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Travel: Vieques

Things to keep in mind:

Pack sneakers: some ships have zip lines, but you an only use them if you are wearing sneakers. If you think you may drink more than 5-6 tropical concoctions a day, then spring for the alcohol package. It’s so much easier to try new drinks and not care if they suck whn you are not worried about the cost. Disconnect! It’s surprising how liberating it is to be cell-free. Bring a walkie talkie with a decent range to stay in touch with family on the ship. It’s fun and different enough to be cool for the kids. You can honestly skip all the expensive specialty restaurants and still have reat meals. They are alluring, but you can get a buffet, and different sit-down options We did do one night of specialty French (just because it is rare for us), so if you are going to do it - then make it count! Schedule excursions for your last days or your shortest port days. It takes the stress out of getting back to the boat on time. Wear shorts under sundresses on deck. It gets windy! For more LGBT Family-Friendly Travel & other writings by Ali Polizzi check out:

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