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Kelly Fordyce Martindale

“I grew up with nurses in our home. As a little girl, I helped others care for my sister who needs 24/7 skilled nursing care,” explains Carey Horn. “Back then, I knew I wanted to be a nurse and I’ve always had a passion for helping those dependent on others for their personal and physical care.” Carey realized her dream, became a nurse, and continued caring for her sister.

But it wasn’t and isn’t that simple. Especially when the pandemic changed everything, including in-home care. Carey and her husband, Casey, are the fulltime caregivers to Carey’s sister. ey were given 30-days notice to nd new in-home care. ey started researching agencies who’d be able to provide the complicated services they needed for their sister.

COVID caused many obstacles. When they found a company who provided the speci c expertise needed, the company didn’t have sta available. It was a frightening time for so many families in the same situation.

Casey (owner) and Carey (Exec. Dir.) Horn took a leap of faith. It was Valentine’s Day 2021. eir life experiences, education and career skills, and their passion and concern for those chronically or acutely ill or disabled, provided an executable business plan. We Care Home Health was born.

e process was time-consuming and di cult. But they persevered and are Medicare certi ed, plus are in network with Medicare, TriWest, Pinnacol Assurance and working to add more insurance companies like UC Health and Kaiser. ey also accept private pay.

We Care Home Health serves a wide range of medical conditions:

• Managing medications

• Intermittent care

• Caring for individuals who need personal extended care.

Some examples would be individuals who have:

• Cerebral Palsy


• Multiple Sclerosis

• Parkinson’s Disease

We Care Home Health not only provides special, caring attention to your loved one, but they’ve provided jobs for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and additional work for those they partner with such as physical, occupational, and speech therapists. eir sta includes Carbon Valley residents who know and love the communities.

The Horns had the opportunity to work with the Town of Firestone to acquire a larger facility as We Care Home Health is growing. “We Care because we’ve been there,” says Casey Horn, owner. “We know firsthand what it’s like to try to find critical medical services for a family member.”

eir o ce is open M-F 9-5 and located at 11409 Business Park Circle, Ste. 200, Firestone 80504. ey can be reached by phone at 720.727.1141, email info@ WeCareHome.Health eir website is www.WeCareHome.Health.

“My mom thinks her nurse walks on water. She is wonderful, caring, prompt, and thorough.” -Kelly

John 14:6 is engraved on the base of the Billy Graham statue. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Franklin Graham at dedication below.

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Billy Graham Statue Unveiled at U.S. Capitol, Inviting People to the Gospel

Dear CVCR Readers,


CVCR Election Policy: The CVCR takes a non-biased approach in election support and Letters to the Editor. The CVCR does not endorse candidates but prints bios, platforms, and letters, FREE, as space is available and only edits for spacing.

Lori Saine for Weld County Commissioner

I humbly again ask for your support in the upcoming June election for Weld County Commissioner at Large. As the only commissioner to vote against raising your taxes with special districts and the only commissioner who supported giving your full refund back on your property tax bill when Weld had excess revenues, I nd that strong leadership is needed to turn this ship around.

Recently my e orts to push through very important legislation and policy through traditional media and social media gave us several wins in Weld County including a nonsanctuary County ordinance, restoration of public comment in public meetings, and fully nding the sheri during this immigration crisis. I couldn’t have done it without you: you joined me arm-in-arm in making these things happen, sending hundreds of petitions to restore public comment and making phone calls and emails.

If public servants can’t demonstrate by their votes to protect your private property rights and individual rights at every level, we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. America is exceptional because of self-governance –the people elect me to represent their interests on seven planks: scal responsibility, limited government values, promoting personal responsibility in programs, protecting private property rights, individual rights, and equal treatment under the law, and defending free markets.

When we get away from those principles of liberty, we don’t have representatives, we have rulers who reward their friends, punish their enemies, and make life more di cult and expensive for the average citizen trying to live their American dream. Weld County is even talking about getting into debt to fund more government projects –which you will pay for on your property taxes! I will vote no! And I’ll ask for your help once again to ensure we stop another tax-and-spend scheme.

at is why I am endorsing Lynette Kilpatrick Peppler to run for District 3 because she will vote for freedom. With both of us in o ce, we will turn this ship around for We the People who have had enough of in ation (a covert tax) caused by bad government policies and leadership. Learn more on the issues at

The Foundation

“This balance between the National and State governments ought to be dwelt on with peculiar attention, as it is of the utmost importance. It forms a double security to the people. If one encroaches on their rights they will find a powerful protection in the other. Indeed, they will both be prevented from overpassing their constitutional limits by a certain rivalship, which will ever subsist between them.”

—Alexander Hamilton (1788)



 Hello Firestone residents.

Lynette “Kilpatrick” Peppler for Weld County Commissioner District 3

A Weld native raised on the family dairy farm. She shoveled ditches, set tubes, drove trucks, fed, castrated, branded, milked, and shoveled “stu ”.

Her love for marching band eventually led to marching to a di erent drum and she was in the rst company of female marines to qualify as marksmen.

She worked for West Gas and Public Service Company, where she completed inventory, purchasing/receiving, budgeting, payroll, served as an executive secretary, and handled billing and dispatch for high-pressure gas, electric meter, and lineman departments. At age 30, she chose to dedicate herself to raising and homeschooling her children for the next 21 years. Her curriculum emphasized Biblical values, American history, the U.S. Constitution, and government. She participated in various campaigns and addressed issues ranging from local to national, including pro-life initiatives, school choice, and water preservation for agriculture. Additionally, Lynette taught driver’s ed and skills in basic automotive tune-ups, along with property management that included plumbing, ooring, drywall, electrical work, and appliance service.

Volunteering and community service have been signi cant parts of daily life, including thousands of hours with the Weld County and State Sheri ’s Posse, and the Colorado Mounted Law Enforcement Association. is work involves training and collaborating with the Secret Service, Border Patrol, Federal Marshalls, Royal Mounted Canadian Police, National Parks Police, and agencies across the country. She has volunteered at over a dozen food bank locations, participated in Holocaust Memorial Observances, hosted Memorial Day Services, served on numerous boards and committees, played in community bands, and provided transportation for elderly and disabled. Additionally, Lynette has assisted elderly individuals transitioning from their lifelong homes and made hundreds of visits to care facilities, hospitals, and hospice patients.

As an empty nester and a natural teacher, Lynette remains actively involved in assisting adults with disabilities. She has re-entered the workforce as a commercial driver and trainer, specializing in school buses, transit, Class B, and even 70 ft Class A semi-trucks. She is a state-certi ed third-party Commercial Driver’s License tester, a demanding role not suited for the faint of heart. She now cares for her 98-year-old mother, helping her to continue living independently on the family farm where she has resided for over 55 years.

Lynette is a grassroots conservative that will ght for you.

Stay Updated on Colorado Tax Issues

Mayors’ Report—For those of us who do not attend


 Summer is upon us! In Colorado that also means it’s construction season. This summer there will be street maintenance and repairs including edge milling and overlay in several neighborhoods. Please keep an eye out for the safety of the maintenance and construction crews who will be working in these areas.

 The Summer Tree Limb Drop-off is back. Due to the


 Frederickians, I invite you to get involved in two of our upcoming events: •Frederick in Flight - Grab your western gear and join us June 21, 22 and 23 for a magical weekend in Frederick! Enjoy the beautiful hot air balloon lift off each morning at sunrise (around 6 am), live music, and all your favorite food trucks at our 13th annual Frederick in Flight with a Western flare Ballon Bash on Saturday evening! Get all the details on our webpage:

 Responsible Growth: The Colorado Department of Transportation has officially started the I-25 segment five expansion project, which stretches from Mead to Berthoud. In collaboration with Town officials, the project team is finalizing design plans, scope, and phasing. These improvements will include additional lanes, updated interchanges and bridges, and advanced traffic management systems designed to

success of this service provided by the town last year, it was decided to continue to offer it again this year. Through the summer months there will be one Saturday a month where residents can bring their tree limbs to the Public Works facility.

 On the evening of June 13th we will be having the first Party in the Park gathering. This event is designed to occur in local neighborhood parks so that the Town Board of Trustees (BoT) and the Parks, Trails, Recreation, and Open Space Committee (PTROC) will be available to talk with residents of the surrounding area of that park while enjoying a light dinner and refreshments. This is your chance to have a conversation with us close to your home.

 The June 13th Party in the Park will be at Peninsula Park at Barefoot Lakes. We hope to see and talk to you then.

 Something you should watch for this month is the first edition of the Firestone Voice Newsletter. Throughout my time as

• Community Tour & Talk: Wyndam Hill neighbors, mark your calendar for June 19 for your neighborhood’s annual Community Tour & Talk. Bring your questions and concerns and join elected officials and Town staff for dinner and great conversation. Be sure to RSVP at:

 What’s Developing: During the April 23, 2024, Board of Trustees meeting, the Board voted affirmatively to pause oil and gas development applications. This pause is intended to allow for a refinement of land use guidelines, ensuring they are clear and uphold the best practices necessary to protect both the community and its residents.

 Frederick Forward: Frederick Forward wraps up its third community survey. This project includes two exciting and pivotal efforts guiding the Town of Frederick’s future. The Comprehensive Plan will steer the overall community’s growth over the next 20 years, and the Downtown Plan will establish the vision for the Downtown district. See all the survey results and ideas for a beautiful, thriving Downtown.

reduce congestion and improve travel times.

 Reliable Infrastructure: The Town is set to install its first public EV charging stations at the Town Hall parking lot, marking a significant step toward supporting electric vehicle use in the community. The initial installation will include two ChargePoint stations known for their reliability and ease of use. To encourage turnover and ensure accessibility, a fee will be applied after the first hour of usage.

 Public Safety: The Mead Police Department encourages residents to use The Neighbors app by Ring, dubbed the “new Neighborhood Watch.” It lets you monitor neighborhood activity, share crime-related videos and photos, and receive real-time alerts from neighbors and police. This free app helps neighborhoods assist in investigations by providing key video footage and keeps everyone informed, regardless of whether they own a Ring device.

 Fiscal Stability: An independent audit expert has wrapped up the onsite portion of the 2023 Financial Audit and is currently

a Trustee, this was one subject that kept coming up over and over again. The question was always a version of “Can you bring back the Firestone Voice?” Well, this month marks its comeback.

 The Firestone Voice will be formatted a bit different than what you remember but I hope you like what you see.

 Even though it is only June, July is not far away. That means the 22nd Annual 4th at Firestone isn’t far away as well. As always, the festivities will begin at 10:00am with a parade through Historic Firestone. At 11:00am in Miners Park, the excitement begins. The finale of the days’ events will be the fireworks display at 9:30pm. We hope to see you there.

 To stay informed on all of items I have mentioned, sign up for eNotifications through email/or text messages. To do so, visit the town website at and click “Stay Connected” to subscribe to alerts via email or text.

 Reminder and update – To bring the Silverstone Marketplace to fruition a full road closure is in effect from Highway 52 and the traffic circle at Fifth Street, expected to last until the end of summer. Despite the closure, there will be full access into Downtown. Project updates will be provided at:

 In Frederick, transparency is not just a buzzword. We’ve partnered with Envisio, a third-party software, to implement a public dashboard webpage showcasing important data and progress updates on the Town’s Strategic Plan. Stay informed, visit PublicDashboard

 I am proud of the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting and the Distinguished Budget Presentation award that the Town once again received highlighting a commitment to transparency, accountability, and effective financial management.

 Father’s Day: In celebration of Father’s Day, June 16, I would like to send special wishes and appreciation to you!

engaged in the detailed analysis phase. By providing an independent assessment of the Town’s financial health, the audit offers valuable insights into budgetary practices, resource allocation, and financial management.

 Connected Community: Get ready to kick off summer with a bang at the Mead Area Chamber of Commerce Summer Block Party on June 8 from 3 to 8 p.m. at Town Park! Enjoy a fantastic lineup of food trucks, exciting children’s activities, unique local vendors, refreshing beer and wine, and live music to keep the energy high. Don’t miss an unforgettable night of community celebration and summer fun! Stay current on events, projects, and news by subscribing to our monthly Mead Messenger and signing up for email notifications: bit. ly/mead-emails. If you are new to Mead, check out the Resident Information page at

Page 4 Consumer Report for Carbon Valley, Mead, & Erie—Local News & Business Info June 2024 Vol. 25, Issue 6

Firestone Trustee Vacancy—Choose Sorensen

ere have been plenty of opinions on who should be appointed to ll Firestone Mayor Conyac’s Trustee vacancy. Several are of the opinion that the fourth candidate in the 2024 election is the only logical choice and should automatically be appointed. at is one opinion.

Here is my opinion:

I have spent many years researching the history of our town. From the pioneers who settled here, coal mining and railroad times to our centennial in 2008. Much can be learned from the past and in my opinion history has value. 2022 is the election year that:

Filled 3 Trustee seats: e Mayoral candidates:

Don Conyac: 944 Douglas Sharp: 660

Randall MacCloud: 756 Drew Peterson: 718

Matt Holcomb: 958 Dan Martin: 67

Frank A. Jimenez: 915 Samantha Meiring: 517

Paul Sorensen: 834

Darrell Tymoczko: 742

After the election I let it be known that I would like to be considered if there was ever an opening on the board. ( I was the forth candidate.) When I hear the argument that the “voter’s need to be respected” I agree 100% and am of the opinion that the voters that elected Don should also be respected. I participated in the same election that originally elected Don so I believe I should have the same opportunity for the open seat as anyone else who is interested.

I lost the election in 2022 but my intention back then hasn’t wavered. I desire to serve the residents of my community to the best of my ability.

A little history for those new to Firestone. I was elected to Trustee 2008/2012 and Mayor 2014/2016. When Trustee Bobbi Sindelar told me she was interested in serving as Mayor I thought that Firestone deserved its rst female Mayor and stepped down and gave her my support in her 2018 election. I took a 4 year break while she was Mayor and attempted to be elected to a Trustee position in 2022. 834 Firestone voters supported me back then. (more votes than any mayoral candidate) Plenty of voters and residents appreciate my passion for service. In my opinion the voters are not being ignored. ey certainly are being considered in the selection process. If you disagree with me that’s ok. Your opinion is of equal value to mine. Agreeing to disagree is a healthy exchange of ideas and opinions. I wish Washington DC would remember that.

I have experience, history and a love and respect for our community that is beyond question. I appreciate the opportunity to interview for the chance to serve again as Trustee for the Town of Firestone. Whoever gets the appointment the board has my full support in their decision.

United Power 2024 Local Scholarship Recipients

United Power proudly announces its scholarship recipients for 2024. is year, the cooperative awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships to outstanding students in its service territory. e United Power Scholarship Committee selected 18 high school seniors based on grades, test scores, extracurricular activities, community involvement, and a written essay. Applications are made available on the cooperative’s website by December each year.

2024 scholarship recipients:

 Rachael Schmidt, Frederick High School, United Power Colorado College Scholarship, $2,000

 Giselle Sixtos, Fort Lupton High School, Lois Lesser Education Scholarship, $1,000

 Skylar Whalen, Mead High School, United Power Youth Leadership Scholarship, $1,500

Additionally, United Power dedicates a Bright Futures Scholarship to each high school within its service territory, provided students from those schools submit applications. is year, United Power distributed 11 scholarships for $2,000 each, including one “at-large” selection.

 Bright Futures scholarships for 2024 were awarded to Paige Gibbs, Fort Lupton High School; Josh Goodrich, Mead High School; Devyn Nabarrete, Erie High School; Nicholas Aasmundstad-Williams, Frederick High School; and Owen Woodford, Brighton High School.

More information about United Power’s scholarships, including a video commemorating this year’s recipients, can be found on the co-op’s website.

Begin Life Anew Coaching

Hi I’m Tracy Rewerts, Betrayal Trauma and Certi ed Life Coach; and owner of Begin Life Anew Coaching. Even though you’ve seen my articles in this paper for the last 12 years as a Certi ed Personal Trainer, I’ve experienced di erent life situations that have led me to a new profession that I want to share with you.

Betrayal trauma can come from another’s in delities, addictions, a airs, emotional abuse, etc. As you begin your journey, a betrayal trauma coach can be someone safe to help you process the multiple feelings you’re having and to help you move forward.

At Begin Life Anew Coaching, I understand the reality of betrayal trauma. I’ve had training through APSATS to be able to help women through this challenge.

*My one-on-one coaching program provides you a safe place to re ect on your betrayal experiences, o ering support as you heal, helping you reach for personal growth and a plan of recovery.

*Betrayal Trauma Healing Groups - for those that want to walk with other women who have been through similar circumstances. is will provide small group support and help you on your journey to emotional safety, peace, and tools for self-care.

*Life Coaching for all areas of life – Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you going through major life changes like a new profession, moving, divorce, a new empty nester, or need help with relationships, accountability, grief, self-care, or boundaries? I can help you identify your strengths and solutions for personal growth/development, and how to implement skills and strategies to achieve the goals you want to accomplish.

* Health and Wellness Coaching – With 12+ years of experience, I o er one-on-one coaching and self-care Group Fitness Classes to address your health-related objectives, and help you build a lifestyle that supports them.

It’s very common to not know who you can turn to for support and to feel alone in these situations. I’m here as your Coach to give you the support you need. We’ll work together to identify the source of your struggles, and the solutions that will be most helpful to move you forward.

ere is hope and you can enjoy living life again. Visit my website at BeginLifeAnew. com for details on each service and to schedule a

Tracy Rewerts CCLC, CPT.

Foster And Kinship Appreciation Summer Bbq Thanks Local Heroes

e Weld County Department of Human Services held a special “Foster and Kinship Appreciation Summer BBQ” event on Tuesday, June 13 to thank and recognize the families in the community who have opened their homes to provide care and love to area children.

e event took place at the Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley, and in addition to a barbecue dinner, families were given the opportunity to play games and engage in a variety of activities such as cornhole, creating sidewalk chalk art, and facepainting. e Greeley Police Department and Greeley Fire Department were also on hand, showing excited kids around a police cruiser and three di erent re engines.

Jamie Ulrich, the Director of Human Services for Weld County, and Weld County Commissioners Lori Saine and Perry Buck were among the speakers who provided words of appreciation and encouragement for these incredible families. “We are so grateful for you being in the Weld County family, and to be ghting that wonderful battle for our children,” said Commissioner Saine. “ ank so very much from the bottom of my heart.”

Research has shown that the resilience of children and youth is directly proportional to the number of healthy and safe relationships they have in their lives, and the role of kinship and foster families in helping children in the Weld community gives them the opportunity to thrive.

Coming on the heels of May, which was proclaimed Foster Care Month in Weld County, this event provided another opportunity to reiterate how important foster and kinship families truly are. If you or someone you know is interested in nding out more about how to become a foster family, please visit Departments/Human-Services/Foster-Care

Editors NOTE: November is National Adoption Month.

Vol. 25, Issue 6 June 2024 Consumer Report—Like us at Page 5
Free 30-minute consultation today!
Angel’s Advocate Home Care Registered Nurse Owned Care with a Heart We want for your family as we would for our own. 303.317.5330 ● Skilled Nursing ● All Therapy Svcs (PT, OT, ST) ● ● CNA/Caregivers ● Medical Social Worker ● ● 24 Hr On-Call Nurse Available ● ● Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance/Private Pay ● FREE IN-HOME ASSESSMENTS Call for
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Reducing Stress through Organization

Whether you’re an older adult navigating your own path, or you are a caregiver, or an adult child assisting someone, having information all in one spot is the key to reducing stress. Introducing “ e Book Where You Look”, a fancy name for the central location for important information.

Creating one is simple, but will take a little time. Here are the nuts and bolts.

Grab a binder, or a plastic folder (preferably brightly colored with pockets). Create labels for the following tabs: Medication List, Allergies, Med Providers, Pharmacies, Med History, Medicare/Insurance Cards, Insurance Info, Visit Summaries & Power of Attorney/Advance Directives.

Next, gather all necessary information pertaining to each subject. is binder is a way to keep yourself organized and to make sure all family members, caregivers, or other people that are a part of your “team” have the same information. Be as detailed as you can be. For example, when listing medication, make sure to include supplements and OTC medications. When listing allergies, include a description of the reaction. Include physician details including specialists, interns, and therapists, plus o ce hours, or any other pertinent information.

Medical history can be brief, but informative. Make copies of all necessary cards, the obvious (Medicare, insurance) and the less obvious (dental or vision cards, etc.). is book should accompany you on any medical visits so all necessary information is at your ngertips. Having everything in one place keeps everyone on the same page. Being organized is one of the best ways to reduce stress in eldercare.

(Notes from “How to Take Care of Old People Without Losing Your Marbles” by Suzanne Blankenship).

Lindsay Adams is a Certified Senior Advisor. She can be reached at (303) 775-6312.

Community Invited To Take OUR Center Survey

OUR Center, a nonpro t providing services and programs that enable selfsu ciency to individuals and families in need of food and resources, is inviting residents in Longmont, Dacono, Firestone, Frederick, Hygiene, Lyons, Mead, Niwot, Allenspark, Riverside, and Raymond to take part in a comprehensive community-wide online survey. e survey will gather valuable insights to inform future strategies and ensure that OUR Center’s programs align closely with the needs and expectations of those it supports, including participants, volunteers, community partners, and donors.

e survey should only take participants approximately 10 minutes to complete. e results are evaluated by a third party and are kept completely anonymous. It is accessible online via the below link and invites community members to share their perceptions, experiences, and suggestions regarding various aspects of the organization’s work.

23rd Chamber Open Golf Tournament

Back at Saddleback for our annual Chamber Open! We couldn’t be more excited to be back in the community for the summers most exciting golf tournament. New games. New hole activities. e same great fun! Early Bird pricing is now open and we’ve already got a few sponsorships spoken for - if you like to be ahead of the game, send an email to to register or con rm your sponsorship.

American Legion Post 1985 News

Welcome to the American Legion Post 1985 at 810 1st Ave. Firestone, Colorado, (corner of First and Grant) 303-833-3878. We encourage all veterans and active military and community members to visit us and join a great group of veterans, community members, and members that are working toward the common goal of supporting those that have sacri ced so much for so many.


 Join us for some fun every 3rd Saturday of the month for dancing and enjoyment starting at 7 PM.

 June 15th- e Incidentals---Classic Rock, Blues, and Country

 July 20th – e Highway Robbery---Classic Rock and Country Dance Band Dinners are o ered every Friday night and are great meals at reasonable prices. 2nd Friday of the month is a complete steak dinner, and a RSVP is required. Call 303-833-3878 to reserve. Please stop by and say Hello anytime. Post hours are noon to ? every day. Hope to see you soon.

RV & Self Storage + Luxury Garage Condos

sq ft of enclosed self storage AVAILABLE NOW

•Competitive Rates •Convenient Online Bill Pay Secure Gate Access•24/7 Surveillance Monitoring No Long Term Commitment•Contactless Online Move-In on Website

•Multiple Size Storage Units•Indoor & Outdoor RV Storage • On-Site Dump Station

970-601-1011•• Locally Owned & Operated

When Is The Right Time To Purchase A Home?

People often ask me “When would the timing be right for me to purchase a home?”. e answer is it depends on your individual situation, rather than market conditions such as home prices or interest rates. Market conditions have in uence on what you can purchase and your price range, but it’s not really possible to “time” the market for a perfect purchase time.

If you are looking to get into your rst home, the more critical question is “Are you ready?” is includes factors such as how long you would plan on being in the home. If you think you would have to move within a year or two, it might not be the best time to purchase. Real estate is a long-term investment and planning to buy and resell quickly can be risky.

Another factor for you is your nancial situation. Getting pre-quali ed will let you know where you stand with what monthly payment you can a ord and how much you need for a downpayment. Interest rates play a factor in what you will qualify for, but waiting for a lower rate is likely to be o set by increased home prices. When we purchased our rst home in 1980, our mortgage was at 16.5% on an adjustable rate! As rates came down and prices increased, we were able to re nance to get a better interest rate and yet we were building up equity that whole time. If we had not purchased until rates came down, we would have paid substantially more for the same house and we would have been paying rent that entire time as well.

For those that already own a home and are looking to either move up or downsize, the timing factor is also less critical, especially if the move is in the same general area. When the market is a seller’s market (low inventory and prices rising), you have the advantage on the selling side, but the disadvantage on the buying side and the opposite is true in a buyer’s market (high inventory and prices coming down), so the market doesn’t really matter.

ere are always individual factors that can a ect your decision regarding purchasing a home which is why you should contact an experienced Realtor to help guide you through the process.

How you can help: A very simple way you can help the Carbon Valley Help Center is to use your King Soopers loyalty/shopper card when you shop. Follow the simple instructions below for a portion of what you spend to be given to the help center to directly help those in need in our community: 1. Open your King Soopers app

In the upper right corner of the app, click on the three bars 3. Click on Search for Organization

Enter “Carbon Valley Help Center”


Special anks To: e volunteers from Rocky Mountain Christian Church who cleaned up our yard on May 4th! ey got our yard in tip top shape! We truly appreciate the support they give throughout the entire year.

e Town of Firestone for allowing the Carbon Valley Help Center to have a food collection booth at their recycling event on May 4th. e Town of Firestone has been exceptional to work with and we appreciate the support they give to the Help Center!

e local Girl Scout Troop 70579 for holding a food drive to bene t our food pantry!

RLW Construction for their food drive and food donation.

e Town of Frederick and Waste Connections/Front Range Land ll for their food drive and food donation that was in conjunction with their free dump event.

e youth group of the Peak View Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the scavenger hunt to collect food to donate to the Help Center!

Page 6 Consumer Report for Carbon Valley, Mead, & Erie—Local News & Business Info June 2024 Vol. 25, Issue 6
Located 1 Mile West of I-25 • Mead Exit 245 • West to 341 1st
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American Legion Post 1985 News

On Saturday, April 27th, American Legion Post 1985 in Firestone held a Mah Jongg tournament to raise funds in support of their service to the community. A traditional Chinese game of skill & luck, Mah Jongg is generally played with four players using tiles and following rules like the card game rummy.

e tournament attracted 60 players from all over the Front Range. Organized by the post’s Finance O cer, Sally Janich, and veteran tournament director Sheryl Gerber, it featured a full day of competitive play, individual souvenir bags, door prizes, refreshments, and a catered lunch. Players had the opportunity to participate in two ra e events.

e main ra e featured multiple drawings for dozens of prizes donated by individuals and businesses across Colorado. With a total value of more than $2,500.00, these generous donations ranged from Mah Jongg jewelry and tile sets to a 55-inch atscreen television.

By the end of the day, between the participants’ registration fees and the raffle earnings, Post 1985 raised more than $5,000. Funds will use to fulfill the Legion’s mission of supporting military veterans, their family members, and the community in every way possible. Post 1985 serves the Carbon Valley region of Colorado and includes organizations components: Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons and the Riders. Together, they provide a wide variety of services and support to our nation’s veterans and their family members. These services include providing transportation for

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veterans to and from medical appointments, academic scholarships, sponsorship of community sports teams, financial assistance for veterans in times of need, and many others. Veterans and family members of veterans interested in learning more about the American Legion and its mission are welcome to visit Post 1985 or Always An Answer 24/7 Live Answering Service Customized Services No Contracts EMERGENCY EXPERIENCE Low Rates Confidentiality Very Friendly Owner: Cathy Scofield Give us a call! 303-678-7608 Since 2005 Daisy Lear, MSOM, Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Providing Quality Healthcare for the Whole Family (303)587-3557 Call for Consult & Appt. 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Carolyn Fronczak, MD

Dr. Carolyn Fronczak is a board-certified urologist and Medical Director of Modern Urology Colorado. She specializes in advanced surgical and nonsurgical treatments for all urologic conditions in men and women. Dr. Fronczak finds the root-cause of the urologic condition and strives toward prevention of urologic issues to promote a healthy future.

Firestone Freethinkers 4H Club

Welcome to June we are gearing up for Weld County Fair the end of July. Recap of events:

* At our May meeting we earned an ice cream party from the county.

* We also had a Mac-N-Cheese food drive for the Firestone help center.

* Some members have quali ed to show at state fair with their participation in county events. Upcoming events:

* Monthly Freethinkers meeting June 2nd at the Firestone Ranch

* June 2nd County shooting sports event

* June 8th Cloverbud Camp

* June 9-11th Dairy Extravaganza

* June 14th Junior Jam

* July 20th - 29th County Fair

Questions about 4H? Rachael Smith at or Danielle Lammers at Have a wonderful spring. (Kenzie Lammers, reporter)

United Way Provides Recreation Scholarships

e Carbon Valley Parks and Recreation District, Rebels Youth Athletics, City of Evans Recreation, Town of Mead Recreation, and Platteville Recreation have collectively been granted $7,500 in funding from donors at the United Way of Weld County. is funding is designated for scholarships aimed at supporting children and youth participating in recreational activities.

Fifteen Weld County towns and

recreation departments received a combined $30,000 in funding. Each year, the resourcing process facilitates scholarships for nearly one thousand youth who might not otherwise engage in activities promoting healthy lifestyles, teach life skills, and improve mental well-being.

“ e price of sports participation has been going up, up, up over the past few years,” shared TaylorAnn Cantwell, who is the board treasurer for Rebels Youth Athletics in Keenesburg. “Our hardship fund addresses the need that this has created. We don’t turn away any children

5th Generation Colorado Homestead Family Serving Front Range 30 YEARS Independently Owned Not a Corporation

or youth that would like to participate. e United Way funds allow RYA to include as many of our families as possible.”

Locals receiving the scholarships:

•Carbon Valley Parks & Rec District

• City of Fort Lupton Recreation

• Platteville Recreation

• Town of Erie

• Town of Mead Recreation

“It’s so important for youth to have the opportunity to participate in recreation programs,” shared Lyle SmithGraybeal, chief operating o cer at United Way. “Building healthy habits and providing an

opportunity for physical and mental health development is key in building a strong foundation for youth in our community.”

United Way donors have provided recreation scholarship funding throughout Weld County for over 30 years. Any recreation program or district in the county may apply to receive funds. e next volunteer-led process will be held in early 2025. Contact Cienfuegos-Baca at @ or 970-353-4300 to nd out more or to make a recreation scholarship-supporting donation.

Here’s to the last 85 years and the brilliant future we’ll create together. We’ve evolved, but our dedication to powering progress and making connections that contribute to a stronger tomorrow remains unwavering. We’re here for tomorrow - we’re here for good.

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