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Ecostick The Revolution of snowmaking

Ecostick The Nivis速 snow lances need neither compressed air nor an own compressor unit. They use the enclosed energy in the water pressure and redound to a significant saving of energy on snowmaking systems



Ecostick Zero-energy-snowmaker

The Nivis® snowmaking lance Ecostick is worldwide unique equipped with the patented Nivis injection system. This makes it possible to work without a compressor unit or a central compressed air system. The injector patented by Nivis® aspirates ambient air and creates a water-air mixture which is pulverized directly through the nozzle head. For this process is no electrical energy needed.

Nivis® Ecostick







Number of nozzle groups Versions

manual / stand-alone automatic / automatically as a group

Water flow

max. 4,6 m3/h

2-8 m3/h

Compressed air supply

not necessary

Power supply manual version

not necessary

Power consumption automatic version

25 Watt for floodlight and PLC

Connection for power supply

customer choice

Operating pressure

min. 20 bar

Weight tube

25 kg

25 kg

Weight of single construction components

Versions The Nivis® snowmaking lance Ecostick is equipped with up to 3 especially developed injectors for an optimal performance under all weather conditions. The models MONO, DUO, TRIO are available as manual or as automatic versions. The manual versions need no power supply. The automatic versions need it just to command valves and measure temperature and pressure.

Advantages of a snowmaking system without compressor by Nivis® Ecostick • • • • • •

• • •

Extremely low operational costs for energy, as no pressurized air (usually about 4 kW per lance) is needed Low acquisition costs, as parts for pressurized air supply such as compressors, air pipes and electrical power supply are not necessary No maintenance costs for compressors (e.g. oil change) Low service costs as the system consists only of static parts Conservation of nature and natural resources It’s easily possible to add or retool any existing snow making plant of any kind (e.g. fan guns) with Ecostick lances, as no pressurized air is needed. This makes the Nivis® system compatible to any kind of plant It’s easy to construct an extremely effective snow making plant for marginal temperatures. The use of many Ecostick MONO instead of less multi-stage lances is no problem. The needed compressor power always remains zero Very simple handling especially the manual version Water system with inherent pressure enables you to build a snow making plant without energy consumption The most efficient, most sustainable and most innovative way to make snow. The Nivis® system effects an economy of energy, weight, materials and reduces maintenance and noise

58 kg

max. 16 kg

Height Foundation

2-13 m3/h

up to 10 m concrete chamber / earth foundation / screw foundation

Subject to technical modifications

Central hose guidance

Stand-alone version

Hydraulic lifting device (optional)

Valve block with quick coupling

Manual version

Lance head Ecostick Trio

Lance head

Water – air mixture outlet through special nozzles designed by Nivis® Lance tube

Floodlight (optional)

Water–air mixture Aspiration of ambient air through these holes

Electrical cabinet (Stand-alone version only)

360° Swivel-range

Water supply Various foundation bases possible

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