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Copyright, 1964 by F. B. Nightingale. Reproduction in any manner, in whole or in part, in English or in any other language is prohibited. All rights are reserved.

DEDICATION This book is written with the hope that it will both inspire and assist those who wish to excell in the Art of Magic. Each copy is numbered and personally autographed. It is printed in a very limited edition without thought of financial gain. Dedicated to all who aspire to follow the Goddess Magi, be it for pleasure or profit. May you discover the great joy that comes from being a Magician. The Author.

Illustrations by Ken Brittingham Published in the United States of America Knight Publishing Company Skyforest, California, U.S.A.

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Autobiography Tribute to a Sphinx Curtain Time Dedication to the Art The Hands of a Magician An Adventure with Butterflies Evening of Chinese Magic Episode at Six Harmony Pagoda High Finance in Rice The India Rope Trick In Desert Sands A Head-Hunting Audience Impromptu Effects Self Protection Autobiography Secrets An Act in One Hypnotism Coin Manipulation Billiard Ball Sleights Magic with Silk The Drum Flag Production Handkerchief from a Candle Flame Keller's Dancing Handkerchief Ribbon Production Handkerchief from a Match Orange, Handkerchief and Ring Mystery How to Make Silk Flags "Watch-it!" The Invisible Eggs The Egg-Bag and Chicken Glass of Water Through a Hat The Hat that Leaked The Victorious Card Cut Perfection in Rising Cards Card in the Candle Flame A Mechanical Assistant A Leaky Pack of Cards A Baffling Ring Effect A Real Thriller

As he appeared in 1912 Honorary Grand Sir Knight, Brotherhood of Magicians.

INTRODUCTION My friend "Nighty" known more than fifty years ago as NIGHTINGALE the MYSTIFIER has written a book dealing with his magical methods, and reminiscences. I am honored by his request to write an introduction to the book. This work has been forthcoming only after years of urging by me and others who knew of his magical erudition. After well over half a century old theatrical trunks have been opened, to reveal original magical methods and the playbills of almost forgotten show places. Frank B. Nightingale performed magic in every imaginable place under every conceivable condition. From Theaters on Broadway to a headhunters lair in the South Seas! Having carried magic around the world and recorded many experiences with his own camera, "Nighty" had the ingredients for a good book. From excerpts that I have read, I would say that he has used his ingredients really well. This is only what I would expect from one for whom the best is none too good. The times of which "Nighty" writes seem so remote from those of today that the book, for me has an almost mystical quality as if a Herrman or a Keller had returned to recount his experiences to the reader, in person. I trust that other magicians will find the Nightingale touch both as enjoyable and magical as I have.

Jqhn/Henry Grossman, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., Associate of The Inner Magic Circle

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