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Dedicated to my Parents MR. & MRS. SAMUEL CHANIN who enjoy seeing Good Tricks

Published by JACK CHANIN PHILA., PA., U. S. A.

Copyright 1938 JACK CHANIN All rights reserved.




Dear Jack: I have read your 7-1 Card Routine and can truthfully say, it is a very fine and worth-while combination and every lover of Cards should purchase this Routine of effects. In these days of repetition of Magic Effects, appearing on the market in book and pamphlet form, it is really a pleasure to recommend Jack Chanin's further adventure of the seven-in-one, and the reader, if he will go over many items carefully, will find a wealth of fine effects and original ideas. I have seen Jack perform many of the effects herein, and therefore can vouch for the practicability and cleverness of them in its well written illustrated manner. I feel that Magic lovers have been "let in" on tricks worth-while. Very sincerely,

January 17, 1938.

Further Adventures of the Seven in One Originated and Routined by JACK CHANIN

• This is based on the Original 7 in 1 Card Routine that was published by myself about five years ago. Over a thousand copies were sold. Many well known magicians have seen me using the 7 in 1 in the last couple of years and have been completely at a loss to understand how some of the effects were accomplished, even though they have my original method. Hence, I am leaving the cat out of the bag! For the past three years I have been doing my 7 in 1 Routine blindfolded with a genuine blindfold. This plays a convincing part in selling the effect. Remember this is 100% sure and you positively use a genuine blindfold! After learning this method you will never again resort to the pass in any form. It's a sure life-saver in a real tough spot. So, it gives me great pleasure to introduce The Further Adventures of the 7 in 1 Card Routine. However, for those of you who do not have my Original 7 in 1, I will start off by giving you the original one first, with a great many improvements. (3)


Here It Is!

Use your own cards if you wish but you will find the routine more effective with a borrowed pack. Start by having the cards shuffled by a spectator. Spread or fan them, in your hands for a selection of a card. While the spectator is looking at a card, close deck and square it. Crimp the lower right hand corner of the bottom card with the second, third or little fingers of left hand. Fig. 1 shows side view of how crimp is made. Fig. 2 shows how to make crimp while holding cards in fan with one hand. Fig. 3 shows how crimp looks in deck after cards are cut.



After making crimp, deck is given good shuffle, either by magician or spectator. Now place deck on table with crimp at your left hand side. Cut the deck at the crimped corner. Fig. 4, which is very important, shows exactly how deck should be cut and position hand should take. This cut must always include the crimped card, which we will call the locator. Have the selected card initialed and placed on lower half of cut, as both halves are on the table. Top half, including the locator, (bottom card of upper half) is put on top of selected card. (4)

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