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conscious dancer | FALL 2010


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Breath of Fire | Kavi This music was created to dance to – the Breath of Fire is the alchemical mix of breath, movement and the internal fire of transformation. Browse our selection of over 100 albums available online or at Borders, Amazon & iTunes

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conscious dancer | FaLL 2010


to paradise

Join Ellen Watson, Daphne Tse and Kate Patterson at gorgeous Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore of Oahu Hawaii October 27th - November 1st, 2010 for six days of dance, music, yoga, meditation, relaxation and fun!

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Module Teacher Training Intensive

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Toni Bergins’ JourneyDance™ opens dancers to transformation, self-love, living their highest potential, and finding fullest expression. Learn to guide others in JourneyDance’s distinct flow, evocative music, movement suggestions, guided imagery, and ritual. Create sacred space for your authentic dancing spiritual practice and inspire others to delve and explore with you. Enjoy new realms of abundance, joy, creativity, exuberance, and compassion.

A rich, deeper exploration of JourneyDance™ leading and individual practice. Deepen into your facilitator “zone”, lead meaningful journeys, access the subtle art of poetic inspired languaging, and learn to be a “tuned-in” DJ. Toni and DJ Root share new music, dances, and rituals. Teachers have ample leading opportunities, class/workshop creation labs, one-on-one feedback, in-depth marketing and business, and networking with other teachers.

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA September 12 - 17, 2010



Kripalu Center, Lenox, MA April 3 - 8, 2011

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conscious dancer | FALL 2010


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a gripping new memoir from


“a modern day Isadora Duncan” New York Times

about leaving dance stardom for a transformative path of mystical motion


FINDING SPIRIT IN THE FLESH “Dunya’s brave book launches a new genre of writing from the body.” —Mary Bond, MA author of The New Rules of Posture “...exquisitely written...poetic and erotic...” —Carol Skolnick, Soul Surgery blog “Dreamy, deeply searching, and so smart kinesthetically.” —Janet Soares, Professor of Dance Emerita, Columbia University AMAZON.COM


conscious dancer | FaLL 2010


A trip down memory lane with Nia co-founder, Carlos Rosas, leading a class in the 1980s.


13 35 FEATURES This handful of modalities are quickly gaining momentum. We tracked the source and trajectory of these well-loved practices. Meet today's magnetic pioneers of movement.

24 100 Modalities from A - Z ­ What seems like a giant list is really the tip of the iceberg. It's exciting to discover the wide range of body-centered movement practices circling the globe. From old standbys to hybrids, offshoots, and start-ups, we're pleased to offer you a wealth of opportunities to move.

Photos: top to bottom Clockwise: The Nia Technique / Laura cirolia / WWW.ISLANDSTYLEIMAGES.COM / Hilary Nichols

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Style shifts are happening and creativity is in the air. Move forward with inspiration to accept the invitation with some of our favorite designers. Tribal accessories and bohemian . influences make fresh combinations welcome anywhere.


18 10 Past the Tipping Point

11 Inspiration: Urban Muse The Portland plazas designed by the late Lawrence Halprin form a perfect setting for a performance of wife Anna's City Dance. 12 WARMUPS • Letters to the Editor: Shareback • Second Chakra Flows • Viva Rancho La Puerta • Tango Take 2 • Eye Contact for Every Body • Debbie Rosas Stewart: The Body’s Business 30 VITALITY: Brewing Kombucha Gina McGalliard taps into the current controversy surrounding our favorite fizzy drink. 32 SOUNDS: Body Percussion Claire Blotter drums up the story on body rhythms and performance poetry. 35 MOVEMENT MENU • Fall Highlights: Events worth the trip • Book Reviews: Move into Life, Life on Land, Goddess to the Core • DVD: Anna Halprin documentary • MixMaster: DJ Preston Klik 46 RESULTS: Body NVC Susan Strasburger embodies transformation through body-based nonviolent communication. conscious dancer | FALL 2010






movement for a better world

œ˜Ì…ÞÊ iÜÏiÌÌiÀÊUʏœL>Ê ˆÀiV̜ÀÞÊUÊ œ˜ÃVˆœÕà >˜ViÀ°Vœ“







conscious dancer | FaLL 2010


ecently I was interviewed for an upcoming documentary about underground dance culture in the early ’90s. I commented on the quantum shift to horizontal, non-linear communication that was happening then, both in DJ culture, and with the advent of Mozaic (now known as the Internet). Fast forward 20 years and we take it for granted—Facebook is “The Rave” and everyone’s invited. The interesting thing for me to notice is that the shift continues. Modern facilitated dance modalities go the DJ model one step further. Freed from the equipment by technology, today’s facilitators stir the pot from the center, engaging with dancers on the move, acting as conductors of experience for the group, and creating appropriate containers in order to give authentic permission to move. The DJ may be adept at spinning a yarn, but a facilitator has the opportunity to weave it all together. Many modern movement modalities approach the question of connection head-on. Practices that

encourage touch, eye contact, and shared movement are common, and ending a class with a group share-back is practically the norm. In this issue we are happy to present profiles of 10 of the most influential modalities, and introduce you to 90 more. The growth of today’s “holistic movement” movement also follows a different model than the vertical top-down paradigm of the promotional/entertainment industry. Practices are cultivated in the fertile atmosphere of workshops and intensives. Teacher trainings create an ecosystem of



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growth, refinement, and hybridization. The best ideas travel fastest, and rarely in a linear fashion. I see it as horizontal communication in action, culture modeled on the interdependence and symbiosis of nature. I also see it as more of a social movement than a trend. Things we take for granted, like the sexual revolution, were once burning social questions. Movements have staying power, and today’s facilitators are setting the stage. Assembling our first-ever modality guidebook has been an eye-opener and a pleasure. I trust that you will find things inside that inspire you and broaden your understanding. I extend my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you who made this special issue possible.

In Movement

mark metz,


Claire Blotter writes about the Bay Area body rhythm movement, which is spreading worldwide. An innovative poet-teacher, she first taught performance poetry using body percussion in 1980 in San Francisco, designing and teaching the first Vocal Poetry Workshop at San Francisco State University in 1984. She won San Francisco Poetry Slam titles in 1991 and 1992, placing second with her team in National Slams in Chicago and Boston. She teaches performance poetry privately and in Marin high schools. Hilary Nichols shoots for the truth. As a freelance photographer she focuses on people, at home and abroad, for work and as a passion. Her portraits have appeared in Yogi Times, Planet, and Yoga Journal. Hilary photographed beautiful fashion worn by beautiful women for this issue. “In my work,” she says, “I seek to reveal the most flattering and honest moments of my subjects.” Hilary shoots portraits, kids, families, weddings, and artful images in the Bay Area and beyond. Gina McGalliard is a San Diego–based freelance writer and dancer who authored this issue’s story on kombucha and the recent controversy surrounding the beverage. Gina’s work has appeared in numerous publications, including Dance Studio Life, Sport Diver, and San Diego Family magazine. When she’s not writing or enjoying her city’s sublime weather, you can catch her cheering for the North County Cobras football team or Irish step dancing in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp Quarter. Meredith Marie Miller’s passion for holistic transformational practices led her to faraway places and deep within, to discover ancient and modern wisdom. Her life is about metamorphosis, and her work inspires this process in others through consultation, bodywork, lightwork, and energy cultivation. Recently, she facilitated group work on eye gazing at Berkeley’s Acupressure Institute. In this issue, Meredith writes about eye contact in dance. She is moving her practice from the Bay Area to New York City. COVER > Nia Black Belt Laurie Bass leads a teachers training at StudioNia in Portland, Oregon. PHOTO > Taken by Jeff Stewart, CEO of The Nia Technique, Inc. conscious dancer | FALL 2010


Transform your Life Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, teaches Matrix Energetics©, a consciousness technology for insight, spiritual growth—and living a life unbound by the limits we have been trained to believe in. Teachable & transferable, Matrix Energetics© is accessible to everyone, from a ten-year-old child to a medical professional. During this life-changing weekend, we will learn the art of rewriting any rule of your reality —about your health, your happiness, or even your understanding of what is physically possible.

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CL AR IT Y in MOTION Life can be Ecstatic Dance when we clear the inner obstacles to forward movement As Above, So Below

Body Communication WOW Processing Intuitive Discussion

Akashic Records Perelandra Nature Work Higher Self Guidance

As Within, So Without

Rev. Louisa A. Dyer, MA

Wholistic Counselor, Metaphysical Minister, WOW CoCreator "TIFWJMMF /$r*O1FSTPO#Z1IPOFrZFBST$MJOJDBM&YQFSJFODF * 828.658.1280 * 10

conscious dancer | FaLL 2010

inspiration A scene from The City Dance of Lawrence and Anna Halprin, a performance by Linda K. Johnson and the Third Angle New Music Ensemble. This piece took place in the Portland Oregon plazas in September 2008 as part of the annual TBA Festival held by PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art). Between 1963 and 1970, Lawrence Halprin and Associates realized the Portland Open Space Sequence, a quartet of public plazas in Portland, Oregon, that redefined the city and set a bold new precedent for urban landscape architecture.


Urban Muse

Playing in the public arena. Halprin’s plazas inspire the city to dance.

Tamalpa Institute shareback Movement Based Expressive Arts DanCE-LatIon

iۜŽˆ˜}Ê̅iÊ ÜˆÃ`œ“Ê œvÊLœ`ÞÊEÊ ˆ“>}ˆ˜>̈œ˜ photo: Rick Chapman ©2005

I loved the feature, "Travel Vision Board," from the last issue. Often, we translate our travel experience through writing, journaling, sketching, picture taking, or telling our story once we return. To translate the experience through a dance expression adds another dimension of richness to our travel experience—creating a physical imprint of our journey. silKy hARt

McKinney, TX

ConsCIoUs LIstEnInG

Aloha juicy ever-expanding dance community! How fortunate are we that “conscious dance” is flowering globally and that we now have this beautiful magazine to share our Public workshops and voices, our inspirations and offerings with training programs in each other. movement based expressive I’d like to share a recent discussion on the 5"."-1"*/45*565& arts education and therapy. nature of music played at conscious dances and invite feedback. I belong to a global collective called “Conscious Dance Deejays”— Tamalpa Institute • Kentfield, CA • 415.457.8555 how fabulous is that!? In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we were sharing songs about mothers and a discrepancy arose about the kind of lyrics deemed “conscious.” For some, the term meant that the music and lyrics should only be inspiring and uplifting; sad, negative, or demeaning tunes were to be avoided. For others, music that might help process darker emotions like anger and grief was part of their playlists, the understanding being that “conscious” meant inclusive of all states of being. No conscious DJ wants to promote violence, hatred, or anything demoralizing. But perhaps you are looking for an uplifting session and need to know before you go. Do we need a rating system…PG-13, R? heeRAA sAzeViCh

EDItor's rEpLY

This is an interesting controversy. Look for an article in an upcoming issue that speaks to this question from multiple points of view.

WE LoVE HEarInG FroM YoU! Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or send an old-fashioned email to 12

conscious dancer | FaLL 2010

the second chakra's rhythm is dance and its planet is Venus. sensual and creative we are.


Second Chakra Flows he sacral chakra is all about pleasure and awareness of one’s body. sensations are vital. Be generous with yourself by indulging in a wide range of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch.

LoCatED In tHE LoWEr aBDoMEn between the belly button and the genitals, the second chakra is called Svadhisthana in sanskrit, with translations that suggest both being and doing: “one’s own abode” and “to taste sweet.” our wish to experience life’s sweet offerings at birth awakens our clairessence, and with this ability to intuitively smell that which is not present, we move towards the breast. DEsIrE Is an InnEr aCtIVator. we literally bear down to initiate movement from our pelvic floor. whether you’re seeking guidance in emotional, sexual, or even financial matters, use your intuition and subtle sensual ability to consciously evolve and resolve the area of concern. FranCEsCa GEntILLE oF LIFE DanCE CEntEr poses the question, “how can i celebrate being in my body and my senses?” water being the element of this chakra, gentille suggests dance modalities focused

on gyrating and undulating, rippling wave-like movements practiced in bellydance, hooping, and tango. twirling and spinning also encourage eros or life force to flow freely. Clothing, costumes, and accessories can accentuate sight, feeling, and sound. scarves, masks, and jewelry are visually appealing and offer creative color combinations to stimulate the senses for the dancer and the viewer. IF YoU FEEL tHE nEED to BE toUCHED or crave partner interactions, self or partner massage creates body-talk and can awaken your sexuality, spark imagination, or evoke your nurturing side. the sense of touch lovingly sets the stage for a range of creative actions or interactions. how we are really feeling will be illuminated as we allow ourselves to experience “sense-u-all” activities. try scented massage oils such as vanilla or rose to deepen the experience. EXpLorE tHE sEConD CHaKra and the pelvic floor, our second foundation, by teasing out the sweetness from every interaction you move through. survival strategies and self-consciousness become self-awareness as loving attention is placed on this pivotal chakra.

Photos: raNCho la Puerta, laura Cirolia, Chakra 2 baCkGrouND,GreG roberts

VIVa ranCHO la PUerta: Voted World's Best Destination spa “gracias” was the heartfelt message sent to rancho La Puerta from all over the world on the eve of their 70th birthday. Thousands of Travel and Leisure magazine readers voted this beloved destination spa in Tecate, Mexico, the finest in the world. and after a few days at this spectacular retreat, i fully understood the sentiment. Nestled at the foot of magical Mount Kuchumaa, "The ranch of the door" was conceived with loving intention by eco-visionaries edmond and deborah szekely in 1940. still family owned and operated, it nurtures and educates minds, bodies, and spirits with extensive offerings year round. While it features classic amenities such as gloriously blue swimming pools and luxuriously appointed spa facilities, rLP is also appreciated for visionary leaps like developing reflexology spiral walks or building sacred geometric labyrinths and a crystal bowl meditation hall. the Ranch regularly hosts luminaries in a variety of fields to delight and enliven its guests. From gourmet chefs to well-known writers, dancers, and musicians, these experts offer visitors new opportunities to expand the mind and communicate with body and soul. By introducing visionary movement modalities such as 5rhythms, nia, and soul Motion, The ranch continues to embody its motto “siempre Mejor,” meaning “always Better” or as szekely believes “always changing.” Vinn Martí, soul Motion’s originator, agrees. “This sacred land is in a constant state of spontaneous evolution. it’s an honor to be invited back year after year.” Many guests plan their visits around beloved teachers, facilitators, and artists. Martí has been on the roster for 15 years. sarah livia Brightwood, daughter of the founders, is the current president of rLP. she has been holding the vision for much of the architecture, sculpture, and creation of sacred spaces such as the labyrinth. Brightwood wants guests to find what they seek at rLP. “it’s an invitation to participate in any way that feels comfortable,” she says. “curiosity and courage grow as guests relax and expand. it’s a safe place to explore.” As i walked the labyrinth, i understood why people find The ranch so extraordinary. The inspired pathway supported my journey inward, while the majestic shadow of the mountain anchored the external arena. surrounding oak trees added a timeless and enchanted feeling—uplifting my spine, balancing my stride, and opening my heart to myself and all others who had walked before me. By lAURA CiRoliA

In GooD CoMpanY our Creative director Aspen Madrone rests in restorative child's pose.

fiNd yoUR stRide All paths lead to natural inspiration, sacred geometry, and artisan creations.

fARM feAst Alejandro Meraz with fresh organic fare to inspire visiting chefs.

dANCe gets sPiCy explore a wide range of movement modalities from tango to cardio drumming.

conscious dancer | FaLL 2010


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conscious dancer | FaLL 2010

Tango dancers lost in the moment on the streets of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tango – Take 2

Practice the artful dance of nonduality.


Photo: © King Ho Yim |

BY rachel trachten

hink tango...Old-world elegance, classic style—and a surprising connection with modern-day movement practices. “The first thing you immediately discover in a tango class is that there is no basic step,” says Sharna Fabiano, executive director of Tango Mercurio in Washington, D.C. “That’s the shocking thing that sets it apart from other social dances.” As a fully improvised dance, social tango is built on connection between the two partners. Given a set of patterns, structures, and conventions, tango dancers rely on constant, subtle communication to create their dance. Mitra Martin, who co-directs the school Oxygen Tango in Los Angeles, describes her partnership with Stefan Fabry. “We have to be extremely present with one another, and with the music, for the dance to work,” she says. When either Martin or Fabry become distracted, the person who has lost focus says the word “here,” to reinforce presence for both. Though it’s natural to assume that the leader makes all the decisions in a tango, the relationship between leader and follower is far more subtle, according to Fabiano. She describes a process in which the leader decides on a step, then observes the follower’s reaction, which in turn influences the leader’s next movement. “There’s a back and forth,” she says. “Once you get into that zone, as in Contact Improvisation (CI), the leading and following­

roles begin to blur.” In both forms, there is a shared dance vocabulary, but it’s the communication between partners that creates the flow. Martin views tango and CI as complementary disciplines. “Among those who have been exposed to both forms, there’s a lot of curiosity and experimentation about bringing the two together,” she says. In dancing the tango, she calls on the sensation of freedom and expressiveness, the attitude, she feels during CI. By summoning this attitude, she is able to express herself more authentically in tango despite the constraints of being the follower. Tango also finds a kindred spirit in the practice of yoga. Like yogis, tango dancers sometimes face intrusive thoughts or emotions—judgment, frustration, or impatience. Accepting these unwelcome intrusions without allowing them to distract is a goal in yoga studios and ballrooms alike. In both tango and yoga, steps and movement patterns are practiced again and again, but never truly attained. Martin likens the quest for the perfect “ocho” (a popular tango step originally based on the figure eight) to trying to perfect the plié or downward dog. Fabiano concurs. “You can’t finish learning it,” she says of the tango. “The desire is to be present to each unique dance rather than to achieve some kind of ideal. It’s in becoming more present that you discover more about the form and about yourself.”

“We have to be extremely present with one another, and with the music, for the dance to work.”

conscious dancer | FALL 2010


Eye Contact for Every Body Adding intentional eye contact to your movement practice can create an opening to shared experience through our most primal behaviors. By Meredith marie miller By taking my sitting practice of eye gazing onto the dance floor, I noticed that

movement adds another dimension to the experience. Immediately, I felt a very unfamiliar component: the physical body. While sitting, the body is more of a passive participant in the experience. Sometimes it feels as if it doesn’t exist at all, whereas on the dance floor, the body is the primary channel.

Whatever my growing edge is, I notice how I draw those experiences into my

life. Currently working on some physical vulnerabilities and transforming those old patterns into something new, I found myself in the heart of this experience before I even realized what was happening. It wasn’t just my emotions that I had now entrusted to the other pairs of eyes, but also my body. I found this layer more difficult to embrace. It meant learning to trust the body and being comfortable in this vehicle while connecting with others.

My experiences in eye gazing go something like this: at first my mind projects thoughts and images, and I usually allow that to be what it is without berating myself for having a human mind that judges. I bring those thoughts into my body. Then emotions surface, some more intense than others. I keep breathing, and as the emotions seek balance on their own, things start to shift. Suddenly I’m not sure when it’s my emotion or the other’s, or if a more existential human emotion unites us all. Faces begin to morph into ancient gods and goddesses, animals, lights, colors…and then everything disappears and all that remains is a feeling. The practice of eye gazing is described as an experience in deepening human

connection by Michael Ellsberg, author of The Power of Eye Contact. The kind of eye contact he writes about is like a dance—first testing the waters, and when the glance is met warmly the eye contact is intensified until the two merge in a “beautiful dance of eyes and gazes.”

Ellsberg discovered the power of eye contact through salsa dancing. He met his

As a dancer regulates the flow of vitality through his or her body, the intent is to find a balance of energy and comfort levels. Paulo Coelho writes through a dancer in The Witch of Portobello, “Ecstasy comes from Greek, meaning ‘to stand outside yourself.’ Spending the whole day outside yourself is asking too much of body and soul.” And so with respect to self and others, it is possible to learn how to open and close the window as the moment calls out to our hearts. On the dance floor, when my eyes meet with an intensely devouring gaze, I usually choose to look away, maintaining the sanctity of my boundaries while my body activates a force field of protection. I have found that having clarity about my intent and boundaries is a foundational step in the practice of eye contact, whether in movement or sitting. My heart is more willing to open when someone’s eyes softly embrace mine, as if to say, “Hello, human. It’s wonderful to see you in your bliss.” 16

conscious dancer | FALL 2010

Photo: Kelsey Cannatti Smith

new bride on the dance floor, and their connection was the inspiration for his book. “There was not one dance going on, I realized, but two: the dance between bodies in motion, and the dance between the eyes. The former was the foundation. The latter was the electrical connection.”

the body’s business

By Debbie Rosas Stewart

Your Body on Music If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, imagine what music can do! A daily dose of music provides more benefits to your body and life than you might imagine. In his book The Healing Energies of Music, Hal A. Lingerman shares how music can increase vitality, super-charge focus, and calm anxiety. For many, music brings a sense of connection to something greater, a spiritual consciousness on the horizon. Music is medicine—and thanks to today's technology, we have a medicine chest at our fingertips any time of day!

Your body's auditory and nervous systems are exquisitely designed to receive music. A growing body of research points to music as a powerful influence in the growth of new neuronal and synaptic stem cells. Music can stimulate the brain into reengineering neural pathways for both healing and growth. Your body on music is an incredible sensation. It is the sensation of thoughts, emotions, and inspiration expressed as movements, rhythms, and beats. It is the sensation of life flooding through your skin, muscles, and bones, bringing healing, conditioning, and the freedom to move in the way you are designed to move.

My body on music is the feeling of “oneness," and a sacred connection with myself and nature. Each day, I activate my body's 75 trillion cells by waking up to music, stimulating my "motormelody" muscles and dancing myself out of bed! Learn about Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas Stewart at

Give your body a daily dose of music medicine • Ask your body what kind of music it wants, then give it the medicine it needs. Take a moment to notice changes in your energy level, mood, and creativity. • When you feel stressed, prescribe yourself music medicine and sense your body and life as a beautiful vibration. • Feed your mind and body with a variety of sounds. Listen to a new genre of music every week. • Remember to take dance breaks! Use music to reconnect to the wave of joy available at all times.

Eyes laugh in Biodanza.

EYEGAZING takes p r ac t ice Sometimes referred to as the window of the soul, the eyes are considered a portal to our emotional body and the first place our boundaries are nonverbally defined. Exercising our intention in this area is best explored in a safe space. Have fun with it! Here are some ideas suggested by our friend Darrell Duane, who facilitates Eye Contact Jams at Burning Man. Partner Yoga Classes are found everywhere, partner switching encouraged. Dances of Universal Peace Share a gaze with each person in the room. Photo: Ceasar cortes

Social Dances Particularly the tango and rueda de casino–style salsa. biodanza One of the key practices in this heart-opening modality. Contact Improv jams Laboratories of human connection on every level. Eye-Gazing Parties This singles party format is spreading internationally.

conscious dancer | FALL 2010





Practices. Protocols. Approaches. Techniques. These are the words movement pioneers reach for when they are trying to describe what they do. Coining a term for a new method gives you the right to teach it your way. Persona. Panache. mojo. mystique. we use these terms to grasp at the essence of a mentor’s soul. when enough people label a person remarkable, a reputation is earned. modalities—the catch-all word we use to describe the genre. Some are amorphous processes that invite improvised facilitation, while others have specific moves or techniques that can be codified, memorized, and taught. we’ve highlighted ten of the largest and most influential that can be found internationally and in most major u.S. cities. we urge you to try them! user-friendly, accessible to most abilities, and non-competitive, these modes invite you into the safe container of community space that encourages movement with an intention towards greater awareness. Dive in! – EDITORS


>> Gabrielle Roth birthed an enduring metaphor at Esalen in the 1970s. Looking at life as a series of waves to be moved through is the heart of the practice that has become a model for countless others. Today 5 Rhythms continues to expand and evolve as Roth’s son Jonathan Horan carries the torch forward for new generations.


map that can be easily understood, yet explored for a lifetime, is the essence of this practice. Virtually any music or mood can be categorized under one of the five rhythms: Flowing, Lyrical, Staccato, Chaos, and Stillness. A typical “wave” class may flow through all five in sequence, or intensives may choose one to delve deeper. 5Rhythms is intended as a moving meditation that happens in a group. As such it offers opportunities to access highly emotional or spiritual states—most reliably—ecstatic dance. The palette of music that 5Rhythms facilitators use as a foundation to the journey is as wide and varied as human experience. The teaching style is invitational and encouraging, and complements the work done putting together the soundtrack. Dip a toe in the water or dive in headfirst; there is no “proper” way to do the rhythms. FIND IT: 5Rhythms is proliferating extensively in the U.S. and around the world. Several hundred people have completed the teacher training and classes are popular in Europe, the UK, South Africa, and Australia. Look for it at hot springs, retreat centers, and yoga studios.

Photo: courtesy of gabrielle roth / courtesy of biodanza / courtesy of taketina


>> Rolando Toro Araneda once said, "I love, therefore I am." Biodanza (Dance of Life) was his brainchild, a practice he described as "the poetry of human encounter," and rightly so. It is a system designed to heighten the experience of being alive in the here and now.


iodanza is about encountering yourself and others through movement, dance, physical contact, and sharing. You will connect one-on-one, and with the entire group at once. Physical contact occurs gradually and participants learn how to set boundaries and respect each others’ needs for contact and space. Music is a key component, usually organic with real instruments and voices rather than electronic. Some sections may be danced in silence. Biodanza is active and energizing, but by no means a hard-core aerobic workout. Quiet, gentle movements and partner and/or small group practices are common. Biodanza classes have strong spiritual and emotional components and facilitate the expression of five major human potentials: Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Affectivity, and Transcendence. Teachers may interpret in individual ways, or offer advanced classes that are not appropriate for beginners. Biodanza classes are typically 15-30 people, but it can be done with two or three participants up to several hundred. FIND IT: Over 2,500 people teach Biodanza worldwide, with huge popularity in Europe and South America. Italy alone is home to 40 schools of Biodanza, and an estimated 100,000 people practice regularly worldwide. In the U.S., look for Biodanza on the West Coast, Washington DC, and New York City.


>> Reinhard Flatischler was a teenager hitchhiking through Afghanistan when he discovered the magic of entrainment while witnessing Sufi’s chanting. Forty years later he and his wife Cornelia continue to refine and expand their innovative rhythm process TaKeTiNa as a tool for personal growth and transformation. aKeTiNa is a group rhythm meditation that is an incredibly powerful tool for left/right brain integration. It is conducted in a circle, with two facilitators in the center keeping a steady beat on a large bass drum, and a warbling drone from a berimbau, a single-stringed Brazilian instrument. The most important instrument, however, is the human body. The leaders take the group on a rhythm journey that begins with very simple repetitive steps. They then add claps on a different count, and finally add basic sounds on yet another count. The idea is to play with the edge of entrainment and chaos, and integrate the hemispheres of the brain in the process. It sounds like serious work, but in fact, playing with that edge leads to mirth and hilarity. TaKeTiNa is always done in a group, from just a few participants to a hundred or more. Members of the circle may be asked to join hands and send energy around; sometimes pairs or small groups are formed for individual practice and sharing. Described as a process capable of activating human and musical potential through rhythm, TaKeTiNa can be practiced by people of any age or ability. It is also being documented in medical studies as a way to reduce pain and aid recovery. FIND IT: Over 200 facilitators are currently certified worldwide, and can be found not only at retreat centers and workshop venues, but also within the medical establishment, often with people with serious pain issues.The Flatischlers operate the International TaKeTiNa Institute in Austria, with sister locations in the U.S. and Australia.


ent r ain ed : Co-leader Cornelia keeps a beat h e a rd ro u n d the world.

InterPlay >> Cynthia

Winton-Henry and Phil Porter began their

collaboration in the Body and Soul dance company in 1979. Three decades of improvisation later they continue to translate the body’s wisdom through practice, play, and performance.


>> Emilie Conrad revealed the fluid nature of human potential when she founded Continuum in 1967. Her work continues to resonate throughout the worlds of movement.


hile living in Haiti, Conrad was deeply fascinated by the wavelike motions she saw in Haitian prayer rituals. “These fluid, undulating movements transcended time, place or culture,” she says, “and provided the crucial connection linking organism to environment as an unbroken whole.” Over the years she explored this motion and developed Continuum. Her ideas are based on the basic tenet that ALL fluids of the body—circulating blood, the tides of cerebrospinal fluid, the pump of the lymph system, the net of membranes, and the swirl of viscera and brain—function as fundamentally ONE undulating stream of intelligence. To activate and harmonize with this intelligence, Continuum utilizes the subtle potency of breath, sound, movement, and sensation. Rather than following a fixed system of postures or formalized exercises that maintain patterned structure without release, the modality’s explorations delve into the play of emerging and dissolving form. This theater of life becomes the source of continuous well-being, wisdom, and imagination. The fruit of Continuum is that in the process of activating the fluid intelligence of our bodies, it is possible to live more vibrant lives. FIND IT: Continuum events, classes,and workshops can be found throughout the United States, as well as in 12 other major countries from Brazil to Estonia. 20

conscious dancer | FALL 2010


nterPlay’s founders are ambassadors to the body’s innate wisdom. In Porter’s words, “to be a body-intellectual, is to strive to understand and articulate the fullness of physical experience.” For the InterPlay participant, this means simply showing up and engaging with the moment at hand. Interplay is both a philosophy for everyday life and a powerful learning technique. A typical class begins with a warm-up and then moves into InterPlay “forms,” which are simple structures for playing with movement, stories, and voice. Most of the forms involve interaction with at least one or a few other people, and encourage improvisation and interpersonal playtime. The point is that play and work need not be at odds. The genius of InterPlay is that through experiencing ourselves and the outer world with the light-hearted wonder of a child, we can re-align our hearts, minds, wisdom, and bodies as integrated adults, thereby discovering new and valuable ways to work within ourselves and with others. FIND IT: Over 1,000 graduates of the Life Practice Program lead ongoing classes, special events, “untensive” retreats, life practice programs, and leader trainings in locations across the U.S. and in 50 countries including Australia, Brazil, India, and The Netherlands.

froth on the wave of evolution The territory between mind and body is an inviting frontier—a place to explore beyond media and technology. Body-centered modalities invite us to encounter nature on its most basic terms, inside ourselves and together with others. Many energies contribute to the field, from modern dance greats—the Grahams and the Cunninghams—to ecstatic dance, which has become a catch-all term with roots in the ancient past. The backdrop of popular forms pouring from the TV is leading to a huge surge of interest in everything dance related. Dance is in the media as never before, and today creatives can push back with their best ideas and the results are instant—flash mobs anyone? new Modalities emerge from the ever-evolving landscape of culture, and often it is dancers who innovate. Modes are like individual impressions on a universal birthright. There is movement in everyones family tree somewhere, and the forms are as varied as the human race. Each generation has the chance to blend the past with the present, to create what the future will build upon. IT’S A LABOR OF LOVE for all involved, and passion is the driver. There’s a surge towards movement on the wave of consciousness— the leaders on the crest are inviting us to join the rising tide.

Photo: interplay: carley rosin / courtesy of continuum Photos:

flu id inte l l i g e n c e : Em i l i e C o n r a d a c t i v a t e s t he em ergi ng f orm.

a career track with heart—and a wealth of opportunities When Lora Wilson-Mau was researching graduate schools offering choreography degrees, she came across a dance therapy program and felt as if she’d been struck by lightning. “On a purely intuitive level,” she says, “I knew this was my path. Even though I didn’t know what dance therapy looked like, I knew that dance has always been my therapy.” Wilson-Mau went on to get her MA in Dance as Healing and Therapy from the University of California, Los Angeles. She completed in-depth training at Kinections in Rochester, NY, which qualified her for certification in dance/movement therapy, and she now teaches Nonverbal Communication and MindBody Interaction at California State University, Long Beach. With a growing number of dance and somatic therapy programs available, many dancers are being called to these bodycentered modes. The work typically involves psychotherapy or counseling (both individual and in families or groups) that uses movement to address people’s emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs. It is effective for clients of diverse ages, backgrounds, cognitive levels, and physical abilities. Dance therapists and somatic practitioners are

often dance enthusiasts with an interest in well-being and mind-body awareness, and a desire to help and support others. With the strength of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) behind them, students are graduating with viable degrees that HMOs are backing with regularity. Dance/movement therapy is being practiced in mental health, rehabilitation, medical, and educational settings, and in nursing homes, day care centers, disease prevention, and health promotion programs. Wilson-Mau views the ADTA as an important force supporting dance therapists. “Dance has always been inherently healing,” she says, “but the ADTA has organized our profession with strict educational and training standards so that we could begin to gain the respect our profession deserves in the workplace, in educational institutions, and through legislation.” Donna Newman-Bluestein teaches dance therapy at Lesley University, which offers an MA in Expressive Therapies: Dance Therapy. “Enrollment in our dance therapy program has nearly doubled in the last year,” she observes. “I believe the field is experiencing rapid growth across the board.” Other types of somatic/healing degrees

Tamalpa Life/Art Process

>> Anna Halprin’s life and art became one when, as a cancer survivor, she embraced her dance practice as a healing art. Forty years later her daughter Daria and protégée Taira Reistar carry forward the creative movement philosophy born from her transformation.

available include body-centered psychotherapy, registered somatic movement educator (RSME) and registered somatic movement therapist (RSMT). All are practices requiring subtlety and sensitivity; each of these methods tunes into people’s needs, emotions, and abilities. They are also surefire ways of making a good living doing what you love, while enriching lives with improved well-being and higher consciousness. P r o fessi o nal S u pp o rt ADTA American Dance Therapy Association ATI Alexander Technique International BMCA Body-Mind Centering Association IDEA IDEA Health & Fitness Association IEATA International Expressive Arts Therapy Association IFF International Feldenkrais Federation ISMETA International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association USABP United States Association for Body Psychotherapy

T h e a rtist is in : ” I f o u n d a p ro c e s s w h i c h e n a b l e d me to a c c e s s m y c re a t i v i t y through dance.”

Photo: Photo:courtesy halprin archives


amalpa Institute and its signature process exist to further and evolve the groundbreaking body of work of dance pioneer Anna Halprin. About her midlife confrontation with mortality she says, “Before my illness I lived my life for my art. After my illness, I lived my art for my life.” Over a lifetime, Halprin, who is still actively teaching and leading workshops at age 90, refined her process into a methodology that has been further developed by Daria to form the core of the Tamalpa Institute’s programs. The processes may be done in groups, pairs, or with a practitioner. Using the tools of movement and art to release blockages and foster well-being, a session may involve drawing/painting, dancing, witnessing, journaling, and dialogue. The Institute’s philosophy is reflected in the words of Fritz Perls (the German psychotherapist who coined the term “Gestalt Therapy”), who said, “The healthiest form of projection is art.” Performance and ceremony as a community process are also aspects of the Life/Art Process. The Tamalpa trainings are incorporated into a wide variety of professional practices. Courses in embodied leadership emphasize application of this work in the community. Halprin’s associate teacher Taira Reistar, says “It’s an honor and a calling to be part of the next generation entrusted with bringing this work forward.” FIND IT: Graduates of the nonprofit Tamalpa Institute apply the process internationally in diverse fields such as therapy, education, health care, organizational development, community service, and the arts. conscious dancer | FALL 2010



>> Judi Sheppard Missett surprised her students in 1969 and asked them to turn away from the mirror. Her "just-for-fun" take on jazz dance became a fitness phenomonon from its humble beginnings in Chicago. azzercise is the first, most common, and most financially successful dance-fitness modality, topping $94 million in revenue in 2009. Jazzercise offers fitness, fun, community, and livelihood for hundreds of thousands of people from New Orleans to Tokyo. Jazzercise is a 60-minute group fitness class combining cardio, strength, and stretching for a total body workout. Moves taken from hip hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing, and resistance training are fused and bundled into one-hour sessions. Judi’s daughter Shanna Missett Nelson serves as President of Jazzercise, Inc., carrying the vision forward into the 21st century. Over the years, the organization has acted upon Judi’s philosophy of giving back to the community. Judi and her legion of instructors have raised more than $26 million for a wide range of charities by leading special large-scale workout classes, performances at major sporting events, and local benefits. Other activities include “Kids Get Fit,” a free workout program designed to help school districts promote fitness as a way of life to children; and the “CyberStretch School Giveaway Program,” featuring free software that guides users through energizing stretch breaks to reduce tension and the risk of repetitive stress injuries. FIND IT Jazzercise is an international franchise with over 7,800 licensed instructors worldwide teaching classes in fitness, rec and community centers; dance schools; and senior facilities.


>> Beto Perez played a Latin dance tape one day in the ‘90s at his fitness class in Columbia. He called the resulting madness Rumbacise until he arrived in Miami and met Albert Alonghi and the business-minded Perlman brothers. They branded it Zumba, and the rest is history.


umba is a bona-fide dance-fitness craze that has coined the term “fitness-party” and is revolutionizing aerobics. A Zumba class is upbeat and energetic, with some easy moves to follow, lots of pumping music and a party atmosphere. This is less about deep connection with a partner and more about having fun falling in love with your body. Zumba works for small groups or solo with a DVD; it also scales up easily to the huge crowds that take free classes in Manhattan’s Times Square. Energy and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of Zumba instructors, who have led the way in introducing dance fitness to the mainstream. Zumba has grown to become a lifestyle brand with a clothing line, DVDs, and ZLife, a magazine for teachers and enthusiasts. Gyms and clubs that offer Zumba point to the community atmosphere as a key to member retention. FIND IT: Zumba is found in over 105 countries with some 60,000 classes being offered by licensed instructors on a regular basis and an estimated 7.5 million people joining the fitness party worldwide. Look for Zumba at gyms, spas, community centers, and athletic clubs.


conscious dancer | WINTER 2010

>> Toni Bergins jumped into the role of facilitator as a natural choice. Years of learning the finer points of yoga, shamanic practice, and Kripalu DansKinetics led to the founding of her own mode in 1997.


ourneyDance springs from the philosophy of the founder, which could be summed up as “Move your body, love your life.” Toni Bergins is best described as a live-wire, and her signature practice is a hotline to unlimited energy. A typical class journeys from prayer to celebration on a foundation of music to match. Bergins often teams up and travels with DJ Root (Root Cuthbertson) and encourages her trainees to collaborate with DJs as well. Every session is an invitation to move, often beginning by tuning the chakras, guided imagery, and affirmations. High energy dance is always a good part of the journey, as well as exercises that foster interaction and creativity. This practice is relevant to the entire waveform of human experience and is in alignment with personal growth and development, relationship building, and consciousness expansion. JourneyDance can be experienced in a fitness class format, weekend workshops, or week-long retreats. The idea is to leave the dance floor glowing. FIND IT Classes, retreats, and teacher trainings throughout the U.S., especially on the East Coast, but spreading westward. Bergins is a regular at Kripalu, Omega, and Esalen, and more than 200 certified teachers offer classes across the country.

photos-: courtesy of jazzercise / courtesy of zumba /




>> Debbie Rosas Stewart & Carlos Rosas took off their shoes in 1983, at the height of the “no pain, no gain” aerobics era, and blazed a path to glory. What was once an acronym for Neuromuscular Integrative Action is now a noun that stands for fullspectrum fitness fun.


ia blends nine movement forms from dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts, in an approach aimed at changing bodies and lives through the sensations of pleasure and joy. Nia classes offer a fun, exhilarating, expressive mind-body conditioning and healing experience. Practiced barefoot to music, a typical session includes dance moves mixed with heart-pumping kicks and punches, vocalizations, FreeDance, floorwork, and stretching, all designed to heighten conditioning, body awareness, and sensory IQ. Dynamic music, colorful imagery, and movement variety fires creativity, keeping your body stimulated and your mind and spirit in “The Now.” Classes are open to all ages and fitness levels, and you are invited to move in your own way and at your own intensity level, adapting the choreography to your body. Nia’s 52 Moves provide the foundation for all choreography, and while many people focus on technical mastery, no previous experience or skill level is required to have a fun, effective, and enjoyable experience. For those wishing to go deeper, Nia personal and professional training is available, following the traditional martial arts model by moving students through progressive levels of education, from White Belt through First Degree Black Belt.

vinn martí’s mystical movement ministry Become intimate with the motion of the soul in all directions and ground yourself in the present moment.

Photo: Michael Julian Berz

photo: courtesy of

the founders: D ebbie an d Carlo s are tirele ss adv o cates for the joy o f move me nt.

FIND IT: Nia is booming, with classes in 45 countries and featured in 750 publications worldwide. Enjoy Nia in venues ranging from gyms and dance studios to hospitals and senior centers to schools, summer camps, and even corporate wellness programs. Over 7,500 teachers have been trained to date, and an estimated 500,000 people attend Nia classes regularly. conscious dancer | FALL 2010




coNScIouS DaNcer MagaZINe is dedicated to building awareness about the benefits of movement. We gathered together 100 ways to say "Be Here Now" with your body. Some date back to antiquity, others are brand new—all of them are relevant. There’s an entry point here for everyone; what will you try next? ics, and Thai massage conceived by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer Klein. A practice of trust and playfulness popular at ecstatic dances. action Theater Improvisational theater training and performance method founded by Ruth Zaporah. Embodied exercises lead to spontaneous and artful communication. afro-energy Dance Well-established in Taiwan, this form created by Chandra Barbagallo is an ecstatic blend of drumming, dancing, and group energy work. afroFlow Yoga Debbie Steingesser’s union of Hatha yoga and traditional West African dance. An exploration of self through dance, live drumming, chanting, and meditation. alexander Technique Australian actor F.M. Alexander developed this technique for creating balance in the relationship between neck and head. A simple and practical method that changes everyday habits to improve freedom of movement. alivemotion Rhonda Clarke’s programs and concerts awaken and heal through dance and music. Based in Alberta, Canada, with programs that include children and teens. aston Kinetics Forms of movement, bodywork, and fitness developed by somatic pioneer Judith Aston. Includes education for daily activities and specialized trainings in Pilates, yoga, golf, music, and more. authentic Movement A self-directed form developed by dance therapy pioneer Mary Starks Whitehouse in the 1950s. Involves gaining access and giving creative expression to the inner life through movement, drawing, processing, and witnessing. Bar Method A body sculpting workout regimen created by former journalist Burr Leonard. Based on the pioneering work of Lotte Berk. Bartenieff Fundamentals An extension of Laban Movement Analysis developed by Irmgard Bartenieff. Exercises that apply Laban’s movement theory to the functioning of the human body in motion. BeachDance Synchronized iPods are the key to this ecstatic dance innovation led by Lisa Evans on the shores of Cannon Beach, Oregon. Free dancing in sand, sun, and surf to playlists provided in advance. 24

conscious dancer | FaLL WinTer 2010 2010

Bellyfit A fusion-fitness experience

created by Vancouver-based Alice Bracegirdle that embrace elements of Pilates, yoga, and meditation practices. Combines Western style cardio with dances from India, Asia, and Africa. Bikram Yoga Also known as “hot yoga,” the system developed by Bikram Choudhury is practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees. A strenuous practice of 26 standardized postures. Biodanza See story on page 19. Body-Mind centering An influential process of creative embodiment developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Hands-on re-patterning and movement education principles are complementary to virtually any movement modality. Body NVc A movement and awareness technique in which the body’s spontaneous movements are connected to feelings and desires. Based on Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication work during the Civil Rights Movement. Body of Sound A playful journey into rhythm, voice, and movement developed by San Francisco based Alyssa de Caro. Elements of body percussion, vocal toning, Contact Improvisation, and Balinese kecak (monkey chants) are used. Body Tales The work of Olivia Corson and Lysa Castro evokes meaningful personal stories through intuitive movement, spoken word, and supportive witnessing. Boogie Box Fitness Created by dancer and choreographer Dede Barbantí, this is an intense workout for athletic training. Breathexperience Middendorf breath work is a gentle somatic practice that develops the theme of letting the breath come and go on its own accord. Breema A protocol of over 300 self and partner exercises that bear resemblance to both Thai massage and Contact Improvisation. Jon Schreiber’s system of nine principles of harmony applies to all aspects of life. chakradance Australians Natalie Southgate and Douglas Channing use music and high-energy dance as the energetic gateway to the seven major chakras of the body.

conscious Movement Holistic package offered by fitness giant Equinox. Includes diverse modules such as Inten-Sati, Budokan, Animal Moves, and Power-Nap. contact Improvisation This internationally practiced open source modality was originated by Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark-Smith. continuum See story on page 20. core connexion An approach to dance as movement meditation and healing art developed by mentor Eva Vigran. This innovative practice leads to creative expression from the core through connection to body, breath, and sensation. Dance of liberation Blindfolds are used in the shamanic tradition to allow inner creativity to break free. Parashakti created this form to free emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages through ritual dance. Dance Your Bliss A lighthearted approach to body-centered expressive therapy created by SF-based Rachel Fleischman. Music, movement, and vocalization complement creative art making and journaling. DanceMeditation An integrated movement meditation system that is offered both as a personal path and a dynamic community process. Founder Dunya Dianne McPherson cultivates embodied awareness using the premise that the body is spiritual intelligence. Dances of universal Peace First developed by Sufi teacher Samuel Lewis as a path toward peace through the arts. Selections from a library of more than 3,000 traditional folk and circle dances from all cultures are explored at weekly gatherings worldwide. Dancing Freedom A form of fullspectrum manifestation through movement created by West Coast facilitator Samantha Sweetwater. Soul-activating dance journeys, workshops, and retreats with music that is fresh and diverse. Dancing with Pain Natural healing and holistic pain management through dance. Journalist and writer Loolwa Khazzoom developed this method based on the amazing results she received through dancing during her search for relief from pain.

Danyasa A flowing movement

practice created by Costa Rica retreat Bamboo YogaPlay founder Sofiah Thom. Unites the rejuvenating essence of Vinyasa with the uplifting energy of dance. DolphinDance An aquatic and sub-aquatic exploration developed by Lollia Cangemi for partners or “pods.” Nose-clips offer the safety to dive into the ecstatic threedimensionality of the undersea dolphin universe. exuberant animal Functional fitness that promotes physical happiness. Play-based exercise created by Frank Forencich. 5rhythms See story on page 19. Fire Dancing Any form of bodycentered movement that involves manipulation of flaming wicks.


Taira Reistar doing Life/Art Process floorwork with a student.

Feldenkrais The methods of

Moshe Feldenkrais guide people of all abilities through precisely structured movement explorations. The active expression is called Awareness Through Movement. Flow arts A catch-all term for various spinning modalities such as Maori poi and staff work. groove Method Modern highenergy music workout created by Canadians Misty Tripoli and Mélanie Guertin. gyrotonic expansion System

Romanian ballet dancer Juliu Horvath devised this system in response to his own injuries. Gyrotonics is done on specialized equipment and Gyrokinesis takes place on mats. hellerwork A system of somatic education that follows Ida Rolf ’s lineage of Structural Integration. Joseph Heller based his interpretation on the inseparability of body, mind, and spirit.

Photo: journeydance: Photos: life/art courtesy of tamalPa institute

acroYoga A blend of yoga, acrobat-

hoop Dance The general term for all forms of hula hooping. Hoops are used for performance, meditation, and fitness. Teacher trainings and workshops are offered by Hoopnotica, Herohoops, Hoopgirl, and many more. I am Body A living full-spectrum approach to fitness arts that integrates awareness and movement created by Portland-based teacher and coach Siere Munro. Ideokinesis Lulu Sweigart and Barbara Clark evolved the work of their teacher Mabel Elsworth Todd into this protocol popular with dance professionals. Somatic approach involves sustained mental focus on imagined actions.

Photo: laura cirolia / dreamstime Photos:

Integral Transformative Practice

Conceived by human potential pioneer George Leonard and Esalen Institute founder Michael Murphy, this long-term program effects positive change through a series of body-mind-spirit exercises and other daily practices. InterPlay See story on page 20. Jazzercize See story on page 22. JourneyDance See story on page 22. Kijo A comprehensive mind-body fitness program designed by Shelly Ross. It includes interval, strength, and core training; creative and spontaneous movement; balance; alignment; and floor work. Kinetic awareness A guided experiential study of the fundamentals of human movement created by dancer-choreographer Elaine Summers. Relies on inflatables and is also known as The Ball Work. Kivo Connection with the kinetic voice is the intention behind the spirited practice developed by musiciandancer Lis Addison. Ecstatic circles of heart-opening dance, movement, and rhythmic body chants. Kundalini Dance Shamanic ritualdance created by Australian Leyolah Antara Dekanic. Often led by facilitator-DJ duos, this deeply transformative and sometimes cathartic experience is popular in Canada and on the festival circuit. laban Movement analysis A vocabulary and analytic framework for the description of human movement originally devised by Rudolf Laban. The work is applied in diverse fields such as health care, the performing arts, sports, and education. laughter Yoga This uproarious approach to yoga developed by the “Giggle Guru” Dr. Madan Kataria in India is an international sensation. Fans have launched over 6,000 free laughter clubs in 60 countries. let Your Yoga Dance An exuberant form of yoga and breath-based movement practice developed by Kripalu senior trainer Megha Nancy Buttenheim. Powerful moves in an atmosphere of levity. life/art Process See story on pg. 21.

livingDance A unique approach to

dance/movement therapy created by seasoned therapist Danielle Fraenkel at the Kinections center in Rochester, NY. Uses natural elements of dance for self-confidence and creative discovery. lomi lomi A Hawaiian “dance of massage” originally translated to Westerners by native healer Auntie Margaret Machado. Original apprentice Tamara Conlan Mondragon carries on the tradition. lotte Berk Method Lydia Bach carries on the work of German ballet dancer Lotte Berk. Polyamorous before her time, Berk chose provocative names like “The French Lavatory” and “The Prostitute” for her exercises. This bar method predecessor has similarities to Pilates and yoga. Matrix energetics A form of energy work using somatic techniques and quantum healing frequencies developed by Dr. Richard Bartlett. Medicine Dance The work of Fred Sugarman at UCLA explores innerdirected movement for healing. Open classes are offered, and a current academic study is focusing on the well-being of breast cancer survivors. Nalini Method A dynamic workout with Eastern influences created by Rupa Mehta. One energetic aspect is Nalinimetrics, an active dance form. Natural rhythms A program for cultivating the wisdom found in the core forces of creation developed by coach and author Lisa Michaels. Nia See story on page 23. NurtureDance Safe connections are formed through touch with this contact-friendly form developed by Ken Martini aka DJ Deepflow Pilates The core fitness program of Joseph Pilates began at the turn of the century with NY City Ballet members as test subjects. Today over ten million people practice worldwide. Prana Flow The energetic living vinyasa of yoga phenomenon Shiva Rea. Students are empowered to experience prana as the navigating source of vital living. Psycho-Physical Therapy Movement innovator Bill Bowen’s approach to body-centered psychotherapy enhances awareness and well-being through somatic resourcing. Pure Barre Created by dancer, choreographer, and fitness guru Carrie Rezabek. A complete full-body workout with elements of ballet, Pilates, and resistance training. rolfing Movement Integration The system of Ida Rolf restores structure by changing the movement habits that perpetuate imbalance. Also known as Rolfing Structural Integration. rosen Method Created over the course of 50 years of practice by somatic innovator Marion Rosen. Bodywork and movement aimed at creating more space for effortless breathing and graceful living.

Acroyoga is always a favorite at movement Play in willits, CA.

Sensory awareness An active mindfulness practice popularized by Charlotte Selver, who taught daily until her death at 102 in 2003. Active practitioners worldwide. Shake Your Soul Through the mediums of music and movement, Dan Leven’s body and spirit expression teaches that the joy of dance is healing and available to all. Shin Somatics Land to Water Yoga is a gentle practice that uses somatic principles and yoga philosophy for optimal living and healing. Silvestre Technique Brazilian native Rosangela Silvestre’s influential dance technique. Builds on the elements of nature and the intuition, balance, and expression of the body. SomaSoul A body-centered dialogue with somatic/sensory awareness developed by Dan Leven. Resolves stress and trauma by synthesizing the energies of right-brain creativity with left-brain language. Somato-respiratory Integration

A protocol that combines breath, touch, and dialogue to reunite self with repressed, shamed, or forgotten areas held in the body. Soul Motion The spiritually evocative “movement ministry” of Vinn Martí has a devoted following and is highly influential to other facilitators. A creative musical odyssey of human relations and divine dialogue. Soul Sweat Varied choreography is coupled with diverse musical genres in Boulder-ite Chantal Pierrat’s signature fitness program. Spiritweaves The self-proclaimed spirit child of 5Rhythms and Soul Motion. Michael and Anneli MolinSkelton create ritual space for shape shifting in a modern, urban context. SpiritsDancing An inspirational metaphysical workout for body and soul created by Moving Ventures founder Ellen Watson.

Surfing the creative A sevenphased rite-of-passage process created by Boulder-based Melissa Michaels aimed at liberating the creative life force through embodiment. TaKeTiNa See story on page 19. Tantsu This land-based practice combines tantra and shiatsu. Developed by Watsu founder Harold Dull. Trager approach The somatic methods of Dr. Milton Trager include Mentastics, the movement form Trager Psychophysical Bodywork. Trance Dance Archaic form often done with blindfolds in a ritual setting, this deeply transformative journey is currently translated by Wilbert Alix and others. Transdance Potent and prayer-full experience integrates elements of tribal motion, freeform jamming, and imagination. Led by Temple Arts Institute founder Heather Munro-Pierce. uzazu Formerly known as The 16 Ways Ways, Dylan Newcomb’s language of energy is a somatic polarity practice aligned with the Spiral Dynamics work developed by Clare Graves. Vivid existence A life practice and inquiry into embodiment through dance devised by Vancouver-based therapist Leela Francis. Waterdance Partner movement in a pool heated to body temperature. Noseplugs allow for underwater hydro-dynamic pressure release on joints and muscles. Watsu The original form of water shiatsu created by Harbin Hot Springs teacher Harold Dull. Ultimate relaxation and release from floating and stretching in warm water. Wowzacise The breakthrough process of Elisa Lodge. An exploration into the physiology of youthful aliveness through rolling and bouncing on yoga balls. Yamuna Body rolling Uses specially designed balls to elongate muscles and roll tissue. Yamuna Zake’s practice allows self-directed bodywork that follows the body’s own logic. Yoga Booty Ballet A dynamic fusion of yoga, booty sculpting, and cardiodance created by celebrity fitness personalities Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough. Yoga Meets Dance Engaging form of moving yoga practice and philosophy created by Sedona-based meditation instructor Beth Rigby. Yoga Trance Dance High-energy yoga/dance fusion made popular by superstar Shiva Rea. YogaFit Founder Beth Shaw developed this yoga/fitness hybrid to appeal to every age and ability. “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Zen Dancing Yogini and facilitator Micheline Berry together with musician partner Craig Kohland and his group Shaman’s Dream facilitate sacred improvised dance journeys. Zumba See story on page 22. conscious consciousdancer dancer | | FaLL 2010


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Embodied dancer, Kim Iglinsky, relaxing at the Mira Vista Club in California.

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Bet Yer Bucha!

Raw, fresh, and on tap, wildly popular kombucha has run afoul of the law.


by gina mcgalliard

alking by the corner window of a big Whole Foods market in Manhattan, I see people milling about carrying brown gallon jugs. Some of the shoppers have formed a line, where they’re waiting to have their jugs filled on-tap. Have New York ale-lovers gone green and embraced reusable bottles? But wait…it’s not beer, it’s kombucha, the tangy, fermented beverage that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Fans describe it as an effervescent and highly nutritious drink that tastes like something between apple cider vinegar and champagne. 30

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Many people brew kombucha in their own homes, and no laboratory has been able to create their own SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), the pancake-like culture from which the drink derives. Numerous variations exist depending on the sweetener used, and all kombucha originates from the first starter, thought to date back more than 3,000 years. Although many theories exist as to kombucha’s country of origin, no hard evidence has been found according to Sandor Ellix Katz, who wrote the 2003 book Wild Fermentation and teaches workshops on making fermented foods.

G.T. Dave, whose company manufactures the largest and most popular brand of kombucha, Synergy, believes that the beverage has numerous health benefits. “Kombucha is essentially an organic tea that’s made with active cultures,” says Dave, who describes the drink as containing enzymes, probiotics, organic acids, and natural detoxifiers. “You are ingesting this kind of unique tonic that’s rich with all these nutrients that are completely handcrafted by nature,” he says. However, this past June, companies manufacturing kombucha voluntarily pulled their products from store shelves amid concerns that the brew contained alcohol levels over the 0.5 percent limit mandated by the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Kombucha, like many ferments, contains alcohol levels that range from trace amounts up to two percent, depending on the length and temperature of the fermentation process. “Some of the commercial [brands] tested above the 0.5 percent limit that is permissible for foods and beverages that are classified as non-alcoholic,” says Katz. Although testing above the 0.5 percent level requires different regulation, Katz says most kombucha would be unlikely to result in intoxication. Katz also notes that although kombucha contains helpful bacteria, it has yet to be the subject of clinical studies by the FDA. It’s Katz’s belief that both the risks and benefits of the product have been exaggerated. Kombucha enthusiasts, however, are convinced of its magic. “As a dancer,” says Jay Davis of Baltimore, MD, “I find that kombucha increases my energy and endurance by making my digestion work more effectively. It allows my body to get more energy from food, which is why it’s habit forming—it gives you the opposite of a sugar buzz.” Theories about the origins of kombucha include the idea that it came from ancient China, where many fermented foods did originate. Katz says he has yet to come across any conclusive evidence, although he knows the beverage has been popular for the past few centuries in Russia, Germany, and Japan. Kombucha has also been distributed on tap. Ed Rothbauer, a Vail, Colorado-based manufacturer of High Country Kombucha, has been offering his product on tap in the Rocky Mountain region as well as in Chicago. “Kombucha is never better than when it’s on tap,” says Rothbauer. “The added freshness heightens the flavors, the cost is cut in half, and we increase sustainability by eliminating the bottles.” Regarding the recent alcohol scare, Rothbauer notes that manufacturers can avoid problems with the TTB by keeping alcohol levels under the half percent allowable.

Photo: Riana Lagarde


Rothbauer’s products were recently placed back on shelves with no changes in formulation after a four-week absence, although changes were made in the bottling process. Dave, on the other hand, is still holding off while his company figures out how to create kombucha that complies with the law, but retains its raw and authentic quality. “The issue at hand is related to the fact that the product is active,” says Dave. “But, the active quality of the product is its benefit. It’s a positive attribute. So theoretically to eliminate or reduce the currents or the potential of this problem, you have to re-

duce the active quality of the product, which in our mind is suggesting an inferior product. We will wait until we find a way to marry the quality and the integrity that everybody expects and has grown to love with full compliance.” Once Dave creates this perfect marriage, he’ll surely attract hordes of thirsty followers. From shoppers at Whole Foods to those brewing their beverage at home, people can’t wait to tap into the kombucha craze. Given its spreading popularity and mushroom-like quality of propagating, it’s likely that, despite labels and regulations, kombucha is here to stay.

yOU Can BReW KOmBUCha tOO! Forget about the brew-ha-ha. Create a synergistic relationship with your own SCOBY. It’s alive, friendly, and well worth the effort. liViNG iT Up Very much a live food that communicates on a different wavelength, kombucha invites you to develop a relationship with it. Especially when you choose to cultivate it for yourself, pay attention to it, and feed it the sugars and teas that it needs to go on living and convert into the panoply of B-vitamins, polyphenols, and probiotics that make up its cocktail of digestion-enhancing goodies. Get symbiotic with your colony of bacteria and yeast. It’s amazing to think that a glassful of ANYTHING could have over a billion probiotic flora! When you grow your own, your SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) is your friend. And SCOBYs like to make more friends by nature. Every growth cycle produces another layer from the “mama,” which then has to be peeled off when there are too many, and passed along as a “baby” to someone else. (Or fed to ducks or chickens; they go crazy for leftover SCOBY!) cUlTUreD NeW FlaVOrs While the basic formula for kombucha remains consistent, the variations are unlimited. Like microbreweries in the beer world, kombucha brewers are reaching into every corner of the culinary cabinet for ingredients to set their mix apart. Look for artisan brewers at local farmers markets who are trying out unexpected juices like celery and fennel, and following the seasons’ harvests with flavors to match. Fresh is best, but bottled is fine if it is raw and unpasteurized to allow the millions of living flora your digestion system uses to remain alive. Established bottlers like G.T. Dave’s Synergy continue to innovate—look for their Organic Raw Botanic line for exotic flavors like bilberry and honeysuckle. High Country Kombucha offers their brew by the keg; our favorite, the Wild Root, is akin to homemade root beer and contains sarsaparilla and licorice. Lonjevitea offers an energizing blend made with yerba mate, and Dr. Kombucha uses medicinal herbs such as eleuthero root, gotu kola, and ginkgo. Tea companies are getting into the action too. Honest Tea has launched a new line of fair trade and organic flavors available nationally. HOme is WHere THe BreWiNG is You can easily make your own kombucha at home with just a bit of care and preparation. But don’t try it until you have proper glassware with mesh or cheesecloth lids (fruit flies will eat your SCOBY for lunch!), and be scrupulously clean with your hands and utensils when handling and transferring your kombucha. It’s a good idea to have someone look over and taste your first batch (probably whoever gave you your SCOBY) to give you the thumbs up. Your SCOBY will love you and will reward your good care with an ever-renewing supply of fresh kombucha and babies to pass along. Refresh, and enjoy your newfound symbiosis!


Artisana Niu kinolau Ku

Kalpa Vriksha (Coconut The Tree Of life)

Evolutionary Organic Creation crust: 1c each almond flour and flax flour. (grind separately in a vitamix or coffee grinder) try dark and light flax for taste preference 1/3 c. date paste (soak fresh dates a few minutes in water if need be, pit, and press firmly into measuring cup) ¼ c. Artisana coconut butter (not oil!) 1 c. raisins (mannuka or red flame. Look for raisins not coated with oils, ie safflower oil) ½ tsp. cinnamon reserve ½ c. raisins. Blend all ingredients in food processor until well combined (about 1 minute). Add the reserved raisins and blend for about 3-5 seconds so chunks remain. Coconut cream: 1 c. “fresh” macs (must be white and sweet! Not yellow, rancid and bitter!) ¼ c. Artisana coconut butter (not oil!) 1 ½ c. filtered water ¼ c. date paste 1 whole vanilla bean (the whole pod, not just the seeds) blend in a high powered blender (ie vitamix) until creamy smooth, but don’t let it get too warm. Makes about 2 cups. Fruit: 4 spotted ripe large bananas, coarse sliced and then chopped. 1 ½ c. blueberries (frozen is fine) to assemble pie: press crust into pie plate. Use spatula to add banana layer, working the banana until all air pockets are gone and the banana forms a gel like smooth solid surface. Next, spatula about 1 ½ cups of the vanilla cream across the banana layer, or more if you like. Finally, place a nearly solid layer of blueberries onto the cream. That’s it! Enjoy! You can place it in the freezer for a couple hours to help firm it up before serving. It also freezes very well for longer storage. Thank you to Christian Mastor of Sebastapol for this Awesome Recipe!

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Brazilian rhythm ensemble Barbatuques syncopates with the Urban Bush Women in São Paulo, Brazil.

Built-in Beats

Body percussion is the poetry of nonverbal communication.


he dancers leapt into air, hit ground with a thud, and whacked their shiny green boots, creating such percussive ecstasy that the audience could not resist leaning forward, clapping, and stomping. Step Afrika took the crowd by storm at the Second International Body Rhythm Festival last December with their rendition of gumboots, a South African rhythmic “code” first developed by 19th century African mine workers. They would slap their Wellington boots to communicate when they were forbidden to speak to each other during the long days underground. Similarly, the technique known as “hambone,” also performed at the festival, developed from the suppression of a slave rebellion. When slaves were communicating via drums over long distances, slave owners took their drums away. “So the slaves started expressing their rhythmic knowledge on the body and developed this style known as the hambone,” according to Keith Terry, director of Crosspulse and the Body Rhythm Festival. “There’s a traditional vocabulary of rhythms and a lot of variations.” 32

conscious dancer | FALL 2010

“Gumboots,” “hambone,” and “rumba tap” may not yet be household words, but the success of hit Broadway shows such as STOMP and RIVERDANCE has sparked excitement and brought the phenomenon of body percussion to mainstream audiences. This popular success, though, is based on a movement deeply rooted in cultures throughout the world. It explores traditions as ancient as flamenco dancing and palmas (hand clapping), along with fresh new collaborations and creative adaptations such as “stepping,” a unique dance tradition created by African American college students in the early 1900s. Though modern body percussion might seem relatively new, it has been developing for decades in urban and rural “pockets” worldwide. In the late ’70s, the new music movement, influenced by the seminal work of composer John Cage, developed at Mills College in Oakland, spawning unique multimedia and theatrical collaborations. Meanwhile, on the East Coast, New York performance artists Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk, and others were already utilizing movement, vocalization, and rhythm in

their innovative cutting-edge pieces. While Anderson integrated evocative multimedia, visuals, and electronic music into her largescale musical performances, Monk combined haunting vocal ensemble pieces with simple mesmerizing movement. This era of radical experimentation in music and movement paved the way for a theatrical openness that invited the unconventional concept of body as instrument that Terry and Crosspulse evolved in uniquely expressive ways. Terry acknowledges the importance of vocal sound to his unique work, noting, “I call it body music, by the way, because I like the connotation of using the voice as well, both melodically and harmonically.” As a performance and “slam” poet, I began teaching Writing for Performance Art in San Francisco and at the College of Marin in the early ’80s, utilizing body rhythms as a technique for improvising rhythmic spoken word pieces with my students. My students and I automatically transferred these body rhythms into the distinctive beats of our poetry performances.

Photo: U.S. Consulate of brazil - Najla Kubrusly

BY Claire Blotter

When a student first improvised a poem using a heartbeat rhythm with her hands tapping her chest, I was stunned by the sheer power of the movement and effect. Not only was she giving intense rhythms to her spoken words, but the listeners experienced an emotional resonance on a visceral level. Since then, I have used the movement in performance pieces, experiencing the healing rhythm and simultaneously connecting deeply with my audiences through the universal connection of heartbeat. In the 1980s I took a workshop with Keith Terry and was hooked on the stomping, the clapping, the pure energy and fun of tapping your body into music. Other modalities embrace this vital energy as well. Alyssa DeCaro, creator of Body of Sound, teaches workshops in rhythm, voice, and movement. “I work with rhythm through the hands, feet, and voice,” she says. “When you use all your limbs and then add the voice, the mind lets go of everything external in order to focus on the rhythms and stay with the pulse. This encourages a total body release and a visceral experience of the present moment.” DeCaro describes a state of entrainment, in which each person in the group is brought into an external rhythm. “The rhythm, first heard and experienced as something outside of you, then becomes you,” she says. As body percussion has found a place in the world of ecstatic dance, Terry continues to develop opportunities for performance. In 2009 he gathered top body percussionists from around the world for the First International Body Music Performance Project in San Francisco and Oakland. I attended the Saturday night performance to the buzz of excitement that permeated the young, hip

crowd. Last year’s follow-up International Festival was just as cutting edge and will be followed by next year’s festival in São Paulo, Brazil. “At our festivals, we bring groups from many parts of the world, Turkey, Brazil, the Arctic Circle, various places in Europe, so it’s often the first time many of these people get together, and the networking is phenomenal,” Terry explains. What makes body rhythms so popular? Maybe it’s the growing diversity of evolving international styles and the vibrant energy of stomping, clapping, tapping, and shouting. Or perhaps, the rhythm of heartbeat and breath, the sheer physicality of the style, is simply so liberating to watch and perform. It’s not surprising that children worldwide and especially teenagers who love hip hop and rap are catching on to the fun and rush of making music with their bodies. Ollie Heath and Victoria Leith, founders of Tribal Groove based in the UK, have successfully taught body percussion in schools, community groups, and businesses for the past five years. While traveling and working in Swaziland they learned African body percussion, which they later adapted for the classroom, publishing an instructor’s handbook with a DVD-ROM available through the Tribal Groove website. Keith Terry and Crosspulse ensembles also teach body music to elementary school students, improving communication, listening skills, and coordination. People need not be polished performers like the mesmerizing Brazilian Body Percussion Group Barbatuques, nor part of an ancient tradition of battle dance and ritual like the Samoan slap dancers to perform body rhythms. The body’s power to move and create music is endless and available to all.

r h y t h m s

sample exercise: Stand facing a part-

the speaker from intellectually censor-

ner. One person taps out a simple body

ing his or her words, resulting in intense,

rhythm, such as softly hitting one’s thighs

emotionally revelatory insights and a

or shoulders, and the other person mirrors

trance-like state. The partners switch roles

the movement. At the same time, one per-

after about five minutes. Afterwards, both

son vocally improvises

people free-write to

on a subject, speaking

script poems or perfor-

in short phrases. The

mance monologues, a

partner echoes each

process that preserves

line while both contin-

the rhythm intrinsic in

ue to tap out the simple

their compositions.

body rhythm. The re-

Hands a clappin’ with body percussion master Keith Terry.

petitive beat prevents

ISBN 978-0-9715994-3

photo: hayward public library

R e v e a l i n g

Written by a teacher of ballet, expressive, and sacred dance, Lisa Michaels. Claim 4 free gifts NOW when you visit

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Medicine Circle with Sylvie Minot Open Circle August 28, 2010 – San Rafael Committed Group: 10/23, 11/20 & 12/18 All My Relations: A 5Rhythms Weekend with Kathy Altman September 10-12, 2010 – Esalen Institute, Big Sur Write of Passage: assage: Into the Mind’s Eye with Lori Saltzman September 17-19, 2010 – Mill Valley Dancing & Sitting: A Meditation Workshop with Bella Dreizler & Nina Wise October 9, 2010 – Sacramento Right Here, Right Now with special guest teacher Adam Barley November 12-14, 2010 – Mill Valley Heartbeat: Peace and Quiet with Andrea Juhan November 19-21, 2010 – Esalen Institute, Big Sur

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“Movement is my medicine, my meditation, my metaphor and my method.” – Gabrielle Roth CONTACTS Andrea Juhan

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education Inner IDEA Conference SEP 23–26 • Palm Springs, CA This conference brings together hundreds of fitness and wellness professionals dedicated to growing and learning in mindful and healing ways. Focusing both on where the industry is now and where it's heading tomorrow, Inner IDEA® inspires wellness through mind, body, and spirit. Includes CEUs in yoga, Pilates, Nia, and more.

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ADTA Conference: Creating the Mind-Body Mosaic

SEP 23–26 • Brooklyn, NY The American Dance Therapy Association’s 45th Annual Conference will celebrate and advance the work of dance/movement therapy, considering the mind-body mosaic as a metaphor. The dynamic integration of psyche and soma brings together the guiding wisdom of theory, clinical applications, synergy in our communities, knowledge from neuroscience, dance/movement therapy research, and our roots in dance. In dance therapy, people and communities move their lives and create from them a mosaic: a cohesive and beautiful whole.

Play at the Hawaii Spirit Festival–p. 37

JourneyDance Teacher Training Module 1 Inspiration with Vinn Marti in Goa–p. 41

Science and Nonduality Conference

OCT 20–24 • San Rafael, CA Nonduality is the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental intrinsic oneness. Conscious Dancer welcomes you to the Experiential room featuring Breema, 5rhythms, TransDance, Kivo, BioDanza, TaKeTiNa, Authentic Movement, Anat Baniel Method, yoga, Sound Healing and more. Last year, the Experiential room played a large role in creating an unforgettable event. This year expect it to be more dynamic than ever with more movement and an expanded program.

OCT 24–29 • Kripalu Center, Stockbridge, MA Come embody, explore, and express your glorious Self in the exhilarating movement experience of Toni Bergins’ JourneyDance™. Get funky and divine. Toni Bergins facilitates this five-day teacher training intensive that takes you on a powerful and transformative journey by immersing you in an ocean of holy motion. JourneyDance guides you to become fully present in your body, release trapped emotions and self-judgment, access inner power, celebrate your spirit, and manifest your dreams.

Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher Training Free performances at Dumbo Dance Fest–p. 37

National Dance Education Conference

OCT 20–24 • Tempe, AZ This year’s theme is Creativity, Innovation, and 21st Century Skills. Explore how dance can prepare students for increasingly complex life and work environments. Participants can choose from over 50 classes and workshops from all genres of technique, improvisation, character dance, choreography, and more. Presentations cover topics such as somatics, teaching methods, and choreography.

OCT 22–24 • Pleasant Hill and Concord, CA Join integrated mental health practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, yoga teachers, dance/movement therapists, voice therapists, art therapists, meditation teachers, energy therapists, and other mind-body practitioners for North America’s leading conference on body psychotherapy. Enhance your personal or professional practice with this year’s theme,Unraveling Trauma: Body, Mind, and Science. Specific workshops for dance therapists, and a special post- conference dance workshop with Ilene Serlin. Top national speakers include pioneers robert Scaer, M.D., Peter Levine, Janina Fisher, and Stanley Keleman. Learn research and practical applications from the fields of neurology, brain injury, early childhood trauma, stress mechanisms, integrated mental health, dance, yoga, movement, and more! We are expanding traditional therapeutic approaches with newer insights from a range of body-centered modalities.

Rites of Belonging at Esalen–p. 39

FEB 6–19 • Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training is a 100hour training that offers certified yoga teachers from all styles of yoga an advanced training in the art and science of YogaDance. Honoring the ancient traditions of yoga, Let Your Yoga Dance draws from the foundations of yoga and dance styles being practiced today. You will be guided through an exploration of experiences that bring you into direct contact with your unique style of yoga, dance, and movement. The knowledge and skills you develop that are grounded in your own creativity will give you a springboard for teaching and guiding others into the powerful experiences of yoga in a wide variety of settings. CONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS DANCEr DANCEr | SUMMEr | FALL2010 2010


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Shake Your Soul Teacher Training

Time Lapse Dance

FEB 7–13 • Present Moment Retreat, Mexico Shake Your Soul® YogaDance Teacher Training with Daniel Leven and Emily Fox invites you on a journey into greater joy, vitality, and aliveness through dance! Learn the joy of moving from your soul and how to inspire others to shake their soul in the process. Experience the magic of dancing with heart, dancing with grace, dancing with freedom, and dancing with passion. The way you move and feel in your body will be beautifully transformed, and if that weren’t enough, you will be professionally trained to guide others toward embodying the richness of their soul’s expression through movement and dance.

DanceMeditation Training

FEB 17–21 • New York, NY Whether you’ve been dancing deep for years or are just starting out, this intensive course will transform your path. Join Master Sufi Teacher Dunya for exquisite practices that will enliven your body and creativity, and deepen spiritual communion. Dunya will guide you through her signature work—Rocking Array to unlock frozen and frightened body parts; Spinal Spiral & Wave, a sensorial, sensual exploration of the central body stem; Slow Movement; Art of the Mystic Moment; and much more—and provide ample time for personal exploration. You’ll leave spiritually refreshed and inspired. A great opportunity for beginners through advanced level students and teachers. CEUs available.

Dancing Freedom Facilitator Training

FEB 22–MAR 6 • Mount Shasta, CA Mastery – Spiritual Attunement and Soul Manifestation. In Mastery, we dance the anatomy of the Mystery: we hone our capacity to discern, our tolerance for the unknown, our embrace of the shadow, our ability to be and act as love, and our practice of choice. We learn to co-create in accordance with Universal Law and develop our natural psychic and energetic gifts, thus anchoring tools for real-world success and thriving. We learn and work with the Five Fields of Consciousness: Instinct, Emotion, Empathy, Intuition, and Psychic to nurture and activate our highest potential individually and collectively. All modules are open to anyone who chooses the path of dance as a primary practice for their own awakening.

SEP 23 • Lincoln, NE Time Lapse Dance, founded by Artistic Director Jody Sperling, has been captivating audiences for a decade with visual kinetic theater that fuses experimental dance, circus arts, and dazzling fabric-and-light spectacles. Dances re-imagining the swirling, sculptural style of modern-dance pioneer Loïe Fuller (1862-1928) form a core of the repertory. Other works draw on genres including stilt-walking, hula hooping, flag-dancing, partner acrobatics, contortion acts, and vaudeville routines. This fun, familyfriendly program features, among other repertory: Sperling’s spectacular Fuller-inspired Clair de lune; Forms of Dilemma, an essay on the interplay of light, shadow, and movement; and Bang for the Buck, a comic circus-collage.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

OCT 1–2 • Nottingham, England Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, one of the world’s favorite dance companies, is returning to the U.K. for what promises to be another sellout tour. Their exciting repertoire of breathtaking new productions and beloved Ailey classics includes the jubilant, soul-stirring signature piece, Revelations. Celebrating more than 50 years of unparalleled artistry, Ailey’s trademark technical brilliance and passionate energy bring audiences everywhere to their feet. What makes this phenomenal company so special is the incomparable sense of joy, freedom, and spirit that the audience and dancers share.

Illuminate: A Spiritual Dance Club

OCT 2 & DEC 11 • New York, NY Club culture meets earth-based medicine in ILLUMINATE, an invitation to explore the hypnotic rhythms of the body and bring to light the contours of one’s own being. Led by Parashakti & GateKeepers, Native American elders, and a collective of live DJs fusing traditional music, world-music, and modern electronica, ILLUMINATE draws on exhilarating ceremonies, yoga, drumming, and an ecstatic dance party to create a safe space in which participants can liberate themselves and feel a connection with others. Look for ILLUMINATE events and appearances by Parashakti in other major U.S. cities in 2010 and 2011.

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Phil Porter will help you polish your improv skills with High Performance InterPlay in Seattle, p.39


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Lucinda Childs’ DANCE

OCT 7–9 • Portland, OR Lucinda Childs, the internationally acclaimed postmodern choreographer, makes her White Bird debut with a remounting of her seminal work DANCE. This rarely performed signature masterwork from 1979 is a landmark collaboration between Childs, one of the pillars of the Judson Dance Theater collective, composer Philip Glass, and artist Sol LeWitt. Childs’ superb 11-member company sweeps across the stage as LeWitt’s fascinating black and white film of selected passages from the original performance of the work is projected onto a front scrim. A richly evocative Philip Glass score completes the not-to-be-missed experience of seeing this legendary work.


Transform your path with DanceMeditation, p.36

Bellydance Superstars Tour Bombay Bellywood

SEPT 30–MAR 30 • 75 U.S. Cities With six years of touring, performing over 700 shows in 22 countries, the Bellydance Superstars have earned the accolade given them by the Sunday Times of England: “The most important dance troupe in the world.” They have taken an ancient art form previously seen in clubs and restaurants and turned it into a mega show to compete head-on with the likes of Riverdance and Stomp. Blending new cultural elements from India with the already rich tapestry of Bellydance, the new show will merge traditional and tribal bellydance with Indian dance styles rich in costuming and exciting, emotive, infectious music. Bombay Bellywood is Cairo meets Bombay in San Francisco and New York with a touch of Buenos Aires and Chicago.

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

NOV 12–13 • Washington, D.C. The feisty Hubbard Street Dance Chicago is known for cutting-edge choreography that encompasses a vast array of techniques and forms, as well as an understanding of abstract artistry and the emotional nuances of movement. The company presents a repertory program, which includes Kylián’s 27’52”. The Czech choreographer’s work takes the viewer along for a game of seeking and being sought, of holding and being held, pulling and pushing, a game in which the dancer must ultimately exit the stage solo. Seeing 27’52” creates an urge to see it again, perhaps in disbelief of what appears on the stage and wondering how all this could be physically possible.



Earthdance Global Festival for Peace in cooperation with Biodanza

SEP 18 • 200+ locations in 50 countries “All we need is love!” Come celebrate peace and connectivity at the Biodanza event in NYC to be held in cooperation with the 2010 Global Festival for Peace “Embracing All Traditions.” We invite you to come synchronize your body in a global peace vivencia on September 18 in NYC and join the high vibration worldwide. “I am through you,” said Rolando Toro, founder of Biodanza. Come celebrate “us” with Biodanza, the dance of life, and let’s rock the earth with dance! Celebrate Earthdance at the hub event in Laytonville, CA, or find one near you at

SOMA Fest L.A.

SEP 28–OCT 3 • Santa Monica, CA Awaken from the inside out. An opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to experience

Celebrating 25 years of Innovation! LivingDance™

body-mind practices that cultivate self-healing and creative expression. Learn tools to deepen sensory awareness, foster self-discovery, bring ease of movement, prevent injury, rejuvenate the system, reveal anti-aging practices, find fluid strength, and develop athletic virtuosity and the art of performance! The fourth Somatic Movement Arts Fest features 12 artists offering workshops and performances exploring embodiment in dance, health, and the performance of life. Experience Continuum, yoga, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, and more. The ability to be self-referential, connecting with our internal kinesthetic awareness while relating to our surroundings, gives us freedom to be our “essential” selves in resonance with the environment.

Our original approach to healing uses natural elements of dance for self-confidence and creative discovery. Alternate Route Program for ADTA certification in Dance/Movement Therapy Rochester, New York 585.473.5050

AcroYoga Festival

OCT 8–11 • Oakland, CA Welcome to the first AcroYoga Festival! This will be the biggest AcroYoga gathering in the world to date with 250 students, over 40 AcroYoga teachers, and 10 master teachers from the fields of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. We are offering classes for all levels during the four-day event held over Columbus Day weekend at Historic Sweet’s Ballroom in Oakland, CA. Friday, October 8 will be day-long intensives, while the main festival runs from Saturday, October 9 to Monday, October 11. Special events: Bollywood Carnival Jam, ecstatic dance, and a kirtan with Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, and the Mayapuris.

Dumbo Dance Festival

SEP 23–26 • Brooklyn, NY This festival is designed to showcase the work of approximately 85 emerging and established choreographers and dance companies from all over the United States and abroad. Featuring the freshest and most original contemporary artists, it will be held at White Wave’s John Ryan Theater. Audiences will be able to enjoy up to eight different companies in each hour of programming. The Dumbo Dance Festival will kick off with an Opening Night Gala followed by a three-day dance extravaganza in marathon-like performances. All performances are open to the public and free of charge.

Hawaii Spirit Festival

OCT 21–24 • North Shore Oahu, HI Immerse yourself in the spirit of Aloha with the Hawaii Spirit Festival, a four-day celebration of yoga, movement, music, dance, and Hawaiian culture, at the Turtle Bay Resort. This event brings together teachers from all over the world

conscious dancer | FALL 2010


Studio Owners, Event Producers, Teachers, Trainers, Workshop Leaders, Facilitators, Therapists, Dancers and Entrepreneurs


The Alkaline

Hydration Station

Celebrate the human mosaic of movement at the American Dance Therapy Association conference, p. 35

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(425) 753- 5372



festivals continued (rod Stryker, Steve ross, Max Strom, Annie Carpenter, Daphne Tse, and more) to share the many facets of spiritual and holistic practices, while offering in-depth studies into the Hawaiian culture. The Hawaii Spirit Festival offers all-day intensives, workshops, and off-site excursions. In addition, a large-scale musical event will be produced with the intention and dharma of giving back to the community.

Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival

DEC 6–25 • Israel We are delighted to invite you to the ninth Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival, which we consider a groundbreaking step in the field of Contact Improvisation. This will be a forum in which a diversity of international CI teachers and participants from all around the world will take part. The Israeli Contact Improvisation Festival is the annual celebration of the Israeli CI community. This year we have transformed the festival into a community event. It is now operated by the Israeli CI non-profit organization. The festival spans three weeks, during which we will meet in different locations to dance, to observe, to learn, and to meet each other. It is a great opportunity to draw together dance and a sunny winter vacation here in Israel.

Los Angeles Improv Dance Festival

JAN 4–9 • Venice, CA Anna Halprin and other exciting artists will be featured at iDfest 2011—Dance on Hand—which includes a week of movement workshops, performances, and jams in sunny Venice, California. Don't miss your chance to see Anna Halprin, who celebrated her 90th birthday this year and is the subject of a new documentary on her life and work. The festival is an exploration and celebration of improvisational movement styles and alternative dance techniques, featuring Contact Improvisation; performance structure; ensemble movement; and integrating sound, voice, and sets into performance. Featuring an all-male cast of instructors this year with special guest artists Scott Wells & Dancers, Charlie Morrissey, rudy Perez, and many more.

Alabama Dance Festival

JAN 27–30 • Birmingham, AL The Alabama Dance Festival exists to showcase the diverse talent and excellence of dance throughout Alabama, to bring the dance community together to promote good will and

networking, and to provide high quality classes in technique, dance education, and choreography. The Alabama Dance Council will make dance history this year by presenting the Merce Cunningham Dance Company with performances of XOVER, Crises, and BIPED. This historical residency will be one component of the company’s final Legacy Tour and their first and only performance in Alabama.

retreats & workshops Somatic Expression in Nature Retreat

SEP 19–24 • Sea Ranch, CA We are nature. Our bodies are a microcosm of the outer landscape. In this residential retreat facilitated by Jamie McHugh, rSMT, we use sensory awareness, the five elements of somatic experience, and creative expression to participate with our nature and the nature around us. Each day we settle into our inner landscape with breath, vocalization, contact, movement, and stillness practices. We then venture out into the landscape, using somatic tools as springboards for contact with the elements. The expressive arts of creative writing, drawing, and performance are then used to deepen awareness and shape personal creative responses. We conclude the week with a ceremony at the Pomo Indian roundhouse to re-integrate ourselves back into life.

Eat, Play, Yoga! Feast of the Season Harvest Retreat at Tara Bella Villa

SEP 24–26 • Glen Ellen, CA relax and enjoy a feast of the season at Yoga Tree’s beautiful grounds of Tara Bella Villa in Sonoma County. Soak in the hot tub, lounge by the pool, and connect with Kiera’s Journey Dance. Features enlightening yoga classes with Pete Guinosso and fabulous organic meals made with local produce by Yoga Tree founder Tim Dale.

Sacred Circles Tribal Dance Retreat

OCT 8–10 • Lexington, MI Come discover a place where dance is a celebration of life in a circle of support, camaraderie, and friendship. In a beautiful location nestled in the woods along the coast of Lake Huron, you will renew your spirit and rejuvenate your body during a weekend filled with dance, yoga, and drumming. Daily classes take place in a gorgeous lodge overlooking the beach. Between classes, take a refreshing hike through the woods, a relaxing walk along the water, or pamper yourself with a massage, manicure, or pedicure.

Photo: coUrtesy oF WWW.aDta.orG

5Rhythms and Dolphins Improvisation

OCT 13–16 • Eilat, Israel Roberto Donio, dolphin trainer, and Aviya Reches, 5Rhythms® certified teacher, lead this amazing retreat. We will use the dolphins as a source of inspiration to fluidity, harmony, movement, and soft touch. We will visit the dolphins' world and they will guide us during our learning process, giving us clues about soft touch and harmonic movement. We will learn the language to connect with the water and the dolphins. On the first two days we will work in the mornings with dolphin improvisation at the pool in Kibbutz Lotan, and in the afternoons we will journey through the maps of the 5Rhythms with the element of water.

The Welcoming Dark with Emilie Conrad

OCT 14–18 • New York, NY This is an invitation to dwell in the gestating dark where the quiver of new life begins its stir. A field of vibrating resonance arises when at last we can embrace the slow tide of awakening existence undulating through our tissues. Our sensory system blossoms as our primary visual dominance no longer holds sway. A plethora of exquisite sensations accompany us into a land of brilliant discovery as we awaken to new forms of living. Time will be spent in preparation for silent gestation where the markers of day/night... hours/minutes...cease to be relevant as we sink ever deeper into the whispering dark. This Master Class is a comprehensive training for people with 30 hours or more of Continuum experience.

Divine Kundalini Healing Retreat

OCT 20–26 • Kauai, HI Renew, heal, and experience the miraculous with Karen Korona’s Kauai retreats utilizing daily Kundance Yoga, Kundalini yoga, healing techniques, breathing, and meditation. Awaken the Divine, regenerate the vital prana, restore youth in your body, and receive the blessings of life! Experience sacred Kundalini techniques that cultivate deep, loving relationships with your beloved or beloved to be. Heal past wounds, forgive, and awaken spiritual energy for a Divine, long-lasting relationship. Enjoy morning and evening dance, yoga, healing, and meditation practice at sacred beaches, healing sites, and our retreat center surrounded by beautiful gardens overlooking mountains and ocean.

High Performance InterPlay

OCT 22–23 • Seattle, WA Phil Porter will give you the jam-packed, supercharged, creamy condensed set of skills that will improve your InterPlay performing, put a shine on your surface, and make life worth living again. Doesn’t matter if you perform for your reflection in the bathroom mirror or take the cake at the Hollywood Bowl, you can do it on the spot, crafting with the fascinating details of the life you have lived. Learn tricks, expand your range, get more confidence. All in just two days! Incroyable! as the French would say. We’ll end with a community performance at 7pm on Saturday night. Come be a supportive witness, even if you’re not registered for the workshop.

Erotic Partnership: Fall In Love Weekend OCT 22–24 • Inverness, CA Jim Matto-Shepard, PhD and Felicia MattoShepard, MFT, facilitate this three-day weekend designed to reignite sexual passion in couples. The workshop presents the model for “Erotic Partnership”—emotionally connected sexuality. Couples are guided through increasingly intimate private conversations, given practices

to increase intimacy and practical advice for erotic exploration, then offered “homework” assignments that deepen into the erotic. There is no public nudity, and all intimate conversations happen privately between couples. Couples will leave the weekend with a concrete and unique plan for continuing to deepen their emotional and erotic connection. CEUs available for MFTs and LCSWs.

SpiritsDancing: An Immersion into the World of Dance, Music, and Yoga

OCT 27–NOV 1 • Oahu, HI For thousands of years, cultures around the world have used dancing, singing, and yoga practice as tools of awareness and healing in their communities. We will practice reweaving this wisdom back into our modern experience. Prepare yourself for the holidays through the time honored practices of ecstatic dance and yoga combined with sound and song tuning, rejuvenating, recalibrating, restoring our bodies, and reinventing our minds. We will move together until we find the still point within, allowing us to become free spirits once again. During this retreat we will explore dance, yoga, singing, and the ancient wisdom of the body to awaken our own divinity. We will journey through the light and the shadow of ourselves as we search for insight. Come ready to investigate the power of your being as we create a sacred space together.

Tribal Mirrors - A 5Rhythms Workshop

OCT 28–31 • Dublin, Ireland Come join Jonathan Horan and the 5Rhythms® Tribe at this magical time of year when the veils between worlds have thinned and opportunities for transformation abound. This workshop is an invitation to explore the fantastic, the other-worldly, and the ancestral in a weekend of trance dance, live music, and ritual theater. Tribal Mirrors is an initiation into the world beyond self-importance, into the art of truly seeing the self to answer these fundamental questions: Who am I now? Who don’t I want to be? Who do I want to become? To enter the world of Tribal Mirrors is to remove our blinders and begin to see through the delusions and difficulties that trap us in unhappiness and self-destruction. This is a time to sweat, pray, and remember the source of our magic and mystery. A good foundation in the Waves and Heartbeat material is a must for this workshop; Cycles is recommended.

Spiritweaves: Rites of Belonging

OCT 31–NOV 5 • Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA Each of us carries a unique offering: our own way of being in the world. Rites of Belonging, led by Michael and Anneli Molin-Skelton, is a call to bring forth that offering. Using the awakening energy of dancing through the 5Rhythms® and Soul Motion™, we will move with the grace of our belonging and the struggles of our exclusion. Through movement and ritual, we will explore the meaning of how and where we belong in ourselves and our lives, and the places we feel exiled from ourselves and others. We will actively step into the participation required to belong, responding to the call that stirs a deep inner longing to fall into the place we call home. We will experience the possibility of resting through our bodies and listening to the silences within; to trust and surrender as gravity repeatedly tells us, “I have a place for you: it is called here.” Everyone called is welcomed. No previous experience needed. Esalen Institute is a spectacular hot springs and retreat center overlooking the ocean in Big Sur, Ca. Enjoy world class meals prepared with produce from the organic gardens. conscious dancer | FALL 2010


retreats & workshops Sacred Circularities - Hoop Dance

NOV 9–19 • Willka T’ika Retreat Center, Urubamba, Peru Take a journey in the hoop with us to the heart of Pachamama! Deepen your relationship to the Flow of All Things in the magical Andean mountains. We will practice the fundamentals of hoop dance, get wild with ecstatic hooping, and breathe into advanced explorations of dancing with twin-hoops and sustained spinning. Plus, we will further activate our spiritual warrior skills through play, meditation, yoga, and sound. This retreat will inspire beginner and non-beginner hoop dancers and is open to all. Willka T'ika is surrounded by the beauty of the Andes.

Emotional Fitness Retreat with Andrea Hanson

NOV 10–14 • Red Mountain Resort & Spa, St. George, UT Witness and experience the profound emotional peace and freedom that can be attained through Andrea Hanson’s multicultural, multi-dimensional emotional fitness approach to healing. Learn, understand, and become empowered to create and fully enjoy the life you desire and sustain your newfound personal power and emotional peace. Nine experiential learning sessions including Understanding of the Body’s Energy System, Energy Therapy, Meditation, and Kundalini Yoga Practice. This retreat embodies the true power of emotions on every level—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual—and helps you break free from debilitating emotions.

Trance Dance & Tantric Shamanism Intensive and Facilitator Training

Access Physical Therapy Glenna Rice MPT Is an injury, pain or judgment limiting you?

What else is possible?

How would your body like to Move? How would your body like to Dance?

NOV 13–22 • Villa Sumaya, Guatemala Personal transformation begins during a ten-day intensive with Journey to the Heart in one of the most exotic locations in the world, culminating in a lasting commitment to a better life and world. Trance Dance and Tantric Shamanism are a modern-day approach to ancient practices that will allow you, the student, to enter into deep dimensions of the self to heal from within Trance spaces. We will utilize techniques that will move you to understand Altered States of Consciousness (ASC), how to create Sacred space, how to create ritual and put magic to your sessions, how to listen and program music for the Trance Dance sessions, and how to use your body as a true expression of the Divine.

Embodied Anatomy with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

NOV 13–14 • San Francisco, CA Embodied Anatomy is a deep internal study of the body that goes beyond intellectual and experiential approaches. It probes the deep interrelationship between the body systems and explores the important role our internal structures play in movement, touch, and psychophysical processes. The learning process takes place not just in the mind but in the cells and tissues of the body. In this workshop we will explore the complementary relationship between our bones and organs. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the structural clarity of their bones, the full-bodiedness and vital authenticity of their organs, and the effortless movement that arises from the fine-tuning of cellular consciousness. No prior experience with Body-Mind Centering is necessary.

Being Transparent in Rhythm: A TaKeTiNa Experience

DEC 3–5 • Madrona MindBody Institute, Port Townsend, WA In this sophisticated world it is challenging to take the time to be a beginner. TaKeTiNa is a unique rhythmic group process for anyone interested in the transformation of his or her defenses. This rhythmically based practice can open us to the depths of awareness and nonlinear consciousness that we find in meditation, yoga, or conscious dance. The circles we form become a reflection of how we act in life. In a rhythm circle we are given the possibility to witness how we struggle while being offered the opportunity to let go. We can rediscover a brilliant, natural intelligence that we all possess and the grace to open to it. During this residential retreat, with the body as instrument, Zorina Wolf and Deborah Masterson will provide rhythmic guidance and technique that will assist you in surrendering to a deeper knowing and state of expanded awareness.

Matrix Energetics Seminar - Level 1 & 2

DEC 3–6 • Seattle, WA This weekend is designed for all to come play, learn, and experience amazing new possibilities. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or have no medical or healing background, you can learn to work with the matrix and use this work to make actual, observable changes instantly. You will learn to clear out the causes of pain, muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, and emotional and trauma patterns. This work harmonizes and enhances other modalities such as bodywork, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, and energy work.

Specializing in Myofascial Release Cranial Sacral Access Consciousness

415 235 2807

“I had been through the gauntlet of medical treatments for my back pain. Nothing helped until I found Glenna. She listens and works with you as a person while treating your whole body. She gave me my life back.” Dawn Gilbert, Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Mom.

“Glenna’s work is my saving grace.” Irma Brandt, Professional Dancer


conscious dancer | FALL 2010

Join globetrotting yogini Shiva Rea at Blue Spirit in Nosara, Costa Rica, for New Year's, p.41


1018 E St, San Rafael, Ca

Nia Western Caribbean Carnival Cruise

DEC 12–19 • Departing from Tampa, FL It’s time to put your Christmas or Hanukkah wish list together. This is the perfect gift for yourself! This Nia cruise with Kelly Atkins and Denise Medved, leaving from the port of Tampa, Florida, cruises to the Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; Belize; and Isla Rotan. Enjoy the luxury of cruising between destinations, top-notch dining, spa and fitness center, beautiful scenery, and all the amenities of a cruise, along with twice daily classes (a mix of Nia classes, Nia workshops, and Healing Pilates). This is a great family vacation or a vacation away from family! Singles can sign up and be paired with a Nia student roommate.

New Year’s Retreat with Shiva Rea

JAN 1–8 • Blue Spirit Retreat, Nosara, Costa Rica Join Shiva Rea and bring on the New Year with a transformational yoga adventure retreat to Nosara, Costa Rica, where the jungle meets the ocean. Nosara is a world-class surf spot where the power of the warm, clear, healing ocean is the primordial teacher. Enjoy the magic of each day with optional activities ranging from surfing, transformational yoga, and sunset horseback riding to zipping down the longest, most exhilarating canopy in the world! Whether you are an experienced surfer, have always wanted to surf, or just want to go deeper into fluid power Vinyasa with Shiva, we will enter the Full Moon New Year in an empowering and rejuvenating rhythm of living yoga, healing relaxation, and liberating play.

Contact Improvisation Continuing Training with Nancy Stark Smith

JAN 3–21 • Earthdance Retreat Center, Plainfield, MA A three-week residential workshop designed to evolve our practice of Contact Improvisation and other related improvised dance work. This is a rare opportunity for dancers who have participated in previous intensive workshops with Nancy to dive deeper into the study and practice of the “states of grace” materials, including Contact Improvisation, solo and group improvisation, composition, contemplation, changing states, the Underscore, and performance. The workshop will encompass physical training, scores, listening practice, jamming, watching, discussion, feedback, labs, and performance studies. 
In this continuing workshop, we’ll be focusing more on performance: paying special attention to the delicate transition from intimate, private authenticity to artmaking intended to be observed by the public. This workshop welcomes dancers who have studied intensively with Nancy before and have intermediate level experience in Contact Improvisation.

Costa Rica Breath and Shamanic Experience

JAN 6–18 • Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Join Giten and Rohi at the vibrant Ocean Discovery Centre, Guaria de Osa, or “Orchid of the Rainforest,” where the rainforest kisses the sparkling Pacific Ocean! Harmoniously support the process of diving deeply into yourself and deeply relaxing at your core by joining us in this lush paradise. Through our approach you will build a solid foundation of personal healing and heightened awareness, creating a permanent shift in consciousness. Based on a platform of Osho Active Meditations, your transformational journey will be supported with Aquabreath sessions in the ocean; holistic nutrition, detox, and rejuvenation support; body-oriented interactive techniques for releasing physical and emotional

tension and stress; interactive dance, movement, and celebration; silent meditative walks and guided rainforest tours; and shamanic detoxification cleanse and medicinal journey.

Dancing on Your Path

JAN 6–11 • Zion National Park, UT Enjoy the brilliance of winter and the New Year in Zion National Park in Utah. Retreat includes a five-night stay at Zion Lodge. Program includes Shin Somatics® Certification Workshop, Eastwest Somatics Network Conference titled Somatics and Dance Movement Therapy, and SOMADANCE performances. Sondra Fraleigh leads retreat activities, awakening the dancer in everyone. Explore personal dances in relation to the environment. Learn Land to Water Yoga (with Chakra Unwinding), Fraleigh’s unique yoga based on spirituality of the body. Experience Butoh. Certification students also study bodywork.

Soul Motion Inspiration with Vinn Marti

JAN 15–21 • Goa, India Soul Motion is a viewpoint of conscious dance that invites practitioners to cultivate a listening ear to the inner song. In the dance we have an opportunity to embrace the movement moment fully engaged and expressive. We dance the odyssey of creative relationship with self, one, all, and all-one. Soul Motion is a movement practice and philosophy of living that encourages curious attention to the living world as it moves our way. This six-day workshop will be held at the beautiful Satsanga Retreat Center in Parra, Goa. The retreat center has a beautiful space for dancing with a gorgeous wooden floor as well as a pool.

Nia in India JAN 18–28 • Auroville, India Experience ten days with Philippe, Sabine, and Danielle in Auroville at the ocean—an international spiritual community. Additional classes in yoga, Indian dance, T'ai chi, aikido, horse riding, and many other healing modalities. Includes two hours of Nia per day, ten nights accommodation in an eco-sustainable community, Ayurvedic buffet for all meals, bicycle rental, excursions to Pondicherry, ashram visit, and transfer from Chennai Airport.




Watsu waterdance


Ten Days of 5Rhythms on Maui JAN 21–30 • Studio Maui, Maui, HI Come experience 5Rhythms® dance in the magical setting of Maui. Two workshops combined. Depth + Celebration. Spirit Body + Tribal Spirit. Spirit Body is a five-day dive into the communion between body and spirit, lived in the dance. Tribal Spirit is three days of celebrating our shared love of awakening through movement. It is a gathering of different 5Rhythms teachers and dancers from around the world. Help with accommodations and logistics is available.

Medicine Dance 5Rhythms Retreat FEB 12–19 • Blue Spirit Retreat, Costa Rica Jonathan Horan and Amber Ryan Horan lead this workshop for both advanced and beginning students. The 5Rhythms® are a contemporary medicine wheel, and Medicine Dance is a journey through the primary maps of the wheel— Waves, Heartbeat, and Cycles—nourishing the warrior-healer that is alive in each of us. Dancing for oneself, for each other, for our families, and for our communities is powerful medicine, a way to create a loving ripple effect in this world. In the training process, this workshop will count as two days of Waves, one day of Heartbeat, and one day of Cycles.


Tmassage in a pool of warm water in the

A quiet world of healing and transformation reat yourself

to this nurturing

tranquil hills of San Anselmo. Free from the effects of gravity, your body can unwind in new and unexpected ways.

BOOK THE EXPERIENCE Davida Taurek: 415-455-8981 310-994-5405 conscious dancer | FALL 2010


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REVIEWS BOOKS MOVE INTO LIFE: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality – by Anat Baniel in the fluid mind-body field our brains wake up, grow beyond past limitations, and thrive. in her recent book, Move into Life, clinical psychologist and dancer anat Baniel describes her unique method for developing an awake brain, one that opens to the infinite world of creating new connections and growing into its potential. Baniel trained with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and is continuing and evolving his pioneering mind-body work. as director of the anat Baniel Method center in san rafael, california, she has developed the nine essentials of Vitality as the core of the method. each essential is a practice in awareness and mind-capacity stretching. Baniel embraces the concept of brain plasticity, the brain’s ability to create new connections and patterns. through awareness and specific stretching practices related to thought patterns, our brains resume growth and change in a way similar to what we experienced as children. Using examples and exercises, Baniel illuminates the what and how of weaving each of the nine essentials into the fabric of our reality. start with whichever element most calls out to you; results can begin instantly. a new connection in the brain’s patterning creates a simultaneous change in experience, including new vitality that is unleashed with growth and change. each of Baniel’s nine essentials offers opportunity for enrichment in daily life. Movement with Attention advocates new patterns of movement, combined with attention, for clearer thinking, easier motion, and newfound success. The Learning Switch can lead to wise and youthful discovery through openness and a beginner’s mind. Subtlety reminds us that the brain thrives on input that is gentler, less forceful, and more refined. By introducing Variation into the way we think and feel, we can discover new ideas and open doors to new worlds of sensuality and playfulness. the fifth of the essentials, Slow, tells us to awaken our senses by taking the time to be fully present and focused. number six is Enthusiasm, with a call to strengthen this important muscle. next is Flexible Goals, calling for a playful and forgiving attitude toward goals. through Imagination and Dreams, we can explore new possibilities and reveal inner thoughts. and finally, Awareness reminds us to live in the here and now. Baniel encourages emotional, physical, and mental fitness. “in the endless inventiveness of human expression,” she says, “dance with the present.”

LIFE ON LAND: The Story of Continuum – by Emilie Conrad

THE OJAI FOUNDATION The perfect venue for your next dance workshop!

The Ojai Foundation sits on forty magical acres in Ojai, California. The new Council House, with its sacred geometry design and heated, floating floor is divine for dance. Or join us for our monthly FULL MOON ECSTATIC DANCE with LIVE music!

w w w. o j a i f o u n d a t i o n . o r g 805.646.8343



Life on Land is a memoir, a captivating read, and a poetic plunge into the philosophies of fluid movement and human evolution. on fascinating journeys through new york, haiti, vaudeville, and the cosmos of our limitless bodies, we follow the development of continuum. the worldrenowned self-discovery and movement method emerged in 1967, inspired by emilie conrad’s study of haitian dance and prayer rituals. it is a therapy, a liberator, and a practice. it is a recognition of the undulating pulse of existence, a shift in perspective from dense to expansive. conrad is a profound philosopher whose work has evolved through a lifetime of personal experience and investigation. she describes how the development of a human embryo mirrors the macrocosm of our evolution, recognizing fluid awareness as the path to a unified global consciousness. “the fluid within our bodies, planet, and galaxy functions as a resonant organ of intelligence,” she says. “the organization of fluid within cells will determine the scope of its resonance with the larger field of planet and galaxy. at this moment it seems crucial that we develop a broader scenario for how we function and inhabit our existence.” in the ongoing movement within each of us for a better world, the continuum of life on land takes place within the galaxy and humans alike.

GODDESS TO THE CORE: An Inspired Workout to Maximize Your Fitness, Beauty & Power – by Sierra Bender From the core of her being, instructed by nature and a decision to live, fitness and yoga teacher sierra Bender stretched her own neardeath experience into an offering for women. Goddess to the Core is an instructional guide for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Developed through the author’s own path of recovery and interaction with the divine, it offers authentic and holistic inspiration. Delivered in a fluid blend of personal, sensory, and explanatory writing, Bender’s text makes sense of how we can each find activated peace and health and how we can return to our core feminine essence. Bender combines a mixture of yoga techniques with indigenous spiritual tools such as prayer, ritual, and meditation to offer a path toward reclaiming vital energy and wellness. Bender’s mission is to balance the four bodies: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. reunification is the process and the ultimate goal. Bender takes us through the micro/macroscopic woman’s story, introducing us first to ourselves and next to lilith, adam’s first wife. Beyond story and methods to balance the four bodies, the pages are filled with complete yoga poses, each offered with reflections and information to empower yourself and your reunified health. including breath work and with a conclusion about putting our practice into action, Goddess to the Core takes us within and beyond.

✓ Feng Shui Consultations ✓ Interior Alignment Coaching ✓ Space Clearing Ceremoies

Claire Rumore 415.690.9167


Let fabulous music, authentic movement & heartfelt emotion be part of your life!





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dances of vitality & joy


• DC • MIAMI Michelle Dubreuil Macek, IBF Facilitator & Didactic Tutor Biodanza East Coast USA



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BREATH MADE VISIBLE Directed by Ruedi Gerber ZAS Film by Lauren Westerfield the resilient, playful beauty with which 86-year-old anna halprin still dances through life lends her the immediate and dazzling power to captivate an audience. in Breath Made Visible, director ruedi Gerber gracefully harnesses this power to create a unique biographical film, one that is as movingly intimate as it is reverential to halprin’s revolutionary achievements in modern dance. Much in the way that halprin first defied boundaries of convention to express organic emotion through movement, so too does Gerber infuse the traditional documentary format with unscripted moments of profound feeling. the result is a lovingly crafted, subtly innovative film—and a fitting tribute to the heart, mind, hands, and feet (never separate for an instant, it seems) that together keep anna halprin in perpetual motion. in chronicling the evolution of halprin’s craft, Gerber integrates images of the dancer’s contemporary life with mesmerizing footage from solo performances, workshops, and the children’s dance co-op held on the now legendary deck that her husband, architect lawrence halprin, created within and around the trees that surround their Marin county home. together, this footage beautifully expresses halprin’s synchronicity with the natural world, the life-art process integral to her movement education philosophy, and the resultant ethos of her and daughter Daria halprin’s work at their healing arts organization, the tamalpa institute. With the passage of time into the tumultuous 1960s, Gerber’s assembly of domestic images gives way to the abstraction and clamor of artistic extremes, activism, and political unrest. yet with each return to that deck—where, to this day, anna continues to dance, create, and teach—we see the strength and spirit of the elemental dervish that still resides within and compels her body, and trees above it, to sway with purpose and intention. the film shifts when anna begins to reflect upon the midlife cancer diagnosis that fundamentally altered her approach to dance. orchestrated with delicacy and raw power, this portion of the film marks a turning point in tone—and an achievement for Gerber in the realization of sensitive yet brutally honest filmmaking. after a cathartic ritual performance (described in conjunction with chilling footage of her “exorcism” or “Dark side” dance), halprin’s cancer went into remission; and from then on her relationship with dance took on a new purpose. she became a pioneer in the expressive arts healing movement, and works to this day teaching terminally ill patients, activists, and the elderly about the healing, introspective power of dance. today, professing a profound respect for the beauty and purpose of the aging human body—and a courageous willingness to perform in the nude as a champion of that body—halprin translates the fundamentals of healthy, conscious living into an accessible and eloquent language. ruedi Gerber conveys this language on screen with halprin’s tone in tact, evoking the transcendent power of dance with enough spirit and spunk to satisfy even the most devoted fans of his luminous subject.


An Embodied Mystery School ChbgLZfZgmaZLp^^mpZm^k Bg;h]rLhneEb[^kZmbhg

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MIXER Integrating Awareness and Movement


Preston Klik – Top Ten Tracks

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1. BLISS –calling (edit + live melodica) 2. INGRID MICHAELSON –everybody (edit)

Workshops and Classes

3. BOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS –singh is King (Dhol’n’hips rmx)

October 2010 in Portland, Oregon

4. KELIS –acapella (remix)

503.234.6436 44 CONSCIOUS DANCEr | FALL 2010 8/23/10 10:38:02 AM iAmBody.indd 1

Preston Klik – Chicago Resonance chicago-based sound healer and musician Preston Klik produces creative, open-hearted conscious dance events together with his wife, emily. the invitation-only synphoria events are an intentional journey through the senses, while the public Give Peace a Dance parties are ritual-infused celebrations that include fire-dancing, shamanic readings, and massage. his current band, Karma sutra, is releasing its second cD, Lotus Dance, this fall. Known for his gong washes and crystal bowl invocations, Klik is a master of musical aesthetics. “i’m not a fan of one tempo,” says Klik. “i love to mix moods and genres, styles and energies. i call it ‘one-world lifepositive body-temple dance music.’”

5. ZIGGY MARLEY –i love you too 6. LAID BACK –Beautiful Day (Banzai republic rmx) 7. CARAVAN PALACE –Jolie coquine 8. SANJA ILIC & BALKANIKA –Korana (edit) 9. BLACK EYED MADONNA –ray of Feeling 10. MEDIAEVAL BAEBES –scarborough Fayre

Photo: Kat FitZGeralD

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“The Poetry of Human Encounter”

Music - Joy - Dance Expression - Community

Health & Movement Retreats in AUROVILLE spiritual international eco-sustainable community at the ocean

Weekly Classes in SF and East Bay


Workshops & Teacher Training

jan 18th-28th march 5th-15th


with Danielle & Sabine & Philippe Nia Black Belt Teachers

(415) 339-8739

Rolando Toro System

November 2010 Olympia, WA & Vancouver, BC — 360.705.9100 ore comforta





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Swe�t Your Pr�yers Saturdays 10am-noon

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Endless W�ves Cl�ss Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm

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Dawn Angel Averitt • CMT/Wellness Practitioner 510.508.7610 • Berkeley and Marin Locations

For calendar, workshops, special events & travel dates please visit:

Austin, Tex�s

CONSCIOUS 2010 12:12:29 45 DancingFireLizards_ad_Aug_19.indd 1 DANCEr | FALL 8/23/10 PM

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In the midst of an overwhelm, I can ask my body what it wants to tell me.

Susan Strasburger Integrative Counselor Emeryville, CA Passions: Presence, intimacy, movement as meditation, organic almond butter. 46

conscious dancer | FALL 2010

This morning I lay in bed, flooded

by thoughts and feelings about a client I’m working with. Though this was not the meditative start to my day that I had planned, I called on my Body NVC practice to help me return to equanimity: I watched as my arms, head, and neck began making small, then larger circles; my legs followed with alternate gentle and staccato patterns. With each movement, I noted my sensations, tracked them to feelings, and then slowly named what I was longing for—ease, choice, peace. Naming these missing elements paradoxically invoked them, and within minutes, I was more relaxed. The stressful thoughts began to fade. Body NVC, created by Inbal Kashtan, is based on the Nonviolent Communication principles that emerged from Marshall Rosenberg’s civil rights work in the 1960s. Initially created for interpersonal peacemaking, NVC is also an internal practice for bringing compassion to oneself: NVC teaches us to name what we are observing, distinguish emotional feelings from interpretive thoughts, and identify the universal values underlying our explorations. From this clarity, we choose what to ask of ourselves or others that can bring more connection and compassion to otherwise daunting situations. Many people study NVC to relate more effectively with others. I wanted to relate more peacefully with myself. Although I had made great strides in healing from decades of depression and compulsive overeating, I was still coping with debilitating self-criticism. Deepening my reflective and verbal NVC practice helped immensely. And when Inbal introduced Body NVC, something shifted dramatically for me. Body NVC seemed to give me reliable access to an ongoing body/mind partnership. In the midst of overwhelm, I can ask my body what it wants to tell me. Conversely, my body is now so fine-tuned, it can start first and get my attention. The ensuing “dance” of mind and movement makes the NVC practices more potent than when I’m only reflecting or speaking. I can start my NVC practice in any position, with presence and curiosity, noticing and then naming my sensations, emotions, thoughts, and needs. These sessions result in more presence, spaciousness, and conscious awareness. Throughout the day, I can do impromptu Body NVC, as I did this morning in bed, or when I’m driving and notice a buildup of tension: I can wail, stomp my non-driving leg, sing, and re-evaluate: “What are these movements and sounds asking of me?” And because I’ve practiced listening, I have answers now, and can more reliably translate upsets into insight and action. The healing I experience is made stronger when I am witnessed. But now, I have become my own compassionate witness. And that is a miracle for this “recovering self-critic”! Learn more about Body NVC at


Body NVC uses movement, inquiry, and awareness to support conscious choice and presence.

Let Your Yoga Dance


Grace in Motion

teacher trainings | workshops | retreats | classes

Let Your Yoga Dance a chakra yoga dance fusion of power, grace, and passion. Healing through Joy! ÂŽ

Megha – Nancy Buttenheim, MA, E-RYT Creator and Founder: Let Your Yoga DanceŽ Master teacher-trainer, Kripalu Center Facebook: Let Your Yoga DanceŽ Let Your Yoga Dance Ž Teacher Training at Kripalu Center Oct 3-8 PART 1


Nov 28-Dec 3 PART 2

Let Your Yoga Dance ÂŽ Teacher Training in Costa Rica Feb 6-19 - Nosara Yoga Institute

Let Your Yoga Dance ÂŽ Retreat in Mt. Paradise of Puerto Rico March 27-April 1 at Casa Grande, Utuado, Puerto Rico REGISTER:

1Ó…Ó‚U̙ȺѽҳD̙Ⱥ̢͸ͧоJÎ?͸ Ç‘OČ ̢ӂӭ̢Í?ÍĄĚ™FÇ‘ÍĄ̢UҕȢÍ?Gt(Ç‘Č?Ň…JȢÍ?MČş3о̛ 8/23/10 10:06:16 AM

1_4_YogaDance_CD12.indd 11

Organic Women's Clothing toll free: 877.912.9122 Flagship store Synergy 119 Walnut Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95060




closing circle “Approaching my mother with open arms like this, I feel as though she is warmly embracing me…I am finally about to touch the ends of the world to meet my mother again.”– kazuo ohno

MomoButoh Dance Company addresses life and death questions through the body, offering butoh performances with intention for positive transformation. The memorial prayer of gratitude to "Mama Ocean” was offered in response to the death of the beloved butoh teacher Kazuo Ohno and the tragedy of the Gulf oil spill. MomoButoh concentrates spiritual practice, choreography and butoh training with a group of dancers devoted to daily dance practice and communion with our soulful inner and outer landscapes.


Photography: Rex Hohlbein Momo:


conscious dancer | FALL 2010


October 20-24, 2010, San Rafael, California

Join us on a journey beyond the “I” through talks, workshops, movies, music, poetry and more! Over 100 sessions on Neuroscience, Nondual Wisdom, Cosmology, Biology, Psychotherapy, Quantum Theory, Philosophy, Art, Spirituality, Entheogens... Movement Playground hosted by Conscious Dancer. Embody your conference with mind-body connecting modalities including TaKeTiNa, TransDance, Breema, hula-hooping, ecstatic dance and more.


Somatic Counseling Psychology

“ At Naropa I learned to

hold a compassionate and supportive therapeutic presence that allows clients to feel safe in harnessing the wisdom of their own body-mind relationship.” —Arielle, MA Somatic Counseling Psychology alumna

At the cutting edge of contemplative approaches to counseling A Master of Arts degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University provides you with the theoretical, clinical and professional skills necessary to be an effective psychotherapist in a variety of healing and artistic professions, grounded in the integration of body, mind and movement. Our program includes two concentrations: dance/movement therapy and body psychotherapy.

Transform yourself. Transform the world. 800-772-6951

CD Magazine #12  
CD Magazine #12  

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