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Summer 2019

CONLIN'S PRESS Behind-the-Design: Conlin’s Powered by Print T-Shirt Packaging The design for our "Powered by Print" t-shirts started with a sketch and developed into a colorful packaging project. We choose bright blue and lime green for the colors. Our talented designer Sabrina created the illustrations for both the t-shirts and the fruity packaging. The shirts were distributed at several events hosted by King of Prussia District, including Food Truck Tuesdays and their summer Rock Your Lunch event. Conlin's is a proud sponsor of King of Prussia District's non-profit activities, which are geared toward making the King of Prussia area a great place to live and work. more photos on page 4

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True Food Kitchen is Cooking Up Something Healthy & Delicious The mission is simple: True Food Kitchen prepares food that makes you feel better, not worse, and offers a menu that celebrates the season’s most delicious and nutritious ingredients. The award-winning restaurant brand opened its doors in King of Prussia in July 2017 and is quickly becoming a national phenomenon, with a home base in Arizona and 28 locations located across 12 states. LAUREN: Tell me about the menu that True Food Kitchen offers. JOEL STARK, GM: True Food Kitchen’s flavor-forward menu rotates seasonally to allow guests to experience the season’s most delicious and nutrient-dense produce at the peak of its freshness and flavor. The menu features a variety of handcrafted cocktails and freshly pressed natural beverages, as well as signature dishes like the Ancient Grains Bowl, Grass-fed Steak Tacos and Inside Out Quinoa Burger. True Food Kitchen is dedicated to accommodating the food preferences and restrictions of its guests; many of the brand’s delicious dishes are appropriate for a vegan, vegetarian or gluten-friendly lifestyle.

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Want to See Your Business Featured On Our Blog? We are always on the lookout for unique and interesting local businesses to feature! If selected, your interview will appear on our blog and in our print publication, Best of Local. The first edition of Best of Local was distributed to our customers in September of 2016, and it featured eight local businesses and bloggers from the greater Philadelphia area. The next edition is due this fall, and we'd like to turn this well-received magazine into a regular publication to share with our customers.

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The Power of Content Marketing With Print

The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

It establishes you as an authority on your subject. The best way to let people know that you are an expert is to share your expertise! Content marketing shows that you are knowledgeable, and people who are interested in the what you are discussing will begin to view you as a source of information on that subject. This relationship will later be converted into sales.

This often occurs digitally through blog posts. However, printed materials distributed through direct mail can be just as powerful of a content marketing strategy – if not more powerful when you consider that print has a higher engagement level than digital.

It has a long lifespan.

At Conlin’s, print content marketing is a big part of how we engage with our customers. This newsletter is an example of such a strategy. From our experience, we’ve found that this marketing tactic has powerful benefits that often go far beyond the scope of our regular marketing brochures.

A magazine or newsletter containing information that is of interest will be put aside for later. Content marketing can lengthen the amount of time that the recipient keeps the piece around before it ends up in the trash bin.

It creates brand recognition.

Content marketing is more engaging than a standard sales piece.

Let’s say that the reader doesn’t immediately rush to buy your product as a result of your content marketing. Was your piece a waste? If they enjoyed reading it, then no, it wasn’t. As mentioned earlier, good content will establish you as an authority on your subject. Building this authority is valuable in and of itself. Later down the road, when the reader has need of your product, your company may be the first that comes to mind. That kind of brand recognition is a benefit that cannot be measured.

What’s more interesting – reading an article about a subject that interests you or reading a sales brochure? The answer should be obvious. Unless someone is directly inquiring about your service, a brochure about your product just isn’t going to hold their attention for very long. Content marketing drives engagement because you are providing interesting material that builds a long-term relationship with the reader.




4 Secrets to Designing a Great User Experience for Print Marketing Materials

2. The Attention Grab

When designing for print, have you ever stopped to consider user experience? A good web designer will organize the content on a webpage to create the best possible experience for the visitor; print is no different. Whether it’s a sales brochure or a direct mail piece, the way that you organize the content can aid or hinder readability, comprehension, and the item’s ability to hold the reader’s attention.

Craft a strong sentence or two (the more concise, the better) that will pique the interest of your audience. Make this content stand out in the design, and place it for optimal visibility.

3. Directional Prompts

Here are four simple points to help you design more effective layouts for your printed materials.

Once you’ve caught their attention, use directional prompts like arrows and lines such as “See what’s inside!” to guide them throughout the piece. Sometimes, keeping someone’s attention is as simple as telling them exactly what to do next.

1. Intuitive Layout Design When you are working with a folded format like a trifold brochure or a multi-panel direct mail piece, you’ll want to consider the way you arrange information from panel to panel.

4. Call-to-Action Now that you’ve got someone reading your piece, you want to guide them to the very reason you’ve caught their attention in the first place: the Call-to-Action. It could be:

Here’s a simple trick that I always use when I’m creating new marketing materials: grab a blank page and fold/cut it into your desired format. Then open and close the piece, examining your own interaction with it.

• Call today for a quote! • Visit our website or landing page.

• What order do the panels open in?

• Visit our physical store location.

• Where does your eye naturally fall as you open the piece?

• Use this coupon or discount to make a purchase.

• Sketch out the content with a pencil and see how the messaging unfolds from panel to panel, making changes as needed for maximum impact.

What action do you want your reader to take after reading your marketing material?


Featured Employee

Scott Rhodenbaugh

Meet Scott, our iGen Press operator. The photo on the right is a throwback photo - Scott has been with Conlin's for over 30 years. Fun fact about Scott: He and his girlfriend once drove several hours to Wahlburgers in Boston just to get a burger.

Letter from the Editor Dear Reader, I've been planning the redesign of this newsletter for a while now. Inspired by my secret Pinterest board of vintage newspapers and typography, this new design is meant to convey Conlin's personality. We are "old school" like a newspaper in that we put our customer first and offer superior service on every project, including your rush jobs. But like this design, we've also got a modern edge. We are forward thinking and always upto-date on the latest and greatest technology that our industry has to offer. This newsletter is called "Conlin's Press", which is the same name as our print blog. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's located at and it's full of tutorials and creative print ideas. Many of the articles from our newsletter come from our blog, so if you like what you're reading there's more where that came from! Finally, if you aren't doing it already, you seriously need be following us our Instagram. We love sharing photographs of our favorite creative design projects (like the t-shirt packaging in this issue) as well as behind-the-scenes photos and videos and the occasional giveaway. Follow @ConlinsPrint and start connecting with us today. Best,

Lauren D'Alessandro

Marketing Coordinator, Conlin's Print


1011 West Eighth Ave. King Of Prussia, PA 19406 610-337-4460


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Conlin's Print Newsletter - Summer 2019  

Our quarterly print newsletter is distributed to our customers via direct mail.

Conlin's Print Newsletter - Summer 2019  

Our quarterly print newsletter is distributed to our customers via direct mail.