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Do You Have A Desire To Learn Photography. Here's How. Keith S. Black Do you have a strong desire to learn photography? If you've answered yes, than keep reading to learn about the many aspects to consider while you're on our journey. Your CameraDon't make the mistake of thinking that the camera is king. The camera is important but it's not the end all be all to the final look of your image. There are other variables that determine the final look of your image other than the kind or name brand camera that you buy. QualityWill the image be enlarged before it is viewed? Is the subject that is being considered be the entire focus of the shot? What is the amount of time that is given to take the shot? Cameras work at different speeds and this should be kept in mind. The speed is an important variable to consider due in part to the selected subject you'll be shooting. If you're taking photo of children at play, it's best to use an automatic camera to avoid the confusion of having to make adjustments to the lighting and focus. On the other hand if you're taking a shot of a landscape, the time that it takes to get the shot is a lot more flexible and therefore you have plenty of time to use your manual camera. LightingIf you desire to take portrait shots, if may be somewhat of an issue if you want to do it using sunlight. The sunlight is considered a hard light and as a result of taking the shot in the sun, you'll see dark shadows in the shot. If you insist on using the sun for your lighting, move the subject to a shaded area. Doing this will block out a lot of the sun and you'll be able to get a skylight more so than sunlight. Another suggestion would be to take your shot right before sunset or right after. The sun is softer during those times. If you have a diffuser or a reflector, use them as they will do a good job of helping add life to the shot. Also, avoid using your flash during the 2 suggested times. You'll get that cold look and feel in your photos.

What About ExposureThere is not a right or wrong exposure. You can select whatever exposure that you'd like. You're the photographer so you have the final determination in the outcome of your images. You could lose a lot of your details on the image. Your environment will have many different colors that you will not be able to capture on film, keep this in mind as you determine what exposure to use. I've only given you a few things to consider as it relates to learning photography and what to consider when you're taking pictures. Follow these tips and others along the way and in doing so, your skills will become sharper and in the process you'll start to use more of your creative thought process to capture better looking images.

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