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The search for truly beautiful diamonds is a wonderful and treasured partnership we are honored to share with our customers. Aided by our lifetimes of experience and expertise, we vet every diamond before it is provided to our customers to ensure that it sparkles with lively character and exceptional beauty.

A certain truth reveals itself each time our customers come in to select a diamond: One special diamond will speak to that individual—because that diamond truly IS different from any other diamond. Even with identical certifications from reliable and highly preferred labs no two diamonds are alike. The paperwork may be the same but differences will be discernible. And no wonder! Every diamond is created by varying natural conditions before being changed yet again by human hands.

Before a diamond is placed in our case, we look through and reject thousands of diamonds graded with precisely the same high marks. Why? Because experience has taught us that reliance on certifications alone will never guarantee the appearance of a diamond. It could be vibrant and full of sparkle, or conversely it could be dull and lifeless.

A Mednikow Diamond is a diamond we feel is worthy of our family name, a diamond we are proud to offer to our customers and one we know will steal their heart with its beauty just as it stole ours!

On the front cover: Diamond solitaire ring and diamond band, available in all price ranges.

Diamond earrings, $8,400, necklace, $28,000, and bypass bracelet, $12,500.

Important diamond necklace, 33.72 carats total weight, price on request.

Diamond anniversary bands with round, fancy yellow radiant cut, and Asscher cut diamonds.

Diamond anniversary bands, with round, fancy yellow, and Asscher cut diamonds.


Exceptional diamond rings with round, emerald cut, and fancy vivid yellow Asscher cut diamonds.

Exceptional diamond rings with round, emerald cut, and fancy vivid yellow Asscher cut diamonds.


renaissance bracelet in 18k yellow gold with peridot, 3.5mm $3,200 thoroughbred loop pavé bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, 4.5mm $4,950 renaissance bracelet in 18k yellow gold with hampton blue topaz, 3.5mm $2,950 petite infinity bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, 4mm $5,900 renaissance bracelet in 18k yellow gold with madeira citrine, 3.5mm $2,950

lexington chain necklace in sterling silver with pavé diamonds, 9.8mm $1,950 lexington chain necklace in 18k yellow gold with pavé diamonds, 9.8mm $18,500

Yellow and white diamond “bypass” ring featuring a 2.5 carat colorless diamond and matching 2.5 carat intense yellow diamond price on request.

Opposite: Diamond bangle bracelet, $23,650. Pear shape yellow and white diamond two-stone ring, $96,000.


Classic Mikimoto cultured pearl necklace, bracelet, and stud earrings, starting at $4,730 for the set. Also available individually, and in different sizes for a variety of prices.

Global Brand Ambassador, Dilraba

Fancy diamond wedding bands, left to right: $96,000, $19,750, $26,200, $51,500, $5,750.


Asscher cut diamond ring in an Art Deco style setting with straight baguette diamond accents, $175,000. Oval diamond ring with micropave diamond halo, $90,000. Round diamond solitaire, $46,500.


Diamond necklace, $36,000, and earrings, $10,600.

Diamond solitaire pendants and stud earrings, available in a variety of sizes and prices.

Wide, flexible bracelet of Asscher cut diamonds, $111,000.


Vintage style earrings and sapphire pendant, left to right: $8,200, $11,220, $7,600.


Diamond feather earrings, $22,000. Sapphire and diamond flower earrings, $6,400.

Opposite: Diamond solitaire ring and diamond band, available in all price ranges.

Diamond earrings, $8,400, necklace, $28,000, and bypass bracelet, $12,500.


Sapphire and diamond rings, $20,000 and $30,000.


Sapphire and diamond rings, $35,000, $53,000 and $12,500.


Diamond bangle bracelet, $15,000. Sapphire and diamond pendant and earrings, $50,000 and $28,000.

Sapphire and diamond asymmetrical necklace, price on request.

Sapphire, emerald, ruby, and diamond earrings, left to right, $5,000, $22,000, and $10,800.


Ruby bracelet, $40,000. Multi-color sapphire bracelet, $19,900. Sapphire bracelet, $36,000.


Emerald and diamond rings, $16,000, $32,000, and $38,900.


Emerald ring, $30,000 and pendant, $5,490.


Oval emerald ring with half moon diamond accents, $8,500. Three-stone emerald and diamond accented ring, $3,750. Emerald and diamond earrings, $11,000. Diamond riviére necklace, $15,000.

Opposite: Multi-gemstone earrings and necklace in 22kt gold, designed by Gurhan, $11,000, and necklace, price on request. 22kt gold ring, $3,500.


Sapphire earrings, $6,175. Sapphire pendant, $4,850. Colombian emerald pendant, $4,750. Emerald rings, $7,600 and $7,500. Sapphire ring, $5,150


Ruby and diamond pendants, left to right, $3,500, $3,200, $6,500, $4,250. Rings, $4,600 and $5,800. Earrings, $5,800 and $7,500.


Diamond feather earrings with black onyx accent, $14,000.

Baroque pearl pendant and earrings with brown diamonds, $2,500 and $3,500.


Baroque pearl and diamond necklace and earrings, $14,000 and $18,000.


18kt gold necklaces by Roberto Coin, top to bottom: $18,380, $10,400, $9,000, and $6,200.

Opposite: 18kt gold jewelry by Roberto Coin. Three-row “paper clip” necklace, $2,750. Bracelets, top to bottom: $2,140, $1,550, $650. Earrings, top to bottom: $2,650 and $2,200. Bracelets, left to right: $2,400 and $2,750.


Our timeless add-a-diamond bracelets, in three sizes, with as many diamonds as you choose. Small with five diamonds, $3,250. Medium with three diamonds, $4,150. Large with three diamonds, $5,300.

Opposite: 22kt yellow gold earrings, designed by Gurhan, $5,445. Cabochon blue topaz pendant, $4,425, and ring, $5,250. Multi-gemstone bracelet with cabochon blue topaz, rose quartz, and opal, $26,280.


$5,450. “Cupid on Dolphin”

with diamonds, $5,900. Pearl earrings, $4,050.

Elizabeth Locke designs in 19 karat gold. Pearl drop earrings, $6,750. “Volterra” necklace, $14,050, and Venetian Glass “Cupid Riding Lion” pendant with pearls, $6,500. “Fat Bee” ring, ring

Chalcedony and sapphire ring, $4,250. Lapis and sapphire earrings, $5,300. Sapphire and diamond ring, $6,500.

“Garda” link necklace, $15,400, and lapis and sapphire pendant, $5,050. Lapis and sapphire ring, $5,000.


“Fat Bee” link bracelet, $10,150. Venetian Glass bangle bracelet, $13,550. Celtic link necklace, $15,200, with “Elephant” pendant, $5,250. “Cherub with Two Butterflies” earrings, $5,150.


Multi-gemstone earrings, $6,050. Rock crystal pendant, $5,100. Toggle necklace, $13,300, with “Goddess on Boat” pendant, $4,150. Banded bangle bracelet, $7,000. Bracelet with diamonds, $10,350. Multi-colored Venetian Glass hinged bangle bracelet, $14,450. “Laurel Wreath” pendant, $4,350.


Yellow and white diamond jewelry, designed by Charles Krypell. Rings, $5,300 and $16,500. Bangle bracelets, $16,300 and $12,650.

Opposite: Diamond elliptical hoop earrings, $6,700. Curved diamond bar necklace, $7,875. Pavé diamond wedding band, $5,395. Diamond bangle bracelet, $8,995.


Rock crystal and rubellite necklace, $8,500. Rubellite and diamond earrings, $11,900. Ruby and diamond bracelet, $17,500.


Carved rubellite and gold jewelry, designed by Goshwara. Ring, $7,900. Earrings, $15,000. Necklace, $14,500.


Bangle bracelets with diamonds and graduating shades of sapphires, designed by Penny Preville, top to bottom: $7,955, $6,400, $5,535, $7,700, $5,425.

Opposite: Cabochon blue topaz ring, $5,250. Multi-gemstone bracelet with cabochon blue topaz, rose quartz, and opal, $26,280. Designed by Gurhan.


Pave diamond bangle bracelet, $23,650. Rings, $8,250 and $8,800. Earrings with black enamel, carved blue aquamarine, and diamonds, $8,950.

Opposite: Pave diamond bangle bracelet, $23,650. Pear shape yellow and white diamond two-stone ring. $96,000. Sculptural long diamond and gold necklace, $30,000.


John Hardy signature design hand-woven silver bracelets with gemstones and gold clasps, from $650 to $2,900. Opposite: 18kt gold jewelry by Roberto Coin. Hoop earrings, $2,200. Necklace, $9,800. Bangle bracelet, $6,000.


Diamond charm necklace with toggle clasp, designed by Penny Preville, $3,535. Charms available individually. $2,640, $3,795, $2,600. Diamond hoop earrings, $4,435 and $2,565.

Opposite: Diamond pave station necklaces in white and yellow gold, $22,000 and $31,100.

Diamond bangle bracelets, in a variety of prices from $9,000 to $20,000.


Diamond pendants and charms, designed by Penny Preville, $3,950, $5,380, $5,525, $6,380.

Opposite: Diamond heart necklace, $2,880. Diamond lariat necklace, $2,195. Bangle bracelets, $3,325, $7,200, and $4,095.


Designs by Monica Rich Kosann. 18kt gold large “Carpe Diem” necklace, $3,200. Sterling silver small “Carpe Diem” necklace, $415. 18kt gold mini “Carpe Diem Key” necklace, $1,170. Sterling silver Posey pendant, $130. 18kt gold Posey pendant with sapphires $1,385.

Opposite: Lockets by Monica Rich Kosann in sterling silver or 18kt gold with diamonds and sapphires.

Top row: $5,170, $8,950, $1,795, $385. Middle row: $295, $4,650, $495, $685. Bottom row: $195, $1,695.


Diamond pendants, $6,000 and $5,350. Line diamond earrings, $2,195. Hoop diamond earrings, $2,750.

Diamond dangle earrings $4,925. Diamond necklace, $5,050.

Opposite: diamond engagement rings and wedding bands in all price ranges.

Back cover: Asscher cut sapphire and emerald cut diamond wedding band, $51,000.



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