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LITTLB BLUE BOOK NO. -| r \ n n Edited by E. H»ldem«n-JaHn» X Zi I I

Hindu Magic Self Taught Hereward Carrington

Hl&Tu. LITTLE BLUE BOOK NO. "I ^ <-] *J Edited by E. Haldeman-Jullus

Hindu Magic Self Taught Hereward Carrington


Copyright, 1928 Haldemau-Julius Company


HINDU MAGIC SELF TAUGHT INTRODUCTORY Practically every traveller who returns from the Orient tells marvelous tales of the feats of the Hindu magicians, which appeared to him to be quite incomprehensible. In this Little Blue Book I shall describe these marvels, and then give a precise and detailed account of how they are accomplished, showing that they are all tricks pure and simple; that there is nothing marvelous about their performances, and that we need not believe these men possessed of any occult powers, because of the feats which they perform. I shall endeavor to explain these various tricks so fully and so clearly that every reader may perform them himself, should he care to do so, after reading this book. Let us now consider the various feats performed by the traveling fakirs, which are those commonly witnessed. THE MANGO TREE TRICK This is probably the most famous of all Oriental magical illusions, and everyone who has traveled in the East for any length of time has witnessed it at one time or another. Descriptions of the trick vary greatly, according to the imagination of the on-looker. Occasionally, as described, it appears to be a real "miracle," but when the observer is fairly keen, it is the same old trick, with which we are familiar. As usually exhibited, the effect of the trick is somewhat as follows: The native comes for-

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