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4 Types Of Camera Filters Worth Considering. Keith S. Black If you're into photography, more than likely you have a set of filters in your arsenal of camera equipment. Even if you're just a beginner, you probably have at least 2 filters. What are they and how do they work and why do you need them? How does a filter function- a filter is a transparent optical element that changes the light properties that are entering the camera. The end result of this process is it improves the recorded image. Filters affect things such as the sharpness, contrast, flare and even the intensity. The filter can change one or more of the properties as well as enhance the image by creating special effects. A filter is usually connected to the front of the lens. It doesn't matter if you use a digital camera or film, the filter works the same, although there may be slight differences. If you're using a digital camera, UV filters are not needed because digital is not sensitive to ultraviolet light. A film camera is very sensitive to UV light. UV Filters and Infrared Filters- The absorption levels come in various levels that are measured by the percentage of transmission. If you're taking aerial shots, a filter that transmits 0% is ideal. If you're just doing normal photography, a UV filter that transmits 30% will work just fine for your purposes. UV and IR filters are used to reduce the visible light. Natural Density Filters- use this filter when light intensity is high and you're attempting to get a sharp look when a lens opening is required. Polar filters- this filter is used to enhance reflection control, contrast, and color. When compared to other filters, this one has a different optical principle. Polar filters allow light to pass through in one direction. If you're using a polar filter outside, you can darken a blue sky as long as the sky was in fact clear blue on that day. A polar filter also decreases any reflections if you're taking pictures and there is glass or water near by. Optical filters- this is a great special effects filter. This would be a great investment if your plan is to earn a living from photography. This filter also brings life to an image as a result of the many features that this filter has.

Even if you only want to take pictures for dun, having a few filters would make for a great investment. This will help you get some of the most awesome pictures you could have ever imagined. I have only provided you with a short list of filters that are available to purchase. You can visit your local camera shop or and find a lot of filters to chose from.

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