Together, in their respective fields of development and manufacturing and project engineering, these companies are pan-European market leaders in audio and intercom technology. Founded back in 1963 by Friedrich Salzbrenner, the MEDIAGROUP today consists of STAGETEC, DELEC, and SALZBRENNER STAGETEC AVM. The MEDIAGROUP offers a broad range of dovetailed products and services which complement each other perfectly – from a sound-reinforcement installation to the design, construction and project management of extensive multi-disciplinary solutions for broadcasters, theatres, stadiums and multi-purpose venues. A highlight at this show is a focus on integrated loudness metering.

Storm FX J16 Level 11, 61 Lavender Street Milson Point NSW 2061 Tel: 1300 061 007 Fax: +61 2 9955 5850 Email: Company representative

Martin Leibowitz Storm FX are the leaders in providing design, modelling and finishing solutions and services. We partner with a diverse range of companies to bring you solutions that span from creative and procedural software, generic and specialised storage, to high performance visual and audio requirements. Storm FX's strategic partnerships, accredited skills and expertise with leading technology vendors bring you a localised servicing approach to an international range of products.

38 directory of exhibitors

SUNSTUDIOS J09 42 Maddox Street Alexandria NSW 2015 Tel: 9641 5555 Email: sales@ Company representative

Scott Osborn SUNSTUDIOS is a busy creative hub for professional photography, television and motion production. SUNSTUDIOS Sydney is a 2400 square metre building is on a large tree-filled block of land with parking for over 50 cars and film-support vehicles. The complex includes an excellent catering service and cafe; a huge lighting and camera rental department; a professional sales department; a professional repair service; and fine art printing service using the latest Canon printers. SUNSTUDIOS Melbourne, located between Melbourne CBD and South Yarra, has been supporting professional photographers in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia since 1990. The complex includes a huge lighting and camera rental department and a professional sales department.

Suzy Cue Australia F40 PO Box 274 Wahroonga NSW 2076 Tel: 0412 228 100 Email: greg@ Company representative

‚‚ Calrec Audio - Apollo & Artemis Consoles, plus Hydra2 networkable remote input/output stage boxes, as well as third party integration to vision routers. ‚‚ Netia Content Management Solutions & Radio Assist Broadcast Acquisition & Production Solutions, also presenting Netias Radio Localisation System. ‚‚ Que Audio Shotgun Microphone Solution for ENG, EFP and Location Sound along with the Que Performance Series ear worn and lapel microphones. See us at Stand E24

SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD B35 Unit 3, 31 Gibbes Street, Chatswood, NSW 2067, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9910 6700 Fax: +61 2 9910 6710 Email: jameswaldron@ Company Representative:

James Waldron For over 40 years Syntec International has been proud to be the Australian and New Zealand distributor for some of the most renowned and respected brands of audio equipment, catering for a wide range of Broadcast and Production applications.


Greg Kay Suzy Cue Australia. Australia's premier autocue business for the film, television and corporate markets.

SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD E24 Unit 26, 43-51 College Street, Gladesville NSW 2111, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9879 0800 Fax: +61 2 9879 0899 Email: ruth@ Company Representative:

PAUL HEATON Syncrotech Systems has been supplying multimedia solutions for over 30 years to the broadcast, education, film & post production industries. The key to the success is to provide transparent & open ended architecture at a cost effect price, while maintaining committed to customer support. On display at SMPTE 2013 will be:

Techtel Pty Ltd G35 26 Whiting St Artarmon NSW 2064 Tel: +61 (0)2 9906 1488 Fax: +61 (0)2 9906 1480 Email address: Company representative

Contact Name: Mal Chandler, Head of Sales Techtel is a leading independent broadcast technology systems specialist, providing dedicated hardware and software to the Asia Pacific broadcast and telecommunications industries for close to 30 years. Techtel’s expertise extends from consulting and systems integration through to the supply, installation and support of solutions from an elite class of worldwide partners. Key areas in our extensive portfolio include: ‚‚ Live Production ‚‚ Broadcast Telecommunications

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

‚‚ File Based Workflows

Company representative

‚‚ New Media

Peter Rolston

‚‚ Radio

Founded in 1988, the AV Group has consistently provided integration solutions, first-class support, service and products to the television industry in Australia. We have sourced the most technologically advanced hardware solutions from across the globe to provide high quality, cost-effective products from the most trusted manufacturers.

In recent years, Techtel has launched an online store, extending its reach and accessibility to customers throughout the region. Techtel expanded its operations again last year with the launch of Harmonic in Australia – a wholly owned division of Techtel. At SMPTE 2013, Techtel will showcase products from many of our partners, including: ‚‚ Masstech’s Emerald for News – winner of 3 prestigious NAB 2013 awards! ‚‚ The Australian launch of Techtel partner Slomo TV ‚‚ The Australian release of Panasonic’s first studio camera

Whenever you want acquisition, storage, control and play out products, must connect, convert, be metered, monitored or transcend formats, The AV Group has the hardware solution - and the expertise, to provide it simply, on time, and as a cost-effective solution.

Visit and

We also make certain that our customers are well supported with training when required as well as friendly help and support before and after the sale.

TekMark Australia Pty Ltd F13

The Battery Man E10

Suite 302, Level3, 18-20 Orion Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9911 3888 Fax: +61 2 9418 8485 Email: enquiries@

PO Box 4119 Wagstaffe NSW 2257 Tel: 1800 244 354 Fax: 1800 028 887 Email: sales@

Company Representative:

Company representative

Domenic Pupo

Catherine Craner & Scott Carroll

TekMark Australia is a leading supplier of Test, Measurement and Monitoring Technology for Television Broadcasting and broader Electronics/ Communications Applications. Our portfolio also includes Professional LCD Monitors, H.264 Encoding & Transcoding Systems, Signal Processors,and Test Solutions for HDMI Systems.

The Battery Man has been a major distributor for Energizer for over 30 years. We focus on fast turnaround of orders and delivery Australia wide. We recommend and sell Energizer products as these represent robust and reliable portable power products (batteries, chargers, solar, intrinsically safe, flashlight and lamps) which are suitable for high demand commercial applications. As well as an extensive range of dry cell and lithium batteries, our product range includes miniature batteries for alarms and remotes, waterproof headlamps and solar lanterns. We can provide technical advice as to the most suitable product for your particular application and device.

‚‚ 4K transport solution

We're the Authorised Australian Distributor for Tektronix Video Test Products including Video & Audio Waveform Monitors, SPG's & Reference Generators, MPEG Analyzers, Network QoS & QoE RealTime Monitoring Solutions, Automated QC Systems, all of which are exhibited at SMPTE-2013 New Tektronix products on display: ‚‚ 4K Support on WFM8300 ‚‚ SPG8000 Master Sync & Clock Reference Generator ‚‚ WFM/WVR5250 HDMI Waveform Monitors ‚‚ Audio Loudness Monitoring Solutions for OP59 Compliance

The AV Group H17 Unit 39 378 Parramatta Rd Homebush NSW 2140 Tel: 61 2 9764 5911 Fax: 61 2 9746 3299 Email: sales@

The Northern Sydney Institute A20A

fully equipped, purpose built facilities are second to none. Learn on the latest versions of AVID Media Composer, Pro Tools and Logic Pro. We offer short courses as well as Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma Qualifications. Talk to us about customised training for your business and staff.

thePlatform J18 thePlatform, 6/69 Reservoir Street Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia Tel: 2064367900 Email: sales@ Company Representative:

Katrina Spadaro thePlatform is the leading online video management and publishing company. Media companies rely on our online video platform as their open, central hub for managing, monetizing, and syndicating billions of video views annually. thePlatform’s services provide unmatched versatility for designing and supporting video businesses on PCs, mobile, and TV.

u Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix F42 Suite 2 Palace Arcade, 7 Shields St Cairns QLD 4870 Tel: 07 40317655 Email: info@ Company representative

Peter Mooney Manufacturers and Distributors of Underwater Housings and Lighting Systems.

St Leonards Campus 213 Pacific Highway St Leonards NSW 2065 Tel: 99420690 Fax: 99420011 Email: Company Representative:

Margaret Purcell The Northern Sydney Institute offers courses in Film, Television, Sound & Media at our St Leonards Campus (formally North Sydney). Our



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


directory of exhibitors

v Videocraft Australia F17 148 Highbury Road Burwood VIC 3125 Tel: 03 9888 8511 Fax: 03 9888 8522 Email: heidi.tobin@ Company representative

Heidi Tobin At Videocraft, whether you want to rent or buy the latest broadcast and production equipment, develop a proven workflow solution, build an innovative integrated studio or outside broadcast system or access over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience – it's what we do. Our team of professionals are available to advise you about the options available and tailor a solution to meet your needs. So if you would like your next project to be packed with more than just equipment, visit Videocraft at SMPTE2013.

Virtual Spectator C19 2/3 Wellington Street, Kew , AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 9851 7600 / +61 402 424 263 Fax: +61 3 9851 7684 Email: andrew.mott@ Company Representative:

Andrew Mott Virtual Spectator International Pty Ltd has been specialising in Sports Broadcasting for the past fifteen years. We develop custom turnkey solutions with proprietary technologies that have been used throughout Australia, Europe and the Americas by most top tier broadcasters. Virtual spectator has a strong customer focus and prides ourselves on ensuring that we have a high quality product that can change and adapt to meet all our client's requirements. We scale our production and services to meet the needs of any size job, big or small. Are custom built full HD production trailers are used on all international cricket to produce on screen content. These trailers are built using the newest of technologies and are perfect for small to medium productions.

40 directory of exhibitors

Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd G17 Suite 2, Level 7, 56 Clarence St NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 9299 9886 Fax: +61 2 9279 1880 Email: nstreatfield@ Company Representative:

Nigel Streatfield Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics and asset management tools for the broadcast industry from award-winning animations & maps to online publishing tools. Vizrt now has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide and the list keeps growing each day. Vizrt is able to do this with the strong support of local offices globally. With 40 offices around the world and over 600 employees, Vizrt has been able to add a personal touch for every customer. Vizrt's products are used by the world's leading broadcasters and publishing houses, including: CNN, CBS, Fox, the BBC, BSkyB, ITN, ZDF, Star TV, Network 18, TV Today, CCTV, NHK, The Globe and Mail, Times Online, The Telegraph, and Welt Online.

VSN APAC E39 VSN APAC, Hong Kong Office Room 26, Units 401-403, Level 4 Cyberport 1, No. 100 Cyberport Road Hong Kong Company representative

Fernando Carrasco VSN is a broadcast automation solution manufacturer. Its strengths lays in these three solution (1)News and live production (2) MAM, BPM and Archive and (3) MCR automation and broadcast management system.

w Women In Film and Television NSW AH03 PO Box 12, Potts Point NSW 1335, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 2 93571490 Email:

Company Representative:

Alex Petropoulos Women in Film and Television NSW is committed to improving the status of women,both on and off the screen,by supporting and advancing women working in film, television and related screen industries. We are a membership based non-profit organisation. WIFT recognises the professional excellence achieved by women in all areas of the industry, providing a unique forum for communication, professional development and networking. WIFT(NSW) is part of a global organisation, Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI), which provides a foundation for global co-operation as well as a public voice representing and unifying our members worldwide.

y Yamaha Music Australia J25 99 Queensbridge Street, Southbank, Melbourne VIC 3006, AUSTRALIA Tel: +61 3 4883 6009 Email: Company Representative:

Mick Hughes Yamaha Music Australia is a wholesaler of music instruments, music related equipment and home entertainment products. It's Commercial Audio division is exhibiting at SMPTE and will feature CL-series mixing consoles, versatile network and broadcast audio solutions and the first Australian public demonstrations of the incredible Nuage post-production system.

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory



25-Seven Systems-AVC Group-G36 360 Systems-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 3PLAY-NewTek-H46 4HM-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10

A Aadyn-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Aaton-LEMAC-G61 AB on Air-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Abekas-The AV Group-H17 ABLETON-CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product-E25 Accusys-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 ACS Membership applicationsAustralian Cinematographers Society-AH01 Actus-COMBITEL-J31 ADB-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 ADC-Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd-G42 Adobe -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Future Reality-G12 -Videocraft Australia-F17 ADTEC-Interface Technologies Australia-A11 Advanced Fibre Products-The AV Group-H17 Advent-Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia Pty Ltd-B29 AETA Audio Systems-Agile Broadcast-A17 AFL-Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd-G42 AFSON-Hangzhou Lin’an Afson Cable & Wire Co. Ltd-A30 AJA Video Systems -Adimex-G43 -AJA Video Systems-J29 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Future Reality-G12 -OnAir Solutions-H13 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 -The AV Group-H17 -Videocraft Australia-F17 AKG-Audio Products Group-J43 Alcorn McBride-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 Alphatron-LEMAC-G61 Altman-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Altronic-Innes Corporation-D17 Amberfin-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Ambient -LEMAC-G61 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Amino-COMBITEL-J31 Amphibico Housings-Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix-F42 Analog Way-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Anton-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09

Appear-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Apple -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Future Reality-G12 APT-OnAir Solutions-H13 Aquatica Housings-Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix-F42 Arista -Future Reality-G12 -Intraware Australia-B11 Ark-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47 ARRI -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Arris-COMBITEL-J31 Aspera -Aspera-G31 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Assimilate-Future Reality-G12 Astro-LEMAC-G61 ATC Loudspeakers-CDA Professional Audio-A16 Ateme-OnAir Solutions-H13 ATI-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 Atomos-Blonde Robot-H36 ATTO -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 Audemat-OnAir Solutions-H13 Audio Ltd-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 audio technica -Dragon Image P/L-B23 AudioArts Engineering-Agile Broadcast-A17 Audix-Production Audio Video Technology-A35 Aurora -Jands Pty Ltd-H35 -COMBITEL-J31 AURUS-STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia-A29 Austin Insulators -Innes Corporation-D17 Autocue -Blonde Robot-H36 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Autodesk -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Future Reality-G12 -Storm FX-J16 Autoscript Teleprompting-Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 AVCCAM and Systems CamerasPanasonic Australia-F43 Avenger -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Avere-Future Reality-G12 Avid -Amber Technology-G11 -Avid-H27 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 AVIWest-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 AVT-Production Audio Video

Technology-A35 Axia-AVC Group-G36 Axon-The AV Group-H17

B Bauer-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 BBS, -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 beachtek -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Bel Digital Audio-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 Belar-Innes Corporation-D17 BGAN-Inmarsat-D23 BGAN HDR-Inmarsat-D23 Blackmagic Design -Blackmagic Design-G27 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -Future Reality-G12 -John Barry Sales-C29 -LEMAC-G61 -OnAir Solutions-H13 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 -Videocraft Australia-F17 blackrapid -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Bluefish444 Products -Blonde Robot-H36 -Bluefish444-G62 BON Electronics-TekMark Australia-F13 Boris FX-Adimex-G43 Bowens-C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 Boxx-LEMAC-G61 Bright-Future Reality-G12 Bright Tangerine-LEMAC-G61 Broadcast Lenses-Canon Australia-F11 Broadcom-Agile Broadcast-A17 Broadrealm-Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc.-A13 Broncolor-SUNSTUDIOS -J09 Bryston-SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35

C Cabel Labels-Cable Labels - Cabel Labels P/L-F04 CacheA-Intraware Australia-B11 CalDigit-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 Caldigit-Future Reality-G12 Calrec Audio-SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD-E24 Camera Corps-Amber Technology-G11 Camera Essentials-LEMAC-G61 Camrade-LEMAC-G61 Canon -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Canon Finance Australia (CFA)Canon Australia-F11 Canon Professional Services (CPS)Canon Australia-F11

Cantemo-Future Reality-G12 Cantemo Portal-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Carl Zeiss-C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 CatDV -Blonde Robot-H36 -Future Reality-G12 CEDAR Audio-CDA Professional Audio-A16 Century-LEMAC-G61 Chameleon -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Chimera -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 -SUNSTUDIOS -J09 Chroma-Q-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 Chrosziel -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Cinebags-Videocraft Australia-F17 Cineflex-Aerial Film Australia-J50 Cinekinetic-LEMAC-G61 Cinela-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 CINEMA 4D -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Cinema EOS cameras and lenses.Canon Australia-F11 Cinematography ElectronicsLEMAC-G61 cineprime -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Cineroid-Blonde Robot-H36 Cisco-COMBITEL-J31 Civolution-Mojo Media Solutions-F27 Clear-Com-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 Clearcom-Videocraft Australia-F17 ClubInk-FilmInk - Australia’s Best Movie Magazine-J14 Cobalt-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Cobham-The AV Group-H17 Codex-Future Reality-G12 Coles -dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 Colorfront-Future Reality-G12 Comer -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Compix Media-The AV Group-H17 Comrex -Agile Broadcast-A17 -Innes Corporation-D17 -Production Audio Video Technology-A35 Connect -Atomos-E17 Convergent Design -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Cooke -LEMAC-G61 -Cooke Optics Ltd-A42 Countryman-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Courtyard Electronics-The AV Group-H17 CRESCENDO-STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia-A29 CSI Fibrelink-The AV Group-H17 Cubix -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Cueword autocue systems-Suzy Cue Australia-F40



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory




D Dana Dolly, -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Davicom -Agile Broadcast-A17 -Innes Corporation-D17 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 David Clark Inc.-Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 DDN-Future Reality-G12 Decimator Design -The AV Group-H17 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Dedolight-LEMAC-G61 Dejero-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 DekTec-Interface Technologies Australia-A11 DELEC -STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia-A29 Delta Electronics -Innes Corporation-D17 Deva Broadcast-Agile Broadcast-A17 Digigram-Production Audio Video Technology-A35 Digital-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Digital Rapids -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 DirectOut-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 DitoGear -Dragon Image P/L-B23 DJI-John Barry Sales-C29 DJI Innovations-Blonde Robot-H36 DNF Controls-The AV Group-H17 Dolby -Mojo Media Solutions-F27 -SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 DoP Choice-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 DPA-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Drobo-Kayell Australia Pty Ltd-C17 DVS-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Dynacore-Mick’s Gripping P/L-F36 Dynamic Drive Pool-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30

E e-image -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Easyrig-LEMAC-G61 Ecreso-OnAir Solutions-H13 Education and Training-The Northern Sydney Institute -A20A Eizo -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Future Reality-G12 -Kayell Australia Pty Ltd-C17 Elecard-COMBITEL-J31 Element Technica-LEMAC-G61 Elemental Technologies-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Elenos-Agile Broadcast-A17 Elinchrom -Dragon Image P/L-B23


EMC-Future Reality-G12 EMC Isilon-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Emotion Systems-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 ENCO Systems-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 Energizer-The Battery Man-E10 Energy-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47 EnsembleBMS-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Enttec-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Ericsson-Ericsson-G13 ESE-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 Espial-COMBITEL-J31 ETC-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 Everest-SCSI Integration Pty Ltd-J12 Evertz-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 EVS -Amber Technology-G11 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Eyeheight-The AV Group-H17 Ezcast-ACZ Group Pty Ltd-D36 Ezcinema-ACZ Group Pty Ltd-D36

F F&V -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Facilis Technology -Blonde Robot-H36 -Future Reality-G12 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Fairlight-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 fasp-Aspera-G31 faspex-Aspera-G31 Fastec Imaging-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62 Field 2-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47 Film Gear-John Barry Sales-C29 FilmInk-FilmInk - Australia’s Best Movie Magazine-J14 Fingerworks Telestrators-Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 Fisheye and Light and MotionUnderwater Imaging Solutions Scubapix-F42 Flanders Scientific-Flanders Scientific, Inc.-A12 flashpro -Dragon Image P/L-B23 FlavourSys-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 Floatcam, -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Flow-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47 Fujifilm-Fujifilm Australia-C23 Fujinon -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Fusion IO-Intraware Australia-B11

G Gates Underwater HousingsUnderwater Imaging Solutions Scubapix-F42 GB Labs-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29

Gearhouse Broadcast-Gearhouse Broadcast-J49 Geevs-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47 GeFei-Interface Technologies Australia-A11 Gefen-Amber Technology-G11 Gemini 4:4:4-Convergent Design-C35 GenArts-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Genexis-COMBITEL-J31 Genus Tech-Blonde Robot-H36 GFM-LEMAC-G61 gitzo -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Glensound-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 GoPro -Blonde Robot-H36 -GoPro-J46 -John Barry Sales-C29 -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Grass Valley-The AV Group-H17 GREENLEE-Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd-G42 Group Logic LAN Client for StorNext-Quantum-B17 GV Products-Grass Valley-H18 Gyron-Aerial Film Australia-J50

-John Barry Sales-C29 IF Magazine-IF Magazine-F39 Ikan-Adimex-G43 Imagineer-Future Reality-G12 iMovix Extreme -Adept Turnkey Extreme Slow Motion-E05 IMT-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Inca -Dragon Image P/L-B23 IneoQuest-TekMark Australia-F13 Infortrend -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Adimex-G43 Inmarsat-Inmarsat-D23 Innes Corporation-Innes Corporation-D17 InterBEE exhibition-InterBEE-J13 Interra Systems-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 iPowerUS-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 IRT Electronics-IRT Electronics-E41 Isilon-Future Reality-G12 ISPEED-Olympus Australia-B34 IVIE Technologies-CDA Professional Audio-A16


JANDS-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 JBL Speakers-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 Jensen Transformers-Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 JK Audio-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 Junger-SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 JVC -Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 -LEMAC-G61

Hama -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Hamlet-The AV Group-H17 Hauppauge -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Hawk-Woods -dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Heiro-Intraware Australia-B11 Hexolux-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Hilkom-COMBITEL-J31 Hitech HiTech Systems -The AV Group-H17 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Hive Lighting-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62 HME-Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 Hoya -Dragon Image P/L-B23 HP -COMBITEL-J31 -Future Reality-G12 -Videocraft Australia-F17 HPRC-C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 Hualin-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09

I Ianiro-Mediavision Australia-F41 Ideas Unlimited-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 IDX -Blonde Robot-H36


K K-Tek-John Barry Sales-C29 Kata -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Katana-Intraware Australia-B11 Kenko-C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 Kessler -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Kino Flo-John Barry Sales-C29 Kinotehnik-Kayell Australia Pty Ltd-C17 Kintronic Labs-Innes Corporation-D17 Klotz -Klotz Digonomics-E23 -Production Audio Video Technology-A35 Kobold-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 konova -Dragon Image P/L-B23 KORG-CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product-E25 Kupo-Mick’s Gripping P/L-F36

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


L L Series Lenses-Canon Australia-F11 lanparte -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Lastolite -Kayell Australia Pty Ltd-C17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Lattus Wide Area StorageQuantum-B17 LAWO-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 Lectrosonics -John Barry Sales-C29 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 -Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 Lee Filters -John Barry Sales-C29 -Mediavision Australia-F41 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Letus-SUNSTUDIOS -J09 Leviton-Mediavision Australia-F41 lexar -Dragon Image P/L-B23 light craft workshop -Dragon Image P/L-B23 LightIllusion-Mojo Media Solutions-F27 lightpro -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Lightstar -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Lightwave-NewTek-H46 LightWave -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Lightworks-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47 Limelite-C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 Linear Acoustic-AVC Group-G36 Link Research-Lumina Broadcast Systems Australia Pty Ltd-B29 Litepanels -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 LiveU-OnAir Solutions-H13 LMC Sound-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Logitek-OnAir Solutions-H13 Lowel -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 -Videocraft Australia-F17 lowepro -Dragon Image P/L-B23 LSB Broadcast (VSM)-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 LUNDAHL Transformers-CDA Professional Audio-A16

M M-Audio-Blonde Robot-H36 MACKIE-CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product-E25 Magma-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 Manfrotto -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -John Barry Sales-C29 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Manley-SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35

Mari-Intraware Australia-B11 Marshall Electronics-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 MASELEC-CDA Professional Audio-A16 Matrox -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Matthews Grip-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 MAXON -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -Future Reality-G12 MediaWare-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Metabones-Blonde Robot-H36 Metz -C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 Micron-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 Microsens-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 Microvideo-Amber Technology-G11 Miller fluid heads and tripods -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -LEMAC-G61 -Miller Camera Support Equipment-E18 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Modo-Intraware Australia-B11 MOG Technologies-The AV Group-H17 Moseley-Innes Corporation-D17 Motorola-COMBITEL-J31 Movcam -Dragon Image P/L-B23 mpx-thePlatform-J18 MTF-LEMAC-G61 Myricom-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29

N NAC-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62 nanoFlash-Convergent Design-C35 Nativ-Mio-Future Reality-G12 Nautel Orban-Innes Corporation-D17 Nauticam Housings-Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix-F42 NeoPax-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Netia-SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD-E24 Nettmann Systems-Aerial Film Australia-J50 Neumann-SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 Nevion-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 NewTek -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 -OnAir Solutions-H13 -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 NEXUS -STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia-A29 Nikon -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Ninja 2 -Atomos-E17 NL Technology-Amber

Technology-G11 Noga-LEMAC-G61 Norwia-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Nucomm-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Nugen Audio-Amber Technology-G11

O Object Matrix-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 OCC-Optical Cable Corporation-E43 Oconnor -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Odyssey7-Convergent Design-C35 Omnia Audio-AVC Group-G36 Omniscreen-COMBITEL-J31 OmniTek-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 ON AIR 24 -STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia-A29 Opticomm Emcore-Amber Technology-G11 Orban-SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 osram -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Outsight-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35

P P+S Technik-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62 PAG-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Paiste-Yamaha Music Australia-J25 Panamic-Murray Tregonning & Associates-E31 Panasonic -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Panasonic P2HD-Panasonic Australia-F43 Panassa-Intraware Australia-B11 Path 1-Amber Technology-G11 Pearl Microphones-Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd-D10 Pelican -John Barry Sales-C29 -LEMAC-G61 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Penny+Giles-CDA Professional Audio-A16 Perceptive Pixel-Amber Technology-G11 Petrol -dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Phabrix-The AV Group-H17 PhoneBox-AVC Group-G36 Photoflex-LEMAC-G61 Photon Beard-LEMAC-G61

Pixel -Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Pixma Pro Printers-Canon Australia-F11 Playbox-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 POLARIS -STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia-A29 Portabrace-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 Potomac Instruments-Innes Corporation-D17 PowerSGL-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Preston Cinema SystemsLEMAC-G61 Prism Sound-CDA Professional Audio-A16 Producer IV-SCSI Integration Pty Ltd-J12 Prodys -EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 Professional DSLR-Canon Australia-F11 Promise-Future Reality-G12 Promise Technology-Blonde Robot-H36 Prompt-it -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -Prompt-it Teleprompters-G48 Protech-Videocraft Australia-F17 PSIBER-Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd-G42

Q Qantm College-SAE Institute/Qantm College-B41 QTakeHD -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Quantum -Future Reality-G12 -TekMark Australia-F13 Que Audio-SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD-E24 QUESTED MONITORS-CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product-E25 QUMU-SCSI Integration Pty Ltd-J12

R Rapids-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 RDL-Production Audio Video Technology-A35 Redrock Micro -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -Kayell Australia Pty Ltd-C17 Remote Audio-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 RGB Networks-COMBITEL-J31 Riedel-Riedel Australia-J35 Rimage-SCSI Integration Pty Ltd-J12 Rimelite -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Rode



SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory




-LEMAC-G61 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Rohde & Schwarz-Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd-D25 Ronin -Atomos-E17 Rosco -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Ross Video -Ross Video Australia Pty-J19 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Rotolight-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 Rovi-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 RTS-Videocraft Australia-F17 RTW-SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 Ruwido-COMBITEL-J31 Rycote -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 -SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 -Videocraft Australia-F17

S Sachtler -dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 SADIE-CDA Professional Audio-A16 SAE Institute-SAE Institute/Qantm College-B41 Samurai-Atomos-E17 Samurai Blade-Atomos-E17 Sandisk-C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd-F28 Sanken-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 SANman -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Schematic on the Fly-Cable Labels Cabel Labels P/L-F04 Schneider-LEMAC-G61 Schoeps -dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 Secure Media-COMBITEL-J31 Sekonic -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Selecon-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Sencore-OnAir Solutions-H13 Sennheiser -Dragon Image P/L-B23 -Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26 -SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD-B35 -Videocraft Australia-F17 SGI,Nuke-Intraware Australia-B11 SGO-Mojo Media Solutions-F27 Shape-John Barry Sales-C29 Shively Labs-Innes Corporation-D17 Shotover Camera Systems-Aerial Film Australia-J50 Showline-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Shure-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 SIDSA-COMBITEL-J31 Signal Telecom-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31


Signiant-Future Reality-G12 Silvius-Amber Technology-G11 Small Tree -Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 SmallHD -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Smart-AVI-Adimex-G43 SMDV -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Snap TV-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Snell -Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 -Amber Technology-G11 Softel-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Sohonet-Future Reality-G12 SolutionBase-Cable Labels - Cabel Labels P/L-F04 Sonifex-EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD-J41 Sonnet-Future Reality-G12 Sony -LEMAC-G61 -Sony Australia-D35 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Sorensen Media-Adimex-G43 Sound Devices -dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 -John Barry Sales-C29 -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Spectra Logic-Intraware Australia-B11 SQN-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 Steadicam-LEMAC-G61 Steinberg-Yamaha Music Australia-J25 StorageDNA -Blonde Robot-H36 -Future Reality-G12 storm -Dragon Image P/L-B23 StorNext Products -Quantum-B17 Strand-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Studer-Jands Pty Ltd-H35 StudioHub-Agile Broadcast-A17 Sunbounce-SUNSTUDIOS -J09 Superior -Dragon Image P/L-B23 SuperMicro-Future Reality-G12 SWIT-LEMAC-G61 Swit-Soundequip Pty Ltd-F26

T Tangent-Future Reality-G12 Tangent Devices-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 TASCAM-CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product-E25 TC Electronic-Amber Technology-G11 TE-Australian Tel-Tec Pty Ltd-G42 Tektronix-TekMark Australia-F13 Telairity-TekMark Australia-F13 Telecast-Amber Technology-G11 Telestream

-Adimex-G43 -Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Telos Systems-AVC Group-G36 Teracue -COMBITEL-J31 Teradek -Blonde Robot-H36 -Videocraft Australia-F17 The Production Book-IF Magazine-F39 Thrane & Thrane-Inmarsat-D23 Tieline Technology-Innes Corporation-D17 Tiffen, -Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Tiger Technology-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 Tilta-LEMAC-G61 Timecode Buddy-John Barry Sales-C29 ToolsonAir-Future Reality-G12 Transvideo-LEMAC-G61 TriCaster-NewTek-H46 Trilogy Communications-Amber Technology-G11 Triveni-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 TSL-The AV Group-H17 TV-Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE-H09 Tyler Camera Systems-Aerial Film Australia-J50




UBS-OnAir Solutions-H13 UNIVERSAL AUDIO-CMI Music & Audio / TASCAM Audio Product-E25 UXL Audio -Dragon Image P/L-B23

Yamaha-Yamaha Music Australia-J25 Yellowtec-Production Audio Video Technology-A35 YouSwitch.TV-OnAir Solutions-H13

V Varavon -Dragon Image P/L-B23 VENUE-Avid-H27 VidCheck-Digistor Pty Ltd-G30 Video Cloud-Brightcove Inc.-F24 Videssence-Amber Technology-G11 ViewCast -COMBITEL-J31 -OnAir Solutions-H13 Vinten -Amber Technology-G11 -Videocraft Australia-F17 -Amber Technology-G11 Virtual Spectator-Virtual Spectator-C19 Visio LED-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62 Vision Research Phantom Hi-Speed cameras-Adept Turnkey Extreme Slow Motion-E05 VITEC-COMBITEL-J31 Viz Products-Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd-G17 Vocas-dB Audio Visual Pty Ltd-A41 Volicon-OnAir Solutions-H13 Vox-Yamaha Music Australia-J25 Vrcast-ACZ Group Pty Ltd-D36

W Wally Dolly-LEMAC-G61 Ward Beck-Quinto Communications Pty Ltd-D31 Weisscam-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62 Westcott-Barbizon Lighting Company-F35 Wheatstone-Agile Broadcast-A17 WisyCom-OnAir Solutions-H13 Wohler-The AV Group-H17 Wondlan-MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies-G62

X XA series Video Camcorders-Canon Australia-F11 XEED Full HD Projectors-Canon Australia-F11 XenData-Amber Technology-G11 Xenon-Storm FX-J16 XF series Video Camcorders-Canon Australia-F11 XRackPro-Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd-E29 Xstream-EditShare Asia Pacific-H47

Z Zacuto-LEMAC-G61 Zaxcom-LEMAC-G61 Zeiss -LEMAC-G61 -Videocraft Australia-F17 Zencoder-Brightcove Inc.-F24 zoom -Dragon Image P/L-B23 Zync-Future Reality-G12

SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

08 product/services INDEX

3D ACZ Group Pty Ltd Flanders Scientific, Inc. LEMAC Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Sony Australia

D36 A12 G61 D31 D35

3D Production Adimex AJA Video Systems Avid Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 Digistor Pty Ltd EditShare Asia Pacific Flanders Scientific, Inc. Future Reality GoPro Intraware Australia LEMAC Quantum Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Ross Video Australia Pty Storm FX Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

G43 J29 H27 G27 G62 G30 H47 A12 G12 J46 B11 G61 B17 D31 J19 J16 G17

3D Systems ACZ Group Pty Ltd Adimex Aerial Film Australia AJA Video Systems Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 Digistor Pty Ltd Flanders Scientific, Inc. GoPro LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Sony Australia Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

D36 G43 J50 J29 G27 G62 G30 A12 J46 G61 G62 D31 D35 F42 G17

Antennas, Transmitters and Towers Amber Technology Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Innes Corporation Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd

G11 H09 D17 D31 D25

Audio Production Equipment and Accessories Agile Broadcast Amber Technology Audio Products Group Avid Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 CDA Professional Audio

A17 G11 J43 H27 G27 G62 A16

EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD ICP Global Pty Ltd Innes Corporation John Barry Sales Klotz Digonomics LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd Riedel Australia Sony Australia Soundequip Pty Ltd STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD The AV Group The Battery Man Videocraft Australia Yamaha Music Australia


Computer Graphics and Animation

A36 D17 C29 E23 G61 G62

Adimex Amber Technology Avid Bluefish444 Digistor Pty Ltd Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd Future Reality Harris Broadcast Intraware Australia NewTek Quantum Storm FX The AV Group Videocraft Australia Virtual Spectator Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd VSN APAC

D10 J35 D35 F26 A29 E24 B35 H17 E10 F17 J25

Business and Technology Consultants Digistor Pty Ltd Future Reality STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia Storm FX Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix VSN APAC Cable Amber Technology Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. Cable Labels - Cabel Labels P/L Ericsson Hangzhou Lin’an Afson Cable & Wire Co. Ltd Optical Cable Corporation Production Audio Video Technology

G30 G12 A29 J16 F42 E39 G11 A13 F04 G13 A30 E43 A35

Cables/Loom Management/ID Amber Technology Cable Labels - Cabel Labels P/L MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Optical Cable Corporation Production Audio Video Technology

G11 F04 G62 E43 A35

Caption/Subtitling Systems Adimex Amber Technology Avid Bluefish444 Harris Broadcast Quinto Communications Pty Ltd The AV Group Videocraft Australia

G43 G11 H27 G62 F23 D31 H17 F17

G43 G11 H27 G62 G30 E29 G12 F23 B11 H46 B17 J16 H17 F17 C19 G17 E39

Content & Programming COMBITEL Klotz Digonomics DAB Agile Broadcast COMBITEL EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD Innes Corporation IRT Electronics Digital Cinema Atomos Bluefish444 Quinto Communications Pty Ltd

J31 E23 A17 J31 J41 D17 E41 E17 G62 D31

Digital Signage Amber Technology Atomos COMBITEL Digistor Pty Ltd LEMAC Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Ross Video Australia Pty Sony Australia DTV/HDTV Amber Technology Atomos Bluefish444 Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. COMBITEL Ericsson Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Hangzhou Lin’an Afson Cable & Wire Co. Ltd IRT Electronics Media Links Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd The AV Group

G11 E17 J31 G30 G61 D31 J19 D35 G11 E17 G62 A13 J31 G13 H09 A30 E41 J11 D31 D25 H17

Equipment & Crew Hire Aerial Film Australia

LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Riedel Australia Soundequip Pty Ltd Suzy Cue Australia Videocraft Australia Virtual Spectator

G61 G62 J35 F26 F40 F17 C19

Fibre Amber Technology COMBITEL EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD Ericsson IRT Electronics OnAir Solutions Optical Cable Corporation Production Audio Video Technology Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Riedel Australia The AV Group

G11 J31 J41 G13 E41 H13 E43 A35 D10 D31 J35 H17

Film, Tape & Media AJA Video Systems Atomos Barbizon Lighting Company C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd Fujifilm Australia John Barry Sales LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Sony Australia Soundequip Pty Ltd The Battery Man Videocraft Australia

J29 E17 F35 F28 C23 C29 G61 G62 D35 F26 E10 F17

Format Conversion Amber Technology Avid Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 Digistor Pty Ltd Grass Valley Intraware Australia IRT Electronics LEMAC OnAir Solutions Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd Quantum Quinto Communications Pty Ltd STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia Storm FX SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD The AV Group Videocraft Australia

G11 H27 G27 G62 G30 H18 B11 E41 G61 H13 D10 B17 D31 A29 J16 B35 H17 F17


product/services index


SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


product/services INDEX

IPTV/OTT/Broadband Video Amber Technology Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. COMBITEL Digistor Pty Ltd Ericsson Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Media Links NewTek OnAir Solutions Production Audio Video Technology Quinto Communications Pty Ltd thePlatform Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

Mobile TV G11 A13 J31 G30 G13 H09 J11 H46 H13 A35 D31 J18 G17

Lighting Equipment & Rigging & Accessories Adimex Amber Technology Barbizon Lighting Company C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD John Barry Sales Kayell Australia Pty Ltd LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Mediavision Australia Mick’s Gripping P/L Quinto Communications Pty Ltd SUNSTUDIOS The Battery Man Videocraft Australia

G43 G11 F35 F28 J41 C29 C17 G61 G62 F41 F36 D31 J09 E10 F17

Mastering and Duplication AVC Group Bluefish444 CDA Professional Audio LEMAC Quantum SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD Videocraft Australia Yamaha Music Australia

G36 G62 A16 G61 B17 B35 F17 J25

Microphones and Accessories SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD


Microwave Amber Technology Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Innes Corporation Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd

46 product/services index

G11 A13 H09 D31 D17 D25

Atomos COMBITEL Digistor Pty Ltd Ericsson Grass Valley NewTek OnAir Solutions Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Ross Video Australia Pty thePlatform Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

E17 J31 G30 G13 H18 H46 H13 D31 J19 J18 G17

Motion Cameras & Lenses Adept Turnkey Extreme Slow Motion Blackmagic Design C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd Canon Australia Cooke Optics Ltd Fujifilm Australia GoPro John Barry Sales LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Olympus Australia Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Sony Australia SUNSTUDIOS Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix Videocraft Australia Music and Sound Libraries EditShare Asia Pacific Quantum Yamaha Music Australia

E05 G27 F28 F11 A42 C23 J46 C29 G61 G62 B34 D31 D35 J09 F42 F17 H47 B17 J25

Outside Broadcast Adimex Amber Technology Atomos Avid Blackmagic Design Cable Labels - Cabel Labels P/L Digistor Pty Ltd EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD EditShare Asia Pacific Flanders Scientific, Inc. Gearhouse Broadcast Grass Valley Inmarsat Innes Corporation MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Media Links NewTek OnAir Solutions Production Audio Video Technology Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd

G43 G11 E17 H27 G27 F04 G30 J41 H47 A12 J49 H18 D23 D17 G62 J11 H46 H13 A35 D10

Ross Video Australia Pty Sony Australia Soundequip Pty Ltd STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD The Battery Man Videocraft Australia Virtual Spectator

J19 D35 F26 A29 B35 E10 F17 C19

Presentation Displays & Projectors ACZ Group Pty Ltd Amber Technology Canon Australia LEMAC Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Sony Australia The AV Group

D36 G11 F11 G61 D31 D35 H17

Professional Bodies & Education Atomos The Northern Sydney Institute Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix

E17 A20A F42

Radio Automation Systems & Master Control Agile Broadcast AVC Group OnAir Solutions Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD

A17 G36 H13 D10 E24

Radio Broadcast Equipment Agile Broadcast Amber Technology Audio Products Group AVC Group EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD Hangzhou Lin’an Afson Cable & Wire Co. Ltd ICP Global Pty Ltd Innes Corporation Klotz Digonomics OnAir Solutions Production Audio Video Technology Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd Quinto Communications Pty Ltd SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD

A17 G11 J43 G36 J41 A30

Barbizon Lighting Company John Barry Sales Mick’s Gripping P/L Amber Technology Barbizon Lighting Company C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd Flanders Scientific, Inc. John Barry Sales LEMAC Soundequip Pty Ltd The Battery Man Videocraft Australia Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. COMBITEL Ericsson Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Hangzhou Lin’an Afson Cable & Wire Co. Ltd Inmarsat IRT Electronics Quinto Communications Pty Ltd

A17 J43 G36 A16

F26 E24 B35

F35 C29 F36 G11 F35 F28 A12 C29 G61 F26 E10 F17 A13 J31 G13 H09 A30 D23 E41 D31

Second Screen

Set Design/Props/Furniture and Fixtures






D17 E23 A35

Road Cases, Bags & Accessories


A36 D17 E23 H13 A35


Rigging & Staging

Amber Technology COMBITEL Digistor Pty Ltd Ericsson NewTek OnAir Solutions Quinto Communications Pty Ltd thePlatform Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

Radio Production Equipment Agile Broadcast Audio Products Group AVC Group CDA Professional Audio

EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD Innes Corporation Klotz Digonomics Production Audio Video Technology Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd Soundequip Pty Ltd SYNCROTECH SYSTEMS PTY LTD SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD

NewTek Set Top Boxes Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. COMBITEL thePlatform

G11 J31 G30 G13 H46 H13 D31 J18 G17

H46 A13 J31 J18

Social Media Atomos


SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory


product/services INDEX

AVC Group COMBITEL Digistor Pty Ltd Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE NewTek Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Ross Video Australia Pty Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

G36 J31 G30 H09 H46 D31 J19 G17

Still Cameras & Lenses C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd Canon Australia GoPro Grass Valley John Barry Sales Kayell Australia Pty Ltd LEMAC SUNSTUDIOS Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix Videocraft Australia

F28 F11 J46 H18 C29 C17 G61 J09 F42 F17

Streaming/Encoding/ Webcasting Adimex Agile Broadcast Amber Technology Atomos AVC Group Bluefish444 Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. COMBITEL Digistor Pty Ltd EAV TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD Ericsson Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Harris Broadcast Innes Corporation Interface Technologies Australia Intraware Australia Media Links NewTek OnAir Solutions Production Audio Video Technology Quinto Communications Pty Ltd SCSI Integration Pty Ltd SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD The AV Group thePlatform Videocraft Australia Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd Teleprompting Adimex Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Suzy Cue Australia Videocraft Australia

G43 A17 G11 E17 G36 G62 A13 J31 G30 J41 G13 H09 F23 D17 A11 B11 J11 H46 H13 A35 D31 J12 B35 H17 J18 F17 G17 G43 D31 F40 F17

Test, Measurement & Monitoring Equipment Agile Broadcast Amber Technology Atomos Bluefish444 COMBITEL Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE Innes Corporation Interface Technologies Australia Media Links Quinto Communications Pty Ltd SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD The AV Group Videocraft Australia AJA Video Systems CDA Professional Audio Flanders Scientific, Inc. Olympus Australia Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP Australia TekMark Australia

A17 G11 E17 G62 J31 H09 D17 A11 J11 D31 B35 H17 F17 J29 A16 A12 B34 D25 A29 F13

Trade Publications & Websites Atomos Broadcastpapers Content + Technology Magazine IF Magazine Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix

E17 F02 F02 F39 F42

Tripods & Camera Support Adimex Amber Technology Barbizon Lighting Company C.R.Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd Gencom Technology and Broadcast ONE John Barry Sales Kayell Australia Pty Ltd LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Mick’s Gripping P/L Miller Camera Support Equipment Quinto Communications Pty Ltd The Battery Man Videocraft Australia

G43 G11 F35 F28 H09 C29 C17 G61 G62 F36 E18 D31 E10 F17

Vehicle/Aircraft Mounted Production Systems Aerial Film Australia Amber Technology Atomos LEMAC Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix

J50 G11 E17 G61 D31 F42

Video Capture Devices and Software ACZ Group Pty Ltd Adimex AJA Video Systems Amber Technology Atomos Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 COMBITEL Convergent Design Digistor Pty Ltd Grass Valley Interface Technologies Australia Intraware Australia John Barry Sales LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies NewTek OnAir Solutions Quantum Quinto Communications Pty Ltd The AV Group Videocraft Australia Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

D36 G43 J29 G11 E17 G27 G62 J31 C35 G30 H18 A11 B11 C29 G61 G62 H46 H13 B17 D31 H17 F17 G17

Video Display Adimex Agile Broadcast Amber Technology Atomos Canon Australia COMBITEL Convergent Design Flanders Scientific, Inc. Future Reality Kayell Australia Pty Ltd LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Sony Australia TekMark Australia The AV Group Videocraft Australia

G43 A17 G11 E17 F11 J31 C35 A12 G12 C17 G61 G62 D31 D35 F13 H17 F17

Video Editing Systems Adimex AJA Video Systems Amber Technology Avid Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 Digistor Pty Ltd EditShare Asia Pacific Eureka Pacific Pty Ltd Future Reality GoPro Grass Valley Harris Broadcast Intraware Australia LEMAC

G43 J29 G11 H27 G27 G62 G30 H47 E29 G12 J46 H18 F23 B11 G61

Quantum SCSI Integration Pty Ltd Storm FX Videocraft Australia Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd VSN APAC

B17 J12 J16 F17 G17 E39

Video Effects Equipment Avid Bluefish444 Digistor Pty Ltd EditShare Asia Pacific Future Reality Grass Valley Intraware Australia NewTek Quantum Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Storm FX The AV Group Videocraft Australia Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd

H27 G62 G30 H47 G12 H18 B11 H46 B17 D31 J16 H17 F17 G17

Video Production ACZ Group Pty Ltd AJA Video Systems Atomos Blackmagic Design Bluefish444 EditShare Asia Pacific Flanders Scientific, Inc. Grass Valley John Barry Sales LEMAC MACS Camera Film & Television Supplies NewTek Quantum Ross Video Australia Pty SCSI Integration Pty Ltd Sony Australia SUNSTUDIOS The AV Group Underwater Imaging Solutions - Scubapix Videocraft Australia Virtual Spectator Vizrt Australia Pty Ltd Yamaha Music Australia

D36 J29 E17 G27 G62 H47 A12 H18 C29 G61 G62 H46 B17 J19 J12 D35 J09 H17 F42 F17 C19 G17 J25

Wireless Applications/ Infrastructure/Equipment Agile Broadcast Aspera Broadrealm/Proseen Technology Inc. COMBITEL Ericsson Intraware Australia OnAir Solutions Quinto Communications Pty Ltd Rohde & Schwarz (Australia) Pty Ltd Soundequip Pty Ltd SYNTEC INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD The AV Group Videocraft Australia

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A17 G31 A13 J31 G13 B11 H13 D31 D25 F26 B35 H17 F17


SMPTE 2013 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory

09 darling harbour map

48 darling harbour

Ericsson AT SMPTE 23 – 26 JuLY 2013 Booth# G13, Sydney Exhibition Center, Darling Harbour

Visit us at booth# G13 to experience the breadth and depth of Ericsson’s TV and Media portfolio. We will be demonstrating the greatest efficiency, innovation, monetization, and quality at each stage of the content lifecycle, from acquisition through experience.

Profile for Broadcastpapers Pty Ltd

SMPTE13 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory  

SMPTE13 Conference & Exhibition. Held from July 23-26, 2013, by the Australia Section of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineer...

SMPTE13 Official Conference & Exhibition Directory  

SMPTE13 Conference & Exhibition. Held from July 23-26, 2013, by the Australia Section of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineer...