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Tricks With Prepared Cards





Tricks with Prepared Cards, By DONALD HOLMES, Author of "Some Modern Conjuring" "'New Card Tricks," Etc.


Rogeis' "Incomprehensibility;" the Key Card; the Reversed Card Principle; the "Self-Shifting" pack; the "Self-Forcing" pack; Rogers' "Ever Ready" forcing pack; Rogers' Rising Cards; Rogers' Obedient Card; Holmes' "Mystery" Problem; Holmes' Four Ace Trick; the "Triangle" Trick (two methods) ; Another1 "Marvelous Coincidence;" a New Chameleon Pack; a New X-Ray Trick.

Price, Prepaid, Fifty Cents \

DOM No. 3709 Olive Sl \ k c


FOREWORD. In presenting this, my third handbook, to the conjuring fraternity, I wish to thank the many good friends who, by their advice and patronage, have made this series possible. I am especially indebted to my friend, Ford B. Rogers, of Kansas City, Missouri, for his generous permission to include herein the secrets of several of his latest and best creations in card magic. Tricks performed by the aid of prepared cards appeal to the amateur conjurer by reason of the minimum of skill required in presentation. As a rule, professionals, as well as many advanced amateurs, avoid the use of prepared or "faked" cards; but I am inclined to think they are missing a lot of good things in the grand old art of Magic when they refuse to use anything but an ordinary pack of cards. A careful study of the principles embodied in this book will enable any aspiring amateur to perform the most astounding tricks with cards with very little practice, other than learning the necessary conversation, or "patter," for the accompaniment of each trick. At the same time, several of the tricks described are of such a character that the most advanced conjurer, professional or amateur, need not hesitate to add them to his repertoire, even though they involve the use of prepared cards. DONALD HOLMES. Kansas City, Mo., August, 1913.

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Tricks With Prepared Cards. ROGERS'


This new and clever principle is the discovery of my friend, Ford B. Rogers, who has contributed many good things to Magic. It is based upon the simple fact that playing cards are manufactured from different kinds of stock. For instance, the well-known Bicycle cards are put up in both an "Ivory" and "Air Cushion" finish, the difference between the two being readily found by the sense of touch, though not so readily by the mere sense of sight. This is the whole secret of "Incomprehensibility," and, like all good things in Magic, its very simplicity makes it difficult to detect. Obtain two packs of Bicycle cards: one with .the smooth, Ivory finish, and the other with the rough, Air Cushion finish. Make up a pack the upper half of which is composed of Ivories, and the lower half Air Cushions, and all different. Bear in mind the bottom card of the upper, Ivory section—say the Queen of Diamonds. Fan the pack before your auditors, showing cards all different, and secretly locate the Queen of Diamonds, dividing the pack at this place. Hand the Air Cushion cards to a spectator, and request him to shuffle same thoroughly, then to select a card. Ask him to push the drawn card into the remaining half of the pack which you hold (the Ivory cards). Have these cards shuffled, so that all trace of the drawn card is lost, and while this operation is being performed request some one to securely blindfold you. You then take back the cards and address the person who made the selection, as follows: "I am going to pass the cards one by one before your eyes. I shall ask you to concentrate your mind upon the card you drew, and the instant that card appears, to think the word 'Stop!' Under no circumstances are you to utter a word—merely think the word 'stop' when I reach your card. This is merely a little test in mental telepathy, and I shall depend upon your influence to guide me to your card."

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