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December 2016 •

Our Angel Wishes You: Healing Open Minds Positive Thoughts Love, Respect, Understanding & Acceptance for Each Other

Foster Gamble on . . . Election Reflections & Open Letter to President-elect Donald Trump ~ pgs 16, 17 & 18 EMERALD CUP : Cannabis Competition!! ~ pgs 2, 29, 30 & 31 CACOCO Chocolate Drink ~ pg. 5 The Real History of THANKSGIVING ~ pg.6 VACCINES ~ Aerial Vaccinations!?! pg. 10 Sonoma Country Goes GMO FREE! ~ pg.28

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Foster Gamble Election Analysis page 16-18

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Vaccines - pg 10

The Emerald Cup Page 29 & 31

Healthy Appearance........................................ 22 Healthy Planet.................................................. 28 Diversity............................................Will Return Martial Arts....................................................... 14 Massage / Bodywork....................................... 12 Movies.............................................................. 27 Music ............................................................... 27 Parenting, Kids & Education.......................... 20 Pet / Animal Health........................................... 23 Letters.................................................Will Return Foster Gamble Election Theme ................. 16-18 Spirit...................................................................27 Travel & Fun.....................................  Will Return Wonderful Women.............................Will Return Yoga............................................................13 &15 Information in this publication is provided for informational purposes only. This information is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. Do not use the information in this publication for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing medication or other treatment. Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, or using any treatment for a health problem. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of something you have read in this publication. Information provided in this publication and the use of any products or services purchased from our publication by you DOES NOT create a doctor-patient relationship between you and any of the physicians affiliated with our publication. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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so. If you’ve already written one book, a second book is certain to be on the way that extends your vision with new insights and applications to the moof us is a precious spark of ment at hand. individuated divine Love, Your book, ofand as such, every story has fered through print magic and grandeur in its and electronic media, uniqueness. is now your business The treasure that is YOU was born for a brief timate dance partner that is card. Through your book, tenure in this world—and this the Divine YOU. It is a gift you present yourself to others in a way that allows them corporeal identity evaporates beyond understanding… into the ALL upon leaving. S h o w c a s e y o u r to capture a glimpse of who you are. By giving the gift And yet, the imprint that you unique gift Therapists and practitio- of yourself in this way, you made, the story that was YOU makes an impression in the ners of healing arts have de- draw others to approach you ONE MIND now and always. voted years or even lifetimes for more depth. But these are Undertaking the writ- to developing the expression my ideas! you might say… ing of your personal story of a unique approach. The What if someone wants to —whatever it is you have manner in which you work steal my ideas? “Life is open to say—is transformational with others to bring new in- source,” says Swami Beyonbeyond what any therapeutic sights or new levels of health dananda. When you give of regimen might accomplish. may have blossomed as a gift, yourself, you invite more of When you look deeply into been earned through years of the grandeur of your Self to your soul and begin to touch study, or sculpted step by step be available to you. You canyour story, you engage the into a painstakingly honed not lose anything by offering magical process whereby talent. If you haven’t already yourself through your book, you become your own best written your first book, the the product of your life’s friend, your dearest and most allure of your Self expression meaning. It is always a win, compassionate companion, has without a doubt invited win, win! Many people dream of and you may even discover you from within the depth of THE BELOVED—the ul- your being to consider doing selling their books to become millionaires. If that is meant to happen for you, it will happen in accordance with the mystery of your particular life path. The process of loving yourself enough to focus and write the story of your life—or the lessons you have acquired or the methods you have developed through your work—ultimately is about creating a permanent record in the field of consciousness representing that spark of divinity that You Are. Your book is your ultimate way of saying, “I was here!” River SanctuNightmares? Fears? Anxiety? ary Publishing supInsecure? Depressed? ports you in creating There are answers in this book. your print book or eBuy and Read Nightmares? Fears? Anxiety? book in accordance Insecure? Depressed? with the highest There are answers in this book. Buy and Read professional design THE MODERN SCIENCE OF MENTAL HEALTH DIANETICS standards. Visit our By L.RON HUBBARD website: www.riverMay you never be the same again. By L.RON HUBBARD May youDianetics never be the Foundation same again. sanctuarypublishContact: (831)426-2146 Contact: Dianetics Foundation (831)426-2146 Buy with PayPal • $27.12 Free Shipping or call us at Buy with PayPal • $27.12 Free Shipping e-mail: e-mail: (831) 335-7283 for © 2016 CSMSC. All Rights Reserved. DIANETICS and L. RON HUBBARD are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Services relating to Scientology religious more philosophy information.

Write Your Heart Out...


by Annie Elizabeth Porter t some point in this Earthly walk, it becomes clear that the

reason we came is to create stories, to share stories, to sculpt our life into the best story it can be. Each one



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with the permission of Religious Technology Center, holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks. Printed in USA.

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CACOCO Revives Drinking Chocolate for the Conscious Business Era


anta Cruz company, CACOCO, opened its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on November 18th in order to implement regenerative farming methods and compostable packaging for their drinking chocolate blends. Have you ever had real drinking chocolate? Not the powdered kind with milk but the molten vitality elixir made with whole cacao beans mixed with spices and hot water? This energizing and uplifting beverage was (and still is) one of the most celebrated in the ancient Mesoamerican world and a small local business in Santa Cruz is on a mission to revive this rainforest beverage with a revolutionary and sustainable business model. “Most cacao in the world is unethically harvested. It harms the land and the communities who work the farms. Then it gets packaged in plastic, which ultimately ends up in a landfill,” says CEO Tony Portugal. “We at CACOCO don’t believe in that. We know that the success of our ethical choices in our supply and packaging could inspire

a positive shift in the entire food industry.” CACOCO makes small batch drinking chocolate they call a “molten vitality elixir,” in homage to the traditional cacao preparations of the Mayans and Aztecs. They sweeten the organic chocolate with a small amount of low-glycemic coconut sugar and then fortify it with adaptogenic herbs and spices. The finished product is a chocolate crumble that is housed inside one of the company’s most sustainable design achievements- a 100% compostable pyramid box using no plastic or glue. While the company currently uses all organic cacao, they are currently seeking community support in order to afford the purchase of beyond

organic cacao from ‘regenerative’ farms in Ecuador. “We’re interested in cacao that fits ancient food wisdom – in both preparation and cultivation,” says Liam Blackmon,

co-founder and chocolatier at CACOCO. “We’ve always used organic South American cacao, but we now want to take the next step in sustainability and move to sourcing from our fully regenerative partner farms.”

Regenerative farming builds organic growing systems that actively replenish the soil, reduce carbon footprints, and empower the local communities that work on and live around the farms. At the beginning of 2016, Portugal and Blackmon began to incorporate regenerative cacao into their recipes and tested a small run of compostable packaging. They found both changes to be valuable and viable options, but also understood that to make real change in their business and in the food system, they needed to do this at a larger scale. Introduce the Kickstarter – a community-led effort to help small companies innovate in big ways. “We’ve grown because of our community,” says Portugal.

“Everything we’ve been able to do is because of this immense support. We draw energy from the amazing spirits we interact with at all the Bay Area farmers markets. We’ve got such a grassroots following, we knew that turning to our community to ask for help in making this change was the right way to go.” The Kickstarter campaign asks for contributors to support CACOCO’s full switch to ethically-sourced, regeneratively-farmed cacao and 100% compostable packaging. Kickstarter contributors will receive CACOCO’s popular drinking chocolates and many other fun thank you gifts – just in time for the holidays! “As a community,” says Portugal, “Let’s show the market that eco-conscious food companies like ours are the future.” Find the CACOCO Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter. com/projects/2025874430/ cacoco-the-drinking-chocolaterevival?ref=5xk8x2 Link up with CACOCO here:

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The Great Thanksgiving Hoax

by Richard J. Maybury [Originally published November 20, 1999.] ach year at this time, schoolchildren all over America are taught the official Thanksgiving story, and newspapers, radio, TV, and magazines devote vast amounts of time and space to it. It is all very colorful and fascinating. It is also very deceiving. This official story is nothing like what really happened. It is a fairy tale, a whitewashed and sanitized collection of half-truths which divert attention away from Thanksgiving’s real meaning. The official story has the Pilgrims boarding the Mayflower, coming to America, and establishing the Plymouth colony in the winter of 1620–21. This first winter is hard, and half the colonists die. But the survivors are hard working and tenacious, and they learn new farming techniques from the Indians. The harvest of 1621 is bountiful. The pilgrims hold a celebration, and give thanks to God. They are grateful for the wonderful new abundant land He has given them. The official story then has the Pilgrims living more or less happily ever after, each year repeating the first Thanksgiving. Other early colonies also have hard times at first, but they soon prosper and adopt the annual tradition of giving thanks for this prosperous new land called America. The problem with this official story is that the harvest of 1621 was not bountiful, nor were the colonists hard-working or tenacious. 1621 was a famine year and many of the colonists were lazy thieves. In his History of Plymouth Plantation, the governor of the colony, William Bradford, reported that the colonists went hungry for years because they refused to work in the field. They preferred instead to steal food. He says the colony was riddled with “corruption,” and with “confusion and discontent.” The crops were small because “much was stolen both by night and day, before it became scarcely eatable.” In the harvest feasts of 1621 and 1622, “all had their hungry bellies filled,” but only briefly. The prevailing condition during those years was not the abundance the official story claims, it was famine and death. The first “Thanksgiving” was not so much a celebration as it was the last meal of condemned men. But in subsequent years something changes. The harvest of 1623 was different. Suddenly, “instead of famine now God gave them plenty,” Bradford wrote, “and the face of things was changed, to the rejoicing of the hearts of many, for which they blessed God.” Thereafter, he wrote,


anic Org s g n i a Serv ee & Te f f o C

“any general want or famine hath not been amongst them since to this day.” In fact, in 1624, so much food was produced that the colonists were able to begin exporting corn. What happened? After the poor harvest of 1622, writes Bradford, “they began to think how they might raise as much corn as they could, and obtain a better crop.” They began to question their form of economic organization. This had required that “all profits and benefits that are got by trade, traffic, trucking, working, fishing, or any other means” were to be placed in the common stock of the colony, and that, “all such persons as are of this colony, are to have their meat, drink, apparel,

and all provisions out of the common stock.” A person was to put into the common stock all he could, and take only what he needed. This “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” was an early form of socialism, and it is why the Pilgrims were starving. Bradford writes that “young men that were most able and fit for labor and service” complained about being forced to “spend their time and strength to work for other men’s wives and children.” Also, “the strong, or man of parts, had no more in division of victuals and clothes, than he that was weak.” So the young and strong refused to work and the total amount of food produced was never adequate. To rectify this situation, in 1623 Bradford abolished socialism. He gave each household a parcel of land and told them they could keep what they produced, or trade it away as they saw fit. In other words, he replaced socialism with a markets, and that was the end of the famines. Many early groups of colonists set up socialist states, all with the same terrible results. At Jamestown, established in 1607, out of every ship load of settlers that arrived, less than half would survive their first twelve months in America. Most of the work was being done by only one-fifth of the men, the other four-fifths choosing to be parasites. In the winter of 1609-10, called “The Starving Time,” the population fell from five-hundred to sixty. Then the Jamestown colony was converted to a relatively free market, and the results were every bit as dramatic as those at Plymouth.

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Chiropractic is much Bigger than you Thought … by Dr. Gabriel Russo ing care of the “whole person” in Health hat Chiropractic of- care instead of the reductionist viewpoint fers is much bigger of focusing on a diseased organ like the than people have allopathic physicians practice. been lead to believe, He showed that the vertebral suband there is research that backs this up. luxation activates the sympathetic nerDr. Irvin Korr spent 5 decades on his life vous system. This causes a person to studying the spine and its direct influ- feel like they are being attacked. This is ence on the nervous system. what we know as the “fight In 1976, he published a seor flight” physiology. This is ries of papers with many refa healthy response that helps erences pointing to the fact you in a short term situation. that an alteration of spinal Over a long period of time alignment negatively affects though, it will break you nervous system function. down. It increases stress One particularly significant hormones such as adrenaarticle was titled “The spinal line, and decreases relaxing cord as the organizer of dishormones such as serotonin. ease processes”. This allows us to fight or flee The spine is a NEUROfrom a predator, but when Dr. Gabriel Russo SPINAL ORGAN (the brain it is sustained for a long and spine are one unit) that constantly duration it erodes our health. It causes sends critical input into the brain every decreased immunity, lowered fertility, milli-second that we are alive. There is digestive distress, lack of focus & attenconstant feedback between the body and tion, and lowered energy ..... this state of the brain, through the nervous system, physiology is not what any healthy huso we can function properly and adapt man should experience for any sustained to stress and respond. period of time. Our health depends on it But … and our survival depends THIS IS HAPPENS on it. Any alteration to WITH EVERY VERTEthe neuro-spinal organ BRAL SUBLUXATION will wreak havoc to our BECAUSE OF ITS INFLUhealth. ENCE ON THE CENTRAL Understanding NERVOUS SYSTEM! this helps us realize that So while Chirospinal misalignment practic adjustments often helps people that causes neurological interference relieve their pain, it is doing something (which chiropractors call a vertebral much bigger. It helps bring people back subluxation) is one of the worst condi- to a state of ease, a place of healing. tions a human can have! What also happens when the sympathetThis is why chiropractors do what ic system is activated is it accesses the they do. Chiropractors adjust peoples’ lower brain center (the limbic system). spines to restore alignment and improve Through chiropractic, the higher brain the integrity of the spine. The chiroprac- centers, also known as the pre frontal tic way focuses on raising the level of cortex can be more readily accessed. function in a person by normalizing the … more about this later. movement, positioning, and tension of “The spinal cord as organizer of disthe spinal system. This reduces inter- ease processes” Korr IM. J Am Osteoference in the neurological system, and path promotes a higher level of organization Assoc. 1976 Sep;76(1):35-45. and function in a person. From an energetic approach to a The science is clear that the spine structural approach Dr. Gabriel offers is NOT just a hard protective covering revolutionary spinal restructuring, rearound soft delicate nerve structures covery and restoration. The structural with moveable segments and discs in approach works by performing specific between that allow us to move. maneuvers that release scar tissue in the Korg’s work on understanding the spinal column. This unlocks the body relationship between the spine and ner- so the bones can then be adjusted back. vous system is profound. He attributed The result is being able to stand upright his long life (lived into his mid 90’s) and without effort. That’s how people are able prolonged intellectual activity to having to experience a more youthful, fluid, and received quality traditional osteopathic flexible body, and achieve healthier physand chiropractic spinal adjustive care. ical, mental and emotional states. Korr helped prove that the spine was Dr. Gabriel Russo, Power in Posmuch more than just a structure that ture, 140 Dubois St., Suite A, Santa Cruz. helps us stand more erect and protected 831-334-2311, the spinal cord., He stressed the importance of


North Coast Coffee Roasting

The original 100% Organic Coffee Roaster in Santa Cruz! At North Coast Coffee Roasting Co. we are dedicated to supporting the organic farming practices that preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable agriculture. We only roast 100% Certified Organically Grown Coffee. 100% Committed, 100% Organic!

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A doctor who listens to you. A doctor that knows you. A partner and a teacher who shares the same goal: Your optimal health. Come meet your doctor.

Naturopathic Medical Center

B12 Happy Hour It’s Easy Every Wednesday 3-6 pm B12 shots just $17 A great way to meet our Doctors. Our Naturopathic Doctors offer free 15-minute scheduled introductions to discover if Naturopathic Medicine is right for you.


Naturopathic Medicine Bo-identical Hormones Nutritional IVs Structural Heavy Metal Chelation Integration Massage Psychotherapy 736 Chestnut St., Santa Cruz Medical Nutrition Emotional Brain Massage erapy Training


B12 and B-Beautiful!

B12 shot with Dr. Tonya Fleck, ND; mini facial with Lisbeth Boger, LE Saturdays 10 am - 12pm Drop By / No Appointment Necessary Clinical Holistic Skincare, 2345 Mission Street, Santa Cruz (next to Companion Bakery. Enter loft through Smooth Body Lounge.) (831) 535-2128

Are You Ready To Create Miracles In Your Life? ThetaHealing® is profoundly effective at clearing blocks that limit your ability to thrive in life. Do you ever wonder why unhealthy patterns regarding wealth, love, relationships or health repeat in your life? Start thriving now and become the limitless being you are designed to be!

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For Beauty from the Inside Out—


Stop by for a Mini-Facial & a B12 Shot

great way to boost your and recovery from injury. energy, mood and im• Immune Boost: helps mune system; bring prevent illness and/or supa friend or family member! port recovery from current No appointment necessary. illness (a safe and effective B12 Happy Hour alternative to the flu shot). Wednesdays and • Sunshine Boost: Dr. Tonya Fleck great for supporting the Saturdays! Come and get your B12 shot immune system and boosting your with Dr. Tonya Fleck, ND at the Santa mood. Cruz Naturopathic Medical Center, • You are welcome to make an Wednesdays 3 - 6pm. appointment. The cost for a B12 shot And at Clinical Holistic Skin- outside of Happy Hour is $5 more. care, 2345 Mission Street, Santa Cruz Super Mini Facials with (next to Companion Bakery & Studio Lisbeth Boger, LE 831. Enter loft through Smooth Body Eminence Organic Skincare Lounge.) (831) 535-2128, Saturdays includes cleanser/toner, mini peel, 10 am - 12pm. serum. moisturizer and SPF. Choose Have a super mini facial with from: Lisbeth Boger, LE for $20 (save $5) • Clear Skin: for cystic acne. at Clinical Holistic Skincare. • Calm Skin: for sensitive and With your B12 shot for $17 rosacea skin. (save $5), try an Add-On for just $5, • Firm Skin: for plumping, antilimit 2 add-ons per shot (B-Complex, aging. B6, Folic Acid or Lipo)—Or try one • Bright Skin: for sun damaged of the B12 specialty shots for $29 skin. (Sunshine Shot or Pain Ease) or the ABOUT Santa Cruz NatuB12 Immune Boost shot for $29! ropathic Medical Center We are a truly Integrative Health Limit 1 specialty add-on. Purchase a Center, offering Holistic Health care prepaid punch card and save $$! for the entire family in a compassionWhy B12? Your body needs B12 to create ate, nurturing environment. Our focus energy and is not well absorbed from is to treat the individual rather than the diet or in capsule form. Everyone the symptoms and to utilize natural can benefit from a B12 shot — es- therapies to promote the body’s healpecially those who live a busy life, ing process. Our highly trained team athletes, seniors, vegetarians, vegans, of practitioners are experts in the field and people on prescription meds. of Naturopathic Family Medicine, After B12 injections many pa- Nutrition, Bodywork, Structural tients feel a natural (not jittery) boost Integration, Psychotherapy and Emoin energy. tional Brain Training. • B12 treats: fatigue, anemia, Our Center also has a strong colds/flus, thyroid/adrenal imbalance, commitment to support our Commuanxiety, depression, insomnia, PMS, nity. Conveniently located on Chestmenopause, acne, allergies, herpes, nut Street in downtown Santa Cruz, psoriasis, nerve pain, dementia, we frequently host talks, circles and obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis workshops. We feel that knowledge is & more! power. To find out what events are up• B6 treats: depression, anxiety, coming, please visit our Events page. nerve pain, nausea (great during pregTo contact Dr. Tonya Fleck, ND, nancy), PMS and women on the pill. call the Center at (831) 477-1377 to • Folic Acid treats: HPV, gum find out more about B12 injections. disease, depression, high cholesterol Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am and cardiovascular disease. 4:30 pm, 736 Chestnut Street, Santa • Lipo-Shot (Methionine, Insi- Cruz; tol, Choline): supports weight loss, To contact Lisbeth Boger, LE, metabolism, detox, liver support and call (831) 535-2128, Clinical Holistic memory/cognition. Skincare, 2345 Mission Street, Santa • Pain Ease: effective for treating Cruz, http://www.stjohnorganics. aches and pains due to inflammation com.

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Why Cranio-Sacral?

ence as well. by Sylvia Skefich, D.C. People also come in o receive craniofor sinus issues. Personsacral therapy is ally, my first “chiropracan “experience.” tic” experience was for People often walk out of the relief of a chronic the treatment room with sinus infection. I was a blissed-out expression, referred to a “cranioand a temporary disassacral chiropractor,” and sociation with the timespace continuum. My Sylvia Skefich three days after my first session, my six month desk people are actually trained to gently guide the clients in sinus infection was gone. The friend regard to payment, and rescheduling who had referred me told me that she (if they desire to do so), because goes to the cranio-sacral chiropractor people can be “spacey” after a cranio- for everything, from stomach aches, to tooth aches, to colds and flus. I thought it was “hogwash” until I was desperate enough to try it for myself. And I’m glad I did. Now I am a cranio-sacral chiropractor myself. I am honored to provide a simple and natural alternative to both the suffering of doing nothing, and to the complications and expense of other techniques (such as surgery, injections, or medications). Basically, if you are willing to seek help for any problem, you might consider the benefits of cranio-sacral technique. Rotator cuff injuries, wrist pain, headaches, digestive issues, spine and trunk pain, ankle and knee pain… all joints, muscles, and tissues can find their rightful positions, and their proper alignment relationsacral treatment. But there is a deeper ships to neighboring structures with reason people come for the treatments the use of cranio-sacral technique. that goes well beyond the uniquely The work minimizes friction, allows relaxing and rejuvenating experience nerves to calm down, and promotes toxins to circulate out, while fresh that a cranio-sacral treatment is. For example, people come lymph and blood circulates in to for arthritis relief. Yes, when more promote relief and real healing. Sylvia Skefich is a Doctor of space is created in compacted and irritated joints a decrease in pain Chiropractic. Her practice is tempois not only possible, it is common. rarily closed to new patients (unless Hip arthritis, toe arthritis, neck and referred by a practitioner), so that low back arthritis conditions can all she can properly manage her current benefit. The return of some space in full time practice. Christine Bayless the joints not only takes the pressure is taking new cranio-sacral patients off of the irritated tissues, but allows at Dr. Skefich’s office. If a patient the restoration of micro circulation does not receive the benefits they that nourishes and cleanses the area. anticipated with Christine’s cranioPeople also may benefit with sacral care, they can then become a their sleep. Many people report new patient at Dr. Skefich’s practice. having a profound and deep sleep (831) 246-2514. 920 41st Ave., Suite the night after their treatment. The G, Santa Cruz, CA 95062. Visit restorative effect of cranio-sacral on “Like” Dr. the nervous system can have longer Skefich on Facebook for occasional lasting benefits to one’s sleep experi- helpful healthcare tips.

Do you wish you were getting more?

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Evly VNtt

Registered Massage Therapist, Postural Specialist, Laser Therapy

wwwVtl-Yum  The office of

920 41st Av, ut G, t Cuz, 95062

Sylvia Skefich, DC

(831) 475-1995

Doctor of Chiropractic

Santa Cruz and the Central Coast A Photographic Celebration of Time and Place

A fine art book by photographer Tim Corcoran

“This book is my dream through my art to share my love and wonderment with the Central Coast.” 300 Limited Editions available at

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:HOOQHVV5HGHČ´QHG Centuries of proven healthcare naturally restore \RXUERG\ZLWKRXWVLGHHÎ?HFWVIRUKHDOLQJUHOLHIWKDW lasts. Treat your family to a better alternative at Five Branches Medical Clinic.

)Digestive Healing

)Sports Medicine

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)Pain Management

)Facial Rejuvenation


)Menopause, PMS, Fertility

)Cardiology & Neurology

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Aerosol Flu Vaccine With Live Virus To Be Sprayed On All Americans? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Already â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Approved For Deploymentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; In Australia

by S.D. Wells Sure, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard of nasal vaccines, like for Polio, but have you heard of the needlefree vaccine thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sprayed down on you from the sky? Remember the mass aerial spraying over Miami during the great Zika hoax  recently? If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re worried about chemtrails and the  mosquito truck spraying poison  all over your neighborhood and your kids out playing in the yard, get ready for the most insane, involuntary, unauthorized, unconstitutional, unethical, unsafe, untested and immoral form of forced medication ever unleashed on a nation. And you thought fluoridated water was bad. Although FluMist, the first nasal spray flu vaccine, was utterly rejected as â&#x20AC;&#x153;ineffectiveâ&#x20AC;? by pediatricians as well as CDC advisors for the upcoming flu season, and even though the last round of flu shots was admitted by the CDC to be a complete failure (even though they said to get it anyway), have no fear, because evil Western medicine hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t given up yet on completely incapacitating the entire populationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s immune system with chemicals!

Mass mediaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mass flu hysteria has the sheeple ready for any dangerous chemicals that can â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;save themâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; from the dreaded flu

The lies, the lies, the lies. People are so brainwashed about the flu theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re willing to accept just about any form of â&#x20AC;&#x153;protectionâ&#x20AC;? as legitimate, even when itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s highly experimental and most likely has ulterior motives. Flu vaccine makers simply announce that their â&#x20AC;&#x153;medicineâ&#x20AC;? works, and the government moves forward with injecting tens if not hundreds of millions of people. Wonder why the flu shot is free? Natural health enthusiasts donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t. We know why. In Canada, one drug maker claims that  aerosol versions  of the flu vaccine were effective when dosed onto more than 50 colonies in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Can you imagine? Your kids are out playing in the yard and they get force-

medicated with untold amounts of live versions of the flu, and in a form where the dose amount cannot  be regulated? What a twisted, sick (pardon the pun) method for administering â&#x20AC;&#x153;medicine.â&#x20AC;? Did those  colonies of people  all sign agreements for this? Are they just medical experimental guinea pigs?

Aerial spraying over the USA of live virus â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;vaccinesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; for Polio, Aids, Zika, H1N1, Ebola and Measles coming soon?

Western medicine is so arrogant and ill-conceived that these mad scientists actually believe somehow that aerosol live virus  vaccinations can be delivered at the â&#x20AC;&#x153;proper dosage,â&#x20AC;? and it was recently approved this way for deployment over Australia! The severely botched theory is steadily progressing and being tested via the release of chemtrails, as reported by The Liberty Beacon: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The air we breath [sic] and the vaccinations we receive are poisoned with deadly chemical cocktails linked to multiple diseases such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, MS, Parkinsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Alzheimerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Autism and AIDS. Chemtrails and vaccines are silent deadly killers.â&#x20AC;? And donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think that any vaccines of any kind are proven safe or effective, because they are not. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re not even tested for safety. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe that? Fact: There was no scientific evidence ever presented that the chemical sprayed over Miami counties for fighting Zika virus was ever tested for safety or effectiveness. Ooops. The CDC simply leaped to the conclusion that somehow microcephaly (a birth defect categorized by a smaller head diameter) was linked to mosquitoes spreading Zika virus, when it all really boiled down to dangerous pesticides being dumped into the drinking water. Still, as long as CNN never publishes the truth, then a hundred million Americans will fall for it all.

Is spraying deadly viruses on Americans somehow justified?

So, Americans, you refuse to get vaccinated by needle? Big Pharmaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;got your back.â&#x20AC;? Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re planning to spray some deadly viruses over your neighborhood, onto your organic garden and on your childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heads. Got a vaccine exemption form filled out for personal, religious or medical reasons? No worries. The aerial assault is all inclusive â&#x20AC;&#x201C; so it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t matter if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re allergic to anything. The question of â&#x20AC;&#x153;are we being sprayedâ&#x20AC;? with toxins is no longer being asked. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been answered with a resounding â&#x20AC;&#x153;yes.â&#x20AC;? The new question is: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Which toxins are we being sprayed with?â&#x20AC;? Suddenly, the health risks associated with simply walking outside have completely changed.  Geoengineering is real, and whistleblowers, even from inside the U.S. military, are coming forward right and left, letting the uninformed public know the real deal. Geoengineering is no longer considered some discreet military operation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a reality. In 1949, the use of manned and unmanned vehicles for aerial spraying began under the Geneva Act for Chemical and Biological Weapons. Today, â&#x20AC;&#x153;vector controlâ&#x20AC;? is justified for â&#x20AC;&#x153;terroristâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;&#x153;riot controlâ&#x20AC;? by such acts as the Patriot Act (2001), the Space Preservation Act (2001) and the Weather Modification Research and Technology Act (2005). Whether for insects, viruses or humans, the U.S. government believes they have the right to mass medicate the population. In reality, however, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s biological warfare, forced medication and population control. And itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unethical and dangerous.

Sources for this article include: Learn more:Â html#ixzz4RM6BfXP0 (Printed with Permission)

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by David L. Biles, D.D.S., M.A. nceL.patients decideM.A. to reby David Biles, D.D.S., move unhealthy teeth, the never thought that I would connext concern often becomes tinue to learn as much as I do what to replace the teeth with, and, I after so many years in practice as generally give the same answer. We dentist. As aBiles, matter DDS, of fact, one of bya David L.replace can ultimately the teeth MA with my early concerns was that dentistry devicesIn thata are removable article, or Àxed, previous wouldn’t offer as much stimulation depending on their preferences and I asintroduced Dr.beginning, Robert I thought I might to be sufbudget, but in the very need I interested in my daily toils, L.Àciently Lee’s concept the tell my patients that we areof going to decades into my career. I could not replace their teeth with a Áipper. That’s OLYMPIC Mouth as a as syshavea device been more time right, we insurprised the profession tem representing mouth hastounfolded. Treating trusting refer as a “Áipper” or aanthe immediand grateful patients Iendures do enables ate temporary The with teeth partial that denture. me Áto better understand how this name ipper comes presumably from time—the epitome of oral operates in health the easesystem the appliance can be Ádenipped disease and still keepswhen out ofhealth, the mouthwhere by the tongue taland little or necessary. It has no relationship to the my daily interest. Each day no dentistry has dolphin of the 60’s. I heartelevision tales thatstar astound me, ever beenismy So what a Áperipper? Genchallenging understanding erally speaking, a Áipper is a of the mechanisms of disease formed and teeth removable oral appliance with and dysfunction. I routinely remain sharp and 1-3hear teeth attached to of a custom from patients brain fog made hard pink platediunworn, evenacrylic in pain clearing, whole body that form-Àtsand to the palate or minishing, energy increashumans as old lower arch utilizing theare ing. dental Sometimes the reports aseven100 years. contours of the teeth and the more remarkable. arch for retention Should not and that Recently, for stability. example, Some dentists have them made a woman returned with her concept of for ultiwith metal clasps retention, sister for a second opinion though I have managed to mate dental health wrest and examination, determined toas help locate a small lab that does cusherpivotal sibling with her health concerns, the foundation upon tom work for me and provides touching alldental of the bases on possible which profession metal freethe services. Since many to helping heal from of solutions my patients presenther with examines disease, and a myriad symptoms, difÀthen cult to signs of metalofallergies, having labelfree medically. has isbeentomy to removable restoreAs mouths aseeks metal option custom, in I thoroughly evaluated paramount my practice. I am but,her that standard? Clearly, mouthtoon multiple blessed have such a levels, skilled examinasingI have mentioned before, her technician gums, TMJ, teeth, existing laboratory to service dental restorations, posture, my patients. His name istongue Stan; he’s an historically, dentistry in softand tissue, materials, artist has a dental wonderful grounded this country arose from aand level oral hygiene, utilizing digital sense ofof humor. I can always count on model based onMan. disease Stan; he is, Stan the x-rays, photographs, a laser becavity Backthat toand the topic—a Áhigh ippermagis detector, cause isilluminated what dentists usually inserted upon ex-as niÀcation. Myimmediately goal is to identify inmany this country routinely traction of teeth forstressors multiple purposes. potential in the oral Itwitnessed— serves immediate band-aid bythe disease, not cavity as asan possible, believing that placing direct pressure over the surgi- of nature, People magnitude, and healthy duration health. with calthe wound site, aiding in healing stressors’ existence impactbythe mouths rarely visited stopping Áow ofin,blood, like immunethesystem at themuch verythe least, what is donetheinattention a Àrst aid situation: diverting of the immune dentist. direct pressure to the wound. The form system from other maladies. what did Robof the So Áipper helpsDr. create and During also the course of the examiguide the Àfind nal tissue contour which ertnation, Lee in discovering the former patient revealed helps to assure a nice functional and to me that although she still the Olympic Mouth, or…had esthetic bony foundation for later posthe antibodies for Systemic Lupus the Bioesthetic Model,limits as sibilities. Moreover, its presence Erythematosis, SLE, she had not food and other forces from disturbing heexperienced called it?anyHesymptoms found afsince the healing wound, making healing treatment in my tercompleting evaluating thousands of ce less disruptive. I particularly like ofÀ the seven years ago. That was why she design that Stan creates for my patients mouths thatherhumans who had brought sisterattention in for antoexbecause his meticulous possessed the ideal, theme. amination consultation with detail enablesand my patients to securely Shetheir wondered if Model, afor similar wear Áippers weeksapproach without Bioesthetic that to dental care might cial for adding dental pastes be andbeneÀ adhesives forher their mouths had these charsister. Healthy body, retention. It takes mouth, a little healthy more extra acteristics: theand American Association time plaster toDental make the Áipper so… of course I agree, being retain without pastes, but it came is well • says, When their teeth

lowing several hours of full mouth periodontal debridement with our skilled registered dental hygienists. Even though he was still slightly numb, he said, later that evening his skulls. was signiÀcantly improved, • energy Their upper teeth disas well as his mental clarity, includa particular overingplayed a reduction of whole body pain. Alllap of this from just having teeth horizontally andhisverthoroughly cleaned, because he, like worth the beneÀ t in hygiene, healing, tically which allowed 70-90% and hassle.of Americans suffer from unfor proper guidance diagnosed This wasinthe One of gum the disease. biggest concerns third or fourthhave timeisImouths. had many patients howheard theirsuch ap- a closing their revelation a patient, leading me pearance willfrom be altered immediately

• All teeth had proper ge-

following the surgery. I tell them to tooth form. relax;netic they will never leave the ofÀce without their smile after their surgical appointment. Moreover, we have spent

tongue space, but thinning weakens the plate, and should be minimized. immune systems. Our symptoms we Since the Áipper may be necessary experience and report to health care for an indeterminate amount of time, practitioners are the logical result of it is best to take good care of it. My this oral pollution. Unless the underrecommendation is that patients put up lying dentalyour issues are strategically, brushing teeth causing with the thickness for a week before safely, the andsupport, effectively reduced thinning and then only ifor the notches seen at the better yet,Keeping eliminated, then wet thegum mediintolerable. Áippers and cal treatment regime we are line ofthem your teeth? In engaged these cleaning with a toothbrush and in will be little than slightly soap and water also more helps assure longpeople, tooth wear was effective symptom management. Arterm use. If one chooses to not wear nonexistent because guably… theImouth comes Àrst. itnearly for awhile, recommend placing Thisinconcept does not support the Áipper water with some 3% hychewing forces were loaded the current perceived hierarchy drogen peroxide. A word to the wise:in properly down the long axis health asaway dentists cover andcare, placehowever, the Áipper fromdo of aseach tooth, eliminatpets, cats dogs have been known notand intentionally do medically to chew up dental appliances. related dental due to the ing thecarenotching Flippers are generally a restrictions placed worn on both teethnotwe comminimum ofof approximately 10-12 professions, to mention weeks the before lack oftreatment communication monly see atto prothe vide permanent restoranda more common understanding gum line, referred ative option can begin. It takes between the medical and denthattallong softNonetheless, tissue and tobefore as abfractions. professions. bone enough before it the mature few dentists that dodetreat Moreover, is the possible wise systemically tothe resume wholeormouth treatment. Flippers can, position of by bone oftentimes see healing ofthe apway, last for a long time, given parently unrelated symptoms. on the hard palate the situation and the care the There are many reasons for the the tongue sideI patient or affords appliance. this, including the somewhat have patients who have worn of the lower jaw, obvious economic reasons, these for years. Plus, I have had where patients are more likely to seek termed tori, was absent. patients who wore nothing but careÁfor a single tooth rather than ippers for decades as it Àtothbest a Were there any whole Plus, itbudget, takes much intomouth. their lifestyle, and skill concerns. to restore a whole mouth ermorebenefits of having the health that one can acquire years The only pinkModel? materialafter in Yes, most Bioesthetic of dedicated post-graduate removable appliances iswork. acrylic littleand oris no decay or heavy gum Detoxifying anbyentire mouth colored the and metal, rebuilding it better techcadmium. Cadmium free disease is seen the are closer niques that are taught and in dental acrylics are not available, our one comes to forhaving this schools, necessitating choice of materials ourspecialized patients. particular arrangement of Teeth are acrylic and porcelain, though training, instrumentation, and travel. porcelain teethme areover a bit15more It has taken yearscostly. of soul teeth. Why? Because tooth Setting and adjusting porcelain teethwith is searching and analysis, coupled decay andfrom gum disease are more challenging andmy time consuming, revelations patients over with gain, so I generally thatlittle timeesthetic framebacterial to become comfortessentially infecstay with theknowing acrylic teeth. Besides, the able with that when patients tions of the nooks and cranacrylic to the plate, unifyteeth theirbond dentistry, healthwhereas beneÀts the porcelain ones must mechaninies of teeth. will occur. What thosebebeneÀ ts will cally retained. Independs a situation where I speciÀ callyDavid be on the Dr. Biles is issues acneed to thin the tooth for clearance the patient possesses along with other by opposing new teeth, porcelain teeth can cepting patients interfactors, including the willingness to fracture. Stick with the acrylic teeth. make lifestyle changes, if they have ested in a comprehensive I hope that by knowing more not also been examined and instituted dental approach about Áippers, the journey that beyonddeexalready. traction becomes less threatening, less toxifies mouths and restores Don’t you think it is time we fearful. Remember, you can have your reconnected theBiles mouth for dentistry health. a smile the dayDr. your teeth arebrings extracted. andmuch medicine? I welcome patients How better can it get,to given the unique awareness healwho are willing to trails…. invest in their circumstances? Happy ing from aBiles lifetime of when perhealth and educate themselves Dr. David is currently ac- it comesnew to understanding the particular cepting patients. He practices idesonal experience, study, and their mouths.Bioesthetic Likewise, I alstressors dentistry in a Biological work inasamany disciplines, welcome testimonials that only Dentist with the signiÀ cant background serve to validate a legitimate direction including dentistry, mediand perspective rooted in athletics, for the dental and medical professions physical education, cardiopulmonary cine, physical education, to embark. We are and herehuman to heal,reare medicine, dentistry, human research in exercise search in exercise physiology, www. we not? and (831) 423-0121. Dr. David Biles is accepting physiology, and nutrition.

What was the effect of to believe that rapidly lowering the these characteristics? This total amount of bacteria in the head can havehad a signiÀ cant effect on our system perfect mechanhealth. Quickly. ical The balance and harmony previous hypothetical link came tominimized me when a physician called which mechanito acknowledge patient was cal stress to that thehermuscles, now responding to her therapy foljoints, teeth.Prior Noto lowing bones, a similarand protocol. thoroughly her mouth and years creating cleaning pretty with our symptoms of smiles headaches, eliminating twodo cavities, thisanpatient Áippers, and truly work with artmuscular tension, or joint been non-responsive to people, all of the ist,had Stan, who truly cares about pathology (TMJ dysfuncwhich is reflected in to hisstimulate work and physician’s efforts her timeliness when emergency ippers immune system and heal. was tion) from tooth andÁShe joint arenow needed to quickly helppatient’s a traumatic thrilled to see the progconflicts occurred withand these situation. people labs ress andSupporting called to understand why this like Stan’s isHow why We wesignificant work with small people. was happening. concluded thatisthe laboratories: webacteria have the was relationship reduction in enabling that finding? Consider thisto her ask immune for favorssystem when necessary. to Ànally direct -in this country alone, it has I believe that a well-designed its attention to other priorities in the esthetic ipper should provide been estimated that body Á rather than deal with patients anover apparwith a conÀdent smile after the surgery ent million chronic low gradefrom sub-clinical the is40 complete, andsuffer that’s what we coninfection in the head, localized to the sistently provide. In my ofÀce,conthat effects of tooth-joint mouth, primarily between and around means that the smile is eye-catching, the teeth. With this awareness came flicts, and commonly seek but does not draw critical scrutiny. other implications, however. relief fromthe smile medications, In many cases, we provide The surgery commonisdenominator? A following a significant acupuncture, massage, chisystematic over approach improvement the onetotheachieving patient a healthy on multiple levropractic medicine, osteopresented withmouth at the beginning of the els, attending to all of the possible dental journey. pathic medicine, and other stressors in the oral system, Speechonisand generally affected treatment modalities—all understanding that48 there are of multiple initially, but within hours use, of stressors and eachmerely one people adapt and speech returns to exerts noroftypes which are only its though inÁuence a unique way. The mal, the in continual awareness treating the symptoms of Bacteria, number andpertype, of stressors? the appliance with the tongue the tooth/joint conflictbadand from decay, gum Occasionally, disease, oral sists awhile longer. the Ánot ipper can underlying be thinned to create hygiene, poorly contoured, rough the causemore of interested in a compredental that promoteMagazine bac- new patients the good supportive dentist I am, Page �restorations The Connection � Schedule a visit to see if an the11 pain. togetherthein full applauding ADA for closure some of the terial accumulation and proliferation, hensive approach to health created approach to dentistry in tandem with the patient. Dr. Biles Were there other beneinaccessible concave surfaces, plus ideal good it does. andwork maximal possible brings to health from a the to energetic effects mixed metals, is Another case week fits whatawareness your body requires having theofBioesthetcontact, theirhistory? jawsLast were a gentleman suffering from high including the out gassing of mercury lifetime of study. Schedule a visit to 831-423-0121. Model? EverÀllings, beenfacilitated told to comfortably placed in icfrom see if heal. an ideal approach to dentistry silver colored blood pressure, obesity, and shortness is what your body needs to heal, (831) by theyou presence of gold. All oferly these of the breath informed my staff that he that were improp joint sockets of their felt better than he had in years fol-

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physical inÁuences are impacting our

� May 2013


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Massage & Bodywork

EssentialLivingGuide Massage • Acupressure • Shiatsu All Services Listed Here Are Strictly Non-Sexual

F[]]oÊiJ^W_CWiiW][ F[]]o_iWJ^W_bWZom_j^el[h)& o[WhÊi[nf[h_[dY[$F[]]oh[Y[_l[Zj^[ 9[hj_ÓYWj[e\JhWZ_j_edWbJ^W_CWiiW][ \hecj^[MWjFeJhWZ_j_edWbC[Z_YWb IY^eeb_d8Wd]aea"J^W_bWdZ$I^[_i \Wc_b_Whm_j^Z_\\[h[djceZWb_j_[i\hec ijh[jY^[i"Z[[fj_iik["e_biWdZceh[$

Daily Ergonomic and Postural Awareness



HWjWdWfedF[]]o>ebc[i"9CJ99[hj$',*,/ 9WbbF[]]oWj.)'(/+#,(&(eh9[bb.)')',#.&++ +&'C_ii_edIj$"Ik_j[-kfijW_hi_dIWdjW9hkp

;d[h]oC[Z_Y_d[ Enter the gateway of your well-being with restorative bodywork with Shari Rose. Practiced with compassion, Shari utilizes the Rose Technique, creating a powerful Shamanic Healing Space for deep relaxation and subtle to profound shifts in the body’s energy field. For unifying body, mind & spirit, we’ll work with: U Polarity Therapy U Cranial Sacral U Massage & Breema Bodywork for greater balance & increased energy.

by Evelyn von Nottbeck, R.M.T. very day we perform a multitude of movements, many of which are repetitive. How can we use our bodies more effectively and make ourselves more comfortable in our demanding lives? The chart below was developed by a Swedish physician names Alf Nachemson, and it illustrates how many pounds of pressure are exerted on the spine in different positions. All of these positions are ones that most of us use on a daily basis. In this day and age, many people are sitting at a desk for extended periods of time. Some simple tips can make all the difference for comfort. I recommend sitting on a large exercise ball instead of a chair.

For more info, or to schedule an appointment, please call: (831) 246-4528.


7Z\^cndjgigV^c^c\!VYY]djgh dgegZeVgZ[dgi]ZB7A:MZmVb l^i]i]ZhZXaVhhZh/ '*%"]djgVcY *%%"]djgbVhhV\ZXZgi^ÒXVi^dc#

AdXVi^dc/8negZhh=ZVai]>chi^ijiZ &&&.EVX^ÒX6kZ#!HiZ#(%%!HVciV8gjo ;dg>c[dVcY7gdX]jgZXVaa/

-(&),+"'&&* dglg^iZE#D#7dm'.)&!HVciV8gjo!86.*%+(


Licensed by the Council for Private PostSecondary and Vocational Education

Even if you do this for only some of the time, it will help. The ball should be sized so that when you sit on it, your feet are on the floor comfortably. Sitting squarely in front of your computer is best. Keep your ears in line with your shoulders for a neutral position for the head and neck. Position the computer screen so that you are looking straight at it rather than up or down. Keep your elbows closer to your body, and your wrists just slightly below your elbows. It will ease strain in your shoulders, arms, and wrists. You may need to purchase a wrist support. (Be careful not to lean your forearms on the edge of the desk.) Such cushions are placed along the front edge of the desk. Try to place items on both sides of your computer so that you are looking both ways equally so. Be sure to get up every ½ hour or so to stretch and

move around a bit. Standing work stations are becoming more popular because alternating between sitting and standing helps, too. Many jobs involve lifting. When we carry weight in front of us, there is a lot of pressure exerted on the spine. Every one pound of weight equals fifteen pounds of pressure on the spine. A fifty pound weight equals 750 pounds of pressure. It’s best to keep the spine straight when lifting, and to use the large hip and thigh muscles to do the bending. Keep your loads as close to the body as possible. Be very careful when combining the motions of twisting, bending, and lifting. It puts the back in an extremely vulnerable position and should be avoided entirely. Square your body to the load whenever possible, and use the power of the lower body. You can twist, but not with a bend. With jobs that involve gripping and squeezing with tools, some adjustments can be made for comfort. Cushioning grips can be purchased for the handles of some tools. Certain tools have extensions that can help when working overhead or in awkward positions. Being aware of good body mechanics is essential when approaching physically demanding jobs. With any repetitive motion related endeavor, do take breaks to stretch out stressed areas, and to move around. Our bodies are meant to be in motion, so prolonged static positions are fatiguing. For many of us, our work creates stresses and strains that may seem unavoidable, however, with a little bit of attention, we can create more ease and comfort in our bodies. Evelyn von Nottbeck, R.M.T. can be reached at the office of Sylvia Skefich, D.C. Call (831) 475-1995 to book your appointment. Evelyn specializes in massage therapy with a focus on postural rehabilitation and integration, exercise therapy, and pain management.

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Yoga — More Than Exercise: Part IX


by Christopher Love Having such an intimate and lessed Holy Days personal relato One and All! tionship with This is the true God is an inmeaning of Holiday in credible thing my understanding; a day for anyone to stop the normal routine, enjoy family and friends, Christopher Love to attain. We could stop here, relax, pray, meditate and give thanks for life. In today’s hustle- however, there is something more; a all beings and with all creation itself. bustle world it is so easy to forget, to next step. The ninth and final practice In this state, the practitioner becomes get caught up in the “to do” and miss of Bhakti Yoga is Atmanivedanam, part of the cosmic fabric; the pure, out on important things that make which is the complete surrender of omnipresent consciousness, which Original Art, being on the the self as an individual “I”. is our very nature. Portraits, Prints The fruit of Atmanivedanam planet so I wrote this article series to give amazing. In comes through mastering all the eight my readers a taste of this profound my opinion, practices before it. These practices and rich path to attain a high state Books, Journals it is All a mir- create the conditions necessary for of consciousness. This practice is acle, not just surrender to occur. This is not a available to anyone who chooses it. that which we practice which one can just jump into It does not matter what practices you Book Design, call extraor- and attain at will. Complete surrender utilize to better yourself while you are Tarot Readings dinary. The happens naturally when the practitio- here, it only matters that what you fact that this ner is ready and all the conditions are choose actually works. Enjoy your by Melanie Gendron e x p e r i e n c e perfect. There is no way of knowing Holy Days this season and remember PO Box 1438 even exists is when or if a practitioner will attain to take time to be at peace with your Felton, CA 95018 such a state in his or her lifetime. outrageous. self and those you love. (831) 335-9064 What happens? When a pracT h i s Christopher Love is a minister, brings us to titioner naturally looses his or her writer, educator and meditation Bhakti Yoga Practice #8. Sakhyam sense of individual self, he or she instructor who welcomes corresponimage: BRIGIT, ©2016, Melanie Gendron is the practice of creating and main- experiences a state of oneness with dence: taining a personal relationship with God. We can view God as a father SOLQUEST ADVENTURES PRESENTS or mother, as an abstract or as all of Saturday creation. In this practice we learn to December 17th experience God as our friend and ally. God is on our side and is working 10am-3pm around the clock to assist us in having Inner Light Center 5630 Soquel Dr. 95073 the life that most serves us on our path of love and awakening. We may not like all that happens to us, however, if we have the view that God is our best friend, we will have the knowing that without God’s help our circumstance Activities include: could be worse. There are many people who Gingerbread House Building have the belief that they are alone in Paper Mache Lanterns the world and life is a survival game. The practice of Sakhyam offers us Gourd Decorating the view that God is a benevolent presence in our lives who is here to Corn Husk Dolls assist us. Sure, we may have made Felting choices that bring us misery and sufVe ge ta ri a n Po t Luck Lu n ch fering, however, with this view God ! is not to blame and it is up to us to MORE INFO @ reach out to our best friend and take $10 - $20 per Crafter* a hand. People who cultivate a living While supplies last understanding and practice like this *No Crafter turned away for lack of fun often experience having an edge that ds Sponsored by Inner Light Center, The Children Are Our Future & The Connection Magazine assists them in being successful. What could be better than this?

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Winter Winter Craft Craft Day

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Rumble in the Redwoods about the circumstances, at this juncture would be futile, yet I had a vision. Someday, I would create an event that would put the athletes first. Take into consideration their needs. Recognize the Herculean effort that is required to compete. The time, effort, money, putting aside of life for

by Prof. Chris Smith




I]ZBVgi^Va6gih 9^gZXidgn Wujifa Qigong


Tiger Martial Arts est. 1990

Authentic Gracie jiu jitsu taught by the only teacher in Santa Cruz county to be awarded a black belt directly from a Gracie family member. (831) 661-0184 $3OQUEL$RIVE !PTOS

MINORSAN Self Defense & Fitness

Live your life with confidence and fearlessness. Martial Arts with power LEADERSHIPTRAINING KICK BUTTCOMBATSKILLS ANDAHUMBLEATTITUDE Love your life and your power in it. Clara E Minor, Master Instructor/Trainer 831.458.0900

The Academy of Martial and Internal Arts:


Pathways Dojo

Head Instructor: Mark Roemke - Free Week of Training - All Ages Welcome Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Nei Gong, Judo or (831) 465-8236 or for more info Private instruction available. Facebook: Pathways Dojo or Santa Cruz Bujikan Dojo

Aikido of Santa Cruz

Instructors: Linda Holiday & Glen Kimoto Ages: 6-Adult Aikido The art of peace, a non-competitive Japanese martial art. Classes 7 days a week - Visitors Welcome - Special Beginnersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Classes bi-monthly   sWWW!IKIDO3ANTA#RUZORGs-ISSION3T 3ANTA#RUZ

Rod Sanfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Traditional Martial Arts


Green Forest Temple

Instructor: Scott Ripke Ages 12 and older Tai Chi, Long Fist, Praying Mantis, Weapons   sWWWGREENFORESTTEMPLEORG &REEDOM"LVD !PTOS Contact Connection Magazine at (831) 459-0522 or to get your school listed in the Martial Arts Directory for only $25 a month or $250 yearly.


t started out as a challenging situation, as most great endeavours do. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the first time I would stand in line for an entire day just to weigh in for an event. Irritated, hungry, edgy, we stood. In the baking Hawaiian sun or the intense Florida heat, we stood, waiting. Many lost the fight before they ever weighed in. Many more just left out of frustration before their feet ever touched the scale. Was it all part of the plan? Tire them out. Wear them down. Break them. Or was it just a lack of organization? â&#x20AC;&#x153;Themâ&#x20AC;?, whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;themâ&#x20AC;?? The first Americans to compete in our beloved Brazilian jiu jitsu on our home soil. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hey, that weighin line is moving a lot faster, but you have to speak Portuguese to be in it.â&#x20AC;? So we waited. In retrospect and, to their credit and my pleasure and dismay, I was shuttled through a small hole in the wall, at the Tijiuca tennis stadium outside of Rio, while competing at the world championships. Apparently the roles were reversed as I watched the Brasileiros have to wait , as I, an Americano , was led directly to the scale. Times have changed but you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make this stuff up. Back in the states, I obviously realized that to change anything

the sole purpose of testing ones meddle. From those trying times, the Rumble in the Redwoods was manifested. Brazilian jiu jitsu has come a long way in the last two decades. Weigh-ins are much more timely. Bracketing software allows for up to the minute updates at the bigger venues. Professional referees add to the validity of the events. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just Americans and Brazilians anymore. We are now truly on the global stage. There are tournaments held almost every weekend, an unthinkable accomplishment twenty years ago. Yet still it comes down to the athlete as performer. Without them, there

SAT FEB 11TH, 2017

36.#-& 12TH ANNUAL */5)& 3&%800%4 BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU


De Anza Community College 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd Cupertino, CA 95014 * Registration Ends Midnight 2/6/17

Register Early And Save! ALL DIVISIONS FAMILY FUN!


is no show. Treat them fairly, do your best to give them the best. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a win/win. Of course, things can and will go wrong. There is always something that will throw a wrench into the system. All things considered however, things are much better and we are all the better for it. Fair unbiased judging is absolutely essential, so we make it a priority to get the top referees. Safe mat areas and organized competitive pools help to expedite the process. Volunteers, lots and lots of volunteers to help with everything from set up to take down. A vision of symbiosis, where the athletes, staff, and spectators emerge as one entity. All for the benefit of evolving our art. For there inevitably comes a time, in all endeavours, that the fruits of your labor ripen. The taste is bold and brilliant. The energy sings to the skies. The time when all the elements combine, if even for a split second. Athletes intensely engaged, spectators enamored with the game, staff and crew working hard behind the scenes. Listen for the roar of the crowd. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the sign.

Professor Chris Smith is the tournament director of the 12th annual Rumble in the Redwoods Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition held on 2/11/17 at DeAnza college in Cupertino Ca. . He is the owner of Tiger Martial arts in Aptos Ca. and has been teaching in Santa Cruz county for close to thirty years. Professor Smith holds five black belts in different arts and is the only black belt in Santa Cruz county to be awarded his rank directly from a member of the world famous Gracie family. His website is www.tigerbjj. com and the facebook page for the competition is http://www. We would like to thank our sponsors Connection Magazine, Sandbar Solar, Walker Media Services and Hawaiian Poke Bowl for all of your support. Aloha

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Fitness & Sports

Now in Santa Cruz!

Stick Yoga® for Healthy Aging & Body Fitness

I invite you to join the Stick Yoga® movement promoting easy fitness, healthy aging, and conscious living. It all started in 1979, Santa Cruz, and has expanded into a dynamic GLOBAL MOVE-

MENT reaching thousands of people in many countries. As a 68 year old Chiropractor and retired athlete, I personally use Stick Yoga®, in my daily exercise program, to stay energized, flexible, coordinated, strong, in great shape, and connected to Source. My motto is “to stay FIT means to be Forever In Training!” Stick Yoga® is composed of elite life skills training. It is a hybrid of traditional yoga poses, tai chi, soft martial arts, combined with my 39+ years of research and validated experience on; myself, patients, doctors, their patients, my certified teachers, personal trainers, and yogis. Stick Rx® utilizes Stick Yoga®, Stick Stretching to rehabilitate specific body regions, for prevention of injuries, and for enhancing sports performance. Stick Yoga® uses a Stick as a prop to leverage specific exercises that coordinate and enhance brain health, alignment, flexibility, strength, and balance. I have been innovating with Sticks, constantly learning, growing, and evolving in my awareness of this physical body. I am excited to share this creative and dynamic self-healing approach with you. As you learn more about Stick Yoga®, you will discover how revolutionary this new way of stretching & strengthening can be in assisting you to transform your condition and improve your overall mind/ body health. It is about balance and moving with ease, strength, and grace. I have found, that regular Stick Yoga® workouts help maintain overall function and connection with my inner and outer being. Stick Yoga® can immediately raise your energy level and reduce stress. It incorporates large and elongated movements to open and feel even more expanded space within the body. Stick Yoga® can be practiced indoors or outdoors. I prefer outdoors in nature, for all the benefits of being outside: fresh air, great open space in all directions, and the sky above. As a Chiropractor since 1980, I ob-

serve patients daily with postural muscles in chronic stress overload. Some causes are vertebral misalignment, stress, or injury that causes pain, loss of motion/ energy, and reduced health. These Stick Yoga® principles and ancient routines of traditional Yoga can be applied to improve and/or alleviate these problems naturally. Stick Yoga® exercises are simple, safe, and easy to learn. By taking this proactive approach to our health we choose to age with: • Less pain • Improved brain health • Balance (prevent falls) • Increased overall flexibility and function This is based on current neuroscience research. Stick Yoga® has helped me personally rehab quickly and effectively following two hip replacements. It has helped prevent shoulder surgery, improve chronic shoulder pain, and increase range of motion in many of my patients, doctors, and students.

massage* $50/hr.

Linda Gerson, CMT 831-334-7757

25 years of massage experience

* introductory offer

It has also helped:

• Reduce Stress in the Body • Improve Sleep • Created Relief from Prolonged Sitting • Faster Recovery from Surgery & Injury Stick Yoga® places attention on symmetry and alignment training to include balancing routines for range of motion of the spine, rib cage, extremities, and brain. I feel that the quality of our lives and physical health will continue to improve as we practice our personal disciplines. Stick Yoga® is my favorite ritual that helps me stay disciplined physically, mentally, and spiritually. Prevention is my way of living, built into daily good habits, such as quality nutrition and thinking, good sleep, & friends.

Arthur Faygenholtz, DC

Please check out www.StickYoga. com for more info and how to join the Stick Yoga® Movement. To Your Health, Arthur Faygenholtz DC,, 831-6880361

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Election Reflections and an I am not on “Team Trump” or any other political team, and I am not promoting that anyone else be. I am simply encouraging each of us to go to the facts as they emerge, go to the original statements and watch the actual actions, not the propaganda from the banker owned mainstream media. we shall see, and hopefully, we shall participate in our own unique ways in creating a thriving world.

moral basis of human relations, be- won, and I believe that it’s because he appreciate Trump’s cause as a species with weapons of represented this overdue checkmate stated intentions: mass destruction, we can’t afford not to the longstanding corruption. I • to make peace with Russia Like many of you, I have grave to get this clear and right, right now. feel relief that Hillary Clinton, with • to audit (and hopefully shut down) concern over the seething fear, anMost people share virtually the her decades-long documented trail the Federal Reserve ger, hatred and violence in the U.S. same values; the differences show up of blood and tears (Whitewater, Iraq right now, based on what I see as in how to achieve the better world we war, Libya, Benghazi, selling out U.S. deep misunderstandings and overly all want. Remembering this is an es- uranium to Russia, clandestine and simplistic “black or white” thinksential first step in communicating vulnerable classified emails, DNC ing. That Clinton vs. Trump was effectively and respectfully across voting manipulations, Mena drug our “choice” is huge confirmation the political divide. I will take that running, suspicious deaths of pothat we continue to participate in a step here, with a trans-political view tential scandal whistleblowers, etc.) system of grabbing for illegitimate of Trump and an open letter to him is not in a position to take us headpower that is corrupt to its core. It to address the opportunity we face long into a proxy war — potentially is chillingly reminiscent of the era of by looking through the lens of prin- nuclear — with Russia in Syria. the Spanish Civil War — that started ciples, not politics. That said, Trump’s proposed with the social awkwardness of Left It’s an interesting exercise for policies reflect a mind-boggling vs. Right arguments among family me, because I do not subscribe to the combination of repugnant mismembers, work associates and politibelief that we need rulers to keep us understanding and insightful cal groups and devolved quickly into from total breakdown. Indeed, I see leadership. His inability to civil war where brothers ended up principles, not politics, as the miss- articulate and defend polishooting at or torturing one another. ing nucleus of this entire standoff be- cies effectively didn’t help. Each side’s self-righteous certainty tween people, and from the election. But the inconsistency is what that they were the ones who should I see rules (protecting sovereign presses us to move past polihave power over others was soon takrights), not rulers, as the structure tics to principles, and to guide ing thousands of lives and sparking that will best allow for the realization Trump and his team to find the larger wars throughout Europe. of our true potential. I am a  Volun- missing moral compass. Many requests have come in taryist who looks through the lens of I object strongly to asking for my take on the U.S. electhe Non Aggression Principle(NAP), any of Trump’s protion. Because I am so deeply antiforbidding the initiation of force (ex- posals that are based political and anti-state, I have been cept in true self-defense) or fraud silent publicly on the topic since in violations, such as: and requiring universal equal rights. my blog on  DEFINING POLITICS • expanding Guantánamo I am a firm believer that 1) a small — Knowing What We Are Talking • reinstituting torture group of people having control over About Could Save Our Lives, one • condoning carpet bombing the money supply and then 2) manyear ago. But I now feel motivated to • threatening to kill the families of dating taxation — the foundations respond, given the opportunity, and those trying to defend against imof all governments — are both theft, the stakes. perialist attacks on their families, and are therefore morally reprehenThe mainstream media is feedtheir cultures and/or the theft of sible. ing our frenzied divide with one antheir country’s gold Nonetheless, we have a new other, keeping the meaningful con• supporting random “stop and “ruler” at this stage, and I believe we versations and reconciliations at bay. frisk” can all benefit from up-leveling the I see the “divide and conquer” strat• punishing women for choosing • to disband NATO, which I am conconversation to see how his policies vinced has become simply the egy in full swing, where conflicts bewhat they do with their own bodwill impact on our lives, especially emerging imperialist One World tween genders, races, classes or poies since we have an opportunity for it Army for the New World Order, litical parties are created and used by • dividing immigrant families already to be a very different ride than if we and obligates countries to commit the few at the top to keep the masses here in the U.S. simply had the next corrupt estabsoldiers, weapons and taxpayer fighting each other, weak, preoccu• expanding nuclear, fracking, coal lishment globalist taking power. money to any member country pied and in support of authoritarianand other destructive and unnecTrump’s obvious shortcomings that claims it is being threatened. ism. Our film,  THRIVE, describes essary energy technologies made it more difficult for people all this in detail. It is the essence of the I do, however, recognize I admire his informed along the political spectrum to apsystem in which we are mired. Trump’s equally powerful proposals positions against: preciate the fact that he is the only So how do we move from here for non-violation that we can cel- • mandatory vaccination general election, major party Presito an empowered relationship with ebrate — and which demonstrate, by • coercive globalization dential candidate in at least 100 years ourselves and each other? It’s criticontrast, how the principle of non- • establishment politics to be outside of, and go up against, cal that we deepen the conversation violation is missing in the proposed • the TPP — The Trans-Pacific Partthe Rockefeller/Rothschild/Clinand swim upstream into the assumppolicies above. nership and other coercive soverton/Bush globalist machine. The retions, the contradictions and the For example, I deeply eignty destroying trade deals ality we are in seems to be that Trump Page 16 ♥ Connection Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ December 2016

From Foster Gamble INTRODUCTION

Open Letter to Donald Trump

• the bankers’ scheme of using false premises about global warming data to authorize a one world government structure, under their control, and the mandatory global taxes to fund it. The destructive human-caused pollution of the air, soil and waterways is very real and is one of the reasons our ThriveConnect initiative is

urally and morally creating jobs and wealth at home. His tariffs, however, will be an unnatural obstacle to truly free exchange that will further strife and state control of commerce. The funds he will need for infrastructure and other projects could be easily raised by eliminating the illegitimate Federal Reserve and its debt and cutting imperialist spending rather than increasing the military budget. It is said that Trump, unlike close to 80% of American parents, has not spanked his children as they were growing up. That is a start toward a core moral policy that hopefully he can build upon. Many of the Left and even some on the Right are calling Trump “racist, bigoted, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic,” and even a neo-Nazi. I have watched very carefully, and I fully understand how tens of millions have gotten this impression, both here and abroad. He fed right into it, as did the Liberal and even the Conservative media. I still believe he and his team have the opportunity and the obligation to meticulously clear this up, if I am correct in my observation that these accusations are not actually accurate  or to be the basis of his policies.

RULE OF LAW — DISTINGUISH FROM BIGOTRY working so hard to bring forward new, clean energy technologies. But pollution is not solved by Cap and Trade, nor by a propagandized, false understanding  of what causes climate change. (See my blog on this here.) Similarly, consequences of climate change cannot be effectively addressed if we imagine that simply changing our personal habits will mitigate it all. We need to change our personal habits, our energy access approaches  and  we need to understand the other factors affecting the climate, most especially… the sun. I believe Trump’s stance for lowering corporate taxes is a step in the right direction that will increase the integrity of our system while nat-

Because Trump made sweeping statements about illegal immigrants and suggested completely inappropriate things like dividing Mexican families who are already here, he understandably got labeled “racist.” I have listened to and watched hundreds of his interviews, and what I understand is that Trump is not against immigration; he is against illegal immigration — just exactly as President Bill Clinton was in his State of the Union address in 1995. Listening to the border guards who supported him, to him and to his spokespeople, it seems he was carelessly expressing a concern about the astronomical rates of rape and other crimes during illegal border crossings and in border towns full of illegal immigrants. The careless way that he expressed this was unclear and ripe for misinterpretation, but there is a lot of evidence that what he is after is cleaning

tion is not “foreign people,” but the up unchecked illegal immigration. Our conversation on “refugees” entitlements they expect — housing, from the Middle East is confused healthcare, welfare, education — at by the lack of acknowledgment that the mandatory expense of taxpaythe majority of them are fleeing ers already struggling to make ends their home countries because of the meet. This is an excellent example of violence of U.S. attacks, intended to destroy their culture, infrastructure where the Non Aggression Principle and currencies, followed by taking would ultimately solve the problem over their gold, oil and banking sys- by allowing people to travel anytem. Stop the wars and most of the where as long as they are not violattragic and unmanageable exodus ing other’s private property or rewould stop, too. I believe this would quiring people’s financial support only have gotten worse with Hillary against their will, which is what the state-mandated entitlements are. I in charge. So a very real question emerged, perceive Trump as wanting to vet and Trump named it. What about the potentially dangerous immigrants genuine threat from some military and uphold laws against illegal image disaffected men with no desire migration. Kellyanne Conway and to integrate into western culture who others on his team do a pretty good feel they have nothing left to lose af- job of describing this, but Trump’s ter what U.S. foreign policy has done inadequate and confusing rhetoric to them? How do we protect the U.S. has millions angry and afraid — I from their retaliation and potential believe unnecessarily — although terrorism while honoring the worth understandably. I know that many of of the many wonderful, well-intend- the Hispanics who voted for Trump ed people from the Middle East who were legal immigrants who don’t are willing to go through the legal want their jobs taken by others takand limited entry process and then ing shortcuts and coming illegally — pull their own weight in this soci- demanding free services while not ety? Forced acceptance of refugees contributing to the public coffers. or simply migrants, as we are now Trump clearly has to clarify what he clearly seeing throughout European really means around all of this. It’s countries like Germany, Italy, Aus- not realistic, moral, appropriate, or tria and Sweden, can lead to grave safe to try to round up over 11 mileconomic and social destruction of lion illegal immigrants, but his focus the host countries. It doesn’t work on deporting the criminal element is to penalize one group in the course viable — while at the same time ceasof attempting to help anVideo other. I listened through all the careless talk and media propaganda, and I never heard Trump say actual anti-Muslim statements, but I did hear him acknowledge that we have a complex issue. Putting a pause on widespread immigration from countries that have most Here’s a short video that might really reason to retaliate on U.S. shock and hopefully encourage you and many others. Welcome to the bold and turf is not the same as “anti-immigration xeno- entertaining world of Diamond and Silk!!! phobia.” It requires that we stop creating the motive for such ing to allow illegal immigrants from, retaliation and stop acting like we are in effect, taking the hard earned not vulnerable to the consequences money from others in the form of of globalist terrorism of which the unearned entitlements. U.S. has been a central culprit. ECONOMICS Any accomplished athlete, sciIMMIGRATION Few on the Left or Right seem entist or artist fails many times in to truly understand that the main the process of reaching a high level problem with so-called immigra- of proficiency. The same holds true

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Election Reflections and an Open Letter to Donald Trump

This is quite a preferable option Your economic advisor, Judy for business. I believe Trump’s bank- tional and local solutions. You are now in the ultimate posi- Shelton, understands the value of to the imminent collapse of the dollar ruptcies may have trained him well for dealing constructively with the $70+ tion from inside the system. You have sound money. She and others, like Ron and isolation of the western econotrillion in government and banking used your own resources and resisted Paul, can guide you on the return to mies. You must be aware that while Bush and Obama have been invadelite-created U.S. debt and unfunded the bribes from corporations, bank- asset-backed currency. David Stockman could bring liabilities that threaten to enslave our ers, lobbyists and wealthy individuals who would want to buy your obligation some integrity to the Office of Mangrandchildren. By acknowledging that millions and compromise your values. Now you agement and Budget. Trey Gowdy has of people in America are in trouble, are poised with an unprecedented and shown himself to be brave and relentTrump can engage us in finding real hard-won opportunity to make a his- less in taking on legal and financial corVideo solutions. We are now operating in a toric difference, not just for America, ruption. I am glad you have people like global environment where many coun- but for all of humanity — at a moment tries are choosing to align with China when we are at a fork in the road be- Roger Stone, Laura Ingraham and Alex and the other BRICS (Brazil, Russia, tween potential paradise and looming Jones informing you about the globalist agendas going on behind the scenes. If India and South Africa) countries and oblivion. Trump’s Vision of Uniting, Dec. 1 Clearly, most would character- you don’t know of them already, I hope the AIIB Bank — already representing over half the world’s population. These ize you as an “Alpha.” You are strong, you will have your team check out the countries are choosing to use cur- talented and athletic. You are drawn to principled guidance of folks like Stefan ing one country after another (Iraq, AfMolyneux,  Larken ghanistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, rencies backed by gold and other real lead. You’re capable of Rose,  Mary Ru- Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Syria etc.) and commodities, which the dollar is not. creating wealth. You wart,  Lew Rock- resisting the move to asset-backed curIn vast numbers, voters know this, and attract beautiful and well,  Doug rencies and a Global Currency Reset, it is a tribute to social media, and the capable women, and Casey,  Hans Putin and Xi Jinping have been creatmany informed, “real news” alterna- you have clearly Hoppe,  James ing win/win trade deals with many tives to mainstream media, that people enjoyed the inCorbett,  Mark countries, both large and small. Hisare flocking to them in the millions to fluence that can Corske,  Wendy tory has shown that to be the true path hear something real. With more reli- come with that. McElroy and Mi- to peace. Now is your chance to make able and independent sources of in- But there is a chael Huemer. If Gamma deals on a global scale that can formation, we can take the next step in personal transwe at the Thrive create prosperity and security for geneven greater discernment and motiva- formation that Movement can be erations to come. tion to transcend the divisive nature of awaits you to beThe backlash you will be getting of assistance in elupolitics in favor of the unifying prin- come what researchcidating that, both here for promoting the dangerous and polciple of Non-Aggression. Toward this ers are now calling a and abroad, don’t hesitate luting nuclear, fracking, coal and the end, and with hopes that this larger “Gamma.” A Gamma has to ask. We need a deep under- Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines, conversation can help to heal some of those same potentialities, but what is tearing our country and our re- has transcended the need to dominate standing of the true nature of our pre- can ALL go away if you help us set up by force, to brag, to sacrifice integrity dicament if we are going to have solu- safeguards for releasing the multiple lationships apart, I offer this for profit, and the need to react in petty tions commensurate to the problems. “free energy” devices (as described in OPEN LETTER TO DONALD and volatile ways to affronts. A Gamma Our film, THRIVE, already has over 68 THRIVE) into the world without corTRUMP is dedicated to win-win, to peaceful million views in 27 languages, spawn- porate or government suppression. I Dear President-elect Trump, It’s Foster Gamble here, co- resolution, and to the empowerment ing over 1,000 solutions groups all over was invited to the Obama White House and to Bechtel to brief them on this the world. creator of THRIVE and Thrive Move- of all those around him. Right now, as the magnitude of field, which I have been in for nearly ment. your opportunity and responsibility 20 years. I declined — because I unI am writing to congratulate you derstand the agendas of their controland to share a profound opportunity to is settling freshly on your shoulders, lers. With your help, we could liberate use your extraordinary courage and in- is the perfect moment to integrate and continue the style of your acceptance these economic and ecologic gamedependence on behalf of a whole new speech into your relationships and dechangers. kind of leadership. cisions every day. You have the talent If this makes any sense I invite I was invited to run for President and the charisma to leave the volatile, you to contact me for further and deepon the Libertarian ticket and also for er discussion of what is really going on Foster Gamble Vice President with Jill Stein for the vindictive, macho persona — which I personally have contacts among and the moral philosophy, strategies, Green Party. I appreciated the invita- could be cataclysmic on the global tions, but respectfully declined. I see scale — completely behind you… and the Dragon Families of the far-east who and tactics to truly liberate the people my role personally as more impactful begin to operate consistently from a are offering to distribute vast troves of of America and the world. Here’s a vidfrom outside of a system I don’t be- profound and respectful confidence stored, off-market gold to reboot the eo clip  describing our inclusive stratlieve in. Instead I have spent my time that your leadership can not only help global economy, erase national debts egy for peaceful transition from where and resources identifying and vetting people make America great, but that, and empower the world’s best humani- we are now to a truly free, prosperous new energy and healing technologies together, we can inspire the whole tarian projects — as long as it is not and thriving world. I wish you, your family, your team stolen by the Rothschild/Rockefeller that obsolete the destructive and dirty world. and every affected individual deep clarbanking cabal. (I understand this is YOUR TEAM technologies of coal, fracking, nuclear Now is also the critical moment risky. It is what JFK was working on ity, strength, patience and fulfillment and the like in favor of hyper-efficient and “over unity” energy technologies. I for choosing Gamma men and women with Indonesian President Soekarno in rising above elitist “divide and conand their signed  Green Hilton Agree- quer” strategies to create a condition am confident that a combination of the for your team. You already have some good ethi- ment, just weeks before he was assas- and a moral pathway whereby everyNew Energy technologies, along with the guiding principle of non-violation cal people to assist you and you can eas- sinated. But it is also the quickest route one has the opportunity to thrive. that we at Thrive are committed to, can ily attract more if you have moral prin- to global prosperity and cooperation of Very sincerely, Foster Gamble President, Thrive Movement, Int’l. which I am aware.) yield consistent win-win global, na- ciples on which to base your choices: Page 18 ♥ Connection Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ December 2016



1 teaspoon ground cumin ½ teaspoon ground cloves 1 teaspoon sea salt 1 and ½ cups diced tomatoes 3 cups vegetable stock 2 cups cooked black beans 1 lime cut into wedges (for squeezing on top of soup) Optional toppings: goat or cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, scallions, cilantro, sour cream, etc INSTRUCTIONS Heat the oil in a pot over medium heat. Add the onion, bell pepper, garlic, jalapeno and pumpkin. Cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the chili powder, cumin, cloves, sea salt, diced tomatoes, vegetable stock and black beans. Cover and cook for 20 minutes. Season with additional salt and black pepper to your liking. Take off the heat and place some FOOD BABE’S PUMPKIN of the chili in a bowl and top with BLACK BEAN CHILI fresh lime juice and desired toppings. Prep time: 5 mins Enjoy! Cook time: 25 mins NOTES Total time: 30 mins **Please choose all organic Serves: 4-6 ingredients.** INGREDIENTS If you know someone who loves 2 tablespoons coconut oil pumpkin, please share this recipe ic gan g Or eas 1 yellow onion, diced with them! And if you are looking n i v Ser ee & T 1 green bell pepper, diced for more nutritious, slimming, quick Coff 2 cloves garlic, peeled and recipes like this, please check out the minced Food Babe Membership Program, 1 jalapeno, diced we just added a whole new guide 2 cups diced pumpkin (peeled) full of amazing fall recipes—come or puree join us here! 2 heaping tablespoons of chili Xo, Vani powder Printed with permission. Page ♥ ConnectionMagazine Magaziney♥ y ♥ ♥yOctober December 2016 2016 Page 37 19 yConnection by Food Babe t’s full swing into the fall season around here and I’m so excited Vani Hari about cooking up all my favorite seasonal recipes. This comforting chili is DELICIOUS and perfect to make during the week when you don’t have a lot of time—it only takes 25 minutes to cook! It’s quick on the stove, or you can throw everything together in a crock-pot while you are working and have it ready to go in 4-6 hours. Pumpkin is of course incredibly nutritious too! Pumpkins can help improve eyesight, keep you slim EHFDXVHRIDOOWKHÀEHUDQGSURYLGHD nice dose of vitamin C that can help your immune system.


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Jca^`Zi]Z99IedlYZg^ci]Ze]didVWdkZ!ndjgZnZhXVcÉihZZl^gZaZhhb^XgdlVkZgVY^Vi^dc#I]ViÉhWZXVjhZ^iÉh^ck^h^WaZ# 8dbbdchdjgXZhd[l^gZaZhhb^XgdlVkZgVY^Vi^dcZmedhjgZ^cXajYZL^";^!XZaae]dcZh!hbVgibZiZgh!WVWnbdc^idgh!XdgYaZhh e]dcZh!l^gZaZhhiVWaZih!VcYXdbejiZgh#I]ZhZVgZ[djcY^c]dbZh!d[ÒXZh!hidgZh!a^WgVg^Zh!XV[Zh!VcYhX]ddah#L^gZaZhh b^XgdlVkZgVY^Vi^dc^heVgi^XjaVganidm^X[dgWVW^ZhVcYX]^aYgZc!l]dVWhdgWbdgZi]VcVYjaihYjZidi]Z^ghbVaaVcY\gdl^c\ WgV^ch!WdcZhVcYdg\Vch# 8]^aYgZcVcYVYjaihl]dZmeZg^ZcXZ]ZVai]egdWaZbhYjZidl^gZaZhhb^XgdlVkZgVY^Vi^dcgZedgihnbeidbhi]Vi^cXajYZ ]ZVYVX]Zh!^chdbc^V!]ZVgieVae^iVi^dch!Vcm^Zin!ZVgg^c\^c\!XdcXZcigVi^dcVcYbZbdgnadhh!VcYZkZcY^hVW^a^in#HijY^Zhh]dl Zk^YZcXZ[dgZ[[ZXihdc9C6!\ZcZi^Xh!X]^aY]ddYWZ]Vk^dg![Zgi^a^in!i]ZWaddY"WgV^cWVgg^Zg!VcYi]Z^bbjcZVcYcZgkdjh hnhiZbh#Di]ZghijY^ZhÒcY^cXgZVhZYg^h`d[XVcXZg!VcYa^c`hidVji^hbVcYVYY^Xi^dc#

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lll#hV[ZhX]dda#XV lll#l^Ò^chX]ddah#Xdb lll#gVY^Vi^dcZYjXVi^dc#Xdb lll#ZhXjZaVh^cl^Ò#dg\AZVgc]dlida^kZVcYcZildg`hV[Zan#

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by Megan Montero RI WKH KRXVH  :H ZHUH he unseen energy DPD]HG WR VHH KRZ WKH left by the previspace clearing and the Feng ous occupants of 6KXL DGMXVWPHQWV DIIHFWHG a building can have a their lives. drastic effect on the lives Right after the space of future residents. This clearing, Mike felt so good ¶SUHGHFHVVRUHQHUJ\·ZLOO in the house he began to have the biggest impact spend time at home relaxif the predecessors have ing and he started playing been through something the guitar again. The next Megan Montero like a divorce, a health day, roofers unexpectedly FULVLV D EDQNUXSWF\ RU LI WKH\ ZHUH FDPHWRSXWRQDQHZURRI7KLVZDV HPRWLRQDOO\XQVWDEOHDVLQWKHIROORZa miracle because the landlord had ing case. Clearing this energy through EHHQSURPLVLQJDQHZURRIHYHUVLQFH ¶VSDFH FOHDULQJ· LV QHFHVVDU\ VR WKH they moved in. This delay had been current occupants can have a clean frustrating to my clients because the VODWH IURP ZKLFK WR OLYH KHDOWK\ DQG ODQGORUG ZRXOG QRW SDLQW WKH KRXVH balanced lives. XQWLOWKHURRIZDVGRQHDQGWKHKRXVH 0\ FOLHQWV ZKRP ,·OO FDOO$QQLH had big patches of different color and Mike, had lived in their house paint all over it. The roofers brought IRURYHUD\HDUZKHQWKH\FRQWDFWHG DGXPSVWHUIRUWKHROGURRIDQG$QQLH me for a Feng Shui consultation. The got permission from the landlord to SUHYLRXV WHQDQW ZKRP ,·OO FDOO 0DUSXWLQLWDOOWKHMXQNWKDW0DUVKDKDG sha, had been harassing them ever OHIWRQWKHSURSHUW\7KHODQGORUGZDV since they moved in. She had lived in shockingly helpful after his unreliable their house for seven years until she KLVWRU\$ZHHNDIWHURXU)HQJ6KXL ZDV HYLFWHG IRU UHPRYLQJ DOO RI WKH appointment, the painters arrived to ZLQGRZV 7KH ODQGORUG UHSODFHG WKH paint the house and the landlord even ZLQGRZV SDLQWHG WKH ZDOOV DQG SXW FRQVXOWHG$QQLHRQWKHFRORUV LQ QHZ FDUSHW MXVW EHIRUH P\ FOLHQWV 7KHEHVWFKDQJHRIDOOZDVWKDW PRYHGLQ*RRGDVQHZULJKW" Marsha stopped harassing them; she 0DUVKD ZRXOG Ã&#x20AC;QG $QQLH DQG PRYHGRQZLWKKHUOLIHOHDYLQJ$QQLH 0LNHDWWKHLUZRUNDQGDVNDERXW¶KHU· DQG0LNHWRPRYHRQZLWKWKHLUV SODQWVDQG¶KHU·GRJZKLFKZDVEXULHG Megan Montero is a Feng Shui LQWKH\DUGRIWHQLQFRQYHQLHQFLQJ$Q- consultant trained in BTB Feng Shui. QLH·VFKHFNRXWOLQHZLWKKHUTXHVWLRQV She has been practicing in Santa 0DUVKDZRXOGUHJXODUO\GULYHE\WKH Cruz since 2007 and offers Feng Shui KRXVHWRVHHLI$QQLHDQG0LNHZHUH consultations and space clearing in DZD\ 2QFH VKH GXJ XS WZR SODQWV the Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay IURPWKH\DUGWZRPRQWKVODWHUVKH DUHDV /HDUQ PRUH DERXW 0HJDQ·V WRRN D WDOO EXVK $QQLH DQG 0LNH·V services at: ZZZZLQGDQGZDWHUEOHVVstress had been mounting as this Contact Megan at (831) KDGEHHQJRLQJRQIRUDZKROH\HDU 588-5424 or PHJDQ#ZLQGDQGZDDQG0DUVKD·VSODQWWKHIWZDVWKHODVW VWUDZ T h e first priority in helping my clients ZDV WR FOHDU 0 D U V K D · V unstable predecessor HQHUJ\,UHFommended W Z R  V S D F H clearing ceremonies to KonMari Method remove the Reduce overwhelm, save save time, hold MarReduce overwhelm, VKD·VHQHUJ\ experience positive time, experience positive had on their changes, find home and changes, find joy! joy! OLYHV , DOVR suggested 831-588-5424 831-588-5424 Feng Shui Megan Montero Montero DGMXVWPHQWV to correct the HQHUJ\ IORZ

Wind & Water Water Blessings Blessings

Restore Harmony Harmony to to Your Home and and Life Life â&#x20AC;¢ Feng Shui Clutter Clearing Clearing and and â&#x20AC;¢ Clutter Organizing Organizing

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Enhancing Appearance


by Donna Williams-Smith

radiant and vibrant complexion is desirable year round, but especially at a time of special functions, celebrations and when you are meeting new people, or those you haven’t seen in a long period of time. Unfortunately, for many, the stress of the Holiday season – additional activities, lack of rest, dietary indiscretions, alcohol intake and harsh

tributes to a clarity and more youthful glow that no amount of makeup can duplicate. Quality products also influence facial appearance. Harsh soaps can strip natural anti-wrinkling oils from the skin. Ideally, cleansers should be used that complement one’s skin type and a toner will help restore the acid mantle. Be aware that oily skin can also be dehydrated, which will make lines more prominent. One must allow, find, make time to rest. Stressful life-styles combined with hormonal fluctuations cause break-outs. Stress also shunts oxygen away from the skin, and dermal and epidermal cells depend on good blood circulation to deliver the oxygen and nutri-

ents required to sustain and replenish live cells. When making merry, remember excessive alcohol intake is something every skin type should avoid. It is irritating and drying to the skin. Temper consumption when you want to look your optimal. Adhering to a healthy regimen during the Holiday season may be a tall order, however, the more balance that can be achieved, coupled with the use of proper products, the more the benefit. Treat yourself to a holiday facial or for the new year. It also makes a wonderful and nurturing gift for those most special in your life. Donna Williams-Smith is a holistically oriented Aesthetician, licensed in California and Nevada.

You Deserve Perfect Skin face,” says Damone

causes excessive wrinkling around the eyes and mouth, along with a grayish complexion. “Your skin may be able to repair itself somewhat from the damage,” says Patricia Farris, MD, an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Tulane University. Using skin care products rich in nutrients will help restore the glow and radiance to your skin. 5. Brighten Your Smile Our smiles are a beacon for impressions about age. Since enamel wears over time and darkens, a dull colored smile is connected with age. A smile that is bright white is connected with youth and good health. Many of us have lifestyle habits that affect the way our teeth appear to others – including habits which stain our teeth like drinking coffee, red wine, tea, etc. Not only do we need to cut back the habits, but a trip to the dentist to have teeth professionally cleaned is important to overall health. And don’t forget the daily brushing and flossing. Copyright © 2008-2009 About the Author: Linda Chaé is a prominent researcher, formulator, educator and consumer advocate. She’s met with Congressional Leaders and Health Committee Members in Washington D.C., fighting for ‘Your Right to Know’ legislation, and to protect the public from unsafe chemicals in products. Register for her FREE newsletter at www.

for the


tion. To reinforce weather condiawareness and tions – takes its the goal of looking toll on the face, one’s best for the when it is least holidays and year desired! round, the followIt follows, ing suggestions/ this is an ideal reminders may be time for a professional fa- Donna Williams-Smith helpful. The value cial. It can help of a regular monthly facial counteract the negative effect of the above factors and pro- cannot be underestimated. vides a mini-retreat for stress In addition to the deep pore cleansing and exfoliation of reduction and rejuvenadead skin cells that build up and yield a dull appearance, a facial enhances circulation and the distribution of oxygen within dermal tissue; this deters facial aging and con-

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by Linda Chaé

Roberts, a celebvery woman rity eyebrow artist deserves to and costar of TLC’s have per10 Years Younger. fect skin. . . so, Cleanse your face wouldn’t it be great in the morning, folif the world always lowed by your moissaw the youthturizer. Then fill in ful and vivacious sparse spots in your woman with perfect Linda Chaé brow to create the skin? Ready to start illusion of thickness. We asturning back your age? Here sociate youthfulness and are some simple tips to help confidence with darker, fuller you look and feel younger. brows. 1. Sit Up Straight 3. Follow a Daily Skin “People with good posture are seen as younger, Care Routine more confident, and happier than those who slouch, round their shoulders, or tilt to one side,” according to Paul D’Arezzo, MD, a certified emergency physician in Colorado Springs, CO. You’ll not only look better, you’ll feel Caring for your skin twice a better too! Good posture preday can reverse the effects vents muscle strain and can of time by tightening, moisturhelp eliminate tension headizing and lifting the dermis of aches caused by strain on your skin. Choose a cleanser the neck. Think about taking for your skin type along with a regular yoga or Pilates class a moisturizer to support your to strengthen core muscles skin through the day. Don’t in your abdomen, pelvis, and forget to apply a toxic free lower back. If you spend long SPF day cream for protechours seated at your desk, tion against UVA/UVB rays. remember to create several brief exercises to do at regular Cleansing and moisturizing breaks to relax, stretch and before bed supports your skin as it rejuvenates during firm your muscles. the night. . .leaving you with 2. Darken and Emphaperfect, radiant skin. size Your Brows “When brows are thin 4. Stop Smoking Smoking can shorten a and light, they make your feawoman’s life by 14 1/2 years, tures disappear, adding years according to the CDC. It also to even the youngest looking

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Destined For The River I was working at a barn where

someone had dropped off a very teeny and very pregnant cat. She was super sweet but disappeared almost as quickly as she had been dropped off, so we assumed she was somewhere giving birth and hiding her kittens. For a few weeks we would see her off and on, slinking around the barn but never giving up a clue to where the kittens were. One day we noticed no one had seen her in over a week and the barn manager "scoffed" and said it was "Just as well, because if he ever found those kittens, they were going straight into a burlap sack and into the river." I was disappointed to hear this and hoped for a better outcome. A few days later, I was walking by the chicken coop when I heard these tiny meows coming from inside the wall. BINGO! The kittens! I spent over an hour trying to catch these tiny kittens that would tentatively poke their heads out only to duck back into the wall, but persistence paid off. Here were 2 teeny ~6 week old balls of fluff. Since I knew their potential fate, I whisked them away to my house where I told my husband "I dont know what I am going to do with them, but I couldn’t let them die in the river." Fast forward one year, we kept both kittens, Rhino and Daisy, brother and sister, partners in crime and my snuggle buddies. Rhino has a personality as big as his namesake and Daisy is sweet and gentle. I sometimes wonder if I had not been the one to find them that day, would they really have been tossed in the river? I'm just glad we will never know that answer. —Dessa, Pine, CO

Kittens Under The Porch Last year when I walked outside,

I heard sounds coming from the opposite side of the house. So I walked across the yard to check it out. Sitting under the downspout in a perfect row were four little blue-eyed kittens looking up at me! Their mother had kept them under our front porch. I left them where they were because I figured their mother may

come back. I went inside and called the local no-kill shelter. As I was sitting inside, I could hear something going on by my porch and came out to find my neighbor putting them in a box! She said the mother had abandoned them so she was taking them to the local shelter. I knew they’d be euthanized there because they were too young to adopt. They just don’t have the resources there to deal with kittens that young. So even though I wasn’t ready to care for them or to take them to the no-kill shelter yet, I told her I’d take care of them and brought them into my house. I had no idea what I was doing or how old they actually were, but I put them in a bathroom, bought kitten food, made up a little litter box, and put water out for them. They ate like they hadn’t been fed for days! I took them to the vet, and she kept putting them in her pockets, saying they were hers, then gave them a clean bill of health. They stayed at my house for a couple of weeks until the vet had room. Together we found homes for all of them. And together with the no-kill shelter, we trapped the mama, had her spayed, and let her go again. —Nancy, Loveland, CO



Animal Rescue Stories



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It Was Love At First Sight. We really didn’t

need another dog. We had rescued three pitbull mixes and through a lot of patience and love had achieved a calm and peaceful household. Then it happened. On a Facebook page we saw an 11 month old puppy that had been found on the streets of Manhattan. She was about to be put on the dreaded “list”. We kept checking the post certain that someone would snatch her up. After two anxious days we inquired about her status. We just couldn’t get that face out of our minds. The rescue contacted us within five minutes. They were desperate for someone to adopt her. Before we knew it, we were meeting Jenna in a parking lot two hours from home. It was very evident she had not had any boundaries or training. Our other dogs were very patient and tolerated her high energy and crazy antics. Patience and consistent training has transformed this little girl into a treasured member of the family. Even though we didn’t need another dog, we believe it was meant to be. —Donna, Cobleskill, NY More stories at

Frey Organic Merlot vines & cover crop.

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Complementary Health

Neurofeedback Biofeedback Psychotherapy Neuromassage for individuals and couples






by Joyce and Barry Vissell him. There is a steep n 1960, I was fourtrail that must be Experience the combined power of teen years old and my climbed down to get neurofeedback and somatic psychotherapy! mother was the first to the beach. It is not civil rights activist that I necessarily dangerous, Shift stuck patterns and integrate awareness knew. She did not march but one must be careful. into your relationships and daily life. the streets. She lived her When it was time for beliefs. She had Blacks, Joe to leave the beach, Joyce and Barry Vissell Muslims, Gays and other he started climbing the minorities over to our house for din- trail but slipped and fell, dislocating ner almost every Sunday. She treated his knee. Joe lay there helpless and them all with the greatest respect and in enormous pain. Very soon, one honor like they were part of her family. of these â&#x20AC;&#x153;good-for-nothing localsâ&#x20AC;? She also spoke up loudly if anyone spotted him lying there in pain and Neuroscientist Langdon Roberts, MA 831-464-1419 Aimee Pomerleau, LMFT (#80304) said anything against one of these ran to help. When this long-haired minorities. She often coached me, young man discovered the extent of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Joyce, remember every person is a -RH¡VLQMXU\KHUDQWRJHWKLVIULHQGV ThetaHealing Transforms Lives! child of God. It does not matter what and together the men carried him all color their skin or their religion. Our the way to the top of the cliff, which Physical, Emotional, Relationship, and Financial Healing God loves them all the same.â&#x20AC;? This is quite a journey especially carrying Lynda Chaikin Merciful Heavens ThetaHealingÂŽ ThetaHealing Master love of humanity and human rights is someone in pain. They put Joe in a Compassionate Care, Life-Changing Results Instructor & Practitioner something that my mother has passed car and drove him all the way back on to me, one of the many gifts I have to the retreat center, helped him into â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lynda has delivered tremendous support to received being her daughter. In this KLVEHGDQGWKHQQRWLĂ&#x20AC;HGWKHUHWUHDW our family.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C;Nihal Kaur, LAc, Santa Cruz, CA way, she was one of my heroes. center that he was hurt. Fortunately During this same year, there was one of our group members was an Call for your free 20 minute phone consultation. a crisis for one of my uncles. He and emergency room physician and he his family lived close to us in Buffalo, SXOOHG-RH¡VNQHHEDFNLQWRSRVLWLRQ Phone sessions are profoundly effective. In-person sessions also available. New York, in a quiet simple middle again. Joe was deeply humbled and â&#x20AC;&#x153;Lynda Chaikin has truly changed my life. As a Master level Theclass neighborhood. He learned that to our whole group he stated, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have taHealer, she has the intuition, wisdom and connectedness to help us heal a black family was going to move into been so wrong in judging these locals physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.â&#x20AC;? - Dr. Juli Mazi, ND the neighborhood, about ten houses just because of their hair and lifestyle (831) 431-0677 or (831) 426-9453 down from his house. My uncle was choices. When I really needed Look for Merciful Heavens on Santa Cruz livid, and complained bitterly to any- roes, they stepped in and helped me.â&#x20AC;? one who would listen. He felt it would When my mother was eightyruin his neighborhood and make it seven, three years before she died, unsafe for his children, as well as she lived in a little apartment above bring down the value of his home. our garage. She believed in exercise, He spent great time and effort visiting and each day when it was not raining, every single neighbor and explaining she drove her little car to the beach the terrible result that would happen and walked along the sidewalk. At if this family moved in. He gathered that time at Rio del Mar beach, there signatures, and if a neighbor did not were a group of homeless men who want to sign his petition he repeat- would sit on the wall at the entrance edly went back to that house until to the beach. These men sat there all they did sign. day and talked together. My mother After much time and effort, he learned their names and each day was ready to go the house of this would stop and talk with them. Soon black family and give them the peti- they asked her if she would like to sit tion. He got dressed in a suit and tie on the wall with them and she gladly and, armed with pages of signatures, accepted, sitting with them for maybe CERTIFIED CLINICAL went to the house and rang the bell. a half hour each day. She liked them HYPNOTHERAPIST (A.C.H.E. #193205) A very large, powerfully-built black very much and truly enjoyed their man answered the door. My uncle company. After a few months, they quickly hid the petition behind his asked her if she would like to be an â&#x20AC;˘ PERFORMANCE â&#x20AC;˘ RELATIONSHIPS back and held out his hand to welRIĂ&#x20AC;FLDO PHPEHU RI WKH ´:DOO 6LWWHUV¡ â&#x20AC;˘ HABITS â&#x20AC;˘ GOALS â&#x20AC;˘ HEALTH â&#x20AC;˘ TRAUMA come the man. You see, this man was Club.â&#x20AC;? My mother accepted and felt it â&#x20AC;˘ INNER CHILD WORK â&#x20AC;˘ PHOBIAS P\XQFOH¡VKHURRQWKH%XIIDOR%LOOV¡ was an honor to be included in their Football team. conversations. Several years ago at our Hawaii One day some ladies from her SPECIALIZING IN PAIN RELIEF FRXSOH¡V UHWUHDW WKHUH ZDV D PDQ church walked by as my mother was & STRESS REDUCTION who I will call Joe, who looked with laughing with the men. The ladies distain at the local people who lived were shocked to see my mother BOX 3773 â&#x20AC;˘ SANTA CRUZ, CA 95063 in the area. Joe was a CEO of a large there, and even though she wanted to WWW.KEATINGHYPNOTHERAPY.COM company on the mainland, described introduce them, the ladies rushed on (831) 462-0213 himself often as â&#x20AC;&#x153;a very important by. Later that day my mother received man,â&#x20AC;? and felt that these â&#x20AC;&#x153;hippiesâ&#x20AC;? a call from one of these ladies who were lazy and worthless. Many of said, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Louise, you must be careful Counseling â&#x20AC;˘ Psychology â&#x20AC;˘ Therapy these locals had long unruly hair, and you should not sit on the wall colorful clothing, and were typically with those men. They are homeless BeÂ&#x160;Y@Wiio"F^:"C<J gathered at the beach drumming, and could cause danger to you.â&#x20AC;? My Receive the BeneďŹ t of 30 Years of Experience. GDQFLQJ MXJJOLQJ RU Ă&#x20AC;UH VSLQQLQJ mother replied, â&#x20AC;&#x153;I trust that God loves Individual, Couple & Family Counseling Joe spoke often about how much he them just as much as He loves you Work & Life Purpose Anxiety & Depression disliked them, even though he hardly and me. Those men have given me Addiction Issues Grief & Crisis Gestalt & Process Therapy Healing Relationships ever saw them and had no idea what the gift of their friendship and I am Somatic Psychotherapy Conscious Parenting they did when they were not at the giving it back.â&#x20AC;? EMDR for Trauma Recovery Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 22014) beach. y s There is the potential for a hero s a J c ĂŻ Lo One day Joe went to the beach and a friend within each person we PhD HdfjZa-(&),."()')Â&#x2122;Adh<Vidh)%-(.*")++' Page 25 alone without any of our group with meet, Page 2424 yConnection Magazine Page â&#x2122;Ľ Connection Magazine â&#x2122;Ľ www.ConnectionMagz.comyâ&#x2122;Ľ y â&#x2122;ĽDecember December 2016 2016

Malin Ashby ~ Certified Naturopath t/VUSJUJPO t)FSCBM3FNFEJFT t.JOEGVMOFTTGPS4USFTT  t.BMJO$IJFG!HNBJMDPN Hypnotherapy â&#x20AC;˘ NLP















Movement, Postural & Structural Body and Education



regardless of the color of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation or the fact that WKH\DUHDPLQRULW\:HDUHDOO*RG¡V precious children. Here are a few opportunities to bring more love and growth into your life, at the following longer events led by Barry and Joyce Vissell: Feb 5-12, 2017 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Hawaii Couples Retreat on the Big Island; Jul 16-21 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Shared Heart Summer Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR; Oct 11-17 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Assisi Retreat, Italy Joyce & Barry Vissell, a nurse/ therapist and psychiatrist couple since 1964, are counselors near Santa Cruz, CA, who are widely UHJDUGHG DV DPRQJ WKH ZRUOG¡V WRS

Page 24



experts on conscious relationship and personal growth. They are the authors of The Shared Heart, Models of Love, Risk to Be Healed, The +HDUW·V:LVGRP0HDQWWR%H and $0RWKHU·V)LQDO*LIW. Call 7ROO)UHH  , locally  , or write to the Shared Heart Foundation, P.O. Box 2140, Aptos, CA 95001, for further information on counseling sessions by phone or in person, their books, recordings or their schedule of talks and workshops. Visit their web site at for their free monthly e-heartletter, their updated schedule, and inspiring past articles on many topics about relationship and living from the heart.



6GZkdaji^dcVgnCZlHdbVi^XBdYVa^in ^cIgVjbV=ZVa^c\VcYHigZhhGZYjXi^dc Eg^kViZVcYejWa^XXaVhhZh^cHVciV8gjo!H^a^Xdc KVaaZnVcYi]Z7Vn6gZVl^i]BVg^V6a[Vgd lll#IG:XVa^[dgc^V#XdbÂ&#x2122;bVg^V5IG:XVa^[dgc^V#Xdb 8Vaa[dgCZmi8aVhh/-(&)+'"&-)+


the door to assess the priorities you have chosen. he long evenings of Review at the end of the winter provide the year is a chance to capperfect time to turn ture the highlights as well inward and probe the depth as the trials of 2016. Are of the soul. While nature you making progress on rests and rain falls, you your dreams and goals? may feel inspired to conAnd is the direction your template the bigger picture life is heading what your of your life. soul desires? These are GOING TO THE CAVE Karin Leonard deep questions to ponder Early humans spent and time well spent. Make winters seeking shelter and sharing stories during fire lit sure the ladder of success is leaning against the places you want to climb, nights. Even in our high-tech times, and that at the end of your life, you when computer screens illuminate had the leading role in the story you the nights, and TVs take the place of wanted to create. The dark of winter storytellers, our bodies and spirits are VWLOO UHVSRQVLYH WR QDWXUH¡V UK\WKPV is a sanctuary for contemplating your 7KHWLGHVRIWKLVVHDVRQĂ RZLQZDUG intentions for the coming year, and planting seeds for what you wish to even though your schedule and responsibilities may say otherwise. unfold next. DREAMING THE DARK The currents in your psyche and soul Mystical foggy mornings invoke run just as deep as they ever have. As the seasons turn, just as birds internal magic. This is the time to let know instinctively when to migrate, the soul speak, and to look for images your body responds to the subtle emerging from within. There is a energies of nature within and without. greater intelligence within you, which may be silent during busy times. The question becomes, how can you effectively function in an everyday When you become still and honor world of endless demands, while stay- the receptive side of your nature, ing connected to the deep currents inner treasures can be found. Allow time for meditation and introspection. within? The soulful depth you are Journaling is a great way to connect could easily be passed by like a hidwith soul and spirit. And when you den emerald lake deep in the forest. go to sleep, set the intention of diving How can you visit the cave of winter into the depth of your inner mystery. and introspection, while attending to Upon awakening, with your eyes your many roles? Begin by noticing closed, recall the dreaming gifts of your rhythm during this darker time the dark â&#x20AC;Ś as humans have done for of the year: when you feel tired or LQZDUGGRQ¡WSXVKWKURXJKUHVLVWDQFH thousands of years. As you listen to the ancient to exhaustion. Take breaks, naps heartbeat of winter, and the stirrings and stay in for a quiet evening. Curl of your soul, you may just discover a up with a good book and light some sustainable way of integrating timecandles. Adjusting your biological less currents and natural cycles with cadence to the shorter daylight hours can also protect your health and keep your full and busy lifeâ&#x20AC;Ś. Karin H. Leonard is a profesDZD\WKHĂ X sional coach, personal consultant and REVIEW AND REFLECTION There is wisdom in the wheel seminar leader, with 26 years of exRIWKH\HDU5HVWDQGUHĂ HFWLRQDOORZ perience in coaching, hypnosis, NLP and conducting workshops. Karin is a you to integrate experiences and popular speaker, and available for a lead to learning from results. During variety of seminars, including coachthe active time of projects, you are ing skills. Office located in Santa engaged in moving forward. Times Cruz. (831) 724-5400. 9LVLW .DULQ¡V of introspection permit you to evaluwebsite at ate the path you are on, and open

ZE hdV h

by Karin Leonard


Therapeutic Yoga~Mindfulness Yoga Gentle Yoga~Baby Boomer Yoga

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Classes to renew youâ&#x20AC;Ś

â&#x20AC;˘ Therapeutic Yoga â&#x20AC;˘ Mindfulness Yoga â&#x20AC;˘ Gentle Yoga â&#x20AC;˘ Baby Boomer Yoga â&#x20AC;˘ Chinese & Indonesian Martial Arts 738 Chestnut St. â&#x20AC;˘ Santa Cruz â&#x20AC;˘ CA 95060 831-459-8613 â&#x20AC;˘

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Many people have expressed shocked appreciation that they have been able to get better with my care after suffering for so long and giving up hope.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have made a startling discovery and have new tools that have been helping people to restructure their spine and restore a youthful upright posture, without effort. Endonasal Cranial Correction is part of this new work and is literally like a breath of fresh air as the nasal passages are opened.â&#x20AC;? ~Dr. Russo â&#x20AC;&#x153;I can breathe again and my mind feels so clear, I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even realize how blocked I had become. Thank you for this new lease on life. Everyone needs to know about this!â&#x20AC;? ~Recent Patient

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Expand into Timelessness...

Intuitive Insights by M elanie G endron , C reator of T he G endron T arot Death whispers, “Savor each breath, for life is your gift... temporarily.”

• Aura Photos Jewelry • and Profiles Clothing • Books • • Psychic Readings Tarot • • Events & Classes For Body, Mind, & Spirit

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831-46-GRAIL 208 Monterey Ave Capitola Village 10-15% off most items w/coupon Expires 3-9-16 1-1-17

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ver the years, thought accrues in our mind’s hard drive, crowding the brain by mid-life, and so crowded by our elder years that we choose to forget. Life on the level of duality, coping with myriad ups and downs, is both exhilarating and exhausting. Candidates ascend to office while others lose the game; some cry and some rejoice, yet all can gain in conscious awareness, no matter the outcome of desire. We can all “wake up”. What does it mean to “wake up”? Honestly, that’s as individual as we each are. There are countless spiritual

techniques and paths that lead the way to “enlightenment”, to the discovery that we are all connected, that we are community, and that every thought, word or deed we do can and does affect the whole of creation. We take responsibility for who we are and what we choose to do with this precious life we are gifted when we realize our true Self­— the divine, stellar Being that birthed from Source Energy. I love meditation and prayer. These practices have served me well for many years (and lifetimes?), highly recommended if not already a daily practice. Ruminating after meditation, this poem came through: The world spirals into Chaos— All things rearrange, change perspective, reach for balance and achieving it, expand into timelessness. There in the place of no thought, we are forever. When we meet, there is no space between us.

Melanie Gendron

Our inner glance, introspection, leads us to Selfdiscovery, self-acceptance and self love. Joyous Holy Days & Blessings, Melanie Melanie Gendron is available for intuitive tarot readings, offering also art, unique gifts, tarot services and products, (831) 3359064, email, visit http:// There’s a new book on the horizon that spotlights Melanie’s Goddess artwork, The Elemental Goddess, published with River Sanctuary Publishing. Books available late Dec. 2016, early 2017. Orders accepted now. The personified tarot cards in This Fool’s Journey talk about themselves, making the archetypes accessible to the reader. The line drawings of the Gendron Tarot major arcana make this book a visual as well as consciously expansive treat.—John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Page 26 ♥ Connection Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ December 2016

2016—A Year of Too Many Music Icons Lost hen a musician passes away, it’s always sad. As much as we like to think of our music hero’s in terms of immortality, they too, are human beings like the rest of us. The year of 2016 has been a very sad year of too many cherished pop culture figures lost. Many of these musicians were not just your average red carpet regulars; they were also responsible for giving us some of histories best cultural works. So put your headphones on, turn the volume up to 10, and remember these 2016 musicians deaths. This list is a place to collectively mourn our favorite musicians who passed away this year. The prolific David Bowie, who died on Jan. 10, two days after he released his 25th and final studio album Blackstar. Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply to fans as Prince, died on Apr.21 at the age of 57. He was one of the biggest stars of the 80s, with songs like “Purple Rain” and “Sign o’ The Times.” Soul and funk singer, Sharon Jones, passed of pancreatic


cancer on Nov. 18. Jones had a stroke on election night and another the following day. She Meghann Finn t o l d t h e people that were there Trump gave her a stroke. Leonard Cohen, music and counter culture legend passed on Nov. 10. Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and well known collaborator to the stars Leon Russell passed a w a y Su n d a y, N o v. 1 3 . Legendary outlaw country music star Merle Haggard died on his birthday from pneumonia, Apr. 6. Rapper Malik Taylor, better known as Phife Dawg, cofounder o f Tr i b e C a l l e d Q u e s t , Mar. 23. Eagles cofounder Glenn Frey died at the age of 67 due to complications from rheumatoid arthritis, acute ulcerative colitis and pneumonia, Jan. 17. As 2016 rolls on, so shall the inevitable yoke of time, pulling along more musicians to that land beyond consciousness.  Some Music Highlights in Santa Cruz: Coconut Grove Historic Ballroom: The Chris Robinson Brotherhood, ExBlack Crowes front man Chris


Either in Theaters or Video Now

a human-centered by Karin Leonard view of fish family & Daniel Robin bonds, the epitoach month, me of teamwork, we select and not letting the our favorodds get you down ite or otherwise (1 hr 37 min.) important films Karin Leonard Independence to be featured on & Daniel Robin Day: Resurgence this page. We With Liam Hemsworth, rate them, subjectively, on a Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, scale from 1 (worthless) to 5 Vivica A. Fox, Judd Hirsch (awesome) in terms of their entertainment and message. Entertainment: 3.5 We leave the plot details and Message: 2 storytelling to the filmmakers Twenty years later, it and instead attempt to char- is just as entertaining and acterize, highlight strengths trashy, with soaring special effects and producand, hint at purpose. Reach us at movies@innerevolu- tion values that rival Enjoy! Star Wars. This fanFinding Dory tasy scifi film poses With Ellen DeGeneres, the question “What Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill would happen if Entertainment: 3.5 Hollywood decided Message: 4 to make aliens all Disney-Pixar swims Gangsta and we all again through a clever and decided to watch?” surprising celebration of The critics would the empowered blue tang complain and the star in search of her parents fans would love it. that has short-term memory If you enjoy the proloss but exception vigilance tracted alien retaliand drive. Utterly charm- ation smackdown, ing, and educational, such want to imagine as we have come to expect (however briefly) from the Oscar-winning team the peoples of earth that wrote and produced it. united in a common Andrew Stanton, the same cause, and specwriter behind Toy Story 1 tacular visuals, then and 2 and WALL-E, delivers you are in luck. We


Robinson has reinvented himself with a band more musical, soulful and downright fun than his previous brotherhood. Sun. December 11th 2016, tickets available on https://www.eventbrite. com/e/chris-robinson-brotherhood-santa-cruz-sun-dec11-21-tickets-27088050087, Please note: very limited seating in the back as this is a dance show. Catalyst Club: Beats Antique, Fri. 12/02, SUNSQUABI, Fri. 12/09, The Expendables, Sat. 12/17, The Devil Makes Three, Fri. 12/30 & Sat. 12/31, Kuumbwa Jazz: Robert Glasper Experiment, Mon. 12/12. Charlie Hunter Quartet, Mon. 12/19. Rio Theatre: Peter Murphy, Fri. 12/2, White Album Ensemble, Thurs. 12/29 & Fri. 12/30. Meg Finn is a Santa Cruz based live music enthusiast, photographer, bilingual educator, activist, Phish loving-dancing machine. She spends her weekdays teaching a full time Kindergarten class at Gault Elementary School in Santa Cruz. On her weekends she is running her small business, Show of Life Photo Booth, collecting jade in Big Sur or getting lost in the redwoods with her American Bulldog, mini cow, Bamboo. love the familiar characters and their quirky senses of humor, so obviously we couldn’t resist. “Fourth of July” fireworks is more about WMDs and kicking some serious alien butt. Bring your extra-solar flak jacket (2 hrs). Check the online version for weekly updated current movies: movie-reviews/ Check the online version for weekly updated current movies: movie-reviews/



e publish this magazine to support our community and enjoy featuring leading theater, performances, and events. It is very important that you, our

readers, tell all of the Arts & Entertainment Venues, businesses and events, that you read about them in The Connection Magazine. We appreciate your much needed support in return. Thank you very much! Pattie & Thom

1011 PACIFIC AVE. SANTA CRUZ • 831-429-4135 Thursday, Dec. 1 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+

Wed. • Dec. 7 • 7:30pm • $17adv/$20dr Laurence Juber Trio, Grammy Award-Winning Acoustic Guitarist Sun. • Dec.11 • 2pm Matinee • $15 Uncle Bonsai, Funny Folk-Pop Super-harmonizers Sun. • Dec.11 • 7pm • $12adv/$15dr David Holodiloff Band • Holiday Hoedown, Bluegrass/ Gypsy Jazz/Folk/Rock Wed. • Dec.14 • 8pm • $10adv/$15dr, Mike Renwick’s Holiday Deluxe Dance • 60’s/70’s Folk/Rock w/R&B Horns Fri. • Dec.16 • 8pm • $15 • Dance Carolyn Sills Combo • Santa is Real 50’s Holiday Tunes/West. Swing/Vintage Ctry Fri. • Dec.30 • 8pm • $25 • Dance Foreverland, Twas the Night Before Xmas Thriller Ball, 14-Piece Tribute to Michael Jackson Sat. • Dec.31 • 8pm • $30adv/$35dr NYE Celebration w/ China Cats, Dance to Grateful Dead w/ Light Show

WARM BREW MICHAEL CHRISTMAS Friday, December 2 • Ages 16+


Friday, December 2 • In the Atrium • Ages 18+


Saturday, December 3 • Ages 16+

SesHolloWaterBoyz Saturday, Dec. 3 • In the Atrium • Ages 21+

SIN SISTERS BURLESQUE Sunday, December 4 • Ages 16+

10th Annual How the Grouch Stole Christmas

LIVING LEGENDS Sunday, Dec. 4 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


plus 219 Boys

Monday, December 5 • Ages 16+

Brothers Osborne

Tuesday, Dec. 6 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+

BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH Wednesday, Dec. 7 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


Thursday, December 8 Ages 16+

plus Air Credits

Kabaka Pyramid

Raging Fyah

Friday, December 9 • Ages 21+ • Live Comedy

HARI KONDABOLU Friday, Dec. 9 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


plus Maddy O’Neil

Saturday, Dec. 10 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


plus Walker Lukens

Sunday, December 11 • Ages 16+

BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY Sunday, Dec. 11 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


plus Busta Grymez

Thursday, Dec. 15 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


Celebrating Creativity Since 1975

Mon. December 5

7 pm |No Comps

Fri. December 9

7 & 9 pm |No Comps



Mon. December 12 • 7 & 9 pm |No Comps


Friday, December 16 Ages 16+ Saturday, December 17 Ages 16+ Saturday, Dec. 17 • In the Atrium • Ages 21+


Sunday, Dec. 18 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


Thursday, December 29 • Ages 16+


A fusion of jazz, hip-hop and R&B!

Del the Funky Homosapien, Andre Nickatina, Chali 2na, Yukmouth, A-Plus, Deacon the Villain, Rappin 4Tay, Amp Live, Traxamillion, Domino, DJ Aspect

Thurs. December 15

Friday & Saturday, Dec. 30 & 31 • Ages 21+

7 pm


Family Friendly! $8/12 yrs and under

Fri. December 16

7:30 pm

ETIENNE CHARLES & CREOLE SOUL: A CREOLE CHRISTMAS 1/2 Price Night for Students Mon. December 19 • 7 & 9 pm |No Comps


SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK: CELEBRATING THE HOLYDAYS TICKETS MAKE GREAT GIFTS! Unless noted advance tickets at kuumbwajazz. org and Logos Books & Records and. Dinner served 1-hr before Kuumbwa presented concerts. Premium wines & beer. All ages.

320-2 Cedar St x Santa Cruz 831.427.2227

The Devil Makes Three

Friday & Saturday, Jan. 13 & 14 • Ages 16+




Friday, January 13 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+

VOODOO GLOW SKULLS Saturday, Jan. 14 • In the Atrium • Ages 16+


plus A-F-R-O

Jan 22 Switchfoot & Reliant K (Ages 16+) Jan 24 Tribal Seeds/ Raging Fyah (Ages 16+) Jan 26 Excision/ Cookie Monsta (Ages 18+) Jan 27 Felly/ Gypps (Ages 16+) Jan 28 Y & T (Ages 21+) Feb 7 & 8 Rebelution/ Passafire (Ages 16+) Feb 9 The Revivalists (Ages 16+) Feb 15 Riff Raff (Ages 16+) Feb 17 Beatles vs Stones (Ages 21+) Feb 18 & 19 SC Music Festival (Ages 16+) Feb 23 J Boog/ Jo Mersa Marley (Ages 16+) Mar 9 Isaiah Rashad (Ages 16+) Mar 21 The Kills (Ages 16+) Mar 30 STRFKR (Ages 16+) Apr 13 Grouplove (Ages 16+) May 24 Robin Trower (Ages 21+) Jun 20 Suicidegirls Burlesque (Ages 21+)

Unless otherwise noted, all shows are dance shows with limited seating.

Tickets subject to city tax & service charge by phone 877-435-9849 & online Page 27 ♥ Connection Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ December 2016

Sonoma County, Calif. Has Become Part Of The Largest Gmo-Free Zone in The Country Thanks to Voter Turnout

Santa Cruz Live Oak Grange Serving our community since 1933

Hall rental for classes, non-proďŹ ts, community and cultural groups, and clubs Daniel (831) 325-3233

 "  Listen to Rotating Hosts Tom Quinn, Donald Davidson, David Biles & informative guests on Perspectives Radio Show every Saturday from noon to one on KSCO 1080 AM. We have extensive coverage of issues regarding holistic health and other important topics.

by Isabelle Z. While the victory of Donald Trump grabbed the majority of the election-related headlines this year, something monumental happened in Sonoma County, California, where residents voted in favor of banning the cultivation of genetically modified crops. Measure M, which was originally known as the Sonoma County Transgenic Contamination Ordinance, passed by a margin of 55.9 percent to 44.1 percent in Sonoma County. It will lead to the formation of the biggest GMO-free zone in the U.S. as a number of nearby counties â&#x20AC;&#x201C; including Marin, Trinity, Santa Cruz, Mendocino, and Humboldt â&#x20AC;&#x201C; have also banned GMO crop cultivation in the past. This means there is now a GMO-free growing space encompassing 13,734 square miles in California. The initiative outlaws the growing and usage of GMO crops and seeds in all areas of the county that are unincorporated. This includes the bulk of the countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dairies, farms and vineyards. There will be a grace period before the ban is officially instituted. Farmers who are currently growing GMO crops can continue to cultivate them until the plants mature, while those who have already bought GM seeds must use them in the next growing season. If they fail to do that, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have to either remove them from county or destroy them.

Biotech industry tried to stop the measureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s passage

Predictably, the biotech

industry fought tooth and nail trying to stop the measure from passing. Supporters of the ban, which include heirloom seed businesses, natural food coops, and organic dairy farms, raised more than half a million dollars to help push the measure through in what ended up becoming one of Sonoma Countyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s costliest ballot initiatives of all time. The results indicate a

major shift in public sentiment after a similar measure was voted down ten years ago. The Center for Food Safetyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s West Coast Director, Rebecca Spector, said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Farmers deserve the right to grow food that is not contaminated by genetic engineering, just as the public deserves the right to purchase organic or GMO-free foods that are free from GMO contamination.â&#x20AC;?

Impressive voter turnout shows going GMO-free is the will of the people

The voter turnout in Sonoma County for the general election could reach as high as 86 percent once all the provisional and mail-in ballots are counted. Although itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not quite the 93

Every 4th Monday

Santa Cruz


Join our Meetup for our monthly meetings as we explore whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s emerging as the World Awakens! Official Thrive Movement Site:

Live Oak Grange 1900 17th Ave, Santa Cruz

This Meetup is for people inspired by the information and themes covered in the film "Thrive - What On Earth Will it Take.â&#x20AC;? We will continue to educate ourselves in the Big Picture of what's happening in the world: Deep Politics, Free Energy, the Co-optation of the "Green Movements," Global Domination, UN Agenda 21, Ending Debt-based Money Systems, Horizontal (Non-Hierarchical) Organizing, and how to support each other in promoting real change.

percent noted there in 2008, it sill beats the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s average turnout for this election, which currently stands at around 60 percent. Some votes are still being counted, so no official final numbers are available yet. However, the turnout in Sonoma is far greater than the national voter turnout is in this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s general election of around 58 percent. The fact that so many voters actually cast their ballots gives weight to the passage of the measure as it represents the opinion of such a large percentage of eligible voters. There is no doubt that organic gardening and organic food are growing in popularity as people refuse to allow themselves to be  poisoned by GMOs. The Center for Food Safety is hailing the move as an example of the democratic process at work, with concerned people succeeding in enacting changes that will benefit their community as well as the environment. Similar local efforts in other places have not been as successful.  GMO  bans were passed in a few counties in Hawaii but then overturned by federal judges, while a ban in Josephine County, Oregon, was eventually declared invalid due to a conflict with state law. However, a  ban  in Jackson County, Oregon, is still in effect after Jackson was given an exemption from the state law. Many movements begin locally, and as more and more counties pass these measures, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only a matter of time before such initiatives start becoming law at the state and federal level. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews. com/056126_GMOfree_Sonoma_County_transgenic_crops. html#ixzz4Rab4WbQh Sources include: Learn more: http://www. GMO-free_Sonoma_County_transgenic_crops. html#ixzz4Raat4UD6

Page 28 â&#x2122;Ľ Connection Magazine â&#x2122;Ľ â&#x2122;Ľ â&#x2122;Ľ December 2016 This Meetup is for people inspired by the information and themes covered in the film "Thrive - What On Earth

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD: What’s the Difference?


– the same as marijuana, grown for its fibers and seeds. Growers typically leave little space between the plants leaving the harvest to appear more like bamboo with tall skinny stalks. It can tower up to 10 or 15 feet and is considered an agricultural crop. Marijuana A high-resin, high-THC, highCBD Cannabis Sativa plant grown for its psychotropic and medicinal qualities most often found the flower of female plants. Plants are grown with more room, allowing them to spread out as opposed to spread up, and creating a fuller plant over all. It is considered a horticulture crop and is typically hand-harvested, trimmed, dried and cured. Don’t get us wrong. Hemp is an extremely useful plant, but it’s low levels of cannabinoids don’t favor medicinal qualities. Page 31

by C.M. Watts hinking about using hemp CBD oil as a substitute for marijuana CBD? Before making your purchase, it’s important to know that not all CBD varieties are created equal. The key difference lies in the sources of the medicine. While marijuana—or more clearly the THC and resin content – is still banned in many places, many companies found ways around using a legal loop hole. Industrialized Hemp. The Difference Between Marijuana & Hemp Often times, people assume that these two are exactly the same, but that the terms refer to different aspects or uses of the plant. This is true to a certain extent. However, it is more the way the plant is grown that drives the ultimate difference. Hemp A low-resin, low-THC (almost non-existent) Cannabis Sativa plant

Page 29 ♥ Connection Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ December 2016

Emerald Cup

“The Emerald Cup is one gathering that all cannabis enthusiasts should plan to attend…It is obvious why cannabis enthusiasts return to The Emerald Cup year after year. It was an experience like no other…” – Vegas Cannabis Magazine he Emerald Cup is Northern California’s premier destination for medicinal marijuana, while advancing the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming. Its reputation is firmly solidified as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, medicinal cannabis competition in the world. As a group, The Emerald Cup prides itself in bringing together experts and educators in the cannabis field to our fellow farmers, patients, and patrons each year. It is a community celebration that has grown to become a global movement honoring the year’s finest, organic, sun-grown, medicinal cannabis harvest. Rolling Stone called it “the Academy Awards of the cannabis industry,” other accolades include; “epic marijuana festival in Wine Country”  – SF Gate, Smell The Truth, “best weed fest in the West-or any other direction”  – North Bay Bohemian, “refreshing…Home To Top-shelf…Everything“ – Medical Jane. From its small beginnings in Laytonville over a decade ago, The Emerald Cup has proven itself to be “The Definitive Cup for the Fall Harvest.” The Emerald Cup has transformed into not only a competition



of the best-grown organic, outdoor cannabis, but just as importantly, into an international educational forum for the most up to date issues in cannabis culture. Founded by Tim Blake in 2003 at Area 101, the Emerald Cup celebrates the community and hard work

Tim Blake, Founder & Producer and daughter Taylor Blake, Associate Producer

of those that support outdoor-grown, organic cannabis. The Emerald Cup brings the values of the Emerald Triangle to California and the world. Now hosted at Sonoma County Fairgrounds, the Emerald Cup has grown from a few hundred to ten thousand attendees. The Emerald Cup sets the standard for the best cannabis strains, seeds, edibles and topicles.  As a world renowned competition, the Cup sets California’s top growers head to head as our experienced judges new and old put their work to the test. The Emerald Cup has grown so much in size over the past 13 years in great part due to the exponential

amount of entries received each year. This event was started as a friendly competition to highlight the hard work of outdoor organic cannabis farmers; it has always been about celebrating the passion of California’s best cultivators, breeders, artisan hash makers, edibles creators, and topicles makers. HERE’S HOW TIM BLAKE TELLS THE STORY: In 2003, during the fall, a friend of mine and I got to talking about the fact that Mendocino had the best bud on the planet, but no form of acknowledgment or celebration about it. That was when it was still very iffy to be out front about having a public competition. We put out no press, just some last minute posters, word of mouth, and twenty-three entries into the ganja contest came forward. The crowd was small, with very few even willing to be in the house with their faces seen, much less come forward for their prizes. Still, it was a wild night, everyone had a ball, and other than the inevitable undercover agents, it was pleasantly uneventful. The next year we took the event more out front, putting up more posters, talking to more people, pushing the envelope. Slowly we crept into the light. Forty-three entries were put up, and the bud was overall much

better then the year before, because then growers had begun growing their plants in the full sun. The show was headlined by the Avalon Allstars, with Vince Welnick sitting in. Bless his heart, it turned out to be his last gig before his unfortunate demise. By the third annual Emerald Cup competition, we all had medical permits and everyone was growing in the full sun. Marijuana was blooming right into mainstream America. The fourth year we had fifty-one entries, and in 2009 there were ninety-nine, all organic, grown in the sun as God intended. In 2010, we had our banner year of over one hundred and fifty entries. The judging gets harder every year. The medicine is judged on color, smell, Trichomes, crystals, taste, vibrancy, and finally how it changes the consciousness. Entries must be in a month before the Cup so our judges can assess them all. It is joy to be a part of this unique event, and we intend to keep doing this into the next millennium. We all have a part in this. Thank you for yours. Peace, Tim Blake For more information on contest rules, regulations, and drop off locations, please visit the website:

Page 30 ♥ Connection Magazine ♥ ♥ ♥ December 2016

Hemp CBD vs Marijuana CBD: What’s the Difference?

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The Difference between Hemp CBD & Marijuana Hemp Hemp CBD According Medical Marijuana Inc., who was the ousted by Project CBD for what they considered misleading information, good CBD help oil comes from highCBD, low-THC hemp. “Using these uniquely potent plants, it is possible to extract cannabis oils that contains a significant level of cannabidiol, as well as essential vitamins, mineral, fatty acids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids,” their website also claims. However, while hemp can be grown to elicit higher CBD levels through cross-pollination, the chances of this happening are slim if the plant is pollinated within it’s own crop. Hemp just doesn’t contain enough CBD to have a medicinal effect on the user. Some have even claimed that hemp CBD has lead to them feeling sick from it’s use. Marijuana CBD Marijuana CBD is what the medicinal cannabis industry is referring to when they discuss the benefits of the oil. Products like Charlotte’s Web are high-CBD, low-THC (nearly nonexistent) oils proven to help treat certain conditions. CBD oil repeatedly continues to demonstrate medicinal qualities for debilitating conditions. The difference being that the cannabis plant use is grown and harvested for

medicinal use. The plant’s CBD levels line up with current research. CBD isn’t the only cannabinoid necessary to elicit the medicinal qualities of marijuana. CBD needs to perform biological process with THC and other cannabinoids. How Hemp CBD found it’s way on the market. So if Hemp CBD doesn’t have the same medicinal outcome, why are some selling it as such? There’s a long history of hemp and this is where hemp CBD comes into play. In brief, the legality of marijuana stems from the plant’s THC or the amount of resin produced by the plant. This loop hole in the Controlled Substances Act allows hemp farmers in some states to grow the plant and produce CBD. However, since hemp contains such low levels, concerns have been raised about the amount of “fillers” that could be present in the product. Perhaps this is what leads to those who have used hemp CBD as a substitute for marijuana CBD to feel ill after it’s use. For those living in a state where CBD oil is not available, hemp CBD seems like a viable option for medical treatment. But the proof just isn’t there. Calling your state congressmen and women and asking them to support medicinal cannabis legislation is you best bet for receiving the treatment you need. For more information on marijuana CBD oil, check out Project CBD. Printed with permission.

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