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More Money Saving Tips It never hurts to ask for an upgrade, actually it usually “saves” – money that is! Most hotels are willing to give free upgrades upon check-in, but you have to “look” the part. The unwritten rule is; dress like you can afford to “pay” for an upgrade before you ask for a free one (leave the track


suits at home). Also, bring your business cards and leave one at the front desk. It shows that you’re employed (hopefully with a nice title) and the simple gesture implies that you may tell ALL your colleagues at the company you work for of the wonderful “stay” in the hotel. For a free night or two, call up that great hotel you’ve been eyeing and tell them that you already have a reservation booked somewhere else. However, further inform them that you may consider changing your reservation if you can get a night or two with them for free. If they have the availability, you’d be surprised what they’ll do for you to stay with them. Know your rates! I bet you didn’t know that 2 (two) bedroom suites are cheaper than two standard rooms? Well they usually are and you’ll have a nice suite to share and a nicer private room of your own. So next time you’re traveling with another couple, check out the 2 bedroom suites and save some money, you’ll still have your private bedroom and bathroom but you’ll have a great living room and kitchen area too. We did this a few times and it was so much fun, I even made dinner a handful of times, saving us all some more money instead of dining out!

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August 2015

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very well be .99 cents there. Stock up on juice boxes, lunchmeats, and bread for the kiddies and maybe some “adult juice” like wine and spirits. We like to get hummus and raw veggies, cheese and crackers, and single-serve yogurts for our mini-fridge. Include good-for-you snacks such as fruits, pretzels, and maybe a few health bars too for the room. That’ll keep the hunger pangs at bay, keep you looking svelte, and keep your wallets looking thick! Lunches, especially with the little ones, add up pretty quick. In fact, after flight and lodging costs, food is the number one expense while on vacation, so why not save where you can? Ordering or picking up a pie or two from a good pizzeria will help your wallet out too. Just be sure to buy your beverages at the local store at regular price and have it chilling in the fridge. Call it a “PIZZA PARTY” and the kids would be over the moon.

Connextions Magazine Issue 19: Travel Lite  

Connextions Magazine Issue #19: “Travel Lite” provides you with resources to create your perfect trips even when on a budget! In this issue,...