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Lexine cooks up a storm

Ne pas jeter sur la voie publique

TRAINEE chef Lexine Hepworth has won the top award at the Sarlat Truffle Festival cooking competition – after just three years in France. Working with her tutor, Fabrice Cambonie, from the Lycée Hôtelier in Souillac, the 19-year-old from Souillac, who hails from Chester, won over the jury of 12 Michelin-starred chefs with her pot-au-feu of foie gras and rare vegetables with jellied truffles. “I was a bit nervous when I saw the audience” Lexine said, “but I just wanted to let all these famous chefs see what I could do”. Lexine, whose parents own a restaurant in Souillac, last year won the Meilleurs Apprentis de France award. She also works in the Michelin-starred Pont de l’Ouysse restaurant with Daniel Chambon. Her prize includes stages at Maison Lenôtre restaurant in Paris and Rougié Foie Gras in Sarlat.

Passenger fury after a year of railway delays by OLIVER ROWLAND RAIL passengers on the Périgueux-Limoges line are becoming increasingly incensed after nearly a year of disruptions and delays. The line is used by people working in Limoges and, according to passengers’ association Périgord Rail Plus, “problems have been piling up one on another, seriously worsening the service, causing multiple inconveniences”. Passengers also complain they are not consulted and never hear about important changes affecting them until the last minute. Association president JeanFrançois Martinet has written an open letter to the president of Limousin Regional Council, which manages the line, after, he says, having spent several months asking in vain for a meeting. He said the problems started last spring with two weeks of strikes, followed quickly in May when, with little warning, the line was closed for eight weeks of line renovation work. This meant buses being substituted for trains and journey times rising to two hours rather than 40 minutes, causing problems with employers and childcare. There were were further strikes in the autumn. Mr Martinet said: “The renova-

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Commuters are losing patience with the TER service at Périgueux tion work was meant to improve the service, but since then there have been more and more delays.” He said the local TER trains were regularly affected by delays, but the Corail Intercity Lyon to Bordeaux trains, used by many people to go home, were also hit. Mr Martinet noted that the Corail often arrived in Périgueux 25 minutes late, although rarely as much as half an hour, which is when compensation would have to be paid. Connections to destinations such as Paris or Bordeaux were also disrupted by the delays. He said two recently created

stops just before Limoges had made the trains arrive even later, so even on “good” days passengers tended to miss their usual buses. There are plans to modernise the line – including electrifying it to allow TGVs – and Mr Martinet said: “That will be very interesting, but it is 10 years away and we need improvements now.” He is asking for regular travellers and commuters to receive compensation for the line works and strikes, and for the rail management to consult users before Î Turn to Page 2

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Better transport is aim of new business chief by KEN SEATON THE NEW president of the Dordogne Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie, Christophe Fauvel, says that improving the department’s transport links is one of his priorities for the next five years, along with pushing economic development. Stepping up to the top job after three terms as vicepresident, Mr Fauvel, 52, said that the CCI had a vital role to play in pushing economic development, but feared it also had a lot of work to do to persuade businesses themselves of the chamber’s value. He pointed to the remarkably low turn-out to vote in the CCI elections – just above 14 per cent of the members voted, compared to 24 per cent at the last election – and said they had to get closer to businesses to find out their needs. A strong supporter of improved transport infrastructure, Mr Fauvel said that one of his main concerns was Bergerac Airport, which the CCI manages, and its services to Périgueux and Paris.

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The Advertiser, Dordogne February 2011

Transport links are vital to help attract businesses to the Dordogne and let others grow He says the service is vital for businesses across the Dordogne and he wants to work harder on getting more low-cost flights. He has also pointed to Spain as one of the main areas for expansion, with a possible link to Barcelona bringing in muchneeded tourist revenue. Looking further north, he is solidly backing calls for the Limoges-Poitiers TGV link to improve access from

Périgueux, putting the department’s capital just three hours from Paris. On the roads, and being heavily involved in freight transport through his company Fauvel Formation, which trains HGV drivers and has 120 staff over the southwest, he is supporting the Euro 21 lobby to push for an autoroute between Limoges and Tarbes along the line of the present RN21.

That would open access to Périgueux, Bergerac, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Agen and Auch from four points of the compass, and especially to the north and south. This is seen as vital for the success of his move to promote the department’s business zones and bring in new investment and new economic activity to the area, which is one of the main roles of the CCI.

Commuters hit out as rail link hit by delays Î From

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making important changes to the service. One regular passenger, Anicet Garcia, said: “Over the past four days, we had three days of delays: 10 minutes, five minutes and 27 minutes; we have a lot in the evening, too, whether it’s the inter-city or the TERs. “Sometimes, like last Thursday, the 17.35 doesn’t leave at all.” During the recent strikes, he added, there was only a bus in the morning and one at night. “Some people had to take their cars, others had to pay for extra childcare because of arriving home later,” he said. Limousin council says that it counted 21 delays in the summer and 30 in the autumn, but said that there were only

Passenger stabbed on TER train PUBLIC transport problems go deeper than delays as it was revealed that a passenger was knifed on the BordeauxPérigueux train at Montpon station and police have started to patrol the Péribus local bus service. A drunk man attacked a TER passenger who had asked him to stop lighting up a cigarette. The man sprayed the passenger with tear gas and stabbed him in the face. Gendarmes are hunting the man, who is thought to have been a patient from the psychiatric hospital at Montpon. He was put off the train by the guard and took a taxi towards Périgueux, stopping in Saint-Front-de-Pradoux. „Police are patrolling Péribus services after complaints of intimidating behaviour and vandalism. A spokesman said: “The problems are not extremely serious, although we are a country town, not one of the Paris banlieues.” two of more than half an hour. It plans timetable changes at the end of the year, which it says will make departure times more logical and improve connections.

However Mr Garcia said there was no guarantee this would stop delays and they wanted consultation on the changes. “We feel abandoned,” he said. “A lot of people are very unhappy about this.”

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The Advertiser, Dordogne


February 2011

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News in brief I’m no hero, says baby’s rescuer A MAN has denied he is a hero after jumping into the River Isle to save a young boy. Jean-Marie Hemeret said he was walking in Rue de Prés in Périgueux when he heard a child had fallen in the river. He jumped in, fully dressed. “He was floating on his front, so I thought I was too late. And then he coughed up water.” The boy’s nappy had filled with air and acted as a float. His parents may face charges.

Hunger campaign expat dies at 85 FRIENDS and family have paid tribute to engineer and hunger campaigner Glyn Davys, a resident of SaintPantaly-d’Ans, who has died at the age of 85. Mr Davys, who retired to the Dordogne in 1996, set up the Find Your Feet foundation, which helped combat malnutrition by giving advice on how to create nutritious foodstuffs from leaf protein.

Dordogne is French No1 for organic farming Sean Feely at organic vineyard Chateau Haut Garrigue

Man stays in jail over golf death

Dordogne hits population high THE population of the Dordogne has risen to 421,941, according to new census figures from the statistics body Insee. However, the number of residents in Périgueux is falling; it is now just 30,458, from 32,848 in 1990. Bergerac’s population is steady at 28,760.

Léa, Lola, Enzo and Nathan FAVOURITE baby names in Dordogne are Léa and Lola for girls and Enzo and Nathan for boys. The most popular names given in Périgueux in 2010 were Léa, Lola, Emma, Louise and Sarah for girls, with Enzo, Lucas, Nathan, Louis and Hugo. Bergerac has Lola, Clara, Emma, Léa and Manon; boys were Nathan, Noah (or Noa), Enzo, Ethan and Raphaël.

Growers convert to ‘bio’ but activists warn walnut farmers may be skewing figures by JANE HANKS MORE farmers are going organic in the Dordogne than anywhere else in France, and the Conseil Général has started a hugely ambitious plan to help continue the trend. It will create five training centres, make money available for new equipment and give special assistance for market gardeners where there is greater demand than the department can supply. Money will also be put into associations and schemes that aim to get food direct from the farmer (traditional and organic) to the local consumer. Conseil général vice-president JeanPierre Saint-Amand said: “We have developed this project, which is the most far-reaching of any in the country, because there is an increasing demand from both the farmer and the consumer for this type of agriculture. “We think it can only reinforce the Périgord’s reputation for good food. “We have set aside up to €300,000 for 2011, but are determined to invest in organic and local farming so we haven’t put a limit on funds: if more is needed, we plan to come up with it.” However, the association that helps the department’s organic farmers, Agrobio, says the figures are not as optimistic as they appear because half of the 182 conversions are walnut farmers, the majority of whom are doing so to gain the €900 a hectare a year payment given for the three years it takes the farms to become organic. Agrobio president Gérard Joulain said the number of walnut farmers converting could destabilise the market and do more harm than good.

Photo: Syndicat professionnel de la noix et du cerneau de Noix du Périgord

A JUDGE in Périgueux has ruled British labourer Neil Ludlam should stay in jail as inquiries continue into the death of expat Peter Fuller. Mr Fuller’s body was found on his Golf de Mirandes property near Issigeac in June 2009. Ludlam, 30, has been in custody since being arrested disembarking at Luton airport from a Bordeaux flight. He is due to appear in court for full trial towards the end of spring.

Nut farmers are going organic but Agrobio fears the reasons are financial “Many are acting for reasons of opportunism and have no intention of converting the rest of their land to an organic system, where they produce other crops or raise animals. “The payment for walnuts is too high [higher than other forms of farming] and would be better aimed at market gardeners where there is real demand.” Chamber of agriculture organic farming spokesman Jacques Tournade said there was still reason to be optimistic, as many farmers had traditional views on farming and would not have changed without the financial incentive. “Many in the north east-of the department towards Terrasson and Hautefort have a traditional view of farming and would never have contemplated moving towards bio if it weren’t for the incentive. “Many have cattle as well as walnuts and it is possible that having been

introduced to this system, they might change the rest of the farm later.” He added: “€900 may seem a lot, but they are unlikely to come out of it with much to spare after buying machinery to get rid of the weeds instead of using herbicides and had to fork out greater payments for organic treatments against the mouche du brou, a new fly that is threatening walnut groves.” One figure that cheered both Agrobio and the chamber of agriculture was that 10 per cent of vineyards are now “bio” and they welcomed the conseil général’s move to provide support. One farmer who is making the change is Graham Otway, who has five hectares of walnuts near Castelnaud. He said: “I think the rural way of life here is absolutely fantastic. I love the hunting and the fact neighbours will drop off a bag of runner beans or, like

this morning, a rabbit that someone had shot. So I decided to stop using chemicals to help preserve the local environment.” He said the €900 sounded like a lot of money, but it was needed for the different methods required to go organic. “I have had help from a French farmer who is converting his walnuts and he has had to buy two expensive pieces of machinery: one to cut the grass and control the weeds with a sophisticated system to cut as close to the trees as possible, and one to aerate the ground to make up for the lack of artificial fertilisers. “We do hope that, in the end, our walnuts will be worth more. But I also think it is important to farm this way. “I would like to go further by getting some sheep so they will naturally produce manure for the trees when they graze in my walnut grove.” British couple Jacinta and Ray Standen rear certified organic beef cattle and Jacinta said it wasn’t always an easy option: “We did it because we felt strongly about it. The landscape is beautiful and we didn’t want to put unhealthy fertilisers on the land. “But there’s yet another set of paperwork to fill out and there are strict checks on the land. “There are financial benefits with aid for five years and a slightly higher return on organic beef, but these are not significant and our main reason to become organic was because we believe that organic food is healthier. We have a chambre d’hôte as well, because we couldn’t make a living just from the farm. But our animals are well looked after and we are proud that they produce good beef.”

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

David Simpson with Audrey and son Joseph at their home near Lalinde

ONE of the best ways to see the spectacular birdlife of the Dordogne is just to sit quietly for 20 minutes, says David Simpson, author of a new guide to the birds of the department, Birding Dordogne. Mr Simpson said people would be surprised what birds would appear if they just sat down. “This a wonderful area for birdwatching because of the wide variety in landscapes and habitats: whether the wide open arable prairies south of Bergerac, the river cliffs at Les Eyzies and the many acres of forest, both natural and commercial. “There is a lot more unspoilt countryside in Dordogne compared to the UK: scrubby undeveloped field corners are fairly common here because the farming has, until now, been less intensive; although that is changing. “The Dordogne has a great position as it is in the wilder hilly interior of France and there are so many birds that are common here but very rare elsewhere. “The hoopoe is a must-see bird for many in the Dordogne and you can see them all over the department, especially on the edge of villages or places where there are old trees and barns for them to nest. They feed by probing into the soil as they hunt for invertebrates like insect larvae. “Cranes, too, are a wonderful sight and whenever I hear their bugling, trumpeting calls, my ears prick up and I look up and wait to see how many are flying overhead as they head north on spring migration.

Photo: Alastair Rae

Unspoilt countryside

The black woodpecker is about the size of a crow with a punk red hairstyle “For most UK birdwatchers, the charm of the area is the chance to see UK rarities relatively easily – such as hoopoe, short-toed treecreeper, honey buzzard, red-backed shrike, cirl bunting and golden oriole – among familiar species and in familiar-looking landscapes. “Indeed, scarce UK species such as black redstart and tree sparrow and are common village birds.

“The hawfinch, too, is rare in the UK and yet I have seen as many as 50-100 in a flock and it is quite common to see them, especially in the winter as the canopy is reduced. “Coming into February, the birds are coming alive as the days get longer and there is more light.” Mr Simpson wrote Birding Dordogne after discovering that the area, despite having considerable

The Advertiser, Dordogne


February 2011

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aids spectacular Dordogne birdlife DON’T FORGET YOUR BINOCULARS

Photo: Rjime

HERE are some of David Simpson’s top tips to see birds: „ The re-foresting of the Dordogne has seen buzzards become very common „ Look now for white egrets (like herons), cattle egrets in the fields west of Bergerac and the great white egret and little egret by the Dordogne river. „ Black Kites will be returning to nest in the main valleys from March. „ Eagle owls have recolonised cliffs on the River Vézère in recent years. „ Short-toed eagles nest in forests beside open country. „ Look for nightjars at dusk in forestedge habitats in summer.

Bird-watchers are thrilled to see the short-toed treecreeper, left, and winter is best to see the hawfinch, above, flitting and feeding in hornbeams wildlife interest, had been ignored by more conventional guides. “Having lived here for nearly 10 years and worked at campsites around the Dordogne with Canvas Holidays and Eurocamp, I felt I had gathered enough information to write a decent booklet.” He and his French partner, Audrey, and their two-year-old son, Joseph, live near Lalinde and run a holiday

cottage for wildlife lovers, which has been a hit with butterfly-watchers. “The hay meadows and limestone grassland are a big attraction as they are all food sources for the butterflies, but I have also planted my garden with lavender and thyme to attract butterflies and guests are entranced to see them lapping up food in front of them as they sit on the terrace.” Residents in the Dordogne will

have noticed that nature’s seasons are different from the UK – Cuckoos arrive in mid-March, rather than mid-April, along with the Hoopoes and their “hoo-hoo-hoo” call – and he says that now is an excellent time to spot some rather rare species. “The cliffs at Les Eyzies and Beynac are great to see the likes of Wall creepers and you can see others like the Alpine accentor. These are

Bergerac Airport ready for new flights THE number of flights to the UK from Bergerac Airport dropped with the end of the holiday season, but are ready to take off again. With winter holidays starting from February 12-16, the airport is set to welcome extra flights from both Ryanair and Flybe as they prepare for the start of the summer season. Ryanair, which currently provides three flights per week to Stansted (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), will be adding an extra Sunday flight to their timetable from February 7. Flybe’s winter service, of four flights a week to Southampton instead of the regular six and with no service to Exeter, will end from February 12, when it reverts to the pre-Christmas frequency. More flights will also be added from mid-March. Bergerac Airport’s “summer season” will officially start at the beginning of April, with the return of regular flights to in-demand destinations of Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham (East Midlands), Brussels and Rotterdam. Other destinations will gradually resume throughout April and May. For more information please check the airport website (www.bergerac.aeroport.fr) and the airlines’ websites, where you can also make bookings.

mountain species, but in winter they make their way to the lowlands. Wall creepers have been here since the end of October and the Alpine accentors will be here until the end of March, perhaps. “Woodlands are good, too – because the woods are full of a great variety of bird species. “There is a lot of woodpecker drumming going on with all the

woodpeckers, including the Middle spotted woodpecker and, especially, the Black woodpecker which is a spectacular sight, as it is the size of a crow and has a particularly loud cry. “It has not been resident in the Dordogne for long; it has come in from the north over the past 10 years. Walking the forests and farmlands you can find Cirl buntings and spot or, more usually, hear the woodlarks, which are just starting to sing on the edge of the woods. “One thing I would say to anyone wanting to enjoy the birdlife in the Dordogne is to spend time learning the bird calls. You may not see many birds in the forests, but you hear them all singing. “The best time for bird-watching is probably March through to early June, which is after the hunting season; in summer, I will head for the arable plain south of Bergerac or Verteillac in the north and perhaps see species that may not be in the area for much longer. “Over the past 10 or 20 years intensive farming, chemical use and the decline of fallow lands has seen species vanish. “Little bustard is an example, with the “oodchat shrike; Montagu’s harriers are more scarce: the demands of farming are reducing the diversity.” „ Buy Birding Dordogne from www. birdguides.com at £7 or €8 from David Simpson at: Lieu dit Cabant et St Meyme, 24150 Mauzac et Grand Casting. Telephone 05 53 27 34 47; Email: audave2505@yahoo.fr

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Community notice board

„ February 1 - Une Vendeuse d’Allumettes, Hans Christian Andersen’s Little Match Girl, reworked in a show with no words, just expressions, sound and visual effects. For children seven and older. Price €6, shows 10.00 and 14.00, Centre Culturel, Sarlat Call 05 53 31 09 49 „ February 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 - Le Chant du Dindon, circus show, jugglers, contortionists, musicians, trapeze artists to name but a few of the acts, 20.30 (except February 6 17.00), Espace Agora, Boulazac Call 05 53 35 59 65 „ February 19 - An evening of Occitan tales and waffles, the edible kind, from 19.30, Ferme de Parcot, Echourganc Call 05 53 81 99 28 „ February 27 - Looking after insects, workshop to demonstrate how to make houses for pollinating insects, from 10.00, Ferme de Parcot, Echourgnac Call 05 53 81 99 28

Chiller helps book club forget winter STAR Inn book club members are in for a chilling time with this month’s read: Sophie Hannah’s A Room Swept White, which has been described as a psychological chiller as much as a thriller. They will be meeting on February 9 to discuss the book; it will be the first time some have met since the bar’s Christmas

evening. That event was a chance for Coulounieix-Chamiers twinning association’s English lesson group to find out about a traditional pub Christmas. They were baffled by the “jokes” inside the crackers, but Bev and Mike Vinnicombe’s quiz gave the large French contingent a better feel for the language.

Lunch date set at Hautefort

THE Interesting Gardening Club has a new president in Jane Evans, after Carol Temple stood down. Her first event in charge will be the club’s meeting on February 10 at Lusignac Salle des Fêtes. Katie Butler will be talking about planting as a follow-up to her successful talk in October on organic gardening. The meeting will also feature a book sale and potluck lunch.

HAUTEFORT is the venue when North-East Dordogne Women’s Association gather for their February lunch on Tuesday 22. Contact Angela Martyn by email at nedwa24@gmail.com or 05 53 50 54 66 for details. Lunch is €14 for members and €15.50 for guests.

Panto date for the chaplaincy ALI BABAR is grabbing the spotlight as the PoitouCharentes Anglican chaplaincy celebrates with a pantomime on February 5 in La Margelle Salle de Spectacles, Civray. Tickets are €8 from Ann and Nick Gillibrand 05 45 85 55 94 or Carolyn Kimber 05 45 84 19 03. Doors and bar open at 18.00.

Photo: Diarmid Courreges

Jane is garden club president

Meet rugby stars to help cancer group RUGBY internationals Jamie Noon and Alix Popham are turning out to help Cancer Support France (Dordogne East and Lot) on February 22. England centre Noon and Welsh back-row Popham, who both play for Brive, will be taking questions after the dinner at Le Chapeaux Melon, Souillac. Price for the four-course dinner, with apéro and wine, is €25. Details before Feb 12 from Julia Hall on 06 78 38 46 08 or email juliahls@aol.com

Snooker fans get names in frame MORE than a dozen snooker fans have joined a bid by Peter O’Leary to set up a club in Souillac after he managed to secure a full-size table. They are set to start work on premises in the old L’Ourika restauarant in Avenue Jean Jaures and aim to get the nonprofit-making club running by April. There will be a monthly subscription to cover rent, heating etc and members will be able to invite guests to play. Contact Mr O’Leary on 05 53 29 88 14 for details.

Out and about „ February 18 – Botanical walk, first spring flowers, leave from mairie, 14.00 Paunat Call 06 31 41 60 32 „ February 19 – Winter nocturnal walk with pot au feu meal on return, leave 17.15, Pezuls Call 06 76 15 47 64

Nordic walking „ February 20 – Journiac, 9.4512.00; Champagnac-les-Quercy, 13.45-16.00. For more details visit www.destination. rando.overblog.com Call 06 15 94 77 82 „ Beaumont-du-Périgord 14.3016.30. Meet Salle des Omnisports, Call 05 53 24 93 73 „ Every Wednesday, Beaumontdu-Périgord, 9.30- 11.30, Salle des Omnisports Call 05 53 24 93 73

Music „ February 4 - Jazz concert by the Mozaic Big Band, 20.30, Salle Le Lascaux, Montpon-Ménestérol Call 05 53 82 30 54 „ Alexis HK from Nantes and Eskelina from Sweden in concert. Alexis HK has been compared to Bénabar and was nominated in 2010 Victoires de la Musique awards, Eskelina lives in France and sings folk music in French, Swedish and English. 19.00 Le Sans Réserve, Périgueux Call 05 53 06 12 73 „ February 5 – As part of Bat Kiff drum festival, Jazz-funk concert

The Advertiser, Dordogne given by group Thierry Eliez, who played for the likes of Dee Dee Bridgewater. Tickets €10, €5 for students and free for under-10s. 20.30 Salle Jacques Prévert, PortSainte-Foy Call 06 11 21 69 51 „ FUMUJ and Bunny Boys in concert, punk electro music, 21.00, Le Sans Réserve, Périgueux Call 05 53 06 12 73 „ Concert with group Maur’n More organised by the Maquiz’art association, 19.30, Salles des fêtes, Eymet €10 Call 05 533 22 45 10 to book „ February 6 – Regional selection of drummers to go on to the national finals, free entrance, Salle Jacques Prévert, Port-Sainte-Foy Call 06 11 21 69 51 „ February 9 – Bordeaux National Opera Choir in concert, 20.45, Centre Culturel, Bergerac Call 05 53 57 71 51 „ February 12 – Concert and aperitf with the rock group Weend’Ô, Rocksane, Bergerac Call 05 53 63 03 70 „ February 19 - Cabaret jazz, 20.30 Salle des fêtes, Molières Call 05 53 23 86 22 „ February 24, 25, 26 – Annie Cordy and her musicians in concert, Le Music-Hall, Bergerac Call 05 53 22 58 11 „ Narvalo and ReGaiN , rock and roll style music, 19.00, Le Sans Réserver, Périgueux Call 05 53 06 12 73 „ February 26 – Emile Parisien Quartet 19.30 Salle des Fêtes, Eymet, Price €12 Call 05 53 22 45 10 „ Concert and aperitif with Jazz it up, Rocksane, Bergerac Call 05 53 63 03 70

Dance „ February 3 – Buenos Aires Tango with the Daniel Binelli Quintet from Argentina, 20.30, Odyssée Théatre, Périgueux Call 05 53 53 18 71 „ All February – Cabaret show Amor Amor by the Cosmopolitan company, Le Music-Hall, Bergerac. Matinées on 10, 14, 17, 19, evening shows 12, 18, 19 Call 05 53 22 58 11

Art „ February 5 -20 – Exhibition of paintings by Suzanne Knoepflin, Château des Izards, CoulouneixChamiers Call 05 53 35 57 27 „ Until February 7 – Exhibition of art, furniture and ceramics by artists Zigou, Pascale Gomez, Michael Kay and Grégory Barry, Bergerac Airport, gallery open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 14.00-17.30 by appointment „ Until February 12 – Exhibition

February 2011

of paintings by artist André Bonnamy, Espace culturel, Montpon-Ménestérol Call 05 53 82 30 54 „ Until February 18 – Exhibition of works by artist Mika, Centre Culturel, Sarlat Call 06 84 56 98 51 „ All month – Cabinet de Curiosités, exhibition of more than 30 strange and curious objects created by 30 artists, Atelier Contempora, Ribérac Call 05 53 90 47 43

Other „ February 1 – My Beautiful Séances festival, Jean-Claude Janer film Les Nuits de Sister Welsh Call 06 13 87 72 11 „ February 4 – As part of Bat Kiff Drum festival, 18.00 film Benda Bilili, documentary about a disabled orchestra in the Congo. It was the opening film for the 2010 Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs festival. Salle des fêtes, Port-Ste-Foy-de-Ponchapt Call 06 11 21 69 51 „ February 5 – France-Scotland rugby live on big screen, Centre Multimédia, Neuvic-sur-l’Isle Call 05 53 80 09 88 „ Truffle omelette evening, Allessur-Dordogne Call 05 53 73 31 12 „ February 10 – Ciné-concert, Year of No Light group from Bordeaux put music to the 1932 silent film Vampyr by Carl Theodor Dreyer, 21.00, Le Sans Réserve, Périgueux Call 05 53 06 12 73 „ February 11 – Second chance nearly new ladies clothes sale, 14.00-18.00, Salle des fêtes, Plaisaince Call 06 22 44 67 23 „ February 12 – Ireland-France rugby live on big screen, Centre Multimédia, Neuvic-sur-l'Isle Call 05 53 80 09 88 „ February 26 – England-France rugby live on big screen, Centre Multimédia, Neuvic-sur-l’Isle Call 05 53 80 09 88 „ February 20 – Old book fair, Salle des fêtes, Douelle Nord, Monpazier Call 05 53 22 68 59 „ February 26 – Stories from Here and There. Actress Monique Burg is back in Périgord after 11 years in London theatre. She tells creative stories expressing wisdom and folly, mainly in French and Occitan but with some translations into, English 20.30, Salles des Fêtes, Villars, Price €5 Call 09 64 09 95 91 „ February 11, 12 , 25, 26 – Basket-making workshops, 9.30-17.30, bring picnic, Ferme de Parcot, Echourgnac Call 05 53 81 99 28

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February 2011

The Advertiser, Dordogne

What’s On 7



Geese on patrol in Sarlat streets

MARKET and brocante dates this month: Brocantes 6 – Périgueux, Verteillac, Bergerac, Riberac 13 – Montpon-Ménestérol, St-Astier, St-AvitSénieur 19 – Trémolat 20 – Bergerac, St-Georgesde-Montclard, Trémolat 26 – Périgueux 27 – Périgueux, Sarlat, Vanxains Markets 26 – Marché au gras, Périgueux All month – Every Saturday morning – Truffle and food market, Thiviers; truffle market, Sarlat Sunday mornings – Truffle market, St-Geniès

Photo: AFP/Patrick Bernard

Live opera

Trained dogs can find truffles but, unlike pigs, don’t want to eat what they find

ANIMALS take over Sarlat this month with two major events taking place: the goose festival and the truffle dog championships. February 19 and 20 sees the annual Fest’oie, which promises to be every bit at eventful as before. Gaggles of geese will wander the medieval town’s streets, traditional Banda brass bands will be playing, local producers and artisans will be on hand for you to discover their wares and even to let you try your hand at some of their jobs through workshops. Of course, a festival isn’t a festival without food so on Saturday there will be a dinner dance and Sunday midday will see no fewer than 16 courses on offer, all containing goose-based products and washed down with local wine. The next weekend, on February 27, has Sarlat as host town of France’s national truffle dog championships. Truffle hunting’s real name, cavage, is taken from the instrument used

for digging truffles, the cavadou. Recently dogs have started to be used more than the traditional pigs. This could be because dogs are not naturally attracted by the smell of the truffle, making them less likely to eat the treasures found – or it could be because more small holders and amateurs are branching into truffle growing and don’t necessarily have the space for a pig. Whatever the reason, it means that the dog has to be trained. Getting good results involves a lot of patience on the part of the trainer, boundless enthusiasm from the dog and enormous complicity between them both. As a sport for dogs, the cavage is very specialised and not very widespread in France, limiting itself to the main truffle-producing regions. For more information about both these events and to reserve a place at the Fest’oie meal, call Sarlat tourist office 05 53 31 45 45

Enjoy a Valentine’s Day outing with a difference Domingo takes over big screen THE story of Agamemnon after the Trojan War is revived on February 26 by the Metropolitan Opera’s Emmy-winning The Met: Live in HD series in cinemas in the Dordogne. Tenor Placido Domingo joins Susan Graham in the Gluck telling of Greek myth, which has only been performed a handful of times since the First World War. It will be seen in HD and with full Dolby surround sound at Salle du Château, Limeuil; Cap Cinéma, Périgueux; Cinéma Rex, Sarlat, and the Rex, Brive.

AS ONE of the most romantic regions of France, with its thousand chateaux, medieval towns, meandering rivers and incredible scenery, the Dordogne is an ideal place to be for Valentine’s Day. Hundreds of places could be suggested for a romantic day or evening out, but how about something slightly different? Traditionally, lovers’ gifts include chocolates, flowers, jewellery and champagne, so here are suggestions for an alternative day out en amoureux on February 14. Sadly the chocolate museum in Terrasson-Lavilledieu is closed for refurbishment until March but you can take a walk around the old town of Périgueux, which has many delicious little chocolate shops, some with demonstrations of how to work with chocolate and produce tasty treats. The Dordogne does not produce champagne, but it is steeped in wine history and there is little better way to see the countryside and sample excellent wines than by taking the Bergerac wine route. Download the route and list of 140 wine

producers at www.route-des-vins-debergerac, take a picnic for when you discover the perfect spot to stop and you’re ready for a romantic day of tasting fine wines with your loved one. The orchid is one of the planet’s most revered flowers; with its delicate and graceful flowers, it represents beauty and love and is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Surround yourselves with this magnificent flower in the greenhouses at Jardins

CONTACTS Route des vins de Bergerac – routesdesvinsdebergerac@gmail.com Musée du chocolat – Chocolaterie Bovetti, Terrasson-Lavilledieu. Visits in English, €3.80. 05 53 51 57 36 Jardins de La Velouze – La-RocheChalais. 05 53 91 32 12 Orchid guide book – Tourist Office, 1 place du Château, Excideuil 09 52 68 95 56 Galerie de l'Or – Jumilhac-le-Grand 05 53 52 55 43

de La Valouze in La Roche-Chalais. If you prefer, try to identify orchids on a country walk throughout the year with the help of a booklet produced by Excideuil tourist office. It has photos, the name in French, English and Occitan, description and other information and can be bought for €5 (much cheaper than the real thing). Finally jewellery. There isn’t a jewellery museum in the Dordogne, but gold mines were exploited in this area from as far back as the Gallic era and France’s last gold mine closed in 2002 at Bourneix. Take a trip to Jumilhac-le-Grand to the Galerie de l’Or. Set in one of the château’s old wine stores, the gold museum will take you back in time exploring this precious metal from its extraction to transformation into money and jewellery. The 12 stages of the visit look at legends and myths, great civilisations and history. If you book, you can spend half a day learning gold panning in the Isle river; you are apparently guaranteed to leave with at least some gold dust.

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Exhibition is a runway success PEOPLE using Bergerac Airport have the chance until February 7 to visit a temporary art gallery set up there. Open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 14.00-17.30, it shows the works of four local artists; Zigou, with her most recent paintings of women with character in black and white; Pascale Gomez: pastels around the theme of stories; Michael Kay: very feminine vases; and Grégory Barry: figurative paintings of women and abstract art. The exhibition was born from Zigou’s idea of decorating the airport for Christmas, which she had already done several years ago. She said she loved the idea of the emotions in places such as airports, just as there are in a good painting and in life.

8 Food


The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

Slow down and enjoy your food


Cream of pre-sprouted sunflower seeds This recipe is by Les Bituriges Vivisques member chef Laurence Dessimoulie. It can be made with any oily grain and it is recommended that organic produce be used, to avoid chemical residues. Soaking seeds for a few hours, while not long enough to sprout them, activates their enzymes, according to Ms Dessimoulie, boosting the nutritional content. “It is a recipe full of vital energy,” she said.

Photo: Claude Blacque Belair

DESPITE its reputation for gastronomy, fast food has been catching on in France as much as anywhere: it is McDonald’s biggest market outside the USA and the average lunchbreak is down to 31 minutes. Fighting the trend is the Slow Food movement, which started in Italy but now has a French headquarters in Toulouse and local groups, called conviviums, in most regions. It focuses on enjoying local seasonal produce. The organiser of the Bituriges Vivisques convivium in Bordeaux, Jean Vissaguet, said: “We are huge foodies, but there’s more to it. Our founder, Carlo Petrini, summed up the philosophy as a diet that is ‘good, clean and fair’. ‘Good’ means we claim the right to eat well, which includes educating people about taste, which we do, eg. with workshops at markets and food fairs. Ability to appreciate flavours is being lost with standardisation. Fast-food chains think you should eat the same thing in every country, in any season. We think the opposite. “Clean@ refers to protecting the environment and defending biodiversity. The movement maintains a “taste ark”: a list of important local food varieties (animals and vegetables etc) around the world, out of which those deemed at risk are designated “sentinels”. Mr Vissaguet said: “We act as intermediaries and advisers to help producers improve their methods and find their market, because they don’t benefit from the distribution networks that large food companies have.” There are around a dozen French sentinels, such as the Bigorre black pig from Gascony, the blonde lentil from Saint-Flour in Cantal or the Pardailhan black turnip from the Hérault. The “fair” aspect is about fair trade: “If we have good things in our plate and this wonderful biodiversity, it’s down to little producers who do a remarkable job and often struggle.

The Bituriges Vivisques Slow Food group from Bordeaux enjoy a tomato-tasting session We need to make sure they are paid enough to keep going.” Activities at the local groups are varied: “We visited a market gardener and picked our own vegetables, and a sheep farm where they make cheese. It’s a chance to talk to the producers and understand their difficulties, then to have feast on the produce afterwards and exchange recipes.” They also visit farmers markets and organise meals on certain Pardailhan black turnip themes, he said.

“This year we will have a session to discover old varieties of maize, that some producers, especially in the Dordogne, are going back to. Modern ones catch a lot of diseases and consume a lot of water. In September, we tasted different old-fashioned tomatoes. A member who is an academic made tasting sheets about all the quality criteria, colour and appearance etc. Each person came with a recipe: a salad, a tart… It was a way of sharing our knowledge. Last year we also worked with a mairie to put them in touch with local producers for their catering.” „ Find your nearest convivium at www.slowfood.fr/conviviums_slowfoodfrance

Ingredients 250ml sunflower seeds, 1 small onion, juice of a lemon, capers, shoyu or tamari sauce, parsley or chives, sunflower oil, curry powder, pepper Method (Makes one good-sized bowl) Rinse seeds, then soak overnight (or during the day if making in the evening). Once drained, keep aside the water. Put the seeds into a blender, adding chopped onion, lemon juice, capers and a little of their brine, a dash of shoyu or tamari (soya-based sauces), a little curry powder, pepper, parsley or chives, 4 tblsp sunflower oil and 2tblsp soaking water (or more or less depending on desired consistency). Blend it together and eat it spread on toast or as a dip with crudités.

Advertising Feature

A collection of restaurants

in the Dordogne

Quality accolade for Perigord lamb Vincent Poussard of the Quai des Saveurs cookery school in Bordeaux, for AAPrA, an association promoting the food of Aquitaine. Lamb chops grilled with a marinade of herbs (Serves 4) Preparation: 10mins Cooking: 20mins Ingredients: 8 Perigord lamb chops 4 tblsp olive oil 50g butter 1dl liquid cream 3 tblsp wine vinegar

Half a bunch each of: mint, chervil, tarragon, flat parsley, chives Salt and pepper Method: Chop up the herbs with a knife. Mix together the oil, melted butter and vinegar. Add salt and pepper and herbs. Put the chops in a dish and pour the marinade over them. Leave to marinade 2-3 hours in the fridge, turning them over from time to time. Cover with clingfilm. Grill or barbecue the chops. take the remaining marinade, add the cream and heat gently and pour it on the chops.

Photo: Images supplied by Univia

PERIGORD lamb has been awarded the prestigious IGP label. The European union accolade (PGI in English, for Protected Geographic Indication) protects the names of traditional foods from a certain area. Perigord lamb is one of more than 40 breeds in France and is considered a “rustic” kind. It is a “salt marsh” meat, raised on coastal pastures. It joins Limousin lamb, which has had the IGP since 2000 and BarègesGavarnie which has had the similar AOC (which usually relates to a smaller geographic area) since 2003. The following recipe is by chef

Perigord lamb is a ‘salt marsh’ meat

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Wine 9


February 2011

News from the Dordogne’s wine region


Can you marry Bergerac wines and truffles?

Five minutes, five questions The recipe on this page was provided by Marie Rougier-Salvat, Michelin star chef at La Tour des Vents restaurant in Monbazillac. Together with her husband, sommelier Paul Salvat, here she offers some advice on choosing the right type of wine to serve with a truffle-based dish. Paul, what type of wine would you recommend drinking with this dish? You could serve a red or dry white. If it’s red, it shouldn’t be too young and needs to be rounded. If it’s white it shouldn’t be too lively. It’s important that the wine is not so strong that it overpowers the delicate flavour of the truffle.

Application forms are available from the CIVRB. Applicants will need to provide a complete dossier, including recipes, photos and wine recommendations. Five teams will be chosen for the practical competition, which takes place on December 12, to coincide with the opening of the truffle market at Sainte Alvère. This year, the theme for the main dish is Coutancie beef from the north of the Dordogne and IGP Périgord foie gras for the appetiser. A wine from the Bergerac region is to be recommended for both courses. The jury will be made up of top chefs, wine experts and journalists. Michelin star chef Marie Rougier-Salvat of La Tour des Vents restaurant in Monbazillac will oversee the competition.

Photo: Marie Rougier, Tour des Vents, Monbazillac

Every two years, the commune of Sainte Alvère in the Dordogne and the CIVRB organise a culinary competition that focuses on the local interest of bringing together the Sainte Alvère truffle and the wines of Bergerac. The Prix Ragueneau is awarded to a team made up of a chef and wine waiter who create the perfect dish using truffles, an appetiser using foie gras from the Périgord and who provide an exquisite match for both from the array of wines from the Bergerac region. Entry to the competition is now open and the closing date for submissions is September 30. First prize is €3,000.

Michelin star chef Marie Rougier-Salvat will judge the competition


That the French wine term gourmands (with an s) has nothing to do with the translation of the French word gourmand, which means greedy in English.

Gourmands refers to the shoots that grow out of the side of the main vine stub, which are cut off in the springtime. They do not normally bear fruit.

What’s the most important thing in general about choosing a wine to go with a certain food? It’s not as complicated as you think. What is important to remember is personal taste. There are no rules. As a wine waiter, I offer advice, but, at the end of the day, it is personal choice. Marie, you use organic wines in this recipe. Do you always use organic wines in your cooking? I used an organic, Merlot-based red for the sauce in this particular recipe because I felt it went well. But I don’t always stick to organic wines for cooking. Would it be acceptable to serve an organic wine with this dish? Absolutely. To serve the same red wine that was used in the sauce would marry very well. What sort of white wine would suit: the same as the one used in cooking? If serving a dry white, I would go for a Sauvignon-based wine. You wouldn’t want a wine that is too fruity.

Norwegian cod with a truffle risotto and a red wine sauce For lovers of Bergerac wines, a glass is a pleasure in itself. But for many, the wine experience is just as much about matching the right wine with the right food so that the wine complements, enhances and never overpowers the food it is being drunk with. And what better foods to consume than those grown locally? This month, with the truffle season is in full swing, we feature a recipe that makes use of Périgord truffles and that is matched with a Bergerac red. Norwegian cod served with a truffle risotto and a red wine sauce (serves 4)

Risotto 200 g organic risotto rice 1 onion

1 litre of organic Bergerac red wine 2 shallots ¼ l of veal or beef stock 20g cold butter Salt and pepper

the white wine and bring to the boil. Boil until all the liquid evaporates. Pour the stock over the rice in small quantities. Cook for approximately 18 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, season and add pieces of truffle, grated parmesan and the cream. This will all serve to stop the cooking process. If you are using mushrooms, chop them into small pieces and cook gently in some butter before adding them to the risotto.



Chop the onions and fry them gently in the butter or duck fat. Add the rice, making sure not to let the mixture colour. Pour in

Cut the fish into 4 x 150g pieces. Fry gently in a pan, skin side down. Transfer to an oven-proof dish. Add a small amount of

10cl organic Bergerac dry white wine 1 litre hot stock 50g parmesan 1dl cold cream 10g truffles (or mushrooms) 20g butter or duck fat 1 filet of Norwegian cod


Visit the Maison des Vins and local vineyards

fish stock, butter and salt and pepper (and some truffle juice, if you have it). Cook in the oven to your personal preference.

Red wine sauce Chop the shallots and fry in some fat. Add the red wine and reduce until you have a quarter of the quantity of liquid left. Add the stock. Cook for 15 mins. Whisk in the butter. (If you have too much liquid thicken with 10g butter mixed with 10g flour or a sauce thickener). Serve the risotto in the middle of the plate with the fish placed over it. Trickle the sauce around the plate and grate some truffle over the fish.

Maison des Vins de Bergerac 1 rue des Récollets 24100 Bergerac Tel 05 53 63 57 55 z www.vins-bergerac.fr

10 News


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February 2011

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How do I get a death certificate? Your questions about life in France answered.



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The Dordogne’s main analysis laboratory, created in 1998, has three areas of expertise: water, animal health and food hygiene. Jean-Louis Moyen, the head of the laboratory, explains its work to ALICE CANNET

We research water quality for sanitary checks: tap water, swimming pools and pond water, but also water discharge from industries. We have very different water quality levels. On one side, we have excellent water quality for which we check that nothing is lingering at all; on the other side, we have water that is loaded with waste and for which we check that there is no toxic substance in excessive quantities. We also check river water for chemical and biological indices. For food hygiene, luckily we very rarely intervene on anything to do with food toxic infection. We do a lot of work on controlling food producers such as large groups outside the department and smaller local artisans or supermarkets, school canteens, restaurants and caterers. We give a logo every year to caterers we work with so they can show that the products they sell have been controlled. This is a self-check approach, which ties in with an auditing approach. We go and check their work environment and sometimes offer them training. We produce a report that has to be transmitted to the sanitary authority, depending on the case. Then, together with veterinary services, we offer them training to ensure they embrace good practices. Luckily, this is very rare, but it can happen. The last part is animal health. We have three types of activity: official controls on living animals to certify them for a number of diseases, either according to the state’s requirements or according to requirements from certification programmes, which are managed by farmers’ associations. We also help to diagnose cases of mortality or disease, and work alongside breeders and vets to put in place corrective actions, such as vaccinations or antibiotics. And we work on wild fauna in collaboration with the hunters’ federation and the national office for hunting and wild fauna.

The laboratory is currently studying the amount of hormonal waste in rivers recurrent. Those are blue algae with phylums laid on the surface of ponds. When the temperature increases and because of the link with pollution from phosphates, there can be dangerous derivatives. We control the quantities of those cynobacterias and the toxins they produce and, depending on the threshholds, we have restriction measures for young children, which can go up to the total closure of the affected pond. It often happens at the end of summer after strong heat waves, which facilitate the proliferation of this type of organisms. You are currently working on a thesis on the subject of chemical pollutants. Tell us more about it. Our water research consists in analysing the hormonal waste found in rivers near

What are the biggest risks in those three areas inside the department? For livestock, brucellosis and tuberculosis; in food hygiene, listeria or salmonella, which can be dangerous. In terms of Pollution used to be much less animal safety, we can have anthrax, brucellosis or widespread, and contraceptives and tularaemia, those can be very narcoleptics were not consumed in dangerous pathologies for a the quantities they are today person who is in regular contact with animals. Jean-Louis Moyen

We have heard about pond closures in the Dordogne: what was this the result of? There was the issue of cyanobacterias, which is quite

Head of Dordogne’s Laboratoire Départemental d’Analyse et de Recherche

a town’s water treatment station. Then, we also look for derivatives of valium or diazepam, which end up in water treatment stations. However, the water treatment station’s role is not to treat those chemical products, and so some can end up in rivers. We are trying to quantify exactly how much residue there is. Inside contraceptive pills, for example, there is oestrogen, which can feminise fish. It can have insidious and indirect effects. And if the river water ends up in ground water, it is not very healthy to drink. The precautionary principle insists that we avoid letting this type of molecule land in drinkable water. What changes have you noticed in laboratory work? We are heading towards new risks, which in a few years time will become criteria for water controls themselves. We are currently putting into place the tools that we will routinely use tomorrow. Pollution used to be much less widespread, and contraceptives and neuroleptics were not consumed as they are today, so there was less pollution and we were also less aware of it. We search for toxic products in smaller and smaller quantities. We have to put the methods in place and buy machines, that can detect very low-level pollutants.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011


TV/Internet 11

Switched on in France... Digital revolution sees hundreds of new TV channels, high-speed internet access and a new way of doing the shopping world, social networks, DIY health information, cheap airfares and even online work opportunities. The internet has overturned the traditional business model and online shopping has become a massive growth industry over recent years; French residents alone did €31 billion of online trading over the past year, up 24 per cent on 2009. Buyers bought everything from Amazon bodice-rippers to Marks & Spencer knickers because it is easier for expats to buy online than to return for “vital” supplies. Planning a holiday or buying a house has become unrecognisable from pre-internet days; it is now possible to get virtual walk-rounds of the resort or property in a way that gives much more information than was previously available. Car buyers can now even “build” their own vehicle as manufacturers offer the ability to specify options without going near a showroom. Tied in with this massive increase in digital technology is the switch to Télévision Numérique Terrestre (or TNT), and the changeover from the analogue TV signal which happened last March in Basse-Normandie and is going ahead this month in HauteNormandie and next month in Dordogne. Over the next three pages, you will find out how to make the changes needed to obtain the new TV services, whether you can access the new high-speed internet and what to do to get BBC or Sky TV beamed to your home in France.

Photo: Stephen VanHorn - Fotolia.com

WHEN 6.1 tonnes of Ka-Sat satellite eases itself into geosynchronous orbit at 9° East this year, the future of high-speed internet access across Europe will take a giant step forward. The Eutelsat “bird” aims to close the broadband blackspots that have kept millions across France from enjoying the many advantages that high-speed internet gives to their fellow residents across the country. In the 42 years since the internet was first created – with the start of a US defence project known as Arpanet in 1969 – it has changed from being a few dozen web pages hosted on university computers to a multi-trillion-euro way of doing business, having spawned the likes of TV on demand, internet phones and webcams, Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and abbreviations such as ADSL, Wi-Fi and BSkyB. From people having simple fixe telephones, they have switched more and more to mobiles, from letters to texts/SMS and email, from three TV stations to hundreds, from the local library to the Wikipedia and the world wide web. Simply put, the internet is everywhere and if you are in a blackspot and haven’t got it, then you are stuck filling in income tax forms on paper, paying extra for bank statements and falling victim to a virus only if someone sneezes nearby. However, if you do have access to high-speed broadband – and Ka-Sat is intended to open that up to hundreds of thousands of new French subscribers – then you get the benefits of music, TV from round the

THE authoritative guide to buying a home in France

Written by the Notaires de France and published by Conseils des Notaires.

Available in English from The Connexion, priced €7.50 or £7

(plus postage and packaging)

See our website www.connexionfrance.com

12 TV/Internet


The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

Photo: Microsoft

Photo: Pavel Losevsky - Fotolia.com

High-speed internet can be child’s

THERE aren’t enough hours in the day to make use of the offers available for the so-called triple-play TV/internet and telephone services that are widely available across most of France. Typical deals offer internet up to 100Mb, WiFi throughout the home, free landline telephone calls to 100 countries worldwide, 150 TV channels with 21 HD channels, 13,000 programmes on dideo-on-Demand, catch-up TV on many channels, 40 digital radio stations and all for €30 a month (increasing to €50 after four months). Many channels even offer programmes in the original language, and the range of options available can be baffling: whether you want HD or 3D programmes, whether you simply want

to watch programmes or “timeshift” them by recording and storing, or even stop and restart a running programme. High-definition TVs are now owned by 55 per cent of households in France and the range of programmes is growing by the month. Some channels are especially set up for HD viewing – especially nature documentaries. A random sample includes Jose Feliciano, Brian Adams, Lou Reed or Ladysmith Black Mambazo in concert; sports such as tennis, the Dakar rally and downhill ski-ing; crime series such as CSI Miami, Cold Case, Life on Mars and Lie to Me’ and a range of National Geographic programmes. Orange in particular has made use of 3D

Blackspots get boost as new satellite launched THERE has been an astonishing change in France in the past 10 years, when just one third of the country could access broadband. By 2005, coverage had increased to 95 per cent and, although some areas are still stuck with dial-up, this number has today grown to more than 98 per cent of the population. Politicians from President Sarkozy down have stated that access to high-speed broadband is a right and that every effort should be made to get households connected. However, many residents are still in zones blanches, with no access to ADSL high-speed internet, or in zones grises, where they have access, but through only one internet provider, so no choice. That is tolerable if the provider is a company such as Free, which came top of the official league for internet service providers run by telecoms regulator Arcep. It is not so good if the only company you can use is ranked lower down the scale; Orange took a slating for managing to fix only 70 per cent of customers’ problems within the twoday set limit. However, the league tables do not tell the whole story: Free was rated poorest for the number of technical faults Rural communities can be the most disadvantaged by the lack of decent access to highspeed internet services and it is thought that

between one and two million people are stuck with dial-up access, which leaves them with connection speeds of just 28-35kb a second. There is a solution available through satellite internet services such as those from Vivéole, Connexion Verte, France Télécom subsidiary NordNet and SFR subsidiary SHD, which offer broadband of up to 2Mb per second at less than €35 a month. The launch of the Eutelsat Ka-Sat satellite just before the new year should help clear the zones blanches and could clear a major drawback for satellite broadband, which has a delayed response in the signal of about 600 milliseconds, plus limits on upload/download speeds, which means it cannot be used for voice-over-internet programs such as Skype. The Ka-Sat service could overcome the problems with its capacity of up to 70Gb per second and with download speeds of up to 10Mbps and upload speeds of up to 4Mbps. It still has delays, but users may be able to live with it. Ka-Sat is expected to be fully operational for residential broadband subscribers from late spring. It follows the launch of Avanti’s Hylas 1 satellite in November, which supplied broadband to 300,000 subscribers. However, Ka-Sat is much bigger and is built to be able to cope with services to two million households.

The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011


TV/Internet 13

Photo: Monkey Business/Fotolia.com

play if you are living in right area

technology for sports that offers a eye-opening new view of what is happening on the pitch. It tested the water with free 3D images from the French Open tennis, but has so far not pushed the technology any further to customers. So far, sales of 3D TVs have been below expectations in France, where the preChristmas rush failed to materialise, but the main channels such as Orange and Canal+ are keen to tap into what is an exciting development... although many market analysts suggest that the main market for 3D will likely be the world’s porn channels. Watching what you want when you want has been one of the major changes in TV usage over recent years, and the introduction of

video-on-demand from triple-play firms follows the huge increase in people using harddrive recorders and DVD recorders to store programmes, especially films, for later viewing. Now there are full picture libraries with many of the most up-to-date movies, some out just after their release in the cinemas, available for watching or download. People are also increasingly using TVs for playing games, especially since the Nintendo Wii was launched. The arrival of Microsoft’s Kinect, with its controller-free gameplay, will see this trend only grow. In the 60 days after its launch, the Kinect sold eight million sensor units, which link with Microsoft’s X-box. There won’t be enough hours in the day.

Are you missing your favourite UK shows? NOT everyone enjoys the French fondness for long – and sometimes long-winded – TV debates and intellectual programming, and the hankering to watch some familiar UK programmes has given birth to a sizeable market in providing satellite links or other options. Many families pick up UK TV services through the likes of a Sky digibox and several companies have been set up to make the process easier, because Sky will only deliver its operating keycards to an address in the UK. This is because it doesn’t have a licence to broadcast to France and would be breaking its licence terms by supplying the goods here. Receiving the Sky signal in France is not an offence, merely a breach of the company’s terms, and users in France will not face any action to stop them enjoying their huge range of programmes. Indeed, many advertisers will welcome their eyeballs. Many channels are free, but the paid-for channels still need a subscription. Bearing in mind that the Astra 2 satellite is about the same size as a small van and that it is sitting 36,000km away in a geosynchronous orbit above the Equator, you need to make sure that your satellite dish is aimed in exactly the right direction. That is where expert installation crews make

their money; they know to avoid problems with direct line-of-sight obstacles such as chimneystacks or trees. You cannot use the mini-dish that Sky supplies in the UK, because it has too small a transmission collection area to pick up a good signal; it is more common in France for people to fit the larger 60cm Zone 2 satellite dish to avoid picture problems. One major problem of using a digibox is that only one channel at a time can be viewed; satellite dish suppliers can give more flexibility by offering a different LNB satellite arm which has multiple receivers and makes more channels available on different digiboxes. The UK’s Freesat service can also be accessed from a French-based satellite dish, though this has to be one of the larger Zone 2 dishes. Freeview, which comes through your rooftop aerial in the UK, is not available. If you don’t mind watching on your computer screen, or have the know-how to link up to the TV, there are a number of ways round the BBC’s UK-only limitation on its iPlayer service. Some use UK “proxy servers”, which relay a signal to your computer; others set up a VPN virtual private network, which is a digital “tunnel” from the UK that supplies your iPlayer programme through a separate internet link.

14 TV/Internet


The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

What do you need for digital switch? FRANCE – like the UK and many other countries worldwide – is phasing out its analogue TV transmissions and changing to a new digital signal. This has the dual benefit of a new, stronger signal, but also of a signal which takes up less broadcast space and leaves more room for extra services and channels. Digital TV or Télévision Numérique Terrestre (TNT) has already been introduced in Basse-Normandie, where residents have now got 19 free channels, instead of the old maximum of six, and better-quality images on their screens. Households can also now get highdefinition TV signals – nowadays more than one French household in two has an HD TV – plus electronic on-screen TV guides. Haute-Normandie will see its analogue TV signal being switched off on February 1, along with Nord Pas-de-Calais. Picardie changes on February 2, the Ile-de-France on March 2 and the Dordogne and the rest of Aquitaine, along with the Limousin, will change on March 29. Analogue TV viewers will no longer get a signal, so the changes should be made before the switchover date. Households still viewing the analogue signal will see a black band running across the screen on channels TF1, France 2 and France 3 warning that you need to make changes to your system to receive the digital signal. These warnings will increase in the run-up to the changeover date.

Just as the CD has replaced vinyl albums (and is, itself, being replaced by MP3 files), digital signals offer better reproduction than the old analogue signal and better possibilities for storage. That doesn’t mean your old TV will

follow your record player and into the skip, as all televisions sold since 1981 can show digital signals and simply need to be converted using an adaptor fitted to the Scart or Péritel socket. Even old black-and-white TVs can

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? TNT adaptor/tuner for television TNT HD adaptor for televistion

– €20-€50

– from €80 Realigning rooftop aerial/fitting adaptor – €80-€120 Replacing rooftop aerial – €180-€220 TNTSAT or FRANSAT adaptor plus satellite dish and installation – from €280

Got a query about life in France? tax - property - health - birth - death Connexion, has a series of helpguides on the subjects that matter to you Our guides address questions about everyday life in France that we regularly receive. These include how to fill out a French income tax form, local taxes, residential care homes in France, employing help at home such as a gardener and letting out your French home to tourists.

For more information visit


or order by calling (free from France) 0800 91 77 56 or from UK 0844 256 9881 (4p/min)

be converted with an adaptor to display digital TV. All TVs sold since 2008 contain an integrated TNT decoder. You must make sure you can get a digital signal, and unless your rooftop aerial (antenne râteau), is very old, it can still be used to get transmissions in many areas; although it will no longer receive the terrestrial analogue signal from TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal Plus, France5/Arte and M6 once that is switched off. Some aerials may need to be modified to get the signal – or perhaps turned to a new transmitter – but any installer can do this. Financial aid is available for those having to install adaptors or who need to get work done to set up their aerials. This covers up to €25 for a TV adaptor and €120 for work by an aerial installer, but is dependent on your resources. People living in apartment blocks using a communal aerial should check with their syndic or letting agency to organise for the necessary work to be done. Once the rooftop aerial has been realigned to receive the digital transmission, your TV must also be retuned into the new channels. Each

TV and video or DVD recorder will need to be retuned. However, some parts of the country are not covered by digital transmissions and the digital changeover site at www.tousaunumerique.fr has full details – in French – of how to test if you get the digital signal. If you find your aerial can not receive digital transmissions, then you will need to make alternative arrangements, such as a satellite dish (parabole), cable TV or ADSL box. Two special non-subscription satellite services have been set up, called TNTSAT or FRANSAT, and there is government aid of up to €250 available for those in no-TNT zones. This is not dependent on your resources. Satellite dishes should be pointed at the Astra 2 or AB3 satellites. Households who are in a TNT zone but who suffer from a poor signal can also get financial aid to improve reception, but will need to get an invoice from an aerial installer. Households with access to satellite or cable TV and triple-play ADSL box offers from the likes of Orange/SFR/Bouygues/Alice/Darty etc do not need to make any changes, as they are already receiving the digital signal.

February 2011

ALEXANDRA THEVENET has more than 20 years of international business experience, four of which were dedicated to setting up and developing the Franco British Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the Dordogne, from 2005 to 2009

Let me help you through the maze of business life Some 800 British entrepreneurs currently run a business in the Dordogne, registered with either the Chambre de Commerce, the Chambre de Métiers or the Chambre d'Agriculture, not to mention hundreds more having taken the plunge as auto-entrepreneurs since January 2009, when the status became available. The vast majority of these businesses falls under the PME/PMI (Petites et Moyennes Entreprises / Petites et Moyennes Industries) or even TPE/TPI (Trés Petites Entreprises / Trés Petites Industries) categories, and also

reflect the economic canvas of the Dordogne, essentially based on these PME/PMI. As such, it is not only a good idea, but also a crucial initiative, to provide them with all the help, support and information needed to find their way through the administrative maze and local institutions. This is a mammoth task and this monthly column will endeavour to help, by covering general topics such as this month’s guidelines to invoicing in France, monthly marketing tips and interviews with local institutions and associations.

Make sure of your invoices Under the European Directive 2006/112/CE, small companies are entitled to issue their own invoices, providing all the compulsory information is included in the said invoices in order to avoid penalties of all kinds. Here is a reminder of the main information legally required on invoices issued by a France-based company.

En français… If your company is registered and taxable in France, then the tax authorities (Services Fiscaux) require the invoices to be drawn up in French. An English version can be provided to English-speaking customers as well as the French version, but not instead of.

„ Your client’s VAT number for intra-EU transactions between two different EU countries

Company details

Terms of payment

„ Company’s registered name and address, along with the commercial address if different from the registered address „ SIRET number „ Legal format such as Entreprise individuelle, Auto-entrepreneur, SARL etc. „ Registered capital where applicable „ APE code „ Seller’s VAT number „ Buyer’s full name and address details

Tax-related information

„ Invoice date „ Invoice reference/number that is unique to the given invoice „ VAT rate „ Price excluding VAT „ Price including VAT „ Any discount that may be applied

Airlines do well despite closures DESPITE being closed by snow in January, facing mass flight cancellations due to the fall-out from the Icelandic volcano eruption in April and then strikes in September and October, Bergerac Airport has still managed to reach its target of 260,000 passengers for 2010. In all, the airport suffered 20 days without any activity, but a very successful summer season – which saw a record of more than 50,000 passengers through the airport in August alone – helped push the figures to 259,723 for the whole year. The August figures are particularly notable as they point to the huge growth at the airport since the arrival of the first low-cost airlines in 2002. Just under 10 years ago, the total number of passengers through Bergerac was just 61,000 a year. However, the totals pale alongside the efforts of nearby Bordeaux, which saw 3.66 million passengers passing through its gates, beating the previous record in 2008 by more than 100,000 and

Job details

„ Product/service or job exact description „ Quantities „ Unit price or contract reference „ Date when the product was delivered or the service completed „ Deposit: where a deposit was paid, the date and amount need to be specified The above details are only meant to be guidelines and your specific invoices ought to be validated by a chartered accountant to ensure they fulfil all legal requirements.

Coming events

Feb 10, 5pm-7pm, in partnership with Allianz - Free conference: Setting up a business in France (and in the Dordogne specifically); Entrepreneurs and retirement in France: looking ahead; Q&A Salle Communale next to mairie, 24800 Saint Pierre de Cole Feb 15 Lunch “LinkUp”. Are you a professional looking to integrate into a Franco-English speaking network? Come and meet the network: no membership fee, just pay for your meal, mingle, meet new people, generate business contacts and ideas to grow your business. Bergerac: bookings only

alex@thelinkservices.fr - +33 (0) 670 115 888 www.thelinkservices.fr

increasing the number of travellers by 341,000 from 2009. Bordeaux was also hit by closures over the year. Its new low-cost terminal, Billi, helped push international flights up 35 per cent on 2009, with 275,000 more passengers in a year. The resulting 10.3 per cent growth saw Bordeaux outperforming the other five main regional airports, with Nice (-2.3 per cent; 9,587,900 passengers), Marseille (+2.8 per cent; 7,337,900), Lyon (no 2010 figures) and Toulouse (+1.9 per cent; 6,324,000).

Bergerac’s new local rival, at Brive Vallée de la Dordogne, has confirmed that it has signed contracts for new flights linking Limoges, Nice and Corsica with Airlinair. The Limoges link, which sees flights to Brive and then Ajaccio, plus Brive to Limoges and then Nice, will help boost passenger figures at the airport, especially in the vital summer months. The new flights also give credibility to airport president Jean-Paul Nesti’s view that Brive could hit 100,000 passengers a year.

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have their own unique perceptions of the world based on their very own belief systems. The most innovative ideas, the greatest products, or a superior service succeed only when marketed within the context of customers’ perceptions. A good marketing plan can help you focus your energy and resources; and let’s face it, as a small business owner of any kind, anything that can help make the most of both your energy and resources is worth looking into.

Bergerac Airport lost 20 days’ service but still hit target


„ Interest rate applicable in case of late payment „ VAT scheme applicable to your activity. If no VAT is applicable, you will need to mention the reference of the relevant article in French tax law.

Marketing tips for small businesses Every month, we will look into a marketing tip for small businesses. Why bother with marketing, I hear you ask … What is marketing and why is it important to you as an entrepreneur? Simply stated, marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers. It covers a wide range of activities such as sales, PR, pricing, packaging, and distribution to name but a few. Marketing is your strategy for allocating resources, be it time or money, in order to achieve your objectives: hopefully a fair profit for supplying a great product or service. Marketing doesn’t begin with a great idea or a unique product. It begins with customers: the people who want or need your product and will actually buy it. Entrepreneurs are usually in love with their ideas, and so they should be, as most of them are, after all, ready to commit their energy, life savings and most of their sanity to them. However, it is not because entrepreneurs are passionate about their idea, product, or service, that they should innocently assume other people will feel the same… People, potential clients,

Business 15


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February 2011

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IF you have an item to sell or give away, if you are looking to buy or sell a home or a car or are offering accommodation, we can help. The Advertiser, the English-language community newspaper for the Dordogne, offers great visibility with our small adverts appearing in print and also online at our website www.dordogneadvertiser.com All readers offering items of a value of under €250 on a non-commercial basis can place an advert of up to 150 characters COMPLETELY FREE. Personal adverts, community items, job adverts and items involving animals and pets are also FREE for 150 characters. Adverts can be placed online at www.dordogneadvertiser.com and should appear on the site within one working day and in the next edition of the Dordogne Advertiser (the deadline is the fifth of the month for the next month’s print edition). If you are selling an item whose value is over €250 or are placing a commercial classified, you have three options for paid advertising. 1: Lineage. Up to 150 characters = €25 TTC. Up to 300 characters = €50 2: Bold lineage. Up to 150 characters in bold = €30 TTC. Up to 300 characters = €60 3: A special feature box: this is an ideal way to sell a property or a car. This comprises up to 150 (or 300) characters in a box with a colour photograph = €50TTC (or €75TTC for 300 characters).* See examples on this page. Rates are for one print edition and 45 days online. To place a paid-for advert of more than 150 characters please email the text to smallads@dordogneadvertiser.com and call us to make payment. *Item is not boxed but runs with a photograph on our website

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REF VBD05: Charming house in hamlet, 100m², living room with kitchen corner and chimney 35m², storeroom 5m² - 2 shower rooms, office 7m² - toilet - dressing room, 2 bedrooms, 10m² & 41m², roof terrace, courtyard. Price 81,100€ Tel: 05 53 03 76 05

€ 280,900 REF. 105 A beautiful stone built house in a small hamlet, a short drive from both Monpazier and Villereal. info@lapor teproper ty.com 56 bis rue St Jacques Monpazier 05 53 61 80 33


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Fat Liver Foie Gras Meat Terrine Pâté Legs Confit Cuisses Confit Winds Confit Manchons Confit Stuffed duck neck Cou Farci Breast Duck Magret de Canard Special Offer: - 1, 2 or 3 students. 650€ 3-4 hours at day during 2 days Next dates from 28 February. Have fun yourself or with family and friends Call Camilo Torres on 06 40 96 85 68

€ 656,250 REF.068 Equestrian property in 9 hectares with substantial family accommodation and outbuildings. info@lapor teproper ty.com 56 bis rue St Jacques Monpazier 05 53 61 80 33

GENERAL HOUSE WANTED - Wanted Traditional stone house in Perigord Noir region. Location and views most important factors. Preferably with some land. cash waiting. Contact 00441507 343915 or 00447778612096 DUCK COOKING CLASSES IN YOUR HOME - 5 Duck 100% from Perigord Included for you. Classes can be held in any home, cottage or villa kitchen. 80 kms. from Sarlat. English French

France based estate agency seeks representatives for ALL regions of France. Carte Blanche Agent Commercial Immobilier and generous (up to 70%) commission rates offered. Contact Ivan Tredinnick. Tel: 00 33 (0)5 45 82 42 93 Fax: 00 33 (0)5 45 36 27 95 E: property@bacchus-french-property.com W: www.bacchus-french-property.com Siret: 48034462100010

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – Solar Systems. Representing the World’s leading Solar Thermal company we seek business Partners to promote and install our products. We are a well established respected company and an officially registered Solar Thermal training organisation. Not a job but an opportunity with no initial financial outlay required. Tel: 05 53 62 31 35 or email marc@ecopower.eu.com

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February 2011


Transform work experience into a recognised certificate LAST month we looked at how to get UK qualifications recognised in France. If this proves too difficult, you can always try getting validation des acquis de l'expérience, (VAE) – proof of prior learning and work experience. This may in turn lead to getting a recognised professional diploma or certificate. You can get official recognition of experience from paid or unpaid work. It is available for all ages and no minimum qualifications are required. The only conditions are that you must have had at least three year’s experience full or part time, which doesn’t have to be continuous, and that it must be directly related to the professional certificate or diploma you are aiming for. If you have worked in France you must be up to date with your state contributions towards professional development contributions (Formation Professionnelle Continue) or you must be signed on as a job seeker. Previous on-the-job training is not taken into account. So if, for example, you studied three years for a teaching degree, but only worked for one year after obtaining your qualification, it is only the year actually worked that is taken into account. You would need to work another two years before being able to obtain the VAE. There are various stages to go through to obtain the VAE. Obvious ones, such as making sure you are eligible for the VAE, collecting information about your skills, knowledge and personal qualities that you have acquired throughout your experience and identifying the qualification you would like to obtain can all be done yourself. It is however advisable to visit your local Pôle Emploi who can guide you through the correct procedure and who also run VAE workshops. The final contents of what is needed in your file will be fixed by the body awarding the certificate or diploma. Evaluations are POLE-EMPLOI JOBS HIGHER EDUCATION ENGLISH TEACHER, Périgueux. 6 month contract, must speak French. Job offer n° 938200V ESTATE AGENCY sales person, Périgueux. Commission based work, beginner accepted. Job offer n° 538268V BILINGUAL CAMPSITE RECEPTION-

IST, Le Bugue. 2 month contract, experience prefered. Job offer n° 545038V WAITER/WAITRESS, Saint-Avit-deVialard.2 month contract, experience preferred. Jon offer n° 937995V HOTEL RECEPTIONIST, Champagnac-de-Belair. 8 month contract, experience a must. Job offer n° 934510V TRILINGUAL SECRETARY, Jumilhac-

Classifieds 17

Aquitaine chaplaincy church services SUNDAY FEBRUARY 6 10.30 Service of the Word - Bertric Burée 10.30 Holy Communion - Bordeaux 10:30 Morning Worship – Limeuil 11.00 Holy Communion - Doudrac 11.00 All-Age Worship - Sorges 11.00 Holy Communion - Ste Nathalène 16.00 Evensong – Bertric Burée WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 9 11.00 Holy Communion – Bertric Burée

different depending on the sector, some might require you to pass role play scenarios, some certificates require face to face interviews, others do not. Gaining a validation certificate is not automatic, you have to prove that you have worked and gained the necessary skills. If the awarding body decides that your are suitable for the full qualification, you will be given the certificate straight away. If they decide there is only enough experience for a partial validation, they will state what skills or knowledge still need to be acquired before being able to obtain the desired qualification. Some financial help is also available under certain conditions for job seekers. For further information or to locate your local Pôle Emploi office visit www.pole-emploi.fr le-Grand. 3 month contract, must speak French, English and Mandarin. Job offer n° 817560D HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH TEACHER, Montpon-Ménestérol. 1 month renewable contract, experience prefered. Job offer N° 544874V ENGLISH TEACHER, Le-Pizou. 7 month contract, lessons for children in their homes. Job offer n° 871750N BILINGUAL TELESALES PERSON,

Pessac. 8 month contract, 1 years experience prefered. Job offer N° 544795V ENGLISH TEACHER for adults, La Réunion, Lot-et-Garonne. 6 month contract, must have experience. Job offer n° 059589N HOTEL RECEPTIONIST, Bordeaux. 10 month contract, experience prefered. Job offer n° 939664V

How do I find a job near where I live in the Dordogne which needs an English-speaker?

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13 10.30 Holy Communion - Bertric Burée 10.30 Family Holy Communion Bordeaux 10.30 Holy Communion - Limeuil 10.30 Morning Prayer followed by Holy Communion - Monteton TUESDAY FEBRUARY 15 11.30 Holy Communion - Envals THURSDAY FEBRUARY 17 10.30 Holy Communion - Limeuil SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20 10.30 All Age Worship - Bertric Burée 10.30 Holy Communion - Bordeaux 10.30 Holy Communion Chancelade 10.30 Holy Communion - Dondas 10.30 Morning Worship - Limeuil 10.30 Prayer and Praise - Monteton 11.00 Service of the Word - Ste Nathalène TUESDAY FEBRUARY 22 11.00 Holy Communion - Sorges SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27 10.30 Holy Communion – Bertric Burée 10.30 All-Age Worship - Bordeaux 10.30 Holy Communion – Limeuil 10.30 Holy Communion – Monteton POITOU CHARENTES SUNDAY FEBRUARY 6 10.30 Holy Communion, Parish Church of Notre Dame de

Screen one 1. Go onto the Pôle Emploi website www.pole-emploi.fr 2. On the home page the screen is divided into red on the left for job seekers and green on the right for employers. 3. On the red section for job seekers click on the line Recherchez des Offres d'Emplois (Looking for Job Offers) as per the green arrow above . Screen two 5. Click on Recherche Avancée tab Screen three 6. Scroll down to the heading Formation et langues (qualifications and languages) and select anglais, to find jobs which require English then your commune or Dordogne department under Lieu de travai

Adverts placed here appear in print in the Dordogne Advertiser and on our website www.dordogneadvertiser.com Check the website daily to see what’s new Ads are FREE for any private individual wanting to sell an item under €250

Villejésus, near Aigre (16) 10:30 Holy Communion Temple Protestant Réformé Chef Boutonne (79) 10:30 Holy Communion meeting room to the left handside of the main courtyard at the Abbaye Saint-Jean Baptiste. Rue d’Aguesseau, 17400 Saint Jean D’Angely (17) . 18.00 Come and Worship “The Upper Room” by Civray Parish Church (86) FEBRUARY 11 18.30 Vepres Evensong Eglise Montbron SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13 10:30 Holy Communion Ambernac Parish Church 10:30 Morning Worship Foyer Protestant, rue Chabot in Jarnac. SUNDAY FEBRUARY 20 10:30 Holy Communion Magné parish Church (16) 10:30 Morning Worship meeting room to the left handside of the main courtyard at the Abbaye Saint-Jean Baptiste. Rue d’Aguesseau, 17400 Saint Jean D’Angely (17) 10:30 Holy Communion Le Temple Protestant Barbézieux 16) 10.30 Come and Worship, Dixieland Jazz Bar, 46 RUE HALLES, 16510 VERTEUIL SUNDAY FEBRUARY 27 10.30 Holy Communion, Foyer Protestant, rue Chabot in Jarnac. (16) 10.30 Morning Worship, La Rochefoucauld Parish Room 16 10.30 Holy Communion ,Parthenay, The Presbytére 13 rue d’la Citadele(79) map on web site 10.30 Childrens, Sunday Funday, 311 Open Door Civray 18.00 HP (BCP) Order 2 The Chapel St Nicolas De Civray (86)

18 Directory


The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

DORDOGNE DIRECTORY English-speaking firms near you For your security, we check that the French businesses in this section are officially registered with the authorities

Find registered tradespeople quickly and easily „ By advertising in our directory you get the chance to run advertorials (the news stories you see on these pages.) 1/3 page, maximum 500 words plus photo, €200HT 2/3 page, maximum 1,000

B&W Colour

€396HT €555HT


PENSION POUR CHATS NEAR SARLAT, OPEN-AIR, INSULATED AND HEATED CONTACT ANNA MASLEN 05 53 31 95 88 / 06 86 94 85 78 p.maslen@wanadoo.fr www.dordognecattery.fr

Chenil Les Mille Calins English Run

5 Star accommodation for Dogs/Cats Comprising of underfloor heated kennels Qualified staff Top Quality food and exercise Only 45 minutes south of Caen Convenient Ferry Access SAFETY COMFORT AND CARE FOR YOUR PET, PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU

www.goldenwaypets.com Telephone 02 33 37 49 19 Emergency 02 33 38 41 32 Fax 02 33 38 44 16


Experienced couriers specialising in pet travel between France / UK / Spain or within France. Pet passport advice. Tel: 0044 (0) 1483200123 Email: animals@animalcouriers.com Web: www.animalcouriers.com

GOLDENWAY INTERNATIONAL PETS World Wide Pet Transporter / Relocator Ministry approved No. 61195004 – 61195001 Offices CDG Airport Paris Offices and Kennels Normandy Tel: 01 48 62 87 25 CDG Paris Tel: 02 33 38 41 32 Normandy www.goldenwaypets.com Siret: 397549551


(31-45 words)

call 0800 91 77 56



€285 €399HT HT


47mm x 75mm



Light Purple


(16-30 words)


Dark Purple

47mm x 50mm


HOW TO BOOK AN ADVERT Choose the size of your advert from the examples on the left. You can have a black and white advert; or you can choose a colour from the list below. Finally, you can now chose to have rounded corners to the box to help make you advert stand out (See right). Then, when you have made your choice,

Light Green


} } }

€165HT €231HT

„ Want to advertise in our national paper The Connexion or sister paper in Normandy? Get 50% off your second directory advert

Dark Green

47mm x 25mm


„ We will keep you up to date with features and special events in your area of France in all our publications that could help to boost your business.

„ Your ad included in our online directory for FREE.

Light Blue


(1-15 words)

words plus photo, €400HT

Dark Blue

Directory adverts are available in 3 sizes and in colour or black and white.

Choose from these colours:

Advertise here ALL YEAR from 165HT Call free on just €1 0800 91 77 56 or email directory@connexionfrance.com










WAGS AND WHISKERS British owned boarding kennels and cattery 35 years experience

Tel: 05.65 35.46.51 tina.wagsandwhiskers@googlemail.com SIRET: 500607858

La Creme de la Creme Small, Caring, purpose built DOG FREE cattery near Nontron.

Tel: 05 53 56 05 17 email: colfi.day@gmail.com www.la-creme-de-la-creme.com siret 51963554400017

For a WELL-CARED and HAPPY dog


High Quality Kennel Airport Bergerac 35 km Beaumont du Périgord 6 km Contact us or visit our Web-site Tel: 06 30 58 41 79 05 53 58 20 12 info@lepouget-dordogne.fr www.lepouget-dordogne.fr

Regions Covered: Dordogne/Lot et Garonne/Lot - Siret 494 122 468 00023

POORPAWS DOG RESCUE Many rescue dogs seeking happy homes, from puppies to adults Call Sue on 0565245303 www.poorpaws.com

DOG FOOD Premium Quality Complete Dog Food Costs less than top brand equivalents - No Beef Bio Diet - Full range of products from puppy to senior, sensitive & overweight Delivered to your door Lot-et-Garonne & Southern Dordogne

TEL: 05 53 36 78 23 carina.penny@orange.fr SIRET: 503056061 00016

A sponsor of the charity ASHA for horses in need www.ashafrance.org

The Cats Inn

Luxury Cattery - Cales near Lalinde - Very Spacious Lots of Love and Attention Tel: Paula 05 53 24 14 42 paulaL24150@aol.com Siret No.520 980 269 00010

Animal Care

House Sitting Yours/mine First Aid 4Animals Cert, References established Animal Charities

Tel: 06 43 28 32 32 animalcarer1@hotmail.fr Siret ; u47011658505

Directory 19


February 2011

The Advertiser, Dordogne


Smart internet site beats the estate agents DURING the last days of 2010, the team of Houses on Internet got together to celebrate a highly successful year of selling French property. Richard Kroon, founder and director of the company that introduced a new way of marketing houses in France said: “It really was time to unwind after working so hard throughout the year. “The goals we set for 2010 had already been achieved in September and when everything you planned turns out so well, both for our clients and for us, working hard is no burden at all; it’s a pleasure.” Houses on Internet helps pri-

vate owners of French property sell their house, without using a traditional estate agent, by using modern marketing techniques on the internet and providing all the relevant information in three languages with on average 50 photos of each property. Richard Kroon said: “When I registered my new business with the chamber of commerce in January 2009 and explained to them what I had in mind, they were very enthusiastic, but questioned if the small fee of 2.5 per cent on a sale would be enough to make a decent living. They asked if I realised I would need to sell at


Architectes UK and French Registered Architects Dossiers for Permis de Construire Interior and Landscape design Ordre des Architectes No. 1867 Tel: 05 53 09 33 45 E: mail@parkes-ducellier.com W: www.parkes-ducellier.com Depts: 16,19,24,33,87 Siret: 488 165 564 00011

German Architect

Speaks good English and French, with new ideas concerning all your comprehensive renovations. Simply call: 05 53 56 52 27 Email: info.archides@gmx.net Siret: 508 895 372 Regions: Aquitaine


Renovation - new construction. Projects, all phases of construction. Sarl d'Architecture David Besse Architecte dplg Grange Neuve 24140 Saint Martin des Combes.

05 53 82 44 75 - 06 17 51 26 00 besse_archi@yahoo.fr

They asked if I realised at 2.5% commission I would need to sell at least three times as many properties as an agent who charges seven to 10%. Yes I do, I said, and I will Richard Kroon Director Houses on Internet

Richard Kroon believes his site’s success stems from a focus on what buyers want least three times as many properties as an agent who charges seven to 10 per cent to have the same income. Yes I do, I said, and I will." Easier said than done though. “It became obvious I could never do it alone, so within a


Specialists in Traditional Oak frames & Timber houses ______________

* Timber Frame homes - from supply of structural frames, through to turnkey homes * Extensions, Gazebos, Dorma windows, sun terraces, Garages, * Specialised in waterproofing timber roofs, green roofs and terraces. * SIP constructions ______________

Tel: 06-72-01-11-06

info@boisdarbreconstruction.com www.boisdarbreconstruction.com SIRET: 4899 5394 30011


Qualified Builder

15 Years Experience 10 Years Insurance Guarantee All Building/Groundworks undertaken Tel: 05 53 62 13 38 / 06 63 84 79 99 Email: cc-construction@itcsd.demon.co.uk www.cc-construction.fr


General Builder

City & Guilds qualified, 35yrs experience, reliable, ALL WORK GUARANTEED Tel: 05 53 80 42 91 Mob: +44 759 286 5010 Email: angelaharrisson@orange.fr 25km radius Mussidan(24) Siret: 51352715000017

few months I had fulltime team around me with specialists like myself in the fields of marketing, modern internet techniques, text editing and photography. “In addition to that, we have about 50 freelancers throughout France who act as local


ECO Timber Framed Houses

Renovation a Specialty Low Energy Consumer EQUALS Income Tax Rebates

JULIAN WILKES Tel: 05 53 53 96 97 Mobile: 06 72 16 46 26 Email:cdrwilkes@neuf.fr www.construction-designrenovation-24.com Siret: 403926702

JUST PLASTERING Ceilings, walls, floors Time served tradesman

24, 33, 47, other regions possible Contact Mike Tel: 05 53 58 17 19 Mob: 06 67 03 30 48 Email: thewebbsonweb@free.fr Siret no: 42424381400011

PC-TECHNICA Solutions to all your computing needs... PC Support/Sales & Website Design

Tel: 05 53 59 48 54 Email: contact@pc-technica.fr www.pc-technica.fr

contacts for our clients.” Richard added: “The year 2009 was not the best time to start a business selling realestate with the financial crisis going on. But we managed to perform better than the market and ended the year with a modest profit. The properties

Design, Planning Applications, Full Service, Project Management, Property Surveys, Expert Advice Tel: 05 65 21 11 45 / 06 85 53 02 32 Email: richard.stirrup@btinternet.com

3D CONSTRUCTION Family run building company with over 30 yrs experience

All construction works undertaken large or small incl. masonry, carpentry and roofing

websites from


including design, hosting and domain name

pennygraphics.net 02 33 90 92 15


For Accommodation and Tourist Businesses Including Holiday Auctions www.gitecompare.com france 4 savvy people


Boost your business with an affordable, high-performance website that you can edit yourself

www.rob-tomlinson.com Tel: 05 62 67 39 98 rt@rob-tomlinson.com

Renovation - New Build - Plastering Fosse septic Roofing - Guttering Maintenance & Repairs

Bergerac Renovation & Building


English Speaking Counselor. M. Glenys Forrester (B.Sc.psych.) (M.Sc. psych.)

All aspects of building work carried out. Established in the UK for over 20 years. Tel: 06 79 05 98 85 / 05 53 58 92 13 Email: Hewitt.chris@wanadoo.fr Web: www.hewittbuilders.com Depts: 24, 46 & 47 Siret: 49899034000016

From groundwork, fosse septiques, masonary, interiors, to rooves. Free estimates & advice

Tel: 05 53 81 60 73 christopher.jarrett@wanadoo.fr

J-C-T Building and Renovation

No job to small Free Estimate James Taylor 0673303753 n°siret: 51381108300015

Regions Covered 24,16,87 - Siret: 51913926500010

AMC DECORATORS Interior and exterior painting, Carpentry, Tiling, Partitioning, Dry lining, Wood restoration 28 years experience Tel/Fax: 05 49 67 85 93 Mobile: 06 70 01 47 69 Email: sallyclark2009@yahoo.fr

Depts 16, 17, 24, 31, 33, 37, 49, 79, 85, 86 - SIRET 48049335200029

Regions Covered: 24,47 Siret: 47794615600015

Tel: 05 53 05 80 17 Mobile: 06 71 40 35 39 danaherone@aol.com Siret:51064303400018

Repointing, Plasterboarding, windows, doors installed. Translations, planning permissions. Tel: 05 53 56 36 89 Email: daveindordogne@sfr.fr www.dordognedave.webs.com

siret : 51126834400013

Tel: 06 19 50 34 28 Email: alankeenano@gmail.com

Siret 48271017500019

Chris Danaher

Call Sara & Terry 05 53 80 63 93 / 06 84 09 54 80 www.stardecor.fr

all wall & floor tiling, pool surrounds, terraces, concrete & sand / cement work, plasterboarding

“Quality & Reliability” 35 Years Experience Tel : 05 57 47 48 19 Email : pessacweb@yahoo.co.uk

20 Years Experience FREE ESTIMATES

Experienced painter & decorator uses Dulux paint tinted to any colour in the Dulux range.





alan keenan

siret: 505 346 676 00016

Tel: 06 31 21 32 04 Email: simon.dobson@neuf.fr



English and French Decorating, Pointing and Rendering.

MGF Counselling Services

Based nr. Sarlat Free estimates - References available

www.housesoninternet.com 05 55 65 12 19

Penny Graphics

Regions: All France Siret: 419 490 297 00027


that were sold though during that year were mostly priced between €100,000 and €200,000. “This last year has been completely different. Not only did we sell the houses to buyers from no less than 12 different countries, proving that we are able to reach a global audience, but also in all price ranges, up to €2 million.” The secret of this successful business is not really a mystery, Richard Kroon said. “First, you need to think as a potential buyer and give them exactly what you would want if you were looking for a property to buy. Second, you need to understand that you are not the only one who is trying to sell. So you have to advertise more, supply more information, more and better photos and you need to do it immediately, not after one week, because by then you will already have lost today's buyers,” he added.

Offering individual / couples counselling. (Depression, Stress, illness, bereavement etc).

FREE 1/2 hour consultation-In Office or by Telephone without further obligation.

Tel: 05 53 50 07 28 Mob: 06 47 17 60 78 Email: mglenys.forrester@gmail.com Web: www.mgfcounselling.com Regions Covered: All - Siret: 520 314 824

La Petite Maison des Langues

38, rue Jean Jaurès, 24800 THIVIERS Tel: 05 53 52 49 91 E: lapetitemaisondeslangues@orange.fr W: www.lapetitemaisondeslangues.com Learn French and feel at home again ! Small groups, 1to1, weekly or intensive courses and translations

LE FRANCAIS CHEZ VOUS Tailor made tuition in French at your home or Castel-Merle, 24290 Sergeac. Amanda and Emilie Millinship

Tel: 05 53 50 04 68 www.lefrancaischezvous.com Dordogne

20 Directory


CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS All legal translations by FrenchEnglish speaking sworn translator

Property-legal-birth cert., driving licences Administrative help Expat assistance Valid everywhere with 25 years of experience Regions : All FRANCE Karen RENEL-KING Tel: 06 18 03 18 38 Email: karen.king@wanadoo.fr Web: www.certifiedfrenchtranslation.com Fast and affordable Siret: 38058374000028


You Can Learn French !

Language and Leisure in Languedoc - Learn at your own speed - In private lessons With professional British teacher Study-Holidays in stunning scenery: Tuition Plus self-catering Accommodation. Tel: 06 78 15 19 29 www.cours-a-cucugnan.com Email: campbellclaire53@yahoo.fr Regions Covered: All france Siret: 521701474

Kennedy Electricite Services Installation, rewires and repairs. 18 years experience. Fully insured. No job too small. Contact Justin or Melissa Kennedy. Tel: 05 55 56 37 36 Email: justin.kennedy@orange.fr



HOME - CAR - HEALTH We insure UK registered cars ENGLISH SPOKEN (call Angeline) - 02 33 49 12 34 agence.lecluze@axa.fr


Rates from 1.9% Professional & Independent sample, 100k, equity release from 200euros per month*

Tel FR: 05 53 79 43 62 / 06 84 47 62 76 UK: 0044 ( 0)1491 571 955

E: martinporter@frenchmortgageservices.co.uk * subject to terms


For people who live in / own property in France Straight-forward, honest advice on the best house, car, life & health insurance policies for you Over 15 years experience in French insurance markets English, Dutch & German spoken.

Garden Maintenance Hedge Trimming - Trees Cutting - Strimming General Property Maintenance Property checks/Keyholding Photo updates Contact Barry On Tel: 05 53 29 03 52 Mobile: 06 24 07 31 14 E: paula.grainger@wanadoo.fr Dept 24 - Radius 50 kms Sarlat Siret: 49372365400015

IN DEEP PISCINES Maintenance, leak detection, servicing, repairs

tel: 05 53 22 79 18 / 06 84 68 84 92 email: indeeppiscines@gmail.com

regions: 47, 32, 82, 24, 33 - siret: 504576802100020

Simon & Julia Holt 0619 071121 or 0553 620152

Do you want to sell your house quickly? Our fee is only 2.5%

Please feel welcome to contact:

Mr Pierre CHERON (Expert-Comptable)

on TĂŠl: Email: contact@execopartners.com www.execopartners.eu

DORDOGNE PROPERTY AGENCY www.dordognepropertyagency.com The premier British owned estate agency for buying or selling a property in the Dordogne PĂŠrigord region. 30 years combined experience of French Property

Tel: 0033 (0) 5 53 80 62 62 www.dordognepropertyagency.com


AGENCE CLASSIC FRENCH HOMES Exclusively Prestige Property â‚Ź750,000 plus. Knight Frank Representative For Dordogne, N Lot-et-Garonne and E Gironde

Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, Elevated Photography as standard Contact Michelle or Anick 05 53 23 32 13

www.classic-french-homes.com Siret: 491 449 328 00021

Siret: 509 528 014 00012

Ambiance Marquees Framed Marquees and Accessories, Portable Toilets for hire. Weddings, Private and Corporate Events. Tel: 09 63 29 02 69 / 05 57 69 63 81 Mob: 06 30 94 78 28 Email: cjtapping@gmail.com www.ambiancemarquees.com

Dep 33, 24, 47, 16, 17 - Siret: 50997567800012

Timber, Stone & Metal

Tel: 0553589213 - Mobile: 0679059885 Email: hewitt.Chris@wanadoo.fr Web: www.hewittbuilders.com Depts: 24, 46 & 47 - Siret: 49899034000016

www.swansolar.eu Supply & Installation of :

• Solar domestic hot water systems • Solar swimming pool systems • Wood boiler stoves • Plumbing services Tel : 05 53 63 43 87 / 06 06 41 08 85 Email : maswan@live.co.uk All depts covered Siret 50406233200011


Email: enquiries@stoves.fr Tel: 05 53 84 36 81 Mobile: 06 72 02 88 29

Concrete Piscines. Cost effectively engineered. No expensive over design, expertly constructed Order now for 2011. stpoolsfrance@gmail.com Stuart Roberts B.Sc (c.eng) Phone: 0553914518 - Siret 503932857

Masters Energy Solutions

We Specialise in buying and selling Left Hand Drive quality vehicles.

www.masters-energies.com Tel:05 55 78 66 35

CafĂŠ Church in Bergerac An English speaking approach to contemporary Christianity SUNDAYS February 27 - March 27th Tea and cake from 5pm Cafe Church until 6:30


Phil B Entreprise

Rear Of 55 Cowley Road, Uxbridge UB8 2AE Tel: +44 (0)208 8487407 Tel: +44 (0)1895 81 23 23 Mobile: +44 (0)7811 784766

We have a variety of cars mostly on French/Spanish and English registrations. We have over 11 years of professional experience in the motor trade. Web: Heathrowlhdcentre.com E: info@heathrowlhdcentre.com

The One Stop Shop for all your energy needs Siret 451 371 579

Experienced and registered

Ceramic floor and wall tiler For a professional Service / Quotation Contact 2447 Carrelage Tel: 05 53 57 12 19 Email: occitane6@orange.fr Regions 24/47 and surrounding SIRET: 4844699200014



Sandblasting service for Wood, Metal and Stone. Floor sanding service / hire available. Tel: 05 55 78 43 71 / 06 67 81 63 46 www.sandandblast.com

(city & guilds) 35 years experience. Bathrooms, kitchens, central heating. Based St Foy le Grand.

Areas: 87, 16, 24

Depts. 24, 33.

Tel: 0553570016 - Mob: 0661531350 Email: stephen.howe@wanadoo.fr Siret:4974 1837 200019


RENOVATIONS, AIR-CONDITIONING SOLAR SYSTEMS - TOTALGAZ APPROVED INSTALLER Contact: Wayne Merry Mob: 06 85 58 64 65 Tel: 05 53 64 34 05 Email:wayne.merry@sfr.fr


SURFACES Polished Concrete Floors, Walls, Worktops Sinks & Furniture

STONE & TILE Restoration, Colouring, Sealing. Web: www.surfaces24.com Email: info@surfaces24.com

Tel: 06 82 38 21 12

New Year –New Shape!


Our program includes:

• Personal Weight Loss Coach • Continuing Support • Long Term Coaching • Nutrition Education • Great Key Tips & Advice • Personalised W8Loss Profile

For FREE Sample Pack Text ‘W8L’ and ‘NAME’ to

06 26 54 98 77


Experienced British Carers. Genuinely caring people who provide a better quality of life. Call Joyce on - 05 53 23 44 38 Email - adeleadams@talktalk.net

QUALIFIED ARTISAN - QUALIGAZ REGISTERED - FRENCH REGISTERED BUSINESS 12 MONTH WARRANTY ON ALL WORK FULLY INSURED DEPT 24, 33 AND 47 Contact. Morris Whitehead Tel. 05 53 58 38 62 Email: morriswhitehead@wanadoo.fr

Siret 51500573400014


The viable alternative to sandblasting or stripping.


farmers in France.

Bespoke insulated packaging used for delivery throughout France. Raymond&Sophie Hicks www.boucheriealaferme.com Tel: 05 55 97 95 66 Mob: 06 45 51 34 58

All Types of Sand blasting carried out


BOUCHERIE A LA FERME Traditional English family butchers and British style Beef, bacon, Sausages, gammons pork & lamb

siret: 510 011 554 00019


S.A.R.L St Pool Piscines et Construction

For more details contact Rev. Derek & Pam Cook derekcook3@sky.com www.christiansindordogne.com

Tel: 05 55 65 12 19

Areas: 24 33 47 Call 05 53 58 09 32 or 06 58 92 09 97

Maintenance, 25 years experience, Registered Artisan Tel: 05 53 23 77 05 (Rob) Regions: Dept 24 - Siret: 501 098 883 00017

Inc Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Based 47, 24

Sponsored by and held at L'Eglise Evangelique Libre de Bergerac, 5 Rue Durou


English Kitchens/ Bathrooms/appliances direct from UK manufacturers Full range of French kitchens supplied Free design/planning service Installations/Makeovers/ Installations Only/Tiling Granite and Stone worksurfaces available

PROPERTY ODD JOBS Painting + Decorator, General Property

Siret: 477 897 565 000 16

Every Sunday June and July

Find out how on:

G. W.

Makeovers & Design

Siret: 49397835700017

RCS Auch B479 400 657 - Regions: All France

Accounting, Payroll, Business Setup and registration, Individual & Business Taxation and more...

Siret No 453 419 236 00022

All Building Works Undertaken

www.insurance.fr Tel: 33 00 05 62 29 20 00 Email: cover@insurance.fr

Certified Accountants (FR) Serving English Clients in France

Tel : 05 65 27 17 60 / 06 14 58 15 86 Email: philip.gould@neuf.fr

ELECTRONIC DIAGNOSTICS GEARBOX REPAIRS Tel: 05 45 62 27 20 www.landypoint.net mailorder welcome

simon.holt@wanadoo.fr www.pretaplongerpools.com

Philippe Schreinemachers


Fencing, Paving, Patios, Decking, Garden clearance, Tree Felling, Repointing Stonework.

PrĂŞt Ă Plonger Piscine installation, repairs & maintenance. Bespoke pools, no project too big or small. Complete package including groundwork, terracing/decking and pool security.

February 2011

Lot and Dordogne Fencing

Garden & Property Services

Regions 87/24 Siret 503 417 04000014


The Advertiser, Dordogne

Email: renaissance-beams@live.fr www.renaissance-beams.com

Siret No. 480 789 197 00013


www.realheating.com info@realheating.com TĂŠl: 05 53 90 46 34 Siret: 4119 419 830

Plumbing, Central & Underfloor Heating Bathrooms, Solar systems, Woodburners.

A Man With a Digger >>

Driveways Terracement Foundations etc >> |  ii/do@hotmail.fr

0555851105/0685520157 siret no: 400564266


Mini digger hire from 100 euros per day HT Hammer and accessories available. Sarlat area. SARL Maxima Tel April on: 06 13 23 22 49 Fax: 05 53 29 62 65 sarlmaxima@yahoo.fr Siret no. 498 524 032 000 14

The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

Directory 21


ADVERTISING FEATURE Has France lived up to your expectations? Simon: Absolutely, we really love it here. We enjoy the sense of community, the weather, the environment and surroundings. It’s a great place to live, especially with our business as we work in the outdoors all year round. Although the weather can prove to be demanding at times, we always appreciate the beautiful landscapes and the openness of the countryside. Julia: Even at this time of year, working outside is very satisfying. We work in the snow and in the scorching sun, one of our clients remarked that we are extreme pool builders because of the weather conditions we work in.

Extreme pool builders explain Prét à Plonger are a French-registered enterprise based in the Dordogne, specialising in pool installation and renovation. The company is husband and wife team, Simon and Julia Holt. Like many people, their decision to move here was for an improved work life balance, a new culture and a new way of life

solaire power

renewable energies solar systems - wood boilers www.solaire-power.eu info@solaire-power.eu 05 53 56 26 36

Regions: Aquitaine Siret: FR 64493914576

Balcony & Stair Railings Window & Door Grills.

Manufacture/Repair/Installation. williamsonsteel.com williamson_steel@yahoo.com

05 53 90 20 17

STAR SATELLITE British TV in France

SECURITY SYSTEMS Alarm calls up to 4 numbers if activated. NO ANNUAL CONTRACTS OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Wireless or wired. Cameras with 24/7 recording + Internet access. Security lighting.

Regions: Dordogne and surrounding Departments Siret: 50196266600019

General Building

Roofing, loft and barn conversion and property renovations. Depts 24, 19, 87 Full team of skilled registered tradesmen charles@hautefortrenovation.com www.hautefortrenovation.com Tel/fax: 05 53 50 12 39 Mobile: 06 84 53 08 39


DOMESTIC,COMMERCIAL & RURAL Dept 19 & adjoining Robin Loten 0555 736918/0615186308




• Weekly Service • Full & Part Loads • Container Storage • BAR Members • On-line Quotation • Internet Shopping Deliveries

Tel: 06 34 16 47 09

00 44 1722 414350 info@reflexmoodys.com www.reflexmoodys.com

Regions Covered: 24, 33, 17, 16 SIRET 50793843900019

Company Regn No: UK 5186435 TVA / VAT No: UK 864 7217 04

E: peter@aquitainealarmes.com W: www.aquitainealarmes.com


BskyB Qualified - For All Your Satellite Needs

Tel: 05 53 80 63 93 Email: contact @starsatellite.fr Web: www.starsatellite.fr

Do you just build pools? Simon: We undertake all pool-related works, from leaky skimmers, through to complete pool packages with terracing, pool houses and landscaping. We have found an increased demand for pool renovations which is fairly inexpensive and the results are amazing. Julia: Changes such as a new liner and jet washing the terrace can totally transform the pool. We also provide pool maintenance, which is usually on an annual basis. However we have clients who only require opening the pool at the start of the season and the closing of the pool at the end.

The World's Leading Solar Systems Tel: 05 53 62 31 35


Weekly services to & from France. Full or part loads, 4 wks free storage, 25 Years experience Contact: Anglo French Removals Tel: +44 (0)1233 660 963 Email: anglofrench333@aol.com www.anglofrench.co.uk siret : 48777270900019



European transport & storage


ENGLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN Scheduled collection and delivery service guaranteed Established 30 years in the industry



WWW.everkinetiq.fr info@everkinetiq.fr

www.murrayharper.com Tel: (0034) 952 793 422 or (0034) 952 807 692 info@murrayharper.com

Siret: 523 767 705 00016

Regular collection / deliveries from UK, and S/W France. Removals, on-line shopping, DIY products. Friendly professional service. Tel: 06 04 01 73 59 Email: info@aclighthaulage.com Web: www.aclighthaulage.com

NEW UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS FACIAS & SOFFITS SUPPLIED & FITTED CALL FOR FREE QUOTE Depts 24, 46 & 47 Tel 05 53 58 92 13 / 06 79 05 98 85 Email: Hewitt.chris@wanadoo.f Website www.hewittbuilders.com Siret 49899034000016

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Has the economic downturn affected your business? Julia: It is essential to be organised and have a plan for forthcoming work. Year on year, we have increased our turnover. We hope that this trend will continue as a considerable proportion of our new work is by referral from existing clients. Simon: We now have a website which has proved to be very helpful for new clients, as they can read the testimonials and see our work. We are not a large company which allows us to be more flexible and provide a customer-led approach.


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Where can I find the plan local d’urbanisme and what is it?

February 2011

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Re-pointing is easy with mortar Photo: © Yvann K - Fotolia.com

THE plan local d’urbanisme (PLU) details different zones and planning regulations of communes, setting out the boundaries of farmland, natural parks and areas where development is permitted. PLUs were introduced in 2000, but following reforms in the environmental laws Grenelle 2, passed last July, many are undergoing revisions, such as integrating other local plans such as those pertaining to transport. You should be able to consult them at your local mairie. (Larger, more technically minded towns and cities may have copies online, such as Lyon’s at http://plu.grandlyon.com) All construction projects must comply with the PLU, which can even stipulate the types of materials used in some cases. Overall they delineate urban areas (zones urbaines, marked with a U), zones for development (zones à urbaniser, marked AU), agricultural land (zones agricoles, marked A) and natural and forested land (zones naturelles et forestières, marked with an N). They regulate the density of housing, the delineation of industrial and commercial areas. In various annexes, the PLU also contains medium- and long-term planning projects. These also include charts of noise levels in areas near airports, the sewage and water network. The PLU needs to be compatible with a range of other plans such as the programme local de l’habitat (PLH), which looks in more details at the state of local

The Advertiser, Dordogne

PLUs mark areas for development and protection and are found at your mairie housing, plans for natural parks and other protected areas, historic town centres etc. Since the Grenelle laws, the PLU also needs to include planning methods that would help to reduce the production of CO2 in the area. Until recently, any changes to the PLU needed at least a public consultation. In February 2009. a simplified procedure to

modify the PLU was introduced for changes such as correcting errors, changes to some construction rules, decreasing construction zones by up to 20 per cent etc. These no longer need an official public consultation; however, the public should be informed that such changes are taking place. In very small communes a carte communale, a simplified version, is used.

25% spend half income on homes ONE quarter of people in France spend half their income on lodging. Despite most landlords and agencies placing a traditional cap of 33 per cent of earnings when considering tenants, a study by Seloger/Ifop found in practice many people were spending more. The study of 1001 people also found seven per cent were living in accommodation they considered dirty and unhygenic, or were very close to losing their accommodation owing to their inability to pay.

Property dreams don’t meet reality ONLY 58 per cent of French people own their own homes, despite 74 per cent saying they would like to. The level is one of the lowest in the EU. Leading the list is the Spanish, with 84 per cent of the population owning a home, 78 per cent in Belgium and 71 per cent in the UK. However France is still ahead of the Netherlands (54 per cent) and Germany (42 per cent), the survey by the European Savings Institute found.

Home owners are jobless for longer HOMEOWNERS take around 30 per cent longer to find a job than those who rent because they lack flexibility, according to a study by the Centre d'analyse stratégique, which compared the length of time people of similar professions and social classes spent looking for work.

Re-pointing walls is satisfying and relatively easy MANY people come to France and buy an old property in the country that usually needs some renovation. Unless you already have experience in the building trade, many of the tasks can seem quite daunting, but there is one job that, although quite laborious, can give satisfying results and is relatively easy to do: re-pointing walls. Not only does re-pointing walls immediately lift the look of a house, but a well pointed wall is also essential for good insulation. The first step is to choose the right mortar. With old stone houses, it is now advised that you should never use cement, not even a small amount. Lime mortars are the best; they might seem soft, and to the layman this could be synonymous with less strength, but lime mortar has the very important capacity of allowing the walls breath. It lets moisture in the wall come to the surface, allowing it to evaporate, while still preventing rain and water entering the house. Lime mortar also doesn’t shrink or crack, and self-heals any small cracks that might appear. It is also environmentally friendly. The usual ratio mix for mortar is 3:1 sharp sand/hydrated lime, but it is best to check with your supplier as ratios can change depending on the lime used. Also take into account the colour sand you buy, as this will change the colour of the mortar; however, there are limes that come in different colours to resolve this problem. The consistency is important as well; it should be as thick as possible, but also easy to apply into the smallest of joints. Walls should be well prepared; pre-wet the walls slightly using a fine spray, thoroughly clean the joints a large soft brush, remove any debris and dust. Once this is done, wet the walls again; all existing mortar needs to be damp as well as the stones. Apply the mortar with a trowel making sure all gaps are well filled; it’s best to be heavy-handed and apply more than needed than not enough. Don't worry about trying to get the wall to look perfect straightaway; the beauty of lime mortar is that you can remove any unwanted bits for several hours afterwards, unlike cement. To do this once it has started to harden, use a soft wire brush and gently brush over the tops of stones and in joints that might be too prominent. It can take several days for the mortar to dry completely. This technique can be used for both inside and outside the home. Indoors you might like to add a layer of lime wash, which will brighten up the house and reduce the amount of dust produced. See our offers of the month on The Advertiser's classified pages

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

Gardening Facts

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Mayenne53 Plantes et Bulbes

A clump of snowdrops

Property 23


Houses for sale in and around Dordogne Buying or selling a property in or around the Dordogne? We can help. Our website www.connexionfrance.com carries details of more than 14,000 homes for sale across France. We also feature properties for sale in this dedicated section of The Advertiser every month. Use the code under each property to find out more on the website. For sellers, the adverts are also displayed

across a range of popular English-speaking websites which ensures they are seen by thousands of potential buyers EVERY day. Prices start at €119TTC for a year’s online advertising. Online advertisers can also place adverts in The Advertiser for an extra €60TTC for one month, €150TTC for three and €275TTC for six. Contact us on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email sales@connexionfrance.com

More details on all these properties - and how to contact the seller directly can be found in the property for sale section of www.connexionfrance.com Simply enter the code under each home to find out more

Divide your snowdrops SNOWDROPS are the first flowers to grow again as the winter draws to an end and dividing them helps make them look even better next year. From one year to the next, clumps widen, making splashes of white in the garden. Dividing them every three to four years helps keep them flowering well and is a chance to spread them to other areas. The end of the flowering period is the ideal time to do this. Wait until the flowers have bloomed and before the leaves turn yellow. Check if the soil is moist before removing and water it if not. Carefully dig around the clump of plants to a level below the roots with a trowel and lift it up whole, taking care not to damage the roots. Separate the bulbs, teasing them apart and washing off the soil on them with a water spray. Replant the largest ones immediately, either in a sunny or half-shaded place, and place 10 near each other in groups, about two bulbs-widths apart, which will quickly give you attractive clumps. Plant the bulbs about 8cm deep, adding a little compost in the bottom of the hole and ensuring that some green leaf is above the ground. Take off wilted flowers and water the plants thoroughly before packing down the earth. If your soil tends to retain water too much, you could improve the drainage by adding some sand to the planting hole. Put the smallest bulbs in pots full of soil mixed with sand for them to grow bigger. You can replant them the following year. Snowdrops thrive with extra humus. Once a year, think about putting down some dead leaves on top of them or some well broken down compost. Some other kinds of plant can also benefit from being divided at this time of year, such as aconites, agapanthus (lily of the Nile) and summer-flowering hardy perennials. This time of year is also a good moment to treat your lawn with iron sulfate to get rid of moss. You then need to think about putting down some lime every two or three years, because this chemical makes the soil more acidic. You can also help keep your grass healthy by spreading over it a fine layer of compost. In warmer parts of the country, it may be time to give the lawn a first cut if it has grown too much during the winter. This is also the right time for sowing a new lawn.

Mayenne 53 Garden Supplies

Bare-root trees available to order now! www.mayenne53.com Tel 02 43 13 06 56 jardinerie53@gmail.com



Brantome Near Brantôme and at the heart of the village with shops, village house to restore with enclosed garden. 7 rooms including 4 with fireplace for a total area of 187m2.

Périgueux Le Bourg is a beautiful traditional French house which sleeps 4, situated at the heart of a pretty French village. The house was formerly the village post office.

REF: 5216087

REF: IFPC20475



L’illac-de-Cercles A well presented 2 Bedroom Cottage, situated in a picturesque hamlet in the Perigord National park with truly stunning views.... must be seen.

Piegut Pluviers This pretty hamlet house with 2 bedrooms comes with an 890m2 sqm garden and two small barns (45 and 54m2).

REF: FP-18084CF24

REF: 33517



Dordogne Located south from Sarlat, in a lovely village of Black Perigord with basic shops, this stone house proposes 2 bedrooms and a large terrace.

Dordogne Stone house in lovely country site. The house comprises: living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It is possible to create two bedrooms and a bathroom on the attic of 90m . REF: DOM1192

REF: 300194



Riberac This 3 bedroom house is set in a 1 acre garden and comes with a swimming pool, a pool house, a garage, a wine cellar and views.

REF: 18560

Siorac-en-Périgord This charming stone house was completely restored in 1990 and comprises, Living room 35m2 with fireplace French windows opening into the garden, kitchen, Bathroom, 2 Bedrooms. REF: FPBH3011C



Dordogne Stone village house comprising: living room, kitchen, dining room, 4 bedrooms, bathroom and WC. Basement of around 140m . Covert parking for 3 cars in garden of around 800m . REF: 200346

Riberac 3 bedroom house completely restored, sitting room with wonderful fireplace, attached barn, cave.

REF: R6830



Dordogne 100m2 3 bedroom house set in 980m2 of land with swimming pool. Fully restored and ready to live in. REF: 300183

Cumond Stone and tiled property, situated in a hamlet in a peqaceful setting, with a garden area of 3930m2 which is surrounded by water. Terrace. 2 outbuildings attached to the property. REF: CUMOND5536



Monpazier Artractive stone house situated in a small hamlet comprising an entrance hall, large living room, kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 WC, back kitchen and garage. REF: FPBR2233M

Dordogne Stone house build in 1970 comprising: entrance, living room with chimney, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and office (total of 136m ). Garage with workshop and attic of 45m . REF: 200336

The adverts above cost from just €179TTC for a whole year of web advertising and one edition of advertising in The Advertiser. 10,000 copies of The Advertiser are distributed at key points across department 24 including Bergerac and Brive-Vallée de la Dordogne airports. Let our distribution get you a sale. Contact our sales team on 0800 91 77 56 (freephone in France) or email sales@connexionfrance.com

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The Advertiser, Dordogne

February 2011

Mammoth helpings for dinner by KIRSTEN STROUD WHEN you are invited to a prehistoric meal, it’s hard to imagine what you will be served: mammoths are no longer around, so what else could be on the menu? I found out at the Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac. Based in the former Hotel du Parc, which had two Michelin stars in the 1980s, the Park is the school’s on-site restaurant where students put into practice what they learn. Created with just 21 students in 1988, the school has grown to more than 200 and is one of the most highly respected in its domain in France. Since 2004 it has worked with Thames Valley University and Stratford-upon-Avon college to offer Foundation and Bachelor degrees in hospitality management and, in 2009, joined Brighton University to offer a European Bachelor degree. Most lessons are in English, apart from the European option, which includes a third language; students spend at least half the time in the UK, with Spain and Germany being the options for the European course. During the year, students are challenged to come up with a concept for a dinner and organise it from beginning to end, managing everything from budget, purchases and personnel to preparing and serving the meal. The prehistoric meal was the Foundation students’ idea, down to the decoration of piles of stones adorned with “mammoth” bones, a

Nostradamus scholar dies as he works on 10th book SOUNDS tasty? Here are some dates for your diary: Feb 2 – In the style of... Marcus Wareing 16€ Feb 3 – In the style of Gary Rhodes 16€ Feb 9 – Italian Night 18€ Feb 11 – Moroccan Night 18€ prehistoric painting named Lascaux 4 and even some rather hairy cavemen. Home-made cocktails were set before the guests and then it was into the dining room. Written on slates, the menu had people speculating what was to be served; everything seemed wild: wild salad, wild boar, wild rice. Images of wild students serving us flitted through my mind, but they were very dignified and polite.

Feb 16 – Japanese Night 18€ Feb 23 – Blue Elephant Thai Night 18€ Feb 24 –Vegetarian Night 18€ For more information, and to book a table, contact lepark@laposte.net The meal was delicious and peppered with surprises. The wild salad turned out to be quail and frogs legs, followed by some burnet leaves and parsley roots. But the real wow of the evening was the wild rice dessert, a prehistoric rice pudding with summer fruits and home-made cookies. What made it stand out was the originality of the platters, as the students used tree

trunk rings, giving the course a truly prehistoric feel. With help and advice from lecturers David Potter and Chris Binham the students came up with a very professional and enjoyable evening. The school is always on the look-out for English-speaking diners so the students can practise their language skills: contact the school at the email address above.

NOTED Nostradamus scholar Jean-Charles de Fontbrune, above, has died in Brive-la-Gaillarde. He was 75. Born in Sarlat, Mr de Fontbrune found fame in 1980 with his book Nostradamus: Historian and Prophet, which matched the quatrains of the 16th-century astrologer with real events, including European wars, the two world wars and Hitler’s rise. Hundreds of thousands of French people bought his book after he was said to have predicted the election of François Mitterrand in 1981. He was working on his tenth Nostradamus volume when he died.

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Dordogne Advertiser - February 2011  

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