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Deauville wins first year-round air link to UK

Hot tango brightens up Normandy winter

Ne pas jeter sur la voie publique

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DEAUVILLE airport is to offer a year-round air link to London for the first time, with three weekly return flights starting this month. CityJet, which ran regular flights to the UK capital last summer, has announced that the route will become a permanent fixture from January 5. Planes will take off from Deauville every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday for London City Airport, with a journey time of one hour. The launch will make it easier for second home owners and tourists to visit Normandy, and for permanent residents and businesspeople to reach London, where connecting flights will be available to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Dublin, Antwerp and Milan on Wednesdays. CityJet is also considering a fourth weekly flight, on Mondays, over the peak holiday period. News of the new permanent link also gives a boost to Deauville airport’s plans to become the main Normandy travel hub and treble passenger numbers by 2015. Haute-Normandie regional president Alain Le Vern, who chairs the Deauville airport committee, said the launch of the London route last summer had been well received. “It wasn’t just us who wanted this route to remain in place; it was popu-

Regular, permanent flights from London to Calvados coast confirm airport’s bid to become major flights base for region

Deauville is also in talks about summer flights to the north of the UK lar with English-speaking tourists, Normandy residents and also the French community in London, who have been regular users of the flights,” Mr Le Vern said. Deauville airport management are planning to build a new terminal building that can handle extra traffic. They have set a target of 300,000 passengers a year by 2015, up from about 125,000 at present. Director Desmond O’Flynn is also in talks with Jet2, BMI Baby and

Eastern Airways about launching new links to other parts of the UK over the summer – either Manchester, Leeds or the East Midlands. However, he said: “The aircraft used by a number of these companies are large and need to be filled with passengers in both directions in order for the service to be a viable proposition. “The airlines need to be almost 100 per cent certain that there is enough passenger traffic into the Normandy region to justify the operation.”


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The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Brighter future for lighthouse guesthouse by ALICE CANNET A LIGHTHOUSE near the bank of the Seine on the outskirts of Honfleur that has been transformed into a guesthouse has been given extra protection, after it was declared a historical interest site by French officials. The 1850s monument, in FatouvilleGrestain on the Eure-Calvados border, was inherited by Anne Durand in 2000 from her great-grandfather, who bought it in 1923. She lives in a house at the foot of the tower with her husband and son, and has successfully converted the site into a 12-bedroom chambre d’hôte. Regional cultural heritage body DRAC has carried out a series of examinations over the past year and the French culture ministry has now awarded the historical monument badge to the building. “For us, this is the culmination of 10 years’ work,” Mrs Durand told The Advertiser. “We will not be able to transform anything in the lighthouse. Say if I suddenly had a moment of madness and wanted to paint it red, I could not do it. It is protected and it always will keep its authenticity. No one will ever be able to dismember it.” The Durand family decided to convert the monument into a guesthouse to help

Normandy loses two beauty titles NORMANDY is no longer the home of Miss France, after Juliette Polge, from the Eure, lost to Miss Brittany at the final in Caen. Miss France Ronde, the beauty title for plump women, went to Marion Bogaert from the Vendée. Last year’s winners in both contests were from Basse-Normandie.

Pilots’ museum is closed down THE NORMANDIE-Niemen museum in Les Andelys (Eure) has closed, after its funding was withdrawn because of a lack of visitors. The collection is moving into the air museum at Le Bourget, near Paris.

40-hour concert raises charity cash A MUSICIAN in Caen is hoping to win entry into the Guinness Book of Records after playing a 40-hour non-stop solo concert. Richard Deschamps, aka Ritchie Métal, switched between acoustic and electric guitars and a synthesiser at the local cafe gig to raise money for the Téléthon.

Manche car-share scheme launches A NEW car-sharing initiative has launched in the Manche, with the first of 44 special car parks in the department inaugurated in the centre of Saint-Lô. The local council is investing €1.2m in the scheme, which aims to help drivers meet others carrying out the same journey and cut down on unnecessary trips.

The lighthouse site near Honfleur can accommodate 12 people in five rooms meet the costs of keeping the 32m-high tower in good condition, which requires constant effort. “It is a family house. We have many memories here and the surroundings are more than nice, but there are also drawbacks,” she said. “Anyone who looks after a big house has to accept the pros and cons of it. We are fit; we do not need to go running because we know that we will be always climbing lots of stairs.”

The chambre d’hôte itself is based in the old lighthouse guardian’s house at the foot of the tower and can accommodate up to 12 people in five rooms. Guests mostly come from Paris and the north of France, attracted by the unusual place to stay. Mrs Durand said: “People are delighted when they first visit the house. From the top of the lighthouse, you can see all the bay of the Seine, the estuary, the sea, the Pont de Tancarville and the Pont de Normandie.”

The Advertiser, Normandy

News 3

January 2011

by PAUL McNALLY A MEDICAL centre in the heart of the Pays d’Auge could provide the blueprint for a nationwide network, under new plans by President Sarkozy to improve rural access to healthcare. Orbec, population 2,500, is the first centre of its kind in Basse-Normandie, which launched as part of a pilot scheme to tackle the problem of “medical deserts” – areas where there is a severe shortage of GPs. The €1.5m facility, in a former nursery school, is shared by five practising doctors with different specialisms, including a dietician and physiotherapist. This allows them to share running costs and expertise, instead of setting up practice on their own. During a visit to the Orbec health centre, Mr Sarkozy said he would look at offering better financial incentives to GPs who chose to move to an area that was currently under-served. The state is also offering to contribute up to 35 per cent towards the

cost of building new maisons de la santé between now and 2012, similar to the Orbec centre, because “the new generation of doctors do not want to practise on their own”, Sarkozy said. The announcements come as new research by a French doctors’ body found Normandy continues to be one of the worst regions in France for finding a doctor, because GPs were attracted more to urban areas and the south. The Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins found there were 248 doctors for every 100,000 residents in Haute-Normandie and 263 in BasseNormandie. This is some way short of the national average of 309 and the best-served region, Paca, where there are 374. The problem risks becoming worse in the coming years. The group’s research found that almost 70 per cent of GPs in rural areas were over 50 and nearing retirement. They are often not replaced, because newly qualified doctors tend to prefer jobs in hospitals (with fixed working hours, better holidays and less time spent on-call)


Sarkozy pledge as Normandy aims to attract rural doctors

Region trails behind Haute-Normandie rest of France for GPs Basse-Normandie per 100,000 people Source: Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins report

over setting up as independent GP. One of the doctors at the new facility, Anni Pithon, said: “This new structure works well and the patients are the big winners.”

Horse-drawn experiment is not such a rubbish idea

Paulette can carry up to a tonne of garden rubbish

A SMALL village in the Eure is testing out a new system of rubbish collection, using a horse and cart instead of trucks for certain rounds. Residents in Pont-Audemer have welcomed the arrival of Paulette, a one-tonne Comtois horse, who tours the commune once a week, picking up garden waste. The mairie has launched the experiment to assess the cost and environmental benefits of horse-drawn collections. Socialist mayor Michel Leroux is keen to make the 9,000-population village greener. A local association is leading the pilot scheme and will report back to the mayor with its findings. The group is looking at how Paulette copes with the workload and any accessibility problems she encounters. The mairie will make a decision later this month on whether horse-drawn collections will become a regular feature on the village streets.


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National average

He said local residents, especially the elderly, appreciated the centre, because it meant they no longer had to travel to Lisieux, some 20km away, for healthcare.

248 263 309

Above: The French president visited the new clinic in Orbec (Calvados), where he promised more measures to attract new GPs to practise in rural areas

Alençon lace tradition wins place on world heritage list OFFICIALS in Alençon are pinning their hopes on renewed interest in the town’s long history of lace-making to help keep the industry alive. The unique craft, Point-d’Alençon, was practised by up to 8,000 women in its 18th-century heyday. Today, the industry employs just six people. Concerns that the complicated technique, which takes up to a decade to master, will not be passed on to future generations have now prompted world heritage body Unesco to list Alençon needle-lace as a cultural treasure that deserves to be protected. The town’s Socialist mayor, Joaquim Pueyo, said he hoped the global recognition for the craft would raise awareness and interest, and ensure the practice does not die with the current generation of lacemakers. “This recognition by Unesco recognises centuries of savoir-faire developed by thousands of lace-makers, and the passion that it continues to generate, even today,” he said. Basse-Normandie regional presi-

dent Laurent Beauvais added: “I’m pleased to see a regional speciality honoured in this way. It’s a great success for the town of Alençon and without doubt it will have a positive impact on the region as a whole.” Alençon needle-lace is unusual because of the high level of craftsmanship required and the very long time that it takes to produce. A small patch of lace the size of a postage stamp takes about 25 hours to make and sells for about €200. The material was named the “queen of all laces” at the first Universal Exhibition in Brighton in 1851, but its history dates back 200 years before then, when a workshop was set up in the Orne town. A royal edict in 1722 gave Alençon a monopoly to supply the court of Versailles in the winter, with Valenciennes picking up the contract for the summer. The pieces are made up of design elements held together by a finely stitched net. The process comprises a number of successive stages: drawing

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011


Big thanks to helpful cabbie WE are trying to get in touch with a taxi driver in Evreux who helped us when our car broke down while on holiday. We met this man and his brother at the Assistance Dépannage Libert on the Rue de Vernon, where our car and caravan were waiting to be recovered. They brought us food and water, which we urgently needed, and would take no payment. We would greatly like to thank them for their generosity and kindness. Mr and Mrs SAUNDERS

Photo: Jacob Ferdinand Voet/Musée de la Dentelle d’Alençon

4 News

It is no wonder airport railway link has failed

Alençon lace was a firm favourite with European royal families and pricking of the design on parchment, creating the outline of the design and the background netting, then the typical stitching of the patterns, shading with filling stitches, decorating with designs and embroidering to create relief. Then the lace is removed from the parchment with a razor blade, trimmed and, finally, the filling stitches are polished with a lobster claw. Each lace-maker knows how to complete all the stages of the process –

knowledge that can only be transmitted through a practical apprenticeship. To master the technique fully requires seven to 10 years of training. Two new trainees were hired in the Alençon workshop last September to start their apprenticeship. Alençon’s lace-making joins four Normandy landmarks on the Unesco world heritage list: Mont St Michel, the Bayeux tapestry, the rebuilt centre of Le Havre, and the lookout towers at Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue and Tatihou.

I THINK one of the reasons the Cherbourg-Dijon route via Charles de Gaulle airport (Advertiser, November) hasn’t attracted passengers is that it wasn’t advertised sufficiently. I have spoken to many people (French and English) who weren’t aware it existed. It shows the power of advertising. Judy MANSFIELD

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The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Interview 5

Ken Tatham married his French wife, Christiane, in Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei in 1967, and was elected mayor some three decades later. He says people no longer think of him as English

Being a little bit different helps, says France’s only English mayor by ALICE CANNET AFTER three decades living in the Orne, Ken Tatham became France’s only English mayor in 1995. Re-elected twice, in 2001 and 2008, the 64-year-old from Leeds has now been living in the 140-population Saint-Cénerile-Gérei, one of France’s 100 most beautiful villages, for 40 years. The death of his father in the Second World War, a pilot whom he never knew, meant Mr Tatham’s public school education was paid for by the RAF. Then, aged 18, he left home to go travelling. “When I came back from school, I found it hard to stay at home, so I left to go travelling in Europe. I went to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and then to South Africa,” he says. During his travels, he met a French woman, Christiane, whom he married in 1967 in Saint-Céneri, where her parents owned a second home. Settling in Normandy was not part of the couple’s original plan. They had wanted to move to South Africa, but after their wedding they decided to stay and enjoy the exceptional surroundings. For 10 years, the couple owned a restaurant, before Mr Tatham took on an export manager job for a clothing company based in Alençon. In 1993, he founded his own export consultancy business. The same year, he applied for French

nationality in order to vote. His mayoral candidacy, which came two years later, also required him to take the nationality. “In 1989, my wife was elected the first woman municipal councillor in the village. It used to be a very rural village, with many farmers and very few women at the time,” Mr Tatham recalls. “During her period in office, I used to tell her: ‘You should do this, you should look at that’, as do many husbands and wives. It started to annoy her and she said: ‘Why don’t you do it yourself?’ “So in 1995, I put myself forward and I was elected mayor straight after. “The most interesting part of the job for me is to be in charge of a town which is as interesting as ours. There are a lot of visitors and foreigners.” As a mayor with dual nationality and near-perfect French, Mr Tatham is today fully accepted in his community, as shown by his election results, but this did not happen overnight. “At first, some people criticised me for being English, because the English had destroyed the castle during the Hundred Years’ War but, to me, those things were not very important. “I think, today, no one thinks about it any more. People do not even think I am English. Being a foreigner or being a little bit different in a system helps, because everyone knows you; people listen to you.” Becoming a mayor in France was cer-

tainly a challenge, but had it not been for the beauty of Saint-Cénéri, this might never had crossed Mr Tatham’s mind. “I do not know if I would have had the same interest as the mayor of just any village. But we have done a lot here, even though we did not have a lot of money,” he says. “I was lucky in my last term in office to have Alain Lambert in my council: a friend from 35 years and a former budget minister. He helped open some doors which allowed us to make investments which were sorely missing. “As one of France’s most beautiful villages, there is extra pressure insofar as we are reassessed every five years. It is complicated sometimes to get the message across to residents that it is their responsibility to make an effort. But we often have the media here – it is good to promote the village.” Indeed, since taking on the role, Ken Tatham has caught the interest of the media and has been featured in The Independent, The Times, Radio France Internationale, the BBC, France 24 and many more. He was also invited to the centenary of the Entente Cordiale. Today, however, he has decided not stand in the next elections, which are due to take place in 2014. Instead, he plans to devote more time to his wife, “who deserves it”. „

At first, some people criticised me for being English, but today no one thinks about it any more

6 What’s On Art and culture Until January 8 – Photography exhibition by Fabrice Simon, specialising in Normandy’s nature and the wilderness. Aveline multimedia library, Alençon (61). Call 02 33 29 56 55.

Family Until January 16 – Funfair in Lisieux (14) on the Place de la République with rides and attractions for the family. Call 02 31 61 66 09. 87Exhibitions Until September – New, temporary exhibition in the Juno Beach Centre, Courseulles-sur-Mer (14) about the battle jointly fought by the British and Canadians during the Second World War. For more information, see or call 02 31 37 32 17.

Out and about Until January 2 – Last chance to enjoy Rouen Givrée winter festival (76). The city’s main squares are taken over with an ice rink, market, street shows and concerts. For more info, see January 8 – First rounds of a national chess competition in Bagnoles de l’Orne (61) from 15.00. For more info, call 02 33 37 09 28. January 9 – Join in the 10km halfday or 20km full-day hikes starting from the social and cultural centre in Alençon (61). Further information on 02 33 80 49 00.

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

January 22 – Bolbec (76) wears green for a special Irish evening. Irish food will be available in the first part of the evening at the Esplanade Cafeteria. Event starts at 20.30 in Salle Maupassant. Call 02 35 31 07 13. January 28-30 – Meet more than 70 exhibitors specialising in home renovation, construction, decoration, furniture, crafts or particular areas such as stairs and conservatories at the Salon de l’Habitat in the Salle des Fêtes, Bernay (27). Call 02 32 43 16 38. January 30 – Lawyers from around the world take part in international plea competition at the Memorial de Caen. For more information, see

Food/drink Until January 2 – Villers-sur-Mer (14) chocolate festival. Pastry-makers will demonstrate their talent in the art of chocolate cooking through displays and workshops. Call the tourist office on 02 31 87 01 18. January 13 – Conference on 20thcentury world cooking and food in art. Evreux (27) IUT from 18.00. Entry €8. Call 02 32 29 15 00. January 19 – Visit the chocolate factory of Glatigny in Alençon and learn about the product’s history and manufacturing, followed by a tasting. Tour starts at 14.15. Call the chocolate factory on 02 33 26 18 23.

For sale January 14-16 – The 53rd edition of

„ Until January 15 – Last chance to see this year’s winter lights at Mont St Michel, daily from 18.00. See

the national antique fair will be held at Lisieux’s (14) Parc des Expositions from 10.00 to 19.00 with 100 exhibitors from France and abroad. Free for children under 10, €5 otherwise. For further information, call 06 15 11 20 27.

Music/dance January 14 – Mozart la Nuit composed by Antoine Hervé for a choir and jazz ensemble is a cross-over show which mixes Mozart’s classic melodies with contemporary music. Mozart is looked at from a new perspective, with a jazz take on his melodies. Call 02 32 29 63 32 to book. Concert takes place at the Cadran in Evreux (27).

Portal, Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett’s drummer, Jack DeJohnette and their band headline at Le Grand Volcan, Le Havre (76) from 20.30. January 21 – Condé-sur-Vire (50) hosts a popular ball with music group Dodéka, who will bring poetry and music to life in a surreal absinthescented cabaret atmosphere. Call 02 33 77 87 30. January 21 – The 106 venue in Rouen (76) welcomes French-Israeli singer Yaël Naim. Her repertoire includes songs in Hebrew, English and French. Tickets €16 -€24. To book, call 02 32 76 84 84.

January 14 – A special tribute to the Beatles in Argentan’s (61) Quai des Arts. Tribute band, the Rabeats, offer around 50 covers. Starts 20.30. More information on or call 02 33 39 69 00.

January 22-30 – Ouistreham (14) jazz festival, including a marching band through town on the Sunday morning. Then, on Saturday 29, a special show dedicated to Gershwin will be performed by the town’s music school. For more info, see

January 15 – Clarinettist Michel

January 25 – From Ravel to

Looking to buy a house? See Directory page 23 for a wide range of properties

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„ January 21 — The Great Ballet of Cuba is touring France and will perform at the Docks Océane in Le Havre. Tango, Latin swing and Broadway-style dancing will be showcased by this dynamic troupe. For more information, call 02 32 92 52 52 or see

January 2011

MONDAY 14: Cabourg, Pont l’Evêque, Saint Pierre sur Dives.27: Bourg Achard, Gisors, Pont Audemer, Thiberville. 50: Bricquebec, Carentan, Gouville sur Mer, Saint James, Torigini sur Vire. 61: Briouze, Remalard, Vimoutiers. 76: Bolbec, Buchy, Cany Barville TUESDAY 14: Blonville sur Mer, Cabourg, Courseulles sur Mer, Deauville, Dives sur Mer, Thury Harcourt, Villers sur Mer. 27: Beaumont le Roger, Beuzeville, Damville, Fleury sur Andelle, Gaillon, Montreuil l’Argille. 50: Agon Coutainville, Brehal, Cherbourg Octeville, Ducey, Jullouville, Portbail, Quettehou, Sourdeval, Villedieu les Poeles. 61: L’Aigle, Alençon, Argentan, Bagnoles de l’Orne, Vitrai sous l’Aigle. 76: Duclair, Goderville, Gournay an Bray, Le Grand Quevilly, Le Havre, Rouen, Sotteville les Rouen, Le Tréport

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January 28 – Un Rendez-vous en Afrique, a contemporary dance show mixing African dance with baroque music performed by a seven-person troupe from the Ivory Coast. The show will be held in the sports centre in Tourouvre (61), from 20.30. Call 02 33 83 30 64. January 28 – FrenchCameroonian guitarist Roland Tchakounté takes to the stage at the Cadran in Evreux (27). Tickets €16, members €12.80, under 12s €8. Book by calling 02 32 29 63 32. January 28 – An evening of songs from 20.30 at musical cafe-concert, Carré du Perche at Mortagne-au-Perche (61). Call 02 33 85 11 18. January 30 – A flute/harp duo offers a trip round the world with seven songs especially chosen to emphasise the universality of music. The Maderas duo plays at the auditorium in Alençon (61). Call 02 33 80 66 33 or see

What’s On 7

Weekly markets around Normandy

WEDNESDAY 14: Cabourg, Caen, Herouville Saint Clair, Isigny sur Mer, Orbec,

Gershwin, the Caux Vallée de Seine orchestra will provide a musical tour around France and America for an evening at the Juliobona centre in Lillebone (76), starting at 20.30. Call 02 35 38 51 88 or see

Church services Christ Church, Coutances: Every Sunday at 11.00 in the chapel of the Lycée Germain, Rue d’Ilkley. Vezins: Every third Sunday and last Sunday at 17.00. All services are Church of England-based and all are welcome. For more info, call 02 33 58 86 76 Caen Anglican Chaplaincy: Chapelle de la Miséricorde, Rue Elie de Beaumont. Sundays at 17.30 Rouen: Reformed Church, Place du Pasteur Martin Luther King. Email or call 02 35 71 08 66 Hautot-Saint-Sulpice: Anglican communion, call 02 35 96 30 36 Condé sur Noireau: Eglise Reformée, rue Lenormand. Services every first and third Sunday of the month at 15.00. To find out more about services, call 02 33 66 67 02. „ More community group contacts, page 17 and at

Are you organising an event in Normandy? What’s On listings are free in The Advertiser. Please send details, with at least six weeks’ notice, by email to

Ouistreham, Trouville sur Mer, Villers Bocage. 27: La Barre en Ouche, Bernay, Breteuil sur Iton, Evreux, Le Neubourg, Nonancourt, Routot, Vernon. 50: Granville, La Haye du Puits, La Haye Pesnel, Marigny, Pontorson, Saint Hilaire du Harcouët, Saint Pierre Eglise. 61: Bagnoles de l’Orne, Flers, Longny au Percfhe, Le Mele sur Sarthe, Tesse la Madeleine, Le Theil. 76: Bihorel, Bosc le Hard, Gonneville la Mallet, Lillebonne, Mont Saint Aignan, Saint Etienne du Rouvray, Veules les Roses, Yvetot THURSDAY 14: Cabourg, Caen, Condé sur Noireau, Douvres la Delivrande, Le Molay Littry, Mondeville, Ouistreham, Saint Aubin sur Mer. 27: Brionne, Conches en Ouche, Ezy sur Eure, Pacy sur Eure. 50: Barneville Carteret, Carolles, Cherbourg Octeville, Coutances, Saint Pair sur Mer, Sainte Mère Eglise. 61: Alençon, La Ferté Macé, Trun. 76: Creil sur Mer, Etretat, Forges les Eaux, Le Havre, Montivilliers, Pavilly, Le Petit Quevilly,

Sotteville les Rouen FRIDAY 14: Blonville sur Mer, Cabourg, Caen, Courseulles sur Mer, Deauville, Ouistreham, Villers sur Mer, Vire. 27: Beaumont le Roger, Cormeilles, Evreux, Gisors, Pont Audemer, Saint André de l’Eure. 50: Brecey, Gouville sur Mer, Jullouville, Les Pieux, Saint-Lô, Valognes. 61: Argentan, Bagnoles de l’Orne, Tesse la Madeleine, Tourouvre. 76: Auffay, Bihorel, Bonsecours, Eu, Gournay en Bray, Grand Couronne, Le Grand Quevilly, Le Havre, Rouen, Saint Valéry en Caux SATURDAY 14: Aunay sur Odon, Bayeux, Cabourg, Deauville, Falaise, Honfleur, Isigny sur Mer, Lisieux, Ouistreham, Troarn. 27: Les Andélys, Bernay, Evreux, Ivry la Bataille, Louviers, Verneuil sur Avre, Vernon. 50: Agon Coutainville, Avranches, Barneville Carteret, Coutances, Gavray, Granville, Periers, SaintLô, Saint Vaast la Hougue. 61: Alençon,

Bagnoles de l’Orne, Flers, Mortagne au Perche, Sees. 76: Aumale, Umale, Barentin, Bihorel, Canteleu, Doudeville, Elbeuf, Fécamp, Le Havre, Monvtille, Neufchâtel en Bray, Le Petit Quevilly, Rouen, Saint Romain de Colbosc, Sotteville les Rouen, Le Tréport, Yvetot SUNDAY 14: Cabourg, Caen, Grandcamp Maisy, Mezidon Canon, Ouistreham, Tilly sur Seulles, Trouville sur Mer. 27: Brionne, Evreux, Ezy sur Eure, La Ferrière sur Risle, Pont de l’Arche. 50: Brehal, Cherbourg Octeville. 61: Alençon, Montilly sur Noireau. 76: Blangy sur Bresle, Caudebec les Elbeud, Darnetal, Forges les Eaux, Harfleur, Luneray, Le Petit Quevilly, Rouen, Saint Valéry en Caux, Sotteville les Rouen

8 New year

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Take the plunge and make 2011 your best year yet in Normandy A WEALTH of organisations and council-ffunded schemes are in place throughout Normandy to help you realise big projects, learn new skills and generally enjoy yourself more in 2011. From special grants for home renovations to discount sport schemes and support networks for new businesses, now is the ideal time to seek out the initiatives that are available to you locally.

Eat better CUT out the supermarket middlemen and buy your fresh food direct from local producers, using a special scheme called Amap (Associations pour le Maintien d’une Agriculture Paysanne), which is designed to cut down on food miles and excessive packaging, encourage healthy eating and develop community links between consumers and farmers. There are 33 branches of the organisation around Normandy, spread around each of the departments, except the Manche, where none has been set up yet. Each branch signs a contract with one or several farmers to supply produce every week, including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs, bread, cheese, milk, cider, juices and honey. The farmer provides the Amap group with a big delivery and volunteers then split the produce up into individual boxes for each member to collect from an agreed pick-up point at a fixed time each week. Eating locally means eating seasonally, and the contents of the box will vary each week depending on what is available. Individuals can swap products among others in the group depending on their tastes and dietary needs. Prices also vary. Annual membership is typically about €10, plus an agreed fixed rate for each box. A box

From doing up your home to speaking more French or exploring more of the region, we share 11 ideas to help you become healthier, wealthier and happier in 2011, with all the local contacts you need to turn your resolutions into reality for a week for two adults and a child will typically cost between €15 and €25, depending on what is included. For a single person, €10 should buy a box with about 3kg of produce inside. The biggest Amap in Normandy is in Elbeuf (Eure). It has 240 members and organises weekly drop-offs in four neighbouring towns, with material sourced from 20 local producers. Some of the big schemes run all year round; others start up again in the spring. See for your nearest group. If you have several Amaps in your area, it is worth approaching them all to see the different produce on offer, and find the price and collection day that suits you best. And if there is no network up and running in your area, it might be possible to set one up yourself. The site has a step-by-step guide on choosing local producers and bringing together enough local consumers to make the scheme worthwhile.

Improve your French CAEN University will be running intensive two-week French-language courses in June and July for nonnative speakers who want to improve their confidence speaking the language. The course costs €485 and includes 60 hours of teaching. The deadline for applications is in May. A

residential option is available for an extra €210. To find out more, see The Alliance Française has a school in Rouen offering courses at different levels. It is possible to start lessons any week in the year, except the beginners’ courses, which are scheduled to start on February 14 and March 28. There are also evening classes for people who work. See or call 02 35 98 55 99. Haute-Normandie regional council has compiled a list of all the other language schools in the region offering lessons to non-native speakers. See If paying for courses is out of the question, speak to French people on a daily basis (see below), watch French television or listen to French radio and little by little, you should find your French improves.

Make new friends SETTLING in a new country can be a lonely experience and meeting people in rural Normandy can be difficult at times, especially if this is your second home. One of the biggest groups in Normandy that can help is Accueil des Villes Françaises, which has a network of 20 local branches all over the region. The not-for-profit associations help people make new friends, offer practical help with settling in

and organise a range of outings and social events. Many of the branches have permanances – weekly drop-in sessions – where you can meet the organisers face-to-face, ask for advice and find out more about forthcoming meet-ups. There is usually a small fee for joining. We have published the full list of AVF networks in Normandy online under the “local info” section at Check the community contacts

Coming up this year: What’s On events for your diary AUGUST Musique d’Orne Mackerel festival, Trouville-sur-Mer Deauville horse market Calvadose de Rock festival Foire aux fromages, Livarot

NORMANDY marks its 1,100th anniversary in 2011 and the region is planning a series of special events to celebrate. Details will appear online at Here are some of the other major festivals taking place this year. Check the What’s On pages of The Advertiser every month for the latest events and confirmed dates.

SEPTEMBER Dieppe kite festival Automne Gourmand, Bagnoles de l’Orne Boat Expo Normandie, Ouistreham Deauville American film festival

FEBRUARY Omnivore food festival, Deauville Fishing festival, Fécamp Tree festival, Lisieux Granville carnival MARCH Asian film festival, Deauville Black pudding festival, Mortagne-au-Perche Aspects de la Musique d’Aujourd’hui, Caen APRIL La Normandie se Découvre, offering discounts at regional attractions Tulip festival at Câteau de Vendeuvre and Villers-sur-Mer Franco-British plant festival, Crosville-sur-Douve Cherbourg carnival

Granville carnival in February is a highlight of the region’s calendar MAY Orchestral music festival, Deauville Nuit des Musées Fête du Nautisme Houlgate sailing festival AOC food festival, Cambremer Normandy Channel Race Sea festival, Honfleur JUNE D-Day anniversary events Rendez-Vous aux Jardins

Film festival, Cabourg Fête de la Musique Tour de Normandie, vintage car rally Dinosaur festival, Villers-sur-Mer Papillons de Nuit music festival, Saint-Laurent-de-Cuves JULY Beauregard music festival, Hérouville Saint-Clair Promenades Musicales du Pays d’Auge Puppet festival, Dives-sur-Mer

OCTOBER Apple fair, Vimoutiers Automne en Normandie Faire-Play, Vire Equi’Days, horse festival Prix Bayeux, journalism conference NOVEMBER Russian film festival, Honfleur DECEMBER Hivernales de Falaise If you are organising an event in 2011, please send details by email to

panel on page 17 for details of other clubs and groups around Normandy. They cover a wide range of interests including creative writing, photography, birdwatching, singing and gardening. There are also FrancoBritish associations, conversation groups and supper clubs. Your mairie will have details of all the associations registered with it. Other good places to check are your local library or supermarket noticeboards.

Start a business THERE is a wide range of help available, a lot of it free, for anyone wanting to start a business in Normandy. Your local Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie (CCI) can provide advice and support. They often organise free seminars for anyone considering taking their first steps in business, and regular courses designed to equip those setting up in business with the knowledge and skills they need. To find your nearest CCI, see If you live in Basse-Normandie, check for details of forthcoming regional business start-up events and the contact details of all the professional bodies in the region that can help with training and registration formalities. The HauteNormandie equivalent can be found at Each department within Normandy also has its own economic development agenda based on local priorities and, from time to time, additional targeted support may become available at commune or departmental level. In the Orne, for example, there is, and in the Eure Another possible port of call is

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011


Gerard Barron and funeral consultant Fran Lewis. There will also be a collection to raise funds for Cancer Support France. Juvigny-sous-Andaine is about 10 minutes from Domfront and Bagnoles de l’Orne. The last event attracted almost 100 people, so booking is essential. Call Siddalls on 05 56 34 75 51, Moneycorp on 06 19 17 34 61 or send an email to For more information, see

Clear out clutter VIDE-GRENIER attic sale season enters into full swing in the spring, but there are still a few events planned before then if you are keen to clear out your unwanted items. There are foires à tout in Saint-Lô, Bagnoles de l’Orne and Yvetot on January 9, Canteleu (SeineMaritime) on January 16, Gaineville on January 22-24, Agon-Coutainville on January 30 and Saint-Pierre-deVarengeville (Seine-Maritime) on February 5-6. There is also a threeday grande braderie in Caen from January 21-23. To find your nearest sale and contact the organiser directly, search online at or Alternatively, to avoid spending hours outside trying to sell your unwanted goods, list them for free with The Advertiser. Classified adverts are free online and in print if the item you are selling is priced at less than €250. See pages 16 and 17 for details of how to place your advert.

Get consumer help Swimmers start the New Year with a morning dip in the Channel near Le Tréport Normandie Développement, which provides advice, contacts and data to help you draw up a solid business plan. It is particularly interested in foreign investment in the region and can provide help in English. See for details.

Save on energy bills ELECTRICITY prices rose by three per cent at the start of this month, and gas bills have shot up by 15 per cent in the past year. It is more important than ever to find the most efficient ways of heating and providing energy for your home, and now is a good time to start planning for next winter before a key regional grant is phased out. Basse-Normandie regional council is the first in France to offer a special grant of up to €2,000 to help you make your house more energy efficient, either through better insulation or installing a new system. The chèque éco-énergie has been in place since 2009 and more than 3,000 homes have benefited so far. The

scheme has been extended into 2011, but is due to be scrapped at the end of the year. To benefit from it, you must apply before April 1 and have completed the works by December 31. The cheque is available to anybody who owns a property in BasseNormandie – it does not matter whether it is your main residence or a second home. The work must be carried out by a construction professional registered with the region. To apply, visit your local Espace Info Energie. There are five in Basse-Normandie: Caen, Coutances, Alençon, HérouvilleSaint-Clair and Montchauvet. This is a network of environmental advisers put in place by energysaving body Ademe, the region and the EU who give free guidance on how to choose the right equipment and renovate your home. They work independently of equipment or energy suppliers, so their advice is impartial. They also have offices in Haute-Normandie which can advice on other possible financial help. See

Join one of Normandy’s 33 food box schemes for fresh local produce

It is also possible to take advantage of a tax credit for environmentally friendly home improvements. To get the tax credit (crédit d’impôt), you need to pay tax in France and have your main home here. The credit system only applies once the work is completed. The work needs to be declared in the tax return relating to the year that the last of the renovation bills was paid – for example, if you pay for the work in 2011, you would declare it in your 2011 tax declaration, which has to be submitted in May 2012. For more information on eco tax breaks, see our helpguide on the subject, priced €5, at

Plan for the future INHERITANCE planning takes on extra complications if you have assets in both the UK and France, and there are some fundamental differences to how the law works here. To answer your questions, The Advertiser is helping to organise another free seminar in English on inheritance planning, after the last event was fully booked. The talk takes place in the Salle Salle des Fêtes in Juvigny-sousAndaine (Orne) on Monday, February 7 from 14.15 to 17.30. Experts from MoneyCorp, Siddalls and BML Assurances, which are supporting the event, will be on hand to explain the differences between French and British inheritance laws and the tax implications. The seminar will also cover ensuring your wills are up-to-date, preparing for the eventual, and how the law applies to you if you have stepchildren, have remarried or are in a same-sex relationship. Other confirmed speakers include Franco-British solicitor and avocat

THE MANCHE branch of consumer group UFC Que Choisir has an English-speaker available at its Avranches surgery, offering advice on how to resolve disputes with companies. The drop-in centre is in the Centre Multi-Services, 24 place du Marché, on the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 10.00-11.30. Call the Saint-Lô office for more details, on 02 33 05 68 76. The body has other drop-in centres (in French) in Bayeux, Caen, Vire, La Ferté Macé, Saint-Lô, Cherbourg, Evreux, Le Havre, Fécamp and Rouen. See for all the times and contact details.

Cut cost of travel IF YOU travel regularly between Normandy and the UK by ferry, frequent traveller schemes could help you save on tickets. Both LD Lines (Dieppe-Newhaven and Le Havre-Portsmouth) and Brittany Ferries (Caen and Cherbourg-Portsmouth) offer membership packages with discounts. The LD Lines programme allows you to collect miles for each crossing you make, which can then be redeemed for free crossings for either yourself or friends and family. See

New year 9 The Brittany Ferries frequent traveller scheme, called the Property Owners’ Travel Club, becomes interesting for passengers who do at least six trips per year. It offers savings of up to 30 per cent on crossings and a 10 per cent reduction on on-board meals. The annual membership fee is £60. See

Keep children busy A SPECIAL scheme is in place for all young people in Normandy, aged 1520, offering discount travel and entry to cinemas, museums and sports clubs. The Cart’@too costs €10 a year and comes with at least €100 of savings that aim to give teens more independence at a minimal cost. Benefits include free museum entry, €5 discount vouchers for theatre, music and dance performances, €4 off cinema tickets, and one free ticket a year to see a Caen football match at the Stade Malherbe. The card also offers discount membership for hundreds of sports clubs and a reduced rate for the Boos’TER regional youth rail pass. The @too scheme can also provide grants of up to €300 for big group outings (of at least eight young people) to cultural and educational places of interest within the region, and grants of €25-75 for textbooks and other school materials. For more information, see http:// or call 02 31 06 95 99. The scheme is due to be extended to 21- to 25-yearolds this year. Separately, Basse-Normandie offers grants of up to €500 for under-25s wanting to travel to another European country and discover more about its culture or history. The Bourse Jeune Europe helps cover travel costs, accommodation and activities. Applications open in mid-March for this coming summer. Forms and guidelines will be made available online shortly at

Look after yourself PREVENTION is the best medicine, and, depending on your circumstances, you should be eligible for a number of free check-ups at various times in the year, covering everything from sight and hearing to cancer screening. Look out for publicity surrounding the Journées de la Vision in June, when opticians offer free eye tests, and a week of free hearing tests in March organised by top-up health insurer Audition Mutualiste. Ask your GP about free screening for breast, bowel, cervical and prostate cancer. For more information about your entitlement, see Women in the Orne who are aged 40-74 can benefit from free breast cancer check-ups without leaving their village. The Mammobile 61 tours the region regularly, offering a drop-in service for screenings. To find out when the vehicle will be in your area, call free on 0800 21 15 17.

The Mammobile tours the Orne offering free check-ups for women

10 Food

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Savouring France’s ‘black diamond’

Photo: Mairie de Sarlat

“However, they have almost no flavour at all, and, when it has any, it is generally not a pleasant one.” The best way to avoid being fooled, he said, is to buy from a highly regulated market, or, if buying preserved ones, from a supplier who guarantees their provenance. “In the Dordogne, our markets are checked by inspectors, the truffles are sold by variety and you know the producer’s name.” Markets in the area include ones in Sarlat, Bergerac and Périgueux.

Sarlat has a Saturday truffle market and a festival on January 15-16 cessfully in northern France, including Normandy. The imported “Chinese truffle”, tuber indicum, is considered to be of

TRUFFLES should be eaten with minimal cooking. A simple way is to finely chop truffle and mix it with slices of softened butter to make a paste, place in a sealed container in the fridge for 24-4 48 hours, then spread on wholemeal bread with a few grains of fine fleur de sel salt. Another popular option is scrambled eggs with grated truffle, which should be made by cooking very gently. Truffles can also be mixed with butter and added to mashed potato, or used in stuffings placed inside meats, poultry or fish. However, in this case the meat should be cooked on a low temperature. As a rule truffle should not be cooked at above 80C.

Truffles go well with potato

Advertising Feature

A collection of restaurants

in Normandy

Celebrate Epiphany with a galette des rois THE GALETTE des rois or galette d’Epiphanie is a cake eaten in France on Twelfth Night. Ingredients 350g flour, 250g butter, 1 egg, 2tbsp salt, 250ml water Method Make a well with the flour and put the water, salt, 50g butter, and the egg white in the centre. Mix together to make pastry, cover and leave to rest for half an hour. Roll out the pastry on a well-floured pastry board. Flatten the rest of the butter

so it covers half of the pastry. Fold the pastry over the butter, re-roll with a rolling pin and fold in four. This is known as a “tour”. Repeat six times in summer or seven in winter; leave the pastry to rest for 15 minutes between each “tour”. When all the “tours” are finished, flatten the pastry with the rolling pin to make the galette, shape to the thickness of a finger. Decorate the top with square incisions, brush with the egg yolk and bake for about 20 minutes in a hot oven. Then, open the oven door slightly and leave to cook for a further 20 minutes, taking care to check the colour. Don’t forget to hide a lucky charm inside.

Photo: Gaël Chardon/Flickr


inferior taste to native kinds. Unfortunately some dealers try to pass them off as Perigord ones, which they resemble in colour. Mr Rejou said:

Fresh truffles keep 10-15 days, but they can be frozen, individually in sealed plastic bags, for up to a year. Mr Rejou said: “If you want to eat top-quality truffles throughout the year, get them posted, fresh, and freeze them, by weight, for example, 20g or 30g ones, and then thaw out just the amount you need when you want to cook. That retains most of their qualities.” When you order, you can specify what size of truffle you want per bag (they range from around 5g to 100g), so you can freeze them immediately and thaw out just the quantity you need for cooking with. Prices reach their maximum at Christmas, dropping this month, before rising again towards the end of February as the season draws to a close and the production declines. Last year, they were around €600/kilo in January; however, about 10g per person is enough when cooking.

Eating truffles

Photo: Allerina and Glen MacLarty

NOW is the season to sample black winter truffles fresh from the market, or by mail-order from producers in its growing areas. Out of the various varieties found in France, tuber melanosporum, the “Perigord” truffle, is the most prized. However while it has a traditional link to the Dordogne (ie. the old province of Perigord), which is still one of the best places to buy it fresh, no appellation contrôlée limits the name to ones grown in the area. Patrick Rejou, who represents the profession in the department said: “The reason for the name is that, over the centuries, our truffles have been known for their flavour and we have a long tradition of savoir-faire in cooking with them, such as teaming them with foie gras.” The Perigord truffle is also grown in other parts of the south-west and south-east, notably the Vaucluse. However it can also be mail-ordered fresh throughout France (details from the Aquitaine truffle growers’ federation on tel: 05 53 35 88 72 or or bought preserved in jars. The other truffle found in France at this time of year is the tuber brumale. “It is of slightly lesser quality,” said Mr Rejou. “It sometimes has intense aromas, but lacks finesse and complexity.” Other truffle types include the white summer truffle (between May and August) and around November the Burgundy truffle, both grown suc-

This is one of more than 100 traditional recipes from Anne Prével translated into English by Alex Bramble in a new book, Recipes from Normandy. It is published by Editions Bonneton, priced €10. ISBN: 2-86253-473-2

To advertise your restaurant with us call 0800 91 77 56

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January 2011

Property 11

NORMANDY PROPERTY 2011 Trends / Predictions / Tips / Changes coming in this year

‘Properties are selling if the price is right’ Market overview: Eric Maurice, regional head of estate agents’ body Fnaim, shares his predictions for 2011

“IN BASSE-Normandie, we have seen a slight movement in prices in the past year, mainly in the third quarter when prices rose by about two or three per cent. “The volume of transactions this year, compared to 2009, has gone up by 25 per cent, which is a fine recovery. However, compared with the Paris market, we are not lacking suppy here, which means that prices have remained moderate. “We have seen a revival in cities – Caen, mainly, and the coast – but the Orne, Lisieux and the lower part of the Pays d’Auge are still lagging behind. Prices there tend to be stable or continue to fall. “From this month, we will be

Eric Maurice: signs of recovery under the obligation to display the energy-efficiency diagnostics on property adverts and we think this will have an impact on property that is less well ranked.

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“In our current property stock, a good number of both old and new houses are badly ranked. This should have an impact on the negotiation of property and trigger a price drop. “Bank rates remain low and employment has gone up, so we are seeing signs of a recovery. The new prêt à taux zéro will facilitate things for the first-time buyers.” “The year 2010 has allowed us to start afresh. We think that 2011 will allow us to continue. “In the past six months, the market has picked up again on large property, but 70 per cent of buyers are still looking at property under €200,000. When a property is at the right price today, it is gone within 30-35 days.”

12 Property

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Make a new year resolution to b Ensure you’re insured: Take preventative steps now to check your home insurance policy covers everything you need tection, including lawyer fees. This is called protection juridique. It is designed for someone wanting to claim compensation for the loss caused by accidents covered under the home insurance policy. The services offered with legal protection include an information helpline where lawyers can provide advice to customers and explain how to reach an amicable resolution to an issue. The insurance also covers the fees of experts and bailiffs, as well as lawyers’ intervention in a court case and all procedural fees. The customer is always free to choose the lawyer they use. Some companies offer students, tenants or landlords who rent their properties special insurance packages to match their needs. If you own a house but it is often unoccupied, special packages are also available. Another option on home insurance, typically called a mobility package, protects your personal belongings such as mobile phones or MP3 players while you are outside home. Bikes can sometimes be included in your home insurance, but protection often only applies to thefts and damage that occur inside your home and not in the shared parts of your building (corridors, hallways, cellars and

so on, if you are in a copropriété). Your leisure equipment can be protected by a special assurance loisirs, which will cover musical instruments, art and sports equipment. Insurance offers can be compared online through specialist websites such as Assurland and you can ask to have a personalised devis (quote) drawn up by several insurers to see the difference in prices. Home insurance prices will vary according to the options you take out and the risks to which your goods and property are exposed. Different insurers will pay out to different levels. The cheapest packages may reimburse you a very low percentage, while ones that are more expensive may offer 100 per cent. Certain insurers will compensate according to the age of the goods (valeur d’usage) that have been damaged or stolen, but others will reimburse you the value of the goods purchased new (valeur à neuf). They will have to be replaced within six months of the accident. To find the best price, draw up a list of the valuable objects and belongings in your home room by room. You should have an estimate of their prices – keep all the receipts in a safe place, and have a copy of

Photo: Gina Sanders -

IN FRANCE, a standard home insurance policy will cover basic risks such as damage caused by water, fire, faulty electrical appliances, storms, exceptional climate events and natural disasters and will also protect you against damage during attacks and thefts. Options can be added to offer more personalised protection that suits your daily life and the type of belongings you own. For instance, your belongings can be protected inside your home and when you travel, and your car can be protected when it is parked at home. Leisure equipment such as musical instruments or a swimming pool can be insured against accidents. Generally, home insurance can be divided into three types: basic cover, extended cover and multi-risk cover (also called tous risques) Multi-risk home insurance will include a private protection called responsabilité civile, which covers you in case of damage to third parties, for example, if a tree or fence falls and damages a neighbour’s property. The responsabilité civile cover includes damage caused by negligence or carelessness from the insured, their children, staff, pets, objects or property. This is often limited to the home context and does not cover you during professional salaried work or in a role within public or union functions. Often, multi-risk home insurance policies will offer personal legal pro-

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Property 13

better protect your French home A good multi-risk insurance policy and some basic steps to secure your property should provide peace of mind

tract and this period should be clearly stated in the contract. French law on rolling contracts was changed by the Loi Châtel in 2008, which looked at consumer rights and set up an obligation for the insurer to inform customers of the deadline to terminate the contract by post. According to the law, the duration of a contract cannot exceed one year and therefore, a contract can be renewed only up to one year. The insurer has to give enough notice of renewal and a letter should be sent out between one and three months before the end of the contract. If the insurer does not send a notice in due time, the consumer will have 20 extra days to make a decision regarding the renewal of the contract. Failure to respect these requirements will result in a consumer being allowed to terminate their contract without a fee by sending a letter recommandée with an acknowledgment of receipt (accusé de réception) after the supposed date of renewal.

WHETHER it is your main or second home, there is no half-measure when it comes down to home security. The French interior ministry has some basic advice on how to keep burglars away from your home. One of the things you should think of when buying a new house or flat is to remember always to change all the locks and equip your front door with a reliable lock and a peephole. Your house should also have shutters where possible, preferably metallic, and a fence around the garden. If your house is isolated or in the countryside, the chances of burglary are higher and more precautions should be taken to ensure your house cannot be broken into. Installing security double-glazing, a motion-sensor burglar alarm and outside lighting is a good way to keep your home safe. Do not write down your name and address on your keys in case you lose them and always leave a spare copy with someone you trust, instead of under the doormat or flower pot. You should make sure no tools are left outside such as ladders or scaffolds. They should always be kept out of sight. Valuable belongings or safes should be moved away from windows. For high-value objects and belongings, write down their serial number, keep their receipts and take photographs of them so they can be found more easily if stolen. If you are away from home for a long period of time, you should inform your neighbours and find someone to pick up your mail or have it diverted to another address to

Ask a neighbour to go round the house, park and move the car around the garden or courtyard, keep the garden tidy and the grass cut, change the position of the curtains or leave toys out

Photo: Frédéric Prochasson -

them outside your home. You can also try to make sure that your house is well equipped against theft or fire by installing an alarm or a fire detection system. This will often win discounts when you sign up for home insurance. Another option for bringing down premiums is to raise the franchise (the excess) you are happy to pay in the case of an accident, bearing in mind this should be a realistic sum that you can afford to pay. Some insurers also offer better deals if you combine several contracts with them, such as car and home insurance, which can help you save significantly. Home insurance is automatically renewed after a certain period of time if neither the insurer nor the insured decides to terminate it. This process is called tacite reconduction. Generally, the rule for terminating a contract is to send a registered letter (lettre recommandée) at least two months before the end of the con-

Stay secure: Make arrangements to protect your home while you are away and discourage burglars, especially in rural areas

In many areas, local police and gendarmes patrol empty homes avoid any obvious sign of absence. You should also create the illusion of the presence of someone in the house through a timer on lights, the television or radio, which should switch on and off at certain times of the day. Other steps you can take to make the place look occupied is to have neighbours go round the house, park and move the car around the garden or courtyard, keep the garden tidy and the grass cut, and have a friend change the position of the curtains or leave toys out. Transferring your calls from your landline to your mobile phone or second phone line is a good idea and never leave any indication of the duration of your absence on the answerphone message which could

reassure a potential burglar. During long absences, you can ask the local police or gendarmerie to check on your house during their daily patrols. Other measures to prevent intrusion include planting thorny bushes under windows to prevent access and having a metal gate and fencing around your garden securing the perimeter. You should always check on your insurance policy the conditions under which your house and belongings are covered. For instance, locks may need to be approved by your insurer. Shutters, if you have any, should be closed when you are not there, or insurance claims might be rejected.

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14 Property

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011 Photo: John Lee - Below: L BEAWOLF - Fotolia

Every property advert now has to include details of the building’s energy efficiency rating, on a scale of A to G, where A is the most efficient and G is énergivore (energy hungry)

What changes are in store for this year? THE FIRST day of the year brings with it a number of changes affecting property owners and, more generally, anyone living in France. From January 1, when advertising a flat or house for let or sale, estate agents will be legally obliged to include the property’s energy efficiency in the shape of an energy labels with a letter and colour. The same day, the green bonus on energy efficient cars, which can take up to €5,000 off the original selling price, will be reduced. The requirements to benefit from the bonus are being made stricter, which in theory means fewer vehicles will benefit. January 1 is the start of the new income tax year in France. Money earned in 2011 will be declared in April or May 2012. Your home situation on January 1 will decide the amount you will pay

in taxe d’habitation (residential tax) and taxe foncière (property tax). The taxe foncière is calculated against the rentable value of the property, and is used to provide your local services. It is paid by whoever owns the building on January 1, even if you later sell the property and move out. Bills typical-

ly go out around September and the deadline for payment is generally in October. The taxe d’habitation also goes towards the various services that local bodies provide to residents. You are liable if, on January 1, you live in accommodation either as an owner, tenant or

free – again, even if you move out later in the year. From this month, owners of homes with a septic tank must supply potential buyers with a certificate showing they conform to high standards. A diagnostic assainissement (waste water system check) is added to the list of property checks owners have to have done.

Lifts in apartment blocks should have been brought up to new standards by January 1. At the end of September, the French lift federation said 80 per cent had been done. January 1 is the day that the new monthly income threshold for people allowed to live in social housing estates (HLM) will be applied. The rate of the RSA unemployment benefit will also be adjusted. Away from property, on January 1, three main changes to the Code de la Route will be implemented. These will allow cyclists to turn right at a red light in certain cases. It will reinforce the protection of pedestrians through the obligation for drivers to stop not only if someone is already at a crossing, but if their speed or body language indicates they are about to do so. A seven-hour course will become mandatory for people who wish to drive a scooter from 50cc to 150cc.

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‘We only expected to make about 40 T-shirts for friends’ Why did you choose to set up? One of my friends, Jean-François, is originally from Brittany, but is Norman by adoption. He used to say that Normandy did not have any humorous tourist products or a regional brand. A mutual friend, Sylvain, started drawing small pictures: things with a self-deprecating sense of humour and we found it extremely funny. We went to show our T-shirts to tourism professionals at the Bayeux tapestry and Caen memorial. To our surprise, they said: “This is great. If you do it, we would like to order 100 or 200.” We had thought we would make just 40 T-shirts for family and friends. We soon realised we had to make at least 5,000 T-shirts and we would need to hire someone fulltime. We had to get a bank loan and legally create the business. How did the first years go? We started doing postcards because we struggled to find a good supplier for our T-shirts. The cards were very easy to sell and became quite popu-

Heula was set up in 2006, selling humorous Normandy T-shirts, cards and souvenirs. Co-founder Laurence Plainfossé explains to ALICE CANNET how what started as a side project has exceeded all expectations lar. We even won a regional new business competition in 2007. Our new recruit, Céline, was put in charge of communication and finding selling points. At the end of the first year, we were contacted by a big Norman publisher, Le Goubey, which specialises in postcards and souvenir products, which offered us a contract. For some of our products, Le Goubey takes care of the production and sales and gives us the royalties. We went from 50 selling points to 250-300, thanks to their existing network. We also sell in our own store in Caen and on How successful are your products? We conceived the product thinking

Sylvain, Céline, Jean-François and Laurence have seen their turnover grow considerably

about tourists, but the good surprise is that a great number of Normans appreciate our products and the concept; they represent about 70 per cent of our clientele. Although the original tourist clientele is important to us, the Normans have really made the brand their own. What type of business are you and how much did it cost to set up? We are a SARL (société à responsabilité limitée). We brought in €15,000 of capital – €5,000 each – then we borrowed €35,000 from the bank and we obtained a special loan (prêt d’honneur) of €10,000. In our first year, we made €90,000 in turnover, which was a pleasant surprise. This

rose to €320,000 the next year and €360,000 in the year after that. What were the hurdles? The most complicated thing was to find suppliers whom we could trust. We tried several and were turned away by others, and often pushed towards China and India. Our T-shirts are made in Tunisia and we are thinking about developing other products abroad. We looked very hard in France, but there are things that we just cannot do here. What would you have done differently? We would have been a bit kinder when dealing with suppliers. We

were not trained, but I originally had a masters in business management and now I am taking up more classes, because we have reached a stage that is beyond what we know. What are your plans? We are expanding our textile range and are also looking at a partnership with local craftsmen: a candlemaker and an earthenware maker. We would like to make our shop grow. It is not very well located, so the second stage could be to find a better location. Our projects also involve developing new products to match the demand. And in a few years, I would like us to have a shop in Haute-Normandie.

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The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Getting UK qualifications recognised in France There is no automatic recognition of UK qualifications but there are methods to show employers your skills IT IS well known that in France a lot of importance is given to qualifications, in fact it is the first thing that an employer will look at when recruiting. This month we look at how to get qualifications gained in the UK recognised in France. Due to the difference in educational programs, time spent studying and so on, there is no legal principle of equivalence for qualifications in France, which means you will not be able to get a like for like certificate. It is also worth noting that they consider the names of qualifications to be untranslatable meaning that the names of qualifications gained outside of France cannot be translated into French. What you can obtain however is a certificate of equivalence, this will give an evaluation of how your qualification compares to the French system for an employer to assess whether you are suitable or not. The official body that deals with this is ENIC-NARIC France. The cost of the certificate is €70 and to obtain it you need to provide the following documents: 1) Photocopy of an official identity document (passport) 2) An application form giving your personal details, a summary of your education and qualifications gained,

which qualification your are wanting the certificate for and your reason for applying for the certificate. This can be downloaded here 3) Photocopy of the original certificate 4) Photocopy of the translation of the qualification certificate which must be done by a sworn translator (traducteur assermenté). A list of sworn translators should be available at larger town halls, the prefecture and tribunal d'instance. 5) Photocopy of a document that shows proof of the official length of studies. This can be in the form of an information document about the diploma, certificates of attendance mark sheets etc.) 6) Photocopy of the translation of the above documents again done by a sworn translator There is no standard like for like accreditation and each application submitted is studied and researched on an individual basis using an analysis grid plus which involves various different components and often followed by a quality assurance control by an independent external evaluation. It might seem like a lot of trouble to go to but it's worth it. To find out more visit

How to find an English-speaking job near you

Screen one 1. Go onto the Pôle Emploi website 2. On the home page the screen is divided into red on the left for job seekers and green on the right for employers. 3. On the red section for job seekers click on the line Recherchez des Offres d'Emplois (Looking for Job Offers) as per the green arrow above left.

Screen two 5. Click on Recherche Avancée tab Screen three 6. Scroll down to the heading Formation et langues (qualifications and languages) and select anglais, to find jobs which require English then your commune or department under Lieu de travai

CLASSIFIEDS Do you have a car or unwanted item to sell? Would you like to rent out a property - or meet new friends? Reach people local to you for FREE with The Normandy Advertiser If you have an item to sell or give away, if you are looking to buy or sell a home or a car or are offering accommodation, we can help. The Advertiser, the English-language community newspaper for Normandy, offers great visibility with our small adverts appearing in print and also online at our website All readers offering items of a value of under €250 on a non-commercial basis can place an advert of up to 150 characters COMPLETELY FREE. Personal adverts, community items, job adverts and items involving animals and pets are also FREE for 150 characters. The maximum time for free adverts to run is 3 months. Adverts can be placed online at and should appear on the site within one working day and in the next edition of the Normandy Advertiser (the deadline is the fifth of the month for the next month’s print edition). If you are selling an item whose value is over €250 or are placing a commercial classified, you have three options for paid advertising. 1: Lineage. Up to 150 characters = €25 TTC. Up to 300 characters = €50 2: Bold lineage. Up to 150 characters in bold = €30 TTC. Up to 300 characters = €60 3: A special feature box: this is an ideal way to sell a property or a car. This comprises up to 150 (or 300) characters in a box with a colour photograph = €50TTC (or €75TTC for 300 characters).* See examples on the facing page. Rates are for one print edition and 45 days online. To place a paid-for advert of more than 150 characters please email the text to and call us to make payment. *Item is not boxed but runs with a photograph on our website



To place a classified advert go to our website or email the text to and call us to make payment.

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SALES ASSISTANT Jeweller's shop. Job Offer no 638054i. MORTAGNEAU-PERCHE. CDI: Sales role in small team including, with A level standard education plus min 3 years experience. Good level of English required. Salary from 1,560 euros. BI-LINGUAL RECEPTIONIST. Job Offer no 858608J, LISIEUX. Temporary 3 month contract. Receptionist for telephone and face to face contact, with A level or equivalent secretarial qualifications, knowledge of SAP, Word and Excel. Good level of English required.Pay, 8.86 euros per hour. CHEF DE RANG. Job Offer no 638090I, BARNEVILLE-CARTERET. 6 month seasonal contract. You will look after setting of tables, greeting customers, taking orders etc… in a restaurant according to the quality charter. Written and spoken English required. Min 1 years experience plus relevant qualifications CAP, BEP. Salary 1,845 euros according to ability. HOTEL RECEPTIONIST. Job Offer no 858520J, CALVADOS. CDD 6 months. Recrutiment Agency is looking for a receptionist, beginners welcome to greet guests and keep the booking schedule up to date. CAP, BEP qualifications or equivalent hotel/ catering qualifications preferred. Disabled candidates very welcome to apply. Good level of English. CALL CENTRE ADVISOR. Job Offer no 846422I, CHERBOURG-OCTEVILLE, CDI: You will field calls from English speakers for a company, answer their queries and pass the calls on where appropriate, register the data and undertake telesales campaigns. Min. 6 months experience, A level plus 2 years further qualification required plus fluent English. CARPENTER/ SHOP FITTER. Job Offer no 846006I, BRETTEVILLESUR-ODON, CDD 6 months: Carpenter with CAP qualification or experience of shopfitting and some basic electrics required to work on camping car and caravan repairs.

Fluent English preferred. Car licence EB with trailer HOTEL RECEPTIONIST. Job Offer no 637981I, Near Mont St Michel, 10 month seasonal job: Telephone and face to face reception work, managing bookings, post and following through group bookings, mailings etc… Working in a team with two consecutive days off a week. Min.6 months experience required. Very Good English required and basic Spanish preferable. Job to start in Feb 2011. ESTATE AGENT. Job Offer no 630452I, FLERS, CDI: Your role will be to find properties for sale, look for future buyers, value properties, and take purchasers on visits. Educated to A level plus two years further qualification, you will have a good standard of English. Salary basic plus commission PUBLISHING ASSISTANT.. Job Offer no 636236I, CONDE-SUR-NOIREAU, CDD 6 months: Working closely with the advertising and export departments, you will produce information and training documents, gather information, draw up documents, and undertake market surveys. Very good written abilities required plus working knowledge of MS Office and Power Point. You will be educated to A level plus two years further qualification, have a min of 2 years experience and have a sound command of English. INDUSTRIAL ANALYSIS Laboratory Technician. Job Offer no 845203 i, BAUPTE, CDI: You will work directly with the head of the Chemical Laboratory, to control products and factory mixes. Min 1 year experience required, A level or equivalent in Chemistry. Fluent English required. NIGHT AUDITOR. Job Offer no 637884I, DEAUVILLE, CDI: Min 1 year experience required in a similar role. A level or equivalent in hotel studies. Good level of English required. The job in 3 star hotel involves checking guests in and out, taking bookings, using opera and tsar software a plus. You would serve at the bar and put breakfast buffet in place. Salary 8.86 euros an hour according to experi-

ence. BIO STATICISIAN. Job Offer no 634760I, HEROUVILLE ST CLAIR, CDI: Ideally with one year's work experience in a similar role, a Clinical Data Manager for a pharmaceutical laboratory is urgently sought. Degree in Health, Medecine or Biology required. Excellent English required. Annual salary of 24.2 K EUROS BRUTS. LOGISTICS ASSISTANT. Job Offer no 636664I, CAEN, 6 month contract: Min 2 years experience of logistics plus A level and two years further education in international logistics required. You will have full command of import norms and incoterms. Plus knowledge of ERP. Your role will involve taking and issuing orders from suppliers and customers, stock control and dealings with hauliers. Excellent English and good German needed. Driving Licence B. Monthly salary 1 900 to 2 000 Euros MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN. Job Offer 845943P, CALVADOS, CDI: After a period of intensive training inhouse, you will be responsible for the maintenance of wind turbine parks. You will undertake maintenance and repairs on the wind turbines. You must be physically fit and have a head for heights. Some weekend and bank holiday work required. Qualifications: A level plus diploma in electrics. Good English. No former experience necessary.Starting salary 1870 euros. HEAD WAITER. Offer number: 637781i. You will work as an extra worker to start with and then in CDI from February 2011. You will be in charge of organising the dining room and the meals in traditional catering, meals for seminaries and events. First experience required. Accommodation is not provided. Location: Branville, 3 months Contract. Experience of 5 years as head waiter or room manager required. Must have good English. Indicative salary per month 2000 Euros CATERING WAITER. Offer number: 636574i. You handle the service (table laying), welcome clients and


FREE for private sales of items under €250. Place your advert via Adverts will appear online within one working day and those placed before the 10th of the month will appear in the next month’s paper. PROPERTY FOR SALE

MASSIVE STONE BUILT PROPERTY, fully restored with 4 bedrooms. Outbuildings and garden of ½ acre. Situated 15 mns drive to the sea side and 5 mns to the town. PERIERS AREA, 25 miles from Cherbourg. Agency's fees and notaire's fees inclusive : 190 394€ L'Immobilier du Coin REF: 75r1075 tel : email:

CLOSE TO TTORIGNI SUR VIRE, Lovely stone house situated on 4400 m² of land, 240m² habitable, comprising the main house with a large lounge and dining area, fitted kitchen, a back kitchen, large bathroom and 3 bedrooms parquet floor + a gite comprising : Large lounge/Kitchen, 1 bedroom and a shower room with wc with access to disable people downstairs and 2 bedrooms upstairs. Gas central heating, double glazed windows. Large outbuilding to convert.. REF: 130 PRICE 233 200€ TEL 00.33 (morning) or B'CIMMO

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS SNOOKER TABLE. Full sized, mahogany with leather pockets slate bed. Professional overhead lights. Full list of accessories. Perfect condition. 800 euro. To be

take their orders. Location: Honfleur, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. Desired experience of 1 to 2 years. CAP, BEP or equivalent training in hotel or catering school desired Good English desired. IT HOT LINE TECHNICIAN. Offer number: 637505I. You will diagnose incidents: specific software use, office, network connexions, messaging; solve problems via remote assistance, handle the IT stock. Experience on Linux, Windows 2003 server, windows XP, Mysql, Sql server (2005 or +). Location: Mondeville, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. Must have one year experience in IT Hotline. Bac or equivalent training required. Fluent English required. HOTEL ACCOMMODATION MANAGER. Offer number: 860937Z. Tourism accommodation management company seeks an accommodation manager for its new residence. Residence and staff management. Providers / clients relations. Marketing. Location: Asnelles, Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. Experience of 2 to 4 years required. Bac+2 or equivalent training in hotel or catering school desired. Fluent English required. Fluent German required. Driving license (Permis B) - light vehicle required PROPERTY ADVISOR. Offer number: 625721i. You will prospect, estimate and show properties. You must have some sales and marketing experience. Location: Conde-sur-Noireau. Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. Must have one year experience in sales. Good English desired. Driving license (Permis B) - light vehicle required. HOTEL NIGHT WATCH. Offer number: 637182I. You ensure the late welcome and first departures of clients. You clean the hall reception, the bathroom, the breakfast room and the laundry room. You will iron and fold the laundry. You are in charge of security. Location: Touques. 6 months contract - Contrat à Durée Déterminée. Beginners accepted. CAP, BEP or equivalent training in hotel or catering school required. Good English desired. Driving license

Accueil des Villes Françaises For newly arrived residents

BEAUTIFUL FARMHOUSE! 15MN SOUTH SAINT-LO This lovely stone farmhouse on about 8000m ² of land , orchard, pond and outbuildings, Main house including: Entrance/utility room, living/dining room with fireplace, a large fitted kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, 2 bedrooms. The attic is converted into an office, a small loft, two bedrooms. Outbuilding which could be converted into a gite . Garage and storage .Very comfortable and cozy. REF: 330 PRICE 199 220€ TEL 00.33 (morning) or B'CIMMO collected Dept 61. Phone 00 353 128 51838. ELLIPTICAL EXERCISER €45 VGC Aerobic excerciser 25 or 60 for both machines. Tel. 02 33 66 77 99 PERIOD THREE PIECE SUITE for sale good quality. €125 tel 02 33 66 77

Alliance Anglo-Normande French and English lessons, meetings and a social calendar. Based between Livarot and Vimoutiers. BUNGALOW DIVIDED INTO 2 fully furnished flats situated just 100 m. to the beautiful beaches. Ideal for holiday rental business or 2 families. DENNEVILLE PLAGE, OPPOSITE JERSEY. Agency's fees and notaire's fees inclusive : 190 325€ L'Immobilier du Coin REF: 112r1112 tel : email:

THREE BEDROOMED renovated detached property with oil-fired central heating South facing garden and large patio with lovely views over the surrounding countryside. The property has one acre of garden with large pond. Within ten minutes of lovely market town, and fifteen minutes drive from beautiful, unspoilt, west coast sandy beaches. Could include furnishings if required. LA HAYE DU PUITS AREA, 5 miles to the West coast of the Peninsula. agency's fees and notaire's fees inclusive : 185 847€ L'Immobilier du Coin REF: 53R1053 tel : email:

(Permis B) - light vehicle required. PROPERTY PROSPECTOR and negotiator. Offer number: 637723I. Prospection on the ground and on the phone seeking properties as well as potential clients. Master direct contact and preferably with individuals. Sales transaction. Role available quickly. Internal training prior to contract. Location: Flers. Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. Beginners accepted with a valid BTS NRC diploma. Correct English desired. EXPORT ASSISTANT. Offer number: 636544i. Your missions will be to put together international purchase / sale contracts. Until the arrival of merchandise at its destination; Billings, handling the batch. Export documents (packinglist, bill of ladings, certifications), follow the payments. Knowledge of the transport field / incoterm. Location: Rocquancourt. 6 months contract Contrat à Durée Déterminée. 6 months experience in similar post required. Bac+2 or equivalent training in international commerce required. Required qualification: BAC+2 international commerce. Fluent English required. INDUSTRIAL CONTRACT MANAGER. Offer number: 633489 i. Contract manager, you define, lead and take care of, together with the other parties involved, all actions allowing to ensure that local contracts are correctly carried out. Managing amendments. Location: Cherbourg-Octeville. Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. 5 years experience in similar post required. Bac+5 and above or equivalent training in Business Law desired. Very good English required. Driving license (Permis B) - light vehicle required SALES ADMINISTRATION ASSISTANT. Offer number: 636658I. You have basic knowledge of international sales techniques, you master export standards as well as incoterms, knowledge of customs and transports. Missions: following orders, preparing shipping, billing, chasing payments, socks. Location: Caen.6 months temporary contract.

2-5 years experience in the logistics required. Bac+2 or equivalent training in Sales management required. Fluent English required.Very good German required. Driving license (Permis B) - light vehicle required. Indicative monthly salary of €1900 to €2000. IT HOTLINE TECHNICIAN. Offer number: 080241J. First level hotline. Good knowledge of Vista, Seven. You can answer and do a simple diagnosis in English from a file with standard questions. Location: CherbourgOcteville. Contrat à Durée Indeterminée. Beginners accepted. Bac+2 or equivalent training in International commerce desired. Very good English required. Basic German desired. HOTEL NIGHT WATCH. Offer number: 637764i. Your missions: welcoming customers, cleaning the hall and the reception room, preparing breakfast buffets, cleaning and doing service at the bar, catering service. Your appearance must be suitable for the clientele. Location: CherbourgOcteville. 6 months contract - Contrat à Durée Déterminée. 6 months minimum experience required. Correct English required SHOP ASSISTANT MANAGER. Offer number: 632810I. You will be jointly responsible for a delicatessen shop and wine cave. You will take care primarily of wine and spirits products. You must have a very good knowledge of those products. Starting date is early 2011. Location: Port-enBessin-Huppain. Contrat à Durée Indéterminée. One-year wine and spirit sales experience required. Correct English required. Indicative salary €1500 net ADULT TRAINER. Offer number: 858004J. You will be in charge of training in English a group of four company salaried staff based in Coutances. You must be available on Friday mornings Location: Coutances. 3 months Contract - Contrat à Durée Déterminée. One to 3 years experience desired. Bac+3, Bac+4 or equivalent training in Languages desired. Fluent English required.

Useful Normandy contacts Alcoholics Anonymous Bilingual meeting every Friday in Picauville (50). Alan: 02 78 08 41 23

15 MN FROM ST LO, Lovely old house which has been nicely restored, comprising : On the ground floor : Entrance hall, Fitted kitchen, back kitchen, lounge with a fireplace and wood burner , lounge. On the first floor : bathroom, shower room with wc, 3 bedrooms. Attic on the top. This lovely property is situated on 3/4 of an acre planted with trees. A must see REF: 280 PRICE 196 100€ TEL 00.33 (morning) or B'CIMMO

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January 2011

Amicale Culturelle Européenne Cultural events for all nationalties Anglo-French Club, The Perche Ecole de Français Du Perche (61) Lessons, monthly events and walks. Maureen or Danielle: 02 33 25 25 63 Anglophone Association,Coutances A social and cultural association for English-speakers of any nationality. Liz Armstrong: 02 33 72 25 32 Association Euromayenne French language classes in Mayenne and Gorron for all levels. Contact John Robinson on 02 43 03 36 75 or email Association Française des Solos Caen: 06 08 37 06 11 Saint-Lô: Cherbourg: 06 45 50 57 69 Dieppe: 06 61 16 68 84 Rouen: 06 60 18 54 91 Association Franco-Britannique de Buais (50) French tuition, all levels welcome Juliet Sharp: 02 33 69 36 55 Association Franco-Britannique, Barneville Carteret (50) An informal group of French and British residents who meet for social events on the Cotentin peninsula Claude Bastian: 02 33 93 10 70

Bocage Gardeners For gardening enthusiasts, offering advice, meetings and outings. bocagegardeners British Embassy (Paris) 01 44 51 31 00 Calvados Polo Club Polo matches and events in Lisieux area (14). Open to non-members. Mme Garmond: 02 31 31 19 85 Cancer Support Basse Normandie Jenny Luck: 02 33 60 27 82 Classic Car and Bike Club of Désertines (53) Meets last Thursday of every month at the Red Lion Pub, Désertines Alan Soutter: 02 33 69 55 62 Christ Church Coutances Every Sunday at 11.00 in the chapel of the Lycee Germain, Rue d’Ilkley, All the services are in English and are Church of England based and all are welcome. Call 02 33 58 86 76 Club Franco-Anglais de Conversation de Gacé (61) Weekly conversation exchange between local French and English Lynn and Phil Slade: 02 33 34 53 20 Elizabeth Finn Care Grants and advice for Britons and Irish in financial need. Mary Hughes: 04 68 23 43 79 Epona Trust Charity helping sick and mistreated horses and ponies Ann: 02 33 61 88 41 The 50 Photo Club Meets on first Thursday of the month at Laforge Pub in Le Petit-Celland Jackie: 02 33 48 89 64 Gay Normandie

Groupe Ornithologique Normand Regular bird-watching outings 02 31 43 52 56 Mayenne and Orne Writers Relaxed, friendly creative writing group on first Thursday of month at the bistrot in Passais-la-Conception. Kitty Stephens: 02 33 64 12 20 Neufchâtel Twinning Association English, Spanish and French tuition for all levels. Various activities Orne Link Anglo-French network for the Orne Scarlet or Véronique: 02 33 81 62 97 Royal British Legion Normandy/Calvados district branch Goona Naidu: 02 31 78 36 40 Ron Matthews: Royal Naval Association France Nord branch Open to all ex-service members and anyone with an interest in the navy Geoffrey Baldock: 02 97 51 54 77 Société Protectrice des Animaux Cherbourg: 02 33 20 49 74 Cabourg: 02 31 28 09 71 Etalondes: 02 35 86 88 51 SOS Helpline Trained listeners provide confidential, anonymous counselling service in English to English-speakers living in France. 01 46 21 46 46 from 15.00 to 23.00 daily. UK passport advice 0044 208 082 4729 (cost of call plus 69p/minute on your credit card) “Ville-Beau-Son” Choir Anglo-French choir in Villebaudon (50). Meets every Wednesday. Sylvia Miles: 02 33 59 21 81 Get the latest news and events alerts by following us on Twitter


PETS/ANIMALS 6 SWEET KITTENS, free to good home. 02 31 09 05 62 or 02 31 68 65 18. Email

To get your group listed here, email

One year old: thanks for your support LAST January saw the launch of the Normandy Advertiser and we are delighted to see so many people around the region reading and enjoying it, one year on. French and British businesses have rallied behind The Advertiser and we have also attracted hundreds of subscribers who like to receive the paper at home. The success of the paper has been reflected in its growth from 16 to 24 pages and the launch of, which attracts more than 2,000 visitors every month. To ensure you do not miss an edition, subscribe today by calling 0800 91 77 56 (free call from French landline). Delivery to a home in France is just â‚Ź12 for a year. Thank you to all our readers and advertisers for supporting us in our first year. The Advertiser team

The Advertiser, Normandy

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January 2011

NORMANDY DIRECTORY English-speaking firms near you For your security, we check that the French businesses in this section are officially registered with the authorities

Find registered tradespeople quickly and easily „ By advertising in our directory you get the chance to run advertorials (the news stories you see on these pages.) 1/3 page, maximum 500 words plus photo, €200HT 2/3 page, maximum 1,000

47mm x 75mm

(31-45 words) B&W Colour

€396HT €555HT

NORMANDY KENNELS Small, caring and qualified English run kennels and cattery Contact Jon or Sue Tel 02 31 67 93 48 Near Vire Dept 14 Siret 48914001200019

Chenil Les Mille Calins English Run

5 Star accommodation for Dogs/Cats Comprising of underfloor heated kennels Qualified staff Top Quality food and exercise Only 45 minutes south of Caen Convenient Ferry Access SAFETY COMFORT AND CARE FOR YOUR PET, PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU Telephone 02 33 37 49 19 Emergency 02 33 38 41 32 Fax 02 33 38 44 16

Le Chenil du Caravelle boarding kennels & cattery kennels have inside & outside runs 500+M2 secure exercise park all units heated licensed & qualified in 16-acre grounds. 15-mins from A84 (the route to Cherbourg/Caen ferries) we collect approved for pet transport and relocation Tel: 02 33 46 11 59 Fax: 02 33 17 21 54 Mob: 06 45 28 85 88 E: Mme Annette Quayle Siret: 501 728 125

call 0800 91 77 56




€285HT €399HT


47mm x 50mm





Light Purple

(16-30 words)


Dark Purple


HOW TO BOOK AN ADVERT Choose the size of your advert from the examples on the left. You can have a black and white advert; or you can choose a colour from the list below. Finally, you can now chose to have rounded corners to the box to help make you advert stand out (See right). Then, when you have made your choice,

Light Green

} } }

€165HT €231HT

„ Want to advertise in our national paper Connexion or sister paper the Dordogne? Get 50% off your second directory advert.

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„ We will keep you up to date with features and special events in your area of France in all our publications that could help to boost your business.

„ Your advert is included in our online directory FREE.

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(1-15 words)

words plus photo, €400HT

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Directory adverts are available in 3 sizes and in colour or black and white.

Choose from these colours:

Advertise here ALL YEAR from 165HT Call free on just €1 0800 91 77 56 or email










Acorn Kennels & Cattery Qualified and professional care of your pet while you are away Tel: 02 33 49 63 22 Siret: 479 825 168 00012

Cats Whiskers Cattery

caters solely for cats - large heated pens all with individual outside areas Tel: 02 33 49 11 57 email: Siret 51060809400015


Experienced couriers specialising in pet travel between France / UK / Spain or within France. Pet passport advice. Tel: 0044 (0) 1483200123 Email: Web:

Chenil du Val Kennels Small, friendly, professional kennel Special care/attention for your pets. Quarantine alternative

Contact Angie: Tel 02 33 17 17 61 Between Periers/Coutances/St Lo

Email: Siret 50993743900016


Siret: 397549551

Barn & attic conversion specialists. We undertake all aspects of renovation & improvement projects. We legally employ English speaking staff & do not sub-contract. Full 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

TEL: 02 31 67 76 90

World Wide Pet Transporter / Relocator Ministry approved No. 61195004 – 61195001 Offices CDG Airport Paris Offices and Kennels Normandy Tel: 01 48 62 87 25 CDG Paris Tel: 02 33 38 41 32 Normandy

DEVILLE PROPERTY SERVICES Areas: 14 , 50 , 61 Siret: 5026366000018

David Pickering Complete Building Services Specializing in Installation of Fosse Toutes Eaux - Mini Digger/Dumper Hire Email: Tel: 02 33 17 24 82 Mobile: 06 20 14 73 69 Siret: 481 189 991

NEWHOUSE Chambre de Métiers registered Stonemason, Structural Timber Roofing and Renovation Specialist - 100% Reliable Tel: Terry 06 78 79 67 72 / 09 63 58 72 79 Email: Siret : 509430009600016

20 Directory

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011


Low-cost printing comes to Normandy Now there is an alternative to online companies with a local English-speaking supplier

Jonathan Boughey has years of experience

Mesnil Renovation Areas 14/50/61

Full / Part Renovations, carpentry, masonry, plastering, tiling, kitchens, replacement windows and doors.

ARE YOU a small business in Normandy? Have you sat up until the early hours trying to design your own business card, with the added complication of uploading the design correctly? Have you had 5,000 leaflets produced by a French printer only to find they have not produced what you thought you had asked for, and they seemed expensive? Well there is an alternative. Aardvark Print and Design is a Normandy-based short-run print and production company, specifically geared to working with small businesses and private individuals. Started in January 2010 in response to an obvious demand for an English-speaking print and design company, it already has an impressive portfolio of clients and has produced many items including leaflets, business cards, product labels, posters, personalised gîte postcards and


Crafts at Les Landes 02 33 91 88 16 tel: 00 33 (0)2 33 960904

Business Cards - Leaflets - Flyers - Postcards Banners - Vehicle Graphics - Colour Labels

( Many can be Viewed ) Backed up by 10 year Insurance 14 years working in France

Tel: 02 31 67 62 51 Mob: 06 19 91 29 48

Email: Siret: 48877612100011

Francois Labadie Agence immobilière

Spinning and other crafts. Half, Full day tuition or residential courses

Currently looking for more houses to market on our portfolio

SIRET No 489 459 438 00011

Ali Lamerton-Hunt 06 59 18 68 57 Email: Website:

House, Car and Health Insurance plus savings account

Small groups, 1 to 1 online, intensive courses, translation Tél: 02 33 65 39 73 Mob: 06 15 76 37 34


Cours à Cucugnan

Siret 48036552700013

Yes, you can LEARN FRENCH ! At your own speed, in private lessons with professional teacher (British). Study-holidays in stunning scenery: tuition plus self-catering accommodation.

Full 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee Tel: 02 33 64 89 28 / 06 06 43 52 28 Email: Regions Covered 61, 14, 50

JS Menuiserie John Shipton - 02 33 55 15 90

Carpenter/Joiner All kinds of handmade furniture and carpentry work. From door fittings to kitchens.


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provide a huge array of marketing and publicity materials, either from artwork supplied or designed from scratch to give your business a unique identity. Being a small business doesn’t mean looking amateurish or producing cheap and cheerful marketing materials and Aardvark owner Jonathan Boughey, a business consultant and marketing professional with many years in the UK print industry, brings his skills and expertise to every


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January 2011


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22 Property

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Normandy notaires turn to D I Y t i p s web for property sales boost Photo: Sean Gladwell -

Cheap space and storage solutions Photo: Gina Smith -

NOTAIRES in Basse-Normandie have begun selling properties online, as the region becomes the latest in France to join a new digital initiative. The Vente Notariale Interactive aims to boost sales by making it easier for buyers and sellers to negotiate prices in real time. It is well suited to homes that are likely to attract strong interest. The scheme offers improved transparency, as all the property’s diagnostic reports and cadastral plans are published with the advert. After viewings, a period of a few days is set by the notaire when anyone interested in bidding can contact the seller and exchange offers. Notaires in Basse-Normandie organised a special week-long campaign in midNovember to explain the concept to potential buyers and sellers, and they say the concept is proving popular. Pascal Gueugnon, the Basse-Normandie regional delegate at the Institut Notarial de l’Immobilier, said: “Online sales allow the seller to receive offers in real-time on a secure platform and make negotiate a price based on the level of demand. “It offers better transparency. Potential buyers can see what other people are offering and adjust their offers accordingly. The transaction is concluded afterwards, in the ordinary way, with the signature of a compromis de vente. “The buyer benefits from the same legal protection as a traditional sale, including a seven-day cooling-off period (délai de rétraction) from the date of signing.” „


Latest notaire figures: what’s selling where Town La Ferté-Macé Flers L’Aigle Argentan Alençon Carentan Falaise Tourlaville Lisieux Mondeville Valognes Cherbourg Hérouville-Saint-Clair Bayeux Caen

Average price €85,780 €97,438 €102,500 €107,009 €125,164 €127,031 €127,331 €151,475 €152,019 €152,493 €156,419 €164,207 €191,185 €199,742 €230,168

Annual change -2.10% -14.40% -9.90% -0.50% 6.00% 18.40% -3.50% 0.20% -2.60% -18% 1.90% 1.80% -20.30% 1.20% -1.30%

Average area 100m2 94m2 87m2 96m2 98m2 100m2 105m2 93m2 104m2 87m2 106m2 104m2 102m2 120m2 101m2

New home sales bouncing back SALES of new-build houses in France have climbed by 11.2 per cent in a year. The figures from the housing ministry show 30,000 new homes were sold in France in the first three quarters of 2010. Average prices per square metre for new homes is up seven per cent year on year at €3,615. The number of building permits given to newbuild projects is also up 10.1 per cent over the same period.

Tougher sanctions for slum landlords THE GOVERNMENT has given its support to a draft law that would impose tougher sanctions on landlords who rent out dangerous and unhygienic properties. The law, drawn up by MP Sébastien Huyghe with the support of housing minister Benoist Apparu, reinforces the measures available to local authorities to take action against slumlords (marchands de sommeil) who allow people to live in squalid conditions.

Copropriété fees under control? THE AVERAGE cost of living in a shared building has risen slightly after several years of significant fee increases, a new report has found. Copropriété fees, which landlords pay as a contribution to the upkeep of communal areas in a building, are up 0.9 per cent year on year, according to the latest figures from property management body Unis, averaging €22.30 per square metre per year. Communal heating bills, however, are up six per cent.

Clever storage can make a small kitchen feel bigger HOWEVER big a house you live in, it is always a good idea to optimise the space available. In smaller houses, extra rooms can be created by converting the loft space to make an office, bedroom or children’s playroom. With the relatively easy-to-use material available in DIY stores, larger rooms can be partitioned off to make room for en-suite bathrooms or built-in wardrobes. The space underneath the stairs is often not used to its full advantage. Building shelves there with some soft lighting is a great way to show off collections or store books, but, if the space is big enough, why not build a cosy office area or retreat by simply putting in a built-in storage bench with soft cushions on top, a perfect place for having a cup of tea and a read? Shelves in any part of the house can be the answer to many storage problems. In old houses, there is a lot of lost space because of the high ceilings. Put this to good use by running shelves around the top of the room and over doors: these are great spaces for books or ornaments. The space under the staircase steps themselves is more often than not wasted: turn open wooden staircases into a talking-point by putting books under each step, or make drawers in hollow wooden steps and immediately gain loads of extra space. In the living area, storage space can be added by using old chests as coffee tables. If you can get your hands on a solid old wine or champagne box, simply add a couple of hinges to the lid, four feet, pad and upholster the top, making for a original and useful foot stool. In the kitchen, suspended pan racks are a great way of freeing up worktops and cupboards; make an effective but cheap one by getting hold of a small old door, cut out the middle, paint, fit heavy-gauge wire mesh to the middle space and suspend from the ceiling with metal chains. Again, recycle wooden wine boxes by lining them with fabric or wallpaper, wax, varnish or paint the outsides, on the back fit sturdy picture frame hooks and you have cheap but chic hanging shelves. If you have not the time or inclination to make things yourself, DIY shops stock extensive modular kits for you to organise different spaces with only minimum knowledge and tools. Modular units exist in various shapes and sizes that can be mixed and matched and adapted to any room. Organise cupboard space with the many standalone units that exist for hanging clothes and drawers and finish off with sliding doors rather than hinged ones so that they can fit in even the tightest of corners.

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The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Gardening Facts

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Mayenne53 Plantes et Bulbes

Property 23

Houses for sale in and around Normandy Buying or selling a property in or around Normandy? We can help. Our website carries details of more than 14,000 homes for sale across France. We also feature properties for sale in this dedicated section of The Advertiser every month. Use the code under each property to find out more on the website. For sellers, the adverts are also displayed

across a range of popular English-speaking websites which ensures they are seen by thousands of potential buyers EVERY day. Prices start at €119TTC for a year’s online advertising. Online advertisers can also place adverts in The Advertiser for an extra €60TTC for one month, €150TTC for three and €275TTC for six. Contact us on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email

Photo: Urban

More details on all these properties - and how to contact the seller directly can be found in the property for sale section of Simply enter the code under each home to find out more

You can plant fruit trees on milder January days

Choose new fruit trees THE coldest month is often a quiet one in the garden, but there are plenty of ways to keep busy. Planting fruit trees can be done (avoiding days when there is heavy frost) and you can prune your existing apple and pear trees and others bearing seeded fruit, especially ones trained espalier-style up a flat surface such as a wall or fence (again, avoiding very frosty days). This is also a good time to fertilise your trees, with manure or compost and scatter ash, which gives nutrients to the roots. Brush trunks with a stiff brush to get rid of parasites and treat them with paraffin oil. Get rid of lichen, which is often infested with insects. January is also the ideal time for planting pansies, primulas (garden centres should be well stocked) and hardy perennials. If choosing a new fruit tree, make sure the variety is well suited to your soil and climate. This applies to the rootstock as well as to the actual fruiting species grafted on to it. Make sure you know what size it will end up as and whether or not it is self-fertilising. Many fruit trees need to receive pollen from a tree of another variety to be fertilised. Fruit trees come either in containers or with bare roots. Choose scions (a branch grafted on less than a year ago) or ones aged two or three years old (when there should be around four or five well formed branches). Choose a sunny, sheltered position and dig the hole two or three weeks beforehand. It should be as deep as it is wide and a third wider than the roots. Separate the topsoil (which should be put at the bottom of the hole). Cut the ends off the largest roots and soak the roots before planting with a bought solution called pralin or just water mixed with mud and compost. You can train it espalier-style up a south-facing wall. Otherwise, young trees need a support stake, pushed into the hole before planting. The place where the tree was grafted on to the rootstock should be at ground level. Plant the tree and fill the hole with soil mixed with manure. Shake the roots as you fill to avoid pockets of air. Attach the tree lightly to its stake and water well . „ This is also a good time to clean your gardening tools. Get rid of soil and use a metallic brush to remove rust. Rub them with a damp cloth, then oil with linseed oil or changed oil from your lawnmower. You should give wood handles a rub with a fine sandpaper and then treat them with linseed oil.

Mayenne 53 Garden Supplies

Mail-order BULBS throughout France Tel 02 43 13 06 56



Orne, Flers Pretty house is located in a popular part of South Normandy. It is a traditional stone built property, situated on a good sized plot of some 3900m2. There is currently no water or electricity available. REF: XJK00028

Saint-Lô Lying near a small village, this terraced 2 bedroom house would make an ideal holiday bolt-hole. To the rear there's an attached outbuilding and small garden. REF: 13099 MH



St Martin de Bonfosse This charming property is located very close to the sea and is set in 1000sqm of land. It comprises a fitted kitchen, a 32sqm living room and 2 bedrooms.

Saint-Lô House to be renewed including: lounge, room to be renewed. 1st floor: 2 bedrooms. Adjacent dependences. 5 800m2 of land.

REF: 33359

REF: 13007sdd



Orne, Bagnoles de l'Orne This lovely renovated hamlet house is set in 500m2 of garden. The property offers a kitchen diner, a living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Saint-Lô 2 bedroom house with an attic that could convert and dependences on ground of 1015m . Construction stone and mass. Cover slates.

REF: 32367

REF: 12551sjp



Manche, Chavoy Detached stone and slate property(97m2), situated in a hamlet in a peaceful setting, not tto far from a town with shops, with a garden area of 1 500m2. REF: CHAVOYMA266A

Domfront Colombage country house built 1840 recently renovated to high standard. Garden 858m with lovely countryside views. Veranda and heated swimming pool. REF: DOM1190



Pontorson, St James Lovely 4 Bedroomed Stone House in quiet hamlet yet close to the Normandy and Brittany Coasts and the Mont St Michel with easy access to coastal ports and Dinard airport. REF: 13009POJD

Manche, TORIGNY SUR VIRE This 3 bedroom stone house is set in 0.7 acres of landscaped gardens and comes with 2 stone barns and a garage. Full of authentic charm and character. REF: 22290



Manche, Orval Large renovated house, with lake and barns. This lovely property offers lots of potential. The house is 99.9% finished with just a few small jobs to keep the DIYers happy. REF: FP-17392KD50

Manche, Villedieu-Les-Poeles 5 bedroom house set in 1.38 acres of land. Garden shed -old bake house - adjoining garages.



Villedieu-les-Poêles 4 bedroom stone house with attic, attached barn/garage and a small stone outbuilding. To the rear, 5 stables and wood store. Sits in over 10 acres of flat land with a small wood and a stream. REF: 13136 MH

Bayeux A classical French ‘Corps de Ferme’ with stone farmhouse and outbuildings under slate roofs, thought to date back to 17th Century. Truly rural, but not remote. Set in 28.300m2. REF: DOM1189

REF: MKL00549

The adverts above cost from just €179TTC for a whole year of web advertising and one edition of advertising in The Advertiser. 10,000 copies of The Advertiser are distributed at key points across departments 50, 14, 61, 27 and 76 as well as onboard ferries between the UK and France and at Dinard airport. Let our distribution get you a sale. Contact our sales team on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email

24 News Caen student fair on hand to help

Mortain develops ultra-fast internet A FACTORY in Mortain has been chosen to become one of the national pioneers in a government-backed scheme to develop ultra-fast fibre optic broadband internet. Prime minister François Fillon visited the Acome plant, which will work with the state as part of a €2.5bn plan to develop the digital economy. The government has set a target of introducing très haut débit in 70 per cent of French homes by 2020.

Cherbourg says yes to DIY store CHERBOURG council has given permission for a vast Leroy Merlin DIY store to be built in the Claude Chappe retail park. The €11m project includes 7,500m2 of shop space, a 2,500m2 warehouse and a large parking area.

The Advertiser, Normandy

January 2011

Insurers pay out as Cherbourg hit by worst floods in 60 years THE GOVERNMENT has passed an emergency decree recognising parts of Cherbourg as a natural disaster zone, after homes were hit by severe flooding. More than 100 households were inundated by up to 1.2m of thick, muddy water around the Avenue de Paris and the Vallée de Quincampoix when the River Divette burst its banks. The nearby commune of La Glacerie was also affected. The sudden flooding was the result of heavy rain coupled with melting snow, which caused river levels to rise beyond control. Cherbourg mairie officials said the flooding was the worst seen in the city since 1949, after which the authorities embarked on a major exercise to reinforce flood defences. In a brief visit to the scene, prime minister François Fillon told victims that a decree classifying the area as a zone de catastrophe naturelle would be rushed through. This means that insurance companies are required to process any claims – many household insurance policies do not normally include flood damage. Claims should be made by telephone, post or in person as soon as possible. Pumping, cleaning and disinfecting are all covered, but you will need to keep receipts and provide photographs and contents lists. For more information on how to claim, see


STUDENTS in BasseNormandie can pick up advice on how to further their studies and learn new skills at a fair in Caen this month. The Salon de l'Etudiant et des Métiers, at Caen Expo on January 21-22, will feature representatives from local colleges, universities and other training providers. There will also be a series of conferences and seminars. See

More than 100 homes were evacuated and the main railway line into Cherbourg cut off by the flood waters

ONLINE: Watch videos of the Cherbourg flood damage

Normandy Advertiser - January 2011  
Normandy Advertiser - January 2011  

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