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ARIELLE ANTONIO editor-in-chief LUANNE DEMEO creative director HALLY JOSEPH copy editor VANIA HO art director MATTHEW CORNWALL * public relations director JEN SCHWARTZ * opinions editor JO ARELLANES photo editor MANSEEN LOGAN * a&e editor KIANNA MCCALLA style editor JAMEL JONES illustration editor

* not photographed, see stick figures

Cover photographed by Jo Arellanes Staff photographed by LuAnne DeMeo




MITTIE PAUL illustrator


MARCI WILLIAMS illustrator



COLLIN HOLT illustrator

JIAOYENAN ZHU fashion designer

SAGE COFFEY sequential artist

MICHELLE PINNOCK fashion designer


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR All around us technology is advancing and reaching new heights that once could only be dreamed of. Some people think it’s driving a rift among humans, causing us to become disconnected from one another. And while in many aspects that is true, there are also new ways we’re able to connect to each other that weren’t possible before — ways that are only possible because of this “digital era.” From finding a new wealth of self-esteem in taking selfies to developing a split social media personality, it’s a brave new world out there. Even the way we hail a taxi has been digitized and made accessible with a touch rather than a whistle. We’re talking about it all in this issue of SCAN Magazine. But SCAN Magazine isn’t all we offer you. Take a peek at the next page over and you’ll see something new, yet not so new. While SCAN is quarterly, we also have The Connector, your online news source, updated daily. The Connector is for the students, by the students. What does that mean? Well, it means it’s a place for you to report on the topics that matter most to you and our fellow students. It means The Connector belongs to you, the students. We connect you with the things you care about. (See what I did there?) And to better represent, we’ve taken on a whole new look that we hope you all will like. We’re not stopping with looks either. You’ve been heard loud and clear. New sections have been created that you’ve been asking for, such as the Style section, and other things are in the works that a myriad of majors can take advantage of, too. Look forward to our videos, our audio clips of interviews and sneak peeks into your artsy living spaces. It’s not all writers and photographers. The Connector is open and has a place for every major. So stop on by our newsroom in the back of the computer lab at Spring House. We’d be happy to talk to you about your interests or if you just want to chew the fat a bit, no matter your major or degree level.



Want to get involved? Come to our Student Media Interest Meeting! Tuesday, September 23 at the California Room, 8–9 p.m. 7


ROY HANDY b.f.a. graphic design HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR AESTHETIC? My aesthetic varies depending on what I'm doing, with graphic design as well as illustrations, I like to stick to a minimalistic approach where the viewers can comprehend the design with ease and still have a visually pleasing design. As far as photography, I like to get really detailed, using mainly macro lenses to capture every single aspect of the subject being captured. WHAT DESCRIBES YOUR WORK? The people around me inspire the way I work. Doesn't really have to be friends or family, but even complete strangers. I like to pick the brains of people and learn how they think. I like learning the things people like or dislike, and really just seeing what affects people most, such as certain colors and the moods they give off, people's personalities and how unique each person is. The more people I can meet, converse with and learn their perspective on life, the more I create and the better I create.

iOS8 Weather app redesign

rendered illustrations of Nike’s Flyknit styles


WHAT’S YOUR DREAM GIG AND WHY? My dream gig is to someday design my own sneaker for Nike. I'm a serious sneaker connoisseur, so besides designing, writing and playing music, I study the science behind sneakers. To be able to take the knowledge I have and put it into a project that has to be physically produced into something I could wear as an art form? Man, that'd be amazing.

Instagram desktop interface design


split (twitter) personalities 113


written by Hally Joseph photographed by Jo Arellanes

I just took my gummy vitamins. This day has officially begum. – @hallychirps

I have two Twitter identities and if they met, there’s a 50-50 chance they wouldn’t want to have dinner together. One is airy and joke-based, a twentysomething’s quips on the irrationalities of her dayto-day life, serving self-deprecation like morning coffee and completely unafraid of puns. The other persona is confident and professional, sharing articles in her field of writing and recommending local eats and sights around the city of Atlanta. One I started during a snowed-in January hour when I was bored and trapped without company for three days, and the other I started during graduate school to prepare for eventual jobhunting. I suppose you can guess who’s who.

TECHNOLOGICAL DETERMINISM TELLS ME WHAT TO TWEET When I first signed up for a Twitter account, I did so in the hopes of exercising my sense of humor and with the goal that one day Tina Fey might discover me. Tina Fey still has yet to sign up for a Twitter account, so this ill-fated pursuit simply became a hub for my joke-making, wordplay and the occasional whimsical thought. It was a projected voice, but one not too far from my own self. As Twitter began booming as a branding source and promotional tool for both companies and working professionals, I realized my humor account wasn’t what job applications were seeking when they requested my handle. They wanted to see me “working” Twitter, not just frolicking around in it. 7

A friend from high school posted an entire album of European vacation pictures and I liked one, of a giant pretzel. – @hallychirps

significant followership. Are you in touch with other members of your community? Are you tweeting content related to your field of work and study? Are you debuting your own work and building a substantial online portfolio? Or are you writing puns? TWEETY CLEAN When I signed up for a second Twitter account to launch my professional, Atlanta-based, totally-hirable social media persona, my friend Tyler Sartin suggested I use his Twitter-expunging service, Tweety Clean. Tweety Clean wipes your current account of all its tweets, allowing you an instant start-over without having to change your handle. Though I think this is a brilliant program (I wish I could Tweety Clean much of my high school-era Facebook posts, if not the memories themselves), I quickly let him know I wasn’t dumping my jokey Twitter account. It may not be the account an HR manager sees promise in, but it’s an I realized I would need a new account to suit society’s digital expectations, that Twitter was becoming technologically determined towards professional accounts — maybe a little informal and allowed the occasional “The Walking Dead” live-tweet spree, but still a crucial cog in a communications career. Simply put, “technological determinism” theorizes that a society’s technology drives the development of its social and cultural values. A nation that feels phantom phone vibrations and equates success with a pruned inbox is technologically determined. As a new mainstay of the résumé, Twitter accounts have become marketingoriented, hyperlinked and buzzwordhappy tools of social engagement, proof that we’re tweet-savvy and can accrue a SCAN MAGAZINE // FALL 2014


honest facet of my personality, and I’m proud of those 1,400 jokes and counting. There may be a stand-up routine in there somewhere, a moment my friends recall and laugh about, a sly comment I’ll proudly read aloud to my disbelieving grandkids or — you never know – Tina Fey could be scrolling through the Twittersphere at this very moment, combing for writers for her latest sitcom.

‘You should all have disgusting looking hands - gnarly, grossly overly muscular hands - because you’re writing so much’ – @augusten at @scadivyhall – @hally_joseph

TWIN TWITS These days I treat my dual Twitter accounts like a set of twins with nothing in common except their haggard mother. One often tends to get neglected for

several weeks; they’re both jealous of the other. Oddly enough, they have almost exactly the same amount of followers, though the professional account with its networking-purpose admittedly achieved its following much faster than my freewheeling humor account. I visit them both less often now, weighed down by my academic and work responsibilities. However, I’ve learned that at the end of the day there is often more room for a breezy professional tweet on something happening in the literary world than a wry 140-character thought pulled from the depths of my imagination. As Twitter evolves, I might start to mold my two accounts into one all-encompassing me. But for now I stand fractured, performing for two different audiences: one side hyperlinks to insightful articles and the other writes about the horrors of watching “Game of Thrones” with your parents. Sometimes I wish I could retweet one account from the other, waving hello across the void, reminding the two halves that we’ve got a whole lot in common.



FUTURE written by Matthew Cornwall illustrated by Marci Williams

What happens when you mix clothing with advanced science? You get techno-wear. Wearable technology has existed since the calculator wristwatch in the 1970s. It seemed pretty convenient to always have a calculator on hand at the time, yet it never really caught on, perhaps due to the clunky design or minimal need for constant calculation. Fast-forward to 2014 and you’ll see techno-wear making its comeback. Major companies are providing products to satiate the consumers’ need for the latest and greatest.

STYLE Google has the computer-worn-as-glasses known as Google Glass and Apple is rumored to be developing the mysterious “iWatch.” However, it’s not just the big companies dominating the techno-wear market. Crowdfunding websites are teeming with startup companies and inventors who want their tech to be the next big thing. The smartwatch, Pebble, started off with humble beginnings and is now available in big stores like Target. But the technotrend goes beyond smart watches and smart glasses. In fact, with the plethora of hi-tech wearables available currently, you could make a complete outfit. Imagine your futuristic wardrobe with these examples of wearable technology. They’ll knock your smartsocks off. AXENT WEAR Sharing music just got even cuter. Axent Wear is a pair of headphones that doubles as speakers. The speakers are attached to the top of the headphones in the form of kitty ears. Even if you aren’t listening to any music, they make for an adorable accessory. SMARTY RING This is the perfect alternative to those oh-soflashy smart watches. Smarty Ring allows you to get notifications for text, email and more. Instead of checking your phone every few minutes, check your finger instead. It also has the ability to display the time or track your phone so you never leave it behind. My precious! LE CHAL These magical red shoes put Dorothy to shame. Designed primarily for the blind, Le Chal lets you find your way home with the next “step” in GPS technology. When it’s time to turn left or right, the corresponding shoe vibrates. Users who will benefit from this still have to be wary fo objects in their path, but these shoes are definitely a step in the right direction. SCOUGH Medical masks aren’t the most attractive way to prevent germs from entering your body. Utilizing advanced carbon filters, Scough provides a fashionable manner of protecting your body from pollution. Airborne germs are trapped in the scarf’s micropores and then neutralized via activated carbon and silver ion. By wearing this stylish scarf over your mouth, you’ll be doing your immune system a favor. GOPLUG Time and time again, electronics end up dying when we need them the most. Instead of dashing for the nearest outlet, bring it with you. GoPlugs are bags that come with their own battery packs and outlets that allow you to charge things on the go. GoPlug can charge your smartphone six times or your laptop twice before it needs recharging itself.

HALO BELT Visibility at night is important for bikers and runners. Unfortunately, reflective materials only shine when there’s a light source. Halo Belts are rechargeable LED lights designed to keep you safe at night. The belt wraps around your body to provide visibility in every direction. It can last up to 36 hours on a single charge, more than enough to get you through the darkest of nights. SKULLY Riding a motorcycle can be risky. Thousands of cyclists die every year and Skully is doing its best to help prevent that. Skully is a helmet that features GPS capabilities, an integrated environmental display system and a 180-degree rear view camera. OUTLIER PANTS Have you ever done capoiera in dress pants? Behold...the ultimate pair of pants. Outlier Pants were engineered to be incredibly versatile. Bike to work in them or go hiking in them and they’ll still look amazing. If they get wet, they’ll dry in a matter of minutes. They’re made of a special “4Season OG Cloth” instead of denim or cotton. They’ll never look weathered and they’re pretty darn stylish as well. BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY Beauty tech designer, Katia Vega, has created amazingly futuristic concepts: conductive makeup and tech nails. The makeup contains sensors that can recognize certain facial movements. Blinking could then be used to remotely control objects. The tech nails have RFID tags embedded in them, removing the need to swipe cards to make payments or enter buildings. As a beauty tech designer, she’s trying to find even more ways to innovatively use these technologies.



SERVING YOU s From Two Location Prices valid XX/XX/XX – XX/XX/XX

PIEDMONT 3330 Piedmont Road, Suite 18 404.237.6331 MON-FRI 9-8 SAT 10-7 SUN 11-6

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Connect!! * #BindersArt

*May not be combined with any other offer or sale and promotional pricing. Vaild only on non-sale items.






achet #legit #splitsontrees #selfie # ine #turndownforwhat #canttouch Our hipster #f4fGeneration #wcw #cool #thankTakes A Lot #hilarious Of bama #prettygirlrock ikme #lesbehonest #grownwom#instafun #yum #quirky #donttellm and that’s OK o #follow #cat #repost #hot #scadc


downforw ve #nofilter #hipster #f4f #wcw #co bama #prettygirlrock #hilarious #k ehonest #grownwoman #instafun # donttellmom #oops #swag #best #2 cadconnector #tagsforlikes #werk ees #selfie #mcm #helpmepickafilte written and photographed by Jen Schwartz

Selfies have been around for quite some time now (don’t try to pretend you forgot about those embarrassing MySpace mirror pictures,) but lately the phenomenon has skyrocketed in popularity — with the invention of the frontfacing camera, how could it not? Selfies have become such a prevalent part of today’s culture that the term has even been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

contained a large amount of well-known and mind-blowingly attractive celebrities). In spite of the spike in the popularity of selfies, they get a pretty bad rap for embodying all that is vain and superficial.

In 2014, electronic group The Chainsmokers released “#Selfie,” a song that follows a night through the eyes of an intoxicated young woman in some sort of a club setting as During this year’s Oscars, comedian and host she shares her self-absorbed thoughts. At Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie with a gaggle of one point the narrator rambles about a justA-list celebrities and the picture was so popular snapped selfie, saying, “Can you guys help me that it became the most retweeted tweet on pick a filter? I don’t know if I should go with Twitter — the fact that so many people cared XX Pro or Valencia. I wanna look tan.” This, about a selfie really speaks volumes about the unfortunately, is a relatively common outlook pervasiveness of the selfie in today’s society about the purpose of selfies and the intentions (though it probably didn’t hurt that the selfie of those who take them frequently. SCAN MAGAZINE // FALL 2014

#mcm #helpmepickafilter #doitfor hthis #livingwithmygirls #live #nofilt OPINIONS

“IF A SIMPLE PICTURE CAN PUT A LITTLE PEP IN SOMEONE’S STEP BEFORE THEY WALK OUT THE DOOR, WHAT DOES IT REALLY MATTER?” While it may be true that selfies can exemplify a narcissistic state of mind, there’s another part of the conversation that seems to be widely ignored: the connection between selfies and a healthy self-esteem. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally have noticed a positive correlation between selfies and my level of confidence.

Perhaps in direct opposition to claims that selfies only enhance egocentricity, it is possible for selfies to actually improve communication and your relationships with other people. I recently established a much closer relationship with my cousin and I have selfies to thank. Like a game of millennial pingpong, it started when I sent her a selfie over Snapchat with some inane caption like “Hungover! *insert frowning Emoji here*” or “Off to work!” to which she replied with a selfie of her own and a responding caption. This led to correspondence via selfies, which eventually led to texting, which then led to an actual fulfilling relationship with someone I had mostly only exchanged pleasantries with prior to the event.

mom #oops #swag #best #2014 #l connector #tagsforlikes #werk #fash #rachet #legit #sp sontrees #selfie # #helpmepickafilte #doitforthevine # what #canttouchthis #livingwithmyg ool #thankkikme #les#yum #quirky 2014 #lolno #follow #cat #repost # #fashion #rachet #legit #splitsoner #doitforthevine #turndownforwh When I take a conventionally attractive picture, suddenly I feel just a little bit better about myself. As a young woman I’ve been told to never trust the mirror, and I’m starting to learn that may be true. On an off-day I can look in the mirror and see a million flaws. But when I flip the camera on my phone towards myself, mess around with lighting and angles for a few minutes and successfully take a flattering photo of myself? Well, the results are significant. Suddenly I am able to pick out physical characteristics that I actually appreciate in myself — the delicate yet defined angles in the shape of my face, my meticulously arched brows —and that’s really powerful. Maybe selfies aren’t the most accurate depiction of what a person looks like, but if a simple picture can put a little pep in someone’s step before they walk out the door, what does it really matter?

Even when not used for communication, selfies can be a gratifying tool within friendships. Friend selfies (i.e. a selfie involving you and one or more friends) can be a surprisingly fulfilling way of bonding with someone you’re fond of. Though the idea may sound ludicrous, it makes sense when you really think about it: while taking a friend selfie you affectionately put your arm around your buddy, smiling warmly as if to say to the world (when you eventually share the picture on your social media site of choice, of course), “This is my friend and I love spending time with them!” And don’t get me started on the implications behind a friend liking every selfie you post — when someone does that, I know they’re ride or die.


Lastly, and though I’m fully aware of the outlandishness of this particular defense, selfies actually do have some artistic value. Much like all forms of photography, taking a decent selfie involves a lot of thought; you have to consider lighting, angles and editing/filters (if you’re really that far into the selfie game, which I definitely am).


#rachet #legit #splits pickafilter #doitforthe touchthis #livingwith #f4f #wcw #cool #tha ious #k an #ins #oops low #cat #repost #h #werk #fashion #tur #livingwithmygirls # #cool #rachet #leg #helpmepickafilter what #canttouchth #hipster #f4f #wcw rock #hilarious #ki stafun #yum #quir #best #2014 #loln A flattering selfie doesn’t just magically occur every time you point a camera at your face — there’s so much more that goes into it. Even if you don’t agree that selfietaking entails many of the same principles that go into photography, it’s hard to deny that when combined with other art forms, selfies can become an impressive kind of creative expression.


Take drawing, for example. A handful of Snapchat users, such as Andrew Aldridge (whose Snapchat creations can be viewed on his Twitter account @andrewaldridge_), have gained recognition for drawing over portions of their selfies to create entirely new images. Artist Lindsay Bottos proved that selfies can be used to make social commentary by imposing screencaptures of anonymous online insults over her selfies. Instagram user @ahmad_abi chose to create art by placing various objects such as tiny lanterns and syringes on himself prior to taking a selfie. If that’s not a form of artistic expression then I don’t know what is.



A selfie could be classified in plenty of ways — as a confidence booster, relationship enhancer, new form of art and, yes, also as a habit of those who are narcissistically inclined. While I won’t deny that there is some validity to the claims that selfies are making our already egotistical generation even more self-involved, it is important to also take the benefits of selfies into consideration. But before you decide which side of the debate you align yourself with, I suggest you take a selfie.

sontrees #selfie #mcm #helpmeHonored to Represent Atlanta evine #turndownforwhat #canthmygirls #live #nofilter #hipster anksobama #prettygirlrock #hilarkikme #lesbehonest #grownwomstafun #yum #quirky #donttellmom #swag #best #2014 #lolno #folhot #scadconnector #tagsforlikes rndownforwhat #canttouchthis #live #nofilter #hipster #f4f #wcw git #splitsontrees #selfie #mcm r #doitforthevine #turndownforhis #livingwithmygirls #live #nofilw #cool #thanksobama #prettygirlikme #lesbehonest #grownwoman rky #donttellmom #oops #swag no #follow #cat #repost #hot Southeastern Regional Emmy Awards

TV Excellence - Arts & Entertainment

Excellence in Photography (Non News)

Audio - Live /Post-production Director – Post-production 2014 GABBY Awards

Best Locally Produced Program (Non news/sports)

Best Photographer – Videographer

2014 Associated Press Awards Best Staff Coverage Best Anchor/Reporter Best Specialized Reporting Best Use of Sound Best Investigative Reporting 2014 Pacemaker Award

2014 Edward R. Murrow Awards Best Use of Sound 2014 GABBY Awards Broadcaster of the Year Best Sportscast Best Short Form Feature


THE TELEVISION REVOLUTION written by Arielle Antonio infographics by Vania Ho

In elementary school, the last bell signified three things for me: a trip to Wendy’s for a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, the next episode of “DragonBall Z” on Toonami and “Rugrats” on Nickelodeon. As soon as I was home, I went straight to the back room of my grandparents’ house and sat glued to the little television set for hours. If I anticipated missing an episode, I turned to my handy-dandy VCR to time a recording. It was the 1990s. There were very few options for ways of watching your favorite shows. Either you were able to watch them on time or you struggled with finicky, unreliable VCRs. Often I came home to find that the darn thing had only recorded half of the show I wanted to see. SCAN MAGAZINE // FALL 2014


Fast forward some 20 years to the present and missing your TV show isn’t a problem. It’s OK to be so dog-tired after work that you pass out before the start of “Hannibal” on Friday night. With Netflix or Hulu Plus costing just $7.99 per month, we can watch all our favorite shows and movies at our leisure. But since the 2000s, online streaming services have evolved into more than Blockbuster (rest in peace) on steroids. These online streaming services have not only changed the way we watch television, but they have also expanded the variety of entertainment with the inclusion of indie films, foreign programs and their own original programming. The Television Revolution is here.

Furthermore, America isn’t the only country with good movies and TV shows. On both Netflix and Hulu Plus, there is a plethora of programming from all over the world that you might have never heard of or even tried had it not been so conveniently available. British shows from the BBC like “Downton Abbey” and “Broadchurch,” which are wildly popular in the States, are at your fingertips. Japanese anime shows like “Nagi no Asukara” that rarely air on American television are streamed on Hulu — and yes, quality English subtitles are included.

Globalization isn’t limited to the economy. Our entertainment can and has been globalized with the advent of online streaming television Netflix and Hulu are known for content outside and cinema. One moment you can watch a of mainstream American cinema. Korean drama, the next you can watch a Thus, viewers relying on cable French romantic comedy. A culture’s television and movie theaters entertainment isn’t an exact aren’t seeing the full spectrum reflection of that culture, but it of what’s available. Many is a window through which can “OUR ENTERTAINMENT indie films don’t have the we at least attempt to relate to budget to attract the eye each other better. Stagnation CAN AND HAS BEEN of mainstream theaters; of a society occurs when we GLOBALIZED WITH THE whereas they used to fall stop cross-culture idea sharing, into cinematic limbo, now as well as stifling the flow of ADVENT OF ONLINE many of them are available creativity. STREAMING [...]” for streaming. Meanwhile, American traditional Just a few months ago a friend broadcast networks are beginning suggested I jump on Netflix to become blockades to creativity. to watch “Short Term 12,” an They claim to be following the independent drama I had never heard demands of their audiences whenever they of. There weren’t any flashy effects, nor was green-light a pilot or cancel a show after only it filled with 20 of the most popular actors of one season. But it’s hard to really believe that our time, and yet it was a very touching movie they’re really listening when there are so many with believable character development and an cookie cutter police procedurals and medical engaging storyline — a hidden gem! dramas. “The Awesomes” and “Orange Is the New Black” were both passed by multiple television No matter the quality, indie films rarely make it networks before Hulu and Netflix bought them, to the silver screen. Not to mention that movie respectively. Alongside Netflix’s “House of Cards,” ticket sales in general have dropped by 11 these stream-based shows are now incredibly percent between 2004 and 2013, according to popular, keeping pace with the hit dramas of a report from the Motion Picture Association AMC and HBO. of America. Meanwhile, Netflix subscriptions in 2013 were 13 times more than what they were in Without the constraints of network television or 2004. Stream-based providers are an alternative traditional advertising, both Hulu and Netflix give outlet for indie filmmakers to share their artistic more creative freedom to the creators. They’re vision that is not only faster, but also reaches a allowed to craft complex characters and dive much larger audience than mainstream theaters. deep into storylines that aren’t limited by ratings or fear of mid-season cancellation. Another 21







In a 2013 survey by Nielsen, 38 percent of people in America use or subscribe to Netflix, 12 percent to Hulu, 6 percent to Hulu Plus and 13 percent to Amazon Instant Video.


ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT reason creators are able to do online streaming for their 1056841_09466 more, specifically on Netflix, entertainment. In a 2013 survey is due to a unique release by Nielsen, 38 percent of people 1.89x9 model. On Netflix, a complete in America use or subscribe to 4c season is released as opposed Netflix, 12 percent to Hulu, 6 to traditional once-a-week percent to Hulu Plus and airings. No waiting for 13 percent to Amazon the next episode, Instant Video. With just binge-watch numbers like that, to your heart’s the threat is very “MORE BANG content. Sure, it’s real to traditional FOR YOUR BUCK, sad when you entertainment. Add realize you finished in the looming INSTANTLY.” the second season powerhouse of “OITNB” in one of Google Fiber day — but it was entering the Internet excellent, no? And there service provider market were no stupid commercials with 100-gigabit speeds to interrupt you either, making at around $70 per month. shows like “OITNB” an actual Together with Netflix and Hulu full 60 minutes long instead of subscriptions, you could watch 42 minutes with commercials TV 100 percent online at hypercutting in. More bang for your speed for $86 per month. At the buck, instantly. time of this writing, Comcast offers 50-megabit speeds for Cable services, broadcast roughly $80 per month after networks and theaters aren’t taxes with mandatory digital totally in the past. Cable TV service. You do the math. companies like Comcast make it increasingly difficult to get Times have changed. fast, affordable Internet for Technology has evolved and streaming by requiring a TV the habits of consumers with service bundled with it and it. Replicating what worked imposing monthly data caps to in the past doesn’t cut it prevent “excessive usage.” Movie anymore. Internet TV gives theaters are taking the bull by a creative-minded platform the horns as well. for the concepts that rarely get a shot at the silver screen, With near restaurant-quality or even network television. food menus and premium seats, Netflix and Hulu are no longer they aim to draw movie lovers just content providers; they’re back with luxury. Broadcast creators, and they’re forcing networks are a little more the entertainment industry to compliant with the times by reassess the future of television. striking deals with Hulu to You either change or be left in stream their most popular the dust. The revolution isn’t shows next-day or five days televised — it’s streamed. after airing. Essentially, these old school guys aren’t going down without a fight. Still, there are a significant number of people using

Looking forward together with confidence Build your financial future Reaching any goal is easier when you have a good plan. And a strong financial plan is built on solid financial decisions. With our customized tools and services, we can help you create your own road map to financial security. Atlantic Station/ATM 171 17th St. N.W. 404-214-6120 Woodruff Arts Center ATM Only 1280 Peachtree St. N.E. One Atlantic/ATM 1201 W. Peachtree St. 404-865-4990

© 2013 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. Materials expire 11/1/13. (1056841_09466)

23 1056841_09466 1.89x9 4c.indd 1

8/30/13 9:48 AM

LOVE BYTES photographed by Acquille Dunkley women’s fashion by Michelle Hadida and Jiaoyenan Zhu make-up and men’s style by Kianna McCalla models Danny Fandino and Ann Mossy










Minimum: $6 Cost per Mile: $1.29 Cost per Minute: $0.17 Base Charge: $1.35 Cancellation Penalty: $5


You’re welcome to have some friendly chit-chat with the driver.


Greater Metro Atlanta area, hot spots most frequently in Midtown, Buckhead and North Druid Hills


written and photographed by LuAnne DeMeo With the advancement of technology, people now can hail a cab with the touch of a button on their smartphones. New ride share apps have taken the nation by storm. Two of the largest and most popular services are Lyft and UBER. For those who are new to Atlanta without a car, here are the how-to’s on getting where you need to be and how safe and easy these options are. As long as you have a credit card, you are set to go! No cash needed here, not even for the tip.


Minimum: $6.70 Cost per Mile: $1.43 Cost per Minute: $0.19 Base Charge: $2.38 Cancellation Penalty: $6


More conservative — just get in and shut up.


Primarily within the Greater Metro Atlanta area, but sparse outside the Perimeter UBER Black and UBER SUV not quoted. See website for additional information.


by Jo Arellanes


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