Connextions Magazine Issue 17: Love Around the World

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In Review By: JJ Vega

Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time Author: Elisa Rolle A​​t first, the book seemed like a daunting, scary ​task to read because of its size, it has over 500 pages. However, once the reader begins to investigate further, the size of the book becomes a non-issue​and becomes a brilliant story book​. ​Elisa Rolle brilliantly and methodically​, ​documents the love among same sex couples throughout the centuries, as far back as written records were kept. ​Particularly ​intriguing is the story of a church t​hat ​record​ ed the marriage of ​two men ​in the year 1019​, which could possibly be the earliest recorded in written history​. This and all the other stories included in this book, can provide a lot of encouragement for the LGBT community, especially for people who may be afraid to come out, ​or to counterattack ​opponents of marriage equality​, which at times use​​words like “promiscuity” when referring to LGBT couples. To read the triumphs o ​ f these couples, some unknown to us as members of the LGBT community, are of particular interest and of huge pride. If the stories o ​ f these couples w ​ ere ​discussed in the media​,​t​hen the arguments against marriage equality would be null​. I especially enjoyed reading ​and learning about those ​relationships that lasted more than 50 years​,​and ​in some cases it was documented that after one of ​the partner​‘s​death, the surviving partner would often die shortly after. ​as if to say that not not even death ​could separate them.​ These men and women, members of our LGBT community,​were pioneers​​a ​ nd start​ ed opening doors f​ or civil rights. Leaving Montana Author: Thomas Whaley The first novel by author Thomas Whaley, aims to answer the all too familiar question: “At what point do you stop blaming your parents for becoming pompous, egotistical, and sarcastic?” The main character, Benjamin, is raised as an only child, never knowing of his half-brother in Montana. Whaley allows the novel to develop a strong, independent voice and creates an interesting angle that takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The novel is filled with drama, which makes the reader angry, sad, jealous and trying to guess the true matters of these relationships. The novel takes the reader around areas of Long Island, New York, and parts of Montana. Family drama is displayed over and over from each family member, the influences on each other, and the surfacing of their true colors. The novel is a good demonstration that comes to play in every reader’s personal story among their own family, whether the reader cares to admit it or not. This is a great book that is appropriate for readers who may want to notice their own ups and downs, especially if trying to make peace with someone they love.


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Spring 2015