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Vol. 14 Edition 12 Free Thursday June 6, 2019

A View From A Pew

“If You’re Easy To Purchase, You’ll Be Easy To Replace”

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Soap Box Derby Returns

The Best Of The Best Muscogee County High Schools Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Meet Our Local Soap Box Page 7 Derby Racers

Citizens Disagree With Sheriff Tompkins

Local Constituents Respond To Tompkins “Candid Conversation” Pages 9

“Under The Radar”

Teasha Johnson Manages Muscogee County’s 311 Center Pages 11

Quennetta Baldwin Valedictorian Carver High School

Temple Douglass Valedictorian Hardaway High School



THURSDAY June 6, 2019

Julia, I Guess It’s Different When It’s Your Family, Huh? The street committee wonders how the District Attorney would feel if she were in Gates’ shoes. Oh, that’s right…she can. The street committee wants to remind District Attorney Julia Slater that the family of Johnny Lee Gates has the same faith in their brother and the system that she had on December 2, 2011. That’s the date when her then 72 year old father was arrested on charges of enticing a child and saying sexual statements after a 14 year old student said that he, Charles Fessenden, at the time a Glenwood School substitute teacher, made sexually explicit comments to her. When the Lee County grand jury declined to indict Fessenden D.A. Slater commented, “I said initially that I'll stand by my father and believed in the system. I feel now that my faith in my father and the system have been confirmed.” Slater continued, “My family is happy to have this behind us, and we're pleased my father has been exonerated. Our prayers for a just resolution have been answered.” It’s funny because that is the exact same thing Johnny Lee Gates has prayed for, to put the past 42 years behind him and a just resolution. Judge Allen has offered just that, a new trial based on new DNA evidence revealing that Gates is innocent of killing a young White woman in 1977. The street committee recently learned that Slater refused Johnny Lee Gates request to attend his sister’s funeral who was laid to rest this past weekend. On the surface it may appear that the District Attorney is a heartless individual, however, there is a cost associated with transporting an inmate in cases such as this. That cost must be absorbed by the inmates family. According to information obtained by Gates’ attorney he has only one surviving sister and she is in bad health. One can surmise that because of this she is not in a financial position to cover the cost.

The Street Committee

Carver High School’s Chris Lindsey Does Not Play The street commends and respects Christopher Lindsey, Principal of George Washington Carver High School. During their recent graduation ceremony three of their graduating students embarrased themselves, their parents and students with their immature antics. According to the street committee immediately dismissed them from the ceremony and the building refusing to allow them to return to their seats. In addition the street committee was informe each of the young men will have to complete hours of community service prior to them receiving their actual diplomas. Thank you Mr. Lindsey for setting a standard for your students and not wavering to parental pressure. The Re-Bidding Process This Shouldn’t Take Long At All By now all bids should be in regarding the towing contract for Muscogee County. According to the street committee, unless there is a “backroom deal” the only possible result has to be that the contract is awarded to Columbus Towing & Recovery and Griffin & Griffin Towing on a rotation basis daily, weekly or monthly. The fact that the proposal was re-bid allows each of the towing companies to correct any deficiencies that they received as the result of their previous evaluations. With that being the case any new evaluations should result in the same score for each of the companies with the exception of Experience/Personnel and Cost Proposal. With Columbus Towing & Recovery having more experience, which only accounts for 20% of the proposal and Griffin & Griffin Towing having the lower price, which accounts for 35% of the proposal should at the very least balance out the evaluation. The street committee will look forward to seeing how this plays out.

The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper *Any editorial content are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of this newspaper, publisher or staff” The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper 1300 Wynnton Rd Suite 104 Columbus, Georgia 3190 Email: Phone: 706.225.0106 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5747 Columbus, Ga 31906 Visit Us Online At:




If You’re Easy To Purchase, You’ll Be Easy To Replace believing with all his heart that God would save him. The floodwaters continued to rise. A helicopter flew by and a voice came over a loudspeaker offering to lower a ladder and take him off the roof. The man waved the helicopter away, shouting back that he was waiting for God to save him. The helicopter left. The flooding water came over the roof and caught him up and swept him away. He drowned. When he reached heaven and asked, “God, why did you not save me? I believed in you with all my heart. Why did you let me drown?” God replied, “I sent you a pick-up truck, a boat and a helicopter and you refused all of them. What else could I possibly do for you?” Although I believe far too many women are expecting God to send them an IBM (Ideal Black Man) that they tend to look over the BMW (Black Man Working) He sends their way every day, I’m going to leave that for another column.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend who has been divorced for years. When I asked her why she has never remarried she said she was waiting on the Lord to send her next husband to her. That seems to be a sentiment shared by quite a few women today. In fact I have another college friend who recently turned sixty who has never married. Both ladies shared that they date but just haven’t found the right man worthy of their commitment.

I have shared with each of them what comes to mind when I hear women say; “I’m waiting on the Lord”: “The Parable of the Flood” A man was trapped in his house during a flood. He began praying to God to rescue him. He had a vision in his head of God’s hand reaching down from heaven and lifting him to safety. The water started to rise in his house. His neighbor urged him to leave and offered him a ride to safety. The man yelled back, “I am waiting for God to

save me.” The neighbor drove off in his pick-up truck. The man continued to pray and hold on to his vision. As the water began rising in his house, he had to climb up to the roof. A boat came by with some people heading for safe ground. They yelled at the man to grab a rope they were ready to throw and take him to safety. He told them that he was waiting for God to save him. They shook their heads and moved on. The man continued to pray,

As a man with daughters, a sister and nieces I remember the changes I’ve sent women through and how I have used some for my own selfish needs. Looking back I can honestly say I’ve never been abusive and I’m not worried about getting caught up in the “#metoomovement”, but still I’m not proud of some of my actions. What I’m about to say is going to sound wrong to some of you ladies, but I ask that you hear me out before you castigate me. Some of you are your own worst enemy when it comes to men and relationships. I heard this recently. If you’re not being treated with love and respect, check your price tag. Perhaps

you have marked yourself down. It’s you who tells people what you’re worth by what you accept. Maybe it’s time for you to GET OFF THE CLEARANCE RACK and get behind the glass where they keep the valuables. Learn to value yourself more. If you don’t, no one else will. When my sister graduated from high school, just before she went off to college, I had a conversation with her. The following words are not verbatim but close. Whenever you choose to engage in any kind of relationship with another human being, there will always be some sort of a cost involved. It may be your heart, your spirit, your bodies, and your minds. It may cost you your emotions, your time, your commitment, and or your energy. In relationships we all come with a price tag, and we will value ourselves with the price tag that we believe we deserve. But even worse often we will allow ourselves to be purchased at the price that we place on ourselves. If you believe you’re worth a mere $50 dollars, or an extravagant meal and a night out on the town–or an ambiguous relationship that revolves only around sex— that is exactly what you will get. Don’t be so desperate for love that you set your price tag too low. Remember if you’re easy to purchase, you’ll also be easy to replace. Just a few “Words of Wisdom” from a BMW...while you’re waiting on the Lord!

Wane A. Hailes

Courier Thursday June 6, 2019




Early Worship 8am Breakfast 9am Sunday School 9:30 am Morning Worship 11am Wednesday Prayer Meeting/Bible Study 7pm Thursday Noon Bible Study 12 noon Sunday Child Day Care Services Available For Those Attending Our Worship WEBSITE : (O FFICE )706.323-6996 (FAX ) 706.322.7596 (PASTOR ’ S HOME )706.561.6733 or Transportation available, must contact church office by Friday at 12:00 noon.


First African Baptist Church 901 5th Avenue

Columbus, Georgia

Sunday Worship 8am Early Morning Worship Sunday School 9:30am Morning Worship 11am Transportation Provided

Call 706-323-3367 Sr. Pastor Roderick Green

Metropolitan Baptist Church 1635 5th Avenue . Columbus, Georgia

706.322.1488 Service Sunday School 9:30 A.M Monday Night Tuesday Bible Study Pastor Curtis Crocker, Jr.

Schedule Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M Prayer 6:00 P.M 12:00 P.M & 5:30 P.M

Mission Statement A growing church for growing Christians attempting to grow the Kingdom, one soul at a time.

Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church Corner of 3rd Avenue and 5th Street Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes Jr. Way Columbus, Georgia 31901 706.324.2055 Rev. J.H. Flakes, III -Pastor Rev. Dr. J.H. Flakes, Jr. - Pastor Emeritus


4236 St. Mary’s Road Columbus, Georgia


Courier Thursday June 6, 2019

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The Best of The Best Muscogee County High Schools Valedictorians and Salutatorians

Mariah Cady Salutatorian Columbus High School

Jordyn Sweat Salutatorian Carver High School

Anish Upadhayay Valedictorian Columbus High School

Temple Douglass Valedictorian Hardaway High School

Ebony Robinson Salutatorian Hardaway High School

Austin Perry Valedictorian Jordan High School

Evan Amon Salutatorian Jordan High School

Shaquavious Brown Valedictorian Kendrick High School

Shaquavious Brown Salutatorian Kendrick High School

Carlie Dollar Valedictorian Northside High School

Larson Vaughn Salutatorian Northside High School

Anahyia Dean Valedictorian Shaw High School

Averi Daniel Salutatorian Shaw High School

Ada Atchenson Valedictorian Spencer High School

Aaliyah Ash Salutatorian Spencer High School

Quennetta Baldwin Valedictorian Carver High School

Andreanna K. Culp Valedictorian Early College

Gina T. Huynh Salutatorian Early College


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Courier Thursday June 6, 2019

River City Soap Box Derby Returns for 3rd Annual Race and Wanda Amos Foundation, Liberty Utilities, Fountain City Classic Inc., Columbus State University, Synovus, AllWell, Waffle House, Columbus Tech, Raymond James, PTAP, Peaceful Rivers, Residential Services, Valley Hospitality, the YMCA of Columbus, WoodMenLife and TYCT.

By Staff The Courier Let’s Grow STEAMX (LGSX) is excited to announce the 3rd Annual River City Soap Box Derby Race, which will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at Lakebottom Park. Opening ceremonies will begin at 8:30am, and at 9:00 am sharp, Mayor Skip Henderson will wave the starting flag to kick off this year’s race. Following an exciting day of racing, an award ceremony will cap the day at 3:00pm. The public is invited to take part in this free, family-friendly community event. In addition to the derby races, families can enjoy food vendors, a video game truck, bounce houses, a Slime Factory, and Street Science demonstrations hosted by Columbus Tech, the Coca Cola Space Science Center and the Columbus

Museum! A free bike helmet giveaway (sponsored by Safe Kids of Columbus) from 10am-12pm for children ages 17 and under while sizes and supplies last. (Children must be present to receive bike helmet and must visit the station assigned to be fitted for a bike helmet). The food trucks and activities will be set up on Cherokee Avenue, adjacent to the races which will take place along 17th Street next to Columbus High School. Though the River City Soap Box Derby is celebrating its third anniversary, 2019 marks the first year in over 20 years that Columbus has been host to a local race sanctioned by the International Soap Box Derby Organization. The winner of the local race will represent Columbus and compete against youth from around the world in Akron, Ohio, at the International Soap Box Derby

Race. What an amazing opportunity for one of our hard-working racers to have the experience of a lifetime! The Let’s Grow STEAMX initiative is dedicated to providing a free, competitive educational platform that focuses on helping youth utilize their most abundant resource...their IMAGINATION, as well as encouraging youth to develop a love for lifelong learning. Let’s Grow STEAMX is a communitybased initiative which is made possible through the support and sponsorship of the following organizations: PMB Broadcasting, Sons Chevrolet, Shelby

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Courier Thursday June 6, 2019

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Recognizes 2019 SIP Honorees

By Staff The Courier On Friday May 30, 2019 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the Delta Iota Lambda Chapter, recognized their 2019 “SIP” Honorees. According to Oz Roberts, President of the organization, “The acronym stands for SEVEN IMPORTANT PEOPLE, representing our seven founding mem-

bers. This years seven honorees are being recognized for the work that they do to better our community, which often times goes unnoticed.” This years honorees included: Mr. Roy Cooke, Mr. Robert Moore, Ms. Florene Dawkins, Dr. Delta Joyce Otley, Mr. Ronzell Buckner, Mr. Kuturi Edwards, Mr. Wane A. Hailes.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Award Scholarships Scholarship is a cardinal principle of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. The men of Omega have awarded scholarships to area high school students for more than 70 years as a way to encourage and enable them to pursue higher education.

The Omega Foundation & Lambda Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.’s Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation was held Saturday June 1, 2019.

This years recipients include: Colby Edmond, Columbus High; Justin Harris, Columbus High; John Sims, Columbus High; Demario Walden, Columbus High; Joy Mobley, Columbus High; Galen Jones, Calvary Christian; Jordyn Sweat, Carver High; Ashleigh Drew, Early College; Lauren Ingram, Freedom Hill High; D e s m o n d H a m m , J r. , Kendrick High; Jordan Parker, Hardaway High; Kailen DeSaussure Harris County, High; Janae Giles, Hardaway High; Jason Williams, Smith Station; Ryah Lynch, Northside High; Jasiah Wilkins, Harris County High; Temple Douglass, Hardaway High


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Courier Thursday June 6, 2019

Citizens Respond To Sheriff Tompkins “Candid Conversation” By Wane A. Hailes The Courier After reading Muscogee Donna Tompkins’ “Candid our past publications we ous comments regarding Here are a few of them.

County Sheriff Conversation” in received numerher responses.

In regards to her response to the number of deaths that occurred in the jail one reader wrote: “One death is one too many in any jail facility. The six reported deaths at the Muscogee County Jail deserve more of an explanation than a typical political response. This is about more than political maneuvering just to cover your political interest. We have six families who loss loved ones under your watch Sheriff Tompkins. Six deaths within six months of being on the job as sheriff deserves more of an answer than what was given to satisfy the hearts, and minds of those affected by the hurt of a loss of a loved one. The African American community has for many years desired to have an African American sheriff to represent them. Many are in agreement that its time has the right qualified African American as sheriff. The Muscogee County Sheriff's Office has been around for nearly 200 years and has yet to have it's first African American Sheriff. The death of Kenneth Walker sparked a dislike for the leadership in the Office of Sheriff. This was due to what the African American community took as disrespect for African American life. Our community came together to remove not only the sheriff but the district attorney as well. Many are speaking in the same tone today with the announcement of Marshal Greg Countryman announcing his bid for Muscogee County Sheriff for 2020. Six deaths within six months have garnered the attention of many in our community. Especially those who have family incarcerated at the facility. They fear for their lives because of the reported violence within the Muscogee County Jail.” One reader, after seeing her response to keeping inmates safe and from being physically abused said, “There has to be a better solution than the bureau-

cracy of having to go through the long wait to getting a call in to your attorney. I think its fair to say that most in your jail facility cannot afford to have an attorney. Therefore, what's your new solution to this pressing concern? Currently, Bail Bondsman's have to wait on average 6 hours just to get a person bonded out of jail. This is an inconvenience to not only the families as well as the bail bondsman. It appears there are mounting concerns that are hovering over the sheriff's office. The voters will decide in 2020 the direction they want to see the Office of the Sheriff head in.” One reader, in response to the staffing shortage,had this to offer; “Sheriff’s staff has approached us over their concerns for their safety at the Muscogee County Jail. They are charged to safeguard and protect those they are entrusted to oversee. Sheriff you referred to the shortage of the police department and you recently approached the city council about wanting to place an elected marshal's office under your sheriff's office. What you have is solely a sheriff's office issue, not that of the police or marshal. The next sheriff must have a plan to address these concerns. Officer to inmate ratio is at a crisis level. Jail officer have complained to their families about their safety. Some nights they've said the ratio is less than 23 officers covering 1100 plus inmates. They are afraid that with the right opportunity, there could be a jail takeover The number of vacancies has never been this high under previous sheriff's administration.” Finally, responding to her recent request to abolish the Marshal’s Department, one reader said; “Why does the sheriff think the marshal's office would work under her leadership. Many think it was disrespectful to the marshal who announced he was running for sheriff in 2020. The outrage comes as he is the only representative and voice we have in the African American community and she wants to silence our voice. Macon, and Augusta merged their police departments under the sheriff's office, not another elected office. Looks like we have a vindictive sheriff.”

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Courier Thursday June 6, 2019

Michael Strahan to Headline Annual Bob Wright Symposium on Business Empowerment Columbus, Ga., May 21, 2019 -- Twotime Emmy winner and Super Bowl Champion Michael Strahan will headline the 2019 Bob Wright Symposium on Business Empowerment (BWSBE) on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at the Columbus, Ga Convention & Trade Center from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The co-host of ABC’s “Good Morning America” and “Strahan and Sara,” Strahan will discuss how he has successfully transitioned his power brand as a former professional athlete into a successful career in business. Michael Strahan will head up a world-class line up of sports stars who have become successful business men and women in “From A to B: Leveraging Power Brands from Athletics to Business” 2019 Bob Wright Symposium on Business Empowerment. More exciting names will be announced soon. The conference will be moderated by Byron Pitts, renowned ABC News Chief Correspondent and Night-line CoAnchor, and it will feature several Fireside Chats with extraordinary former athletes now business leaders and executives who will share invaluable business insight, knowledge and stories of their personal and professional experience. In addition, lunch and networking opportunities are provided for all attendees during the day. The BWSBE brings together entrepreneurs who strive toward the common goal of community empowerment and educational advancement. Past conference audiences have exceeded more than 500 participants to include individuals, students, small businesses and corporations. “Program participants will benefit greatly from hearing from Michael Strahan who is uniquely qualified to serve as this year’s Symposium headliner,” said BWSBE founder, philanthropist and business leader, Dr. Bob Wright. Since Strahan joined “Good Morning America,” the morning show has won t h e D a y t i m e E m m y Aw a r d f o r “Outstanding Morning Program” two years in a row. Strahan hosts the toprated primetime game show favorite “$100,000 Pyramid” and serves as an analyst of “Fox NFL Sunday.” Strahan headlined the new Thursday Night Football Pregame Show live from New York City for the 2018 NFL season. Now partnered with longtime friend Constance Schwartz to form SMAC

Entertainment, Strahan brings his skills, determination, leadership, experience and humor to the multi-dimensional talent management, music, branding, and production company. Strahan released his best-selling book, “Wake Up Happy: The Dream Big, Win Big Guide to Transforming Your Life,” which includes personal stories and motivational advice to inspire readers to turn up the heat and go from good to great in pursuit of their personal ambitions. Acting on his entrepreneurial spirit, Strahan introduced COLLECTION by MICHAEL STRAHAN and MSX by Michael Strahan, a men’s Athleisure line, which is now also available for kids and has expanded into additional categories. To register for the conference, participants may visit Individual tickets are now available for the “Early Bird” special price of $150 each until June 30. After that date, tickets will be $175 each. For sponsorship opportunities, contact SirMichael Jones at 706-330-8051, Shonalee Gamble at 706.570.5959 or any member of the steering committee. Proceeds from the symposium benefit the Alpha Onward & Upward Foundation, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to college bound students. BWSBE has provided tuition and scholarship to more than 100 students in Georgia and Alabama. Over the last three years, almost 200 high school students and teachers have benefitted by attending the Bob Wright Symposium through generous corporate sponsorships.

About Bob Wright Symposium on Business Empowerment: In 2014 Dr. Robert Wright had the vision and inspiration to bring together some of the most respected business leaders in the country for an empowerment symposium to benefit the local residents and business community of his hometown, Columbus, Georgia. From there, The Bob Wright Symposium On Business Empowerment (BWSBE) was born. It was designed to expose members of the minority community to successful entrepreneurs who are industry trailblazers and respected thought-leaders within their fields. In addition, it has become one of the first events of its kind to take place in Columbus - proud home to several influential minority business and community leaders.

Request for Bids RFB No. 19-0051 Bus Shelters (Annual Contract) Due: June 19, 2019 – 2:30 PM Kevin Robertson, Buyer Sealed responses must be received and time/date stamped by the due date shown above, by the Finance Department/Purchasing Division of Columbus Consolidated Government, 100 Tenth Street, Columbus, GA 31901. To obtain specifications, visit the City's website at, notify the Buyer via email, fax 706-225-3033, or telephone 706-225-4087. Andrea J. McCorvey

Purchasing Division Manager


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Courier Thursday June 6, 2019

Teasha Johnson Assistant to City Manager/311 Manager By Wane A. Hailes The Courier Teasha Johnson has been employed with the Columbus Consolidated Government for the past 14 years. She began as a Citizens Service Center Technician, promoted to Executive Assistant in 2014 and since 2015 she has held the position as Assistant to City Manager/311 Citizens Service Center Manager. The Columbus Consolidated Government 311 Citizens Service Center is your link to local government and City services. Whether you have a question, would like to request a service, need to register a complaint, or would you like to offer a suggestion, the Columbus Consolidated Government 311 Citizens Service Center can give you an answer. The service was initiated in 2000 to make it easier for citizens to have a direct link to their local government and designated as Georgia's first 311 Call Center in March 2004. It is the one number you can call (311 or (706) 653-4000) with any request or question regarding local government services. Citizens can call in at any time to a 24-hour call center. From 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday you can speak to a live well-trained Citizen Service Representative, and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and weekends, you can leave a message that will be reviewed and processed by the first representative in the office the next business day or you can e-mail us with your request at The message on the answering machine advises citizens to hang up and dial 9-1-1 if the call is an emergency. If there are natural disasters such as severe thunderstorms, tornados or hurricanes, the call center will be operational to take the many calls that accompany severe weather.

6 de juno 2019

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Conozca a NeighborWorks® Columbus Fundada en el 1999, NeighborWorks® Columbus (NWC) es una agencia de consejería de vivienda certificada por Vivienda Federal, (HUD por sus siglas en Ingles), es una Institución Financiera de Desarrollo Comunitario y Organización Desarrolladora de Vivienda para la Cuidad de Columbus. Nuestra entidad ha tenido un impacto significativo en la comunidad, algunos ejemplos son:

Kathy Rosado Service Line Manager Eco Latino NeighborWorks® Columbus es una empresa enfocada en el cliente, ofreciendo programas y servicios que apodera a nuestros clientes lograr sus sueños. L a m i s i ó n d e N e i g h b o r Wo r k s ® Columbus se esfuerza en promover and proveer acceso que se ajuste a la vivienda asequible y desarrolla activos para la independencia financiera para toda ciudadanía de todo ingreso económico.

• Ha provisto educación financiera, preparación para el comprador de vivienda, y servicios de consejería individualizada a más de 4,000 personas; • ha producido 1,402 dueños de vivienda exitosos; con inversiones de sobre $149 millones de dólares; • ha producido más de $23 millones en préstamos hipotecarios asequibles; y • ha desarrollado y/o rehabilitado 108 unidades de vivienda y 73 unidades de alquiler. Unas de las maneras que NWC procura lograr su misión es a través de la promoción de propiedad de vivienda. NWC se ha posicionado como aboga-

do principal de la idea que la calidad de vida en la comunidad comienza con vivienda asequible como su fundación. Programas que produzcan viviendas asequibles y fomenta la compra de vivienda es nuestra creencia. Con el enfoque centrada en el cliente, NWC provee educación para la compra de una vivienda, clases de capacitación financiera, y servicios de consejería que producen compradores de vivienda cualificados y listos, dueños de vivienda para muchos años y consumidores inteligentes. Personal profesionalmente adiestrado y certificados de NWC educa, aboga y guían a los clientes a través de opciones financieras que les ayude a evitar prestamistas predatorios y dirigirlos hacia la asequibilidad, estabilidad económica y desarrollo de activos apreciables. NeighborWorks® Columbus coloca al cliente primer. Proveemos un ambiente acogedor y enérgico donde todos los clientes son apoderado para lograr su sueño de ser dueño de su propio hogar.

ENGLISH About us...Mission NeighborWorks Columbus strives to promote and provide access to fit and affordable housing and build assets for financial independence for all citizens of low to moderate income. Organizational Overview Founded in 1999, NeighborWorks® Columbus (NWC) is a HUD-certified housing counseling agency, a certified C o m m u n i t y Development Financial Institution (CDFI), and the City of Columbus’ Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO). Our organization has made a significant impact on the community by: • providing financial education, homebuy-

er readiness training, and counseling for more than 4,000 people; • producing 1,402 successful homeowners, with housing investments totaling more than $149 million. • producing more than $23 million in affordable housing loans; and • building or rehabilitating 108 ownership units and 73 rental units. One of the ways that NWC seeks to fulfill our mission is through the promotion of homeownership. NWC has positioned itself as the chief advocate of the idea that the quality of life in a community begins with fit and affordable housing as its foundation. Programs that produce affordable housing and encourage homeownership are our cornerstones. With a customer-centric focus, NWC provides homebuyer education, financial fitness classes, and counseling services that produce qualified, mortgage -ready homebuyers, lifelong homeowners, and savvy consumers. NWC’s professionally trained and certified staff educate, advocate, and guide customers through the financing options that help them avoid predatory lending and lead to affordability, economic stability, and the building of appreciating assets. NeighborWorks® Columbus puts the customer first. We provide a welcoming and energetic environment where all customers are empowered to achieve their dream of homeownership.

6 de juno 2019

Pagina 4 plinarias para determinar el alcance de los servicios necesarios. - La coordinación de servicios que ayuda a la familia y otros profesionales en el desarrollo de un plan para mejorar el desarrollo del niño. Nota: Los dos servicios mencionados se ofrecen a familias sin ningún costo .

Los bebés no pueden esperar

para ayudar a los familiares y cuidadores para mejorar el aprendizaje y desarrollo de los niños a través de las oportunidades de aprendizaje de todos los días. ¿Cuántas personas son ayudadas por el programa? Los bebés de Georgia no pueden esperar sistema de intervención temprana ha servido niños y las familias de Georgia desde 1987. En el año fiscal 2016, 17,947 niños y familias se servían en los bebés pueden 't Espere programa.

By Dr. Beverly Townsend District Health Director Propósito del Programa Proporcionar un sistema coordinado, global e integrada de servicios para bebés y niños pequeños con necesidades especiales, el nacimiento hasta los 3 y sus familias. Proveer identificación y selección de los niños con retraso en el desarrollo y las condiciones de salud crónicas. Mejorar el potencial de desarrollo de los lactantes y niños pequeños nacimiento hasta los 3 años de edad, con condiciones de salud crónicas o de desarrollo. ¿Qué hace el programa? La misión de la Parte C / Los bebés no puede esperar: la intervención temprana de la Parte C se basa en y proporciona apoyos y recursos

¿Por qué es importante el programa? Este programa es importante porque mejora la capacidad de las familias para satisfacer las necesidades especiales de su hijo con el fin de asegurar que cada niño con retrasos en el desarrollo significativos alcanza su máximo potencial de desarrollo. Donde se encuentran los servicios? Parte C de la Ley de Individuos con Discapacidades Enmiendas de 1997 dice que en la mayor medida, los servicios de intervención temprana adecuados deben ser provistos en ambientes naturales, incluyendo el hogar y en la comunidad en la que participan los niños sin discapacidad. El servicio también se encuentran en todo el estado. ¿Qué servicios ofrece BCW ? - evaluación multidisciplinaria para determinar la elegibilidad y las evaluaciones multidisci-

El acceso a los servicios de intervención temprana identificados en el Plan Individualizado de Servicios para la familia del niño (IFSP). los fondos del estado están disponibles, basado en una escala móvil, para ayudar a las familias que están determinados por el programa BCW local sea incapaz de pagar. ¿Qué son los servicios de intervención temprana ? Los servicios que pueden incluir dispositivos de ayuda de tecnología y servicios, servicios de audiología, la formación de la familia, asesoramiento y visitas a domicilio, servicios de salud, servicios de diagnóstico médico, ciertos servicios de enfermería, servicios de nutrición, terapia ocupacional, terapia física, servicios psicológicos, servicios de trabajo social, especiales instrucción, patología del habla y del lenguaje, servicios de la vista, y el transporte y los costos relacionados. Donde se proporcionan servicios de intervención temprana ? Los servicios se proporcionan en ambientes naturales,

incluyendo el hogar y en la comunidad en la que participan los niños sin discapacidad. Servicios sólo se pueden proporcionar en un entorno que no sea un ambiente natural, cuando la intervención temprana no puede lograrse satisfactoriamente en un entorno natural. Que presta servicios dentro de los bebés no pueden esperar ? Los servicios son proporcionados por las agencias e individuos de los sectores público y privado. Elegibilidad ¿Quién es elegible para bebés No se puede esperar? BCW atiende a niños de Georgia desde el nacimiento hasta cumplir los tres años, independientemente de los ingresos, que cumplan uno de los siguientes criterios: Tener una condición física o mental diagnosticada que es conocido por dar lugar a un retraso en el desarrollo, tales como la ceguera, síndrome de Down o espina bífida; o Tener un retraso en el desarrollo diagnosticado confirmada por un equipo calificado de profesionales. Usted puede ver la lista completa de los diagnósticos que dan lugar a la elegibilidad automática para bebés no puedo esperar para determinar si un diagnóstico específico está cubierto. Información sobre diagnósticos específicos se puede obtener a través de la

Academia Americana de Pediatría , el Centro Nacional de Defectos Congénitos y Discapacidades del Desarrollo de los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades y la Organización Nacional de Enfermedades Raras (NORD). ¿CÓMO APLICAR? Para solicitar los servicios que pueden: - Completar y enviar la Infancia primera detección y Formulario de Referencia, a los bebés locales no Puede Esperar Office que sirve el condado en el que el niño y su familia residen. Directrices para completar Detección y Formulario de Referencia - Póngase en contacto con los bebés locales no pueden esperar oficina para más información. Como contactar con los bebés no pueden esperar? Es posible utilizar los niños con necesidades especiales de localización de Coordinador para la información de contacto de sus bebés locales no Puede Esperar Programa. - Los bebés no Puede Esperar tiene un directorio estatal de información gestionada por padre a padre, Inc. de Georgia. El directorio proporciona información sobre el programa BCW situada más próxima al niño y su familia. Para acceder al directorio, llame al 800-2292038 o (770) 451-5484 en Atlanta. - Los bebés no pueden esperar del Estado número oficina es (404) 657-2850 o al número gratuito: 888-651-8224.

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Qué se debe saber antes de cualquier proyecto casero que implique una excavación

(StatePoint) Al mirar al suelo, es posible que no este! consciente de los millones de millas de infraestructura de servicios pu!blicos que hay enterrada y que mantiene a la sociedad vestida, alimentada, con energi!a ele!ctrica, conectada y mucho ma!s. Desafortunadamente, muchos de nosotros pensamos “fuera de la vista, fuera de la mente” sobre las tuberi!as, alambres y cables situado justo debajo de nuestros pies, y esto puede tener consecuencias desastrosas cuando tratamos de cavar sin hacer primero nuestra tarea. Habiendo establecido conexio!n hace poco con varios expertos en el campo, como parte de la National Excavator Initiative, Mike Rowe, Presidente y Director General de la F u n d a c i o!n mikeroweWORKS y mejor conocido por los exitosos programas “Dirty Jobs”, “Deadliest Catch” y “Returning the Favor”, esta! invitando a todos los que cavan, ya sea un excavador profesional o un propietario residencial, a llamar al 811 antes de comenzar sus proyectos, e igualmente a aprender ma!s sobre la seguridad en las excavaciones y por que! esto importa. “¿No es curioso que las cosas de las que ma!s dependemos –nuestra agua, electricidad, gas, televisio!n por cable– que en u!ltima instancia damos por sentado y, en muchos

sentidos, a c a b a n m o l e s t a!n donos?”, reflexiona Rowe, que sen"ala que muchas personas se sorprenden e incluso se molestan cuando descubren que no pueden simplemente ponerse a cavar en su propiedad sin llamar primero al 811. “Lo que aprendi! es que llamar al 811 previo a una excavacio!n es la forma ma!s importante en que los excavadores pueden garantizar la seguridad y evitar dan"os”. Uno de esos expertos con los que hablo! Rowe, lo expreso! contundentemente. “El mensaje que me gusta dar es 'llame al 811 para no tener que llamar al 911'”, dice Erica Fink, consultora de continuidad de negocios de energi!a de Xcel Energy. Fink es una de varios expertos en prevencio!n de dan"os subterra!neos que entrevisto! Rowe. Cada mes se publica un nuevo video de expertos que se centra en los pasos clave del proceso del 811. Se han publicado cuatro videos hasta la fecha y destacan lo que hay bajo tierra, la importancia del tema, la seguridad y el proceso de notificacio!n. Puede verlos en experts. Si esta! planeando un proyec-

to que requiera excavar, debe saber que las leyes de excavacio!n vari!an de estado a estado y puede resultar desafiante encontrar la informacio!n especi!fica que esta! buscando. Ente!rese descargando la aplicacio!n gratuita Safe Excavator en el app store de Apple o Google. La aplicacio!n describe los requisitos especi!ficos de cada estado para excavar, se conecta a un centro de notificacio!n de llamadas (811) de modo que los usuarios puedan hacer una solicitud de localizacio!n y proporciona una lista de comprobacio!n para excavaciones seguras con objeto de ayudar a que su proyecto se desarrolle sin obsta!culos. La mayori!a de los estados exigen que llame al 811 de dos a tres di!as antes de su excavacio!n. Se enviara! a representantes de los conductos y servicios pu!blicos para marcar la ubicacio!n aproximada de los servicios y cables subterra!neos usando pintura con co!digos de colores, banderolas o estacas, a fin de que usted (o su contratista) puedan cavar con seguridad a su alrededor. No solo la llamada al 811 es la ley, sino que puede protegerlos a usted y a quienes lo rodean de una lesio!n, evitarle a su comunidad la interrupcio!n de los servicios pu!blicos esenciales de los que depende y ayudarle a evitar posibles multas y costos de reparacio!n. Siempre cava con cuidado. Hacerlo es un proceso sencillo y los protegera! a usted, a su comunidad, y al medio ambiente.

Taylor funeraria se esfuerza por proporcionar a quienes servimos un servicio completo en cada detalle e impecablemente ejecutado en honor de una vida que ahora puede ser sino un grato recuerdo. Ofrecemos la mayor calidad en servicios profesionales, instalaciones y equipos. Proporcionamos un servicio de "Viva la vida". También ofrecemos, sin cargo, Pre arreglado y Pre-Funded planes funerarios, seguros de consultoría, servicios de notario y apoyo de duelo. Telephone: 334-298-0364 Fax: 334-298-0186 1514 5th Avenue P.O. Box 2333 Phenix City, AL 36868

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Qué se debe saber antes de cualquier proyecto casero que implique una excavación

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Taylor funeraria se esfuerza por proporcionar a quienes servimos un servicio completo en cada detalle e impecablemente ejecutado en honor de una vida que ahora puede ser sino un grato recuerdo. Ofrecemos la mayor calidad en servicios profesionales, instalaciones y equipos. Proporcionamos un servicio de "Viva la vida". También ofrecemos, sin cargo, Pre arreglado y Pre-Funded planes funerarios, seguros de consultoría, servicios de notario y apoyo de duelo. Telephone: 334-298-0364 Fax: 334-298-0186 1514 5th Avenue P.O. Box 2333 Phenix City, AL 36868

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