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FASHIONISTA A sequential art student’s perspective on fashion


4 PLAY A tour of our favorite music venues


SOCIETY OF SEX An exploration of the Madonna/whore dichotomy in modern culture


LEED ATLANTA A look inside Atlanta’s LEED certified structures


AN INTERVIEW WITH ROYALTY Meet the man behind King of Pops


STYLE Fashion Spread


STUDENT SHOWCASE An interior design and illustration design student are featured


CREATIVE WAYS TO SPEND YOUR SUMMER Discover what to do in Atlanta this summer

Spring quarter is my favorite quarter because the reward for finishing it is summer break. After a year of tough critiques and all-nighters that last entire quarters, the city celebrates our success. Saturated in pollen or not, the city comes alive again. In Atlanta, spring marks the start of beer/peach/barbecue festivals, neighborhood block parties, outdoor concerts and allergy attacks. It’s awesome.














CONTRIBUTORS COVER PHOTO Photographer: Ryan Patrick

STAFF PHOTOS Photographer: Alexander Hadjidakis

FASHIONISTA Illustrator: Akiel Guzman

4 PLAY Photographer: Ryan Patrick

SOCIETY OF SEX Illustrator: Erin McManness

LEED ATLANTA Photographer: Samantha Osiecki

AN INTERVIEW WITH ROYALTY Writer: Hally Jospeh Photographer: Emily Schultz

STYLE Photographer: Stephen Archer Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Anya Mathis



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Atlanta’s robust music scene owes a huge debt to the city’s variety of venues. Each concert spot flaunts a distinct personality, flair and appeal. The following four locations are just a small sprinkling of what our southern music mecca has to offer, but more than enough to stay on the cusp of what’s happening around town.


TABERNACLE Downtown When you set foot in Tabernacle, you know you’re stepping on rhythmically hallowed ground. Born as a church, it was once a medical center and a House of Blues before a brief death and resurrection following the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games. Today the chandelier-adorned, wood-carved, acoustically-blessed venue spreads the gospel of good grooves with acts ranging from Sufjan Stevens to Luis Enrique, Soundgarden to Vampire Weekend, A$AP Rocky to The Raconteurs. The Tabernacle offers a spacious ground floor and two upper floors with seating and amazing overhead views of the stage. Also, the staff is sweet enough not to deliver you to the po-pos should they catch you crowd surfing. Expect to pay between $5 and $10 to park.






Marietta Street Artery

Old Fourth Ward

East Atlanta

Terminal West lies on the west-

Chances are, if you were ever a

The Earl is your cure for dive

ernmost edge of Midtown and is

teenager/young adult in Atlanta

bar withdrawal and basement

one of Atlanta’s newest venues.

for any length of time, you’ve

music itch. The big plus is that it

Its modern rustic meets urban

been to the Masquerade. Broken also serves food. Located in East

industrial vibe courts such acts

down into four venue spaces,


Atlanta this spot looks like the

as Wick-It The Instigator, Donna Hell, Heaven, Purgatory and the The Buffalo, Ghostface Killah open-air music park, the Mas-

product of a shotgun wedding

and Mobb Deep. With

querade has hosted every

Clermont Lounge. While the

free parking, three reasonably

MySpace punk/pop/hardcore/

place can get pretty smoky,

priced bars, impressive ven-

metal/rap band you’ve ever

don’t let your inability to breathe

tilation for consistently cool

pretended not to like. They’ve

deter you from dining. The

environs and seizure-inducing

also hosted acts like Radiohead, menu, which features such

concert lighting, it’s easy to see

Passion Pit and Mac Miller.

items as jerk tuna, Irish nachos

why this place is a crowd favor-

Inside you’ll find dark, dank

and greenie meanie chicken,

ite. There’s even an outside bar

hallways that smell faintly of

is nothing short of tasty. This

with a sound system so smokers mold and dust, uneven won’t miss a beat. My only beef stairways and floorboards that



between Cracker Barrel and

unpretentious venue is known for acts like The Zeros, Red

is the small upper balcony which make you feel as if they’re about Kross, Snarky Puppy and Lee is cramped not ideal for enjoying to collapse mid-show. It feels Field & The Expression. Service a sold-out show. more like a haunted house than is friendly and drinks are cheap a music venue, and that’s really

but parking can be somewhat of


an adventure as the surrounding

NEED DRIVING DIRECTIONS??. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you directions to BINDERS® ®

3330 Piedmont Road, Suite 18 Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 237-6331 MON - FRI 9am - 8pm SAT 10am - 7pm

SUN 11am - 6pm

neighborhood isn’t the safest of Check out our Facebook & Twitter Page





our right hand is buried

the inevitable tug-of-war. His hands,

down your left bra cup, wiggling,

once gentle and relaxed, push your

jiggling, tucking and tugging your

shoulders down towards his zipper.

breasts for the optimal shape/ex-

You both laugh, nervous. You steady

posure ratio. You put on a cardigan,

your position by grabbing the arm

just incase. You’re dressed 30 min-

rest. He pushes again. Your arms

utes early so you spend it posing and go ridged. You’re interested but it’s contorting in the mirror. You hesitate “too soon.” You squeeze his thigh between two perfumes; the one that

to reassure him without reassuring

smelled like musk and the one that’s him. You want his respect and you smells like soap. Your jeans were fit- want a second date. ted but not too tight. Your heels are pointed but not too tall or strappy.

He texts you the next day, “Are you

Your makeup is soft and angelic, and a Jackie or a Marilyn?” You don’t not dark and vampy.

answer right away so he asks how many partners you’ve had. The

He takes you to the West Side and

answer is 10. You make a completely

tells you about his post-collegiate

unscientific equations for the “right

trip to Europe where he learned that

answer.” (Real number)/2 = Socially

English is not the world’s language.

Acceptable Number. You type back,

You split the check. Equality, right?

five. You’re juggling now. Balancing

You learn that he lives a few miles

your inherent sexuality and the ex-

away in a townhouse he shares with

pectations he has for a woman he’d

his old college roommate. You kiss

date long-term. You’re engaging in

on the couch for a little bit before

the good-girl/bad-girl balancing act.


We shouldn’t shame each other for liking sex — sex is awesome.

You’re trying to be seen as sexual

the strength of her moral fiber by

person but not too sexual for fear

concealing her sexuality. She is sub- father and the boy becomes uncon-

mother and women who are not: The

of losing respect. The more sexual

missive, nurturing and, often, silent.

sciously threatened by the father’s

Madonnas and the whores. He uses

you are, the more questionable your

This is the type of woman that men,

presence in the mother’s life.

the Madonnas for emotional intima-

morals become. This subjective

allegedly, marry.

sexual morality is, apparently, indic-

around them. This stage isolates the gorize women as who are like his

cy, trust and respect but cannot find Usually, this notion fades or reduces them sexually appealing. The male

ative of your worth as a mate. Think

The whore side of the coin does not

greatly. If it doesn’t, the affected

can only respond sexually to women

of it as a car. The more it’s driven,

adhere to feminine expectations.

male has tremendous difficulty re-

he feels are promiscuous or soiled

the more its value depreciates. As

She’s often aggressively sexual,

lating sex and love to another wom-

while trying to remain uninvolved

a woman, your job is to appear as if

brazen and unconventional. She’s

en. His only idea of affection from a

emotionally, as those feelings only

you’ve never been driven, but to also

the type of woman mother probably

women is that of his mother’s. He

are fit for the Madonna, regardless

run like you’ve been broken in.

wouldn’t meet.

then fetishizes women who remind

of his true feelings for her. After all,

him of his mother; women who are

we’re told men like women who are like their mothers, right?

This is what we call the Madonna/

The Madonna/whore dichotomy was

gentle, loyal and supportive. He can

whore dichotomy. This social con-

first identified by Sigmund Freud as

continue to feel those affections and

struct/artistic troupe labels women

a psychoanalytical complex that de-

closeness but sex with these types

The most famous historical example

of women will repulse him.

of the Madonna is the Virgin Mary

as either a Madonna or a whore. The velops, in some men, during oedipal Madonna is the idealized version of

development stage. During this peri-

and the whore, the assumed pros-

virginity and femininity. The Ma-

od, boys form a close bond with their To manage these anxieties with

titute, Mary Magdalene. Religious

donna is a woman who expresses

mothers, as they are most frequently women and sex, these men cate-

literature would have us believe that

Virgin Mary was a Jewish newlywed

Another, more modern example of

between being appropriate and sub-

but be aware of how little gender

who produced Jesus Christ from her this archetype are Betty and Veron-

servient and being openly sexual.

lines have advanced. Sex-shaming

womb without sex or a male DNA.

Just ask Betty Draper of “Mad Men”, runs deep in this country. And the

ica. Betty is the loyal, helpful, albeit

The Madonna upholds an impossible it boring, girl-next-door who pines

the perfect image of 1960s ideology

standards of femininity by fulfilling

and feminine expectations. Obedient, When girls call girls sluts for dress-

for Archie in a quiet, subservient

fact of the matter is we’re all guilty.

her duty as a woman, but without the way. She’s conventionally pretty and

supportive, soft-spoken. She’s

ing provocatively or having multiple

icky sex stuff that taints women.

housewife Barbie.

sex partners, we perpetuate the op-

overwhelmingly pleasant. She’s the girl we figured Archie would marry

pression of women onto each other.

From her pedestal, Virgin Mary can

after Veronica left him for someone

Don has sex several times before

see right down Mary Magdalene’s

more interesting or rich.

then. All of these affairs are con-

Women judging other women gives

ducted with independent, assertive

license for men to, as well, and this

tunic. The other Mary in Jesus‘ life works as a juxtaposition to the

Veronica was portrayed as a cheeky,

and openly sexual women. This man

creates what’s socially acceptable.

Virgin. Magdalene is never men-

self-absorbed rich girl who spent

never turns down an opportunity

We shouldn’t shame each other

tioned as a woman of the night,

more time shopping than thinking

with these types of women, but

for liking sex — sex is awesome.

but the church and art history have

about Archie. Throughout the series, often rebukes the advances of his

To change our cultural, we have to

represented her as being a partially

Archie is torn between both women.

gorgeous wife because wives are for

change our mentality first. If a girl

or completely naked wanderer living

He can either have a safe, vanilla

kids, laundry and making

wants to sleep with you on the first

outside the mainstream standards

relationship or a superficial rela-

dinner — not sex.

date, it’s probably because she’s into

of Jerusalem. I’m not sure if she got

tionship with a superficial women.

along with the Virgin, but I’ll assume Those are the choices. This sucks they had some differences.

you, not because she’s a slut. As I watch the entire first five

for everyone. Women have to choose seasons of “Mad Men,” I can’t help



Leadership in Energy and

neighborhoods must score a

Environmental Design (LEED) is

minimum of 40 points out of a

an international certification

possible 110. Homes must meet

program that promotes environ-

a minimum of 45 points out of

mentally friendly building and

a possible 136. There are five

renovation through creative

scoring levels. A minimum score

design. Certified projects must

results in a base certification, sub-

meet a set of prerequisites and a

sequently there are bronze, silver,

minimum score to qualify.

gold and platinum levels.

Commercial projects and

Perkins + Will



Located at the corner of 14th

that is 76 percent post-consumer

Street and Howell Mill Road, Knoll

waste lead to Silver Certification. In

Atlanta’s new showroom is a prime

addition, the building uses FSC-

example of LEED certification gained certified wood and GREENGUARD by adaptive reuse of the old White

Indoor Air Quality certified Knoll

Provisional building. Extensive use

products. The redevelopment of the

of sustainable materials including

White Provisional also provided new

energy star appliances, recycled

office, retail and restaurant space as

building materials and custom

well as condo units.

flooring that is backed by material


The Symphony Tower is notable

detail. It was designed to include

recyclable materials to be deposited

for receiving LEED certification

green space on ground-level and

into a single place instead of using

before being built and again after

on a large roof garden. This green

traditional prepsorting methods.

its completion.

space helps keep heat levels low

This reduces the amount of trash

by offering shade and organic mate-

being hauled to the landfill and

The building became the first high-

rials that are naturally cooler than

saves the the building owners and

rise to be pre-certified as a result of

asphalt and concrete. Storm water

tenants thousands of dollars per

its initial planning. At its completion, runoff is reduced by absorption in

year. The building was even designed

the building’s score was upgraded

the green space. The extra runoff

to put an emphasis on responsible

and it became the second building

as well as the condensation from

transportation by offering reserved

in the world to earn a Gold score.

the building’s systems are stored in

spaces for alternative fuel source

During its recertification in 2011,

an underground reservoir and used

vehicles and secure storage facilities

Symphony Tower earned a third

for irrigation, reducing the amount

for bikes.

LEED certification of Gold as a result of city water used. The building was of being 6.4 percent more efficient

designed to actively reduce waste

than what was initially predicted.

by using a single stream recycling program which allows the whole

The building’s many certifications

recycling process to be easier for the

were earned by attention to every

buildings occupants by allowing all



Architecture firm Perkins + Will

runoff. Water collected from runoff is is powered by natural gas. Through

call this extensively remodeled

stored and then used for 100 percent various other adaptive technologies

1980s structure home. The results

of the buildings toilets and irriga-

and the physical design of the

of this remodel are so extensive that

tion. Leftover water is filtered and

building, energy use has been

the building was viewed as a new

reintroduced into the water table.

decreased by 58 percent. Over half

construction and went on to be

Unpacked soil was used to allow

of the interior spaces have the ability

scored at 95 out of 110 possible

the tree’s root systems to gain more

to be deconstructed and rearranged

points. This score earned it not only

oxygen. Plants with medicinal pur-

if the tenant so chooses and the

a Platinum Certification but the title

poses were used to promote Perkins design puts an emphasis on

of highest scored building in the

+ Will’s commitment to wellness.

Northern Hemisphere.

The structure of the building was covered in an energy efficient glaze

collaborative working.

The ground level is currently home

The spectacular score comes as a

that helps control solar heat. Heat is to the Museum of Design Atlanta

result of an extensive list of innova-

further controlled by the use of pas-

and the four floors above house the

tions that Perkins + Will designed

sive sun shades on lower floors and

offices of Perkins + Will.

into this magnificent building. On

a large, deployable shade on the fifth

the exterior, a new urban plaza was

floor terrace which provides outdoor

constructed to improve the urban

space with views of Midtown.

landscape on Peachtree Street and provide event space for tenants.

Inside the building, maximized use

The landscaping utilizes extensive

of natural lighting allows for a 67

pervious materials to address the

percent reduction in the need for ar-

drainage issues in the area and

tificial lighting. The building includes

open areas around trees were

rooftop turbines that recycle used

enlarged to absorb more storm

air from inside into new fresh air and


Designing a building to earn some level of LEED certification takes much more than water saving toilets and recycled carpets. Creative thinking and the ability to innovate are what truly make these buildings.

With continued innovation and the drive to create a better city, Atlanta may soon reach its goal of becoming one of the top ten most sustainable cities in the nation as stated by mayor Kasim Reed.

Rooftop turbines recycle used air from inside into new fresh air.


Sustainable Site Credits Impact the project will have on the local ecosystem.

Water Efficiency Credits Efficient use of water both inside and outside the project.

Energy and Atmosphere Credits Energy efficiency and atmospheric effects of the project.

Materials and Resources Credits How sustainable the materials used in construction are as well as the project’s waste output.

Indoor Environmental Quality Credits The amount of accessible daylight and view the project offers its occupants as well as the interior air quality.

Bonus Level: Extra credits can be earned for the amount of innovation and creativity that are exhibited in the project’s construction.

Any project that is currently certified must undergo a recertification process every five years.

Perkins + Will 20


1745 Peachtree Street NE


Located just 500 yards away from SCAD!

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When Steven Carse first came onto the Poncey-Highland scene in 2010 with a cart full of homemade popsicles, he was more likely to be dubbed That Dude in a Lawn Chair than the King of Pops. It didn’t take long, however, for Atlantans to bow down to this new street treat and its laidback creator. With original flavors like pineapple habanero, coffee & donuts and blackberry ginger lemonade, these fresh takes on a summertime classic keep people coming back for more. After Carse lost his job as an insurance company analyst at AIG in 2009, he transformed a lifelong love of fresh fruit and smoothies into an appetizing new career. Inspired by the handmade “paletas” of Latin America, Carse created King of Pops (KoP), a company focused on creating organic popsicles using locally sourced ingredients from the State Farmer’s Market and the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. Starting out as a solitary popsicle cart on Highland and North avenues, the KoP brand has now grown throughout the


Southeast to Charleston, Folly Beach and cities throughout Georgia. With popsicle pushcarts popping up all over the city, Atlantans of all ages can grab a pop at festivals, farmer’s markets, restaurants, parks and street corners. For those seeking more adult pairings, a summer 2012 collaboration with Batdorf & Bronson offers caffeinated coffee pops at the Dancing Goats Coffee Bar in Decatur. Corner Tavern also serves “poptails” such as strawberry margarita, the bourbon cowboy and the loaded Arnold Palmer, because there’s nothing quite like a latte or margarita on a stick. For 2013, expect to see KoP trucks roaming the city, alcohol-infused “poptails” sold in liquor stores and pops being sold along the Beltline.

The King of Pops, Steven Carse.

Serving up unconventional flavors for $2.50 a pop, 29-year-old Carse is enjoying his reign as King. I spoke with him about coming up with the company’s name, brainstorming new flavors and his weirdest run-ins at the popsicle cart.



583 4C

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Steven and his brother, Nick.

Hally Joseph: You went from an insurance company analyst to the King of Pops. What are the biggest differences in this career change?

HJ: When you started the comHJ: What are some of your fapany, did you anticipate the kind vorite conversations you’ve had of success you’ve had? or people you’ve met at the pop stand? SC: Definitely not! When I started my old brother, Nick, and I were talking SC: We’ve had a guy from Saudi AraSteven Carse: The biggest difference about running the company togeth- bia who had a KoP shirt already and for me was I had a job where I felt er, and we realized it wasn’t feasible knew about us, even before having a like one little cog in a giant for two people to try and do it. That pop. When he got home he sent us a company and now I have an opportu- shows you our expectations were picture of him on a camel. nity for everyone to be a big part pretty low: we didn’t think we could of, an opportunity to make an imhave two full-time employees, but Because I work at nights, outside pact. In the day-to-day operations, three years later we have 15. It’s movies, etc., there are a lot of it may be more work, but it’s more been a great and pleasant surprise, drunk people sometimes, people rewarding work. but not at all what we expected. who fall asleep right next to me. I can’t kick them out because it’s HJ: You were inspired by MexHJ: How did you come to choose not my property. That can be interican “paletas” to create your the name “King of Pops”? esting when a 10-year-old walks up popsicles. What’s the difference for a popsicle. between paletas and the typical SC: “King of Pops” was actually American popsicle? suggested by a friend of mine in New You’ll also definitely get people who York. In 2009, when we were just are just trying to get out of the airSC: In Latin America, popsicles are talking about the idea of the compa- port for a few hours on their layover more fruit-based. They definitely ny for three to four months, we dis- and because of how blogs work now, have inexpensive versions there as cussed potential names. There were they’ll come find us. It’s mind-blowwell, but what people tend to think a lot of opinions and a lot of name ing how fast the word spreads, and of as “popsicles” here are basically suggestions, and eventually it came all the people writing little tiny blogs colored sugar water, with artificial down to an elaborate voting process you’d never imagine, and how people flavoring. Our popsicles have no among friends. “King of Pops” won, come out to see you. artificial flavoring and are all and it was definitely much better high-quality ingredients. Instead of than all the others. Some others we an unhealthy treat, a paleta is simple were talking about were “Frozen and wholesome, made with real Man” and “Fresa Pops.” ingredients.


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VA L I D 5 / 2 / 1 3 T O 5 / 1 9 / 1 3



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remember are the fig ones we make that are very heavy, but then again there are people that like those. We also had a carrot one that wasn’t great.

If there’s something new worth checking out, I’d take visitors to a festival or event. Atlanta has really great events that are unique, all over the city.

HJ: What process goes into brainstorming a new flavor?

HJ: When a friend comes from another state to visit Atlanta, what tour of the city do you take them on? Where all do you go to really show off Atlanta as you know it?

HJ: For people who are considering a big career change like yours, and trying to start their own company or idea, what advice would you give them?

SC: It’s pretty simple; there’s not as much brainstorming as you may think. If we get an idea, we try it. We’ll try anything once. Usually people like it, sometimes people won’t. We’ve had some that were no’s for all kinds of reasons, often times if we use too much pepper. Some I

SC: I like a bar called Church a lot, over on Edgewood Avenue. Maybe I’d take them to a Braves game. I’m all about just-starting businesses and local businesses, so maybe Cacao – I really like their chocolate. I also like the Octane Coffee Bar in Grant Park, and the Grant Park Farmer’s Market.

HJ: What are your best-selling flavors? What’s your favorite popsicle that you make? SC: The most popular is chocolate sea salt, by a landslide. Other popular ones are raspberry lime, strawberry lemonade, peach. My own favorite is banana pudding.

SC: I was thrust into it by losing my job. If you don’t have that kind of impetus, you need to set a date to start. You’ll go on and on trying to make everything perfect, but sometimes you just need to let go and get it out there and start working.

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1. Lace turtleneck with sequin trim by ARDEN B.


1. Faux fur coat by RACHEL ZOE. 2. Houndstooth knit V neck with floral patterned bottom by MICHAEL KALE.





Design of the built environment is one of the most formative aspects to our world. These places and spaces dictate society’s interactions, and thus form our individual worlds. Cities are grand networks of pocket communities all functioning around the aspects of economy, culture and community. It’s imperative to look at these networks and creatively problem solve on how to design systems that allow theses networks to function like a healthy ecosystem. Through focusing on our built environment, I strive to create spaces that find harbor in underutilized buildings in dense urban environments, to catalyze the creation of community around art and agriculture.






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“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.� - James Joyce I think of my work as a perpetual series of experimentation. How do you make a project interesting to you? How can you turn a simple concept into a visual representation that is both convincing and inviting? For me, that is to try everything. Each project is like a leap of faith for my artistic capabilities. Creative evolution only exists through experimentation and occasionally experiments end in failure. Without failure, we may never discover those beautiful mistakes that lead to innovative creativity.

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e v ti rea


o r su t u o ys nd y



e mm










float bathe


gard ga garden r e en n


soak read

photograph fetch

lurve propose

sip film


play write swing

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SCAN Magazine Spring 2013  

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