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a 25th Anniversary Edition

August 2014, Vol 25 No.7 In Africa, for Africa, by Africa

Geosynthetics A versatile cost-effective material

Kenya: Dimension Architects turns 20 Nigeria: A look at a growing paint manufactuerer, Elinuol. Ethiopia: Eskinder Woubetu Architects and their distinctly Ethiopian designs Features: Operating cranes and hoists Maintaining your diesel generator Sealants and adhesives Opinion: 5 Steps In Choosing a Project Management Tool

MANAGING EDITOR Robert Barnes COUNTRY EDITORS Kenya - Francis Makari Uganda - Samuel Bujingo Nigeria - Boladale Ademiju WRITERS Elaine Young, Newton Mthethwa, Lindsay Wagner WEB & GRAPHIC DESIGN Augustine Ombwa Frankline May ADVERTISING Kenya William Mutama, Fred Okoth, Frances Lagoussis (Mombasa), Trizah Njoroge, Faustine Salleh South Africa: Manoko Thosago, Tabitha Muthoni,Winnie Sentabire, Angeline Ntobeng, Nqobile Ndlovu



A versatile cost-effective material


a 25th Anniversary Edition

August 2014, Vol 25 No.7

The reason why geosynthetics is gradually

In Africa, for Africa, by Africa

gaining popularity in construction is that


the polymers have the capability of solving

A versatile cost-effective material

geotechnical problems to a greater degree than conventional techniques.

Uganda: Dan Nsalasata,Bill Collins Musaazi Botswana: Dickson Manyudza, Gerald Mazikana Ethiopia: Haimanot Tesfaye, Ruth Girma Tanzania: Tom Kiage Malawi: Anderson Fumulani Ghana: Samuel Hinneh Zimbabwe: Cyri’l Zenda Rwanda: Collison Lore Nigeria: Seni Bello

Cover Picture: Admir Africa's reinforcement of asphalt structure on the Apedwa Bunso Road, Ghana


Kenya: Dimension Architects turns 20 Nigeria: A look at a growing paint manufactuerer, Elinuol. Ethiopia: Eskinder Woubetu Architects and their distinctly Ethiopian designs Features: Operating cranes and hoists Maintaining your diesel generator Sealants and adhesives Opinion: 5 Steps In Choosing a Project Management Tool

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Guest: Daniel Marcus, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Magnetic




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Inside 5 steps to proper maintenance of diesel generators


Advancing crane and hoist safety for operations


New Home for Kenya Civil Aviation Authority


The Transformation of Echuka farm


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August 2014 Volume 25 No. 7

Editor's Comment Reducing costs of construction

Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers mark 20 Years

The use of geosynthetics is rapidly expanding as they gain more acceptance as a cost effective way of overcoming

Mr Katua one of the founders of the firm in Kenya says.“Our work out there now speaks for itself”, adding that the practice achieves a competitive edge through creativity and projects that stand out.

geotechnical challenges. These challenges can be in road construction in wet or clayey areas , especially in remote areas where transport and haulage is very expensive, they have both technical and financial benefits as a new design methodology.

26 Eskinder Woubetu Architects

Where erosion and drainage is of concern, geosynthetics provide a widely convenient, effective and economic alternative to traditional aggregate and sand filtration layers. Their significance is to remove the water and other

The firm vigorously seeks to move in a direction which can take architectural design in Ethiopia one step further with designs that can be labeled “Ethiopian”.

fluids while providing excellent soil retention, assuring long-term free flowing drainage without soil loss.

In Africa they lack of awareness has meant that traditional methods still hold sway but it is only a matter of time before their use is more widely recognized. In this issue

58 Teamwork Key at Synthesis

we look at the developments in this exciting industry.


Aleem Manji Architects (AMA-Kenya)


Sealants or Adhesives


Long-term success through sustainable action


Elinuol and Company


Eth hiop pia a Offi ffice e Hayymii Ad dverttisiing Servvicees 22 Mazzoriia, Gen net Bldg g 4th h Fllr P.O O. Bo ox 1316 6 - 1110 0 Ad ddis Ab baba a Tel: +2 251 118 955 85 55 I Celll: +2511 93 30 099 152 2 Em mail: eth hiop pia@ @gro oup pafriicap publish m

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Kig gali, Rw wand da

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South Africa

Worlds biggest solar plant

Biopark innovation hub in the offing

Morocco plans to build a total of five solar plants that will add 2 Gigawatts of energy into its power grid by 2020. These plants will be built next to each other at the Ain Beni Mathar to make up a mega US$9bn Concentrating Plant. The project is expected to help cut down the country’s oil and coal imports. The first 160MW power plant is already under construction at the Ain Beni Mathar, with Saudi developer, ACWA Power, leading a consortium in the construction. The World Bank, together with other 3 institutions is funding the first phase of the project. The other 3 organizations are European Investment Bank, Global Environment Facility and African Development Bank. The second phase will involve construction of a 400MW solar plant, expected to go online in 2016. This will be followed by construction of two 500MW plants which are expected to begin operations come 2017 and 2018. The last plant will contribute 100MW into the grid. In addition to replacing coal-generation, the Ain Beni Mathar-based plant will provide an opportunity for Morocco to build a skill base to operate similar facilities in the region in future. This includes the planned Desertec solar power plant project. Morocco will also generate foreign revenues from such projects for the first time, as it is expected to export some power to Europe. According to the World Bank, Morocco is suited to serve European markets due to its strategic positioning and can take advantage of the positioning to take a technology and market lead.

The innovation hub Biopark in Gauteng, South Africa is already filled



to capacity with construction work of phase 1 almost complete. The phase which is expected to also house the Climate Innovation Centre (CIC) with 20 additional pre-commercial companies will enable 10 companies of the Life Sciences Enterprise Project to move into the Biopark in the third quarter of this year.According to Dr Boitumelo

US$200 Million Power Plant Underway

Semete-Makokotlela the Innovation Hub research, development and innovation GM, the main aim of the Biopark is to speed up commercialization of biotechnology in South Africa through the support of the Department of Science and Technology’s bio-economy strategy. In addition to that, the park will aid address key aspects of Gauteng Innovation and knowledge economy strategy. The Innovation Hub was previously very much focused on information and communication technology, and the construction of the Biopark and the establishment of the CIC signal an expansion into the bio- and green economy sectors,” says Semete-Makokotlela.

Kenya Online cargo clearance platform to save US$450m in 6 years Time efficiency is crucial to any port as it improves the average turnaround time but Sub-Saharan Africa is struggling with long delays in clearing cargo from its ports which costs it revenue running into millions of dollars hence imposing a negative economic impact. However, to remove itself from the list of countries struggling with long delays at the ports, Kenya has launched an online cargo clearance system. The move is geared towards boosting operations at the port of Mombasa and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). The Electronic Single Window System, also known as Kenya TradeNet System, is expected to make it easier and cheaper for traders to clear their goods in the East African country. With the system in place, the country hopes to progressively reduce the cargo dwell time to a maximum of three days at the port and at JKIA, easing the cost of doing business in the East African region. Currently, it takes an average of seven days to clear cargo at the port of Mombasa. Officials say that the system will reduce the cost of shipping a container from Kenya to Uganda by 50% from the current US$3,300 to US$1,600. Containers going to Rwanda would cost US$3,300 from the previous US$5,000.The system will give traders a single platform to lodge documents associated with cargo clearance.

Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading (NBET) has received the names of Proton Energy, amongst others being considered for power purchasing agreement licences by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). The move is part of the stipulated process in awarding licence and operation in the power sector for Gencos. NERC’s Chairman, Mr. Sam Amadi said the commission expects the company to complete everything required in the process for the power licence. “We expect that the company will expedite actions to ensure that all mandatory requirements are met.” Said Amadi. He added correspondences from other bodies would confirm that Proton have fulfilled all requirements. The Managing Director, NBET, Rumundanka Wonodi confirmed that Proton Energy was listed among power licence prospectors that have been issued the Power purchase agreement draft to start negotiation. “We got a list from NERC about those that have applied for licence and who we can consider for PPA. Proton Energy is on the list.” He said. Proton Energy is located in Sapele, Delta state, and is just part of many Independent Power Projects expected to boost power supply. Having a projected installed capacity of 150 MW, the plant, which is currently at its initial stage, will be expanded to produce a total of 500 megawatts on completion. August 2014


South Africa

Ghana Kotoka Airport expansion

Rwanda and Uganda have signed a US$ 8.5m railway agreement consultancy services for the preliminary engineering design of the Kigali-Kampala standard gauge railway. The contract is in sequence with a recent decision by Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya to enter a tripartite arrangement to fast-track integration projects. The director general of Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA), Mr. Guy Kalisa said that this is another demonstration of the strong commitment and political will of leaders for joint regional integration projects aimed at promoting regional trade and free movement of people. He further stated that Rwanda and Uganda will share the cost of the designs of the railway, adding that Rwanda will pay US$ 2m, while Uganda will cater for the rest.

The Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) has commenced work on terminal two arrival hall expansion project at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). The first phase of the project is set to be completed by the end of the year, which will involve the construction of the expanded terminal area, the expansion of the immigration area and installation of extra immigration and customs desks.There would also be the provision and installation of two new baggage handling equipment for the arrival hall.The US$21.4m project is being funded through the internally generated funds of the GACL. The contract was awarded to Amandi Holdings Limited. ARG Africa will undertake the replacement of the escalator in the departure terminal and the installation of the second elevator.

Association Partners

US$ 8.5m Railway deal

Power Delivery Project to cost US$ 3.53bn Eskom’s Power Delivery Project (PDP), which comprises of about 47 projects, is currently valued at US$ 3.53bn as of March 31 2014. The project focuses on new infrastructure commissioning, construction and engineering projects in the power transmission division. In the past seven years, Eskom has carried out transmission and infrastructure projects that carry a value of US$ 2.49bn. US$ 1.38bn has been allocated for an additional transmission line for the next five years, but a total of US$ 1.45bn is needed for completion of the whole project. PDP projects include addition of new assets for the new building programme for the Medupi power station in Limpopo, the Kusile power station in Mpumalanga, the Ingula pumped-storage scheme in KwaZulu-Natal, independent power producers’ integration, and the 765 kV transmission line projects. Eskom’s Transmission Development Projects (TDP) in Mpumalanga entail extension of the 400KV network, integration of Kusile coal power station already under construction, and installation of additional transformers in existing and new sub-stations in the province.




- Architectural Association of Kenya - Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya - Institute of Engineers of Kenya - Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya - Association of Professional Societies of East Africa APSEA) - Kenya Property developers Association - Institution of Surveyors of Kenya

- Association of Ethiopian Architects - Ethiopian Association of Civil Engineers

Institute of Namibian Quantity Surveyors

South Africa


- ASAQS - SAICE - South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession - Khuthaza ( Women for Housing) - Concrete Manufacturers Association - Green Building council of SA - South African Property Owners Association - Master Builders South Africa

Uganda Institute of Surveyors of Uganda August 2014

Botswana Institute of Botswana Quantity Surveyors

Ethiopia Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia

- Zimbabwe Institute of Quantity Surveyors - Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers - The Construction Industry Federation of Zimbabwe (Cifoz)

Association of Consulting Engineers of Namibia

Tanzania - Tanzania Institute of Quantity Surveyors - Construction Regulation Board (CRB) - Tanzania’s Registration Board of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (AQSRB)

Nigeria - Association of Consulting Engineers Nigeria - Association of Professional Women Engineers Of Nigeria - Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria


- The Nigerian Institute of Architects

- Ghana Institute of Engineers - Architects Registration Council - Ghana Institute of Surveyors - Ghana Green Builders Association - Ghana Institute of Planners - Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors of Ghana

- American Association of Petroleum Geologists Africa Region - Nigeria Society of Engineers - Nigeria Institute of Architects - Building and Construction Skilled Artisans Association of Nigeria(BACSAAN) 5


Aussie’s new dewatering pumps

Liebherr delivers its 30,000th mobile crane in the market

HIMOINSA new lighting towers


After the delivery of an LTM 1500-8.1, Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH now have a total of 30,000 mobile cranes supplied to customers. The Liebherr 500-tonner was supplied to the Mexican company Grupo DPH, a crane and heavy load contractor. In reaching its decision to buy from Liebherr, one of the major factors for Grupo DPH was the existence of Liebherr Mexico R.L, a sales and service subsidiary founded in 2013. The LTM 1500-8.1 was handed over in the port of Salina Cruz in the south of Mexico. Grupo DPH has a warehouse at the port which currently acts as a distribution centre for the wind power plant manufacturer Vestas. At the present time the warehouse contains 130 generators and hubs for wind turbines. These will be shipped to wind farms throughout Mexico and also to other countries within Latin America. That meant that the first jobs were already waiting for the new LTM 1500-8.1 crane when it arrived. It shuttled between loading the generators at the distribution centre and a nearby wind farm where it erected tower segments weighing 68 tonnes. The next jobs for it include pre-assembly work for oil platforms. The 500-tonner from Liebherr has been on the market for 16 years and 450 units have already been supplied, establishing the model as the reference crane in the 500-tonne class. Grupo DPH has its head office in Tampico, in the State of Tamaulipas in Mexico and currently has a workforce of 300 people working in its crane hire, heavy transport, logistics and construction business units.

The APOLO Range has been designed to operate continuously and withstand temperatures from -20 to 45° C. It includes LED versions.HIMOINSA has designed a full range of lighting towers that are compact, robust, versatile and offer extended autonomy. With a lighting capacity of up to 1.320.000 lumens, some of the towers in the APOLO range can light up an area of 110 square metres and have 166-hours autonomy, equivalent to 17 nights without being refuelled. Their carefully thought out design includes LED versions that consume substantially less fuel. Their small measures make them easier to transport, reducing the shipping cost. The APOLO Range includes several lighting towers which belong to the START, COMPACT, BOX and KIT TOWER series. The APOLO START series is made up of the following tower models: AS 4006 and AS 4008. They have been designed to operate continuously and withstand temperatures from -20 to 45ºC. Fitted with a ninemetre manually extendible mast, the AS 4006 lighting tower is one of the most versatile and competitive on the market. “These lighting towers can run up to 70 hours uninterrupted, more than 7 nights without refill and they illuminate up to 32square meters”, explains Manuel Sanchez Bada, Engineering Manager at HIMOINSA.



launched a new range of dry prime




the huge 2014 CivEnex show to




into a new dimension for the iconic Australian designer and manufacturer. The initial range included three inch, four inch and six inch dewatering pumps. Aussie Pumps’ set out to create a new standard for the market in terms of dry prime design, efficiency levels and value for money. According to Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales they have an unparalleled reputation for quality, self-priming trash pumps that can handle virtually any solid laden liquids and those wet prime pumps are all designed around a simple ‘bullet proof’ concept that’s cost effective but robust. The company is setting out to do the same in the dry prime pump market. The new product range simplifies the over complex design of other manufacturers, making



and the pumps less expensive. Engineered







Golden Software Releases Strater® 4

contractors, local government miners, and quarry operators,

Golden Software, Inc., the leading developer of scientific graphics



software announced, in April last year, the release of Strater 4, a

include a few extras that other

powerful, user-friendly well log, borehole and cross section plotting

manufacturers class as options.

software package for geoscientists. Strater 4 enables users to quickly

Flow efficiencies are exceptional

create professional well logs, cross sections and location maps from

with the big six inch pump, the

interval, depth, and other borehole data.


new AP150, boasting flows

The most highly-anticipated new features in Strater 4 are the

to 7,200 litres per minute.The

abilities to display deviated logs in a cross section, display deviation

four inch version achieves a

paths on a map, and to create cross sections using line logs. Showing

maximum head of 40 metres

deviated logs and deviation paths are helpful with so many boreholes

(that’s vertical lift). All models

currently being deviated and horizontal. Strater can now create a more

feature excellent self-priming

accurate representation of the data. Another powerful new feature is

characteristics with the ability to

the addition of a full coordinate system library. Users can create maps

lift water up to 8.5 metres.

from data in all different coordinate systems.


August 2014


2nd Annual Africa Hospital Expansion Summit

Badr Investors Association to develop Egyptian City with EGP200 million


4th- 5th September, 2014 Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Lusaka, Zambia. Contact: Samantha Email: samantha@blr. Website:



Badr Investors Association (BIA) is planning to launch a holding firm that will finally complete all installed projects in the Badr city, the group chairman Alaa El-Sakty has revealed. The holding firm


will be established in collaboration with Egypt’s Housing Ministry,

architects, medical companies,

and the completion of the project will cost EGP 200 million (US$

equipment providers and service


groups, in order to better explore

According to Alaa El-Sakty, the company will announce this

the market and support project

to the company’s shareholders after the development of the city.

development. The hospital sector

Badr City is to the North East of Cairo, Egypt and attracts different

is undergoing undeniable growth

types of people. The funds will see the establishment of new plants

in the entire African continent,

and a residential city for workers. The company will also launch a permanent exhibition for its products. Long Live Egypt’s fund will also benefit from annual financial commitments already given a nod by the Badr’s board of directors. Long Live Egypt Fund is a fund drive established to help Egypt’s economy. BADR Investments puts together complex commercial profitoriented partnerships to provide consultancy services to both governments and corporations. Although predominant in the Middle East, the company has a global presence.

government focus on healthcare expansion.

AAK to hold Convention

In the coming ten years, not only an extra 500,000 to 650,000

The Architectural Association of Kenya

beds are being built, in the Sub-

will be hosting its annual convention



from the 20th to the 22nd of August

investments up to US$35 billion

this year. According to the Chair of the

are said to be made by 2016. In

Architect’s Chapter, Emma Miloyo the

Zambia alone, government is

theme of this year’s convention will be


constructing district hospitals

“Mobility Networks, Whither Kenya?”

in every region and is planning for 400 new medical centres.

Established in 1967, the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) is

Opportunities for the supply

Kenya’s leading Association for professionals in the built and natural


environment in Kenya incorporating Architects, Quantity Surveyors,



instrumentation, machinery and other products and services are unprecedented. August 2014

CSIR exhibition &



stimulated by increased active


and hospital owners will go into with

29th - 30th July, 2014


Expansion Summit, government doctors,



At the 2nd Africa Hospital officials, construction companies,

No-Dig South Africa Conference and exhibition 2014

Town Planners, Engineers, Landscape Architects and Environmental Design Consultants and Construction Project Managers.

The second international NoDig South Africa Conference and exhibition 2014 Conference and Exhibition will take place in Pretoria 29-30 July this year at the CSIR Convention Centre, having early registration deadline on 4th July. The conference programme will feature the ISTT Trenchless Masterclass, presented by international experts, Dec Downey and Sam Ariaratnam, both past chairmen of ISTT. Day one is set to feature on New Construction and Day two will be on Rehabilitation respectively. Complementing the Master-class will be a number of case study presentations to highlight successful projects in both areas. On Day 1 Neil van Rooyen of TT Innovations will describe a recently completed project for the Du Noon Pump station in Cape Town which utilised pipe ramming to install two large diameter steel pipelines below a heavily trafficked dual land roadway. Following this, Tuomas Lasheikki of Geonex from Finland will give a history on Scandinavian job sites where down the hole horizontal drilling has been used in rocky conditions. Frank Stevens of Herrenknecht and Montso Lebitsa of Hatch Goba will combine to elaborate on some selected sewer project case studies including the Point Road Mahatma Ghandi Road sewer extension project in Durban. 7


Fund to construct housing units

Wind power plant for Kenya

Alexander Forbes, a leading

Bluesea Energy is making plans

retirement funds consulting and

to enter into the alternative

administration provider is set to

energy market in Kenya. The

enter into the Kenyan real estate

company seeks to generate power

industry by constructing housing

and connect to the national grid

units for their retirement fund

at Ntumburi Meru County, and


produce 40-megawatt of wind

The project has been named

power. Kenyan laws require

Riverine Estate and will be

that a company is to publish

FAW launches Coega South Africa manufacturing plant

conducted at a cost of US$30m.

their intentions for applying for

The firm indicated that the

a license in two major national

housing units are meant for their

newspapers, 15 days before the

Leading Chinese automotive manufacturer First Automotive Works (FAW) has launched its US$56mn assembly plant in Zone 2 of the Coega Development Corporation's (CDC) Industrial Development Zone (IDZ). The official opening ceremony took place yesterday, 10 July, and the plant was opened by South African President Jacob Zuma. FAW's decision to build the plant in South Africa is reckoned to be significant as it is one of the biggest manufacturing investments by a Chinese entity in the country to date, with tangible spin-offs.It is the result of a presidential visit to China in 2007 led by Zuma and was brought to fruition by the support of various departments of the South African government such as the Department of Trade and Industry, National Treasury, International Relations and Cooperation and many others. Speaking at the opening of the facility in Nelson Mandela Bay, Zuma said: "The investment of R600m into the economy will create much needed jobs and promote the improvement in the lives of many people in this area.” The President added that this investment also augured well for South Africa's position within the global automotive manufacturing network and proved once again that South Africa had an attractive operating environment to host global multinational companies."

AfDB Loans East Africa Community US$223.5m for regional road project The African Development Bank (AfDB) has agreed to loan the East African Community US$223.5m for a regional road project. The road project is to cover the rehabilitation of the Taveta to Voi road in Kenya, to create another road linking the Port of Mombasa with the Northern Tanzania and landlocked countries of Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Uganda, providing an alternative route to the sea. Tanzania has indicated that it will use part of the funds allocated to the project to upgrade the 14.1kms Sakina -Tengeru Road to dual carriageway

members after they retire, but some of them will be sold at a higher price so as to maximize on returns. The project is expected to be complete by December 2016. Landmark Holdings is the contractor




and members will be able to get mortgage loans from

the public for any objections that may arise due to the application. Bluesea Energy aims to produce a total of 200MW of wind power, of which 100MW will be produced by the plant in the Meru/Isiolo area, and an additional 100MW from the Lambwe Valley in South Nyanza by 2017.

KCB, Housing Finance and the Mortgage Company after talks are complete with these financiers.

US$200m for Rwanda's real estate Rwanda’s real estate sector is expected to continue at a steady growth path after a US$200m pledge from a Chinese investor. The investor will invest the money in the construction of apartments, hotels and luxury private




Century Development Company. The Chief Executive of New Century Development Company Billy Cheung indicated that the company will construct 16

status, and also to pay for the construction of the 42.4km Arusha

luxury villas, 300 apartments,

Bypass Road under the works contract.

and another Sheraton Hotel along

The project is aimed at reducing the transportation costs and

the Nyarutarama Golf course in

increasing access to agricultural inputs, larger markets and social

Kigali. The villas are expected to

services within the East African Community (EAC). The Tanzania

go for US$950,000 and US$1m

National Roads Agency (TANROADS) Arusha Regional Manager,

where size and facilities available

Eng. Deusdedit Kakoko said that the project is expected to address the

are considered. The construction

issues of traffic congestion and accommodate the increasing number

work is to be completed in a time

of vehicles in the city.

frame of 5 years.


application in order to engage

Rand-Air expands to East Africa Market Rand-Air is well known for offering its customers a wide range of equipment and services where customer service and satisfaction – not to mention a stringent adherence to safety and quality standards – are central to the company’s core business ethos. This same commitment will be offered by Atlas Copco Rental in East Africa. Atlas Copco Rental Business Development Manager East Africa Hillary Kiongo says that expansion into the East African region is important for the company: “In East Africa there is active oil and gas exploration, which is in the upstream phase,” he points out. “There are also significant deposits viable for commercial production to be found in Uganda and Kenya. Commercial gas deposits have in addition been found in Tanzania and Madagascar.” he adds. August 2014


5 Steps In Choosing a Project Management Tool

P Daniel Marcus, serial entrepreneur and cofounder of Magnetic.

Daniel Marcus, is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Magnetic, a cloud-based small business management tool that streamlines the day-to-day administrative functions needed to maintain steady growth in a small business. 10

roject management systems are tools that any business, regardless of size, can make use of, in almost any industry. And in construction, where a project that is not closely & carefully managed can lead to countless wasted manhours to say nothing of the losses in revenue, project management cannot be overlooked. Regardless of how organised your project team might be, identifying project management software for your business is imperative. The right tool for your company can aid in the smooth-running of projects, specifically when they occur in parallel, and confusion and missed deadlines are most likely to occur. The Project Management software or system you choose should monitor the state of your projects using reports and task lists. It should automatically track time spent on projects, and store and link all email and files to relevant projects. We can spend all the time in the world, drawing up the most elaborate of plans, but human nature is fairly simple: Out of sight, out of mind. That, more than anything, is the number one reason plans fail. A good project management system will keep everything front of mind by presenting it to you in a clear visual format, whilstconstantly updating you on the status of your businesses projects. But with so many options out there, in terms of systems which promise to do just this, how does one go about picking the right system? In answer of that, here are five tips and steps to considerto helpyou in the selection of the project management software or tool to best suit your business needs:

Why do you need a PM tool? It’s important to first identify exactly why you need a platform. Part of this process is listing what your company’s potential ‘pain points’ are and who the key stakeholders are that will drive the project management tool. Once you can answer these questions, it is easier to look through the various offerings. Wading through the clutter There are a number of systems out there that

can be found online. Project management platforms are usually easy to implement, but long-term support is the key. Make sure you assess a prospective platform’s support portal before committing to sign up and pay. Taking advantage of the cloud Many project management tools are webbased cloud platforms. Understandably, many are wary of moving all of their data into the cloud. Quite often, concerns business people have when it comes to The Cloud include: your data being accessed by your service provider, your service provider getting hacked and your data being stolen, your service provider going under, or losing your data. These concerns are valid, and a clear sign that you are a careful businessperson. However, they can be mitigated. A reliable cloud service provider ensures that it stays up to date with today’s everevolving industry standards and regulations. At the least, look for a cloud provider which uses 512-bit SSL encryption which is the same kind of encryption used in online banking. If, when you ask a provider about this, they can’t answer, look elsewhere. The cloud provider you’re looking for should be running periodical backups (at the least on a daily basis). This means that should something go wrong, they will be able to recover your information. A top-level cloud service providers’ servers run in state-ofthe-art data centres with power-redundancy, hardware mirroring, and multiple internet connections. And finally, the best cloud providers never access your data without your clear, explicit permission. So yes, if you can find the service provider who can answer all your security concerns about the cloud, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Getting started Swift deployment of a project management tool or software is dependent on your company’s structure and size. To read more and to comment on this story visit August 2014

Water Africa And West Africa Building & Construction Date: 2nd-4th July 2014

Venue: Accra, Ghana

Winnie Sentibire, CR sales consultant at the Constuction Review stand.

Official opening by the guest of honour Colin Daudi, second from left.

Peter Nyangabyaki of Constuction Review poses for a photo at the CR Stand.

Visitors from ICR and Water & Sanitation Projects Ghana at the CR stand.

Bashar Rabir at the United Fabrication Ghana stand.

Manish Anand at the Jindal Saw stand, largest manufacturers of ductile iron pipes and fittings from Abu Dhabi UAE.

Green Building Training workshop Date: 14th - 16th July, 2014 Venue: Apollo Centre Nairobi, Kenya

A participant listens keenly to building workshop proceedings.

A participant raises a point.

Mr Federico Butera gives a presentationat the workshop.

Various industry players attended the 3-day workshop.

Workshop participants isten to a talk on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Elizabeth Wangeci, CEO, Web Limited, explains a point.

Geosynthetics A versatile cost-effective material Geosynthetics and have proven to be among the most versatile and cost-effective ground modification materials.


he overall measurement of the world market for geotextile usage is estimated at around 700million m2 annually and their use is rapidly expanding in both public and private construction projects as innovative uses and new products continue to appear in the market. The reason why geosynthetics is gradually gaining popularity in construction is that the polymers have the capability of solving geotechnical problems to a greater degree than conventional techniques. A look back into history reveals that in the early 1970’s the materials were introduced in the construction industry

New and innovative uses of geosynthetics are still coming into the market.


as civil engineering fabrics where they were only used in civil engineering applications, later they were referred to as geotechnical fabrics which were used in soil engineering. However, in 1982 the term ‘geotextile’ became sufficiently suitable with the textile materials finding use in the soil environment. These materials became known as ‘geomembranes’ used in geotechnical environments. To encompass the polymeric material a new term was introduced ‘geosynthetics’ (polymeric) materials that are now used in the construction industry. As the geosynthetics industry continues to grow, new and innovative products are being brought to market. They come in various names depending on their nature, characteristics and material used. The range is wide; geotextiles, clay liners, geocells, geofoams, geomembranes and many others. The main difference between them is how they are made or applied in order to achieve unique characteristics. For instance geotexiles consist of synthetic fibers that are used for separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and protection applications. On the other hand geomembranes which represent the largest group of geosynthetics are rather impermeable sheets of plastic that exist in two main groups of geomembrane; calendered and extruded. Calendered geomembranes are formed August 2014

by working and flattening a molten viscous formulation between counterrotating rollers, which are used in unique applications that provides tensile strength and enhances tear and puncture resistance. Extruded geomembranes are simply manufactured by melting polymer resin, or chips, and forcing the molten polymer through a die using a screw extruder with a main usage of enhancing the interface friction between the geomembrane and adjacent soils or other geosynthetics. They are extensively used in containment as a liquid or vapor barrier or both, also in landfills, surface impoundments, canals, and other containment facilities. The application areas of these materials are numerous and persistently growing. The major functions are separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage or containment. Main areas of use In the area of geotextiles the most common are the woven and non woven fabrics which as the names imply are filaments that are either woven or randomly distributed in layers. Approximately 75% of geotextiles are nonwoven in the form of heat-bonded staple made of synthetics polymers weighing from 120gm to 250gm/m2. On the other hand the market range of the woven fabrics stands at about 15% made from inexpensive lightweight woven slit polypropylene film weighing up to 2000gm m2. The remaining 10% is accounted for geogrids, geonets and erosion control mats worldwide. In Africa, geomembrane lining systems are the most common geosynthetic material used due to their suitability in drainage on roads and rail, leach pads, landfills and mine sites. As Eng. John Alexander of Geosynthetics Technology Ltd, explains, drainage geocomposites on the other hand are the most ignored, due to lack of knowledge of their existence by specifiers and cost savings. An expert in civil engineering, Justin November of Kaytech, goes on to say that the biggest benefit realized is through using geotextiles in construction over wet or clayey areas, especially in remote areas where transport and haulage is very expensive, they have both technical and financial benefits as a new design methodology. In road construction geosynthetics are used to strengthen base sections, improve surfacing and enhance drainage. The materials reinforce, separate and stabilize subgrade and base materials providing the benefits of reducing aggregate requirements, simplifying construction, increasing roadway life and reducing future maintenance. Geosynthetics also prevent accidents as they are able to withstand large lateral deformations and vertical differential settlements. Road structures can at times fail prematurely due to lateral displacement and weakening of base course aggregate. Geogrids or geotextiles are used to enhance performance or reduce the thickness of August 2014

Kaytech - bidim separation layer

a permanent road, even when constructed on a reasonably competent foundation. They provide tensile strength in the earth mass in locations where shear stress would be generated in road works. Moreover, they allow rapid dewatering of the roadbed, and preserve their permeability without losing their separating functions. Geotextile or geogrid is an important component and excellent alternative solution for railroads battling poor subgrades and the problems they can pose. Geosynthetics are a standard feature in modern track construction for they make a more effective construction method. In railway track construction earthworks in particular, geosynthetics have become requisite. Congo-Brazzaville

pre-engineered steel buildings your reliable partner in Africa


Ghana +32 3 353 33 99


They are used for separation, filtration and reinforcement in, under and next to the track bed. They prevent materials from wandering off sideways due to shocks and vibrations from running trains. Erosion and drainage Geosynthetic components are an integral part of erosion and sediment materials ranging from temporary products such as hydraulic mulch geofibers, plastic erosion control meshes and nettings, erosion control blankets and silt fences to high performance turf reinforcement mats, geocellular confinement systems, erosion control geotextiles and fabric formed revetments. These products are designed to help solve erosion- and sediment-control problems and to provide long-term stabilization by establishing and maintaining vegetative cover. The fabric, which lies beneath various forms of riprap cover (i.e. rock, gabions and mattresses, concrete patternplaced units, etc.), allows free drainage of water while holding back fines thereby preventing shoreline and other erosion. When it comes to drainage and filtration, layers are used in civil applications to remove moisture or fine particles from the system. Geosynthetics provide a widely convenient, effective and economic alternative to traditional aggregate and sand filtration layers. Their significance is to remove the water and other fluids while providing excellent soil retention, assuring long-term free flowing drainage without soil loss. The applications include retaining walls, sport fields, dams, canals, reservoirs, and capillary breaks. Also the sheet, edge and wick drains are geocomposites used for various soil and rock drainage situations.

Geosynthetics are resistant to chemicals and biological

reinforcements, which are attached to the solid waste, and fiber reinforcement to augment the shear strength of the soil liner material and the interface shear strength between the soil liner and texture geomembranes. Dr. Filshill Archie of InterGeo Services says that one of the largest markets for geosynthetics is the use of geotextiles for paved and unpaved roads, since they act as separators between subbase and aggregates in roadway construction. This can come in very handy in Africa where most roads are unpaved and often unpassable during the rainy season. Their function is to eliminate the aggregate base lost into the subgrade which can reduce the durability

Landfills Geosynthetic reinforcement in landfill applications involve the conventional reinforced soil structures and veneer stabilization with re-inforcements placed along the landfill slope and anchored at the crest. Landfill covers and base liners are placed horizontally to the geosynthetic


of the roadway and create potholes. They also prove great value when constructing roadways over soft soils due to their high strength and embankments that can reduce the quantity of removal of unsuitable soils, adding that, they increase the value of the life cycle analysis. Amongst the benefits and reasons why civil engineering in Africa should

August 2014

exporter in Taiwan, as well as one of the key players in the global market. The company which is the winner of the 2009, 2011 and 2013 International Achievement Award hosted by the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI); has nonetheless, continuously put serious efforts in research and development, facilitating the firm to provide the most suitable and innovative solution to their customers. Their products include geogrids, geotextile, geotextile tube, geotextile bag, and other woven products which can be applied in different engineering fields like civil, geotechnical, environmental, marine, industrial, but is not limited to, mechanical stabilized earth wall, embankment, pavement, sanitary landfill, sludge dewatering, erosion control of slope, coastal reclamation/ protection, oil and gas pipe support. The cooperation through their sales unit reiterates that their products and methods in some engineering applications are relatively efficient, valuable and have been lab-tested to ensure lasting functions after application services.

organisms usually found in soils

divert and embrace the proven durable and long lasting

The firm advises and reminds their clients, esteemed

methods in construction is because geosynthetics are

and future customers that engineering and construction

stress free when it comes to installation. They also increase

works must consider the safety of end users and ensure the

efficiency while minimizing pollution of natural resources

overall structural safety is in accordance with engineer’s

by stabilizing areas that are frequently and intensively

design; it suggests that consumers should look for reputed

used by people, animals or vehicles through establishing

suppliers of geosynthetic materials.On the emerging

vegetative cover. Geosynthetics are also known to be

market trends, ACE Geosynthetics clarifies at the moment,

resistant to chemicals and biological organisms usually

more and more engineering designs and constructions

found in soils. They stabilize against degradation due to

have high environmental awareness, since the destruction

short-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

of environment is irreversible. The materials supplied by ACE Geosynthetics are more environmentally-friendly

ACE Geosynthetics

than traditional engineering methods. ACE Geosynthetics

ACE Geosynthetics is renowned world-wide for its

last year won the 2013 Outstanding Achievement Award

work in manufacturing and supplying geosynthetics to

from the Industrial Fabric Association International (IFAI)

support the broad civil and eco-engineering in preserving

through its L-shaped breakwater in United Arab Emirates.

and restoring the natural environment and for the last

To read more and to comment on this story visit

four decades, ACE Geosynthetics has become the best

geosynthetic manufacturer, service provider, and leading

CONTRIBUTORS ACE Geosynthetics Contact email: Maccaferri SA (Pty) Ltd Michelle Neermal National Marketing Co-ordinator International Lining Technology Michael Salley - CEO August 2014 Intertape Polymer Group Boris Gourichon - Product Development Specialist Gundle Geosynthetics. Michael Gronloh. 15

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he uncontrolled penetration or leaking of water into or through building structures, underground excavations, dam walls, foundations and mine tunnels is one of the most difficult, dangerous and costly problems faced by engineers, owners and operators. A company dedicated to finding solutions for these types of problems is GAST which has been working in this industry for over 50 years.

with the isotope marker and the existing hydrostatic head. Once this is achieved the entire “plug” is then activated by a unique catalyst bringing about homogenisation and solidification of all the rubber particles held in suspension. Once this has been achieved the more hydrostatic pressure increases the more firmly the “plug” is forced against the apertures. This then creates a mechanical seal with a success ratio of up to 80% on first injection. The “plug”

The development of the Sovereign product was primarily focused on finding a solution for water ingress where accessibility is restricted or denied. Typical examples of these would be water retaining concrete structures such as dam, reservoirs or retainer walls. Another application would be water ingress in geological formations as often encountered in mining activity. Water has the uncanny ability of making an appearance in the most unwanted places. The Gast Sovereign system can be implemented wherever leakages occur where the source point is unknown or not easily identifiable. The system is unique and rather simplistic in application in that reverse water pressure is applied so as to determine the hydrostatic index of the leak, water is then reverse pumped through the leak containing a particular isotope or marker. An investigation then takes place to determine if the leak is an accomplice to other relater water problems or not.

itself remains flexible, is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Success has also been achieved on suspended concrete structures such as parking decks, roof decks and other construction areas post initial construction. If you require more information on the GAST Sovereign product please contact the following person: Mr. Jandrie van Staden The GAST Group Gast Techno Park South 154 Edward Avenue Hennopspark Centurion Tel: (012) 660 1616 Fax: (012) 660 2093 Email:

The same water is then used as a carrier so as to enable liquidated rubber to be pumped in until this correspondence 16

Website: August 2014

For any futher enquiries, please contact us at

(011) 412 4302 Email:


is proud to announce that we supply SOLMAX geomembranes. For over 15 years, SOLMAX has manufactured HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes that meet and exceed GRI-GM standards. HEFER also supplies HDPE pipe and can assist in the installation. GEOMEMBRANES HAS MANY APPLICATIONS: MINING heap leach pads, tailings dams, evaporation ponds and brine ponds. WASTE MANAGEMENT solid waste landfills and bioremediation. WATER used in numerous water applications such as water ponds, irrigation and navigation channels, potable water reservoirs, floating covers and wastewater treatment facilities.

AQUACULTURE for fish and shrimp ponds. ENERGY coal ash containment, coal bed linings, lining of fracking chemical tanks, hydroelectric reservoirs and dam linings. LANDSCAPING golf courses and artificial lakes.


TerrameshTM and ParalinkTM for reinforced soil structures

MacMatTM R reinforced geomat for slope erosion protection


Basal platforms and soft ground stabilisation in mines

Vertical faced reinforced soil walls using ParawebTM reinforcement


August 2014

Dear Participant,

INVITATION TO ARCHIBUILT 2014 Archibuilt development services limited (ADSL) under the auspices of the Nigerian institute of architects invites your organization to its Anniversary Edition Exposition,

ARCHIBUILT 25: ARCHITECTURE AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT. Archibuilt 2014 Exposition is a forum that avail participants and organizers alike an extensive opportunity and value exchange among Architects, Consultants, Contractors, Developers and end-users in the built environment. VENUE : Ladi Kwail Hall of the Sheraton Hotel,Abuja. DATE :19th - 23rd August 2014 Please find attached details of various levels of participation. We expect that all indicated interest should be submitted on or before 12th July 2014. For more information, you can contact us ; +234 803 330 0985, +234 803 426 8016 Arc. Bose Idegbesor MNIA Director, Archibuilt Exposition

+234 803 357 8132

Diesel Electric Power Generators have high profile clients such as airports and government

5 steps to proper maintenance of diesel generators By Dorcas Kang'ereha iesel generator can run for long hours continuously as a power supply source and a standby during emergency power needs. They require less maintenance due to their durability, reliability and the sturdiness characteristic and are considered cheaper to operate due to the low fuels costs as compared to the other types of fuels such as gasoline and propane. They can withstand heavy load for long hours and start off the power supply on full load within minutes. Having a well-designed and well-maintained standby power system is the best protection against utility power outages. These preventive maintenance tips will help improve your uninterrupted power supply performance.


Keep it clean Maintenance for any internal combustion engine is essential. During the running of the diesel generator, the exhaust system, fuel system, DC electrical system and

Power Generators UK offers extensive selection of generators for both industrial and domestic use.


engine require close monitoring for any leaks that can cause hazardous occurrences. Keep it oiled The engine oil must be checked while shutting down the generator at regular intervals using a dipstick. Follow the engine manufacturer’s recommendations for API oil classification and oil viscosity. Keep the oil level as near as possible to the full mark. Keep it cool Check the coolant level during shutdown periods. Remove the radiator cap after allowing the engine to cool, and, if necessary, add coolant until the level is about 3/4 in. Heavy-duty diesel engines require a balanced coolant mixture of water, antifreeze, and coolant additives. Keep it fresh Diesel is subjected to contamination and corrosion within a period of one year, and therefore regular generator set exercise is highly recommended to use up the stored fuel before it degrades. Keep it charged Weak or undercharged batteries are a common cause of standby power system failures. Keep the batteries fully charged and well-maintained to avoid dwindling by regular testing and inspection to avoid any start-up hitches of the generator. Wipe them with a damp cloth whenever dirt appears excessive. If corrosion is detected around the terminals, wash the terminals with a solution August 2014

of baking soda and water and coat the terminals with a light application of petroleum jelly. Habitual engine exercise keeps the parts lubricated and thwarts oxidation of electrical contacts, uses up fuel before it deteriorate, and helps to provide reliable engine starting. The more a generator is used and relied on, the more it needs to be taken care of. However, a genset that is rarely used might not need a lot of care. Diesel Electric Power Generators Diesel Electric Power was established in 2006 by Martin Brennan and Stewart Fox, who collectively bring more than 50 years of experience in the industrial power generator market. Their enviable reputation has gone global as they specializes in selling and installing refurbished industrial generator given that the majority in the business are now in the export of refurbished generators. They deal with all types of generators, including stand-by, industrial, heavy duty, and portable.Their generators capacity range from 10kVA to 2500kVA with complete services. Their products are found in North Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. They are steadily developing international relationships within the African market. Their experts have worked with a broad clientele and are committed to Satisfaction of their purchasers as they maintain low overheads whilst providing good quality and high specification products for the African market at an extremely affordable price. Martin Brennan, the Director, advises potential buyers to purchase only from a reputable company. Clients are looking for a trusted and high quality product, and when one buys from Diesel Electric Power, you get exactly what they promise. Brennan also commented on the emerging trends in regard to the product, “African markets and infrastructure are improving gradually, and the demand for power is expected to grow over 100% around the world in the next 10-20 years, therefore the product will be in greater demand in the coming years.”

diesel generators can withstand heavy loads for long hours.

are suitable for Africa’s environment. Over the past two years, customers are increasingly concerned about the quality of imported power generation equipment, cost of imports and reliable source of prime and emergency power. With their unrivaled access to immediately available stock, they continuously exceed their customers’ demands for an on time and cost-effective service. They supply new and used reliable British Built Diesel Generators. This not only reassures their customers of the quality they will receive, but also enables them to confidently supply products without the fear of any significant product failure. Daniel Turner, Managing Director, advises potential buyer to buy high quality and durable generators from a company or supplier proven to offer the best products in the market industry. To read more and to comment on this story visit

CONTRIBUTORS Diesel Electric Power Martin Brennan - Director Stewart Fox - Director

Power Generators UK Power Generators UK offers an extensive selection of new diesel generators for both industrial and domestic use. Their selections of Diesel Powered Generators are from the world’s best diesel generator manufacturers such as Perkins, FG Wilson, Volvo Penta, MTU, Cummins, Stamford, Mecc Alte, DSE and Doorman. They offer high-end Industrial Applications, suitable for customers seeking prime or standby power to residential users who wants assurance of continued electrical service in the event of power outage. They sell directly and supply their Generators across African countries namely; Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria and Congo. Their generators are built to high environmental standards and August 2014 Power Generators UK Ltd Daniel Turner Managing Director Grupel Generators Silvia Marques Marketing Manager 23

Advancing crane and hoist operations


crane is a tower or platform equipped with cables and pulleys that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to shift them horizontally. Cranes which borrow their name from the long necked bird are commonly employed in the construction industry along with hoists. Cranes or hoists must be operated in a manner that minimizes damage to equipment in order to reduce the risk of fatalities or injuries and this requires proper knowledge and training. This is critical in order to avoid accidents such as falls, crane collapse, dropping or swinging of loads and overhead power line and electrocutions. Inspections, including daily visual and operational examinations by the operator are essential, a minimum monthly inspection with signed reports by a qualified person, and periodic inspections at minimum, once per year with signed reports by a qualified person should be carried out. Linden Comansa which is one of our featured companies has ensured that they have a maintenance agenda to improve safety and minimize down time on all makes of cranes by ensuring that the safety cut-out and warning systems meet all European

and American Standards and they are also certified for the OHSAS 18001:2007 for occupational Health and Safety management systems, ISO 9001:2008 for Quality management systems, and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management system. Multi-Crane International B.V. Multi-Crane International B.V. is a Dutch company that was founded in 1991. Their core business is worldwide sales, purchase and rental of construction equipment with a specialization in tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, mobile cranes and other construction machinery. MultiCrane is an ISO 9001 certified company, which guarantees their competency as a quality conscious partner, supplying the best service with top experience gained over the last 20 years and they are dedicated to service operating with a number of preferred transport and shipping companies and have permits to issue their own customs documents. As a holder of the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certificate they are offered advantages in international trade, as customs grants various facilities



Multi-Crane International BV Ralph Breijer

Becker Mining South Africa George McMaster,

S Cranes Mr. Paresh Joshi G.M Sales

Bรถcker Maschinenwerke GmbH Sendermann, Michael

Linden Comansa Mariano Echavarri

ElectroMech Suhail Bajaj

August 2014

for certified enterprises.As an internationally operating company they have customers all over the world and are actively represented in Europe, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle-East, Russia and South-America. Ralph Breijer, from Multi-Crane International says that their tower cranes are tested and checked before they are loaded. They provide the service of installing them and a quick course onmaintenance and operation. He concludes and says that their products are available in African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Benin, Rwanda, Burundi, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritius. Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH For more than 50 years, Böcker Maschinenwerke in Werne, Germany have developed and manufactured lifting technology solutions that set standards in safety and efficiency. In 1989, Böcker, as the inventor of

aluminium cranes, introduced a new crane technology in lightweight design for the first time at the Roof + Wall trade fair. For more than 25 years now, this technology has not only proven to be helpful in the roofing and carpentry trade, but is also a real competitive advantage. The AK 35/3000 is one of the top models of the compact aluminium cranes. With a permissible total weight of 7.49 tons (depending on the type of truck), this machine has a maximum load capacity of 3 tons – and can be operated with a normal driving license. Therefore, flexible personnel deployment is given. With its comparatively low dead weight, the truck-mounted crane guarantees excellent driving properties and at the same time it has a large lateral range, such that the unloading points of the roof tile pallets can be freely chosen on the building site, for example Böcker has used aluminium in combination with a particularly high-performance steel for its powerful trailer cranes since they were added to the comprehensive program in 1997. They can be transported to the place of use with a suitable passenger vehicle. With a total weight of 3.5 tons, the AHK 34/1800, for example, offers an extension length of 34 metres, a lateral range of up to 27 metres and a load capacity of 1,800 kilograms. It is therefore an alternative to the aluminium truck-mounted crane, particularly for smaller companies. Michael Sendermann from the marketing department says that their cranes are unique for the African environment because they are very lightweight and made of Aluminum and for this reason people can use them nearly everywhere. To read more and to comment on this story visit


WWW.MULTI-CRANE.COM Your partner in tower cranes

August 2014



Runda Park.

Brookhouse School.

Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers mark 20 Years Kenya

How leap of faith by two architects paid off Success comes to the patient, the focused and the resilient. As Construction Review found out, this statement rings true for Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers who are this year marking their 20th anniversary.


n the 1990s, Kenya was literally on the brink. Unemployment was widespread, corruption was rampant, inflation was in double digits and relations

with multilateral development partners were icy. Few people had disposable income and financing was hard to come by. The last thought on anybody’s mind was going

Kenya office directors Charity Stromsmo, Noni Wanyee Muhire, Lee Karuri and Allan Otieno. Seated: Chema Katua.


into new ventures. Even more daring was to quit formal employment and starting own business; it was considered potentially suicidal. But that is exactly what two young architects decided to do in 1994. Armed with only a vision and a determination to make it on their own, Mr Lee Karuri and Mr Chema Katua left the comfort of their steady, secure jobs at two of the oldest and best known architectural firms in Kenya and plunged into the unknown by founding Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers. The two were previously classmates at the University of Nairobi before landing jobs at Symbion International, where the idea of going it on their own was nurtured. Karuri later moved on to Triad Architects before resigning almost at the same time as Katua did from Symbion to establish their own practice. And the Dimensions journey began in earnest. Six years later, Karuri and Katua decided to strengthen and fully establish the Interior Design Division of Dimensions. They teamed up with Charity Stromsmo, who has a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from American College for the Applied Arts. Charity incidentally joined Symbion International in 1993 as a junior designer at the time when Dimension was being founded. Katua and Charity’s friendship as colleagues at Symbion International was later to form August 2014


Enashipai Resort and Spa.

Tough Beginnings “The beginnings were tough”, concedes Chema Katua, who is now Chairman of the firm. “We started off with a team of four – Lee and I, one drafts person and one administration staff, in a very small office not far from where we are now. In those days, some of us were being maintained by our spouses.” The firm would get the usual small jobs here and there to keep going. Mostly of these were single residential dwellings. But it wasn’t very long before their resilient spirit paid off. Harban Singh, also a practicing architect in Nairobi, happened to own a property in the Amboseli National Park. Because he wanted someone with a flair for hospitality-type projects, he got in touch with Katua. And Ol Tukai Lodge, one of the famous tourist lodges in the country (which was recently named the best safari lodge in Kenya), became the first big break for Dimensions. With the future looking bright, opportunities began to come knocking. The firm’s venture into Uganda came through proxy. “In those days, I used to create many


a strong business partnership with the two founding Directors six years later. In twenty years, Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers has grown in leaps and bounds, employing nearly 30 personnel (in Kenya) and firmly putting its mark on the East African construction landscape through a regional presence. The firm has a large presence in Uganda and has also worked in Rwanda and Tanzania. Structurally, there are two departments: Architecture and Interior Design. The founding directors have since brought on board several others in both departments. In Uganda, Stephen Inyangala is the Senior Director while Benjamin Nkundiye is Director. Other key personnel at the head office in Nairobi are Allan Otieno (Senior Director), George Akali and Denis Isoe who are Associate Directors. The three are in the Architectural Department. In the Interior Design Department, Charity Stromsmo has now been joined by Noni Wanyee Muhire as Director. The rest of the staff consists of a great team of technicians, administrative and support personnel.

DEVSHIBHAI & SONS LTD Building & Civil Engineering Contractors

Congratulations Dimensions Architects on your 20th Anniversary August 2014

P.O. Box 38806-00623 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254 20 3747513



artist’s impressions for architectural firms”, says Katua”. “An architect in Uganda invited me to look at a site for a small commission. One thing led to another and eventually I got introduced to other people who showed interest in what we could do for them.” For quite some time, they worked from Nairobi and would commute to Kampala by bus. “And that is why we managed to keep the office running in those difficult days”, says Katua. Having established themselves in Uganda in the late 90s, the firm began to make contacts in Kigali, Rwanda, where they established an office to take advantage of opportunities there. However, the Rwanda operation did not take off robustly because the director there was unable to effectively open the new market. “We continued doing projects for Rwandese clients from our Kampala base for some time”, says Katua, adding that when the economic situation back home began to improve, there was gradually enough local work to keep the firm busy.


Dimensions Today The atmosphere at Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers today is much more relaxed and the days of anxiety over clinching of jobs are long behind the team.“Our work out there now speaks for itself”, says Katua, adding that the practice achieves a competitive edge through creativity and projects that stand out. “We

create pleasant buildings to live and work in and ensure a personal touch in all projects that we handle.” Katua says that while the firm still does make competitive bids for projects and has won quite a number of them, they do so only when they feel they have got a realistic chance of winning. “Many of our jobs come through referrals, repeat clients and even walk-ins”, he says. He cites one of the firm’s projects – extensions to All Saints Cathedral – as a good example that resulted in a walk-in engagement. “It so happened that the director of Brookhouse Schools was in traffic along Kenyatta Avenue when he glanced at the structure that was coming up within the church compound. He felt he needed to get in touch with the architects behind the project and his enquiries led him to Dimensions. The firm subsequently secured the job to do Brookhouse Junior School, an exclusive institution in the Karen suburb of Nairobi.” Katua says the firm goes beyond merely accepting and executing projects. “Our clients sort of become part and parcel of us. The relationships blossoms into personal associations and from these the firm ultimately benefits through referrals.” Projects Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers have accomplished numerous projects over the last two decades and have several underway at any one time.

Congratulations Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers on your 20th Anniversary. We are proud to be associated with you! # 467 Golf Course Estate Phase II, Mtongwe Road. P.O. Box 48453-00100 Nairobi Tel: 2720954, 27148641 E-mail: Web:

Clasico Builders (K) Ltd. Forest Road, P.O. Box 38637-00623 Nairobi, Kenya.Tel.+254-722-791314 E-mail:

Congratulations Dimensions Architects on your 20th Anniversary 28

August 2014


Industry Challenges According to Katua, the industry in Kenya faces a myriad of problems. He cites the ever escalating cost of construction as a major impediment to growth, mentioning the recent decision by the government to slap a 25% duty increase on imported steel. “High interest rates, high cost of land and lack of serviced land are also major challenges for the industry,” says Katua adding that energy costs must also be brought down in order for the industry to be vibrant. He suggests tax incentives for investors in the industry as one way of attracting more investment and cites Machakos County Government as one that is leading by example in that respect. 20th Anniversary and the Future Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers have been marking the anniversary through charity events. Already, they have held a golf tournament where the proceeds went to children’s homes. “We have involved our employees and the whole team is very enthusiastic about giving back to society”, says Katua. He looks to the future with confidence. “We want to expand further in the region”, he reveals. “We also intend to keep up with the latest trends in the industry and make Dimensions the firm of choice when it comes to architecture and interior design”, he concludes.


In the residential category, the firm boasts such developments as Bahati Ridge, Simba Villas (for KCB Sacco), Springville, Tamarind Valley, Mageta Villas and Royal Palms (a Uganda project consisting of over 2,000 units). Others include Kihingo Village, a top end signature project for the firm, Longonot Gate, KPLC Runda, Green Park cottages and many others. Cape Gardens and Riverview Apartments are also in the firm’s huge portfolio. Office and Commercial projects include the W.H.O. headquarters and WFP in Kampala, IKM Place, Real Insurance, Bank of Rwanda and Norwich Union Towers, Interior works to Ogilvy and Mather, and Oracle offices, among others in the region. The firm has undertaken many projects in the hospitality segment at either architectural or interior design stage. A few of these are: Award winning Ol Tukai Lodge, Keekorok Lodge, Lions Bluff, The Red Court Hotel and Summerdale Inn. Others are Kilima Kiu Manor and Interior Design works to the 2013 award winner Enashipai Resort and Spa in Naivasha, as well as architectural work on Satao Olerai in Amboseli. Institutional and social projects include Brookhouse Junior School, St. Christopher’s Preparatory and Kindergarten School and All Saints Cathedral. Dimensions have also been involved in many private residential homes.

LEXIS INTERNATIONAL LTD A Member of Laxmi Group of Companies

We congratulate Dimensions Architects on their 20th Anniversary P.O. Box 18394-00100 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: 020-3740474, 0707 848484, 0727848100 Email:, Website:

August 2014



Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Consultants

We congratulate Dimensions Architects on their 20th Anniversary A4, Riara Paddocks, Riara Road, off Ngong Road P.O. Box 41693-00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 20 246 0404. Email:

SYLDON & PARTNERS CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD We congratulate Dimensions Architects on their 20th Anniversary

P. O. Box 664 – 00606 Sarit Centre Nairobi, Kenya| Tel: +254 (20) 4451422 or (20) 4453089 | Mobile: +254 722861473 or +254 733850848 Telefax: +254 20 445 1423| |


We congratulate Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers on their 20th Anniversary

Lighting Solutions Limited, Suite 27, Oilibya Plaza, Muthaiga Road, Nairobi., Tel: +254 20 359 7147 / +254 729 110 190 Email:


August 2014


New Home for Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

The state of aviation in any country is as good as its regulating authority. Without proper oversight, aviation can pose socio-economic problems, security and safety challenges to the country. In Kenya, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is the body charged with watching over all civil aviation activities. As part of its overall strategy to provide superior services to stakeholders, the organization will soon move into new spacious premises. Kenya

Background KCAA was established on 24th October 2002 by the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act, 2002 with the primary functions of: Regulation and oversight of Aviation Safety & Security, Economic regulation of Air Services and development of Civil Aviation, Provision of Air Navigation Services and Training of Aviation personnel KCAA. KCAA was formed to lead in planning, development, management, regulation and operation of a safe, economical and efficient civil aviation system in Kenya. In its operations, KCAA is guided by the provisions of the Convention on International Civil Aviation, related ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), the Kenya Civil Aviation Act, 2013 and the civil aviation regulations. How KCAA executes its mandate By ensuring safe and effective air travel in the country, KCAA has allowed a vibrant aviation industry to take root. To begin with, KCAA ensures that all persons or firms who run airlines are competent and have the resources necessary to run the airline safely and efficiently. KCAA also ensures that all aviation personnel are well trained, duly licensed and that all aviation personnel are constantly upgrading their skills to ensure that they undertake their duties competently thus ensuring safety. KCAA also ensures that all aircraft operating in Kenya’s airspace are airworthy. This is done by inspecting and constantly monitoring the usage and maintenance of the aircraft. 32

To top off all the above KCAA develops regulations and guidance materials on various aviation areas. Strategic goals in line with Vision 2030 Economic Blueprint for Kenya KCAA is playing its part towards the achievement of Vision 2030 by ensuring the sustainable growth of aviation in Kenya. Accordingly, the Authority has undertaken several projects. These include: Achieving International Safety and Security Compliance Ensuring that air operations achieve international safety and security requirements is the main objective of the Authority. Regular audits by international organizations such as International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) evaluate the level of implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in international air navigation. Satisfactory implementation of SARPs is critical in attracting air traffic into Kenya’s airspace and having Kenya registered airlines operate into the airspaces of other countries. Modernization of Air traffic Management Systems This entails installation of modern Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) equipment to facilitate the safe and efficient air traffic flow in the Kenyan airspace. August 2014


Re-organization of the Airspace The objective of this project is to improve the capacity to handle safely more aircraft within the Kenyan airspace. The project entails increase of the approach sectors from one to two and their management to achieve optimum traffic flow and improved safety. Construction of KCAA Head Office KCAA has recently commenced the construction of its proposed Head Office complex which is to cost Ksh. 800 million (US$ 9.3m). The complex will enable KCAA to provide a one-stop-shop for all its services thus increasing customer value and satisfaction. The project funded by the World Bank will be complete by November 2015.

Design Concept: Exterior As mentioned, the new KCAA Headquarters Complex consists of twin buildings, a common middle building and several accessory buildings. Stylistically, the building employs sweeping curves and metallic finishes implying the fluidity of flight by man-made machines. Airport traffic is greeted by an extroverted building complex that serves as one of the gateway icons for Nairobi. The twin buildings celebrate flight and man’s conquest over gravity by adapting the approximate radii of the curves found on an airplane’s wing - which is so shaped for aerodynamism. This shape translates to dramatic arcs in the building without compromising the effectiveness of spaces within the building. The framing of the stairs in aluminium panel in KCAA’s orange is an abstraction of the aircraft engines. KCAA logo colours are used strategically on the building as a branding element for the organisation. The bridge that August 2014

links the top most floors adds to the idea of levitation while serving the practical purpose of eliminating the needless expenditure of power for lifts in order to get across to the next building. The cascading front of the building opens up the sky to the viewer and frames the bridge that vaults across the two upper most floors of the twin buildings. The significance of being located at a high profile site at the intersection of Airport South Rd. and Mombasa Rd. presented KCAA with an opportunity to develop a building that would help brand the organization’s high standards in assuring flight safety in the country. The middle part of the complex is roofed with a hangar-like structure that rises to meet the visitor and tapers down towards the auditorium and then rises again dramatically to reveal a panoramic view of the approaching aircraft and passing vehicles on Mombasa Rd.


The Proposed Head Office When Mutiso Menezes International Architects (MMIA) was selected to design the new premises, the brief from KCAA was simple the aviation regulator wanted a sufficiently sized and equipped building that would serve the practical purpose of housing its operation headquarters while at the same time creating an iconic building that would help the organization rebrand itself. MMIA developed the brief through direct interviews with the end users/stakeholders of the project. The project kicked off in March this year with Landmark Holdings Limited as the main contractor. The site is located on Mombasa Road close to the interchange of Mombasa Road and Airport Road South which leads to the main gate of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The new building will be a 5-storey structure consisting of twin buildings. Each of the twin buildings comprises about 3500 sq m of office space – most of it open office space with some offices around the perimeter. The entire complex measures 12,240 sq m.

Design Concept: Interior The main entrance to the building opens out to an indoor lobby that is punctuated by a 250 seat multimedia auditorium – it is the primary organizing element on the ground floor. The lobby will also serve as a break-out for the auditorium and has four emergency exits to ensure efficient egress. Walking around the auditorium brings one to either the gym and banking hall or the licensing office and cafeteria. The gym and cafeteria, and their mezzanines are next to the curved façade that faces Mombasa Rd. There will be a slab above the changing rooms (gym), banking hall and cashiers on one side and on the other there will be a slab above the kitchen and maintenance office. These spaces are to be used as additional gym equipment and cafeteria seating areas. Public areas comprise he Banking Hall for licensing and air traffic related payments and an area for the public applicants/licensees waiting to be served that will accommodate up to 20 people at a time. The same ‘transparency’ theme is used in the 33


harvesting tank adjacent to the building. The building will rely on convectional airflow, cross ventilation and sun shading devices to achieve thermal comfort within. There is an atrium in the middle of each twin building that will allow warm air to rise as it accumulates during the day. This warm air will be vented out at the top of the atrium. However, the rate of temperature increase in the offices will be mitigated by specifically designed sun shading devices that will prevent direct heat gain. The spaces will also have natural ventilation with only large common areas of the ground floor except the auditorium, maintenance office and bathrooms for practical reasons. The top level comprises of executive offices and the 50 person multi-media conference rooms which are afforded excellent views of the surroundings.

assembly areas like the auditorium and boardrooms using air conditioning. All common areas are lit with the use of solar panels located on the roof and natural light will be admitted abundantly through the 2400mm high sliding windows

Green considerations Water drained from the roof will be directed to edge gutters around the perimeter and piped down to the water

allowing for electricity savings. According to MMI, the project will be complete by June 2015 all factors remaining constant.

Project Team


Client: Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) Architects: Mutiso Menezes International Quantity Surveyors: Bills Partnership Civil/Structural Engineers:

Wanjohi Consulting Engineers Electrical/Mechanical Engineers: Gedox Associates Main Contractor: Landmark Holdings

Tel: +254 20 550276/7 Email:

We are proud to be associated with Mutiso Menezes International on the KCAA Headquarters Project as the Main Contractor

Proudly Kenyan 34

August 2014


We’ve got you covered


KAA Complex, Jomo Kenyatta, International Airport, P.O. Box 30163 -00100 Nairobi Tel. +254 020 827470-75, Mobile: +254 728 606 570,+254 728 606 586, +254 734 000 491, +254 734 000492, Fax. + 254 020 822300 Email:, Website:


Apply now including your mobile phone number, email address and postal address, to The Registrar-Academic, EASA, P. O. Box 30689 – 00100 NAIROBI, Telephone (020) 6823602-7, 0716 16 42 29/ 0716 16 42 30/0788 77 77 21/ 0708 551 636, email:- or $SSOLFDWLRQV DQG FRSLHV RI FHUWLÀFDWHV FDQ DOVR EH KDQG GHOLYHUHG WR WKH VFKRRO LQ (PEDNDVL 2II $LUSRUW 1RUWK 5RDG THE EAST AFRICAN SCHOOL OF AVIATION IS ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

2012 August 2014

IATA Top 10 Authorised Training Centre AFRICA



Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

Mutiso Menezes International

Kenya 36

August 2014


The Transformation of Kenya

Echuka Farm is a Kenyan farm dating back to colonial times that is famous for its yoghurts and fresh vegetables. Nestled in Tigoni, Limuru where there are expansive tea plantations, this mixed farm is slowly transforming into an Englishman’s Country Estate.


chuka Farm, which was previously run by the late Cecilia Cege, is well known and has in the past enjoyed visits from high-ranking local and foreign dignitaries including Heads of State. They were all attracted by the success of the farm that was primarily run by a woman. The first president to visit was HE Albert Rene of Seychelles in 1990 followed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger, HE Frederick Chiluba of Zambia, South Africas’ First Lady Mrs. Marike De-Klerk and many others. Janet Museveni, currently First Lady of Uganda, came a few times accompanied by Ugandan women who were all too keen to see the farm. Cecilia passed on in 2007, leaving the farm to her children. Background The farm was bought by Mr and Mrs Peter Cege in 1976 from Mr and Mrs Rowland Cooper. There was a small dairy and a beautiful cottage built in the 1920s.The house still stands. The Ceges built on what they found and established a large herd of dairy animals. They expanded the dairy, installed a milk processing plant and built a large English farm-house with a beautiful attic. Peter Cege loved to build and was always tinkering with some piece of equipment for the farm. Echuka grew from the farm in Limuru to another six farms that were located in Naivasha, Gilgil and Nyahururu. Over the years, in 38

August 2014



Echuka Farm three of these farms, Peter built three beautiful homes with his own fundis (masons). He couldn’t wait to leave his office at the Kenya Breweries to head off to the Rift for his weekend round of construction. It seems this building bug was passed on to Peter and Cecilia’s son, Thuo who is now building 28 country

Building & General Contractors

homes for sale. The New Houses Thuo and his mother had always discussed building houses because the site (Echuka) was beautiful. Thuo took a leap of faith and with no money but just a ‘brilliant idea’ he sought for a good architect and settled on Tom Bowman of Bowman Associates. Tom designed a scheme of 38 houses that was later reduced to 28 to save the trees and have more green areas. The

We are proud to be associated with ECHUKA FARM

first phase of 6 houses is complete and they intend to embark on the next phase as soon as funds are available. The estate will comprise the 28 homes, a management block, a club house, a heated swimming pool and a gym. There is a water treatment plant that will enable the use of grey water in the gardens. Each house has a solar panel to take care of all the water heating requirements. The water is from a natural spring that is supplemented by a borehole. They also have more than adequate water storage capacity both underground and overhead. August 2014

Butere Road, Industrial Area. P.O. Box 22111 Nairobi 00100 Kenya. Tel: 0722 330584. Email: 39


Teamwork Key


NPC Parklands


Jumuia Place Lenana Rd



ased in Nairobi, Kenya, Synthesis is a vibrant Architectural and Development consultancy firm that provides comprehensive services in architecture, interior design, planning and project management. An ISO certified firm, Synthesis has been serving the industry for more than 20 years. The firm prides itself in creative planning and design that result in value added solutions to projects while exceeding client expectations. Synthesis adopts a team based approach involving all the professional disciplines represented on a project right from the onset to ensure that all aspects are considered at every stage. The client will be appraised and involved appropriately to ensure feedback from the user at every stage.Teamwork and synergy are critical in every organization that hopes to achieve excellent results. These values are at the heart of everyday operations at Synthesis. “We create architectural schemes with design integrity, informed by our specialist areas in research, knowledge and experience that is reflected in our contemporary solutions,� says the firm. “Our creative flair and technical expertise allows us to develop design proposals from inception to

JOMOSACH TELECOMMUNICATION Dealers in Electrical/Electronics: PABX, Fax Machines, Telephones, Computer Networking, Repair, Maintenance & MATV

We are proud to be associated with Synthesis Architects Gatatha Shopping Arcade, Munyu Rd/Ronald Ngala Str. P.O. Box 664-00130 Gatundu, Kenya. Tel: 020-2064022, 0773 485504, 0722 734080, 0722 436470. Email:


P.O. Box 5859-00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 721 698 394, +254 732 791 721 (PDLO WKUHHĂ€YH #JPDLO FRP LQIR# LQWHUQDWLRQDO FRP

We are proud to be associated with Synthesis Architects 40

August 2014


at Synthesis completion. We employ a wide variety of techniques to communicate the content, scope of architectural work and the methodology used to achieve each aspect”. The firm delivers its promise on quality work, creative living and working spaces designed and delivered within budget. Over the years, Synthesis has been involved in a myriad of projects in the built environment ranging from offices, residences to commercial properties and places of worship among many others. Some of these include: •

Jumuia Place, Lenana Rd

Hotel Rio, Nairobi

Cedar Valley, Nairobi

Rose Park Apartments

Daystar University (various buildings)

St Paul’s University Library

More on their projects and additional information at:

August 2014

Hotel Rio




ALEEM MANJI ARCHITECTS (AMA-KENYA) ‘Great design, Great Service’ By Uddi Benkiff Awinda first glimpse into AleemManji’s studio on General Mathenge Rd in Nairobi’s haut-degammeneighbourhoodof Westlands paints a picture of a man in love with his job, and rightly so. You seldom come across architects whose designs are in frame with their character, but as CR found out, it is possible to fuse great design and great service. Even more surprising was the fact that this young architectural firm has been in the trade for only three years.

A Kenya

Background Having previously worked for five years at Studio Infinity Architects, Aleem decided to go it alone in 2010,

setting up shop with a team that he praises highly. The move to create his own practice came a few years after graduating from the University of Nairobi with a degree in Architecture. Besides Aleem himself, who is the design architect at AMA, the other staff consists of two project architects and four assistant project architects. Core Values According to Aleem, every design is an ‘envelope for space’; for any architectural piece to be successful in terms of creativity, logic and the associated cost, its design should be driven by the uniqueness and primary of space.” He believes that space is the most defining parameter in the outcome of any design and from this understanding the client’s needs and wants can be reconciled. Each architectural piece is also as dynamic as the artist who crafted it, making it a very expressive profession. Aleem’s other philosophies are Inimitability of Design and Creativity of Expression. Services Offered AMA-Kenya primarily operates within Nairobi and its environs, although it has projects outside the city in areas such as Mombasa, Maasai Mara, and as far away as Daadab in Northern Kenya. The firm provides outline and final drawings, detail drawings and supervision of works. It has projects ranging from residential apartments to town houses, humanitarian works, hospitality and commercial interiors. Design Portfolio AMA boasts an impressive collection of projects, both completed and ongoing, with an estimated value of about Ksh3.75 billion. It has captured quite a good portion of the

Crystal Edge under construction


August 2014


Oshwal Park Located along 1st Avenue, Parklands, this will be another major addition to AMA’s portfolio once completed. It is envisioned to comprise 240 units of 3 bedroom apartments, pending Council approvals, with an estimated built-up value of over Ksh1 billion. The firm has also designed projects for various uses including; • Town houses in Kyuna and Spring Valley, Nairobi. • A retail complex in Karen comprising shops, cafes, banks and a terrace at the top. • Humanitarian projects in Daadab for the UNHCR and the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) involving the design of dormitories, Police barracks and administration offices. • Apartment schemes on General Mathenge, including Eastfield and White Oak • Apartment schemes on 2nd Parklands, including SouthCote, Cedarwood and Fourcast • Cascades Apartments on School Lane • Interior Projects such as Aqua Blu Lounge, Headquarters for Chandarana Supermarkets and GA Insurance

Professional Associations and Memberships AleemManji is a registered architect with the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) and the Board of registered Architects and Quantity Surveyors (BORAQS). AMA and the Kenyan Industry Aleem acknowledges that his is still a young firm in the industry with plenty of heights to scale. In the future, AMA may expand the scope of its operations and might venture into the greater East African region. Right now, the firm has its work cut out as new projects keep flowing in mainly from the Nairobi region. He says the industry has made great strides in terms of professionalism, remuneration and ability to attract investment. However, he feels that management training for projects should be looked at as this is something many architects lack. Inspiration Aleem says that his inspiration for design comes from within, adding that he is not easily influenced by external factors for creativity. He however cites Richard Meier as an architect whose work he admires. Apart from spending time with his family when free, he is also a host on East FM’sBreakfast Show.


apartment market in Westlands and Parklands, with some of its biggest developments falling in this segment. These include: Crystal Edge This is a residential development along General Mathenge Rd, Westlands consisting of 9 duplexes, each with 4 bedrooms and breathtaking panoramic views. Each duplex also comes fully fitted with an elevator and a spiral staircase. Three stand-alone structures house the 9 duplexes, and these are connected at the top by walk-bridges running across, thus adding to the creative edge of the development. The finishing is also tastefully done and comprises, among others, mahogany and marble. Recreational facilities, including a swimming pool and a lounge are also provided, completing the living experience for residents.

We are proud to be associated with Aleem Manji Architects +HDG 2IĂ€FH

A section of the Aleem Manji Architects team.

August 2014

P.O. Box 20014-00200, Lunga Lunga Road, Nairobi, Kenya LANDLINE: +254 20 5010000 FAX: +254 20 650343 02%,/( (0$,/ LQIR NH#HDHFO QHW




KARA ENTERPRISES LIMITED Kipande Road P.O. Box 1190-00600 Nairobi. Tel: 0725 718 455 Email:


We are proud to be associated with Aleem Manji Architects on the Cascades and Spring Valley Projects 44

August 2014

High quality, aesthetically pleasing, functional products that set the trend. Vaal, Libra and Plexicor have a product for every taste.


Telephone: +27 16 360 6000 Website:


Sealants or Adhesives Which one should you apply?


South Africa

here is a huge demand for sealants and adhesives in the construction industry with increasing consciousness of effective water proofing in buildings. Sealants and adhesives come into play when materials have to be joined to make components. Which joining technique is able to join these materials? This question arises always when deciding on the bonding technology. There is a thin line between adhesives and sealants, which makes it difficult to pick out the difference between the two. They share similarities when it come to the material used in production and on applications. An adhesive is a substance that is capable of holding at least two surfaces together in a strong and permanent manner, while a sealant is a substance capable of attaching to at least two surfaces, thereby filling the space between them to provide a barrier or protective coating. They both have the capacity to seal and adhere, they are resistant to the operating environments and their properties are highly dependent on how they are formulated and applied. Common characteristics shared by adhensives and sealants. • When they are applied the act as a liquid in order to flow over and wet the substrate surface. • The attach surface through adhesion. • They must harden to carry sometimes continuous, sometimes variable, load throughout their service life. • They transfer and distribute load among the components in the joint. • They fill gaps, cavities, and spaces. • They work with other components in the joint to provide a durable product. Adhesives are chosen for their holding and bonding power. They are generally materials of high shear and tensile strength when used in structural applications or high peel strength and tackiness when used in non-structural applications. Sealants are generally chosen for their ability to fill gaps, resist relative movement of the substrates, and exclude or contain another material. They are generally lower in tensile strength than structural adhesives, but have better flexibility. Sealant formulations contain elastomeric resins to provide flexibility and elongation rather than tensile strength. Sealant formulations also contain relatively large amounts of inert filler materials and extenders. These contribute to cost reduction, rheology modification, and gap filling. Bonding technologies Ecotak is a pliable preformed recycled EVA 60 mil thick film with biobased adhesive backing that exhibits exceptional adhesive properties. Ecotak’s non-bitumen based adhesive is derived from canola oil. This biobased adhesive adheres the Ecotak membrane to various substrates better 46

August 2014

than many traditional bitumen based adhesives. The pliable EVA film offers superior puncture resistance and tensile strength while also providing excellent chemical resistance. Performance: zero compromise, 2x the Elongation, 3x the Puncture resistance, and 4 x the Adhesion to concrete. Exceptional adhesion. Bio-based adhesive adheres to substrates more tenaciously than typical bitumen based adhesives ensuring superior waterproofing performance. Since it is a bio based adhesive, naturally derived from canola oil, Ecotak’s bio-based adhesive is free of bitumen based compounds and applies to green concrete and allows for fast application. Eliminate the 28 day delay and apply the Ecotak system as soon as the concrete substrate is structurally sound. It enjoys superior physical strength, durability and flexibility. EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is a highly durable polymer that offers excellent protection required for a high performance waterproofing membrane while maintaining flexible workability for ease of application and has LEED credits. Ecotak EVA film is not only exceptionally durable but also comprises of over 20% recycled content.

South Africa

Sika launched MultiSeal-ZA in SA Sika MultiSeal-ZA is a self-adhesive, bituminous sealing tape with one side laminated with aluminium foil. This handy DIY product is an ideal, quick-fix solution for sealing and repair against water ingress and draughts in roofs, including sheet metal work, building cracks, inside of gutters, bituminous felts and other types of roofing sheet. Sika MultiSeal-ZA is UV resistant, very easy to apply, economical, weather-proof and it can be over-painted. It allows easy adhesion to many substrates, is bitumen-resistant, and can be applied at low temperatures. Using it is easy: – simply clean the surface area, cut the tape to the necessary length, remove the release film and press the tape firmly onto the substrate with a suitable pressure roller. Due to market demand, Sika has launched this product in three new sizes: 50mm x 2.5m, 75mm x 2.5m and 100mm x 2.5m. BASF Concresive ®1315 Concresive® 1315 is a two component crack injection fluid for repairing cracks in concrete. It can be injected into cracks of varying sizes including cracks too fine to be filled with traditional materials. A two components epoxy resin system based on low –viscosity resins. Ideal for sealing static cracks from widths greater than 100 microns but no more than 9mm. It is highly penetrative and cures to form a permanent seal against the ingress of corrosive fluids and gases and is capable of restoring integrity to structural elements. The 1314 can be used to fill and bond static and dormant cracks in columns, Bridge decks, floors, piers, tunnels, basements, beams and underpasses. Major differences between sealants and adhesives are how they are regarded relative to appearance, chemical effects, and joint design. These characteristics are also important to adhesives in certain applications, but they are often found in sealant specifications. Adhesives and sealants are chemical products and care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with eyes, mouth, skin and foodstuffs. August 2014


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Adhesives and Sealants

Prudence pays


rawing from its wealth of international experience, Mapei South Africa has built a reputation as one of the country’s top providers of quality sealants and adhesives to construction projects. The increasing awareness in the construction industry of the critical importance of effective waterproofing in buildings has driven up demand for sealants and adhesives. Unfortunately, not all organisations are sufficiently knowledgeable to choose solutions that are suitable for their particular requirements and, as a result, are not getting value for money. Mapei South Africa stands out for its integrity. Its customers benefit from the enormous experience and technical resources of the international Mapei Group, the world leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and other chemical products and solutions for buildings.

South Africa

Customer oversights There can be a high cost to pay for poor choice or application of adhesives and sealants, and Mapei’s Product Manager, Paul Nieuwoudt, advises customers to exercise prudence and seek experienced advice when procuring products. Nieuwoudt tells Construction Review: “One of the most common problems that we are called in to help solve is deforming of joint sealants. The cause is often simply wrong product selection and/or wrong installation for the specific application. All too often, a cheap import has been used that has no technical support and is not suitable for the local market conditions.” “Another common problem is the delamination of joint sealants from a surface due to poor surface preparation or contamination of the substrate, says Nieuwoudt.

“This may also be caused by applying adhesives/sealants during adverse climatic conditions or through using poor mixing practices.” Critical procurement aspects With the skyrocketing cost of building materials not showing any signs of abating, Mapei always advises customers to do their homework thoroughly before spending their money. Accordingly, Nieuwoudt says the following factors should be considered: • Joint size and expected movement of the joint • Will this product be suitable for local conditions with regard to UV resistance and temperature resistance? • Will a primer be needed? • Is an additional bandage system required? For example to seal those awkward areas such as corners and fillets between walls and floors on terraces, balconies and in bathrooms and showers, the effective, long-lasting solution is the self-adhesive butyl rubber tape, Mapeband SA. • Is the product suitable for being in contact with drinking water? • Is it resistant to the chemicals it may come in contact with? • Is it cost effective, which embraces initial cost as well as service life and future maintenance requirements? - Convenience? For example: - Is this joint sealant/adhesive a one-component application? - Does it need special care after application? - Is it easy to apply? Are any specialist tools needed for application? Continuous innovation Throughout the world, Mapei laboratories are continually developing innovative products. On the company’s new innovations, Nieuwoudt says: “We can offer userfriendly systems such as our primerless self-levelling polyurethane sealant, Mapeflex PU 65, and the Mapefix range of chemical anchors, which is a two component system packed in a cartridge. For challenging temperature conditions, we can now offer the single component high temperature sealants and grouts - Mapeflex 300°C and 1200°C.” Nieuwoudt assures construction organisations that Mapei South Africa are on hand to ensure their expectations are met. “Our products are designed to be user-friendly and, while we always advocate attention to surface preparation, they have good tolerance for error.”


August 2014

Instant Power Savings Instant Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water Used by millions around the world each day, Zip leads the world in drinking water appliances, and are installed in such landmark buildings as the Houses of Parliament, London, plus a host of city and suburban offices, public buildings, universities, factories, defence bases and ships at sea, as well in homes and apartments worldwide.

contained within the system, preventing any potential risk of scalding.

ZIP HYDROTAP Instant Filtered Chilled & Boiling Water

you continuous chilled water at a touch of the tap. The WM42 is plumbed directly into cold water inlet and the waste system. A steady stream of sheer, refreshing, chilled water, dispensed at a delivery rate of 42 litres per hour and a temperature of between 8 - 12 ° Celcius. The chiller unit comes factory fitted with a bubbler and carafe spout.

ZIP HYDROBOIL Instant Boiling Water

Zip HydroBoil’s have become an integral and convenient component for the daily operations in commercial and domestic environments. The convenience of having instant boiling water constantly available at the touch of a tap, has produced enormous time saving benefits for the staff in a busy working environment. The units offer exceptional superior hygiene & safety features; permanently plumbed and mounted onto a wall to preventing any potential accidental spillage. The steam generated by boiling water is also fully

The Zip HydroTap with its five-micron filter system removes impurities but leaves essential fluoride, giving you healthy boiling and chilled, filtered water instantly. Impurities such as dirt, rust, chlorine and micro-organisms are not good for your – they also affect the taste of what you eat and drink. With the HydroTap there’s no need to boil water or purchase bottled water! It is up to 40% more energy efficient than a kettle, and a safety lock makes it safer than a kettle as it stays cool to the touch. It’s the smart way to bring better taste into your kitchen.

WM 42 WALL MOUNTED CHILLER Instant Filtered Chilled Water Whether it be a gym, canteen or factory, Wall Mounted Chiller is designed to give

Zip distributed by Franke Kitchen Systems (Pty) Ltd Call Centre: 0861 372 653,

Long-term success through sustainable action 50 Years of Geberit concealed cisterns

South Africa

Geberit Group, established in 1874, is a European market leader in sanitary technology with a global presence and is celebrating 50 years of their Concealed Cistern.Chairman and CEO of the Geberit Group, Mr Albert M Baehny says: “Sustainable business management is the basis for long-term success. The 50th birthday of the Geberit concealed cistern is a perfect example of how business success is compatible with environmentally friendly action and social commitment. This highly successful product, which has been sold over 60 million times, was a far-sighted strategic step on the journey from a sanitary unit to the modern bathroom. Water-saving technology, reliable quality and comfort for end users as well as the 25-year guaranteed spare parts availability for plumbers has all convincing aspects of a sustainable product.” “Our sustainable business management has made it possible to increase the value of the company over the long term and minimize risks for its future development. This has paid off, with Geberit – as in previous years – once again among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world in 2013 according to Corporate Knights (CA)”, adds Baehny. "To date, Geberit has sold more than 60 million concealed cisterns world-wide,

which serves to demonstrate the standards that Geberit set half a century ago", asserts Dorianne Isaacman National Marketing and Retail Sales Manager from Geberit. "This success was only achieved thanks to the partnerships we have with our plumbers, sanitary engineers and distributors. After all, it is through their support and hard work that we have been able to develop the first generation of cisterns into the state of the art systems available today. They were the ones installing these revolutionary products all those years ago, with the utmost faith that the concealed cisterns would be a success. Together, we paved the way for a previously unimagined level of functional and creative freedom in bathroom applications,"adds Isaacman. Paradigm change: from sanitation unit to convenience bathroom A paradigm change in European bathrooms began with the concealed version of the conventional cistern. It was now possible for additional sanitary fittings such as the pipes to be installed virtually invisibly behind the wall. Today, this means that the whole bathroom can be designed entirely to suit each individual's requirements. With the various concealed cistern versions and

Trend Centurion would like to take this opportunity to wish Geberit well on this milestone. We at Trend Centurion look forward to the next 50 years of innovation and customer service excellence. We are proud business associates and trade partners of Geberit and other Prestigious brands from across Europe and the Globe.

Find our exquisite showroom at 54 Park Avenue Centurion

Trend Centurion 56

Trend Centurion Cell: 082 565 3742 Tel: 012 661 4198 Fax: 086 577 2278 Email:

August 2014

installation systems available today, plumbers can find a solution for every bathroom situation. The multitude and technological advancement of flush plates available today has opened up new design possibilities. What's more, ground-breaking systems like the odour extraction unit behind the actuator plate are now on the market. In the opinion of experts, this trend could soon be part of the basic features of the modern bathroom. Even shower toilets, such as the new Geberit AquaClean Sela, are heralding in a new era of freshness, hygiene and bathroom design. 966 9 66 6 part p 2

Reliability thanks to Know-How Installed The fact that Geberit concealed cisterns have been in use for half a century, demonstrates that Geberit's brand promise of "Know-How Installed" is clearly working. Even today, plumbers are constantly bumping into Geberit concealed cisterns from the early years that are still in daily use. Geberit still has replacement parts for firstgeneration cisterns and guarantees spare part availability for up to 25 years. Long-term goals Mr Baehny concludes: “In the coming years, we want to continue to roll out new products that set new standards in water conservation and sustainability. At the same time, we are pursuing ambitious goals throughout the Group. By 2020, we want to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% compared with the year 2000 based on organic growth.”

South Africa

A concept for the future Today's bathroom designs can even be seen in the touchless design actuator plates, such as the Geberit actuator plate Sigma80, which offers increased convenience and hygiene. And the development doesn't stop there: at the same time, the Sigma50 offers the highest possible level of creative freedom as the customer is able to customize the finish of the plate by choosing from a range of different finishes that best suits the bathroom design. With the Geberit Omega concealed cistern, Geberit is presenting a new concealed model with different construction heights in its anniversary year. The cisterns can accommodate both front and top flush actuation. What's more, the actuator plates are significantly smaller which opens up a whole new level of creative freedom.

PVC-M PVC C-M C -M Pressure Pre Pr ess es e ssu sss ure P Pipe ip pe SAN SANS NS 9 966 966-2 6- 2 – –PVC-M PVC-M M ((mod (modified dified d ified poly po y vinyl ch chloride) hlo oririiid de) pressure e pipe pip pe systems systemss for potable potable water wa wat ate e conveyance. er conv co nve eyya an a nce. nce pressure

Ultraflo Ultra Ul rafflo lo PVC-M PV VC-M pressure VC pre essur ssurre pipes pipe pi pess are are available a ai av aila lable ble e in n diameters diameter meterrs of 5 of 0 to to 6 30mm 30 mm and and nd pressure pre ress sssur ure e ratings ratitin ra ngs gs of of 6 to o 25 25 Bar. Bar. 50 630mm Ultraflo Ultrafflo iiss to U toug tough ugh ug ha and re reli reliable liab able makin making ing g it ide ideal eal for f Afri Af A rica ca an ccon ond ndititio ion ns. ns n African conditions. Ultraflo Ultrafllo iss also als a lso energy ls energ e rgyy efficient effificient and ef d has ha as a low low carb ca rbo bon on ffootprint. oottpri o oo tprin in nt. carbon

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Southern African Vinyls Association

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We are happy to work with Eskinder Wubetu Architects and Engineers on Hibret Bank HQ Building Project

Eskinder Woubetu Architects “As we try to influence through our buildings…we are keen on taking our designs one step further!” By Ruth Girma

Primary Motive

skinder Woubetu Architects is an architectural firm based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Established 8 years


The firm which is keen on working on

ago, it is a young yet robust firm with 15

designs, and creates sturdy buildings that

employees. Having a close interaction with

reflect a touch of cultural resemblance and

the staffs and clients, the firm flickers the

climate responsibility. The firm vigorously

flare and enthusiasm in what it does.

seeks to move in a direction which can take

The firm was founded by Eskinder Woubetu,

architectural design in Ethiopia one step

a holder of a Bachelor of Architecture and

further with designs that can be labeled

Urban Planning Degree and also a Master’s


details while providing quality service for its clients tends to stay innovative in its

Degree in Urban Design in Ethiopian

Africa Avenue, Friendship Building 6th floor suite 607 P. O. Box 121487, Addis Ababa, Ethopia Telephone: +251 118 51 06 27 Mobile: +251 935 40 09 45 email:


Institution of Architecture, Buildings and


Construction (EIABC), AAU. He


The firm has numerous projects at hand and

practiced architecture for the last 20 years.

is mostly involved in construction genres










services in building and infrastructure is


also a member of Association of Ethiopian

Major projects include the United Bank



Headquarters, a shopping center in Merkato

architects(AUA) and Union of International

area, a shopping mall around CMC area,

Architects (UIA).

a mixed use building around Ayat area, a







August 2014

Services “I believe in principle, an architect should be a man of integrity and when given a project,one has to offer priorities to bring positive changes to the surrounding environment with respect to their context and settings”. Says Eskinder Woubetu. Woubetu stresses that as architects the firm attempts to give good quality service and punctuality in project delivery. Expecting customers to respect the firms design process including the way it’s designed, the thoughts and principles behind the design, in return it makes an effort to serve clients with absolute integrity, taking in to account their ideas and thoughts. “An Architect is the author and as such is the rightful owner responsible for the successful execution of his buildings despite the challenges faced throughout the construction”. Says Eskinder Woubetu Future Woubetu concludes by saying “It’s time we pause and think about the trend, the development and the fast pace of construction that is going on in Addis Ababa. What would be the face of Addis Ababa in about 10 years? So much infrastructure, buildings civil works, reeve development projects going across; are we doing them the right way? Does it cross our minds how the next generation would ask ‘what kind of architects were these people? Did they really care about their city?’ crucial questionsthat run in my mind every day”. August 2014


community center around Bole area, a 7 storey luxury hotel around Bole area and a 4 star luxury hotel in Gonder. Of the listed projects, some finished and others on the go, the firm singles out the United Bank as a breakthrough project for several reasons not least of which is the fact that they won the project in an architectural competition in which there were 70 entries, 41 nominees, and 7 finalists. The project is 30,000m2, 33 stories and is currently on a final design stage.

HIGHEST DEGREE IN CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS Whatever your refrigeration requirements, we can provide you with a hands-on, professional service - project managing, from the inception and planning stages through to completion, including both technical and administrative aspects. GEA Project Solutions will coordinate the services and structure, while GEA Refrigeration will provide the refrigeration design and installation. Every project we manage is done with the highest level of attention to detail and in accordance with strict safety measures and legislation.

GEA Refrigeration Africa (Pty) Ltd 19 Chain Avenue, Montague Gardens, 7441, RSA P.O.Box 36815, Chempet, 7442, RSA Phone: +27 21 555 9000, Fax: +27 21 551 4036,

GEA Refrigeration Technologies engineering for a better world


Elinuol and Company Providing paints for Nigeria’s building needs

Elinuol and Company Nigeria Limited is a major manufacturer of paints and corrosion control products in Nigeria. Our Shepherd M. Mthethwa interviewed the Managing Director Mr Elijah N. Oluikpe who shared valuable insights into the phenomena rise of the company from its humble beginnings.


Cr: Please give us some background about Elinuol Company Ltd Mr Oluikpe: Elinuol and Company Nigeria Limited was fully incorporated in Nigeria in 1985. The company is engaged in the production of paints and corrosion control products. The company commenced full industrial production of paints in 2000 at the incubator center of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in Aba, Abia MD Mr Elijah N. Oluikpe State, Nigeria. The company has concluded arrangement for expansion that will move it to its permanent site and has been modernizing its production equipment. The company which started from a one site factory now has developed its markets within three geo-political regions of Nigeria. Elinuol has since its inception produced very high quality products and services and has earned considerable goodwill from key players in the Nigerian building and construction industry. The company’s products have won many awards and certifications including the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). The company does not compromise its mission to maintain an all time quality paint and corrosion products and services in line with global best practices. CR: How far have you expanded your markets? Mr Oluikpe: Well we are not yet looking outside Nigeria. Nigeria is a very big market. We want to satisfy the Nigerian market first. However, due to rising demand 60

from those who have used our products, we are on the verge of engaging representatives in Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. CR: Could you give us a brief overview of the range of your paints on offer? Mr Oluikpe: Well, like I said earlier, Elinuol is into paint manufacturing. Our brand of products cuts across Ultracoat Emulsion, UltraTextured, Ultra Screed Mortar, UltraSatin. Arrangements have been concluded for expansion plans for the Gloss, Water proof Motar, Industrial Paints and Anti-Corrosion products. In all these, we produce decorative paints for buildings of all types, marine paints and anti-corrosion products for ship steel structures and oil pipelines. CR: What is your target market? Mr Oluikpe: The target market for Eliunol is the building and construction industry generally. When I say the building industry, I refer to builders from individual builders to corporate players in the real estate sector of the economy. These are estate developers and building cooperatives. We do not segregate in our choice of clients. Our desire is to ensure that builders whether individual builders or large scale builders use our products in finishing their houses. Crown Reality Estate Plc, PZ Cussons Plc, Fist Bank of Nigeria Plc are among our large scale clients. But one thing that is not in dispute is that all who use any of our range of products have not regretted the decision. To read more and to comment on this story visit August 2014

PROTECT YOUR %8,/',1* FROM :$7(5 02,6785( DAMAGE Elinuol & Company Nigeria Limited, an Aba, Abia state based company was awarded the 2012 paint company of the award at the Abuja housing show. Elinuol was given the award for the manufacturing of its high quality Elinuol Ultra Screed mortar, a product adjudged by key players in the building sector as one of the best products in the protecting buildings from water and moisture damage. The award ceremony, one of the highlights of the annual Abuja show was jointly organized by the housing Development Program, Abuja property Writers Association and the Association of Housing Corporations Nigeria. The annual Abuja Housing Show is a unique gathering of all major stakeholders in housing sub sector of the national economy. Building experts said Elinuol Ultra screed Mortar has been formulated not only to give high abrasion and repel water absorption and also bridges hair cracks as well as contains anti fungi inhibitors. According to the experts, the product which is easy to use is resistant to lime water and ensures bonding between protective coating and mortar. Speaking to newsmen shortly after receiving the award, Mr. Elijah N. Oluikpe, managing director of the company, described the award as a positive surprise and an challenge to the efforts of the company in proving solutions to the building industry. In addition to the Elinuol Ultra Screed Mortar, the company also produces Elinuol Ultra Guard Satin washable paint.

Elinuol & Company Nigeria Ltd I 10 Faulks Road Aba Abia State I Tel: 08037071159, 08026931100 I Email:

Atlas Copco Generators: Clean power Purpose: Built to go anywhere

QAX and QAS GENERATOR RANGE. Atlas Copco (T) limited, P. O. Box 39966, Julius Nyerere Road, Vingunguti,Plot No. 2360 Dar es Salaam Tanzania Tel + 255 (0) 22 286 1570/1, Fax: +255 22 286 1572,,

Sustainable Productivity

ADVERTISERS’ INDEX 357 International Ltd...............................40

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Jomosach Telcoms ..................................40

Anchor Foundation specialist .................58

Kara Enterprises Ltd ...............................44

Archibuilt 2014 Expo .............................21

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DPI Plastics .............................................57

Nigeria Power Event ...............................37

East Africa Elevators Ltd ........................43

Nyadwe Insurance Brokers .....................39

Elinuol & Company Nigeria Ltd.............61

Premlal Enterprises Ltd...........................44

Financial & Property Consultants Ltd ....38

Samsung ....................................................1

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Frisomat ..................................................13

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R. World..................................................39

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