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BACKGROUND Presenting contemporary art in craft media by regional, national, and international artists since 1971, the Society for Contemporary Craft (SCC) offers cutting edge exhibitions focusing on multicultural diversity and nonmainstream art, as well as a range of studio workshops, community outreach programs, and a retail store. With its mission of engaging the public in creative experiences through contemporary craft, SCC offers meaningful art opportunities for more than 145,000 people a year through four core values: providing vital support for artists; filling critical gaps in public education; sharing crosscultural perspectives; and using art to build community.


General program support provided by the Allegheny Regional Asset District, the Elizabeth R. Raphael Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, The Heinz Endowments, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the Richard King Mellon Foundation.

Monday - Saturday, 10am to 5pm

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Don’t miss these unique opportunities to work alongside our Visiting Artists!

LINDA COLSH Recognized for her imagery of the elderly and minimal color palettes, Linda Colsh’s quilts have been exhibited and collected worldwide. WORK SIMPLE, WORK SMALL Linda Colsh Middletown, MD Sat & Sun, April 8 & 9 Page 5

WAYNE WERNER A third generation metalsmith, Wayne Werner creates one-of-a-kind limited production pieces in his Maryland studio for clients who value originality and old-world craftsmanship. ADVANCED STONE SETTING Wayne Werner Hauvre de Grace, MD Sat & Sun, May 6 & 7 Page 9

January/ February March

Saturday, March 4 Indigo Dyeing with Shibori Techniques


Saturday, January 21 Custom Baby Clothing Saturday, February 11 Why Fiber? Saturday, February 25 Intro to Smart Textiles



FIBER pages 4-5


WOOD page 7 Saturday, January 14 Intro to Woodturning for Women I Sunday, February 12 Intro to Woodturning for Women II

Saturday, March 4 PMC Songbird Whistle Saturday, March 11 Soap Making (Special Topics p. 5)

Saturday & Sunday, April 8 & 9 Work Simple, Work Small

Wednesdays, April 5 & 12 Leather Sandals

Saturday, April 22 Repair the World... And Your Shirt!

Saturday & Sunday, April 22 & 23 Rich Textures for Metal Clay

Saturday, May 27 Wire Wrapped Stones

Saturday & Sunday, March 11 & 12 Intro to Bowl Turning for Women

Saturday, April 29 Wood Turned Bowls


METAL page 9 Saturday & Sunday, February 4 & 5 Internal Lip Box Forms

CLAY page 10


Saturday, January 7 SOUPer Bowls

Friday, January 13 Light-up Patches & Wall Hangings

Saturday, January 16 Friendship Bowls

Friday, February 10 Put a Ring On It

Saturday, March 25 Champlevé for Steel

Friday, March 10 Found Materials Coaster Sets

Saturdays, March 4, 11, 18, 25 & April 1 Writing as a Healing Art (Special Topics p. 5) Saturday, April 22 Paper from Plants

Saturday, May 6 Making with Mother in Mind

Wednesdays, April 5, 12, 19 & 26 Handbuilt Lidded Containers

Saturday & Sunday, May 6 & 7 Advanced Stone Setting Saturday, May 13 Jewelry Repair Studio

Friday, April 21 Poetic Wax

Friday, May 12 Bow Ties



CUSTOM BABY CLOTHING Sat, January 21 10am-3pm Instructor: Lauren Sims Level: all Children have an undeniable energy and personality—learn to express it in their clothing! In this workshop, students will discover original ways to create or alter children’s clothes, rather than relying on commercially available options. Students will get the knack of altering existing clothing, practice a few common sewing techniques for making baby clothes, and become versed on considerations for baby’s delicate skin. Tuition: $60 Materials: $15

INDIGO DYEING WITH INTRO TO SMART TEXTILES WHY FIBER? A SHIBORI TECHNIQUES Sat, February 25 CONVERSATION ABOUT A Sat, March 4 10am-5pm VITAL MEDIUM 1-4pm Instructor: Jhenny Adams Sat, Feb 11 Instructor: Amber Coppings Level: all 10am-5pm Level: all Learn the basics of combining Instructor: Meredith Grimsley Learn how to use itajime and circuits and sewing to create Level: all kumo shibori fabric dyeing smart textiles! Students will Fiber art practice consists of techniques to create unique master how to sew light-emitting at least five unifying factors: designs on cloth. Shibori refers diodes (LED) into fabric and learn touch; tradition/love of craft to ancient and contemporary to make a variety of switches that (celebrating, subverting, or both); Japanese methods of folding, will activate the light in different contemplation/memory; time/ clamping, and otherwise and exciting ways. Dazzle your place; and language. This unique binding cloth to achieve soft, friends, spice up your wardrobe, workshop discusses these points yet geometric designs. Students and brighten the world! through conversation, critique of will leave with a dyed, wearable Tuition: $80 one of your own artworks, and rayon circle scarf, plus dyed Materials: $15 a “musical chairs quilting bee” samples of Kona cotton that can (students will agree on a topic be used in future projects. then draw, stitch, and switch until Tuition: $45 the piece is done). Materials: $35 Tuition: $60 Materials: $20 visit our digital catalog at for additional details


WORK SIMPLE, WORK SMALL Sat & Sun, April 8 & 9 10am-5pm Visiting Artist: Linda Colsh Level: all Experiment with surface design techniques in paint and print while using simple stitching to create small art quilts. Instructional emphasis will be placed on discovering the possibilities of materials, traditional and nontraditional tools, and working conditions. The workshop focuses on oneon-one critique, design analysis, and creating personal imagery. Tuition: $200 Materials: $20

REPAIR THE WORLD‌ AND YOUR SHIRT! Sat, April 22 10am-5pm Instructor: Jhenny Adams Level: all Celebrate Earth Day at Contemporary Craft! In this workshop, you will learn useful skills for curbing your personal apparel intake, making your clothing last longer, and standing up for a culture of sustainable threads. Specific skills include simple machine sewing, patternmaking, and repair techniques that will let you have the wardrobe of your dreams without the cost or waste! Tuition: $80 Materials: $5

WRITING AS A HEALING ART Sat, March 4, 11, 18, 25 & April 1 10am-12pm Instructors: Laurie Arnold & Sheila Kelly Level: all Think Spring! Renew a dormant urge to chart a new course or examine your life in transition. Students will use exhibition artworks and powerful writing samples to prompt personal expression in a small, safe workshop setting. Write in any genre you like: poems, stories, meditations, fragments, memories, or essays. Students will leave with many new pieces of writing that they can expand upon at home. All writing levels welcome! Tuition: $80 Materials: Please bring a notebook and pen.

THE ART OF COLD PROCESSED SOAP MAKING Sat, March 11 9am-5pm Instructor: Lori Chandler Level: all Join us for an introduction to cold processed soap making utilizing natural color and design techniques. The workshop will include lessons in foundations of soap making and intermediate skills of color and texture. Tuition: $80 Materials: $40



PMC SONGBIRD WHISTLE Sat, March 4 10am-5pm Instructor: Donna Penoyer Level: all Learn to make a songbird whistle from fine silver metal clay. Students will master how a whistle works, cover troubleshooting tips and tricks, and learn one of the instructor’s favorite hollow form construction techniques. Tuition: $80 Materials: $60

LEATHER SANDALS Wed, April 5 & 12 6-9pm Instructor: Eddie Shaw Level: all Construct your very own pair of custom-made leather sandals. After learning about the characteristics of the material, students will learn to cut, finish, oil, and nail leather. Sandals will be made according to a “Double X” design. Tuition: $100 Materials: $30

RICH TEXTURES FOR METAL CLAY Sat & Sun, April 22 & 23 10am-5pm Instructor: Donna Penoyer Level: all Learn a variety of ways to make individualized texture plates for use with clay and mixed media. Techniques and materials will include photopolymer plates, tear-away textures, saltwater etching, an introduction to the silhouette cutter, and more. Instruction in use of silver metal clay will allow students to try out their new textures using the instructor’s own rich layering techniques. Tuition: $160 Materials: $90

visit our digital catalog at for additional details

WIRE WRAPPED STONES Sat, May 27 10am-3pm Instructor: Adina Stouffer Level: all Build a solid foundation in wire wrapping and jewelry making during this in-depth workshop. Students will learn basic wire and metal fundamentals for jewelry components, followed by instruction on crafting wire cages to enclose cabochon gemstones. Participants are welcome to bring their own stones. Tuition: $60 Materials: $15-40; can be purchased from instructor during the workshop


INTRO TO WOODTURNING FOR WOMEN I Sat, January 14 10am-5pm Instructor: Leslie Struthers Level: all Learn to use a lathe to turn small projects. This workshop is designed for women to learn woodturning in a safe, comfortable space. The class covers safety procedures, lathe operation, and proper tool use. Students will leave with at least one completed project. Perfect for beginners! Tuition: $80 Materials: $30 INTRO TO WOODTURNING FOR WOMEN II Sun, February 12 10am-5pm Instructor: Leslie Struthers Level: all Building on skills mastered in Intro to Woodturning for Women I, students will further their knowledge by turning pens, pots, or other small projects. Students with minimal experience who want to improve their skills, this workshop is for you! Tuition: $80 Materials: $30


INTRO TO BOWL TURNING FOR WOMEN Sat & Sun, March 11 & 12 10am-5pm Instructor: Leslie Struthers Level: all This comprehensive, two-day workshop covers all aspects of turning, from preparing a blank to signing a finished piece. Learn to create bowls in a safe and comfortable space. Students will leave with at least one completed project. Completion of Intro Workshops I and II is recommended, though a general knowledge of turning is acceptable. Tuition: $160 Materials: $30

WOOD TURNED BOWLS Sat, April 29 10am-5pm Instructor: Dave Betler Level: all Tackle the basics of turning in this one-day workshop. Participants will become acquainted with the woodshop and basic safety procedures while learning to operate the lathe. All students will leave with at least one finished project. Perfect for beginners! Tuition: $80 Materials: $25


Scholarships are available for all of SCC’s workshops. If cost is preventing you from registering, or you are a local high school or college student, faculty member, or teacher, please contact us for details at 412.261.7003 or




The Studio offers a wide variety of educational programming, group tours, private workshops, and corporate teambuilding experiences. Visit and click on the “Education” tab for more details.

PAPER FROM PLANTS: WESTERN STYLE Sat, April 22 10am-3pm Instructor: Katy Dement Level: all Celebrate Earth Day at Contemporary Craft! Learn to make paper by beating plant fibers from the kitchen, yard, garden, and roadside. In this two-day workshop, students will collect various plants, including Japanese Knotweed, and experiment with processing the fibers. Tuition: $60 Materials: $15

MAKING WITH MOTHER IN MIND Sat, May 6 10am-1pm Instructor: Katy Dement Level: all Learn traditional papermaking while exploring modern techniques. Students will use natural and found materials in the creation of “wet-onwet” collages that incorporate mementos from home. The final product makes a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, or better yet, sign up for the experience with Mom! Tuition: $45 Materials: $10

Take advantage of SCC’s new bench rental program. Rentals include a locked bench, locker, and use of the metals studio when workshops are not in session. Cost: $100 per month; $250 per quarter; or $600 for the year To inquire, call 412.261.7003 or email


INTERNAL LIP BOX FORMS Sat & Sun, February 4 & 5 10am-5pm Instructor: Lucas Pointon Level: all Learn to fabricate highly geometric hollow forms from metal. Using bronze sheet, students will explore piercing techniques, riveting, soldering, and simple hinge construction. Proper use of the hydraulic press to form bronze sheet will be presented. The final box form will have a functional lid with leather hinges. Tuition: $160 Materials: $35


CHAMPLEVÉ FOR STEEL Sat, March 25 10am-5pm Instructor: Sharon Massey Level: all Use electrolytic etching to create pattern, imagery, and text on mild steel sheet for champlevé enamel. A lightweight, inexpensive, and rigid material, steel can be used for jewelry or sculptural objects and offers options that aren’t possible with traditional copper enameling. Preparing the steel for enamel and understanding surface finishing are critical to working with this alternative material. Tuition: $80 Materials: $35

ADVANCED STONE SETTING Sat & Sun, May 6 & 7 10am-5pm Visiting Artist: Wayne Werner Level: all Take your stone setting skills to the next level! In this workshop, students will learn to use burs, burnishers, gravers, and beading tools to capture stones in flat metal surfaces. A series of demos and exercises will be performed, as well as making and preparing tools to accomplish the job. Flush and pavé settings will be shown. Tuition: $200 Materials: $40

JEWELRY REPAIR STUDIO Sat, May 13 1-5pm Instructor: various Level: all Do you have a necklace that needs a new clasp? Or maybe some earrings that need new posts or ear wires? Possibly a bracelet is missing a link? This is your chance to bring your jewelry in and have it repaired as you watch and learn from the process. Multiple jewelers will be on hand with time slots available for repair. Fee: $25 per half hour of repair plus the cost of materials

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Have some studio experience under your belt? Use SCC’s studios to work on your own independent wood, metal, and mixed media projects. A variety of tools and equipment will be available. Wednesdays, noon until 7pm Tuition: $90 for a group of four sessions, or $30 per session To inquire, call 412.261.7003 or email

SOUPer BOWLS Sat, January 7 1-4pm Instructor: Amanda Wolf Level: all Regardless of what team you cheer for, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to make a soup or a chip bowl for game day! Decorate your bowl with textured stamps and colored glazes. Your finished, fired piece will be fully functional and food safe. Tuition: $45 Materials: $20

FRIENDSHIP BOWLS Mon, January 16 1-4pm Instructor: Kevin Snipes Level: all Combine clay with words and images inspired by Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Students will thoughtfully explore techniques for imagemaking on small, hand-made porcelain bowls. The finished pieces will later be glazed and fired, becoming an indelible reminder of the spirit of peace, equality, and friendship. Tuition: $45 Materials: $25

HANDBUILT LIDDED CONTAINERS Wed, April 5, 12, 19, 26 6-9pm Instructor: Michael Smithhammer Level: all Make your very own ceramic container during this fourweek workshop. Students will construct two small, hand-held, lidded containers and learn surface embellishment and glazing techniques. Materials and tools will be provided. Tuition: $200 Materials: Included in tuition fee



These delicious Studio offerings pair local brews with beginner-friendly, quality crafting! All materials are provided.

LIGHT-UP PATCHES & WALL HANGINGS Fri, January 13 6-9pm Instructor: Jhenny Adams Level: all Grab your friends and come on down to make some super rad patches that will be certain to spice up your wardrobe and impress the masses. Learn the basics of circuit making and sewing, combined to create the exciting world of smart textiles. WARNING: after this class you will want to sew lights into everything! Tuition: $35

PUT A RING ON IT Fri, February 10 6-9pm Instructor: Melissa Frost Level: all Just in time for Valentine’s Day, craft a copper or brass ring for yourself or your sweetheart using a unique paper template. Customize your creation with texture or a stamped secret message. Melissa, owner of Frost Finery, is joining us in the Studio to teach this workshop! Tuition: $35

FOUND MATERIALS COASTER SETS Fri, March 10 6-9pm Instructor: Ashley Andrews Level: all Learn all about collage as you make a set of coasters. All materials will come from charming bygone eras, so be prepared for striking midcentury ads, rigid depictions of gender roles, and the latest hi-tech advances like typewriters, televisions, and radios! Tuition: $35 POETIC WAX Fri, April 21 6-9pm Instructor: Katy Dement Level: all Discover the art of painting with melted wax! Explore color, texture, and depth on scrap wood panels as you paint or print with melted crayons. Students will create landscapes of rust belt architecture embedded with vintage imagery. Tuition: $35

BOW TIES Fri, May 12 6-9pm Instructor: Nisha Blackwell Level: all Get ready for a night on the town by making your own bow tie, or one for your date! Nisha from Knotzland will teach the basics of fiber and fashion in this dandy Crafts & Drafts workshop. Tuition: $35

visit our digital catalog at for additional details






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Class and workshop cancellations are decided three business days before start date. If a class must be canceled due to insufficient enrollment, the entire class fee will be refunded.

Instructors may request that students have certain supplies. Students will receive a list of those supplies upon registration. Unless otherwise noted, materials fees are payable to the instructors for supplies provided by the instructors. Occasionally, the materials fee is built into the tuition fee and this is clearly noted next to the tuition fee.

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Student refund requests must be made at least three business days before a class begins. There will be a $25 cancellation fee. No refunds will be given without three business days notice. Processing of refunds takes approximately three weeks.

• Students who register by mail or fax will receive a confirmation e-mail within seven days. • It is the responsibility of the student to appear in class on the correct day and time without additional notice. • Students’ photos may appear in SCC’s promotional materials. • SCC makes every effort to maintain the schedule of courses as announced in the catalog, however, SCC reserves the right to cancel any course or to substitute faculty when necessary.

Cancellations, 14 or more days notice: A student may cancel a registration for a 3, 4 or 5 day workshop up to two weeks prior to the start date of the class. There will be a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellations, fewer than 14 days notice: If a student cancels a registration within two weeks of the start date of a 3, 4 or 5 day workshop, there will be a 50% cancellation fee. There will be no refund issued without three business days notice of a cancellation.

3-5 Day Workshops

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY The Society for Contemporary Craft

does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap, disability or veteran status. Furthermore, SCC will continue to take affirmative steps to support and advance these values consistent with our mission.

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ONE-ON-ONE & STUDIO RENTALS Private lessons in many media can be arranged upon request for students of all ages and skill levels. Private lessons are $50 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. In addition, independent studio use is available during open studio hours and by special arrangement.


LOCATION & DIRECTIONS SCC is conveniently located on the corner of 21st and Smallman streets in the Strip District. Bus Stops The following buses serve the Strip District: 54, 86, 87, 88, 91. Parking A paid, monitored parking lot is located on 21st Street, behind the private building lot. Metered parking is also available. Accessible services available. Please call for more information.


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COMING UP AT CONTEMPORARY CRAFT Edward Eberle Retrospective September 9, 2016 – March 11, 2017 Over the past three decades, Pittsburgh ceramic artist Edward Eberle has explored and tested the limits of porcelain. This retrospective brings works from the mid-1980s to the present into dialogue allowing audiences to discover the timeless and intriguing work of a true master. (Main Gallery) Present at Creation October 14, 2016 – February 18, 2017 Organized in conjunction with the Edward Eberle Retrospective, this exhibition features contemporary works by artists who have been directly mentored and impacted by Eberle. Exhibiting artists include Erica Nickol, Jeff Schwarz, Jonathan Schwarz, and Ian Thomas. (BNY Mellon Satellite Gallery) LEAP Features in the SCC Store January – December 2017 Recognizing extraordinary talent, LEAP is a juried retail program showcasing the works of seven early-career contemporary craft artists. Watch for their work in The Store throughout 2017. Out of Hand Saturday, April 1, 2017 It’s time to get out of hand at our annual fundraising gala! Visit for details.

Allegheny Regional Asset District

Contemporary Craft Winter/Spring 2016-2017 Studio Catalog  
Contemporary Craft Winter/Spring 2016-2017 Studio Catalog  

Our winter/spring Studio catalog features workshops in metal, wood, fiber, ceramics, mixed media, and book/paper arts.