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CELEBRATING the Style & Culture of Memphis

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389 Perkins Extended Open Monday–Saturday 10 am–6 pm 901.685.8417 @CottonTailsMemphis 007_LM2021_TOC.indd 2

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397 Perkins Extended Open Monday–Saturday 10 am–5:30 pm 901. 685. 8464 @sachimemphis

397 Perkins Extended Open Monday–Saturday 10 am–5:30 pm 901. 685. 8464 @sachigirls

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LIVABLE LUXURY Our team delights in learning your needs and offering timeless design solutions. We'll help you create a home that matches the warmth and style unique to your family. We're now located in Laurelwood!

Visit our shop for design ideas and a carefully curated showcase of our favorite products.



T O D A Y !

A M I A U S T I N I N T E R I O R S . C O M

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434 S . G R O V E PA R K | M E M P H I S, T N | 901.666.8286

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Laurelwood | 400 Grove Park Road | Memphis, TN 901-767-4640 |

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Laurelwood Shopping Center is conveniently located on Poplar Avenue between Perkins Extended and Grove Park Road South. Hours vary by store. Please visit for a complete listing of all the merchants in the center and each store’s details. On-site Contact: Cory Prewitt President and CEO 901.761.7737




32 We Do! Discover why Laurelwood is the one-stop-shop for all things weddings!

Lifestyle History

10 Taste the Tradition: Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy Company celebrates 120 years in 2022


14 Restaurant Iris’ Big Move - the story you haven’t heard!


20 On Demand Concierge Experience


Events: Laurelwood is pleased to offer outdoor concerts in the courtyard and special sales on property as well as fashion related events throughout the Memphis community. Please check for up-to-date event information. Security: Laurelwood contracts with Security Plus, 901.574.3818 Follow Us: @LaurelwoodMemphis @ShopLaurelwood @LaurelwoodShopp

New In Town

24 Get to know the new merchants on the block and what inspired their move to the shopping center. • Vignettes Interior Design • Cheryl Pesce


52 Look no further for inspiration for your wardrobe. Laurelwood has something for every style. in every issue

9 Welcome 64 Laurelwood Lux King Furs and Fine Jewelry

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LAURELWOOD I’m glad you’re here! I’m excited to be back sharing the stories of the new faces in our shopping center as well as catching up with some veteran tenants. I believe everyone could use a little more joy after the last few years, and my instinct says that this edition will bring a smile to your face and remind you of all our city has to offer. In this issue, you can expect to hear how a family candy store weathered the storms to celebrate 120 years of business, meet the new faces of interiors, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the new Restaurant Iris. You’ll learn more about ZupMed’s approach to whole-body health, recognize our shopping center as a one-stop-wedding-shop — and as always, see some glitz and glam with fashion and jewelry. Through it all, the staples of the publication and Laurelwood Shopping Center remain the constant, and we are thrilled to continue bringing you the latest in food, fashion, wellness, weddings, and interiors for the seventh year in a row. My hope is that the articles in this magazine spark meaningful conversations and highlight the joys of being a Memphian. Best, Cory Prewitt President and CEO


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Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy Company celebrates 120 years of sweetness.

10 | L A U R E LW O O D

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or more than a century, the Dinstuhl family has been sharing their own brand of Memphis magic in the form of tasty treats. As they celebrate a new milestone, it’s especially meaningful given the economic challenges of the last few years. But with the right recipe and a whole lot of love, the result is always oh so sweet. “Throughout our history, there have been many ebbs and flows of the economic landscape that we’ve weathered, and we continue to remain strong even during this pandemic,” explains Rebecca Dinstuhl, President of Dinstuhl’s Fine Candy Company, Inc. “We’re celebrating 120 years in 2022, and we’re as strong as we’ve ever been. Our goal is to be here for many generations to come. Currently, my son Andrew is in the kitchen making the candy just as his great-great-grandfather did beginning in 1902.” The formulas have been passed down from generation to generation, right along with the Dinstuhl’s love of their city. Rebecca’s joy and passion for creating special memories for others continues to drive Dinstuhl’s legacy, and it’s evidenced by the attention to detail. They take care to source the freshest ingredients, and their products are all handmade in small batches right here in Memphis. In addition to the more than 200 types of candies that Dinstuhl’s makes, they make it a point to offer quality gourmet candy items from other vendors such as jelly beans and taffy.

“It’s one of those products that people get a positive feeling about. So, during the challenging time of COVID-19, I think people gravitate to what makes them happy . . . and candy does! With Dinstuhl’s being synonymous with a Memphis-made product, I think that only added to the appeal. We became a comfort for those looking for something they could grasp to enjoy during a challenging time.” In fact, the candy store never completely closed during the pandemic; they just got creative by incorporating curbside pick-up and even lined the windows with products for customers to point to their selections from outside. They’ve also been shipping products all over the country, adding a touch of sweetness for those who might’ve moved away or crave that taste of home. “It was a very creative way of doing business, but we were able to make it work,” Rebecca says. “It was challenging for everyone including our staff. I don’t think we’ve ever worked harder to try to help our customers, but we were happy to try every way possible to find ways to provide treats for their families. Because you know the Easter Bunny, Santa, and Cupid all come whether there’s a pandemic or not!” “We love to bring joy and help continue the traditions our customers have held for multiple generations. We opened with [Laurelwood Shopping Center] in the 1960s. We feel such loyalty to the Laurelwood family and they have been loyal to us. We truly care about our customers; there are relationships that have been built through the generations. We have grandmothers bringing their grandchildren in, telling them stories of when they came in as children. We really feel like we’re a part of Memphis and that everyone is part of the family.” u Learn more at L A U R E LW O O D

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10/7/21 2:25 PM

Photo by Jenna Williams

by Sam Henderson and Mike Lawing

Now open in Laurelwood | 4548 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38117 901.753.0010 |

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436 S. Grove Park Road Memphis, TN 38117 901.682.3373 |

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Iris’ Big Move

QA &


When nationally-recognized chef and Memphis champion, Kelly English announced he was moving Iris to Laurelwood Shopping Center in mid2021, it left quite a wake. A James Beard Award semi-finalist in a shopping center? Moving from Midtown to East Memphis? Many just couldn’t quite wrap their heads around the ‘why?’ of the decision. But I had the chance to catch up with Kelly and Cory Prewitt, Laurelwood President, over lattes at Libro to help fill in the gaps of their power partnership, learn what we can expect from the new and improved Iris, and showcase the true heart of our city’s hospitality industry. You tend to garner a lot of press when you make big decisions like moving a beloved local restaurant; so, what hasn’t been covered? Kelly: “Ha! Maybe the design then? Ann Parker is doing the interior design for the new space. When we, my 14 | L A U R E LW O O D

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10/7/21 2:46 PM


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10/7/21 2:47 PM

“ . . . Just looking at all our colleagues, the other tenants, it just makes so much sense to be here in Laurelwood. We really think we’re the right tenant for this space, and we think this space could not be more tailor-made to who we are and what we want to do.” business partner Steve Richey and I, were going through the process of getting the right designer in there, you couldn’t ignore all the experience she brings to the table, specifically restaurant experience. Plus she’s just fun to work with. She’s really good at what she does.” [John Paul Gagliano, Manager of both Ecco on Overton Park and Libro at Laurelwood, stops by to say hello and congrats on Panta, Kelly’s newly announced concept opening up in the former Iris space.] Speaking of, are you excited to be restaurant neighbors with Libro at Novel? Kelly: “Look, I love them as a company. I think that Ecco, specifically, is the best neighborhood restaurant in Memphis. I like to go there a lot, I love to sit at that bar, I love to come to Libro for lunch. I respect Sabine [Bachmann] and her sons [Armando and John Paul Gagliano] immensely. We’re also both opening Spanish restaurants at the same time. But in my book, you can’t compete when you’re cheering for each other. And since I legit don’t drink in my restaurants, you’re going to see me at [Tonica] a lot. I’m sure we’ll also borrow a cup of sugar from each other regularly.” Why was moving the next step for Iris? Kelly: “I own the building where Iris was born and where it will move from. We’re opening a Catalan-style restaurant there, Panta. I realized during the pandemic that the model we had of a fancy restaurant with 12 tables that needed valet parking . . . just everytime I went through the math of all that, it led me back to having to lay off my entire team if something were to happen again. This move solves so many issues we already knew about and a lot we didn’t even know about yet.” 16 | L A U R E LW O O D

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What makes Laurelwood the ideal spot? “Kind of toward the end of the height of the pandemic, I called Cory and asked about the space. It took a couple months to get everything ironed out. To me, the new Iris represents a space where we can grow to actually promote people — put people in positions they deserve to be in. It’s the key to us being able to offer insurance to our staff. I don’t even have insurance through my job, and this move allows me that, which is something I haven’t had before. Not just me, but our servers, our cooks, our dishwashers — everyone. Just looking at all our colleagues, the other tenants, it just makes so much sense to be here in Laurelwood. We really think we’re the right tenant for this space, and we think this space could not be more tailor-made to who we are and what we want to do.” Which is . . . ? “Iris has been through a couple of different iterations from when we opened to when we remodeled and back here. I think Iris moving forward will be even more New Orleans than it’s ever been. It’s got space to have the raw bar we’ve always wanted. Iris offering lunch is also a way different ballgame; I’m really excited about that. It’s a different way to express what we want to do and we can employ more people.” Having never been in a shopping center before, are you excited to be a fellow tenant? Kelly: “From the time we opened Iris, we’ve built being a good neighbor into our business plan. That’s part of the DNA of our company. Coming to Laurelwood just opens the door to more opportunities for us to do that. Because all our spots have been in Midtown, we’ve been very Midtown-centric on how we help and where we find partners to do that with. I’m excited to meet those new partners out here.”


10/7/21 2:47 PM

[ 014_LM2021_Dining_Iris.indd 17

387 Perkins Extd, Memphis, TN 38117 901-800-2656 •


r o f a e d i A novel inner! d r o h c n u l

10/7/21 2:48 PM

You’ve been very philanthropic, not just during the pandemic though. Kelly: “Well, yea. I think that one of the most important parts about being a Memphian is being a Memphian.” What will the hours be? Kelly: “Every day from 11 am ‘till whenever, outside of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and God-withstanding a pandemic.” How has 2020 impacted you personally and professionally? Kelly: “Let me tell you, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way that I look at everything I do. I would challenge you to find someone who hasn’t been fundamentally changed this year. That’s one of the things I’ve thought a lot about: I think everyone needs to have the space to make fundamental change. Things have changed, and what’s important to people has changed, and that’s ok. Just like people, businesses are fundamentally different. We may still be restaurants and in the same industry, but it’s just different. Now, I think about how we can take care of our staff first. I used to wake up thinking about how we’d get all the things done for our guests. And that’s shifted for me. Even though we’re by no means out of what we’re in. An example is that someone recently tried to book an event on a Sunday, and I was like, ‘no, it’s not worth my life balance.’” Do you like that shift? Kelly: “Before I would’ve felt guilty saying ‘no’ to a customer.” [Cory arrives to join in on the conversation.] How did the partnership begin? Cory: “He initially called and asked if I had space for his catering business. We started throwing ideas at each other, and I think we both saw the same vision. We’ve had nothing but good experiences, at least from my end. I think we’re both similarly motivated and excited. After saving Novel, getting a restaurant was next on my list. It just made a lot of sense. East Memphis is hot, and we needed some cool stuff in terms of food. Once I realized he was actually considering it my brain kind of spiraled with all of the possibilities. I’m glad that East Memphis can have something we can be proud of. We need it.”

Cory: “It’s not going to be static. It can become different things over time and shift things around to even possibly have bands in the back eventually.” What makes it unique from other restaurants? Kelly: “Well, one thing I know we’re going to do at least once a month is with the dining room in the back, did I tell you this? We’re going to have babysitters come in . . . ” Cory: “You did not tell me this . . .” Kelly: “You’re going to be able to drop your kids off, up to 12-years-old. They’re going to get a kid’s meal, and learn how to make cookie dough to take home to bake. Kids are proud of that kind of thing, too.” Cory: “You just made every parent’s dreams come true.” Kelly: “It’ll likely be on our slower nights, but make that date night.” Cory: “If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic it’s that parents need some help. Which is one of the reasons East Memphis Athletic Club is so popular as well because they have child-care.” Kelly: “Think about the stay-at-home parents or the single parents that want to meet someone for lunch or meet someone for a date. Now they can, because we have the space to make this idea a reality. We’re also trying to figure out the laws around how customers can get a cocktail and shop, so stay tuned for that possibility...” Cory: “. . . maybe offer crawfish boils in the parking lot occasionally.” Kelly: “We’re also going to have a grab-and-go section to buy prepared goods. So, you can come do all the shopping you’re gonna do at Laurelwood, and grab something for dinner at the house to reheat. When I look at Laurelwood, they really have everything you could need.” u

Kelly: “I think that both of us went into the negotiation, for lack of a better term, of how this would work with the attitude that we were both going to come out winners, and I think we did that.” Cory: “Yea, this is one of those rare deals where everyone is going to benefit. It gives them flexibility, because if this fails, we all fail. But I’m 100% convinced it’s going to be hot as hell from day 1. People still come up to me everyday and say, ‘Man, congrats on getting Iris.’” So back to the design, and all the things people can expect from the new Iris: Kelly: “The raw bar will be in the traditional bar area. A big bar, 50 seats, not all barstools but some tables, too. The main dining room is really cool, and is going to have booths, banquettes, a serpentine thing through the center which is just fun to say. And in the backspace, we’re going to have 4 small, private lounges for people to eat and hang out at. It’s going to be nice.” 18 | L A U R E LW O O D

014_LM2021_Dining_Iris.indd 18


10/7/21 2:48 PM



From flatbreads and sandwiches, to soups, salads and treats, Panera always has exactly the food you’re craving when you need a little break from shopping. 4530 POPLAR AVENUE SUITE 101 MEMPHIS, TN 38117


10/7/21 2:48 PM



STRATEGY, THOUGHT, AND PASSION ALL GO INTO MAKING DECISIONS AS A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, ESPECIALLY WHEN OPENING YOUR DOORS FOR THE FIRST TIME. All of that was true for Dr.’s Lloyd and Shannon Finks of ZüpMed, which opened its doors in March of 2020. If that date gives you pause, you’re not alone. Though, in this case, the external factors at play might have worked in the Finks’ favor.

“What a wild ride it has been [since we last spoke in 2019 for Laurelwood magazine]! Shannon likes to describe our first few months as ‘building the airplane in the air,’” says Lloyd, an accomplished physician and former Medical Director for Methodist Minor Meds. “After months of setbacks, including a badly broken leg and an overworked code enforcement department, we finally opened our doors on March 20, 2020. One day later, on March 21, Mayor Strickland declared COVID-19 a ‘civil emergency’ in Memphis, and we found ourselves staring at an empty parking lot.” For any other clinic or small business, the prognosis would’ve been shaky. But ZüpMed is no ordinary clinic. “Our name comes from ‘zup’ which is yiddish for soup,” Shannon says. “Lloyd’s aunt was a renowned New York dietitian and used to say that soup is the most powerful medicine known to man. So our name comes from that, and of course we will also offer ‘zup’ to our patients.” With 20 | L A U R E LW O O D

020_LM2021_Wellness_ZupMed.indd 20


10/7/21 2:53 PM



020_LM2021_Wellness_ZupMed.indd 21

10/7/21 2:53 PM

Dr.’s Lloyd and Shannon Finks

40+ years of combined experience, this couple is breaking the mold of traditional urgent care facilities to provide a unique approach to patients with both acute and chronic conditions - something that kept their doors open since that fateful day in March 2020. What was once pure hope that consumers would choose a more curated healthcare experience became a necessary reality. This was solidified when ZüpMed became the first private clinic in Memphis to offer PCR testing for COVID-19. In conjunction with city officials and medical providers, their model became a critical piece of the puzzle in fighting the pandemic in the Mid-South. “Owning ZüpMed ourselves with operations not yet set in stone at the time allowed us to respond quickly to market forces. Soon after establishing that side of our business, we were able to develop a great relationship with a local lab that allowed us to offer same-day PCR results. That turned out to be critical to serving the international travelers, business professionals, and film crews that are currently a big part of our market,” Lloyd explains. Beyond the influx of PCR testing, the clinic’s unique approach of combining on-demand services with the ability to follow up with patients through their membership program makes this facility unique not only to Laurelwood, but to the region. And they’re just getting started. Expanded services now include acupuncture, IV therapy, CBD and massages. “No single therapy works for everybody and for every condition, and no medicine or treatment is without risks and side effects, no matter how small,” explains Shannon, a pharmacist boarded in both Pharmica Therapy and Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy who has more than 20 years of experience and serves as the in-house PharmD. “Why wouldn’t we encourage acupuncture or CBD if ZüpMed patients can find relief from joint pain or emotional stress and the risks are relatively low? If one of our cyclists or competitive tennis players can quickly bounce back from dehydration with a custom-formulated IV, why wouldn’t we make that available? Our ancillary services give our providers a much more extensive toolkit to draw from. But, like everything else at ZüpMed, we start with a fundamental promise of safety and quality. Training, experience, and the highest-quality products are always the priority.” “Shannon combines information from patients’ pharmacology, nutrition, and exercise genetics with their past treatment experiences 22 | L A U R E LW O O D

020_LM2021_Wellness_ZupMed.indd 22

With Züp, you can get an ‘on demand’ concierge experience by a fully integrated and dedicated health team with various fields of expertise. and personal health goals to come up with a highly personalized health regimen,” says Lloyd. “Her recommendations can include a combination of prescription medicines, dietary changes and supplements, therapy, and acupuncture, and she’s had great success.” The Finks approach to how Western and Eastern medicine can not only coexist but also compliment each other is refreshing, and they’re hopeful that more common ground becomes the norm. “It is interesting to listen to one of our providers talk to a patient about a diagnosis where our typical western treatments fall short of offering full relief,” Lloyd explains. “We are likely to suggest adding something that we feel has pharmacologic or treatment merit and could be worth trying. It’s not that one side—Eastern vs. Western medicine—is completely right or wrong; there’s probably a middle ground. These ideas are catching on. A relatively newer field of study called “integrative medicine” pairs homeopathic, allopathic, and naturopathic approaches to disease.” Shannon continues, “At ZüpMed, we not only find ourselves open to exploration, we believe it is essential to include the patient in the treatment conversation. And, since we were speaking of COVID, navigating the pandemic was certainly an example of treating folks when rigorous scientific evidence wasn’t available. We were honest. We were open about what we did and didn’t know. And we used everything in our arsenal: vitamins, supplements, prescriptions, breathing treatments and IV hydration to help people stay out of the hospital and feel better the minute they walk in to Züp.” So what’s next for a couple (and clinic) that built its foundation on innovation? More innovation. The Finks are piloting a program with the Memphis International Airport to provide traveler’s health services in Fall 2021 and by 2022, they’ll be expanding their skin care offerings in aesthetics, product lines, and yes, even Botox. They also have plans to offer more preventative and genetic services, for members only, in 2022. “Some folks pay an annual premium for a concierge physician alone,” Lloyd says. “With Züp, you can get an ‘on demand’ concierge experience by a fully integrated and dedicated health team with various fields of expertise. Who can argue with that?” u To learn more about their services, please visit:


10/7/21 2:53 PM


KING-Laurelwood Mag ad.indd 1 020_LM2021_Wellness_ZupMed.indd 23

9/14/21 10:02 AM 10/7/21 2:54 PM




ome is where the heart is, but over the last few years, home is also where you work, play, cook, entertain, and possibly educate your kids among other things. The need for your spaces to not only be functional but also beautiful has become critical, and blessedly, Vignettes Interior Design came to the rescue. Mike Lawing and Sam Henderson, co-owners of Vignettes, have been in the design business for a combined 30 years, but they’d most recently been in an office-only setting. They decided it was the right time to venture back to the retail space to show what they do. They opened their doors in Laurelwood Shopping Center in September of 2020, and hit the ground running. There was no other option with the design business as a whole being up 300% last year. “We did more home offices between 2020 and 2021 than we’ve done in our entire career,” Henderson says with a laugh. “Some executives came to us because they were sitting there on a Zoom call for a major board meeting with a rickety bookshelf in the background and it wasn’t the image they wanted to showcase.” 24 | L A U R E LW O O D

“Since opening, we’ve reconnected with clients we hadn’t seen in years,” says Henderson. “The center offered the same clientele that we’ve had for many years. They shop here regularly, and we wanted to position ourselves to be visible to them and their neighbors. The space showcases the quality of goods we have, and while it’s our personal design aesthetic, we work across the spectrum of design — from contemporary to traditional.” As full-service designers, they have an extensive library and resources to procure just about anything you could dream up for your space. Their projects range from a la carte custom pieces to curating a space from the studs to the finished masterpiece. From wallpaper and drapery to upholstery and decor, Mike and Sam can make your space sing. Their classic quality, whether it’s eclectic elegance or traditional with a twist, ensures good taste never goes out of style. u For more information, visit


024_LM2021_NewInTown_Vignettes.indd 24

10/7/21 2:56 PM

“The space showcases the quality of goods we have, and while it’s our personal design aesthetic, we work across the spectrum of design — from contemporary to traditional.”


024_LM2021_NewInTown_Vignettes.indd 25


| 25

10/7/21 2:56 PM









4530 Poplar Avenue, #220, Memphis 024_LM2021_NewInTown_Vignettes.indd 26

10/7/21 2:56 PM

ZupMed_Laurelwood Ad_2021_Production.pdf



1:15 PM

Intentionally different. “This is personalized healthcare served with white gloves and a flourish.”

“The best service I have ever had from a medical group.” C


“A wonderful experience all around.”







Laurelwood | 4576 Poplar Ave. | Memphis, TN 38117 901.701.7010 |

024_LM2021_NewInTown_Vignettes.indd 27

10/7/21 2:57 PM



Fine Handcrafted Jewelry and Luxury Homegoods


by ANNA COX THOMPSON hey say all roads lead to home, but what if all roads lead to your calling? Cheryl Pesce parlayed years of experience and creativity into her most recent adventure — a jewelry and lifestyle brand with clients around the country and abroad.

She says she knew it was time to lean into her passion and talent for jewelry making when she saw her friends wearing her pieces alongside their name-brand items. Her wildly successful inaugural store was located in Crosstown Concourse, and she opened her second in Laurelwood in late 2020. The Laurelwood partnership came about after President and CEO Cory Prewitt made a post on Facebook following the killing

28 | L A U R E LW O O D

of George Floyd. He wanted to “take the blackout further” asking any Black-owned businesses looking for retail space to contact him. Pesce and Prewitt began a dialogue that resulted in Pesce becoming the first Black-owned business tenant in Laurelwood, a trend that Prewitt hopes continues. Pesce’s Laurelwood store is more than twice the space of the previous Crosstown store — 2,000 square feet compared to 600 at Crosstown. Her expansive selection includes curated furniture, cashmere scarves and throws, handmade pottery, and children’s toys from Europe, making her offerings truly unique. u Learn more or shop online at


028_LM2021_NewInTown_CherylPesce.indd 28

10/7/21 3:03 PM


028_LM2021_NewInTown_CherylPesce.indd 29


| 29

10/7/21 3:04 PM

Timeless Gifts For Special Moments Babcock Gifts is honored to have provided Memphis’ premier selection of unique and elegant gifts for over 45 years. 4538 Poplar Ave. | Memphis, TN 38117 | (901) 763-0700 | w w

028_LM2021_NewInTown_CherylPesce.indd 30

10/7/21 3:04 PM

Nicole B


| 351| 1414

by appointment

Nicole Barre Bridal Laurelwood Ad 2021 CMYK.indd 2 028_LM2021_NewInTown_CherylPesce.indd 31

9/16/21 1:22 PM 10/7/21 3:04 PM



edding planning can get a bad rap. All of the appointments, the chaos, and the details — it can make your head want to explode! Who has the time?! Laurelwood Shopping Center’s answer is a resounding, “we do!” Whether you’re dreaming of an engagement, seeking advice on place-settings, or simply don’t know the difference between a serif or sans serif font for invitations, The Center has you covered. Explore all of the possibilities in one convenient location to ensure you’re spending every moment making memories (not sitting in traffic!). Get a glimpse into how Laurelwood can help you live out your happily ever after.

32 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 32


10/7/21 3:07 PM

Megan and Powell Litton “My experience at Nicole Barré was nothing short of amazing! Nikki is so sweet and fun to be around! Her dress selection is gorgeous and she patiently worked with me on finding the perfect gown. She was so helpful in selecting gowns that she knew I could get in time for my wedding. Her boutique is brand new and beautiful! I highly recommend Nicole Barré Bridal Boutique! You will not be disappointed!”


adies, you’ve been dreaming of this day and it’s officially here. Get the one-of-a-kind experience you’ve envisioned at Nicole Barré Bridal. So sit back, sip champagne and try on the creations of designers like Pronovias, Enzoani, Rosa Clara Couture and more.

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 33

Photography: Kelly Ginn Photography Dress Designer: Antonio Gual Registered at Babcock

10/7/21 3:08 PM

MK and Chad Campion “My experience at Nicole Barré was a dream! From the second I walked through the door, Nikki made me feel comfortable, special, and beautiful. She helped me create priceless memories I will never forget. Nicole Barré was the first and only bridal boutique I visited and I would do it ten times over!” Photography: Kelly Ginn Photography Dress Designer: Antonio Gual

Lucy and Wes Johnson (below) “They say small moments add up and become your best memories. Well, that is exactly how I feel about each moment at Nicole Barré Bridal. You will find your dream gown, you will laugh, you will cry, you will dance and toast champagne. You will feel a sense of magic surrounded by all of your girls and your new best friend, Nikki. She is authentic, classy, genuine, a ray of sunshine, and has an eye for design like no other! Let your moment become a lasting memory at Nicole Barré Bridal!” Photographer: Kevin Barré Photography Dress Designer: Aire Barcelona

34 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 34


10/7/21 3:08 PM

430 South Grove Park | Memphis, TN 38117 | 901.767.8808 | Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm Holiday Hours: Nov. & Dec. Monday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 35

10/7/21 3:08 PM


on’t get so caught up in the planning that you leave the men in generic suits. James Davis caters to its customers’ unique needs, offering services such as 24-hour alterations and custom suits in seven working days. Grooms, fathers, best men and the like - this is your chance for that tailor-made custom suit to start a new chapter in style! For more information, call 901-767-4640.

36 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 36


10/7/21 3:09 PM


or the piece of jewelry that is both timeless and modern, look no farther than Sissy’s Log Cabin. What began as dinner at Lafayette’s turned into a late night out, talking and getting to know each other. Before they knew it, Mariel and Todd were inseparable. Fast forward to their 3rd anniversary and Todd planned the perfect proposal, complete with a ring from Sissy’s Log Cabin. While walking down Main Street in Memphis, Todd got down on one knee and asked Mariel to be his wife. However, this wasn’t the only surprise he pulled off. Todd made plans to celebrate with friends and family at Loflin Yard after he popped the question. From shopping locally at Sissy’s Log Cabin, to celebrating at their favorite spots in the city, Mariel and Todd had a true Memphis engagement.

Photography: Madi for KGP (Portraits by Madi for Kelly Ginn Photography)


032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 37


| 37

10/7/21 3:09 PM

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 38

10/7/21 3:10 PM

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 39

10/7/21 3:10 PM


anana, caramel, and strawberry - oh my! Your guests (and your tastebuds!) will thank you for choosing Frost Bake Shop for everyone’s favorite part - the cake. From individual cupcakes to multi-flavor towers, their creations will not only showcase your style but they’ll taste great, too! Don’t forget the groom’s cake while you’re at it. For more information on custom inquiries, visit

40 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 40


10/8/21 9:41 AM


ake a great first impression with custom wedding invitations and stationery from The Stovall Collection. Stovall specializes in custom stationery and invitations and has been a trusted fixture in Memphis since 1987 for all things paper. In addition to beautiful stationery, invitations and personalized goods, they also offer a wide selection of carefully curated items for gift and home. For custom stationery & invitation inquiries or to schedule an appointment, please contact


032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 41


| 41

10/8/21 9:42 AM

A one-stop-shop for beauty needs Visit us in Laurelwood Shopping Center!

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 42

10/7/21 3:11 PM

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 43

10/7/21 3:11 PM


egin your new season by upgrading the essentials with Babcock Gifts full-service wedding registry. Their online format makes it easy for out-of-towners to select, and their assortment of goodies make the perfect shower hostess gifts! Learn more at

44 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 44


10/7/21 3:12 PM

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 45

10/7/21 3:14 PM


hether you’re looking for a polished, natural feel, or a glamorous up-do, trust the Aveda-trained stylists of Pavo Salon to make your dream a reality. While you’re at it, kick stress to the curb, and make sure your skin glows with facials and skin treatments at The Well by Pavo. Visit for more details.

46 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 46


10/7/21 3:15 PM

Cheryl Pesce is a family operation which travels beyond jewelry and enters into the realm of true art.

Handcrafted Jewelry • Women and Men’s Clothing • Handbags • Backpacks • Baby Clothing Books for all ages • Luxury Homegoods • Mid-Century Modern Furnishings • Original Art 374 Grove Park Road South, Suite 104 • Memphis, TN 38117 • Mon.-Sat. 11am-6pm • 901-443-5700

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 47

10/7/21 3:15 PM


lanning a wedding can be a stressful time for the bride and groom. Keep stress at bay by staying active at Hot Yoga Plus or East Memphis Athletic Club. In that spirit, we asked East Memphis Athletic Club to give us a workout plan to help alleviate that stress. Here is a great workout to incorporate into your week to not only help you look your best, but feel your best, too!

THE “ALL IN ONE” WORKOUT: ROUND 1: FOCUSED CARDIO (REPEAT 2 TIMES) 20 Jumping jacks 30 Burpees 40 High knee run 50 Alternate left and right back stepping lunges 60 Squats 70 Mountain climbers ROUND 2: STRENGTHEN YOUR MUSCLES 10 Forward raises (each side) 20 Biceps curls 30 sec, 45 sec, 60 sec wall sit 40 push ups 50 Tricep kickbacks (each side) ROUND 3: TONE YOUR ABS 30 sec, 34 sec, 60 sec side plank 40 Crunches 50 Inchworms (start in forward fold, walk your hands out to plank and then back to a forward fold.) 60 Flutter kicks ROUND 4: MIND & BODY CONNECTION 1 minute - legs up the wall 30 sec and 45 sec bridges 4-5 flows: downward dog, upward dog, warrior 1, forward fold 1 minute - on your back with knees to your chest Final relaxation 3 -5 minutes eyes closed, meditate, and breathe HEALTH TIP: DRINK WATER . . . when we are stressed we dehydrate quickly. East Memphis Athletic Club would love to work with you and plan a 60 or 30 day individual or small group workout plan. One that is catered to you and one that will make you and your significant other ready to conquer anything that comes your way. 48 | L A U R E LW O O D

032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 48

More to Choose from!

If the icing complete’s the cake, the make-up completes the bridal look. Heather’s unique approach to skincare and her make-up line make her formulas and finish unique in a sea of ordinary. Put your best face forward on your big day with Heather. For bridal inquiries, call 901-249-5018 or complete the form at Little ones love to look their best, too; so, accessorize the youngest of the bridal party with smocked outfits, beautiful bows, and keepsake items from Cotton Tails that will last a lifetime. Get inspiration by following along on social media @ cottontailsmemphis. Complete your send off look with that extra something special for a winter wedding - a beautiful fur coat. Whether you’re buying new or re-styling something borrowed, you’ve come to the right place. King Furs & Fine Jewelry is the oldest and most prominent full service furrier in Memphis specializing in all types of fur sales and services since 1947. Learn more at


10/7/21 3:15 PM



LM628147_Store_3304_Laurelwood_Ad_8.5x11.indd 1 032_LM2021_BridalFeature.indd 49

9/22/21 3:16 3:25PM PM 10/7/21

Blu D’or Interiors is a retail furniture store offering upholstery, lighting, rugs, case goods, original art and accessories. With shops in both Memphis and Jonesboro and a wide array of lines, we have become a go-to source for consumers and designers.

Laurelwood Shopping Center | 420 S. Grove Park Road | Memphis, TN 38117 901.207.4392 | @BluDorMemphis 456 Southwest Drive | Jonesboro, AR 72401 870.336.1435 | @BluDorJonesboro

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 50

10/7/21 3:17 PM


LAURELWOOD SHOPPING CENTER 4544 Poplar Ave. #101 | Memphis,TN 38117 901.207.5427 | Mon-Sat 10am-6pm @SHOPLORIJAMES

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 51

10/7/21 3:17 PM

BURSTING WITH JOY This bright yellow dress exudes everything that is all about fashion right now. Botanic printed yellow dress from Cheryl Pesce. White leather sandals with block wooden heel from Sachi. Yellow gold and diamond dangling earrings and necklace, both from Sissy’s Log Cabin.

52 | L A U R E LW O O D

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 52


10/7/21 3:17 PM


Fashion Independence by AUGUSTA CAMPBELL

Laurelwood Shopping Center is synonymous with the independent spirit. The culture of Laurelwood celebrates the unique individual who loves oneof-a-kind experiences, fashion, and adventure. As the largest collection of privately owned retailers, the Center almost always has styles that can’t be found anywhere else. The Laurelwood woman loves to be different and relishes in gorgeous clothing, jewelry, and balanced habits that appreciate all the gifts that life has to offer. 2021 fashion witnessed happy clothing in bright colors and rich fabrics that

transition into Fall. Nothing was off limits as creativity took center stage in both feminine flowing styles and tailored looks with menswear details. The rainbow color wheel is happily represented as well as the bookend colors in black and white. Interesting textures are everywhere in the form of fabrics, buttons, and other hardware. In a nutshell, fashion is celebrating the end of Zoom Couture and embracing the newness of the future. Come to Laurelwood for the trends in fashion that are exciting to live in and enjoy a truly wonderful experience.


050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 53


| 53

10/7/21 3:18 PM

BRINGING THE HEAT White hot and brilliant neon is the perfect color combo with the black denim shorts and 80’s inspired earrings tying it all together. Fuchsia sleeveless top and cut off black denim shorts, both from Sachi. Straw woven hat with thin leather band and deco black with white and pink with orange earrings, both from Kittie Kyle.

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 54

10/7/21 3:20 PM

HAPPY LOTUS Nothing feels better than mental balance and happiness. Get your joyous fix in some of the best yoga gear around. Athletic sports bra top and matching pants, both from Hot Yoga Plus. White and yellow gold with diamond paper clip chain necklace and charms necklace and set of three silver bangles, all from Joseph. Yellow gold bangle bracelet from Sissy’s Log Cabin.


050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 55


| 55

10/7/21 3:20 PM

56 | L A U R E LW O O D

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 56


10/7/21 3:20 PM

TAILORED LUXURY This suit is the perfect fit for Spring and Summer, but can be paired with a black cashmere turtleneck and chic boots for Wintertime glam. White suit available at Heather. White top from Hot Yoga Plus. Neon green leather belt from Joseph. White gold and diamond oval earrings and smart watch gold bracelet, both from Sissy’s Log Cabin. Tribal necklace from Kittie Kyle.


050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 57


| 57

10/7/21 3:21 PM

GO BANANAS Show off your fun and flirty side with these impossible shades and a delightfully absurd patterned jumpsuit. The fine jewelry anchors the look and the designer purse solidifies the style. This look might seem wild, but the woman wearing it is all business. Leopard banana printed linen jumpsuit with double breasted buttons from Kittie Kyle. Oversized sunglasses and orange leather studded purse, both available at Joseph. Yellow gold and black enamel earrings and woven gold cuff, both from Sissy’s Log Cabin.

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 58

10/7/21 3:21 PM


050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 59


| 59

10/7/21 3:21 PM

SUNSHINE DAYDREAM These sunshiny colors radiate love in layers and interesting textures. Bright pink slip with iridescent lace overlay dress from Joseph. Neon pink heart earrings from Kittie Kyle. Modern folded metal necklace by Cheryl Pesce. Diamond tennis bracelet and multi-row diamond mesh bracelet, both from Sissy’s Log Cabin. Suede shoes from Sachi. VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU Ziggy Mack, photographer Monique Walker, talent from Colors Agency Jacqueline Kate Gibert, hairstylist at Pavo Salon in Laurelwood Maggie Bearden, makeup artist at Pavo Salon in Laurelwood 60 | L A U R E LW O O D

050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 60


10/7/21 3:22 PM

LAURELWOOD SHOPPING CENTER 432 S. Grove Park • Memphis, TN 38117 • 901.452.2323

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm • 050_LM2021_Culture_Fashion.indd 61

10/7/21 3:22 PM

064_LM2021_LaurelwoodLux.indd 62

10/7/21 3:23 PM

87954 A



| Laurelwood Shopping Ctr | 4556 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 901-767-3592 | | Hours: Mon-Sat: 10-7; Sun: 12-6 @orvismemphis

87954 Ad for Laurelwood Magazine.indd 1 064_LM2021_LaurelwoodLux.indd 63

8/28/19 9:30 AM 10/7/21 3:23 PM

LAURELWOOD LUX If you’re looking for a timeless piece that’s as unique as you are — look no farther! This one of a kind collector’s piece is a true work of art. Specifically, this piece features a bezel-set iridescent and fiery opal showing all the colors of the rainbow with fine gem-quality prong-set sapphires and near colorless pave set diamonds. All of this is attached to a diamonds-by-the-yard necklace in 18-karat white gold. Turn heads and make a statement no matter the occasion with this one-of-a-kind bauble. See this and more at King Furs and Fine Jewelry. This necklace includes a 6.59 carat opal, one carat total weight of diamonds, and 1.42 carat total weight of blue sapphires. Call 901-767-5464 for pricing.

64 | L A U R E LW O O D

064_LM2021_LaurelwoodLux.indd 64


10/7/21 3:23 PM

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10/7/21 3:26 PM



Memphis, TN Permit 78

For Every Generation

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