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Author of TT F a nJt a s t r i c " , " Half a Dozen Humme r s " and o c he r mag i c a l v;r i t ing s •

P u b l i s h e d by I.



Chicago, 111* November, 1 9 4 1 .


Bob Hummer "bl w i n t o t h e V/indy C i t y a few y e a r s ago from God knows w h e r e , and i t was n o t l o n g b e f o r e t h e Chicago magic boys began t o b l i n k t h e i r eyes and look twice when Hummer began to play with a deck of cards. His tricks bore no resemblance to the effects of other card experts,* They didn't look like anything in the books. They were strange, fantastic — and they fooled you. I f i r s t ran into Hummer at an S.A.M. Convention. Ho picked up my dock, waved i t in the air with ono hand, and Tthe bottom card changed liko a flash. I s t i l l don t know how he did i t . In his now stage and night club act the guy spins a card in tho air and the thing circles around his back and he catchos i t on tho other sido. He's tho only magician who doos i t and he won't t o l l how. "I thought i t up one night, ono day.


he confidod to me

And t h a t ' s the clue to tho origin of Hummer1 weird assortment of effects. Ho thinks them up. This is his latest book. Read i t carefully and you'll find it filled with real magic,, and dramatic angles and humorous touches that could only come from the ingenious brain of one of magic's genuine innovators. Martin Gardner

THE FOUR G MEW Take the four deuces from any deck and shave off the spots and indexes with a sharp razor blade, making four fairly "blank cards. Print these words in big letters on same:

THE EIGHT OF CLUBS, one word to each card, Next

take the seven of clubs and glue to the back of it a piece of newspaper a trifle smaller than the card itself. Arrange the four worded cards in order9 place tho faked seven of clubs on top of these, and put thorn in your right trousor pocket ( faces of cards toward body). With the rest of the deck in another pockot and an old newspaper lying around handy, you are prepared to do a trick that is really different and pleasing in effect. After doing a stunt or so with the rest of the pack and accidentally spying an old newspaper, place the paper on the floor. Ask them if they ever saw the G Man Trick. Regardless of the answer, proceed to force the eight of clubs on seme one. (If you don't succeed, read no further). While they are shuffling the forced card into the deck, nonchalantly put the right hand in the pocket, palming the five faked cards. Place the same hand, with cards, flat on the newspaper f to generate electricity?). Ask your victim to hand you any four cards from the deck.

These represent the four G Men. As 37011 receive the cards one at a time with your left hand, push each one under your palms as in Figure No. 1. Each card is partly under the hand and on top of the five faked cards so that when you raise your hand they will look like a doughnut ( figure 2 ) . The hole in the doughnut will be camouflaged by the piece of newspaper pasted on the back of the seven of clubs.




Newspaper on back of faked card

You w i l l be surprised at the i l l u s i o n yourself. I know because I have fooled many with i t . Have the spectator shuffle

the rest of the deck to

divert the a t t e n t i o n . Take the pack. Place i t

(face down)

squarely over the hole in the doughnut ( figure 2) and even up the four G Men on the bottom of the deck. (Really the faked cards are now on the bottom, so don't show them y e t ) .

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Pages from six more hummers